Thursday, November 30, 2006


So it's raining, and it's cold.... but hey, it's like that over the entire country... and Xmas is coming and we all get some days off, if not a few weeks ! Yaaa
And we get to visit friends and family, drink some, eat some (not too much), and have fun! And if you don't, then try to make it happen.... I sure am!
When I think about my life 3 years ago and compare it to now, I am sooo happy! I am fit and healthy, my family are all well (kinda), and all is good.... so who cares if it rains and blows for bloody weeks on end? Not me! I'm the mad tart who walks in the pouring rain with a huge smile on her face... ha ha ha!

Let's all try to find a positive about today.... doesn't have to be monumental, just something that is GREAT !

Today: kids to school (that's positive), go to gym (positive), home to do the housework ( ? ), then who knows..... I can do anything I bloody want ! I LOVE IT. (POSITIVE)... later... *big smile*

Penguins at Kelly Tarlton's in Auckland, now THEY must be enjoying this weather eh !! And those icebergs are heading their way too.... hee he. Can ya see the egg? Soooo cute.
Note to self: Don't leave your cell phone where the dog can get it..... she really enjoyed giving it a good chew. And my gym membership card is kinda munted too, haaa ha. Too bad, worse things can happen.
Mike is off to see specialist next wednesday, he's got a cyst growing on his cheekbone, and they are gunna cut it out next wednesday. We have been waiting for the public hospital to give him an appointment to have it removed, but they have taken too long and we can't wait much longer or it will erupt and cause a lot more problems... so we cough up the cash and get it done privately. So that will be a load of me mind..... later....
So, I have nearly finished stripping the paper in Mike's room, it WILL be done tonight! Then... I will have to start on the lounge, I had to start some of it around the mantlepiece so I could paint it, ..... so that's next, yaaaa !
Looks like we may have to go to the Dr tomorrow, Stew's tummy has a slowly spreading red patch, so looks like it might have got infected ....we are not sure. It may just be his shirt irritating the hair as it grows back? But better to be safe than sorry.
It's been a fairly quiet afternoon, the big kids watched "The Omen" in the lounge, so I got to watch it too.... eeeeeww. Dinner tonight was Spagetti Bologniese, yummy. Am now going to watch.... Coronation Street, heee he.
Then might do some exercise on the exercycle and have a sauna...... lovely way to end the day.
Today STEPS: 10788 (8.99KMS), STAIRS: 2!, GYM: yes, WATER: 2 litres

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

F*%!*# IT'S COLD !

Those icebergs can't be far away.... it's bloody freezing today !

Today's plan of action: kids to school, housework, 2nd coat of paint on mantlepiece, finish stripping paper in Mike's room, Aqua Jogging at 12.

I am really excited.... our gym is getting one of those vibrating exercise machines ! You stand on it, hold certain positions and it vibrates and tones you ... you pay about $20 for 10 minutes in town, but for gym members it is included in our membership. So free! (Kinda) hee he. I am dying to try it, but it isn't arriving for another week or so. boo hoo
later....I've had me bubble popped.... the aqua jogging instructor told us today that the vibration machine won't do anything for us at all, she reckons it certainly won't tone me flabby bits ! Damn and blast.... I hope she's wrong cos it sounds like fun ! And fun is what I want, added with getting healthy and fit. We will wait and see, I dont' think the gym would be buying such an expensive machine if it did nothing for you eh? Anyone know anything about these machines????
Done all of above, am now chillin out having lunch at 1.45.... later...

I think yesterday caught up with me.... I fell asleep after lunch, hahaha. Woke up in time to go get the kids from school, felt like shit... having a wee nap is not always good for you. Have not been able to get motivated to do anything much since then, dinner is in the oven (lamb chops and roast potatoes) and am just sitting here thinking.... I should be doing something! But can't be stuffed.

Thanks for your comment about the vibration machine Janene, I agree with you. It must do something good or it wouldn't be so popular.. . maybe the aqua instructor just doesn't know this machine and what it can do. I am sure looking forward to it's arrival. I havn't done much this evening, am feeling bloated and yuk. I havn't had a "monthly" for over 2 months now, my cycle is all over the place and it's driving me nuts. I suppose I shall have to get used to this menopause shit eh?
Anyway, todays totals:
STEPS: 10011 (8.34 kms), STAIRS: 8, GYM: yes, AQUA JOGGING: yes WATER: 2 litres

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Today: kids to school, then off to the gym to meet a buddy and go for our walk, it will be 6.6kms long and take about 1hr5mins.
Brylee and Griffin have Athletics Day today at Massey University, they go on buses with the school. Steve, Lisa and Mike are going to watch and "help out".... that should be "fun".....
When I get home I plan on painting that mantlepiece, doing some housework and ? later....
That was fun! It is blowing a gale outside, but not raining for a change. Walking was invigorating to say the least, with the wind so strong we had a bit of resistance training thrown in for free !! I'm now off into town to do some final Xmas shopping, maybe have lunch with his nibs (hubby), and then get on with stuff at home.
BTW: I really never felt like killing me hubby while he was home recovering from his operation, I think he kept his head down low just so I didn't ! ha haha He's back at work now, so he's safe. I DO LOVE HIM, JUST DON'T WANT HIM UNDER ME FEET 24/7 .... and sick males are the pits !

Griffin came 1st in his heat at sprinting. They had a fantastic day ..

Here is Brylee running up to do high jump, not that she jumped! Apparently she stopped and stepped over it... clever girl !

