Tuesday, September 30, 2008


If YOU are thinking of sending me an e-card... I will send the darn thing back! I don't like them, they are so 'impersonal'.... and means ya couldn't be arsed getting me a REAL one!


I didn't even think of this till my friend Michelle mentioned it yesterday! So be warned, I expect/want/would love to get a REAL CARD from YOU..... YES....Y.O.U. I'm talking to every one of you 300+ a day readers of this bloody stooopid blog!


Right, now that's off me chest....
Hoping to walk up to the Botanic Gardens with the kids and finally have a walk around the gardens.... the kids have been there before but I havn't. Hope it's nice weather.

Right.... I'm outta bed and the weather is crap... so I'm going to go down to the garage and do some re-arranging! Nothing I like better than tidying up! Stew's going to put on me headstone "She liked everything TIDY" LOL. He's not wrong though, I like my home to be tidy all the time.

CARDS: my girlfriend in Palmerston North is checking the PO Box tomorrow to see if any cards have arrived..... so hang in there if you have sent one, I'm sure it will turn up soon!

Because the weather is so shitty.... the kids and I went into town and had lunch with Stew.... McDonalds..... Stew and I had a quiche thingee, it was tasteless. Anyway, the kids enjoyed it so that's the main thing.
Home again now, and watchign the weather go from fine to raining in the blink of an eye! No walk happening today. *sigh*

ABOVE: a pic of the squabs I bought.... had thought I'd recover them, but Stew thinks they look fine and ummmmm.... so do I!

This afternoon I had a lovely yak with Daughter No 2... actually I rang her about 6 times (cos I can) and bugged the shit outta her! FUN.

Then I did some gardening again! Bloody hell it's getting to be a problem this friggin gardening! I dug out the 5 roses along the back fence and put in 2 passionfruit vines...

ABOVE: said passionfruit vines....

ABOVE: a picture of the rubber matting under the swing set... to protect the lawn from developing huge holes from little feet. All good ...

End of Day: a mixed bag on the weather front, lots of lovely chats with people on the phone and on the net today. Thanks for the 'yak' Sandi, hope to see you soon.

NSV: salads are good eh? Having quite a few of them. nite nite.

Monday, September 29, 2008


Where the poor bugger can get a rest! He sure worked hard this last weekend! Here's some photos of yesterday:

ABOVE: Stew adjusting the swing set.... notice the fantastic fence??? No little kid is going to fall off the retaining wall now~!

ABOVE: Stew and Andrew getting the Lullaby Swing on... it took some work I assure you!

ABOVE X's 2: Woo hoooo... it WORKS!

ABOVE: LOOK! ... Me ... doing some work!

ABOVE: Me, enjoying the views and watching the planes go by on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon.
At some stage today I am off to Manukau to buy some Squabs (outdoor chair cushions) ... I haven't been able to find any I like, but Andrew suggested I buy some cheap ones and put covers on them! What a clever bugger.... so that's what I am going to do!
Then I will look for a squab box to keep them in when not in use. FUN... shopping again!
OUT and ABOUT... went to Manukau, then Mt Wellington, then Takanini... got the seat cushions (squabs) ... got rubber mats for under the swing set, and... two passionfruit plants for the back fence. We were out for over 3 hours! AND the kids were soooo good!
I am thrilled with how they are enjoying the swing set.
I had hoped to spend a good deal of today outside, but it's cloudy and windy, even had a few spots of rain. So not much getting done outside, and I don't feel like folding the BLOODY ENOURMOUS mountain of washing. I think I'll wait for Stew to come home and give me a hand!
End of Day: another day dusted... and I'm still happy with me lot. Stew folded all the washing while I snoozed in the lounge tonight! Naughty me!
NSV: none today, I did bugger all re: diet/exercise. nite nite.

Sunday, September 28, 2008


Doesn't our patio look neat now? We have furniture! Only need squabs now and it will be perfect.

Stew managed to get the swing set concreted in late yesterday afternoon while dodging the rain... hopefully it will have set overnight so the kids can actually use it during these school holidays! I can't wait to see them on it.

WE don't have any firm plans for today, maybe Amanda and Andrew have something/somewhere they would like to go..... we will wait and see I suppose.

