Monday, April 30, 2007

YouTube - Avril Lavigne - Girlfriend

YouTube - Avril Lavigne - Girlfriend

I know she's an annoying little pop twatt Jules, but the song has a fantastic beat to work out to! And just wait till tomorrow, hopefully the hairdresser can give me a pink stip! Wooo hooo


Not nice this cold thingee.... I had an awful night's sleep, tossing and turning, stuffed up with this cold.... and I've woken with a doozy of a headache... woe is me!

I so am not used to having a cold! I feel really sorry for people who get them all the time! It's been 4 years since my last one..... so I reckon I have been VERY LUCKY ! I also think I have sucumbed to this cold cos I am stressed out, what with the impending biopsy of me nether reigons, and the impending overseas trip too....too much on me mind weighing me down.

Gym today? Not too sure about that, might wait till I actually get outta bed before I make that decision! Ha ha ha, I now have the "old" laptop beside me bed, so I don't even have to get outta bed to check up on everyone! Too cool...... but I really must get up, I'm busting for a pee! later...

A conversation between Stew and Griffin this morning:

Griffin : "Dad, I want a healthy breakfast today, I want to be healthy!"
Stew: "Ok mate, what do you want for breakfast?"
Griffin: "I want Nutrigrain"
Dad: "That's nice and healthy"
Griffin: "And I want ham and cheese on my lunch sandwich, cos cheese has calcium in it, and that's healthy. Dad, do you want to be healthy too?"
Stew: "Yes I do Griffin!"
Griffin: "Well then, you really need to stop drinking BEER !"

I just cracked up , so did Stew!....

My darling husband took the kids to school for me, I stayed in bed till about 8.30!!! Then I got up and thought about going to the gym.... and while it was VERY VERY hard ... I didn't. I took a headache pill, me piddle pills and had a lovely Latte, and then:
- I vacumed downstairs
- I dusted and polished in the lounge and dining room
- I cleaned up the mess the teenagers left my rumpus room in on Friday night
- I vacumed upstairs
- I cleaned up the upstairs study (another pigsty)
- I cleaned all the mirrors in the house
- I cleaned both downstairs bathrooms

And now I'm taking a break! Livy, guess what? I don't know the meaning of "take a break" ha ha ha. Idle hands and all that palarva.... I think I'd have to be on me death bed before I stopped ...
- I unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher
- put a load of washing on
- got dinner started (casseroled Mutton Chops)
I want to go into town (think I might just drive in the car!) and get some photos done for the gift to me Mum....

Above is a video clip of Avril Levigne's new single "Girlfriend", I love it! And I love her hair, and as I'm getting my hair done tomorrow I'm thinking of getting the BRIGHT PINK strip put in mine!!! Heeeeeee he! Wadda ya think????
LYNN...... does visual tracking count???? Cos this is what I had for lunch yesterday... well maybe not all that cake, but ya get the drift? In my defence (like it's gunna work!)... I only had a chicken sandwich, some chips, and 1 piece of chocolate cake!!! And I had NOTHING else all day, either for breakfast or dinner.... not a good example to 'DIETDOM" eh???
As for today.... NOTHING.... I feel like death warmed up and have nooooooo appetite. Getting a cold is good for the figure me thinks.
So, apart from the housework I have done nothing today, it feels so weird! And tomorrow I am getting my hair re-coloured.. so not getting to the gym again!! Maybe it will do me good to have an enforced break? Well, it's time to bugger off to bed, my head is pounding again, and I want to just lie down! nite nite.

Sunday, April 29, 2007


I still feel like a cripple, but I'm going to RPM anyway (8.30am), I didn't get up at 5.30am (to book in) for nothing!!

It looks like a nice day out there today, so hopefully our lawns will dry out enough to be mown.... don't know what else is on today, I have another session at the gym with the Personal Trainer at 4pm.... if my legs are still working by then!

Our trip to Australia is only a week away now.... getting excitied! Went and bought another soft sided suitcase yesterday, it has wheels and a handle that pulls out.. quite cool.

WOW, I've been quiet today eh? !! Did the RPM class, my legs will never forgive me I think. Then we went into town for a yummy lunch, and then we spent an hour and a half in the shop with the new computer, getting it to accept it's printer.... what a mission! The salesman had a fun time I can tell you! But it's done now, so all's good.

BELOW : Stew saw an old photo of himself while I loading all the photo CD's onto my computer and he said : "shit, I look fat, I can't see any difference now either", so I took a photo of him today, and showed him the difference 10 kilos has made to his body.... judge for yourself !