And Finally... I painted the mantlepiece and then... mowed the lawns ! I havn't done that in 20 years !! I vowed and declared at our wedding that I would NEVER mow lawns again (having had to do them with 1st useless husband)... but today I didn't mind really, it was a novelty. So far today I have clocked up 20,335 steps, so I think I'm going for a personal record somehow. Better get back to doing dinner: roast chicken pieces, roast potatoes and stir fried veges. Yum yum. later...
Well, after sorting dinner out I remembered it was Dog Obedience Training tonight... shit shit shit..... I was kinda knackered already ! But took the dog off to Ashurst for her training, my God it was cold out there, I swear there is an iceberg trying to come up the Manawatu River, it is soooo cold !*#!
So, am home now, watching Coro Street.... Might do nothing else for the night... maybe!
Success in doing nothing for 2 hours !
Today : STEPS: 23328 (19.44KMS), STAIRS : 8, GYM: yes, WALK: yes, WATER: 1.5 liters.
nite nite

Monday, November 27, 2006


I woke up this morning so sure it was sunday and I could have a sleep in, I was rather peeved to realise it wasn't ! Oh well, another neat monday, kids to school ( Yaa Hoo !), do some housework, then go to the gym and follow that up with Aqua Jogging. It looks like another windy cool day out there.... when the hell is summer going to get here ? This weather is enough to make even nice people shitty.... not that I'm nice ! ha ha

These are my gorgeous ROXY Jeans, I bought them when I was "at goal", they cost $220 !! And now they don't fit me arse... so ... I have decided that if they don't fit me bum by April 2007 they are going to be someone else's.... I shall give them away. I hope that is a huge incentive for me to stop piss-arsing around and get on track, stop using exercise to get away with pigging out, etc etc. Who knows, it might work! later....

I have done all my morning stuff, kids, dog, gym, aqua jogging, vacumed and am now gunna have some lunch! Pedometer says 12287 already, pity it doesn't work in the pool, that would add a good few thousand! Thanks for the vote of confidence re: me jeans fitting again. I hope I don't let myself down now! I am still feeling FAT and ... nah, I ain't ugly ! Haaaa ha

I had the "usual" afternoon, not too busy.... left the kids with Steve and went Xmas shopping, home, made dinner, and was sitting watching 60 minutes on telly, and kept looking at the mantlepiece thinking..... it needs a paint... hmmmmm, so I got out the sandpaper, did the business, and now it's ready to paint !! hee hee. Poor Mike's room is only half stripped, his furniture is stuck in the middle of the room and I got sidetracked! Oh well, the mantlepiece will be finished tomorrow and I can get on with Mike's room after that. (Hello Maxine aka Maxamillious, you cheeky tart, you would never fit me jeans, you a bloody size 8 !)
Today : STEPS: 16427 (13.68kms), STAIRS: 10, GYM: yes, AQUA JOGGING: yes
TRACKED POINTS: noooo, WATER: 2.5 litres

Sunday, November 26, 2006


Got woken up this morning to hear that friggin crazy frog music... dee dee de de de, bloody McDonald's latest toy with a Happy Meal. We have had to listen to it since yesterday lunchtime, and it is driving me nuts! May have to "lose" them somehow.
Stew is out giving a talk to a group in Otaki about Family Trusts etc, but luckily for me Mike was up so he watched the kids for me till 9... I got a wee sleep in. Am now contemplating stripping wallpaper, but... I had a wee go at it before and found it is shit paper, and comes off in little bits, not lovely bit sheets. So, it's gunna take a while! Oh well, better get back to it....
Okkey dokey then, I've stripped half the wallpaper off in Mike's room, and am hoping to get some more done tonight. Have just said "bye" to Janene and her cute wee girl Jorga, they came around for a visit, which was just lovley! We plan on going to the Wellington Blogger's Picnic together next sunday, so I am looking forward to that... a day without Kids ... yay. I think Janene's gone home to recuperate from her visit here, Griffin did his usual "run the visitor ragged "! He really is a handful sometimes. Thank God tomorrow is monday, back to school. PHEW.
I have done virtually no exercise today so far, but will probably get on the exercycle later on as well. till later....
A HUGE congratulations to Jules (see her at, who just had her 4th baby, and beat my 39 minute labour with a *38* minute labour !!! What a trouper. Wonder if she can beat me by having more than 8 kids ??? hee hee
I'm off to get on my exercycle now...
Been there, done that, am now ready for bed....
weekly round-up: Steps: 83,880 (69.9kms), Stairs: X 94, Gym: X 3, Aqua Jogging: X 2, Walked to town: X 2. Yaaa for me !

Saturday, November 25, 2006


Ah the weekend, kids home, not much to do! Am off to weight watchers this morning (won't be weighing tho), then followed by morning tea with a mate or two. Then .... who knows? The weekends are always kinda lazy....
Steve and Mike are helping a woman from Stew's work move house, ha ha, at least they got lots of practise moving furniture this week eh?

I know! I might just strip the wallpaper off Mike's new bedroom! Yeah, get that one ready for painting, ya, something to do! It's a shitty shitty wet day AGAIN, the lawns are two feet high, Stew hasn't been able to mow them cos of recovering from his op. And our boys wouldn't know one end of the lawn mower from the other! anyway, I'm outta here, things to do, places to go.....

I JUST LOST SOME WEIGHT!!!! I shaved me legs and armpits....... till later, haa haa ha

Well, went into town, had lunch at the foodcourt, I had chinese, then did some wandering around, sooo windy out there it's awful! Then home, where I sat in me lounge chair and....... had a nana nap !!! I have just woken up and it's 5pm, oh my god ! Luckily for me I have corned beef cooking in the crockpot, so dinner is already done, only have to organise the veges. till later.....

IT'S DONE, I HAVE MY RUMPUS ROOM EXACTLY HOW I WANTED IT.....and my boys are just fantastic!! They got it upstairs without swearing and cursing at each other, and they didn't ding my walls either! I am soooo chuffed with them, that bloody thing weighs a tonne. So that's all the moving around I intend to do in the foreseeable future..... till later?

How many towels do you have to wash and dry in one week? Here's mine.... 35 towels, about 12 flannels, assorted sheets/pillowcases etc !@*#! Thank God it was fine today, it would have cost a fortune to put this lot through the drier, and you can't even see the baskets of clothes on the floor !

I'm signing off for the day.... STEPS: 7049 (5.081 KMS), STAIRS: 6, no gym or anything else.

Friday, November 24, 2006


I have decided 6 hours without kids is NOT ENOUGH! I don't get nearly enough done before they come home from school.... why do they have to have holidays even!

