Saturday, July 04, 2020


Today is here!   Steve, Bex and the boys are arriving sometime today with a load of stuff from their house.

Then they will be staying here until they get the keys to their new home on Monday.

I will be looking after the boys for the next few days, while Stew, Steve and Bex go to and fro from Auckland, bringing all the rest of their belongings down.

ABOVE:  The little labels for my patchwork creations arrived after only 2 days.  So now I can start adding them to everything I make.  They are made of a polyester fabric, are fray and fade proof. 

Now, I shall get up, get the washing on, make the beds, and sort out dinner.
We have a houseful for dinner tonight, not just S & B and kids.

Once the housework is done, I will get on with finishing the 2nd cot quilt, and open me shop till 2 pm.


Can I just say, I'm damn proud of myself.  I was told a few things recently that kinda made me mad as hell.  But, instead of blasting someone on here, or in person... I've held it in.  There is nothing to be gained, so yeah... I must be growing up!  LOL
But I will say this:  I've not 'lost interest in anyone'... I'm just too busy right now.

YOU KNOW... working, taking care of my kids and family 24/7 for 41 YEARS ALREADY, running the house, bla bla bla.   FORTY... ONE... YEARS.  Yeah.  

When YOU can say that, I give you permission to bad mouth ME.

12.30 pm:  And ha ha!  Because the weather is stable over this weekend, but supposed to rain Monday/Tuesday, we decided to go up to Steve and Bex's and get going on bringing everything else down.

So, I left here at around 8 am and Stew left a bit later with his car and trailer.
I loaded up and headed home straight away...

ABOVE:  I was pleased with how much I managed to get in my little car, even though I think Bex was horrified at my packing technique.
Oh well... nothing got damaged ... I have done this about 20+ times in my adult life after all.

It's now time for me to do NOTHING.  I'm done.  From here on all I'm doing is babysitting while they do the rest.

Stew has all of next week off work, as does Steve, so they can work on getting everything from here to the new house slowly but surely.

Dinner tonight... their first dinner as 'HAMILTONIANS' again.  And we are having?

Sausages and CHIPS!  lol  Nice and easy.

2.10 pm:  And Stew and the kids arrived back and have just finished unloading Stew's car and trailer, Bex's car and Steve's van.  There's probably two - three more loads to go and it will all be here.
That will get done tomorrow.

Now.  Relax time for everyone.  We are all knackered.

ABOVE:  The boys hanging out in the trailer... the couch was the last thing to unload from it.

ABOVE:  I don't have to cook tonight. YES!

ABOVE:  so much hilarity tonight! 
And noise.  OMG so much noise!  You'd think three boys would cause the most right?
Wrong.  It was the 9 yr old girl!!!  
But so much fun, unless you are a Granddad trying to watch the rugby.  Poor Stew.  😂😆😖

8.30 pm and all is quiet again.  Amanda and kids have gone home, S & B's boys are in bed and now we are relaxing.  Stew is glued to the rugby on TV.  So he's happy.

I won't be long out of bed tonight, it's been a long day, with another one tomorrow.  

Friday, July 03, 2020


Much as I'd love to get into the Studio today and finish the 2nd cot quilt this morning, it's not going to happen.

I need to get to the supermarket and get some supplies in before the weekend.  We have the kids here for a few days until they are settled in their new home early next week, plus we have visitors for dinner tonight as well.

THAT is going to be a very LONG AWAITED DINNER/MEETING.  OMG I can't wait to see it go down.

All will become clearer LATE tomorrow night.

Yesterday, after I came inside for lunch, I sat and started thinking about my 'shop' set up. And how there wasn't much room to display a larger item like the new cot quilt.
So I got my thinking cap on and came up with this:

ABOVE:  Now, let's hope that upload worked!  I am so over this aspect of the 'new' blogger interface.

If it doesn't show up for some of you, I'm bloody sorry.  Let me know please.  I will post some photos if you can't watch the video.  (later)

Oh yeah, sorry for the late start today... I slept in.  It was delicious.  I'm tempted to put our electric blanket on the bed... cos OMG it's so cold in the mornings.  I don't wanna get out of bed. 


Well... you can't view the video on a phone.  To make that happen I have to send the video to my email, then from there to my computer photos file... and that's just not happening cos I can't 'trim' the video without jumping through a thousand hoops.  Grrrr.
So.. photos will have to do.

ABOVE:  So what I did was put my work trestle in the back 'office' area, and brought in the little shelving unit I got from the op shop a couple of weeks ago, and rearranged the room a bit.

I still get to work out the front of the room on my sewing machine, and when in the back I can see through the gap in the two BIG shelving units, so when someone comes in I will see them.
I do all the ironing in the garage, and I have another work space in the garage as well.  My computer will now go in the garage too, I can use it and listen to music just as easily with it in there.

EVERYONE:  Read HAZEL'S comment!  It solves the video viewing problem!  Thanks SO MUCH Hazel.  You are a godsend.
LOL... VICKIE just told us the same thing too.  Thanks VICKIE.

4.23 pm:  Well... the grocery shopping is done.  I spent way  more than intended.  I only had a few things on my list... HA HA HA .  What list?  I couldn't find the bloody list, so just winged it.  $500+  later, and well, we have enough snacks to last a while!  