Grocery shopping is a MUST though, we are out of quite a few essentials... like rabbit food (lettuce and stuff!)... must get back into salads... they are good and summer is nearly here! When better to eat salads eh?

Imagine eating out on the patio at night... it's going to be so nice. Wonder if they get mossies here? I'm thinking YES... darn, cos mossies LOVE ME. I have bought some citronella candles in readiness.....

OH Yeah... men working... gotta love that!
Amanda and I managed to go shopping and leave the kids with the guys... BLISS.
Groceries got, shops explored... all good stuff. Lunch out on the BBQ Table... in the sun.... more BLISS. Tis a lovely day.

End of Day: what a lot got accomplished this weekend ! With Andrew's help Stew managed to get the swing set up and going, and build and finish the safety fence above the retaining wall .... it all looks awesome. So with having the Outdoor Table and Chairs/Sun Lounger all put together as well this place is almost set for summer.... BRING IT ON.
NSV: Is being SUPER HAPPY a victory? nite nite.

Saturday, September 27, 2008



I'm really chuffed with the little bit of vege garden I've done so far! Lettuces and strawberries. YUM YUM.


We are off to pick up the outdoor table and chairs first thing, then housework for me, and Stew is going to work on getting the swing set up and then move on to the retaining wall.

Amanda and Andrew are also visiting and staying overnight, so that will be nice. They will be our third overnight visitors since we moved here three weeks ago... oooo we are popular it seems! LOL.

"Diet Front"... doing well, think I will start tracking and doing it 'right' again. Feel very motivated and 'want to do it-ish' since my visit to Sylvia Park yesterday. ONWARD....

A busy morning... picked up the outdoor furniture, also bought a sun lounger for me.... now trying to put it all together. Stew's gone down to the Hot Bread Shop for lunch... I asked for... NOTHING! No more shit food for me... I will have a salad me thinks.
WANNA: Ya Tart... I certainly do want a card from you! As if....

Afternoon update: it's raining, I put together 6 out of the 8 chairs while Stew worked on the swing set... he can't concrete it in right now cos of the rain.. BUGGER. Expecting Amanda and Andrew for dinner so that's me next job, cook dinner. Spaghetti Bologneise me thinks.
End of Day: still raining, got visitors, having a nice evening....
NSV: on track, being good... maybe had a bit too much dinner, but no pudding! nite nite.

Friday, September 26, 2008


If you buggers don't pull finger and send me a 50th BIRTHDAY CARD real soon I am going to SPIT THE DUMMY AND STOP BLOGGING.... well maybe!

NO CARDS.... NONE, ZIP, NADDA... I am in mourning... you only have 3 weeks to send me one!


Chris H
Diet Coke Rocks
C/- P O Box 4012

- kids to school
- zip over to Manukau Mega Centre and try to find squabs for me BBQ Table and Chairs..... and NO, I can't be fagged making me own Nannette!
- That's it for now......

Awww thanks Mrs C., no doubt YOUR card will turn up in a day or two... Now as for the REST OF YOU......

Woke up this morning with a cracker headache and aching arms and legs... GARDENING is not good for me! But it does look so good! I will get some more plants today for the left side of the vege garden... EXCITED ABOUT THAT! I'm a dork...

ANNE: yep I know it's not my Birthday YET... but it can take ages for letters to arrive from overseas... and I would like to think I will get a few from my overseas readers! Thanks for the tip about the compost... will go looking today.

I've been out shopping... gotta go get the kids SOON... so will be back later to 'show off' me purchases!....

Ok, got time.... I went to Sylvia Park... it's AWESOME! Walked around for 3 hours!

Bought blue feathers for an arrangement in the lounge, gorgeous summer shoes and a skirt/pants set for swimming in.... if I ever go swimming! Probably will down at the local pool.

I also decided to visit the Weight Watchers Centre there, I did not enjoy the meeting last night at all..... it was an uninspiring venue, and a so-so meeting. No one spoke to me.... and I kinda didn't like staring at a white concrete block wall for 40 minutes.... and that's what was in front of the semi-circle of chairs.... NOTHING BUT WHITE CONCRETE. No motivation there. I LOVED the Sylvia Park Meeting, and I spent a good half an hour yakking with the National Leader (BIG CHIEF) Lady, who was just lovely.

ON my way home I bought compost and some plants (lettuce and strawberries!).... but I won't bore you with a photo of them! LOL

Better go...

