Tuesday, October 31, 2017


Today Stew is leaving really early, heading off to Auckland for a meeting.

I'm heading into Hamilton, after the school run.  I've got a few things to do.... but mainly I want to find a couple of summer t-shirts for me.

So, a nice morning of shopping ahead of me.

Tonight I have a FBG's walk bang on dinner time.  Such a shit time, but there are not many walks left to choose from.  The Challenge is winding down.  Soon we will be reverting to using the 'social' page and organising our own walks.

Luckily there's heaps of us who want to keep walking, and keeping up our new friendships.  I fully expect to do 2-3 walks a week over summer, though I plan on only walking in the evenings, when it's cooler.

The Urban Challenge will be starting up again around March next year... and we will be doing it all again!  Yaaaa!

When I get home from Hamilton, I have a shit load of housework to get done!
All the usual Monday morning stuff I didn't get done yesterday.

And I'm going to walk around the house and write a list of jobs that need doing in the next few weeks.  Windows, marks on walls and doors, light switches, dusting and so on.  That sort of stuff creeps up on you and before you know it the house if filthy!

Well... to me it's filthy!

I get pretty down sometimes when I get overwhelmed by all the mess... but seriously, I'm probably the ONLY person in this house who cares about the dust and grime!

I can't help it... I SEE it around me all the time.

And I'm NOT suffering from OCD!  I let the house get grubby, then I get all crabby about it!

I took my nautical quilt to patchwork yesterday and asked the ladies if they thought it needed another blue border.  The entire group said "YES", so I shall be working on that later on today too.  

With any luck it will be 'finished' by late today, and I can show you!  (it will be quilted at a later date)

And finally for now:

ABOVE:  What the puppies thought of the duct taped rug.  *sigh*


BEST hot chocolate I've had all year! EPIPHANY CAFE Chartwell Square Hamilton.

I had a lovely time in Hamilton, got myself 4 summer tops then came home.

Sewed the final blue borders on my nautical quilt.

Stood on the bench (as I do) to get the photo and slipped.
Kinda did the splits... so thankful I didn't fall off!  
But I dropped my camera on the tiles ... and my lens flew into pieces and the battery door fell off too.
GUTTED.  Taking it in to be assessed tomorrow at a camera place in Hamilton.  I think the lens is completed munted... but maybe the camera itself is OK?  Fingers crossed, I love my camera.

Gunna be lost without it.  

So in the meantime, I will have to use my phone's camera.  It's not TOO BAD... but not as good as my Canon.

OH!   I did get a photo of the quilt before I slipped... and the camera card is just fine...

ABOVE:  Putting it away now till I can get it quilted.  The anchors look cute!

Coco is acting really weird!  She's skulking around the house, growling.  And now she's hiding under my legs.  No idea what's spooking her.

Penny just dropped.... 

It's Halloween... there are people out there dressed in weird outfits... bet she's seen some outside and it's freaking her out!  Poor girl.  

Did I mention how much I LOVE that quilt?  Cos I do.  I might even have to keep it!

Nice calm evening... Coco settled down eventually.  We are lucky in that where we live we get very few trick or treaters banging on our door. 

Time for bed... hoping for a decent night's sleep, something that is fairly elusive nowdays.

Monday, October 30, 2017


So white vinegar DID NOT stop my puppies from chewing on the rug... so last resort...

 ABOVE:  Duct tape!  Might not be pretty, but it does the job.  
Just my luck the little buggers will LIKE chewing on duct tape.  *lol*

 ABOVE:  We lit the brazier last night, before it got dark, and toasted some marshmallows.
We ended up with a few VERY burnt marshmallows ... till we worked out how to warm them up without burning them!

 ABOVE:  Stew did the first few...

 ABOVE:  a smokey business, but fun.  
The brazier put out quite a bit of heat!
I think we need longer metal skewers.

 ABOVE:  Coco in Griffin's bed.  Anyone's bed will do of course, but she likes his room now,  as she can lie on the bed/pillows and look out the window at anyone passing on the road.