Todays plan of attack: take kids to school, walk the dog, walk into town and put some cash on their bikes (on layby), go to aqua jogging at lunchtime, then home to do the housework. My car is getting no use, this is good with the price of bloody petrol now! So, till good!
All has gone to plan!!! I walked in the POURING rain to town etc, ended up sopping wet and freezing, but that's ok cos I was heading to the pool for aqua jogging anyway. Did aqua jogging in the outside dive pool much against the instructors wishes, but me and another lady were already in the pool so she had to join us, poor woman froze her butt off! hee hee. Then I've come home and had a lovely hot shower, ready to head out soon to get the kids from school.
So far today I've done 14,723 steps (12.368 kms), and that does not include the 45 minutes in the pool ! So I'm happy about that.
Janene (fellow blogger) suggested I have a couple of days "off" next week, yeah right! Knowing my luck I'd put on 3 kilos , I'm too scared to stop being busy cos I just know I'd gain weight. And I actually ENJOY being busy !
till later....

(2.30PM): IT'S ON THE MOVE.... The sauna that is... Steve and Lisa are dismantling it right now and slowly taking it bit by bit upstairs..... (4.45pm):Well the sauna is now upstairs and all back together, the only thing left to do is get the treadmill up there.

I'm going to start on dinner now, we are having pork stir fry with noodles, yum yum.

till later...

STEPS: 18,411 (15.470kms), STAIRS: 16, GYM: Yes, AQUA JOGGING: yes, WALK TO TOWN: yes........I am sooooo good! nite nite

Thursday, November 23, 2006

A Normal Day?

Oh yeah, so far today it's been "normal".... kids to school and then I was off to the gym where a couple of friends and I went for a 6.6 km walk followed by a lovely sauna. Now I'm home cooling down, then I'm off into town to do some shopping (hee he), and maybe have lunch with my hubby. This is so neat. I have waited so long for this time to come.

On the left is photos of the rumpus room at the moment, in the top picture it shows the empty corner where the sauna is going to be, and in the bottom picture it shows where the treadmill and exercycle will be. So hopefully those things will be up there sometime over the weekend. Then this mad mad time of moving rooms around will be over and I can find something else to do! Like continue redecorating......
Ok, I'm cool now so am off to town.. till later...Forgot to mention, left Griffin screaming and crying again this morning at school! Oh Joy. AS for lunch, had a lovely club sandwich, savoury and piece of cake(bad) with Stew, and now I feel stuffed. It's 2.15 and I feel like going to sleep, ha ha. And I had to go buy another pedometer, the one I bought about a month ago spat the dummy and wasn't working properly, luckily the shop refunded the cash for me.... I had lost the receipt.
till later....I have just spent the last 3 hours calibrating my new pedometer and it looks like the last one was robbing me blind! I have clocked up over 6000 steps already (and it's reading correctly) that means I have been doing even more steps/kilometres than I thought. Interesting ....
SO HOW COME MY BLOODY FAT AIN'T JUST DROPPING OFF ME???? I hope like hell I ain't growing muscles instead!! I do not want to be a muscle-bound woman! YUK YUK YUK. Sorry all you body building chicks out there, it just ain't for me. till later...
*******Am having trouble getting into my e-mail account so if you want to send me an e-mail send it to: for now ta.*********
I got grumpy, ate too much at dinner, then felt guilty so took the exercycle upstairs and have just done 20 minutes on it while watching "Criminal Minds", love that show. So for today at a guess:
STEPS: 14000, STAIRS: 10 X'S, GYM: yes. nite nite

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Today's plan of attack: Kids to school, home, get housework done, move more bloody furniture, then GO TO AQUA JOGGING ! And as long as no bugger comes along and stuffs it up for me, that is what I am gunna do.

I'm darn tired, have been having shitty night's sleeps lately, if it isn't hot flushes, it's sore back. Last night it was me back giving me shit. I have a pain in one particular place, low down on me right butt, I think it's from having the tissue inplant there with my body lift operation. It is something I know I have to live with, you can't have major surgery like that without one or two side effects. But it's all good, I'd rather have the better body anyday!
till later.....

So everything has gone to plan so far!!! And look above.... I found a hole in the wall in Mike's old bedroom wardrobe, and hey presto, I found another storeage space!! This is just fantastic cos we have so much stuff to store, for now it's going to have Steve and Lisa's junk in it. The photo on the right shows the view from the left, there is an equal amount of room to the right as well !!

And I did get to Aqua Jogging in the dive pool at the gym... the water was lovely, but the cold wind on our shoulders and heads was not nice. I literally ran to the sauna to warm up afterwards... probably more like a quick walk! It was lovely to see another blogger/weight watcher there too (Hi Anne). I am now really knackered to tell the truth, I have been on the go since first thing this morning, so might take a break this afternoon.....till later......

I HAVE MY RUMPUS ROOM BACK ! YA HOOOOOO. Steve and Lisa are now in the double bedroom upstairs, the computers are in the study upstairs and Mike is in a double room downstairs.... so we actually don't have any spare bedrooms now! But we do have a rumpus room which has a bedsetee and single bed in it.... so all's great. I am so happy! Now all we have to do is put the treadmill, exercycle and sauna upstairs.... ummmmm might do that another day, they are gunna be difficult to do.... like real heavy!

The best thing about all this moving around is that the place gets a big clean up, so it's like an unofficial springcleaning.

Griffin had a great day again, no crying today at all thank goodness... Am off to sort out dinner for the family now.... they are having sausages and chips! I so don't feel like cooking today.

till later.....Its later, I've had it for the day, and am going to bed for an early night.