All I can say is "What a hunk", but then, I AM biased! ha ha ha. Before you ask... left photo (126kgs), right photo (115 kgs), and all he's done is drop his portion sizes, have less carbohydrates and start doing his exercise again (jogging, cycling and weights). Simple stuff!
Believe it or not.... I went to the gym again at 4pm fully intending to tell my trainer that I was too sore to do another workout today, but instead...... I did the workout! 45 minutes spin class, then 20 minute abs session..... and my legs don't feel as bad as they did this morning.... thank god for that! I am a MACHINE .... ha ha ha!!!!
AND... I think I'm getting my first head cold in 4 years.... I have the sniffles.... not bad, just irritating. I don't feel ill or anything, so this is good. I have been so lucky with my health in relation to catching colds etc, nothing in years! And I have NEVER had the flu.
Well, I definitely have a cold.... not nice are they? boo hooo. Just had a sauna followed by a neat chat with Jadey over in Aussy, been called a rude tart from Celtic Girl in Sydney... think I shall say my day is now complete! nite nite !

Saturday, April 28, 2007


Looking at Cara's blog last night, and she has just got a new laptop too.... and can take photos and post them on her blog, so I gave it a try.... woo hoo, I'm not so computer illiterate afterall! I could even do a wee video and post it! Maybe another day...

Sombre Me:
Oh so intelligent looking me:

My tattoo:

So, that works then!

Steve and Lisa had a party last night, we didn't get to sleep till 2.30am, I'm thinking... I wish they had stayed away!

And.... I am aching all over after yesterday's new gym routine... I can hardly move without pain !

Today: Walk into town (4kms) and have morning tea with WW girls... then home to do some serious housework... something I have been letting slip lately, boo hoo. It used to be my number 1 priority every day, but now going to the gym is! Too weird. later...

Walk to town was ok, light drizzle most of the way, had a neat morning tea with the girls.... and am now home contemplating the housework.... *BIG SIGH*.... SO enthusiastic !

It's pissing down outside, Mike's playing rugby and Stew is out there (somewhere outta town) cheering him on no doubt. More fool him. Better go do something...

It's been a long hard day, my legs are so sore I can hardly move without pain! Not good.... and my new printer will not connect to the new laptop, even though they were sold as a combo package... sooooo annoying! Shall have to go back to the shop tomorrow and get them to sort it out I suppose.

Below is a picture of the dumbell lunges I had to do, and what killed me legs! Awful awful exercise....

Not much else is happening around here, too wet to go outside, and there is only so much housework I want to do... so will bugger off now. nite nite.

Friday, April 27, 2007

5.35am, AND MIKE IS UP !

For the first time in his life, Mike was up and in the shower at 5.30am today, he started his job at 6.30am!!! And I was up at the same time ringing the gym to make sure I had a place in Sunday morning's RPM... yipee, I got in!

I have come to the conclusion lately that my "lightbulb" has gone off... I just can't get into the dieting mode... can someone come and hit me over the bloody head? I just keep eating... maybe it's stress, maybe boredom, maybe I'm just a pig?

Oooo, talking of pigs, Steve and Lisa move back in today... so we shall have Pigilitis Virus in da house again... you know, where the upstairs turns into a pigsty again... I have missed them ... weird.

Today: kids to school, gym for weight session and cardio, then... I have a personal training session at the gym, just remembered! Better shave the legs then! eeewwww

Anne suggested I post what I eat every day on me blog, to make me more accountable.... but I don't know about that! My daily ramblings are fairly long already, and I find it boring reading what someone else has eaten every day... so maybe NOT. Good try Anne! *LOL*

Just had a fantastic Personal Training session, Cat (trainer) has worked out a neat routine for me... pushing my boundaries, and getting my body into "lose" mode again...

Now: - ThickChick, I have taken a break from Weight Watchers, I needed it.
- Natalie c, Thanks for the compliment, ignore Wanna_B, she's nasty! LOL
- Lyn, yes I will check out your weekly evaluation idea, and yes, I do so much exercise then overeat, thinking I can get away with it, obviously I can't though!
- Lee-Anne, NO you smart tart, I did not get Mike up or get his breakfast, or have his clothes ready ...stuff that!
- Wanna_B, Yep, I am a BEAUTIFUL SLACK TART, don't ya just love me!

