Thursday, April 30, 2015


Hopefully today will be Bex's last midwife appointment.
She is due tomorrow.  Though, as we all know, babies never come when they are expected.

All of mine were overdue, some by a week or more, so Bex could be a good week or more away from delivering yet.  *sigh*

So, I'm going with her today to her midwife appointment, just to say 'Hi' to her midwife and keep an eye on Dante for her too.

I have not heard from Australia yet either on how my niece is doing with her delivery.  She got induced yesterday afternoon... so maybe she's in for a long drawn out labour.  Bummer.

Apart from the midwife appointment, I don't have anything planned for the day.  I think staying home and keeping an eye on Bex is all I will be doing today.  She keeps having powerful Braxton Hicks contractions so we are all on tenderhooks, waiting for the 'real deal' to get started.

I'm trying a new 'recipe' for my lunch today... roast broccoli, tossed in crushed garlic and seasoning, then sprinkled with some cheese.  I am drooling at the thought of it...

ABOVE:  hopefully mine looks as good as that!

OK.... I better go and start me day...wet and windy again today, so a stay indoors day for sure.


Well the midwife appointment went well.  All going well we won't have to attend another one, but if we do the midwife might just have a go at getting her going with a 'stretch 'n' sweep.  
She advised Bex to go for a good fast walk (something I'd already suggested), so we went down to the mall and had a brisk walk around.

Don't think it worked.

Still no word from Australia on how my niece is doing... all the phones are switched off, so they must be at the hospital 'working' on getting baby born.  I hope it's all going well.

I have my broccoli in the oven right now... hoping it's lovely, cos it's going to be a really low point lunch, and filling too.
Tonight is my 'evil' dinner.  I want KFC.
We have a visitor tonight too, our friend Jacqui from Tauranga is staying over.
It's always lovely to see her.

UPDATE on my niece:  she's in surgery having a C-Section as I type this.  So it won't be long now before we know what her baby is and how it all went.  Fingers crossed for a fast and easy delivery.

End of Day:  We have another wee boy in the family!  I don't know his weight or name yet as it's really late here and I've only been told he's arrived and all is well.
Now I can go to bed and relax, I've been on tenderhooks all evening.
nite nite

Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Today is the day my niece in Australia is most likely going to have her baby.  So excited for her... this will be her first bub.
I hope everything goes well and I hear by day's end of the arrival of a new family member.  We don't know if baby will be a girl or boy, so even more exciting to hear her news.
Go for it Rowie!

I'm off to Weight Watchers in a couple of hours... I shall be taking me marbles with me again!  I quite like the idea of doing the marble thing in the meeting.
I'm expecting a loss of around a kilo, maybe a bit less/more.  Not sure as their scales are different to mine.

After WW's, I've got a couple of jobs to do so won't be home for a while ... but you can be sure when I do get home I shall update with me loss.

COS IT WILL BE A LOSS.   I have been 'fairly' good this week.  Not exceptional, but not evil either! *smiles*

Right, I'm outta here... time to get ready, make sure I've got all me bits 'n' bobs (weigh in book, marbles, light weight slippers etc)...


AND...  I lost 1.9 kilos this week.  Not bad after such a big loss last week.  Really happy, and have transferred 19 marbles.  *smiles*

After my meeting I went and got spa pool chemicals and some lunch for Bex, Dante and I.  We had chicken in hot rolls that I baked in the oven.  Those pre-made dinner rolls are amazing, you just have to bake them for 5 minutes in the oven and it's like fresh bread!  

Now I am stuffed to the brim and feel like sleeping the afternoon away!  

ABOVE:  First we had mice, then nits... now to top it off... we have a RAT!  OMG.  Bex saw it in the dining room this morning and kept the doors closed so it couldn't get in the house, now it's gone.  There's one place that critters can come into our 'outdoor' dining room, so I presume that's how it got in ... and out again.  

GROSS.  I hope it never comes back!  

Steve is home early today, probably because it's too wet to work today.  It has certainly been wet!

NO baby yet, either in Australia or here.  

