Sunday, June 30, 2013


After my late afternoon shower yesterday, I sat down at my desk in me pj's and a blue towel wrapped around my wet hair.

Bex handed me Dante.  This is what happened:

 ABOVE:  he took one look at me, then the bottom lip went out then he screamed!

 ABOVE: apparently I look NOTHING like myself with a towel on me head... and omg... NO MAKEUP either!  *Shudder*

He didn't like me in red either, because once my hair was back to 'normal' he kept looking at me red top with some consternation.

ABOVE:  success at last! He is drinking formula out of a sippy cup that has a teat on the top.  He alternately sucks and chews it, but the main thing is, he drinks the formula.

Big relief, cos it means they can leave him with us for longer if necessary.

Today's plans?  Steve and Bex have their own plans for the day so it's just me, Stew and the two kids for the day.
I think a walk might be nice... maybe take the dogs to the gardens down the road.  Might wait and see what the weather is like a bit later on.


As you can see, I've not been back on me blog all day!  The walk?  Well... the weather has been very undecided, so we kind of made a decision by default... and stayed home.
It's just so quiet today, here in blog world and in the house.
We don't expect Steve and Bex back till dinnertime, I miss our little man.

Those in the know are aware a quiet day is probably what Stew and I needed, after the shit hitting the fan at the end of the week!

At least my mind is no longer spinning.  I'm looking forward to some clear thinking and some peace of mind.

I'm a woman right? So I can change me mind eh?  We went for a walk.
In the Botanic Gardens... with the dogs.

ABOVE:  lovely walk in the late afternoon.  Bit chilly in the shade, but warm as in the sun.

Steve and Bex are home, so back to normal in the house. 

MRS C:  Huh?  Where's this woman with a scary face???   lol  

OMG I'm cold today.  I have this really weird thing  that happens when I'm cold.
My left arm stays warm and my right arm goes stone cold!  It's the weirdest thing ever .... and when I get blood taken from my right arm it goes WHITE and stone cold!  Now that is scary!

I know, I'm not normal.  

End of Day:  a few knee-jerk moments tonight.  I will rectify what I did tomorrow.  So pissed off right now.  Nothing I do is right it would seem.  I don't need this shit ... bowing out of anything and everything to do with 'a certain issue'.  STUFF IT ALL.  
nite nite... said in a REALLY crabby 'voice'.

Saturday, June 29, 2013


I think all of us adults are tired today.

Stew has a cold, so isn't sleeping well.
He is snoring, so I'm not sleeping well.

Dante has a cold, so isn't sleeping well.
He's grizzly, so Bex and Steve are not sleeping well.

I think the only ones not that tired are B & G and the dogs.

So, maybe I will sleep in?  And Stew?
Fingers crossed we can anyway.

I'm going to forward post this... so I can at least try and sleep in.

Until later, here's a few photos from yesterday:

 ABOVE: because Dante is so very dribbly right now, Bex has been making bibs that are more absorbent, and have a soft plastic backing.  She's got about 10 ready to sew up.  This was the first one in the current run.

ABOVE: The two babies playing, and having a tug of war over toys. 

When they weren't trying to play with the same toy, they were trying to pok each other's eyes or sticking their fingers in each other's mouth!  NOT a good idea when they both have teeth and automatically BITE whatever is in their mouth!

Clearly we need to watch them carefully around each other.  

They make each other laugh too... which is delightful to see.

 *** Small addition ***

So, with that light and fluffy babble, I'm off.
Catch ya when I get outta bed!


Teddy just got bathed.  And semi groomed.  I am waiting until he's dry before trying to shave him.  Poor bugger.  I'm not a very good groomer.
But... I have a rather BIG bill coming up (fireplace repair) so have to save every cent I can over the next two weeks.  
My initial guess for the fireplace repair was not quite right.  Try DOUBLE what I expected.  Grrrr.

It had to be done ... I will console myself with that.  

Stew has the same cold as Dante I reckon.  They are both sneezing and snotty.
And of course, Stew snores.