ALLEYCAT: Patience??? What's dat? I don't have any of that on hand...... ha ha ha!

End of Day: getting used to this.... saying...." I've had a great day! Love it here"... can't say it enough.

AND.... I got a card in today's mail... Mrs C, yours arrived! WOOOO HOOOO..... and .... I am not opening any cards till me birthday party day.

NSV: totally on track and feeling choice ! nite nite.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


So, tomorrow school holidays start for two weeks... hopefully the kids will be happy enough to just play around home ... not planning on going anywhere these holidays.

I want to concentrate on getting everything ship shape around here, get the vege garden up and running, hopefully Stew will get the retaining wall done over the weekend... and get the Swing Set up so the kids can play on it! That would be awesome. I think they are going to love it.

- kids to school
- work on the vege garden.... maybe even get some plants if I finish the preparation today!
- Do some 'usual' housework.... you know... washing, vacuming and all that jazz.

Will take a photo of the garden soon.....well it will be a lot of dirt really! *smiles*

OH! And I had planned on going to Weight Watchers tonight, but just can't face the scales yet.... I am useless. Not in the groove. Hate myself. FAT. .... but not lazy OK? !!! (I said that cos so many people seem to think if you are fat you are also lazy)

BUGGER... DAMN AND BLAST! It's bloody well raining... and I wanna do the vege garden.. . ...well stuff it, I still will! So what if I get wet? Tis only friggin WATER afterall. *HUMPH*

ABOVE: two weeks ago...

ABOVE: one week ago, with all the stones and plants still in it...

ABOVE: today! Steve DID remove two of the plants for me, but I did the rest. I'm really pleased with how much I got done before I ran outta energy! The dirt on the right is totally waterlogged and in places solid clay... very hard work. Stew is going to have to put masses of compost in it to break it up before I can even think about putting veges in there!

According to my scales I have GAINED 3 kilos...SEE? I. AM. A. PIG. There is nothing else to say. Maybe I will go tonight at 7pm and just bite the bullet.... gotta start somewhere I suppose. DAMN.

Alright... I'm going ... 7 friggin pm OK??? I hope the scales malfunction... cos it ain't gunna be pretty. I might even slip into a deep depression yet....

End of Day: feeling a bit down... but the only way from here is ... DOWN! LOL.... needed to do that weigh in and not put it off anymore eh? Onward.

NSV: I stepped on WW scales and didn't immediatly step out in front of a train in disgust at myself. It was bad... but I know what I have to do, and now I am here and settled, I SHALL DO IT. nite nite.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I have a full day planned...
- kids to school.
- visit Stew's Dad so Steve can say "Hi"... he hasn't seen him in years!
- over the Harbour Bridge to check out a shopping mall at Albany, saw a neat picture there I wanna check out again, might buy it for the stairwell.
- Go to Kumeu to see Stew's sister ~ Steve hasn't seen her in years either.

Then home I suppose, cos Steve wants to leave around 3pm so he can have dinner with his sisters in Hamilton.

So, I'll be back much later on today....

Heee hee, made him work while he was here..... neat.

Seems he's doing really well without us... got a new girlfriend (Sarah)... working full time... paying his own bills ... yep leaving him behind was good for him! And me! And his health is much improved too... he is having hardly any blackouts now and is thinking of trying to get into the Police Force now his health has settled down.

Oh I hope like hell he can get in, it's what he's wanted to do for YEARS...

Steve and his Granddad this morning...after visiting him we went over the bridge to Albany and I did buy the picture I had seen earlier and loved....


And it looks freakin gorgeous in me stairwell....
We have had a really neat morning/afternoon.... and soon we will go and pick up the kids and Steve will leave for Palmerston North again.
End of Day: yet another really neat day. After Steve left I decided to do some more gardening... and will show you how well I did tomorrow when I can take a photo. Quite pleased with my efforts... considering I HATE GARDENING AND DIRT.
NSV: got lots of exercise, had evil food for dinner.... and hope to work it off tomorrow! nite nite.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


- kids to school
- hang around here cos..

Steve is coming up from Palmerston North to visit for a couple of days! Hell, I hope he doesn't think he's moving in!!! We just got rid of him AGAIN!!! LOL....

Not much else to say at the moment.. except.....