STEPS: 10131, STAIRS: 18, GYM: no, AQUA JOGGING:yes (made beds, did washing, vacumed, tidied bedrooms, folded washing, kids to and from school etc etc) !! ha ha ha

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


I should have known it was too good to last! Griffin was so happy after school yesterday, told me he "Loved it", and wanted to go back tomorrow. This morning he was fine till we got half way to school (it's a 2 minute walk from our house), and he started to cry and grizzle and told me he didn't want to go anymore. BUGGER

I ended up just having to leave him there, crying and coughing fit to kill.... he usually ends up vomitting when he gets that wound up.... but staying would not have helped any of us and he has to get used to it... so I left and went to the gym. I was expecting a phone call the whole time I was there, but so far so good. I am sooooo tempted to ring the school and see how he is, but I won't cos they will think I'm an over protective clingly mum.... (shush) cos I am! If he wasn't ok they would have rung me eh?

So far today (11.30am) I've done 9956 steps.. how's that then? I am now going to get started on moving Mike's gear downstairs.... till later....

I didn't think moving furniture would be what I was doing this week! I really saw myself doing the gym, going for lunch with me hubby, shopping etc..... instead I'm run ragged moving all these rooms around... and the worst is yet to come when we have to get the Treadmill and Sauna upstairs.. they weigh a tonne!
And now my pedometer is playing up, it says I've done 30 steps in the last 2.5 hours, and I've been going for it non-stop moving stuff, training the dog, hanging out washing, folding washing, getting dinner organised, feeding myself etc etc !! Hope I don't have to get a new one.
till later...
Apparently Griffin shut up within 5 minutes of me leaving, the little shit! Here I was worried all day and he was at school having a ball.
As you mentioned Rachel, Stew is not able to help me with the heavy moving, something he is extremely happy about! Luckily I have Steve, Mike and Lisa to help eh? One of the RARE examples of when it's good to have teenagers ....VERY RARE!
I havn't heard from one of my nieces who lives up in Whitianga for a while, but we got in touch yesterday and she asked me to say "Hi" over my blog so....
**** HI MAXINE*****, I love you! till later... So cool, my puppy Izzy won the prize tonight for the most improved puppy! She dropped, stayed and came when I called her, I was so proud! It helped that I had a hand full of ham and cheese for her!! hee he.

Above : the bloody mess in the rumpus room now, and Brylee asleep in her "new" bedroom... so cute!
I am now going to get back to rearranging bedrooms, nite nite.
STEPS: 16395 (i GAVE MYSELF 2000 on top of what my pedometer says for the 2.5 hrs it didn't work) STAIRS: 28! GYM: Yes WATER: 2.5 litres WALK TO TOWN: yes

Monday, November 20, 2006

*** OH YEAH *** OH YEAH *** OH YEAH *** OH YEAH ***


finally my ears are going to get a break for 6 whole hours every day!!! I am going to sit in the school staff room for an hour or so, just to make sure he settles in ok. When he started kindy he screamed, punched, kicked and VOMITTED every morning for about 4 weeks !!! Hopefully he is ok today.

Stew's idea: I should come home and go back to bed for the morning, and he will come home at lunch time and join me for some midday hanky panky........LIKE HELL!!! IN HIS DREAMS. till later.....
So.. no crying (him or me), left him with no problems, came home, did some housework and before I could think about going to the gym Stew rang and invited me out for morning tea, so off I went! Took Lisa Wanna-be-an-H with me.... (our son's fiance). Then Lisa and I did some shopping (hee hee) and came home.
I mentioned to Steve and Lisa that MAYBE they could move into Mike's double bedroom so I could have the rumpus room back, and move Mike into Brylee's double bedroom.. and Brylee into the spare bedroom downstairs.... and they were all for it!!! So, instead of going to the gym this afternoon I have been busy moving stuff around... this is going to take a week or more as it involves moving so much furniture, the gym equipment and sauna upstairs etc. Mike kinda spat the dummy at the idea, not because he will move downstairs, but because this is something I do all the time.... I can't seem to stop moving people around the rooms.... I suppose that is one disadvantage of having a huge house, (for the others in the house - not for me) .
So I havn't been to the gym or gone to aqua jogging, both things I thought I would be doing on this day. Nevermind, I've had a neat day, havn't missed his nibs nagging at me, jabbering away at me all day....oh it's been BLISS ! and we bought lollies for them after school, so that kept them quiet for a bit longer too. haa
We have just got back from town, Griffin broke his new sandals his first day, so had to go and buy new ones.... got some new ones for Brylee at the same time. What a nightmare buying them shoes, he's got huge feet, she's got loooooong narrow ones.
Better bugger off and do some more work... till later...
Obviously I need to be doing heaps to distract me from eating.... today I forgot breakfast, had lunch at 3.30 and I just had a little dinner at 7pm. When I got on the scales this morning they said the same old thing... no loss. Damn and blast.
What do I have to do, bloody starve! Walk 100kms every week? I know my body is now used to this level of activity, but hey, there's only so many hours in a day, I can't do any more. And I want to get so much done around this house, the list is endless....
Just got Brylee moved over into the spare bedroom (now her room) and she loves it. I want to get the beds out of her room and under the roof (they are redundant now), and have that room ready for Mike's furniture tomorrow. It's all go I tell ya! I think I'm addicted to shifting furniture.... maybe I was a moving man in an earlier life? hee hee
STEPS: 12218, STAIRS: 10 x'S, GYM: no, WATER: 2 litres

Sunday, November 19, 2006


I am NOT happy! I am getting hot flushes all darn night that wake me up all the time, I seem to spend half the night throwing off the duvet, and then pulling it back on ....this has been going on for about 3 months now and it's a pain in the butt!! And now it's starting to happen in the early evening as well, so I suppose I am officially going through menopause.... oh JOY. Just as well I lost my weight before this started I suppose, cos I'm thinking it's harder to lose the weight as we get older? Middle age spread and all that.

It is now 3 full weeks since I had any Diet Coke, so I think I can say I am over it now..... maybe I shall have a drink occasionally but I know I will never go back to 3 litres a day! I really havn't noticed much of a difference in myself from not drinking it......maybe my fluid retention has been better, but not gone entirely. One thing I have noticed though, when I wake up in the morning my face and around my eyes is not puffy anymore... this is great! I usually have to be up and have 2-3 piddles before my face loses the puffiness.