ABOVE: Stew just blew his nose, and whoops!!!  BLOOD pouring out his nose.  I suppose I should be fussing over him, but I'm not that nice.
I just hope he didn't get blood on the carpet!  *smiles*
I do love him... really I do.

I just don't like men who have the 'man flu'.  

ABOVE:  Teddy ... looks like a little old man-dog!  So cute.  I will trim that hair off his eyes as soon as he's dry.

I smell like... DOG.  Just sayin...

ABOVE: Well... it has taken me a few hours, and I still have not done his legs, but Teddy is mostly groomed.
The clippers stopped working for a while, and it took ages to get them to work again.  Needed OIL... *sigh*

I will do his legs tomorrow.
I am done for the day, my back is killing me and I'm covered in dog hair!

ABOVE:  time for me to get out of these itchy clothes and have a shower, don't want to smell like Teddy any longer!

I am not grooming Coco.  She is a whole different kettle of fish!  She is a wriggler, so I am leaving her for the professionals!

End of Day:  well... it's been a funny sort of day today.  Stew isn't well... and ended up having a really big sleep in the afternoon, something he virtually NEVER does.
MAN FLU.  Knocks them down like ... well... boys.  lol
I better be careful, I might get it soon!  
Dante is miserable with his cold and cough too.
Taking ages to get him settled at night the last week or so.
Hope our 'men' are a bit better tomorrow.
nite nite

Friday, June 28, 2013


OK ... if ya read PEPSI, you will know that is a crock of shit!

But, I am going to make today a good day.  

For a start, I'm going to definitely get some sewing done, and that makes me happy.

And I'm going to groom Teddy.  Lacy did Coco for me yesterday, which was great... Coco's a nightmare for me to try and groom.  She yelps and cries and wriggles non stop.  But for Lacy she's good.
Teddy is totally submissive towards me, so he's easy to groom.

The other thing I really want to do today is go for a big walk.  I actually miss not walking already!  I know Bex and I have only been for a few walks so far, but they were nice.
And it all helps melt the fat off me slightly smaller butt.  lol

ABOVE:  computer/typing lessons start young in this house!

HA HA! ... Nah, Dante loves trying to play with my keyboard, so I found an old one and gave it to him.  He loves it.

Right better go and start the day, make lunches, beds made, washing on...


Well what an eventful morning.  But everything is going to turn out OK.
A relationship that was looking VERY rocky between us and another person... (no one in our home) has been saved I think.

Live and Learn.  Certain person needs to do that this time.

Miss Muppet and I went for a lovely walk.  It's just lovely outside today.  Crisp but not miserable.  The sun has come out.  So it's lightened my day.

Bex was kept awake by Dante a fair bit overnight, so she's gone back to bed, to catch up while Dante's asleep.  Good thinking 99.

Keera is sound asleep in her pram, so I am just going to sit and reflect for a while.

So, Lacy has arrived for lunch, and to pick up Miss Keera.  Who is awake and into everything.
Her and Dante like each other... too much sometimes.  EYES.  MUST. NOT. POKE. EACH. OTHER'S. EYES!

And yes Keera, if you try and grab my earrings I will growl you... and you will cry... which makes Dante cry too.  Oh the joys.

Well, after a turbulent morning, I kinda crashed and did NOTHING for hours!  I've just roused myself enough to get off the lazyboy chair!
Dinner is going to be an 'easy' one tonight, sausages, baked beans and spagetti!

Master Chef I am not.

So, I sorted out some of my Movies into the new blue CD boxes I got from Hospice Shop.  And now I'm here, while Bex and Steve make dinner.
I had my 'dinner' at lunchtime, so I am not in the least hungry.

I might have some fruit later on in the evening.

End of Day:  glad it's over, that's all I can say.
Evening has been quiet, as long as ya don't count Dante's grizzling... he's got a nasty cold and is letting all of us know he doesn't like it.
nite nite

Thursday, June 27, 2013

HIGH'S ....... AND LOW'S

I have found the last few days turbulent.