*HA HA HA*...If I have ever called you a TART, don't please be offended, I mean it in a totally different way to what you might be thinking, I use it as a term on "endearment".... kinda like calling you chick...or sweetie..... well something like that anyway. It's just ME being me....

See my adorable letterbox ? and a really cool cog thingee by the front door.... I just love my bits of metal...
End of another nice day, my muscles are bound to be screaming at me tomorrow, hee hee. I made a yummy meatloaf for dinner, and 2 extra ones to put in the freezer for the big kids to eat while we are away on holiday... anyway, enough yakkity yak from me, nite nite.

Thursday, April 26, 2007


So, good news, Mike got himself a job, finally! Ok, its working in a supermarket.. but it's a job that he can do and make a bit of money with until he heads off to University next year. I'm wrapt, one less useless teenager under my feet during the day... or sleeping all day, which gets right up my nose!

Today, kids to school, walk with gym buddy, housework, ???. later...

Got to make this quick... been walkies, was fantastic.... now going up to the hospital with Steve for his Heart monitor check up and then off to see the Cardiologist.. 6 months since Steve was referred to Auckland Hospital for his Heart Procedure... and we have not heard a thing from them..USELESS BASTARDS !! OOOO bad bad word... and I care? ...ha ha ha, if ya know me by now you've just gotta know I don't !

1st appointment done, Steve can have his heart monitor taken out of his chest soon... this is great.... it's battery is nearly dead.... then he can start thinking about applying for the Police Force, hopefully they will accept him.... as long as his health picks up I suppose.... who knows? I think he's kidding himself thinking the Police will take him on when he has dizzy spells and blackouts randomly!
Shortly (1.30pm) we go back to see the Cardiologist...

WHAT THE F*#k ??? After 4 years of medical tests, ECG's, Blood tests, x-rays, medically inserted Heart Monitor in his chest, endless visits to the hospital etc etc, "THEY" have decided the problem is NOT HIS HEART.... but Postural Hypotension... which they can do nothing much about! I am beyond pissed off.... my son has been put through hell for "something" they can do nothing about.... and now they are trying him on some medication to try to stabilise his blood pressure... BUT it may not work! Oh great.

Ok, I'm hugely relieved his heart is actually fine and they are not going to go in there and dick around with it... but at the end of the day we are back to square one. *HUGE SIGH* As for how this will affect his getting into the Police Force, I have no idea! Will cross that bridge when we get to it I suppose. I feel really sorry for him, he's just feeling FLAT I think.

Now, just in case you thought I was "normal" .... I was walking this morning with my gym buddy and lying on the side of the road was the "thingee" below... and I just couldn't leave it there, I love random metal tools and stuff... so I picked it up and proceeded to carry it for a further 4 kilometres back to the gym! It is quite heavy... but nevermind, it will look neat hanging from a tree or on the fence! It will just add to the weird collection of metal shit I already have littered around my yard. My letterbox is made from a D85 Bulldozers' crankshaft and a metal tool box... my brother Vern made if for me... my Dad was a logging contractor for 45 years, I have quite a few bits and bobs from his machinery! I'm weird, I know.

Too funny, got two ladies telling me what my "thingee" is, and both say different! ha ha ha.

And Livy, my house in NOT immaculately clean .. far from it! It's too bloody big for me to keep it immaculate! 5 bedrooms, 1 study,1 huge rumpus room, 2 baths, 3 loos, 3 showers, kitchen, dining room, lounge, laundry, and double garage... I need a housekeeper! One day I might find the right one.

Better sign off before this turns into a bloody book... nite nite.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Well, it's another holiday today ... ANZAC day, when we remember the good guys who died in the world wars...

I'm off to Spin class this morning... rang at 5.30 am monday morning to ensure I got a place! And I've got a darn sore back, high up between the shoulder blades... no idea why, but I'm not too happy about it, might just take a pill to help it.


Am I mad? Cos I just LOVE LOVE LOVE the RPM (spin cycle) classes !!! It is hard, don't get me wrong, very hard on the fanny too, (ha ha), but I can't get enough of it.... they have a class every week day morning at 6 am, and I'm thinking of giving it a go ..... I usually only go to a spin class on Wednesday and Sunday mornings at 9.30am, but I WANT MORE!! So, maybe I will....

Today, I've been to the gym, washed the floors, and buggered around with my new computer, caught up on the blogs I read (far too many) and now Stew and I are thinking about getting out into the yard, mow lawns, clean deck etc etc.... It's a beautiful Autumn day...