Today is going to be rather boring me thinks, lots of housework and I am going to try to get to the gym as well. Then hopefully I can do some work on Mike's room, have to sand the walls etc next. till later...I went for a walk into town to get keys cut, but when I got there they told me they don't do those particular keys anymore.... so walked to the gym instead, did my upper body workout, had a quick sauna and walked home again.

Then Stew and I had a look-see at the neighbours house's Open Home, to see if it was bigger than ours, it certainly sounded bigger in the write up. It isn't, it's 290 square metres, ours is 320. So won't covet it then! After that we went grocery shopping and spent over $700, I don't know where it goes!
That's it for now... have to cook dinner soon, don't think I'm going to get onto Mike's room today afterall. I'm tired.
STEPS: 13,431 GYM: yep STAIRS: 15 WALK TO TOWN: yep WATER: 2.5 litres

End of week round up: Steps 73,871 (approx. 62 kms), Gym X 4, Walk to town X 3

Saturday, November 18, 2006


One happy little boy.... following in the family tradition of opening presents on Mum and Dad's bed at 6.30 in the morning. So much for a weekend sleep in... ummm what's that? We are looking forward to 12 midday when we go off to Lollipops, and have them do all the catering, entertaining etc.... ya hoo!!

I have woken up in a great frame of mind.... re: dieting..... I am going to cut out most of me carbs and see what happens, I need to do something radical to get off this bloody plateau. I know it will mean I have no energy for the first few days, and probably a headache too, but if it gets me going again it will be worth it. So....NO BIRTHDAY CAKE for me today. Till later.....
We have had the most fantatic time, we went to Lollipops for Griffin's party, everything was provided, and everyone had a really great time! And the best thing..... I got home and put my feet up with no mess to clean up... so worth the cost.
And I had NO CAKE, and only two tiny cherrios to eat. So I was pleased with myself for having the self control that has been sadly lacking over the past few months. Long may it last.
I am expecting a great night as well, cos the littlies will be knackered by 7.30 pm and will no doubt go to sleep the minute their heads hit the pillow. Ya hoo. I love their bedtime! I suppose I should do some exercise today at sometime, maybe later.... Well I havn't done ANYTHING ! Fed my face (steak and eggs), watched telly, and nothing else! So today is officially my Lazy Day for the week. I shall have to do some serious exercise tomorrow eh?
Kids are asleep, went out like a light. Stew is doing really well, he's going back to work on Monday for a few hours each day.
STEPS: 7225, WATER: 1.5 litres, STAIRS: 4.

Friday, November 17, 2006


Having a lovely day so far.. took Griffin to kindy for the last time, they put on his Happy Birthday You are *5* farewell... Stew and I sat there like the Proud Parents we are. Then I went into town to get his Birthday Cake (Spiderman, of course), and tried on heaps of clothes (not something one does if you want to get home in a good mood) ! I am friggin not happy at this size, and am certainly going to work harder to get back to a size 12.
Have done NO housework yet... and it's nearly (no it is) midday already! Better get going then eh? till later.....
Stew and I ended up going out for lunch, which blew my good intentions right outta the water..... am now at home again, feeling like shit. I can't seem to get the motivation to do anything, and I feel like screaming. Everywhere I look I see jobs waiting to be done - washing to put out, washing to fold and put away, rooms to tidy, vacumming, and upstairs is just a pig's sty! I am grumpy me thinks!
I better go and try to find something to smile about....OK, I'm ova it now. Left is a photo of Griffin this morning blowing out his Birthday candle at kindy, a magic moment. And the other one, I told the littlies they had to do the housework, and they were only too happy to do it! The washing is folded now (yeah Right!) I shall have to do it all again when they aren't looking.... but they wanted to do it, Griffin in nagging me right now cos he wants to do the vacumming, he's got the vacum out, plugged it in and all.... but he nearly kills the vacum every time he gets hold of it... so NO, he ain't doing it. Ha ha. I am going to sort out dinner now... till later...
well it's been a completly lazy evening, have done some housework, and mainly watched the telly! Am watching America's Next Top Model, and while I ain't that thin and gorgeous, Me teeth ain't yuk like some of those girls! Are those judges blind??? haaa ha
I'm going to try and have an early night tonight, it is so hot and muggy I feel drained. Nite nite.
STEPS: 7943, WATER: 3 litres, STAIRS: 20X's, GYM: no, TRACKED: no

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Last School Visit

This Morning Griffin goes to school for his last "school visit" before starting on MONDAY.... hells bells, just saying it makes me break out in a stupid grin! I am literally jumping up and down with anticipation....

Stew is off to Ohakea this morning as well, to give a speech on Family Trusts, and Mike is now officially at home on Study Leave.. he's doing NCEA Level 3 this year, and next year he's going back to do the 7th form, probably doing scholorship papers etc. These last two boys of ours have NO IDEA what they want to do with their lives, Steve is a "Professional" Student now... hes onto his 3rd course in 2 years..... drives me NUTS.

I AM GOING TO TRACK everything i put in me gob today..... till later....Oh yeah, and before I forget.... No to all of you who have suggested I come and do your housework / painting, I got 4 bedrooms, lounge, dining room, rumpus room, 2 more bathrooms, loo, and laundry to do of me bloody own yet!!! And do your own friggin housework! I may come across as a "Wonder Woman" but believe me, I ain't, I get really tired some days and grabby too. I know I try to do too much, but even though there's lots of people in this house with me, most of them are 95% of the time bloody useless! And I am over nagging and screaming to get help around here. (Mind you, I did scream at the teenagers yesterday out the kitchen window!) hee hee.... I think I threatened to drown me little kids in the bath unless someone else bathed them for me! Yee Gods, I am evil! ( wouldn't have done any such thing of course, but it sounded good) ... till later.......

I went to the gym after Griffin's school visit (Griffin was at a wee friend's for lunch), did 45 minutes cardio and my free weights programme... then home, picked up the kids etc. It is getting so hot in our lounge in the afternoons now, the sun just streams in .... so put the door guard up so we can get a breeze through and keep the menace out.... said "menace" in photo to left! ha ha

My deck is looking decidedly cluttered with dog kennel, couch etc, but that's the price you pay to have a lovely wee dog like Izzy in the family. We just love her!