Steve got a new job... SO HAPPY.

Mike (our Palmerston North domiciled son) got a new job too.  He can finally start saving some money and getting some work under his belt... in readiness for his chosen profession... he wants to be a Police Officer.  It is roughly a two year plan to get there.

Unless he changes his mind.  He's fairly good at procrastination is our Mike!

Don't take offense Mike, ya know it's the truth.  *smiles*

The lows:  I'm struggling with 'emotional' eating at the moment.  Got good reasons too.

Stuff going on in the 'background' that is really troubling.  
Hopefully there will be some sort of resolution (for us anyway) by tonight... we will see I suppose.

Can't say more.

It's Thursday right?  Sheesh, this week is going fast.  I've got Hospice this afternoon.
This morning I am going to do some sewing, and housework.
Can't forget the bloody housework.  Dust never sleeps.

I hope Dante is a bit more settled today too.  I think he's a little 'home body'... and he likes his routine.  Stuff that up and he packs a hissy fit.
*BOYS* !

Griffin was exactly the same.  But now he's learnt to cope with change.  He's HAD to!  This sometimes feels like a mad house.

My brain feels like that sometimes too.  Just too much buzzing between the neurons.  Hard to switch one's brain off sadly.

Time to pull up me big girl panties and start the day.


Well so far, it's been a busy morning.

I took Coco over to Lacy's, she is going to de-knot her (she's got a few and won't let me near her to do it), then I picked up Dante's medicine from the chemist. Then I ran into my Aunt Ethel in the carpark, so we had a quick natter.  

Then I went and got some Frontline from the Vet, the dogs have started scratching again and while I can't see any evidence of fleas, I'm covering all the bases.

Once home, I hung out a load of towels and linen, hopefully it doesn't rain.
Next up... warm up in time to go to Hospice Shop.  I'm a bit cold!
Not used to feeling cold... while it's a novelty I will enjoy it!  *smiles*

Hospice today!  I found treasure...

 ABOVE:  all the dishes and cups are made from tin... and I am going to use them in our picnic basket!  I was so happy when I saw them... they wouldn't have lasted on the shelves for long, so I was there at the right time.

ABOVE: these two plastic CD holders may be perfect for holding little scraps of fabric.  Well... I hope they are.  Too good to leave in the shop that's for sure.  I love finding treasure.

End of Day:  well... I love finding treasure, so it's been an OK day in some parts.  In others, not so much.
nite nite

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


 ABOVE: Our fireplace ... refused to start this year... so bright and early this morning (like 7.30 am) I am expecting a bloke who is going to  fix it... one hopes!
I warned the company that at 7.30 in the morning I'm likely to still be in me PJ's!  Nice sight that would be.

Last night I did Brylee's hair like mine:

 ABOVE:  she loves it too.   

ABOVE:  The minute I looked at how Brylee looked with her hair like this I was amazed at how much she looks like a niece of mine!  
Not the spitting image, but the resemblance is strong!

Families eh?  *smiles*

Once the fix it guy has gone, and the kids are at school I am taking my car in for it's WOF.  It's like going to the dentist.  Fingers crossed my car passes!  I then have to do it's Registration too.  I'm thinking I'll be broke by the end of the day!

Oh well... 


Glad I got up early, the fix it guys arrived at 20 past 7.
The fireplace had to be removed completely and taken back to base.
I have to wait for a phone call with a quote on repair.  Sounds like it is going to be rather expensive.
The 'boss' fix it man said the starter thingee is stuffed, and we need a new one of them ... that alone costs $360.  Feck!

Yaaa... the car passed it's WOF with flying colours, and it's re-registered too... so I can relax for another year.

We have fog today, thick sea fog if I'm not mistaken.  Makes for a cold, damp day.
Maybe the sun will come out later.

Right now... I'm gunna relax and just chill out.  Maybe do some sewing?


