Monday, March 12, 2007


I have no idea what was wrong with Brylee last night, but she kept waking up crying. On and off all bloody night... and Izzy decided to try and eat a plastic bowl right outside our bedroom at about 2.30am, so we did not get much sleep... now I feel like my head is full of cotton wool... god help anyone who pisses me off today is all I can say !

Brylee now says she has a headache, so maybe I better keep her home today... which means no gym this morning for me... luckily I can go on our treadmill and exercycle here at home then eh? No rest for the wicked.....

Change of plan: gave the kid some paracetemol and took her to school... she is getting a cold by the look of it, and if I keep her home cos of a cold she might as well stay home for the next 6 months! She gets a cold and keeps it for 2 months, has a break for a week and gets it again... poor kid really. But I ain't gunna have her at home if I can help it. I tried to talk to her teacher about her being tired etc , but the ignorant woman was yakking to some old geezer about their weekend and I stood and waited in front of her for 10 minutes then said (quite loudly) "Stuff it, I'm not standing here waiting any longer" and left ! Rude of me eh?

Next up.... gym...

Ok, Brylee had a great day, nothing wrong with her... typical. The gym workout was really hard, the trainer pushed me really hard with the weights, but he was nice enough to help me when it looked like I was gunna bust a gut! I am amazed how sore my hips are after yesterday's bush climb!

I should be going to Bodystep tonight, but I really think it's out of the question.... I'm feeling really wrung out and ready to collapse! It is so hot and muggy too, we have rain coming, it's heavy in the air.... makes me cranky!

I have been excellent on the food front today, banana before gym, surimi and feta cheese for lunch, a one wee hot cross bun (nothing on it) for afternoon tea... dinner tonight will be coleslaw and a chop me thinks... so that is all good...

BTW: Griffin's decision of the day "I really really love school Mum, I'm going every day from now on, Ok?" Oh I wish !

Stew and I have just done the grocery shopping, managed to stay under the budget for once! I love it when the pantry and fridges and freezers are fully stocked, it looks like we have food in the house! Ok, am going to relax for a while, grocery shopping really is hard work! Nite nite.


  1. No - not rude of you but rude of the teacher not to see you were waiting! Hope Brylee is soon better - although it does sound as if she is one of those kids that has a bad run.

  2. Nothing is ever boring in your house!

  3. Think it might be a day for a nanny nap! Like you I don't like being ignored, especially when they're just having a general chit chat.

  4. Must be something in the air. I was up 3x last night, must have had a total of about 5 hours max.

    I always sent my kids to school, unless of course it was blatingly obvious that they really are ill like vomiting or diahorhea during the night. Nine times out of ten once they got there they perked up and if not then they'd go to the sick bay and get them to phone me and I'd pick them up. This especially worked well as they got older as you and I both know that a teenage woken up in the morning looks half dead anyway.

    In saying that, I hope Brylee is ok and hasn't picked up any bugs.

  5. i reckon, i would be embarased if i was that teacher...hope she got the hint!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i always make sure i stop conversations around parents and talk to them....(partly coz i dont need them knowing about me hahaha....and of course the fact they're waitinggggggggggg).

    you're household is very lucky to have you!!!!!!!!

  6. I hate coughs and colds - starting to think it might be good to add vitamin c to my daily supplements again.

  7. Cute comment from Griffin!

  8. Interesting, I'm getting a little freaked out over here. I too get great satisfaction from having the cupboards and fridge stocked!

    Managed to have my chop(s). They are extremely tiny here the meat portion is only about and 1 oz. So I had 3. Was ill later on but do not think it had anything to do with the food.

    Glad you didn't have to cancel your plans to the gym.


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