Dinner tonight is Steak and Sausages, spud and veges. Must start doing more salads I suppose. They are more work than veges tho...... and have you seen the price of fresh lettuce! And I say "fresh" with a snigger, cos they ain't usually.

Till later....Just made and ate dinner, and it's so hot in my kitchen I nearly spat the dummy and had a hissy fit! I am getting sick of having to do it all around here, and I ALMOST screamed at Stew, who was sitting in the lounge watching telly... Maybe I will kill him yet! He is keeping his head pretty low me thinks, I am sure he can see I am getting to boiling point sometimes, clever man.

I walked down to the shops before dinner with the dog to get wrapping paper, I have three paintings to give the Kindy Teachers as a "Thank You" for all they have done in the 3 years my littlies have been going there. I did them, they are of sea horses... oh hell, I'll put a photo up for you to see one!

todays entry is turning into a book! I shall stop for now, have a break after dinner, then get on with getting kids to bed, washing in and away, etc etc.

STEPS : 10384, GYM : yes, STAIRS : 10 X's, WATER : 3 litres ! NO COKE

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


I was "talking" to my sister two nights ago over MSN (she's in Australia), and asked her how she liked my blog.... and she said it was "too long, and boring", and she wasn't bothering to read it anymore! I was really crushed.... like OK.... I have tried to brush her comments aside but they are bugging me.

Are my posts too long? and am I boring everyone.... or is it just my sister being a green eyed monster who ain't got a life? Please give me some feedback on this cos it really has me bugged!

On a more happy note, it's pissing down with rain again, and I plan on walking into town today.... so looking forward to it too. I just love walking in the rain!

I ate birthday cake last night.... and pizza... DOH ! Mental slap to me, why is it that we can be putting it in our mouth while thinking "why the f**k am I doing this"? AND WE STILL DO IT !#*%! HA HA HA

till later.... Forgot to mention the 17 blown up condoms... Steve and Lisa blew em up and put them all over Mike's room last night.... and I am now picking them all up along with all his mess, so I can get going on stripping his wallpaper off.... my life is NOT BORING!

Above, Mike's room, then a condom on me balustrade (hee hee) and then.... Stew and I just been out for morning tea, we went to Ezibuy and I got the cutest wee skirt, it's got shorts underneath as well (all in one)! so neat for summer! Size 14 darn it..... motivation to pull finga me thinks!

Better go get Griffin from kindy..... I'm cutting it a bit fine..... till later.....It stopped raining didn't it? So I still walked into town, it was kinda hot and windy but ok. Then I picked up Brylee from school and started soaking the backing paper off the wall and bugger! The previous owners havn't sized the walls before putting on the paper and it's not coming off properly... so now I have to leave it on and hope the paint looks ok over it. Darn darn bloody darn. It just makes it so much harder to do.

We are having cold corned beef, salad and fresh McGregors bread for dinner... yum yum. Not much else happening for now... thanks for the vote of confidence Re: Me blog ladies! Think I'll continue my drivel then!

STEPS: 13669

GYM : not today

STAIRS : 20 X's


WATER : 2.5 Litres (No coke)

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A LOSS !!!

I have a loss!! FINALLY, the scales have been saying half a kilo gone for about 3 days now, so must be true! And my fluid retention seems to be much much better, so maybe having no coke is finally making a difference? YA BLOODY HOO !

Am feeling lots better after my fall, and after I do the school/kindy run I am off to the gym with my gym buddy Janet... and maybe we can even go for a walk outside... it's fine !!! Amazing, it's been so darn wet lately, about time we had a fine day.

Next week my daily routine is going to change.... I feel like crying.... it's taken so long to come! Once Griffin is at school I can go to the gym, do aqua jogging classes at lunchtime, and just have 6 whole hours to myself.... I SO CAN'T WAIT. Roll on monday.
till later...
My BABY is 17 today!!! Mike was supposed to be my last baby.... and kinda always will be... ha ha. He got an electric shaver from Stew and me, he needed it too. Like Steve, his whiskers are ginger, but is a blonde on top. I just went and bought a gorgeous chocolate cake for him.

Did a 5km walk with Janet this morning, didn't feel too bad afterwards. Tonight is Dog Obedience Training with Izzy, hope she's good. Last week she didn't do anything I told her to do, what a tart!

Til later..... Just back from dog training, Izzy was soooo good! It does help that she just LOVES Sizzler sausages, and I use them as her treats! lol
Here is Mike getting ready to blow out his birthday cake candles.... normally we wouldn't bother (his being a big guy now), but Brylee and Griffin expect everyone to have a birthday cake!
So, have had a lovely day really, no dramas, did everything I wanted and got all me jobs done.
STEPS : 11053
WATER : 2.5 litres (No coke)
GYM : Yes!
WALK to town : Yes!

Monday, November 13, 2006



Today so far.... kids to school, took Griffin for a visit at school, Stew came too. Left them at school and nipped home and did the vacuming, a bit of tidying up etc. Had no water till 1pm, a water main had burst down the road, oh joy!
Picked up Stew and Griffin, home, left them again and went to the gym for a gentle work out, followed by a 30 minute sauna, that felt nice.

Home, lunch, a corned beef and tomatoe sandwich - yum! Then walked up to school and got Brylee. Then I decided to go to the Doctor as heaps of people had advised me to do.... so if anything packs up due to the fall down the stairs I am covered by ACC.... The doctor was surprised that my foot had so much bruising, particularly on the sole! He prescribed pain killers and anti inflammatories, and some darn expensive cream that is supposed to help with the bruising. Don't think I'll bother filling that prescription, I will tough it out.
He did advise me not to go to Aqua Kickboxing tonight, so I suppose I wont then.

Shortly I shall get off me sorry butt and cook dinner, meatballs with noodles and a stir-fry of veges. Then maybe I'll get on my exercycle for 30 mins or so, and I also want to make a start on either Brylee's room or Mike's room, have to strip the wallpaper, soak off the backing paper, sand, undercoat etc.... and then paint them! I am really enjoying the results....