ABOVE:  Wandering around the garden late yesterday, and I was AMAZED at how many strawberries we had already!

And the mandarin and tangelo trees are covered in flowers!  WOW.
That one LONE Tangelo has been slowly growing all year!  I doubt it will ever ripen.

Today I have Cambridge Patchwork in the morning.  It's the first time I've been at a meeting in quite a while!  I will be working on appliqueing the anchors on the cream coloured blocks in the Nautical Quilt.

After that I'm popping out to a friends for a little while, then home to do the school run.

So... a busy day!


ABOVE: Purple nails....let's see how long they last eh?

Beautiful day out there today.  I spoilt it by having a mental at Griffin this morning ... but hopefully by the time I dropped him off at school we were cool again.  I apologised for going off at him... I'm really not very nice in the morning!

12.30 pm:  Home from patchwork.  Only got one anchor appliqued on... and I think I will be unpicking it.  I went to use my big sewing machine trolley bag to get everything in the car and one of the wheels is broken!

So I took my small sewing machine instead, and it doesn't have a very nice applique stitch, plus it had the wrong presser foot on, so the stitching is not looking that flash.

Pups are having fun outside for an hour before I go and visit a friend.

Turned up expecting to spend just a little time with my friend, but instead there were 5 of us there,  and we had a lovely hour and a half chatting before a couple of us had to leave on the school run.
It's so neat having girlfriends who I can spend time with during the day!

I'm LOVING Cambridge.

I did a very little retail therapy today... and bought this:

ABOVE:  Totally gorgeous Rhino Head!  Isn't it adorable.  A total dust catcher, but heck, I got rid of so much stuff when we de-cluttered in Auckland, I felt the NEED to acquire a few replacements.   *smiles*

Dinner tonight was chicken sausages, mashed potatoes, veges and gravy.  Really nice.
Time to sign off... and get to bed.

Sunday, October 29, 2017



ABOVE:  Freshly bathed little girls.  They got quite wet playing outside yesterday, and of course wet dogs smell!  Even cute little girls like Marley and Denim.

Today we are heading into Hamilton.  Stew wants to go to the mall (The Base).  
No idea why?  Maybe just to get out of the house.

I'm going to get my nails done while there too... as a 'reward' for finishing the challenge.  My nails are splitting and breaking so much at the moment, I think getting some acrylics on will help.  No idea what colour(s) I will get yet.

That's all for now... catch ya later.


1.100 pm:  Home from Hamilton.  Where I didn't get me nails done after all.  Got talked out of it by a couple of people... as Stew reminded me, I get them, then a month later I get them taken off cos they annoy me.  *sigh*

So, we had a nice wander around, I got Keera a new dress and summer sandals for a birthday party she's going to next weekend, we had lunch then came home.

Pretty boring really, feeling rather FLAT today.  The kids are doing my head in to be honest.
Squabbling teenagers and an annoying 5 year old.  So OVER kids some days.

I don't feel like doing ANYTHING right now except bitching.

4.40 pm:  and the pups are no longer clean.  And I'm still feeling bitchy.

Winding up for the day... I've just painted me freakin' nails with normal polish. Pale Purple.  They will be chipped in a day, but oh well, they are pretty right now.

Saturday, October 28, 2017


St Kilda is a very new, rather exclusive suburb here in Cambridge.
Walking around it this week has been very nice.

It's been great noting all the different 'new' house styles out there.  Yesterday I saw, and took a photo of an artistic sculpture in a home's garden:

ABOVE:  Someone was very clever designing this KIWI!   I love it... and if possible I'd love to do something like that too.  Sourcing old wood like that could be difficult, but I will keep me eyes peeled.

Today?  No plans yet... could just be a chill out day at home.  
It will be nice if it's fine so we can get the puppies out on the 'big' lawn for a play, but the weather forecast isn't that promising.

Time to go and get the washing on... cos that shit never ends.


We did the (dirty words) ... grocery shopping this morning.  In the rain.  First time ever we packed our bags inside the store then took them to the car.  Worked a treat, didn't get very wet at all.