I may have lost me 'girly' bits inside, but not enough it would seem! I still get ovulation pains something awful, got me a really sore belly! Friggin ovaries, pffft.

On that grumpy note, I'm off to do .... something, dunno what....

MR CHOO: what??? Is that it? No scathing remark about us taking Steve back in when he visits? NOTHING! How unlike you, you feeling well??? lol

I went out for a walk.... 40 minutes with lots of hills.. am knackered now! But it's all good!
Seems Steve IS on his way up.... such a long way to come for one night, the twit! But I think Griffin and Brylee with be totally WRAPT to see him this afternoon! I didn't tell them he was coming... so it will be a lovely surprise for them. Griffin has missed him so much!

Doesn't really require words to describe this photo eh? Soooo cute.
All is good here today.

End of Day: well it's nice to see Steve again, and he is going back tomorrow! We have a full day planned, going to see his Grandfather, visit his Aunty, do a bit of shopping (ooo errrr!)... just spend some time together.

Me tummy is still giving me a bit of trouble, can't cough without pain today... nuts.

NSV: friggin none, overate today, dunno why... can't get into the groove at all. bugger it. nite nite.

Monday, September 22, 2008


YEP... that's what I'm gunna do today!

No shopping as such, just looking .... for an Outdoor Table and chairs.. ... I have a good idea what we want and can afford... so it's really exciting! I'm going to look around at what's available here... and hopefully next weekend we can go buy it.

- kids to school ( 5 days till end of term holidays)
- do the housework
- go window shopping ( a novelty for me!)

I much prefer to just 'go shopping' but this time I have to wait... what a drag.

Oh and once I'm outta bed I will post a photo or two of yesterday's birthday party. So, in saying that... better get outta bed eh? Can't do much from here....

Our 'Chef' for the day.... ANDREW.... gotta love the apron!

Playing in the back yard...

Brylee and Amanda playing 'Twister'... with Kelly helping Brylee...

The Birthday Boy, Joel, opening his presents.

CONTRARY to popular opinion... I did not buy anything... unless you count a few groceries? LOL

Home again, and lovin it... kids at school, got the whole house to myself... no mess, no noise...BLISS.....

OK, now I have to take it all back.... I went out again, and bought an Outdoor table and 8 chairs. I am IMPOSSIBLE, I know! I got them ON SALE, $600 off!!! And brand new I might add.... not even last year's stock.... ahhhh BARGIN. WOOO HOOO, a successful day.

ABOVE: The table and chairs, now I suppose I shall look around for squabs for the chairs... but I'm in no hurry! I have seen a few around, but don't like any of them. Some will turn up ... I want bright and colourful, preferably in blues.... of course!

End of Day: another lovely day! Stew's sister came for dinner so that was nice. We usually only see her once a year or so, now that we live here we can see her much more often.

NSV: lovely salad for dinner, and summer is coming! nite nite.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Today we are popping out to our Grandson Joel's 4th birthday party... so that will be nice. Our first weekend trip out since moving here...

So while I'm out... here's a couple more photos of the yard...

ABOVE: two of the afternoon side of the yard... and it's lovely EMPTY patio... we are looking for an Outdoor Dining setting....

ABOVE: the little patio off our bedroom.

This house is in a 'boomerang' shape, so it is very interesting... some lovely angles and bits jutting out like Griffin's room. I am really enjoying this house.

It's time to skid the wheels me thinks... and get outta bed and wrap a present for Joel....

What a neat day! It takes next to no time to visit our kids in the Waikato now! We spent several hours at our eldest daughter's home, Joel had a lovely wee party and we thoroughly enjoyed being there.

I will post a photo or two tomorrow, right now I'm busy collecting $$$'s from people who are picking up stuff they won on Trademe. OOO the money is rollling in... gotta love that! Should have more than enough to buy an outdoor table and chairs at this rate.

End of Day: I'm tired, but very happy.

NSV: well I was evil all day, and I don't give a shit. There is always tomorrow to repair the damage, and life is for LIVING.... and that's what I am doing! YIPEE.... nite nite.

Saturday, September 20, 2008


WE will be up and at 'em early today... picking up a hire trailer and going over to the North Shore to pick up the swing set first thing this morning....

Then we have a bloke coming around mid morning to pick up the Vacum Cleaner he won on Trademe....