I got an email from Patchwork Passion (a fabric shop in Onehunga)... they were having a sale on fat quarters... so we decided, very spur of the moment ... to go!

As we ended up in Onehunga, I decided to show Bex a couple of other shops there.  First up was Antique Fabric and Lace, at the bottom of the Mall...

 ABOVE:  I just knew she would walk in there and go "WOW" !  And she did!  It is a true treasure trove of delectable bits and bobs.
We didn't purchase anything there though.  It's the sort of place you go to when you need a 'specific' thing.  Like lace, or bling.

They have thousands of pieces of bling!

Our next stop was the Sewing Machine World shop, which is on the other side of the road from the Antique Fabric & Lace shop...

 ABOVE:  They had baskets full of small pieces of fabric and we got a few bits of fabric there.

 ABOVE: Dante enjoyed choosing fabric too... only he was TASTING it.  lol

Our last stop was Patchwork Passion, where Bex got 8 fat quarters and I got two.  Patchwork Passion's range of fabrics are more 'earthy tones'... very little brights.  So I didn't see much that I wanted.

As we were only 5 minutes from Stew's workplace, we decided to have lunch with Stew.

 ABOVE:  I saw this 'half a car' in the McDonald's carpark.  It's a Suzuki Cappuccino...  Not my sort of car, but it did catch my eye.

 ABOVE:  I can finally say I've had a Georgie Pie Mince and Cheese pie from McDonald's.
There is no way in hell I'm ever getting another one.  While it tasted like the old pies we used to love, it's no longer $1.  It's $4.50, and NOT worth it.
Even Dante wasn't impressed.

Dante was really, really upset in the car, coughing and screaming, and holding his breath... so we went to the Dr's on the way home.
He's OK though.  Just a bit of phlegm build-up, and he has a cough.  We shall keep an eye on him and hope he gets better soon.

 ABOVE:  my little haul.  Bear in mind lots of that fabric is just little 5" squares.  Perfect for applique. 

ABOVE:  Bex's haul.  She got larger pieces and more fat quarters.

Going to go and finally take a break!

Just finished cooking dinner, macaroni cheese with bacon and onions.  It's in the oven waiting for Stew to get home.

YEP.  Feeling a bit down.
But I will get over it.  I always do.

End of Day:  well another day with high's and low's... life's like that eh?
Just wish it wasn't ALWAYS like that!
nite nite

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


While Dante was up late last night I took the opportunity to take a few photos of him with his parents, but the kid just looks dozy!
He was so tired he couldn't keep his eyes open...

ABOVE:  See?  Really tired baby.  I must ask Bex if he slept all night after being up until 10.30 pm?

She's sleeping in... so is Steve, who has today off work.  He goes back to his 'old' job tomorrow for just 11 days, then he starts his new job.  Exciting!

Today?  I am picking Lacy up and taking her to Sylvia Park.  'Girl shopping'.  I think Steve and Bex plan on doing their own thing today, which is fine by me.

I am sure they will be home in time for the kids after school... while I go to the Hospice Shop.

And ya hoo... Bex cooks dinner tonight.

Oh... I meant to show you yesterday, I'm so happy with my sewing drawers now:

ABOVE:  all my fat quarters and slightly smaller scraps of fabric.  *DROOL*.
Bex is happy because I gave her a really big box full of fabric scraps too... so now she's got a  really good stock of scraps too.
It's called sharing the love.

Right, I better go and make the lunches.  No washing today, I'm right up to date... not something I can say very often!


So far, the day is going to plan.
I picked up Lacy and Keera and we went over to Sylvia Park so Lacy could buy a playpen for Keera.
Then we met up with Lynda for a natter, Lacy took some photos of us but I have to wait for her to email them to me before I can post one.

Then we met up with Steve and Bex for a brief time at Spotlight... and then came home in time for a bite of lunch ... then I will be off to the Hospice Shop.

Steve and Bex will be home in time for Griffin and Brylee.

Did I tell you about what I did yesterday?  

