Friday, January 31, 2014


Today... Brylee goes to College!
I can't wait until she's up and in her new uniform so I can take the obligatory photo.

I know she is very excited about going to a new school.  And I'm even more excited because her and Griffin will not be at the same school! So they can't argue and bicker to and from school!


Bex wants to go walking again this morning.  I think she's taking Griffin with her, so it could be a quiet morning for me.  Maybe I'll just go back to bed!
Nah, can't see it happening somehow.  lol

I've got a few photos to share until I can upload the 'uniform' one:

 ABOVE:  Last night.  Granddad arrived home.  Two toddlers and two dogs eagerly awaiting cuddles.  Did I mention Teddy is back in a cone?  *sigh*  Summer allergies.  Poor bugger.  He's got a mucky ear now, due to the cone keeping his ear moist. Luckily I've got plenty of medications for both the allergies and his ear.

ABOVE:  Two of 'the girls'.  So cute both of them.

 ABOVE: Coco keeping an eye on the littles.  Dante boosting his resistance to germs by chewing on his cousin Keera's shoes.  Ikkk.  His Mother didn't bat an eye. 


ABOVE:  The finished label for Liam's quilt.  2013 is his Year of Birth.  I am rather chuffed with my Label.

Right, I'm off to make sure Brylee is sorted and ready to leave with everything she needs.
And to get that most important photo!


Taaa daaa....

The BIGGEST debate this morning?  How to pack stuff in her school bag... and WHEN to leave for school?  
Rather cute listening to her fuss.  And now... she is leaving.  I hope she has a lovely day.

Stew just arrived home unexpectedly!  He had to come home because he had Dante's carseat in his car.  Whoops.
While he was here he picked up Dante, and umm... Dante had a crappy nappy and Stew got a little bit of 'seepage' on his business shirt, so he's having to change before heading back to work.  lol

ANGELA H:  Thanks, fixed it now.

What a lovely morning!  I've done more sewing, and now... I'm about to lie in the sun and splash in the spa pool for an hour or so.  Bliss.

I just put a turkey in the oven for dinner... it was a 'left over' one from Christmas/New Year.  Turkey and salad sounds just right for dinner, yum yum.

The lie in the sun didn't last long today, far too many clouds.  But it was still nice.  Brylee isn't home from school yet, she has a big hill to walk up EVERY DAY from now on.  I wonder if she will be all hot and bothered when she gets here? 

Dinner:  Turkey and salad.  Very nice.
TV and relaxing in the evening?  Nope.  Too tired to expand on that.  

End of Day: just another of those 'Days of Our Lives' sort of days.  Ups.  And Downs.
nite nite

Thursday, January 30, 2014


Well... we knew it would happen...

 ABOVE:  Dante found his blister, and it got popped of course!

 ABOVE:  Fun in the sun...

ABOVE:  Griffin 'photo bombing' ...   doesn't he look a scream!
***Brylee is 'missing' from spa pool photos as she has a large graze healing on her knee and I don't want it to get infected.

ABOVE:  A lovely photo of Kelly.

ABOVE:  I had a go at putting an ink stamp on to fabric, to use as a label for me quilts etc.  It came out OK. But,  I think this will fade somehow, so I shall look at getting some fabric ink, if such as thing exists?

I hope it does as this would be a really neat way to label my fabric creations.

Today:  Bex and Kelly are taking their two to Playcenter for the morning.
Which leaves me and our two at home.  We are going to be sorting out their school stationary,  and they can name it all.

Then I do believe we will be READY for school again.
OMGosh, Brylee goes to COLLEGE tomorrow!  First day at 'big school'!  She's really looking forward to it.  Brave girl.  She is going to look TINY next to all the 13-18 year olds.

Catch ya later...

***  oh and I forgot to say... I DIDN'T have to cook dinner last night.  Thanks Kelly and Bex.  You two ROCK.


ABOVE:  me bruise.  It's not looking too bad today!  Yesterday it was much darker!

Why HELLO Marianne, thank you for leaving a comment.  30 degrees F is 2.2 degrees Celsius which is indeed rather cold.  I thought it was always warm in Florida!

 ABOVE:  da bruise has gotten a wee bit bigger over the course of the day.  Nice one!