End of Day:  well it's all quiet on the baby front.  I'm waiting in huge anticipation of news from Australia.  Probably won't happen till tomorrow knowing my luck.  Going to watch Pitch Perfect on the telly then head off to bed.
nite nite

Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Today is Parent/Teacher interviews for Brylee's year at school.
Griffin gets to stay home while Bry and I go to the interview.  
It's just to discuss her progress so far this year, and so on.
Hopefully I don't hear anything annoying.  She appears to have pulled up her socks and reigned in her attitude a bit this year... thank god.

After the interview, they both have the rest of the day off school.

That's fine by me, they know how to amuse themselves.

I'm going to fix the patchwork block I made last night (photo on yesterday's post).  There is a glaring boo boo.
I still can't believe no one, not even the tutor, notice it last night!
It won't take much to fix it though, a little unpicking and then sew it up again.

Then... I'm going to work on making two covers for the two outdoor chairs to match the other, larger one I made. 

The house is a bit untidy, so I'll get the two teenagers to do some housework I think.  They are both really good about that now, they just get on with it.  Sometimes I lose my rag at them when they don't do it 'right'... but well... I'm FUSSY.

I've found this week a bit harder on the 'diet' front... but hoping for a modest loss tomorrow.  I now know my 'danger' time is after dinner... in the long hours between 7-11.  I'm trying to think of ways to curb the cravings, but failing miserably.  

I'm simply relying on WILL POWER right now!

Right, I better get ready to go out ... catch ya  later... I'm off to school soon.  


Well the interview went well.  I was kinda surprised to learn Bry is doing quite well at school.  Nice to know.  Obviously having a boyfriend hasn't interrupted her learning.  A... mazing!  *smiles*

I'm off now too some sewing, after tidying up me 'bedroom'... it's a freakin mess!

Well just had a quick visit from Kelly, Gordon and Rena.  Which was nice, although I have a nasty headache so wasn't much company.

I did a bit of sewing before, I fixed the block, and started on a chair cover, but I just didn't feel like doing much.  I'm stressing out about weigh in tomorrow... AGAIN.  Dumb I know. I am sure I will have a loss, even if it's small.

Not much else is going on here right now, I'm curled up in front of the telly with a blankie cos I'm COLD!  Nuts.  I think it's the headache making me feel cold though, cos the weather is quite nice now.  A bit windy, but the sun is shining.

I don't have to cook tonight, Bex is.  So I can just relax and keep warm and hope my headache goes soon.

ABOVE:  Doesn't my daughter-in-law look gorgoeus!  She's almost 9 months (in 3 days in fact)... and is BLOOMING.  We are all so excited... hurry up baby boy!

End of Day:  a quiet day again, just hanging with the preggo girl, waiting for her to show some signs of having my next grandson.  *smiles*
nite nite

Monday, April 27, 2015


This is the first year that we get a public holiday today (Monday), following Anzac Day, that fell on Saturday.  In years gone by, today would not have been a holiday.

Luckily, now it is.  So, Stew is home.  Steve has chosen to go to work.  Because he's an independent contractor, it's his choice.
As he's taking time off work once Baby Boy arrives, he wants to get as much work/hours under his belt as he can.  Fair enough.

Stew, the kids and I are going out as we didn't over the weekend that much.
I want to get a push mower so I can do one part of the lawn myself, to save Stew having to lift the mower down a bank to do it.  Then we are going to get spa pool chemicals and some clothes for Griffin.  He's GROWING.  
*sigh*  He's way taller than me now.  I must weigh him!  I've no idea what he weighs.

Bex and Dante are going to stay home and take it easy.  She is really feeling uncomfortable now.  The baby has grown heaps in the last month, it's really noticeable.  5 days to his Due Date.  

Right, that's me for now... I'll be back later.


Talk about an utterly crap day!  The weather is awful, gale force winds and driving rain.  And much colder, which I'm loving of course.

We went out to find a few items of clothes for Griffin, but had no luck.  He wanted more shorts, but of course it's mostly winter stock in the shops now.

I also wanted to get one of these:

ABOVE:  Now I can do some of the lawns during the day... and get some exercise as a perk.

The kids had lunch at St Lukes mall, while Stew and I opted to get something at home.
I've got some chicken in the oven for myself... here's hoping I don't kill it!

I've got patchwork class tonight... I will be starting a new block for my sampler quilt.
I better choose my fabrics before I leave... 