But before that... I found a place in Hamilton that supplies firewood in small quantities, so we went there and got three bags full.

ABOVE:  I was gunna help the man, but it was wet and dirty, and I had me new white sneakers on!  So I sat in the car and took a photo instead!  lol

It really is a miserable day out there... constant drizzle.  So probably just spend the rest of the day doing a bit of sewing or playing with puppies, something inside for sure.

I ended up bathing the little fluff balls... not too hard when doing it in the laundry tub!

We have had a lovely quiet afternoon, just relaxing.  Same for this evening really... well except for bathtime and play time with puppies!

I took a million photos... as I do... will share just a few tomorrow.

Friday, October 27, 2017


I started walking with the Fat Bottomed Girls on the 22nd of June ... so now it is 4 months later, and I have walked:

- both sides of 243 streets of Cambridge/Leamington and St Kilda
- walked over 200 kms,  walking each street JUST ONCE.
- Well OVER 200 kms adding in all the double/triple times I've walked some sections

Not to forget all the wonderful ladies I have met, walked with, and hopefully become friends with at least a few.

Today I walk the final section of St Kilda, and then can say I have truly DONE IT ALL!

What an achievement, not just for me, but for all 55 ladies who got to the final finish line.  A few have to still complete the Challenge, but they are not far off doing that.  So proud of everyone.  So proud to be a part of such an amazing group.

There will be walks organised over the next few months so we don't stop walking... and in March next year the Urban Challenge 2018 will commence.  You can bet your bottom dollar I will be doing it all again.

I am MORE than a number on the scales. I will never let a number DEFINE ME again.

So it was raining this morning, but luckily during most of the walk it wasn't too bad.
Linda H and I completed the Urban Challenge together:

ABOVE: Linda H and I ... so happy!

ABOVE:  This was today's group of walkers ... doing the final section:  St Kilda.
We were followed for a while by Mike Bain, a professional photographer for the Cambridge Edition, which is a local newspaper.  He took that photo (above) of all of us at the start of our walk today.

ABOVE:  most of us then had lunch at the St Kilda Cafe, which was lovely.  I had Garlic Prawn Linguine which was superb.

The minute I got home I went outside with the puppies, then brought them into the family room to play.  I put white vinegar on the rug corner, and BOTH  the little buggers licked it and didn't seem to mind it that much!

Lacy got accepted back onto her course a few days ago... red tape had gotten her kicked off for a while... but she's back and working on doing something really good for herself.

In order to shut up certain person(s), she did something she loathes even more than me, and had a blood test taken:

ABOVE:  Really proud of her for doing this, she didn't need to.  I fully expect her to come out 'clean' too.  So Middle Finger to those who doubt her all the time.

She may have lead a life less stellar, but she is trying to do better.

'Silly Bugger' dinner tonight.  Chickens nibbles, Falafel bites, Bubble & Squeak and spaghetti.   Rather delish.

Looking forward to Coronation Street, then BED.
Will be nice if I got a decent night's sleep ... fingers crossed.

Thursday, October 26, 2017


ABOVE:  Some things never change.
Can you see what is missing in this photo?

First thing this morning I have a walk planned.
It's one of the earlier walks that I have already done a couple of times... the one with the really steep HILL.

But, I want to see how much my fitness has improved since I did it the first time!  Maybe I won't die going up it this time?

Kelly and Rena recently visited my Mum in Australia, so I have a few photos Kelly took to share:

ABOVE:  She got some lovely photos, looks like miss Rena had a lovely time.

ABOVE:  Can you tell who this little minx is?  *smiles*

Both puppies are doing exceptionally well... such happy little girls.

Right, I'm off to do all the usual stuff, get the kids to school... bla bla bla.


12.15 pm:  This morning's walk told me one thing.  I'm able to walk distances, but hills are just NOT MY THING!  I am not 'aerobically' fit at all.  My breathing was shocking going up that bloody short, steep hill.

I don't think that is ever going to change... I simply am not good on steep or long hills.

So, let's keep away from steep or long hills from now on!

