Wednesday, January 31, 2018


Yesterday who ever it was replying to my emails at Gentle Dental made me cry!

I am presuming it was a woman.  She was just so lovely. She emailed me 3 times to reassure me I would be OK... that they would look after me!

I am still scared stiff of course, but at least I know they are aware of that and will be caring and considerate.

God I hate that I haven't told them about my bleeding issue yet!  Maybe it won't be a problem... inside my mouth?  

I've *only* hemorrhaged from internal surgeries after all eh?  *sigh*

All will be revealed and a plan made this afternoon I suppose. 

dumm dee dooo....

The teenagers don't have school today, so I suppose I won't see them till lunchtime.

All three dogs go to the groomer this morning at 11 am.  OMG they are going to be so much cooler afterwards.  The poor buggers have been literally dying in this heat.

Brylee has offered to help with the dogs, IF she gets outta bed in time.
And she is going to tag along to the dentist with me too... moral support and all that.
My stomach is churning just thinking about that.

 ABOVE:  Coco doesn't know what to do with herself in this heat.  She wanders around the house trying to find a cool spot.  This wasn't it.
Though there is always some sort of breeze in the hallway.

Right I better go, I've got a load of washing to get on, then just wait around till it's time to take the dogs to the groomer.
I might go into the sewing room and start another wall hanging...


12.05 pm:  And the dogs are at the groomers.  I've asked her to go as short as possible.

After that we went and picked up Stew's and my blood test forms.  Time for diabetes tests again.

Home, and I spent the last 45 minutes mopping the garage floor.  Trying to keep my mind off other things.

Not working.

I'm getting nasty pains in my stomach... how many times can ya go to the bathroom in a day?  Let me tell you!


I've never had the nasty tummy pains before though.  That's new.  Nerves I suppose.

And the stupid thing is they won't be touching my teeth today!  But .... I'm still beside myself with fear.  So dumb.

COLD CALLS! OMG I've had three today.  Why?  No, I don't want to subscribe to your newspaper.  No, I don't have or want HRV.  No, I don't want to change my power company.
NO NO NO.  Grrrrr.

One hour to go till we head off to the dentist... off to the loo AGAIN...

And it's sorted.

I arrived there with Brylee in tow... and was immediately shown where the toilet was! They were prepared!  lol
I was so flustered I walked into a store room!

So, the dentist was on time (just as well cos I was ready to leave before I even walked in!).
He took me into his examination room... I saw the BIG BLUE DENTAL CHAIR and literally cried on the spot. 

I don't know HOW that man got me to sit in it, but he did.

Then he did his exam... only using a mirror cos I simply COULD NOT bear the thought of the pick thingee going in my mouth!  I cried through most of the exam, Brylee held my hand, I wonder if I squished it? 

He took x-rays and said my teeth were actually in very good condition considering how long it had been between dental visits (25 years)!

So, it is as I knew, I have two cavities on the top row, one either side, and the tooth that had the filling fall out the other day is requiring a root canal.

He is going to do it all in one appointment, and use IV Sedation.  So... I said OK.

As I was leaving my legs turned to jelly and my head started spinning, so I had to sit down and wait for that to pass.  Weird.  I'm not a fainter usually, but I came close today!

I picked up the dogs from the groomer on our way home... they look AMAZING... I am so very happy with them this time! She did such a good job.  

There will be photos of them tomorrow.  Right now I'm still stressed to the max and don't feel very well.

Rather than let this horror drag on, I've booked my dental appointment (proper), for next Friday, the 9th.  Stew will have to take time off work to take me there and bring me home again.  I won't be allowed to drive for the rest of the day after treatment.  8 sleeps. 

I was supposed to be going to the movies tonight with a group of FBG girls, but I've now got a thumping headache ... add that to the flip flop tummy... I've had to cancel going.  Upsetting as I've been looking forward to it for ages too.

Might just have to go to bed early to get over this shitty day! 

Right. This day is done.  I'm listening to some of my favourite music on YouTube, it's calming me.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018


*** If you didn't read yesterday's post, I talked about needing to see a dentist asap.  I lost a filling yesterday, PLUS I've been in pain from bad teeth for quite a few months now. ***

For my entire adult life I have been ashamed of my teeth.

As a child I was subjected to horrific trips to the Dental Clinic and Dentist.  Like thousands of kids, I got fillings.
But for some reason, I got virtually every tooth in my mouth filled except for my front teeth.

I don't know if that was because I didn't brush enough, or ate the 'wrong' foods, or just had 'bad' teeth genetically?