THEN even later on we have a bloke coming to pick up the Freezer he won on Trademe too.... oooo the money is rolling in!

Later on tonight another item I have listed on Trademe finishes... and I am thrilled to say it has already gone WAY over it's reserve too.

What else is on today?

Gardening! Mowing the lawns.... you know... USUAL weekend stuff. I did all the washing last night and hung it out, so that's one less thing to do today. YIPEE....

I probably won't go for a walk today... but I do believe I will still get lots of exercise.... gardening is hard work!

ANONYMOUS from yesterday.... in answer to your question: Brylee and Griffin have settled in amazingly well, which I believe is due to my preparing them well by:

- talking to them often about the new school
- taking them to visit the new school and play in the grounds
- making sure they understood 100% that they would be able to make new friends
- Making sure they were in their new school uniform the day they started so they fitted in immediately
It also helps that they are well adjusted kids, who are really good at socializing with new people.
I hope you have no problems with your wee boy when you move. Start preparing him NOW.

- Swing set... DONE
- Pavers, fencing materials, concrete for swing set... DONE
- Lunch... about to
- buy wheelbarrow.... after lunch!

So far the morning has gone like clockwork... and we managed to pick up all the big fencing materials with the hire trailer as well, so won't need to hire one again next weekend. Yaaa. Griffin is STARVING... better feed him I suppose.

Some outside photos:

ABOVE: Part of the front garden, with me bits 'n' pieces in it.

ABOVE: Teddy's part of the section, with his own lawn for his 'business'.... and the morning patio....

ABOVE: Stew doing the lawn mowing for the first time.... on the back yard where the swing set will go... and see those roses? They are GOING... I don't like thorns!

ABOVE: a view of the back of the house...

ABOVE: the area running along the back of the house, the retaining wall... and the fencing materials to add to the top of the retaining wall to stop the kids falling on the concrete from the top part of the section. Better safe than sorry... it's always been my motto.

NOLA: Teddy does still have his collar on, it's clear plastic so hard to see. I took it off this morning, but he went right back to chewing his leg.. so it went back on. His leg is looking way better though, so hopefully once it's 100% healed I can get the collar off again.

End of Day: a really neat day, got lots done, bought lots (love that bit)...

NSV: none, we had fish 'n' chips for dinner... naughty! nite nite.

Friday, September 19, 2008



So... I'll just make another one! SIMPLE.
This afternoon before picking up the kids I did a wee bit of gardening! SHOCK HORROR, me gardening? Unheard of... lol.

ABOVE: down the lounge side of the house... on the left is a little vege garden, on the right a stone garden. I am taking all the stones out ... moving the plants and making it into a vege garden too. I'm dreaming of tomatoes! It is just enough garden for me to manage I reckon... I can't wait to get it all organised in time to plant new veges at Labour Weekend, (late October).

So today I have moved out 3 bucket fulls of stones... might get back to it later....

I am going to try and post more 'outside' photos over the weekend if it doesn't rain! AS REQUESTED TINA!

End of Day: signing off early cos blogger is STILL being nasty to me. It's been an awesome day, I am loving my new life up here... I even liked gardening! Dats weird.

NSV: went for my first big walk in months... and it felt friggin GREAT! nite nite.


NO EXCUSES! Send me a 50th Birthday Card! You have 4 weeks!!!

Chris H
C/- P O Box 4012
Palmerston North 4412
North Island

There, now off ya go and get! (PLEASE) ! *SMILES*

- kids to school
- sell more stuff on Trademe, yaaaa.
- Make bright 'flag' for trailer so we can transport the swing set back safely... the long pole is going to stick out the back a lot so need a warning flag. I bought some bright material yesterday, just need to sew it now.

Not sure what else I will do today, but maybe I will start planning my 'Diet Comeback'.... need to start getting me butt smaller again!
I'm thinking of going back to Weight Watchers next Thursday in Manurewa, it's the closest to here... 7pm meeting I reckon. ANITA, if you are reading this... hope to see you there! And come up and say "HI"!

Now that I have got the house sorted out and am not likely to be exhausted at the end of every day, I'm going to start walking again... and getting on the exercycle at least once a day. STARTING TODAY! ... woo hooo, feel quite excited about it all.