ABOVE:  I found fabric ink so made some labels.  Waiting for them to dry, then iron them ready for use.  

It's a mad house here right now.  Lacy has dropped Keera off and has left for her course.
I've sorted out all the new stationery for the kids.  They are happy.

Now I just need to sit back and wait for Stew to get home.  It's takeaway night.  Yaaa.  No one has to cook.

Dinner is over, everyone has gone to bed and it's just me and the TV in the background.  I'm heading off to bed myself, it's been a long day.  Still feeling very battered and bruised.  I hope tomorrow is better.

End of Day:  a busy day.  I got quite a bit done, which is neat.  Less to do tomorrow!
nite nite.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014


So... here is a sneak peek at the project I finished last night for a certain wee man on Sunday:

ABOVE:  I love it.  Fingers crossed they like it.

Today?  well we have Kelly and Rena here, so I think we are going out for a lovely walk in the park... maybe an ice cream down at the mall too.

And I want to get back to my sewing at some point too.  That Bird In Tree has heaps to be done before it's finished.  I already have someone in mind for it, for their birthday too.

THEN I will be able to get back to my Dresden Plate Quilt.  Yaaa... I'm looking forward to that.

DIET:  Well.. it's been up and down the past couple of months, but I am trying hard to get back into the right frame of mind to put it first again.
Cos, it's all or nothing with me!  It has been nothing for a bit too long.
It is so hard keeping up the motivation.  Summer is here and I'm not where I really wanted to be, and that is just messing with my mind.

I know it is TOTALLY UP TO ME.  But ...but.... and there should be NO BUTS.  MY BUTT is far too big!  I think once the kids are back at school I will be able to concentrate on me a bit more.  And there will be less temptation around!  

OH!  Before I forget... VIC:  Sweetie, if I 'adopted' you, you would be NUMBER NINE!  Not 7.  Remember, I've got 2 'bonus' kids already!  lol
But, if you really want a surrogate MUM, I'm here for ya.  And I'm not just saying that.

*sigh*... anyway... time to go.  Stuff to do...


Oh my, it's a glorious day out there today. Everyone has gone walking except me.  There is no way I can walk in that heat.  I would melt after having a massive hissy fit! The hot weather combined with hot flushes?  Nah, ain't gunna happen.

So... I will sew in my cooler garage.  Awesome.

I just learnt something new...

- My nifty new ladder WILL slip on painted concrete.

- I can land on me feet like a cat!

- Everything DOES go in slow motion when something awful is happening.

- And if you are a bit 'cuddly' your ribs won't get broken when you land on them!

I just fell off the ladder downstairs trying to reach for a box.  I am proud to say I didn't scream when my ribs connected with the freezer, or when my arm connected with the cubby shelves.  My toes are not happy either, they slipped down the ladder ... it kinda hurt.

I've got the shakes right now, so am just sitting quietly pondering how many bruises I will end up with!  A few I'm picking.

Oh and I really AM going to get my Medic Alert Bracelet this year.  As I'm an 'internal bleeder', after that fall it might just be prudent to get it.


Well since that fiasco, I've recovered... and have been sewing for hours.
Time to take a break ... lie in the sun and hop in the spa pool to relax before making dinner.
My turn to cook *sigh*.

Oh, progress on Bird In Tree:

ABOVE:  She's looking very nice.  I added a bit more 'detail' than the original... like on the tree branch and cross hatching on the birdhouse.  I am tempted to add 'something' more, just not sure what?

OK... the sun awaits...

And the sun and spa were wonderful!  The kids and I are really loving being in the spa pool, I have it down low so it's just perfect for getting in and cooling down.

I'm feeling pretty battered and bruised now... aching all over really.
Stew asked me what I'd taken for the pain... and ummm... NOTHING?  I didn't even think of taking something to help.  What a twit.
So I've just taken some painkillers, hope they kick in soon cos I'm in a fair amount of pain.

There is a cracker jack bruise on my torso already, wonder if it looks even worse tomorrow?
I'll no doubt take a photo to show you tomorrow  *smiles*.

End of Day:  a lovely day, apart from the fall!
nite nite

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Yesterday Bex noticed Dante had a big blister on his finger.
We know how he got it...