My Mum lost all her teeth in her very early 20's, yet my Dad had all his till he died, with only a few fillings.

When I was expecting my first child, I knocked one of my front teeth, which resulted in having a root canal ... horrific to go through while pregnant I can tell you.  Particularly when I was petrified of dentists by then.

Then the only other time, as an adult, I had to get a filling was about 25 years ago.  I had to be sedated at the dentist's cos I couldn't even get into the dental chair without having to run to the toilet!

So... I dread hearing from the dentist this week... but I also know I have to do something before I am in even more pain than right now.


Change of topic now.  The two teenagers have to go to school today.
First time in about two and half months!  They won't be there for the entire day though, it's just a day to confirm their courses/classes/timetables really.

Griffin has to sort his out again, he went a week or so ago and they dicked him around.
He's not in the one class he really needs to be in.  If he can't get it sorted out, Stew is going to the school to get it done.
There is NO POINT the kid going to school if he can't study the ONE THING that's most important for his future path!

As for my day?  Curled up in a corner rocking?  Sucking me thumb in fear?  lol
Not quite, but close.

Probably do some housework and sewing, play with the dogs.  Just a 'normal' day!


Grrrrr... my neighbour's dogs are going nuts.  There's a religious group going from house to house.  I've shut and locked my front door.  I ain't up for being preached to.  EVER.
Each to their own of course, but don't try ramming your beliefs down my throat thanks.  And no, I don't need a prayer for my sins/health/family/the world bla bla bla.

Maybe for me teeth! lol 

2.03 pm:  I just heard back from the Dental Center.  They said I need to go in for a full examination and x-rays so they can work out what needs doing and work out a treatment plan/costs.
THAT sent me straight to the loo!  I had to stay there for half an hour!  I feel sick.

But, I emailed them back with some dates I could come in.  Now I wait.  And feel sick some more.  I just feel like crying, I'm that scared.

I've done the housework today, but not much else.

OMG... 2.45 pm tomorrow.  I go to the dentist!  I can't believe I'm going to a dentist... TOMORROW!


ABOVE:  4.30 pm:  44 degrees C !!!

9.25 pm:  Oh thank goodness it's cooled down a bit!  We sat on the back lawn with the pups for a while in the coolness, was lovely.

Inside again now and watching a new series "Innocent"... looks interesting.

Signing off for the day.  Catch ya tomorrow.

Monday, January 29, 2018


Today is Auckland Anniversary Day, so as we come under that 'area' as such, it's a holiday.
Stew is home... a long weekend for him and many others.

We are having a little problem with Marley.  She won't stop barking at night, so we've been locking all the dogs in the garage at night, instead of letting them come and go outside through the dog door in the garage.

Today we are probably going to buy her a bark collar.  We simply can't let her upset the neighbours at night.

We don't like it when our neighbour's dog barks all the time, so we will not inflict our dog's noise on anyone. (pity our neighbour doesn't seem to care about their dog annoying us!)

I know many people think it's cruel to put bark collars on a dog... but it's that or be locked inside all the time.  Coco wears one intermittently.  She can go 2-3 days at a time without it on, then she realises she can bark without consequences, and she goes NUTS barking at anything and everything.

I only have to put the collar on her for a day or so and she stops again.  It's a vicious cycle, but a necessary one.   Seriously, Coco barks even when Stew comes home from work... she knows it's him ffs!

So, I will get another one for Marley.  Denim isn't barking much SO FAR.  

We don't have any plans for the day other than getting the collar... Brylee needs to return a school bag she bought in Auckland, it's too small.  Luckily she got it from The Warehouse, so can return it to the Hamilton store while we are in there today.

And well... that's it for now.  Catch ya later.


1.23 pm:  Back from town.  New school bag bought, plus new school shoes X's 2, school socks,  plus the bark collar, lead and harness. So a successful trip.

It's shaping up to be another mega hot day.  There is no wind to speak of, it's just stifling.

I lost a filling while having lunch.  Freaked me out utterly!  I am PETRIFIED of going to the dentist.  I've not been to one in over 25 years.  My teeth are in a bad way all over.  I'm shitting myself.  I've had toothache for ages now... both sides, top and bottom.  I'm not sure what way to go.  Try and fix them all ($$$$$$) or have them pulled out and get false teeth ($$$$$). Either way I'm between a rock and a hard place.  