I've just finished waterblasting the deck... it was kinda yukky... Izzy is not a girl who tidies up after herself.... dirt and dust balls, blonde hair everywhere, and it wasn't mine!

Next thing today.. off for a drive to Woodville, maybe the windfarm and windmills.... anything to get outta the house for a while really.... later...

There's me foot again, under a humongous windmill... awesome things, soooooo huge! The make this noise.. WHHHHHOOP, WHHHHHOOP when the blades turn, not super loud.. just like HEAVY? It is hard to explain just how big they are, except that it would probalby take 15-20 people linking arms to surround the base! And it was friggin cold up there on the hills....

Home again.... had seafood rissoles and (chips.. shush) at Woodville for a very late lunch... so shan't be needing dinner at all.. this is good. Ok, the chips weren't , and I shall have to do some serious exercise to justify having them, but ya know I will !

Right, been super lazy for the rest of the evening, too much friggin food mid afternoon ... didn't have any dinner, just was not hungry. Just had a lovely sauna to help with the sore back, which is feeling heaps better.. and now I'm going to go read in bed.... ahhhh what a life! nite nite.

And Wanna_B, hope to catch up with you tomorrow ok. And Lisa, I don't mean you !

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


I have finally figured out this new computer, and last night Steve spent about an hour and a half trying to get the webcam thingee working... and couldnt.... then I had a play around and TA DAAA, it now works! Did feel very clever!

On the diet front.... I suck big time! I think I've gained this week... I havn't been THAT bad with food, but not that good either, and I am sure I am holding onto water (good excuse) and also.... building muscles.. and don't they weigh more!!! Anyway, I feel a bit yuk, so will try to do better this week... I'm NOT getting on the scales... that will just piss me off big time... usually if I see a gain I go nuts and eat even more! Weird but true.

Today: off walking with gym buddy Janet, then off into town, got a few things to get done.

TODAY STEVE IS ***20***, oh my god, that makes 5 of my kids in their 20's...... I'm old! Nah, the numbers mean nothing, you are as old as ya feel, and I FEEL 25 ! And that's where I'm staying! I have to make homemade pies for dinner, birthday boy's request... hell... I make the most delicious pies! Lots of pastry and yummy fillings... will probably post a photo once they are outta the oven ! later...
Well, had a lovely walk, cloudy here but no wind so perfect for walking without getting too hot. Had a sauna at the gym as well and now am off into town to do a few jobs... then it's into pie making!
I havn't made my pies is what feels like years.....poor deprived family...

ABOVE: Steve on the day of his birth.... friggin kid was 10 pound 12 ounces... and he hurt like hell I can assure you! I'm the one who should be getting the presents I tell ya!!! And man was he ugly!!! So big and FAT... he was covered in bruises .. all down the side of his face, head, shoulders and back..... took about 3 days for all the bruising to show up! And, I had him 100% natural, no pain relief, no stitches, NOTHING! I am built for babies man.

Now, on to making them pies... mince and cheese and steak and ham..... droooooooolllllllllll ...

NOW I remember why I havn't made pies in so long... they take ages and are a lot of work! Two and a half hours it took to prepare them... and now my back is killing me... and I've gotta go get the kids from school..... then I can put the pies in the oven....

THE PIES !!! I used a stamp to get the wee pig picture and words on the top... It says "Hogs and Kissess" and has three pigs in a row... too cute!

Well .. they were lovely, and Steve did appreciate the effort, so that's the main thing... now we gunna eat cake ...

Ok, had one piece of cake, that's all... had a nice evening and am now heading off to bed.... the big kids are in the garage having a few drinks..... god help them if they keep me awake! nite nite.

Monday, April 23, 2007


You've gotta know.... today if a fantastic day! Kids are off to school, HUGE sigh of relief.....
I've got sore abs from the workout yesterday.... this is good!
AND ...... My wee dog Izzy if finally a real "girl".... she's got her first "period".... hee hee he! It was really exciting to finally "see" that, I want to breed her, so it's kinda essential she gets into the swing of things eh? So, in another 9 months or so she can be bred..... whooo hoooo.

Above, a really lovely photo of the pigs.... oooops, I mean Steve and Lisa.... they are staying at her grandparents house at the moment..... no mess upstairs in my house! Anyway, I better get going, make a start on the day.

Above: Huston, my eldest Daughter's eldest son, has turned *5* and is off to school today too ! Hope Amanda doesn't cry like a baby! I've told her to drop him off and RUN !!! Sound advice I reckon... if the kid cries you just have to! He is wearing his bike helmet... he had just learnt to ride a bike with NO TRAINER WHEELS and was thrilled with himself.