So, I did it... I went for a walk after dropping the kids off at school, and it felt great. I only walked about 3.3 kms, but a lot of it was hilly. Lots of hills in this suburb. This is GOOD. And I'm sure I well get better, faster, and go further too. It will take a bit of time, but it will happen! LOL

Once I got home I sewed the flag for the back of the trailer for tomorrow:

I put buttonholes along the top so we can tie it on easily.

OH and my now redundant vacum cleaner just sold on Trademe for $315 OVER it's reserve price!!! I'm wrapt!

HOW TO USE YOUR STUD FINDER ACCURATELY: get a piece of plywood, nail a length of 4X2 into it and practise! IT WORKED.

ABOVE: this is the picture that I wanted hung in the lounge, it weighs a ton... it used to be a coffee table, but I took off the legs and now it's a wall hanging.. solid copper top... and gorgeous... just look at the detail:

Maps of the 'olde world' and naked nymphs! LOVE IT!

And now...it's safely on the wall.... nailed into a STUD even!

Thursday, September 18, 2008


WOO HOOO, there's nothing like makin' money... I'm selling stuff on Trademe... all the furniture etc that is surplus to requirements. Several things go today, tomorrow and the next day...so far they have made us over $800!
That's great, it will cover the cost of fencing material we need for the back yard. Will show you what needs doing out there once we get the wood to build the fence.


- Get up at 5am and zip out to the airport to see my dear friend Chris D and her hubby... they are getting back from England and arriving in Auckland before catching a connecting flight to Palmerston North. I hope to spend a good hour or so with them.

- kids to school

- watch Tradme auctions.. it is usually so much fun to see the prices go up and up!

- do a bit of housework I suppose!

That's about it for now.....

I just spent an hour with my friends out at the airport..it was NEAT to catch up with them... they had been in England for a month.

TRADEME is the same as ebay, except it is New Zealand based.

It is nearly time to take the kids to school so I better be off for now.... we are in for showers today, so hopefully we can dodge the rain on our way to school....


ABOVE: Brylee's room, I just hung that picture... and I even found a bloody stud!

ABOVE: The spare bedroom with it's 'other' picture... one I made for our last dining room, but it seems to fit here well.

ABOVE: Our room... and do you think I can find our white valance???? NOPE, nowhere ! It's the ONE thing we seem to have 'lost' in the move...

ABOVE: our room with it's little patio... not that we are ever likely to sit out on it! But it's pretty with some pots/plants out there.

SANDRA...awww nice to know I'm missed, even if I've only been gone TWO WEEKS!!! ha ha ha!

KAREN DEBORAH: me get a job??? Are you NUTS??? I like being a 'kept woman'.... well for now anyway! Maybe I will get a part time job eventually... but not just yet! I'm enjoying me freedom.

WOOOO HOOOO... I listed my freezer at a reserve of $100 and it sold for... $563 ! How awesome is that? Now I just have 7 other things to go over the next few days....

End of Day: had a busy evening sewing names on kids uniforms... another good job done.

NSV: I am making plans. nite nite.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


So, today I am aiming for NORMAL.... most of the big jobs are done around our new house, everything is in it's place, there's only a couple of boxes of books to unpack now....

I want to have a restful day! Hmmmm, wonder if that is possible?

I need to go into Manurewa to pick up the big carpet square that I wanted edged and re-register my van... that's about 'it' for today.

I am loving this new house... I still keep smiling as I walk around it... and especially when I'm vacuming! It's so much easier to do.... and takes half the time. BLISS. And let's not forget its in a lovely part of Auckland, I have park views! I can hear a donkey bray during the day and a morepork hoot in the park at night (moreporks are an owl).. their hoot sounds just like someone saying "morepork"! It's so neat.

Right I'm off to start me day....

For once I am doing exactly what I said I would! I'm relaxing, doing just a wee bit of housework... and entertaining visitors! My Aunty and her wee grandson came for morning tea...

She had a fruit drink, he had a bottle... and went to sleep! How gorgeous is he?

Once they left I popped out and did a couple of errands, and now I'm just chillin out at home. It is so quiet here, and the day couldn't be more lovely... sunshine with a light breeze. GORGEOUS.