It's keeping me awake at night.  Probably explains all my headaches too.  *sigh*

I have the shits.  I just sent an email to a dental center here in Cambridge.  Explained my predicament, my fear, and so on.  I suppose I will hear back from them during the week.  I am literally shitting myself.
Last time I went to the dentist they had to sedate me, I was that scared and upset.  FUCK.

edit:  I didn't tell them I'm a 'bleeder' of unknown reason.  Let's leave that little gem of information for the face to face meeting!  I'm scared that if I have to get my teeth pulled out I could bleed to death!  Yep.  Tried that a few times before.

Right, thanks for the reassurances about the dentist... I will keep them all in mind while I await the reply from the email I sent today. 
I doubt I will be getting much sleep from now on though.
What am I saying?  I've been having nightmares about it for the past few months already!

Sunday, January 28, 2018


Today we are heading up to Auckland to pick up Brylee.
She's been up visiting with Steve, Bex and the kids for two weeks now.

It will be nice to have her home again... though Dante is upset.  He said last night "Who am I going to play with tomorrow?"
Awww so sweet.  I know the little kids have really enjoyed having Brylee there.

I'm sure she can go up again in the next school holidays.  
They will roll around quickly enough.  Both Dante and Keera will be at school this year, so Bex will only have wee Archer home during the week.  Until he starts Kindy that is!  Then she will have a little bit of 'me' time.

 ABOVE:  Coco is looking very scruffy after getting sopping wet the other day!  Her coat is all curly instead of fluffy. 

 ABOVE:  The pups playing on the back lawn last night.  There's lots of twigs to chew, but no, they have to have a tug-of-war over just one.  lol

ABOVE:  I put their 'hair' up in a pony tail!  They looked like 'real' Shih Tzu's!  That hair is coming off on Wednesday!  I can't wait, they are going to be so much cooler groomed again.

Right, I better bugger off and get ready to head out the door.  


3.57 pm:  we didn't stay long in Auckland.  It was just too hot and I was worried about leaving the dogs in the garage all day.  So after spending a couple of hours with the kids we came home. 

It was an uneventful trip, not too much traffic.  I'm going to edit the photos I took of the kids then pop a few on here.  Gimme time.

ABOVE:  Just a few happy pics of the Auckland family.

Since getting home we've done NOTHING.  It was 34 degrees in our family room AGAIN... so on went the air con.

Puppies were given lots of ice  before we left home..  of course they played in it!  Just a muddy dish of water now.  *smiles*

I can't wait till Wednesday... grooming time.

Signing off for the day... it's not like I'm going to do anything!  Chilling ... watching TV.

Saturday, January 27, 2018


Today's weather forecast is for more of the same... so we can expect 30+ temperatures.  Add to that 98% humidity after the rain last night and I am going to crawl under a rock and die!

Seriously, it's going to be diabolical.  I HATE the Waikato's humidity.  

So, I doubt I will be getting up to much today... moving means getting drenched in sweat and feeling like shit.  I really don't know how people live in this sort of heat all the time!

So I've been taking photos, lots of photos... cos I want to learn new ways of taking interesting photos.

 ABOVE:  taken through wet glass.  I have to work on this one.  It's not quite right yet.

 ABOVE:  Definitely not right!  Little shit.  But ya have to love him!

 ABOVE:  Fairly lights... I like this one.

 ABOVE: So this is just me showing my pretty lounge wall... I rearranged a few things.   I might add more at some point.

 ABOVE: I didn't take these Christmas lights down cos I love them there!

ABOVE:  So these are the two photography classes I'm going to in February.  One is to learn how to use more of the camera's setting, and get off AUTO.  I certainly need this class!

The other is a more informal meeting at the Hamilton Zoo... listening to a professional photographer giving us tips.  It's an all day event, Canon NZ will be there offering us the use of different equipment/camera's and lenses.  

No doubt with a view to selling some.  I just hope by then, (end of February), they have fixed my camera and lens and I have them back!

So, that's me for now.  I will probably try and get some sewing done at some point, there is that other Dresden Plate block waiting to become a cushion.  *smiles*


12.30 pm:  As it was a tiny bit cooler this morning, Stew and I decided to do the grocery shopping.  We didn't need too much so it wasn't too much of a mission.

By the time we got home it was midday and stifling hot again.  Time to pull the curtains closed to try and keep some of the heat out of the family room.

About to make some lunch, then sewing this afternoon.

OH MY GOSH!  It's blisteringly hot outside!!!
So, we've stayed inside and still melted.

I've finished the 2nd cushion:

ABOVE:  I'm probably not going to make any more for now... let's see how they go first.  These two will be $50 each ... which I think is a fair price.  But that might to too much for a market?