After the walk the girls and I went for morning tea, which was lovely.
Home now, and going to get on with some housework/sewing and so on.

Pfffft, only one guess on what was missing.  No one wants to play guess today? 
Lisa was right, the plant in the pot is GONE.  *sigh*  So typical of puppies.

And that is Marley on her back of course.

Moving on... off to sew.

ABOVE:  puppies just now.

*** PEPSI was updated recently, I've since edited that post ***

Watching Coronation Street, BLISS!  lol
Just wish it wasn't on so late!
I'm tired and so ready for bed.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017


Today I have one of the ladies I've met through Cambridge Patchwork coming for morning tea!

I'm starting to feel like a Social Butterfly!  Seriously... I've never had so much on in my days!

Walking. Patchwork. Weight Watchers. Card evenings. Visitors!

Jenny is a real darling, she's easily in her 80's, but just so lovely.  And lively.  And we can yabber on for ages, no problem at all.

She said she's keen to see the puppies too... so that shall be nice.

After she's been, I shall be getting on with my Nautical quilt.  I didn't get to it at all yesterday, ran out of time!
So, apart from Jenny visiting, my day is free.

Which will be nice actually, I have been rather busy lately!

Last night I caused a little bit of a shit storm on the FBG page... offended some I'm sure.  But someone had to say what a lot were thinking... So I did.  Whoops. I ended up going to bed feeling a bit stink.   Still feel kinda flat about it.
But... moving on and hopefully it will blow over, it usually does.

Trying to be positive ... that staying in the group is actually worth it.


So thankful... the backlash has not happened as I expected on the group's facebook page.  Time will tell if I feel any 'cooling' on the walks.

Moving on.  My dear friend Jenny arrived for morning tea and we had a lovely visit.
She's such a love.

The pups are spending more and more time outside, coming and going through the dog door all on their own.  So happy about that.

Now... the rest of the day is mine... so I'm going to have some lunch then cut out those anchors.

Didn't do the anchors!  Went up to the school to watch Keera have her first swim at school.  

ABOVE:  I say 'swim'... but in reality the kids get in the shallow end, blow bubbles for 10 minutes, splash for 5 minutes then get out. There was a very cool wind this afternoon, but at least the pool is heated to 28 degrees!

The littlies still got cold.  Then we couldn't find Keera's school shirt for a while, so typical of her... just drops her stuff everywhere.

It does my head in constantly having to look for her clothes, shoes, socks etc.

So, I took her up to the Warehouse to get some summer school sandals after school, and swimming goggles.

ABOVE:  *shudder* Roman Sandals!   But it's what most of the kids are wearing.

ABOVE:  "Grandma!  Take a picture!"
She wanted to keep the goggles on all afternoon... but NO.  She does still have the sandals on though.  lol

Dinner tonight was roast chicken and veges... standard fare.
Finally cut out the anchors for the quilt, and cut off the sleeves of Keera's school shirt so it's now got short sleeves for summer!

No way am I buying a shirt that she's only going to wear for a few weeks.  All going well she will be starting next year in a new school with Dante.  

Tuesday, October 24, 2017


So... I have been giving the very last Fat Bottomed Girl's walk a lot of thought.

It is, in it's entirety, about 9.7 kms long.  Our leader has offered us the option of doing it in two sections.

So that's what I am going to be doing this week.
I really don't think I'm up for doing it all in one go.  I don't want to push myself and end up injured, or unable to move the next day!

So, this morning I am doing the SECOND half of St Kilda, so that I can 'finish' with one of our lovely ladies who I've done heaps of walks with.  Marjorie is having a knee replacement operation on Friday!

She has done SO WELL to do the entire Urban Challenge with a bung knee!

Then I will be doing the FIRST HALF of St Kilda on Friday with another girl who I've done heaps of walks with  (Gwen).  So, by Friday I will have completed the Urban Challenge!

In fact, my very first walk was lead by Gwen, so it is rather fitting that I finish the Urban Challenge with Gwen as the leader of the walk.  *smiles*

ABOVE:   Grrrrr!