Class was quiet tonight, only 3 other ladies, me and the tutor.  But it was still nice... plenty of room to spread out.
I cut out and made one block... and was thrilled with it.  The other ladies and the tutor thought it was lovely too.

I got home and went to take a photo of it ... and bugger me!  There's a rather glaring mistake and none of us in the class picked up on it!

ABOVE:  Top left... whoops!  I shall have to unpick it tomorrow and fix it.  Other than that, it's come out great.  The centre points all meet!  So happy about that, I didn't even need to unpick it and realign any of those centre blocks.  I think that's a first for me.

So, the day has gone very well and now it's time to settle down and relax before bed.  Bex is stuffing her face with cake... the b*@#h, right in my face.  *sniff*

End of Day:  so wish I could have cake.  
nite nite

Sunday, April 26, 2015


Last night was a bit rough.
I kept craving FOOD.
Anything would have done.  But I resisted.
Cos I would have been so very pissed off with myself if I'd caved in to the cravings.

It is hard though. During the weekends we always have chips/dips/twistees etc while watching TV.  

It's just a habit I have to give up.  The end result is something I have to keep reminding myself is worth it.

And it is.  I want that happy me back, the one who doesn't hate herself ... or her reflection in plate glass windows in town.

I don't care how long it takes, I'm gunna get back my self esteem and self worth and start looking after myself the best I can.
NO one else can do this for me but ME.

Now... today.
I'm gunna supervise while Stew plants those two trees.  
And I'll give the garden centre a call and see if the other two have arrived yet.  They did say they would be in by the end of the week.

Bex is going out today to buy pineapple.  Some lady in the mall told her the other day that eating pineapple can bring on labour!  I've never heard of that one before?
Heard of it?  Might it work, or is it a crock of shit?

Right.  That's me for now... I'll be back later.


The trees had arrived, so we went down and picked them up.

ABOVE:  The joy of having a versatile vehicle!  The kids held the bases so they didn't roll around on the way home.
Now Stew has to dig 4 holes... I feel sorry for him, truly I do.

ABOVE:  All planted and ready to grow.  The two trees we got today are quite a bit bigger than the two I got earlier on in the week... which is great as they are already a good size.
Hopefully in a couple of years they will be acting as a screen from the house-to-be over the fence.

Stew is now mowing the lawns and I'm thinking about what to cook the family for dinner...

Well I was going to cook chicken in a lemon sauce for dinner, but Stew wanted to do nachos... so I let him.
We can have the chicken tomorrow night.

His nachos were nice, I had some, but not a huge helping.  Kept within my points for the day.

Been fighting temptation AGAIN tonight. Can't stop thinking of food, yet I'm not even hungry!  Bad habits ... I had no idea it was this bad.
Even the healthy 'snacking' I did in the first 3 months of this year is not allowed with my pro point limit. Hopefully this craving at night settles soon.

End of Day:  Well our section looks so lovely with the new trees and a freshly mown lawn.  Thank you Darling, you ROCK.
nite nite

Saturday, April 25, 2015


Today is ANZAC Day here in New Zealand and Australia. This is the day we remember our Fallen Soldiers who fought in all the World Wars and other conflicts around the world.

This is year is rather special as it's the 100th Centenary of the landing of Australian and New Zealand troops at Gallipoli, which saw a long drawn out battle with the Turkish troops, and the loss of about 8,700.

So, we shall all take a moment to remember them during this day.

Today ... well not sure.   It's grocery shopping weekend, which will probably get done tomorrow.  The shops are all closed this morning.

I want us to take a little drive out to Ardmore to check out where the Friday patchwork class is going to be held.  

The other thing that needs to be done is planting the two magnolia trees I bought this week. I'm sure Stew will get around to that at some point.  Poor bugger.

Bex baked Steve a birthday cake, so I better show you it:

 ABOVE:  It is supposed to look like something off a game Steve plays?  Beyond me.

ABOVE:  Steve thought it was neat, so that's good.  It passed the 'Dante Taste Test' too.  I can't imagine WHO taught him to eat cake like that!  (me I think!) Whoops.

Right, I'm off to get the washing on. Catch ya later.


So far today we have gone to the shops and taken a drive out to Ardmore.  The new venue is easy to find, and it will take me about 6 minutes to get there, so super handy.