ABOVE: Stew did a little job for me by cutting up the wall hanging poles and painting them white.  I think they look smashing white!  So much prettier.

I hadn't quilted the white backgrounds on the wall hangings, and it was bugging me... they just didn't look 'finished'... so I did that this afternoon too.  Quilted all 5, now I'm happy with them.

34 degrees C and rising... air con is on, windows, doors and curtains all closed.  MELTING.
Feel soooo sorry for the dogs.  Another 4 days till they get groomed.  I'm going to ask that they get a number 1!

So much better now... we've been out on the back lawn with the dogs... who had a lovely run around.  Now it's chill out time in the coolness of our family room.  The rest of the house does not exist!  It's in DEATH VALLEY!

Friday, January 26, 2018


Yesterday late afternoon:

ABOVE:  How do you get a puppy in the paddle pool?  Be the first in!
Works every time... with Marley at least.  Denim had to be dragged in yesterday.

They are just so freakin' cute... they go nuts once they are all wet.

I think I've got morning tea visitors today.  The ladies who I expected on Wednesday morning.  I went out last night and got a few nice biscuits, so I'm sorted for the morning.

After my visitors have been and gone, Griffin and I are heading into Hamilton.  He has to pick up a game from The Base.  I don't really have any shopping to do, so once he's got his game I expect we will come home again.

I've got sewing to do.

I know I said I was going to make those two Dresden Plate blocks into table toppers eh?  Well... I didn't.  I have made this instead:

ABOVE:  I've only finished one so far.  A big cushion.  Isn't it pretty.

I had a quick play with the camera last night, using a few tricks I had learnt off YouTube:

ABOVE:  How's that for a different effect!   I love it.  There is so much to learn... I am going to try another 'trick' sometime today.  Will show you later how it comes out.

And that is all I have for now! 


11.30 am.  And it looks like Jenny has forgotten our morning tea date.  Just a little miffed cos I was really looking forward to her visit.
As she is 80+, I will forgive her though.  She's too sweet and adorable to be cross with.  I will catch up with her at a later date no doubt.

Griffin and I will be going into town (Hamilton) after lunch.   I've arranged to meet up with Amanda and her two youngest for afternoon tea. That will be lovely, haven't seen them since Christmas Day.

4.10 pm:  Just back from Hamilton.  OMG it's unbearably hot and muggy outside right now!
first thing I did when I got home was turn on the aircon.  It's 33 degrees in our family room!

ABOVE:  We met up with Amanda and Liam (Emily was on a playdate), and had a very late lunch at the mall.

ABOVE:  Amanda's phone had a wee accident today... so she had to go investigate repair or replace.  I think she's gunna replace it.

After leaving the mall, Griffin and I popped into town and I booked myself into a camera class with Snapshot.

EXCITED!  In fact, I'm going to two over February.  More on that tomorrow.

I now need to get the puppies out on the lawn so they can run around and have some fun with me.

And that is the LAST TIME I'm putting the dogs on the back lawn on my own!  I hosed them all down individually, then when I wanted to 'round them up' to put them back on their side of the fence... do you think any of them would come to me?  Nope.
I had to corner Coco and Marley and managed to get them into the dog area.  But Denim?  

No... she was not getting caught at all!  I got so hot and bothered I had to get Griffin out to call her.  The little tart ran to him right away!  Grrrr.

I take it from that that none of them trusted me not to hose them down again!  Lesson learnt.    Although it may cool them down a bit, they clearly don't like it.

After dinner we got a sudden, unexpected thunder storm and torrential rain!  It was neat... though for once I was not tempted to go run around in it.

Expecting a quiet evening... Coronation Street is on, so I'm a happy girl.

Thursday, January 25, 2018


Yesterday I bought some flower plants, all perennials I think.  I don't like buying annuals cos well... they die eh?

 ABOVE:  This is the box garden on the sunny side of the house... it has lovely soil in it.  I don't see the point in growing lettuces now.  When they are in season (like now) they are so cheap in the shops, what's the point of growing them?  I lost about 4 because we didn't get around to eating them before they went to seed.  Such a waste. 

So... flowers!

 ABOVE:  I went to Oderings (Cambridge branch) yesterday.  I was the only customer during the 35 minutes I was there.
I hope it doesn't close, it's only been open about 8 months.  It's a lovely garden center.

ABOVE:  They have this gorgeous gift area inside the shop... I just stand there and drool.  Seriously.  There's heaps more to see, but I didn't want to take too many photos in there, they might have wondered what the hell I was doing!