ABOVE: on Sunday night Dante was crawling up the stairs with me right behind him when he paused, and poked one of the lights that run up the stairs.  

Now those lights had only been on for a couple of minutes when he touched one, yet it was hot enough to burn him!

We didn't even realise he had been burnt enough to blister.  Whoops.  He did grizzle a little afterwards, but not much.

Hopefully he doesn't do that again.  Lesson learnt, those little lights get REALLY HOT REALLY FAST!

NOW... if ya live long enough in this house you will know that empty plastic bottles are thrown out one of our lounge windows. They land down by the bins.

Dante has learnt very quickly that if he gets given a plastic bottle, he has to throw it out the window!...

ABOVE: he is VERY INSISTENT that HE throws it out too... but of course he needs help to reach the window.  So ... we help him.  It's so cute to see him striding over to the window trying to put the rubbish out.  

ABOVE:  Bex has had this fabric for months, and finally made it into a cuddly blanket for Dante.  She has crocheted around the edges.  Dante likes the dogs.

She has learnt how to crochet really well now, all self taught using online tutorials too.  

That's pretty much how I've learnt to sew too.  Well... I could already sew, but I'd not done any patchwork of applique etc.

Now, what's the haps today?  Well, the guys are back at work, Kelly and Rena are due here around lunchtime for a visit before school starts again.
I am going out to buy a Label Maker to name the new uniforms, I'm sure Brylee does not want her name plastered all over her uniform in bright fluro green stitching now she's at college!

So, that's us for now... catch ya later on.


So... slight change of plans.  Bex needs to visit the Dr... she has an earache.  So, I'm staying home until she gets back.
Then I'm out to get a few things necessary, but maybe not the label maker.  I think I will just make me own labels with fabric tape.  My sewing machine does letters so I can whip up a few labels and sew them on in inconspicuous places.

I've just been out and got what I needed to finish a couple of projects and name Brylee's uniform.

On the way home I decided to pop into a local Bakery for afternoon tea for everyone.
And there was this young man in the shop and he was acting really weird.  He didn't want to be served, he was just pacing up and down and looking at me and the people behind the counter in a weird way.  He made me feel really uneasy, and the shop owner had a worried look on his face too.  

I was in the shop long enough to start to think that he was up to no good... so I got out my phone and was going to take a photo of him... but he realised what I was doing and BACKED out of the shop!   Like, really fast... walking backwards!  Told ya he was weird.

But he stayed by the shop, so I walked out with my phone in my hand and he took off.

So, I rang the police and told them about him, how he was either drugged/drunk/or up to no good.  I could give a very good description of him too.  They said 'Thanks' and I had done the right thing.

At least if he goes back to that shop and does something bad the police will know who they are looking for.

Ahh... that was a LOT of VERY BAD WORDS Lacy ... REPEATED a few times too!  But thank you for the apology.

I just took me sneakers off... and OMG!  The stench... it's bad, really bad.  MUST find some Grandma's Remedy before even the dogs run from me feet!

♥ NICOLE ♥  What a lovely comment, I appreciate it, as Lacy does I'm sure.

End of Day:  and a big project finally finished.  It's in the 'show you another day' category, as it's a gift for our youngest Grandson, Liam.
I have enjoyed today.  Keeping busy is good.  And having Kelly and Rena to visit is nice too.
nite nite

Monday, January 27, 2014


Stew is home today... our first 'long weekend' for the year.  Steve is working at Southern Traders today.

I shall probably be sewing again today. 

BUT... I feel the need to take a couple of days 'off' working on the Dresden Plate Quilt, so am making a new Bird 'Mug Rug'.  Only, it's going to be a bit bigger than a mug rug, probably more like a small quilted tablecloth. 

A dear friend in Wellington sent me a photo over Facebook of a cute bird, so I'm doing it:

ABOVE: making the pattern took a bit of time, and it's not finished yet.  One has to get the proportions right after all.  I can see now that I've made the umbrella handle too big, it's not in proportion at all. And the bird house isn't tall enough. Actually, I have to elongate quite a few parts me thinks.  I shall fix it.
This is the beauty of computers... you can take a photo and step back and see it better.

This bird's name is KJ, after me girlfriend of course.  *smiles*

 ABOVE:  Steve last night showing me how to use my new External Hard Drive.  It doesn't look too hard at all.  Excellent.