Dinner has been cooking in the Crock Pot all day... roast beef... and I have learnt a lesson from last night... don't give Griffin brussell sprouts... they make him THOW UP! Maybe I will eat them all myself tonight! lol.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Teddy's leg was looking a bit better yesterday morning, but by last night it was dreadful, AND he was annoying his other leg too... I think he might be allergic to something he's either eating, or his shampoo... or SOMETHING! Hopefully the Vet can get to the bottom of it!

I had to bandage his leg up last night to stop him gnawing it! Idiot dog.
- kids to school
- Teddy to Vet's
- Home to do some actual HOUSEWORK, not unpacking or fluffing around.... Housework needs doing!
So that's me for now.....

ABOVE AND BELOW: pictures I hung yesterday in the Stair way leading up from the Front Door....

We bought a Stud Finder but damned if I could get it to work properly... when it said I had found a stud it was wrong! (OK OK, Stew IS A STUD, but not the sort I was looking for yesterday) ... LOL. I ended up just banging the hooks in where I wanted them, too bad if they went into a stud or not!
1.45pm... I still havn't done any housework! Took ages at the Vet's this morning.... and... Teddy has an allergy to SOMETHING... so the vet gave us anti-histamines, antibiotics etc....

AND THIS GORGEOUS COLLAR! Teddy is not that impressed! BUT....

He's still beautiful, and it's not like it's PINK!

This afternoon I finally sat down at about 2pm... and promptly fell asleep! Woke up with about 3 minutes to go till the kids got out of school, so I jumped in the van and drove to school! Phew, just in time!!!

Must be tired eh? So I had a long sit down from 3-5 then put dinner on, vacumed the house and washed the floors. Don't feel so guilty now.

End of Day: All good, another busy productive day.

NSV: having chicken for dinner.... LOVE CHICKEN! Poor family are getting sick of chicken and veges! Especially Griffin, he cried when I told him what we were having for dinner... he HATES vegetables! nite nite.

Monday, September 15, 2008


RIGHT... I am making PLANS....

It is my 50th BIRTHDAY in 5 weeks... I am planning a Birthday/Housewarming PARTY for Sunday, 19th October at my house.

This will be a lunch - afternoon party.... BBQ type thingee.... all my friends and family are invited.... and it's 'Bring your own grog'....!

Any bloggers in the area who read me blog are welcome too.... as for the rest of you BLOGGERS who read me blog.... I WANT A CARD FROM EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU!!! A "50th" Birthday Card OK ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

I do not expect a gift, JUST A CARD .... THANK YOU!

Anyone who wishes to come can email me on : stewandchris@hotmail.com for our address. As for where to send my CARDS.... I'm still working on an anonymous address (not my own) .... but you will have PLENTY OF TIME to get it to me!

And in case you forget to mail me a card... I am going to REMIND you every other day! I want LOTS AND LOTS of cards.

Ok, now that's outta the way....

- Take me Mum to the airport at 4.30am in the morning!
- Kids to School.
- Have a nap!
- Take Teddy to the Vets, he's got an irritated leg from a knot he had and the skin is weeping (IKKKK)... poor wee dog. I feel so guilty for letting him get a knot that caused his skin to get sore.

I have a long list of other jobs to be done... but can work on them over the week to come. ONWARD....

ABOVE: the 'view' from the window above our bed....

ABOVE: That same window now, after I put net curtains up this morning! WHY do you ask? Weeeeell... the other morning I walked outta me ensuite and waltzed over to me drawers for fresh (and let's not forget...pretty) knickers... and bugger me if the neighbours in the house above weren't on their deck having a smoke and could see right into me bedroom... and there I was butt naked looking right back at them!


This afternoon I have been doing 'fine' details around the house, like hanging pictures, re-arranging things in the garage a bit, getting rid of all the boxed... bla bla bla.

Thanks to a girlfriend in Palmy, I have an address for cards:

Chris H

Diet Coke Rocks

C/- P O Box 4012

Palmerston North, 4412

North Island


Now make sure you send me one!!!! I want to be sitting up in me bed on my birthday party morning opening LOTS AND LOTS of cards from all over the world! How cool will that be?

End of Day: well I didn't get Teddy to the Vet, I didn't have me nap and I'm now tired and crabby.

NSV: well I did get lots of exercise AGAIN.. I'm getting used to those stairs... I can RUN up them now! whooop! nite nite.