MANDY, and everyone else.. I DO LOVE MY KIDS, really I's just that I am sick to death of them! Imagine having little kids (and big ones) in your face for 28 friggin years already!!! I never seem to get a whole day (24 hours) without someone needing something, or bitching, or fighting with one another, or needing to be fed, dressed, entertained..... get the drift? You out there with one or two kids..... have no idea what it is like to have 8 !

Now, with that said, I'm outta here, got to do the grocery shopping before we all starve!

Shopping - DONE, and I didn't spend as much as usual! This is good. Back is killing me - this is bad. Mike helped unload and put it all away - this is good. Trying to get all my favourites on my new computer - this is just a pain in the arse!!! Talk about time consuming.... before I know it , it will be time to go get the kids from school! And I feel like I've gotten nothing done today! Will have to get my butt off to the gym tonight for sure! later...I just coughed..... and it bloody hurt me abs!!! I HAVE ABS????

I must be into photos today ! Here's me "baby" Mike.... he's about 6 foot tall, and skinny.... plays rugby, indoor netball and not much else! He wants to go to Auckland University next year to train to be a Physiotherapist, until then... he's looking for a job.

I was really hungry a while ago, was going to make ham/cheese toasted sandwich (or two), but resisted the temptation.... and had a bloody banana instead! It's all good.

For all you POOR buggers out there.... NO.... I am not going to inflict photos of Izzy's rear end on you !! Have some decency.... she's a girl right? WE are very selfconscious ya know! And I've had a sandwich, alrighty?

HUMPH... didn't get to the gym afterall, been mucking around on the new computer all evening, talking to my daughter over MSN, trying to get the webcam up and running... not having much success there yet... Steve is working on it as I speak.... ooops, write. LOL

Might join Stew upstairs for a jog/walk on the treadmill soon, need to get off me butt! Nite nite.

Sunday, April 22, 2007


6.30 am, Sunday morning...WHEN OH WHEN are these two kids gunna sleep in?????????
I'm up, Stew's in bed having a sleep in, don't expect to see him till at least 10.30.... hope I don't kill the little buggers! Honestly, I am so sick of not getting a sleep in ever....

And I'm feeling FAT again... I feel like I've gained masses this week... better go take my piddle pills, that might help.

Plans for today? NONE ! Except I have a session at the gym at 4pm, spin and abs workout, might do the weight session too, that should perk me up. later...

Well, it's much later... and I got INSPIRED by Chubby Mum, she who just got a new laptop....and decided to go get a new one too!!!! When we go to Australia I can take it with me.. wooo hoooo. I use one of Steve's laptops, but it can't be folded down, got broken so has to stay "open" all the I have me own !!!
There's nothing like retail therapy to lift the spirits eh? Heeee heeee he.

Once Steve has it all set up I shall take another photo.... it's too cool, it has it's own homebase set up, printer, built in webcam, remote control ... don't know what else! But I think I love it!!
Steve is standing like a dork cos he's got a sore knee... there's a tear in me eye..... truly !

Isn't it pretty? shame it's not PINK .... *BIG SMILE...LITTLE CHUCKLE*

Righty ho, I'm going to get ready to go to the gym... Personal Training Session, spin class, ab class, weight class... will be back later....

Had an awesome session, did all my weighs, then moved on to the spin class, 45 minutes of pedalling like crazy.. then a 20 minute abs session... which I find very hard due to having had 6 friggin kids (self inflicted I know, I know).... now I'm home playing on me new computer... heee heee he.

Stew is cooking meatballs and spagetti for dinner, smells yummmmm. What's on the telly tonight? Cos I'm gunna curl up and watch some soon... unless anything really exciting happens, that's me for the day... nite nite.

Saturday, April 21, 2007


It really is a lovely day! Two more sleeps till the kids go back to school.... no more endless arguments, demands, grizzling... oh yeah!

Last night I joined the 10 week challenge set up by Chubby Mum... she's in my side bar somewhere! I am going to try and lose 500 grms a week for the next 10 weeks, and I reckon I can do it, even when I'm on holiday! We will see! It would be nice to see "I'VE LOST !!!" a few times on my blog!!! Maybe I can practise it ???? I'VE LOST, I'VE LOST, I'VE LOST !!!! My bloody mind, ha ha ha.

Today, I'm walking into town again for the WW's morning tea, not that I go to WW's at the moment.... feels great too !