ABOVE: his nibs in the bath last night. He was having a whale of a time pretending to crawl fast, but going nowhere.  He was giggling his head off... until he got carried away and tried putting his face in the water.
Yep, he didn't like that!

So, that's me for now... catch ya later on in the day.


JEN:  Hassle back potatoes: 

You cut up the potato like ABOVE, then in the gaps you can put cheese, bacon, butter, herbs etc, it's totally up to you, then you bake them.  The cuts should NOT go through all the way or else the potato will just fall apart.
We sometimes put sour cream on the top once they are cooked too.

You are welcome Jen. 

I have been in me sewing 'room' all morning, but had to come up for a piddle.
Steve arrived home and told me he wasn't at Southern Traders, he was out building.

At least he's home early and can enjoy more time with his girl and bubba. 

Once again, thanks to the computer and camera, I can sit back and see which blue to use on the border of me Bird In Tree, mini quilt. 

ABOVE:  well I can rule out the top one!
I kinda like the one on the right, but the plain blue one is appealing too.   Bear in mind I've done none of the stitching around the various pieces, or added eyes.  

That will come next.  So will the final decision on the border colour.  

Damn!  I just saw a couple of boo boo's.  The bird's neck doesn't connect to the head!  And the umbrella on the right side is a bit off.  Luckily both boo boo's can be fixed.

Most of us in the house have watched the Grammy Awards this afternoon.  Very exciting to see LORDE win two Grammy's!
She is an amazing singer and inspiration to other kids out there.

Suffice to say, once me bum was on my lazy - boy chair, it stayed there!  We went on to watch the final of Australia's Got Talent, another good show.  The winners were wonderful too.

End of Day:  another nice day, I've quite enjoyed doing something different on the sewing front.  Hopefully I will get the Bird In Tree finished tomorrow.
nite nite

Sunday, January 26, 2014


Let me show you my new phone:

ABOVE:  I love it.  I love the blue cover I got for it too.
Funny, I had NO INTENTION of getting a new phone yesterday.  I only went into Telecom to discontinue getting the internet on my phone, cos I couldn't use it!  My 'old' phone refused to open me emails, or let me blog from me phone, so I didn't want to be paying for something I wasn't using.

But... she (and STEVE) talked me into getting a  'SMART' phone.  And because I am on a Telecom 'Plan', and I was due for a free upgrade, the phone only cost me $49.  SCORE!

Since getting it, I've managed to work out how to do the basics on it... so going well.

I had a big boo boo on me quilt last night too.  I stitched two of the triangles onto the first border, then realised that the stitching was not even:

In fact it was utter crap.  So I had to spend the entire evening unpicking it.

And it was a right shit to do too.  That stitch doubled back on itself over and over again... so I didn't even get it all unstitched last night.

THAT is my first job today.  Unpicking.
Last night my eyes had double vision after 5 hours of unpicking!  Felt weird.  No doubt that will happen again today.

As for what the rest of the household is doing... I have no idea.
I'm sure Stew will be only too happy to watch some sport on the telly.
The kids keep themselves amused pretty well.
Steve & Bex?  Well they do their own thing too most weekends.



Well... I finally have finished the unpiking nightmare.  Now I'm going down to Dave's Emporium to find some blue  tape/rick rack or binding to outline the triangles with.

As anticipated, it's a quiet day here.  Everyone is just chilling out.  The weather is starting to pack it in too... it's very overcast and dull.

MARIA & JOY: thanks for the advice.  I will remember that for next time.

I've sorted how I'm doing the border stitching now and will show you later.

NOW, in light of being more HONEST on my blog...  

I'm in a VERY UNHAPPY MOOD right now.

I have been screamed at, ranted at and generally told I'M HATED today.
So... I have been thinking about stuff for the past hour, and I think space ... LOTS of space is needed.
I am going to be changing how I deal with certain issues in future.  

And now I move on.  To sew.  Or sit here and blog/read the news/or just listen to my music.

Cos that's ALL I DO apparently.