I was parked right next to Carl's Junior while at Mitre 10 in Takanini, and I said to myself "Oooo I can have that for my lunch".

But when I came out of Mitre 10, I talked myself OUT of having a burger and fries. 
I was so happy with myself.

THEN I went down to Manukau Mitre 10, and there was Subway, Sushi AND Dunkin Donuts staring me in the face!

OMG... life is full of temptations!

I talked myself INTO having some sushi, but again, when I came out of Mitre 10, I changed my mind.  And went home and had my dinner from the night before.

THAT is such progress for me.

Same today.  I've resisted all temptations.  *smiles*

Right.  I've been at Hospice Shop all afternoon, finally home and can post a few photos from today.
No treasure today, just a few clothing items.

 ABOVE: Lynda and I at the mall... Lacy took the photos... I was... ummm... giving her the finger cos she kept telling me to smile!
I don't smile for photos, I don't like how my eyes go all squinty when I smile!

  ABOVE:  Lynda's grandson 'C' and our Keera.  Master C was trying to suck Keera's dummy. 

 ABOVE:  How adorable is that?  Holding hands no less.  Awwwwww.

ABOVE: the reason for going to Sylvia Park.  The  Warehouse there had the playpen we wanted.  Now Lacy can go to the loo or cook dinner knowing Miss Keera is safe.

Dinner tonight sounds interesting.  Steve and Bex are cooking crepes with savoury fillings.  Sounds good to  me... I'm a bit hungry.

End of Day:  dinner was lovely!  Very thin crepes with sausage pieces and coleslaw, tomato ets.  Thanks S & B.
Time to get to bed... it's been a long day today.

Monday, June 24, 2013


Well, the youngest member of our household finally found his 'talking voice', he can now say "Baba"... Bex took a little video of him last night :

ABOVE: It's a really short video, but you do get to see and hear him 'talk'.

I also took a lot of photos last night, and will share some now:

 ABOVE:  The power went out momentarily last night, so I lit some candles... just in case it went out again.  It didn't, but it was nice having the candles burning for a while.

 ABOVE:  We turned the lights OUT, and Griffin took this photo... my camera's flash illuminated the entire room!
Yes, that is me down the end with me feet up and me blankie on.  BLISS.

I can't wait till we can have the fireplace on too... it's not working and the Living Flame Company are sending a repair man out on Wednesday morning.

 ABOVE: This little man was supposed to be in bed... but he kept waking up and crying, so he spent quite a bit more time with us in the lounge last night.

 ABOVE: It's a bit hard getting crabby with this baby... he is so darn cute.  Can ya see both his little teeth now?  I can.

 ABOVE:  Bub and his Mum.

ABOVE:  And with his Dad.


We have just realised there are no recent photos of Steve, Bex AND Dante.  Lots of individuals, but not the little family together.  I must rectify that.

ABOVE:  Poor Stew, gets his feet up after cooking dinner and all the other things he does in the evening.

TODAY:  Steve is home today as he has a 4 day block off work.  So I suppose he will spend the day with his fiance and son.

I plan on sewing, after doing some housework,  so a normal day for me.


LEIGH C:  thank you for your lovely comment... but I must correct you! ... We are New Zealanders (KIWI'S)... we do not live in Australia!
Our 'accent' is nothing like an Australians!

ABOVE:  clarification for anyone not familiar with where I live.

It's a glorious winter day today.. crisp but sunny.  Yaaa.


We are all just so thrilled to bits.

Things are looking up for our son at last.

MARY H:  but of course things looked up when he met Bex ! !  I meant in relation to his work.  The job he has right now is a dead end, no chance of bettering himself.  His new job has the potential to become his career, and a damn good one at that.
And monetarily he and Bex will be so much better off.

Bex is already talking about how soon they can save a deposit on a home!

End of day: our little grandson is being a ratbag!  He gets put to bed, then keeps waking up again.  So, he's been on Steve's lap for a couple of hours... keeps nodding off and on.  We are all heading off to bed now... baby included.
nite nite.