It's  a lovely day, perfect for planting trees... I'm sure Stew will do that soon... lol.
I think he's putting it off.

Actually, I think he's going to season our wok so we can actually use it!

Slowly going nuts.  Been trying to fix my sister's blog... but can't get into it, even though I have the password etc. Grrrr.  She might just have to wait a while.  Where she lives she has very patchy phone reception, so I will have to wait for her to get the verification code and send it to me before I can sort out her blog.

IN the meantime ... tonight... there is NO Coronation Street.  That sucks.
I might just watch it on the internet like Lynda does, get ahead of where it's at here.  We are a good two years behind here in New Zealand.

End of Day:  The trees didn't get planted, that's happening tomorrow apparently. 
Off to see if I can find Coro street online.
nite nite.

Friday, April 24, 2015


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO STEVE... 28 today!  It would be rather cool if baby boy arrived today... but I don't think he will.

So... today I'm off to my 2nd patchwork class for the week.
It will be nice to see the ladies again from last term.  I wonder how many will turn up?
It's no longer at the shop, so maybe some won't come.

It was really handy at the shop, we could get supplies if we needed them right there and then.  But, if you go prepared it shouldn't matter.

I'm just going to keep making the blocks for my sampler quilt.  

Next Friday we are meeting at a new venue, out at Ardmore.  I shall find out exactly where in Ardmore today.  Thanks Lynda for the info on where Ardmore is!  I did know it was somewhere around this area *smiles*.

Today is Bex and Dante's last day at Playcentre until after baby is born.  She's got 1 week left to go till due day.  I still think he will be born after his due date by about a week.  I hope not for Bex's sake though! 

Either way, he will arrive eventually.

 ABOVE:  last night's dinner for the family, Chicken fried rice.  It was really lovely... and not burnt.

 ABOVE: Last night we were watching  Britain's Got Talent, and there was a little dog on with it's owner... and it barked a lot.  Tallulah went nuts.  It was really funny watching her trying to find the dog.

ABOVE: Bex finished this last night.  She had made another one, identical to this in a multi-coloured pale green wool, to bring baby home in, but Steve didn't like it.  So she made this one for him.  I love it. 

Right, that's it for now, I better get moving and make sure me bag is packed for class.


Patchwork class was lovely.  Just 5 of us today as it was at the tutor's home.  Next week we will be in a much bigger venue and more are expected to come then.

I finally got that block from Monday night finished AND I got a 2nd block finished too:

ABOVE:  I am thrilled with both of them.  AND I didn't chop any of the points off.  
Everyone loves the colours I am using... this quilt is going to be COLOURFUL to say the least.

LUNCHTIME and I am so hungry I could eat anything put in front of me... luckily I have my lunch already sorted.  Chicken stir fry like what the family had last night.

Well... my lunch didn't turn out well at all.  My rice went like concrete!  But, the chicken was OK, so I didn't starve.

It's been a quiet afternoon, I did some tidying up in my sewing room ... made a beef 'n' bacon stew for dinner then relaxed in front of the tv for the evening.

End of Day:  It's been a good day, I love going to patchwork classes.   I enjoy the company and doing the sewing too of course.
nite nite

Thursday, April 23, 2015


First up today, Bex, Dante and I are going to the mall.
Bex wants to get a few things and asked me to tag along.
I think she's starting to feel nervous about going out on her own.  Baby could come any time now.

Today is your last chance to get in the GIVEAWAY, by guessing baby's birth date and weight.

Before we go out, I'm going to make a list of foods I will need for the next week ... so I'm prepared and NOT eating the same stuff day in, day out.  That is a great way to get sick to death of 'on plan' food and fall off the wagon.

I am thinking of making a few hearty vegetable soups.  It is coming into winter and a nice tasty soup at lunchtime is a good choice.

I still haven't finished that new patchwork block either, so after lunch I plan on doing it.  
Till then, catch ya later.


CRABBY!   I bought a new wireless keyboard to use in the lounge with my laptop.  Got home, opened the box (noticed the seal was broken on the box)... and got it out.  And bugger me!   It is clearly NOT NEW!   Who would sell anything that has marks all over it as new????