Did I mention the fact that I DID FINISH painting the upstairs hallways on Saturday afternoon.... even tho I was sore and aching... ha ha ha. It is done now, and off my mind....YA HOO. shall NEVER try standing on kitchen chair on stairs again tho.

Thank you for your lovely comments re: photos, I was of two minds to put them on, but I'm glad I did now. If they inspire even 1 person to pull finger and turn their lives around it will have been worth it. Remember though, it is totally up to YOU to do it, no one else can do it for you.... you have to want to lose weight for YOURSELF. And you have to maintain your motivation any way you can, give yourself little rewards along the way, and keep in mind the end result you want, IT IS WORTH IT!
STEPS : 10166
WATER : 2 litres (no coke)
Stair climbing : 3 ! not good!
Gym : Yep
Everything else on hold till foot/leg/arm/back all better.

Sunday, November 12, 2006


I will let the pictures speak for themselves.......

The Operation : Took 8 hours, I was petrified !! When I woke up I felt weird, and god damn awful, like I had been run over by a 24 tonne truck! My surgeon said " every day, you will feel like a smaller and smaller vehicle has run you over, and when it's down to a bycycle, you are better!" He was right.
I was in hospital on morphine and every other drug they could give me for 4 days, then home to recover. The first few days I honestly felt like I was gunna die..... the first time they got me to stand up, I really really thought they were trying to kill me! But as the days went on it got a wee bit better.... but it did take weeks to feel anything like normal again. There is quite a bit of the "nitty gritty" bits I shall not comment on, like drains, constipation, getting dressing changed, the body suit, etc... cos it would take too long!
You end up with quite a few "numb" patches on your tummy, thighs and bum, but at the end of the day... IT WAS WORTH IT !! In my operation, they did a tummy/back lift, took tissue from my hips and transplanted it into my bum (giving me some shape back there), and kinda gave my bum/thigh area a lift up too. I am thrilled with the results and would highly recommend it to someone with a similar problem to me after loosing heaps of weight.
Why would you go to all the trouble of losing the weight to end up looking like a wrinkly dog? If I hadn't had the tummy tuck I am SURE I would have ended up putting the weight back on.
The operation cost $16,500..... a huge cost, but a huge result. I highly recommend the plastic surgeon Mr John Masters, Wellington. He listened to me, answered all my questions (and some of them were very cheeky!), and never ever made me feel stupid, fat, ugly, etc etc. He was fantastic! He is the guy with his arm around me in one of the last photos. The staff at Southern Cross Hospital were absolutely fantastic too, they never made me feel like "just a plastic surgery patient", they were kind and compassionate, and appreciated where I had come from to get to where I was then.
Today I really am going to take it easy, have a lazy day. Not feeling too bad tho. Had a good sleep in after tossing and turning all night.... I ache, and I'm having darn HOT FLUSHES..... Menopause kicking in I presume. OH JOY ! ha ha .
STEPS : 54,578
GYM : 4 visits, plus 1 Aqua kick boxing class
Stair Climbing : only 4 days X 20

Saturday, November 11, 2006


Midday today I decided to paint the upstairs hallway.... and I couldn't reach one part right at the top of the stairwell, so got a kitchen chair and put it on the top step... 3 legs on and one leg 3/4 on... and up I went and halfway through rolling on the paint the darn chair slipped off the step.... and down I went! It is amazing but everything goes in slow motion in that sort of situation! All I can remember is the thoughts running through my head, which went like this:

- OH SHIT, this is going to hurt!
- Buggar, I hope I don't put a hole in the bloody wall !
- How the hell is Stew going to cope with me on crutches ? !!

I did a 360 spin in mid air, grabbed at a picture on the wall, it went flying down the stairs, then I managed to spin around and grab the top rail on the balustraudes, my hand (wet with paint) slipped off and then down the railings, and finally I managed to stop the downward trend half way down the stairs, me bum came to rest on top of the chair, which got a broken leg.... I just hung in there for a few moments to assess the damage.....
Broken chair, broken paint roller, sore bum,back and right foot.. But NO HOLES IN WALL !!! Ya hoo ! I did feel very shaken and had the shakes for a while too! What a twit I am.
So, note to self.... if it doesn't feel safe, DON'T BLOODY DO IT ! I don't know about my foot, it is feeling worse by the minute, but I don't think anything is broken, just bruised. I hope it doesn't stop me walking into town tomorrow! BTW, Mike (17) got outta bed 10 minutes after my fall, and calmly said to me "Fall down the stairs eh?", and his room is right behind the stairwell wall and he heard it all happen and didn't even get outta bed, little shit!

Started the day by going to Weight Watchers, didn't weigh in, still havn't lost a darn gram! NOT FAIR. Had a lovely morning tea with my friend Chris D, before going home to try that different way to go down the stairs. I did get two stars at W/W meeting today, cos of my abstenance from Diet Coke.... awwww. So now it is 6 days without coke, and no headache either. Am now just sitting in me lounge chair, thinking.. oww I am sore all over, and I feel a bit dizzy too? Might be delayed shock me thinks.
Ok. felt like shit so took myself off to bed for a while, and woke up around 5pm and felt much better! My foot still felt sore, so put my sneakers on to give the foot some more support, which helped quite a bit.
Stew was up and getting the chicken pieces in the oven for dinner, which made me feel guilty.
Mike was being a lazy little shit, so asked him to vacum the stairs and upstairs, which he did... a photo opportunity! Doesn't happen often enough for me, him doing some housework..... yaa.
I will probably post my tummy tuck photos tomorrow, having problems today getting photos uploaded, this one took half an hour! grrrrr
Well, think I'm done for the day, have only done 2687 steps today, and don't think I'll be doing much else for the day. My water intake is great, still no coke. STAIR CLIMBING : about 10 down, 10 to go. Hope to walk into town tomorrow, foot permitting.
Till later.....