ABOVE:  Another cute little one of them playing.

They have very sharp teeth, so often hurt each other!

After my walk this morning I am going to come home and get those three anchors appliqued onto the cream blocks in the Nautical quilt.  Then it will be put away until I'm ready to get it professionally quilted.  
There is no way I am going to be able to do it on my machine, it's too big!

So, a busy day ahead.


The weather held for us, and I got the first section of St Kilda done this morning with Linda H.  We met up with the group of girls doing the entire walk, and walked the last half with them, then we went to lunch at the local cafe.

It was more like a restaurant though, but still lovely.

 ABOVE:  I don't know how this photo even got taken... but it was meant to be! There is Gwen (left), who I did my first ever 2 walks with, and Linda, who got me started in the first place!

And my arm, with my 'Never Stop Dreaming' tattoo... appropriate somehow.

 ABOVE:  The group from this morning's walk, with Linda and I included.

ABOVE:  Just Linda and I, as we are the first girls to do 'only' half of St Kilda. Bring on Friday, we shall knock off the other half, and be DONE!

9.40 pm:  And it's been a busy afternoon and evening.
After feeding the family dinner, I took myself off to a new group I've joined.  We played cards tonight, there were 7 of us, of which, 5 were Fat Bottomed Girls.

I got introduced to a new card game called 'Scum'... it was fun!  Still haven't got my head around all the rules, but I will be watching some You Tube videos over the next couple of weeks so I'm more 'up to speed' on it for the next time.

Time to chill out at home before heading off to bed.

It's been an EXCELLENT DAY.  *smiles*

Monday, October 23, 2017


Stew and I are heading off to Raglan to pick up our brazier first thing this morning.

I am rather excited... I've wanted a unique brazier forever... and to actually be getting one is so cool.

I do have a photo of it that the shop sent me, but I will wait to post a photo once we are home and it's on OUR patio.  *smiles*

Yesterday I forgot to show you the two little things be did buy at the Kinloch Craft Market, so this is what we got:

ABOVE:  Keera happily held them... a funky cane basket ($10!) and a fire 'poker'... for the brazier ... of course!  

ABOVE:  There were three different poker 'heads' to choose from... so difficult when there's a choice!  But I settled on this one cos I liked it the most.

The kids are not coming with us to Raglan, as we need the room for the brazier in the back!  So, a couple of hours for just the man and me... NICE.

I had planned on going on the FINAL FBG's walk today, but I may run out of time.  If that happens, I will attend a get together with a group of the girls who are not doing the walk instead.

Right... off to get our day started.


12.28 pm:  and home from Raglan with the brazier.  Just waiting for the guys to get it out of the car, then I can take a photo and show you it.

Need to source some firewood now!

It's pissing down with rain, has been most of the day so far.  The BIG walk was postponed, most of the FBG's seem to melt in the rain, whereas I melt in the sun!  
So it's on again tomorrow morning, and I may or may not go, it would mean missing my patchwork class, and I'm not sure I want to do that as it's only a short term for this class.  (7 tuesdays). 

I'm cold and crabby now... Griffin ate the last of me birthday cake and I was so looking forward to it too!  Little shit.

ABOVE:  And there it is.  It's a bit smaller than it looked in the shop's photo, but still a nice size.  I love it because it's unique, there won't be another one exactly the same,  as they are hand made here in New Zealand by one guy,and NOT mass produced at all.

Stew reckons it weighs about 40 - 50 kilos!  It certainly takes two blokes to lift and move it any distance.

I can't wait to use it!

I just spent a really pleasant couple of hours with a group of us Fat Bottomed Girls, chatting and making plans for our end of year 'Active Wear Video'.  It will be OUR version of the Active Wear advertisement on TV.  Should be lots of fun, and a rather special memento of our group ... so far.  Marley and Denim have 'parts' already!  lol

Cooking dinner now... which will be beef/bacon pastry wraps ... or something like that!

Dinner was, at best, average tonight.  Now watching Dr Foster series 2, so interesting.