I have been tracking visitors for the past 2 weeks... and I have over 250 readers per day at the moment.. who the bloody hell are you !!! I have readers from about 29 different countries, as far flung as America, Canada, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates,Portugal, Japan, Brazil, Turkey, Iran, China, South Africa, India, France, England, Austria, Macau, Equador etc etc !!! Not to mention about 60 girls in Australia and 60 in New Zealand !!!! Come on now, send me a comment, say "HI" , I don't bite ! MUCH. And you Americans !!! There is about 80 of you....???

Come on you buggers, you are not coming outta the woodwork... Shy are we??? Don't worry, I forgive you...LOL

Above, Lisa's new hair colour, in the right light it is kinda red/orange/blonde .... hmmmmmm.

went shopping for my Mum's 70th Birthday present, that's the main reason we are going over to Australia... it's her birthday ...... she should love this massaging cushion..... I WANT ONE !
Had a nice catch up with the girls this morning.... tried a different coffee shop from our usual.... was ok if ya life your hot drink in a glass ? I don't.
Not much else on right now, feel a bit yuk, morning tea is repeating on me for some reason.... not nice. Acid reflux, havn't had this in years!

Whoops, I've been a bit quiet this afternoon! We went back into town and got New Pyjamas for Griffin and slippers for Brylee... Griffin hasn't taken the PJ's off since! I've felt a bit 'flat' this afternoon, not sure why.... might be gym withdrawal? lol.... dunno, just a bit blah.

Can't be upbeat all the time I suppose.... I am only human, have my ups and downs ..... just like everyone else. Just had steak and chips for dinner, it wasn't even nice... but I ate it anyway. Derrrr. Watching American Idol.... it's ok. That's about it from me, nite nite.

Friday, April 20, 2007


The RPM classes at my gym are so popular you have to ring and book a place... and you can only do that 2 days in advance of the class you want to attend.. the gym opens at 5.30 am, and I usually ring at around 7am, and today I missed out on the sunday mornings class - again! I am pissed! I hate the idea of having to wake at 5.30 in the friggin morining just to make a phone call... but obviously I am going to have to....

TODAY: Weight class at gym, go to Travel Agents and pick up all the tickets, motel bookings etc for our trip to Australia. That's exciting!
I'm forward to going, but am going to miss my gym and blogging! I hope I can find a few internet cafe's over there to update on, I'd hate to just dissapear for 16 days! Anyway, it's freezing here this morning, I'm not looking forward to riding Abie to the gym,might be time to find some warm long trousers to wear over my gym pants.... brrrrrr. later...

Weight class was... challenging! Osi, the instructor hovered over me the whole time, the shit, and made me do every single repitition.... ouch! My arms are soooo sore! Is this good? YES !

We have almost everything sorted for our trip, only waiting for the train details to be rectified... they got them wrong, and then it's all set! So exciting!! I have been to Australia a couple of times, Stew only in transit, and Brylee and Griffin have never even been on a plane before, so It's a huge adventure for all of us really.

Below: Two tarts on MY blankie!!! Ain't they cute!

Brylee treats Izzy like a baby, and wraps her in my blankie.... how can I be cross when she looks soooo adorable? Izzy just loves soft toys, so we have to keep an eye on her cos if you turn your back she sneaks off down the hallway to pinch a toy out of the kids rooms!
Nealy lunchtime, so better go get the little buggers some food I suppose.
Now... for all you nosey buggers in Aussy: if you are thinking "OOOOO might be able to say hi to Chris" ... send me a private e-mail and I will give you our itinerary, then if you want to come say hi you can! I would LOVE to meet some of you! Already got one girl in Brisbane lined up (Hi chick !) who may be able to pop in and say hi.... this is neat! Evenings are bound to be quiet with two littlies in bed and us twiddling our thumbs! later...
I forgot to say, we are in Gold Coast, Coffs Harbour and Sydney, only 1 day in Brisbane.
Steve just hobbled in to feed their cat, hurt his knee yesterday... and looks filthy... obviously no clothes cleaning going on at his temporary "home"..... yik yik. And he's now sporting yellowish hair.... home dyed job... heard from Stew that Lisa is sporting some weird new colour as well.... nothing better to do? lol
Ahh, it's friday night, the blogging world has gone quiet! Me too, I'm off upstairs to have a sauna.. nite nite.