Friday, November 10, 2006


Stair climbing : I put 20 pegs in a cup at the top of the stairs, and every time I go up I get one of the pegs and take it down with me and put it in a cup at the bottom. Simple way to keep track of how often you've climbed the stairs.

UNLESS YOU HAVE TEENAGERS ! Steve thought it would be fun to take some of the pegs from the bottom cup and put them back in the cup at the top... cheeky little buggar.... but I cottoned on to that trick fairly quickly .... snapped Steve!

Now tonight I'm climbing up and down, and I'm sure there's more pegs in the cup at the top than should be... so down I go, count how many are in the bottom cup and then go back up, and hey ! what do you know, there's like 5 or 6 pegs too many altogether! So he thought he could make me climb those darn stairs 26 times.... not bloody likely!

Wonder what he'll think of next?


OK, just for a great start to the day..... I am just LOVING Gwen Stefani's new single "Wind it up", it's so great to walk/exercise to!! So, if you like good music to exercise to.... get it! Gotta go for now, heaps to get done. till later....

How come I can get up, feed the kids & dog, make lunches, tidy lounge, take 3 kids to school, get washing in, put more washing on, move couch from upstairs to patio, and only clock up 367 steps ??? HUH!! As for the couch going out on the patio, don't know if I intended it for Izzy's new bed! Oh so cute tho. No modesty that dog's got eh? ha ha

Went to the gym after doing a bit of housework, did 60 minutes cardio and some lower body work... lots of squats, oh yeah. Then picked up Griffin and we went to town for subway for lunch... nice. Also bought more soda stream bottles and flavours, it's really yum..... love the sugar free Orange, and Summer Lemon. Stew had check up with Dr., all is good with his wound.
Am off to get Brylee now..... till later..... Talk about lazy, I've done virtually nothing this afternoon! Got a larger chest of drawers down from upstairs for Griffin's clothes, his own were too small. Put more washing on, but didn't hang it out.... Steve and Lisa did in the end!

I must go up and down my stairs inbetween the ads on telly tonight.... so I can honestly say I did them! hee hee. I read a lady's blog today who is contemplating having a body lift, which is basically what I had done.... so if anyone out there is interested in hearing how it really is from someone who's had it done, just ask!
Today so far :
STEPS : 8389
WATER : 2.5 litres, No Diet Coke
GYM : Yep
Stair Climbing : working on it, but WILL DO THEM ALL
CARBS : Forget it, it's ain't working, 2 serves ain't enough to keep going on.
Will post my "before" and "after" photos over the weekend.... yikes (again). Did already put them out there a while ago in a woman's magazine... the money they paid me enabled me to get a whole new wardrobe, which was sorely needed!
Till later...

Thursday, November 09, 2006


Ever wonder how someone gets so big? I know there are many many reasons why, here are mine:

I had 6 kids in 10 years, ranging in size from 7 pound exactly (2), 7 pd 5 oz, 7 pd 11 oz.... nice normal size babies, then I had Steve : 10 pound 12 ounces !! and so I starved the last one Mike, and he was 10 pound 4 ounces ! Over that period I went through a marriage breakup, remarriage, moved house several times, went through all the usual family hasselss with kids etc. At that stage I was about 25 kgs overweight.

Then just when it should have started to settle down I lost my 2nd brother in the same way I lost my first brother - a car accident. So both brothers gone, then my Mum was diagnosed with cancer, and right in the middle of her chemotherapy treatment, my Dad drowned... leaving me having to travel weekly to pick up my Mum (2.5 hour trip) and take her to hospital (another 2 hour trip), then go home and look after my own family as well.

I was also working part time looking after special needs children at primary school, and I was miserable, and ate ....... too much! THEN one of our daughters had 2 babies 13 months apart and we had to take custody of them as she was not capable of caring for them. Less said on that score!

So, I gained more and more weight, and felt so miserable I felt suicidal, and I don't know why, but one day I woke up and decided enough was enough, joined Weight Watchers (very reluctantly), and never looked back!

I am going to post some before and after surgery photos soon, showing my nasty saggy belly and the results after the circumferential tummy tuck.... that is..... if it doesn't gross anyone out? Maybe you don't have to look! haa haa

Today so far.... usual morning routine, then off to the gym where I did free weights for upper body, heaps of swiss ball squats, crunches etc, then 40 mins cardio, then home. Have done the vacuming (yes it's a daily chore!), picked up Griffin from Kindy (nearly forgot him yesterday), and have had my lunch (toasted ham/cheese sandwich).

Have drooled over the new car... Stew still can't drive it...... and soon I am off to the hospital with Steve to see the cardiologist and get x-rays etc done of Steve's heart (AGAIN).
till later...... So, back from hospital at 4pm, spent 2 hours there and it was quite productive. Saw the cardiologist and he's fairly certain Steve's problem is the A V Node in his heart, it's like a circuit in the heart that controls the heart rate, and he is recommending Steve has a procedure up in Auckland Hospital to check it out and fix it if necessary. So we now have to wait for Auckland to get back to us with a date..... more waiting. In the meantime he's been told no caffeine and no driving..... YEAH RIGHT!!!
Oh yeah, the picture is Steve showing off his Reveal Monitor that is inplanted in his chest.... gross! He loves freaking people out by pulling it out like that... eeewww. FUNNY: the cardiologist was asking Steve all these questions, and while the nurse was talking to me and Lisa, the cardiologis leant over and whispered to Steve "You take drugs? You take alcohol?" , Steve said "No" to drugs, "sometimes" to alcohol. It tickled Steve's fancy. Obviously the cardiologist thought I didn't need to hear the answers to those ones. ha ha ha

Well, it's been a fairly quite day so far, am now going to cook a mince and potatoe top pie for the family, take Izzy for a walk in the rain, climb my bloody stairs 20 times, go to aqua kickboxing at 6pm, and follow it up with a sauna. Must tape coronation street too!
On that note, I'm outta here!
Till later....
STEPS : 9842
WATER : Water 2 litres Diet Coke : 000
Stair climbing .... oops only 4
GYM : yep + 45 minutes aqua kickboxing