ABOVE:  two down, 13 to go!
I bought some bias binding for the edging of the 1/4 blocks, then did the fancy stitching on top so it matched what was on the quilt sashings.
It's not PERFECT, or even anything resembling perfect, but I don't mind.  I'm no expert sewer and that's fine with me.   I'm just happy it's looking semi OK.  *smiles*

Smiles, even though it's the last thing I feel like doing right now.

TRACY:  thanks. An apology?  Empty words.  True feelings once again shown today.  NOTED again.

The weather has packed it in big time.  Thunder and rain... so now it's mega humid and nasty.  Right on dinner time.  Ikkkk.

Steve is cooking.  Rosemary Lamb, Hassle back Potatoes, gravy and veges.  Wow.  Looking forward to dinner.

End of Day:  dinner was gorgeous, thanks Steve.
A bit of a mixed day today.  One I'm glad to be ending.  Off to bed, it's 11.33 pm. 
nite nite

Saturday, January 25, 2014


As it's Auckland Anniversary Weekend ... our guys are off work for 3 days.
So... we are all going out today to Sylvia Park.

I want to get an External Hard Drive to store all my photos on, and I also need to get another of those 'Gone Quiltin' signs for a girlfriend in Wellington.

So I anticipate a nice morning out... or mid-morning/lunchtime out.

 ABOVE:  in the spa pool yesterday.  Dante didn't like it.  I'm sure he will get to like it in time.

ABOVE:  he's got the most gorgeous pouty lips.

ABOVE:  I tried a few stitches around a triange... TRYING to figure out what I'm going to use,  once I get to that stage with the borders.  I like the one on the left.
What say YOU?

Right... better go see what needs doing before we head out to the mall...

Testing from my new phone!  So, I got a new phone, not something I had planned on doing today, or even this month. But it just happened! I got a Samsung Galaxy Ace 3, so now I just have to work out how to use it. 

I am typing this on my new phone and its bloody awesome!

Right, back on me computer.  NOW I have to learn how to use my new camera, my new phone AND my new camera!  Bloody hell.

OH I also got a new External Hard Drive... so another new fangled thing to learn to use.
I struggle to keep up with all this stuff.

I was sitting on the couch and looking at a photo I'd just taken of Brylee, touched a button and WOW... the photo came up on the TV???  Steve said it came through via the XBox.  Weird.

So, Bex started playing on her tablet, putting photos up on the big screen tv.  Awesome.

Now I don't know what to do first.... play with the phone, install and learn how to put me photos on the External Hard Drive, or SEW??? 

Might just be sew for now.  My mind is buzzing over the new phone, can't think of adding anything else into the brain matter right now!

Ha ha... still playing on the phone!...
Dumm dee do...

Well.  I sewed two triangles onto the first border... major ball's up.

So I have spent about 5 hours this evening unpicking it all.  Grrrr.  Massive waste of time.
Now thinking of how I will outline those triangles?

End of Day:  well, it was a really pleasant day, certainly didn't think I'd be getting a new phone!
But I love it.  
nite nite

Friday, January 24, 2014


I put the new sign on my 'bedroom' door last night, then thought... "Hmmm... it needs something else".

So I found something else :

ABOVE:  I already had the door knocker on me door, so just hung the sign below it.  Then I added the Bird Mug Rug.  I think it looks lovely. 

 ABOVE & BELOW:  Dante in his little car.  He loves it when Brylee pushes him around in it.  He can now put his feet up and just chill out.  So cute.

I laid the top part of the quilt out on me bed last night to get an idea of how it will look, bearing in mind this is where the pillows will go normally: 

ABOVE:  I have kept it very simple with only an outline of a 1/4 Dresden Plate.  Once it's got a blue outer edge (the binding) I am sure it will be lovely.  
I can't wait to add the side and end borders!

Right... time to get a move on.  There's a few jobs awaiting...


I just bathed the dogs.  Teddy was a good boy.
Coco?  Manic.  Kept trying to escape.  She nearly broke her leg trying to escape me toweling her dry... so I tied her up and put her in the 'naughty corner'.  
Now I'm off to have me shower, get dressed for the day and then possibly sew.

Photos later...

 ABOVE: whoops! Either I did it, or he did... Teddy has a small skin tag type growth on his eye and it got damaged in the drying process I think.  Tis bleeding.  But not bad enough for a Vet visit.
Next time we go to the Vet's I think I will enquire about getting it taken off, it's slowly growing and might cause problems further down the track.