Thursday, April 19, 2007


Warning..... warning.... it's getting cold here, so my mood is bound to change! I HATE BEING COLD, and I have virtually NOTHING to wear! All the clothes in me wardrobe are too bloody small.... who's fault is this? MY own I know, I better bloody well keep up this positive attitude and lose a few more kilos FAST.....

Today: now let me think.... GYM !!! then housework..... and who knows what? Ya just never know in this bloody house... GOT TO LOVE IT !

Hee hee, just back from the gym.... I have been given *4* free personal training sessions over the next 2 weeks as a "thank you" from the personal trainers for giving the "Weight Loss" speech to their clients... HOW LUCKY AM I !!!! WOOOO HOOOOO.

I AM A LUCKY LUCKY TART... FOR SURE ! Now , where was I... oh yeah, gunna go clean the 3 friggin toilets in this house.... yep, I'm really lucky ! lol

Grrrrr, I've been trying to put another photo on, but it just won't work! So anyway, I GOT MAIL .... I was sent a CD from a lovely lady in England ( and it's the latest Weight Watchers cd, with trackers, tips etc etc.... I have already put it on my computer... so cool ! THANK YOU Linda.. now I have your address..... watch out! I got a little thrill when it arrived... I was holding something sent to me from a fellow Blogger..... all the way from England no less ! How neat is that?

Mike has taken the kids to the school for a play again, it's so quiet! I'm still cold... struggling to drink my water and (shush) diet coke..... hopeless in winter to drink enough.

6pm, been a quiet afternoon, Mike had the kids out for 2 and a half hours! Wow, they are tired. Great! Lamb chops and veges for dinner, cooked in thick mint sauce, soooo yummmm, my mouth is watering just thinking about it!

Then might have a sauna to warm up before watching some evening telly snuggled up with me blankie.... awww I'm such a sook! Blogger has been "eating up" me photos .... the shitty thing. Hope it's better tomorrow!

Nite nite.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


With only 1 hours notice that I was accompanying Stew to a "business dinner", I did pretty well! I even found a babysitter cos all our teenagers were otherwise engaged... we have NEVER had to get a babysitter for the littlies before ! The lovely wee girl next door came over, Brylee and Griffin loved her and told us this morning that they want her to come live with us... how cute.

Now, the dinner.... turned out to be a HUGE affair, it was the 2007 Business Awards Presentation Dinner..... everyone was dressed to the "nines", long evening skirts/dresses and friggin suits... and I had on a cute wee SHORT dress ... and I laughed my head off! Once upon a time I would have curled up and died of embarassment,but not last night, I just had a ball ! I even had a man (very yummy) hit on me, he even kissed my hand....ok , ok he was pissed as a chook, but it was funny. The meal itself was superb and I partook of everything cos it was not greasy and awful, and I had very respectable portions I can assure you.

Ummm, alcohol.... I had bubbly wine, I had probably 5? glasses.... and I was pleasantly tiddly by the end of the evening... it was FUN... and I don't have a headache now! Tooo cool!
Now it's time to get my butt outta here and go to RPM class at the gym... feel like it too. later...

I went to the gym, fuck it's cold on me scooter!.. and I did the full weight session, followed by the RPM class, followed by another weight session..... I'm ON FIRE !!! I havn't felt this good in weeks!

I'm a bit cold now, cooled down and might just have a sauna... hee hee... I'm a lucky tart! Loving life, loving my attitude, loving all you girls out there who give me so much support...

AND.. I've found a name for me trusty wee scooter ... "Abie"... WHY? COS it gets me from "A" to "B" derrrrrr. If you can come up with a better one, bring it on.

Had the sauna... bliss... sent Mike and the kids off to the school for a play .... went and bought some plants for some empty pots in the back yard.... and then.... for the first time in months I had a horrible moment when my blood sugars dropped too low and I came over all hot, sweaty and faint feeling..... not enough food in the belly!

So, I'm now eating a bowl of my yummy vege soup, but it might not help cos it's got no carbs in it... I will wait 20 minutes and see how I feel, ain't feeling too bloody good right now that's for sure!

Poor Stew got home from work... and I immediately had him outside in the freezing cold potting plants! Done now though, and I'm happy with that!
He's upstairs now having a run on the treadmill before dinner... tonight we are having pizza, cos I'm a lazy tart! I shall try to have just a couple of pieces! I've had VERY low points today so won't feel too bad about that!