When I got home, Lacy visited.  Which was lovely as I'd not seen her in a while and was starting to worry a bit.  But, she's fine.

One more sleep for the Auckland based family, then they will be 'Hamilton based'.  Here with us for a few days, then into their new home. 
It's going to be a crazy, busy few days getting all their stuff down here using just our vehicles and trailer, but we will get it done.

11.45 pm:  I don't feel like I got as much done today as I should.  But then... there isn't really that much to do before the kids arrive.  Bex can make up the beds for the boys, and her and Steve will be in the lounge so they can just put all their personal stuff in there till they move to their new house.
It's going to be a bit busy here over the next few days... but well, that's life.

Time to head off to bed.  Catch ya tomorrow.

Thursday, July 02, 2020


Steve and Bex have four more sleeps, then they will be sleeping in their new home here in Hamilton!

Two more nights in Auckland, then two nights here with us.

The weekend will be spent bringing down more smaller stuff, then on Monday all the large stuff is coming down and straight into their new home.

It's getting rather exciting.   Everyone can't wait until they are living down here.

Everything is ticking along perfectly!  Best thing, I don't have to do much at this end of their move.  I will just be babysitting the kids while the adults to and fro from Auckland with our car/trailer, and Steve's van.

Back to today... I will be making stars for the two cot quilts I've got on the go right now.  My little shop will be open, so hopefully I get a visitor or two today.

Right now though... a little bit of housework before heading into the studio.


FROST.  Freezing cold.  Put all the heat pumps on for a while this morning.  So cold!  But... it will be a beautiful day.

11.38 am:  If you are a blogger, tell me... Are you getting slammed with spam/trolls more than usual at the moment?
I am.
I woke up to 47 spam comments and troll comments that came in overnight.  And so far since I got up, another 22 have come in.  It's doing my head in.  I have to constantly check if it's a proper comment, or a nasty.  😒😖😢  And then I have to delete them one by one.  Such a waste of time.  Grrrr.

On a happy note...

ABOVE: It is a stunningly beautiful day out there.

ABOVE:  And this is the last of 16 stars I've made this morning.  Next thing is to sew them all on the quilts.  

ABOVE:  And there's one finished.  It's now 2.55 pm and probably time I stopped and had some lunch.
The 2nd quilt has about 2 hours work left to do on it before it too is finished.  I will do that either tonight or tomorrow.  It is going to have a bright green binding, to make it a bit different from this one.

10.35 pm:  And sheesh I'm tired tonight.  I spent 2 hours late this afternoon mucking around in my Studio, then cooked dinner and so on.
Since dinner we've just been lounging around watching TV.  
Is anyone else thoroughly enjoying 'Episodes'?  I LOVE IT.

And with that... I'm off to bed soon.  Catch ya tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 01, 2020


It's bloody freezing!

First thing I do today is turn on the heat pumps.  Brrrrr.

Once I've got the house sorted, I'm off to me studio.

Really looking forward to working on the two cot quilts today.  First up is more Free Motion quilting.  Then making stars.  Lots of stars.  😊😌

ABOVE:  Another bunting finished.  Love this colour combo.  Quite different from what I'd usually make I must say.

ABOVE:  One of my friend Susan's cats... he dribbles.  Lots.  I am NOT a cat person and really didn't like him so close to me diet coke!  In the end he jumped over to sit by me.  Weird cat.  Don't they get vibes off people?  Surely he knew I was sending him killer looks?  lol  

ABOVE: Yeah... it's too funny not to share.  
It's just a crazy year.  So far Ten and a half MILLION people have caught Covid-19, with half a MILLION deaths world wide.  Scary.

We are so very lucky that our little country is so isolated, being at the bottom of the world ain't so bad now.  I just wish people returning or coming here had to be tested BEFORE they got on a plane to come here.  The only Covid-19 cases we have now are ALL people who have flown in after our borders closed.  That is just so WRONG.
But who am I to bitch about it?  Nothing I can do.  I did my bit by staying home and isolating for weeks on end.  
I just hope that no one manages to slip the net, and spreads it into our communities again.  

BUT WELL, enough on that.  Time to get started on my day.


11.24 am:  Well... after a darn cold start, we now have a lovely fine day.  There's a brisk breeze blowing, dang cold in the shade.
But... I'm nice and warm in me studio, happily sewing.

I just ordered something that's been on my 'To Do' list forever.  Labels for my work.  Ones that I can sew on.  They are very simple, nothing flash.  Flash was way too expensive.
So... they should arrive in a few days.  From now on, everything I make will have a label on it.

3.10 pm:  And wow, I got all the quilting done on BOTH cot quilts today.
No one in the shop today, so I got to work non-stop.

ABOVE:  Now I get to sit and cut out stars while watching Home and Away.  

9.45 pm:  The afternoon was spent getting my stars ready for stitching tomorrow, and not much else.  I'm feeling really tired today, I think free motion quilting is damn hard on ya arms and back, and the concentration is exhausting!  

But anyway, it's the end of the day and Coronation Street is just starting, so I'm off.
Catch ya tomorrow.