So, that means I've got to go back there tonight to get it replaced with a bloody NEW one.  Grrrr.

I'm now having lunch, then I'm going to make my soup.  I got all sorts of lovely veges to put in it.  It will be my dinner.  ZERO points!  Gotta love that.

CATHY:  this wee baby boy will be our 13th Grandchild.  The 8th Boy.  He is due in 8 days!
So excited.... we can't wait of course.

I just heard from the patchwork tutor from my Friday class.  We are meeting tomorrow at her home then after that she's found a new venue for us at Ardmore.  I'm not 100% sure WHERE Ardmore is, or how far away it is from here, so I will find out more tomorrow.  If it's too far away I will give up my Friday class.

Which would be a shame as I really do like the ladies and tutor.  Fingers crossed it's not too far away.

ABOVE: Soup is on.  Not sure if I'll add tomatoes yet... or what herbs to add either.  This is the first time I've used beetroot in a soup.

BY THE WAY:  Thank You everyone for all the lovely comments yesterday re:  my weight loss.  It was much appreciated. 

Well... The soup tastes like shit!  Too 'earthy'... too much beetroot I think.  Will try to adjust it tomorrow to make it better, though not sure how.
Ideas anyone? 

The family had chicken fried rice (homemade) and everyone said it was delicious.  Well ain't that nice?  I had a tiny portion just to taste test it and I agreed, it was lovely.  Will be doing that again.

I used the rice we didn't use with the 'dead' chicken two nights ago.  Worked perfectly.

End of Day:  a lovely day, finished of with a fun play/tumble around on the floor with the delightful Dante.  He's such a little darling... love him to bits.
nite nite.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015


So... it's me first weigh in.  Where I WILL record a loss.
But how much?
I know what my scales say... so let's see if the Weight Watchers ones say the same.

I've done everything I can to follow the programme correctly, I've not starved, I've not exercised to excess (hell I did none really!), so ... time will tell!

9.30 am can't come soon enough for me!  OH... I'm taking me marbles with me... cos then I can transfer them over IMMEDIATELY!  AND hopefully inspire some of the other ladies too?  Ya never know.  Sometimes seeing someone else do OK is enough to spur your efforts along.

Once home I shall be doing a bit of housework before taking my niece to the airport.  
She has to be there two hours before her flight, so I'll be out there around lunchtime, which means I'll miss all the shit traffic on my way there and back.  Awesome.

So really, that's about all I have for now.  How about you try and guess how many marbles (100 grams per marble) I'm gunna move to the empty jar?


ONE... HOUR... TILL...WEIGH IN....feeling ... NERVOUS.  Derrr, what's to be nervous about?

DRUM ROLL..... I lost.....

4.2 KILOS!!!
(9.24 pounds)

ABOVE:  So I got to put 42 marbles in my LOST jar!

I am a bit gobsmacked by that.  But thrilled to bits as well.  

There is NO WAY I will ever lose that much in a week again ... I always have a good loss at the beginning!  Next week I am hoping for approximately a kilo.

I'm so happy I took me marbles with me cos now there's several woman going home to get their own marble jars!  *smiles*

Right, won't be long until I have to take me niece to the airport, so I'll be back later.

Blogger was being an arse for me this afternoon!  Finally updating....

Got me niece to the airport with plenty of time to spare, then came home and did bugger all for the rest of the day!
Just so chuffed over me loss!  I am visualising more marbles moving over next week... so happy.

End of Day:  a friggin' awesome day.
Going to bed a really happy tart.
nite nite

Tuesday, April 21, 2015


This morning is dedicated to reading a few blogs.  I am such a bad blogger... I simply don't find the time to read much any more.
But... today I am.  *smiles*

After lunch I shall get back to the block I started making last night.  It's really lovely.

The Sampler quilt I'm making was going to be in blues/greens, but after seeing so many gorgeous Kaffe Fassett fabrics at The Ribbon Rose, I've changed my colour scheme.  

Now it's going to be multi-coloured, using a Kaffe Fassett fabric in every block.
I got quite a few of the Kaffe Fassett fabrics last night:

ABOVE:  I just love these fabrics... the photo isn't a very good one... I took it late last night.  When you team these fabrics up with contrasting fabrics... you can get some gorgeous combo's...