So... I planted my new flowers last night when it was cooler.  By the time I finished it was dark, so no photo till later ... when I'm up, dressed and presentable.   Don't think the neighbours want to see me in my nightie AGAIN!  lol


Thought my dinner plans were ruined this morning when we got a power cut at around 8 am!

I got out a large pork roast last night, intending to slow cook it in a new sauce I'd heard about.

LUCKILY the power came back on quicker than thought (it was a massive outage, expected to last for hours)... so I got me dinner in the slow cooker after all.

ABOVE: This is the sauce.  Bex has tried it and swears it's AMAZING.  I find the words 'As long as Charlie's dead he may as well be delicious' kinda funny.

I took the skin off the roast and will cook that in the oven so we have crackling too.

 ABOVE:  The new flower garden.  I will add more to it over time. I haven't pulled the mint plant out as we use mint.  I'm going to grow some parsley and chives, but not in this garden anymore.  

I'm home alone, weird feeling!  Griffin is at school sorting out his courses for the year, then he's off to meet up with friends.
So... Might just get into the sewing room soon.  Just have to hang out some washing first.

SPARKLING:  Sorry!  I suppose I have been quiet today, didn't really realise I'd not updated much today.

I been a bit lazy really.   Did the housework.  Did a little sewing.  Played with the puppies on the back lawn and in the paddle pool (such fun) and yeah, just chilled out at home on me own!

Had a long yak with me Mum which was lovely.  She's not so hot today, unlike here which was awful.  You can't MOVE without breaking out in a sweat.  It's so draining.

The pulled pork dinner was very nice, but not AMAZING.  We had it with veges.  Too hot to make the crackling... will do that tomorrow I think.

Signing off for the day... hot and bothered.
Hope I get a decent sleep tonight... my fan is certainly earning it's keep!

Wednesday, January 24, 2018


I got a phone call from Jenny a few days ago.
Jenny is an adorable older lady from the Cambridge Patchwork Group I attend.

*We are on 'holidays' from our group at the moment, we don't meet over late December and January.

Jenny wanted to know if I was attending the Monday night meeting coming up?  I said "No", as our group doesn't meet up again until mid February.

To which she replied she actually knew that, but she wanted an excuse to ring me!  I'm like eh?

Seems she really wanted to ask if she could visit me and show her visiting daughter my garden!  LOL!  Of course I said "Yes" ... and invited them to morning tea today.

Her daughter is visiting from London, so I don't know what sort of garden she is expecting to see?  I hope it's not flowers!  We don't have any flowers.  Yikes.

I will have to pop out first thing this morning to get something for morning tea, there is nothing evil in the house, not even a chocolate biscuit!

I stayed up late last night tidying my sewing room... it was an utter tip!  Cotton threads and little bits of paper and fabric all over the floor!  
A 'working' room mess for sure.

 ABOVE:  My stash of mug rugs and bunnies for the market, along with the latest 5 wall hangings.  Getting there!

 ABOVE:  I'm going to make these into table toppers.  Probably today sometime.

ABOVE:  This photo was too cute not to show... I know I put heaps up yesterday, but come on... how adorable is this?  I love that kid.

11.30 am:  And my morning tea guests have not arrived.  Stew did say he thought it was Friday they were coming, so now I think he was right.  Dammit.  Now Griffin and I have to eat the club sandwiches!  What. A. Shame.

The house is super tidy, so win win on that score.  Though in saying that, now that we don't have a 5 year old in the house all the time, it really doesn't get untidy any more.  *smiles*

2.45 pm:  And I must need my head read.  I'm gardening!  In the worst heat of the day.  Seriously, there was something bugging the shit outta me, so I just had to do it.

More ... later.


ABOVE:  The small amount of hedging we have around the two gardens bordering our back patio had gotten quite bushy.

I didn't know if I wanted to keep it or not, so for now I've trimmed it.  It might grow on me.  If not, I will pull it out.

It's certainly nicer short, now I can actually see into the garden at what's there.  What do you think?  Keep it, or not?

I forgot to mention... I went to the garden center today and got SOME FLOWERS!  Yep, the box garden where I put lettuces and herbs has now got some flower plants, and I put some succulent cuttings in there too.

The succulents might die off over winter... but hopefully will revive come spring like the others did.

I had been wanting to get some flowers in my garden somewhere, so now I have some.  

They got planted at 8 pm, once it was cooler.  
Now, it's time to unwind for the day.

I got no sewing done today, but that's fine, I've got time before the market on the 11th of February.