ABOVE:  I found these two melamine trays yesterday at the Manurewa Hospice Shop.  Couldn't resist them.  

Now... I better get something out of the freezer for dinner, and then do some sewing.  Most of the morning is already gone and I feel like I've not done much.

Well, I've done a bit of sewing.  And I've had a spa  with the kids.  Dante and Bex had a spa too... only Dante wasn't that happy about it.
I'm sure he will warm up to spas eventually.
I've got it at 31 degrees, so it's tepid.  Really lovely on a sunny afternoon for sure.

Now I've got chicken cooking in the oven, which we will be having over rice and veges.  Should be yum.

Top border is on!  Yaaa, 1 down, three to go.

End of Day:  totally knackered now.  Sewing heavy quilts in this heat is well... hot work.  As if I'm not hot enough already.
I hope my new pills kick in reasonably fast.  The Doc said it will be a couple of weeks before I might notice a difference.  Fingers crossed it works.
nite nite

Thursday, January 23, 2014


Hot flushes are ruining my life.  
So I'm going back to the Dr.
Surely there is SOMETHING they can give me to stop them once and for all?

I can't keep pretending I can wait for them to be over.  9 years and counting.  Hot flushes.  Mood swings.  Depression.  Anxiety.  

Anyone living with me knows I have pretty much had enough.

I'm going to try and get an appointment either for today or tomorrow.

What else?  Bugger all.  I shall do some sewing today if I can.  The housework is pretty much keeping up to date.
I've got to name all the new uniform for Brylee, and name and sort out all the new stationary too.
Freakin joy.  I don't feel like doing a bloody thing to be honest.  In a funk.

 ABOVE:  Dante using Griffin as a climbing platform.  Those two played together for ages.  Lovely to see.

While we were out yesterday Dante saw himself in a full length mirror.  He was so cute!  I don't think he realised who that baby was... he even tried finding 'that other baby' behind the mirror, and kissing his own reflection.

I'm going to put a big mirror in front of him today and see if I can catch a photo of him checking himself out.

Teddy is in a cone again.  So sad.  His allergies have kicked in and he's miserable again.  We caught him chewing his rump before he'd made an absolute mess of himself.  God knows how long he will be in the cone this time.

He always seems to get itchy over summer.  I know it's not a food allergy, at least that something positive.

Right, I'm off to do some washing, housework doesn't get done on it's own.  *sigh*


Got an appointment to see a Dr this morning!  Was a bit surprised they could fit me in.  I'm seeing a Dr who I've not seen before as both my 'regular' Drs are away.
Here's hoping this new one can help.  

I had fun at the Dr's!  The man I saw was new to me, so I kinda had him on a bit. (as I do)

He asked me what was my problem today? 
And I said "I am going mental with hot flushes, and when I get one I literally want to kill everyone around me!"
The look on his face was priceless.

Then ... I got a hot flush.
And he said "Are you alright? Hold on, I'll find you some cold water" ... and he virtually RAN out of the room!
It was so funny.

He stayed out of the room for a full 5 minutes, then he came back and asked if I was feeling better? And I noted ... that he forgot me cold water. (like I would drink water anyway!)

I'm still smiling about it.

Anyway... he gave me a new blood pressure pill to try, as it's known side effects are they help with hot flushes.  So ... I stop taking me regular blood pressure pill and try this new one.

Fingers crossed.

It's lunch time and so far I've only done a bit of washing, so I better pull finger and get moving.

I forgot to mention, I cannot take HRT due to having a blood clot in me lung after my last operation.  
ME:  wish I could find someone like your lady.  I hope she recovers and is back doing her magic soon.

A productive afternoon!  I made the strip that goes at the top of me quilt.  It is very simple as it will have our pillows on top of it.
It didn't even take very long.  Now I can sew it on,  then move onto making the borders.
So exciting!  It's going to be so beautiful, even the blokes in the house like it.  *smiles*

End of Day: just watched the start of the new series of Doc Martin, which Stew and I thoroughly enjoyed.  Next week Home and Away starts again too.... YAAAaaaa!
Bex and I have really missed it.  We always have our lunch while watching the previous night's episode.
nite nite