ABOVE: This is the block I started last night in class.  Hopefully I should get to finish it this afternoon.
I just love choosing just the right fabrics to go together.  It's fun.

Getting excited about tomorrow... first weigh in after re-joining Weight Watchers.  *squeals*
I've been really good... NOT starving at all... simply following the plan, and so I do expect a healthy loss.  Of course, as it's the first week, we all know I am bound to have a really good loss ... which won't happen every week that's for sure.
Any guesses on how much?  I'm kinda expecting between 1-2 kilos.

Right, I'm off to do a couple of household jobs before doing some reading...


Good grief I just realised the time!
I have been reading and commenting on blogs all day, except for taking time out to hang out the washing (heaps of it), spending an hour or so with Russell (he came to visit) and having some lunch.

And I still have not finished.  So... back to it!

DONE.  Time to get off me butt and do something ... like get the washing in now!  Then ... get dinner sorted (roast chicken breasts with a Plum marinade), then sewing?

LOL... just remembered (in time) that I was supposed to be picking me niece up from the bus depot.  She's flying over to Australia tomorrow so she's there when her sister has her baby.  
So, I flew down to the bus depot and picked her up:

ABOVE:  Maxine.  aka Sabrina (her first name).  But she grew up being called Maxine, so she's Maxine to me.

ABOVE:  My weight Watcher clothes.  I am weighing them... and will wear the lightest one tomorrow.  YES... I am that anal.


ABOVE:  I put the oven on 'Fan Forced' instead of just 'Bake'.  This is the result.
Oooops.  We be having takeaways tonight.

The family had Pizza for dinner.  I didn't... I'm being good.

End of Day:  well apart from the chicken, it's been a good day.  Bring on TOMORROW!
nite  nite

Monday, April 20, 2015


Today I'm going down to the local King's Plant Barn to price Magnolia trees.
I want to plant 3-4 to act as a screen on one of our boundaries.

The section off to one side of our home has been sold, and we expect a two storey home to be built there in the near future.

So, in order to preserve our privacy on that side of the property, I am going to plant some magnolia trees.  They are fast growing and fairly dense, and an attractive tree.  Perfect for the purpose I think.

Today, well tonight, it's back to Patchwork Class in Mt Wellington.  So I shall get my sewing bag packed for that.
And get some dinner sorted out before I have to go.
At least on a Monday night I won't be home to eat it... particularly if it's something really yummy for the family.

Bex is gunna hate me for saying this... but she's finally 'waddling'.  ha ha ha... her tummy has grown heaps in the past month!  She is due in only 12 DAYS!  OMGosh it's so exciting.  

What I'm looking forward to the MOST, apart from meeting our newest grandson, is seeing the look on Dante's face when he meets his baby brother.  I hope I have the camera ready for that moment.  

Right, I'm off to check out trees...


Well, Bex and Dante decided to come to the garden centre with me... and that was so cool... because I actually got to wander around and see heaps more of the place than 'normal'.
They have a farmyard area with chickens, rabbits and two darling baby Kune Kune pigs!

We spent quite some time there in fact.  We also went to the re-vamped cafe and had a hot chocolate, Dante had two fluffies and a shortbread biscuit shaped like.... a bunny. lol

I did end up buying two magnolia, and ordered two more, which should be in by the end of the week.

 ABOVE:  The two new baby kune kune piglets.  There is a competition on to name them...I forgot to enter.  The boy is the ginger one and the girl is the little black and white one.  They were so cute.
Bex told Dante to scratch the little girls 'bum'... so he did... he scratched her butt hole !!!
Bex had to take him to the bathroom to wash his hands... nice.

 ABOVE: Inside the cafe was this wall of books.  What an awesome feature.

ABOVE:  Dante with chocolate all over his face from his fluffy.  It was quite bright under the canopy in the coffee shop, hence the squint.  

We had a lovely morning.  

Now Stew has two trees to plant when he gets home... sorry Darling.

Well I had an awesome time at Patchwork class tonight.  I spent so much time getting more fabric and yakking, I only got 1/4 of my next block sewn.
But it was fun.  Can't wait till next week... even though it's ANZAC DAY, class is still on.  Yaaa.

End of Day:  I've had a lovely day.
nite nite