Nice dinner again! Freezing again... heading off to my bed, got the electric blanket on.... watching ER in bed... yee haa. nite nite.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


I was sooo tempted ... last night as soon as Stew went upstairs to do his exercise routine.. all Icould think of was heading into the kitchen to find "something" to eat.... like I have been doing for months now... AND I DIDN'T DO IT !! I resisited the temptation, I did not need it, I did not want it, I AM FINALLY ON TOP OF THIS AGAIN! YEE HAA, WHOOP DE DOO, AND ALL THAT!

I feel like I've found my motivation again, god knows where it came from, I am just grateful it's back! Perhaps getting scared shitless over the smear result made me think about my overall health and wellbeing again seriously, whatever, it's all good.

Talking about that smear.... I went to the Women's Health Collective for my first test.. they said they would ring me with the results as soon as they came in, irrespective of the results... and a copy would be sent to my own doctors as well. I rang them mid last week to see if my results were in and they said "No, we do not expect them for another 2 weeks at least".... and THEN my own doctor rang to see how I was as he had seen my results! I AM STILL WAITING TO HEAR from The Women's Health Collective with my results from them ! How bad is that? They MUST have my results, so why havn't they rung me? I'm going to give them HELL when they finally decide to ring me I can tell ya! Just thought I'd share that bit of info cos it's gunna be fun when they ring! haa ha ha.

Mandy: no, the results are just from my first smear test... I have to go see the specialist on May 3rd for the follow up tests.

Ty ( gave me an award! So now I have to (if I wish) pass it on to 5 other fantastic bloggers... so here goes:

The Rules:

1. If, and only if, you get tagged, write a post with links to 5 blogs that make you think.

2. Link to this post ( so that people can easily find the exact origin of the meme.

My 5 fantastic bloggers are:

1. Sue ( , cos she rocks, is an inspiration with her motivation, and she's NICE.

2. Helena ( , cos she is just bloody amazing!

3. Lyn (, cos she is an awesome lady, who is on the road back from hell! And she's bloody nice too!

4. Kek (, cos she is an inspirational fitness freak (said in a NICE way!), and I appreciate her input.

5. Half of Me ( , cos she is literally half the person she used to be, and she writes fantastic stuff, and makes me laugh!

So, there you go, 5 bloggers who inspire me, motivate me, make me laugh.. and I love them all !!! Awww.

Bugger me, the Women's Health Collective nurse just rang... I got in first and let her know that I already had the results last week and had also made the specialist appointment... I wanted to have a go at her... but at the end of the day I just couldn't.... damn I must be nicer than I thought! Old age must be creeping up on me! She kept saying she'd just got the results herself, so I gave her the benefit of the doubt. Ah, onward.

Wow, it's turning out to be a fairly quiet day here! Been up to the Drs to pick up more piddle pills (essential) and make a hair appointment for 2 weeks time, something to look forward to!


Yes, it can be quiet in my house! Got the kids a new playstation game... ha ha ha ! Bliss.

Stew just rang, he's had a cancellation on the dinner he's got on tonight, so I'm going! Fuck, what to wear!!! better go get beautiful.. have 1 hour to shower, dress and put some face on... yikes, what am I doing on the bloody computer???

It's 11.12 pm, we just got home, had toooo much wine.... hee heeeeee, going to bed to do something evil to Stew... heee heeeee...nite nite.

Monday, April 16, 2007


Left Mike in charge of the dog yesterday... she didn't get fed, no fresh water, no walk... piles of shit everywhere... I am pissed as with him! We are going to Australia for over 2 weeks shortly and I was hoping I could leave him to look after my dog... looks like I'm going to have to put her in a kennel, something I hate doing... GRRRRR !

I was stewing about it all night, that's how riled up I am, and on top of the other stresses right now, I DON'T NEED THIS ! Izzy is very important to me, and his not looking after her has made me sooo mad! Teenagers, I could shoot everyone of them!

OK hissy over.... I'm off to the gym again this morning, Mike WILL HAVE TO GET HIS ARSE OUTTA BED and watch the kids for me! Weight programme this morning, then some cardio.

Feeling great about my motivation and attitude at the moment, don't feel like I am going to slip up today! I've already taken Izzy for a lovely long walk this morning, so I'm off to a great start.

Jules, no I am not doing C25K, just trying to add a bit of jogging into my day... I'm hoping it will help whittle me thighs down!

I got to the gym for my weight session, and today I managed to leg press 150kgs!!! When I started the weights (not that long ago) I could only do 90 kgs, so I'm wrapt with that! All the other machines have gone up in weights too, I'm a machine I tell ya! Felt a million dollars till I got home... and found Mike asleep on the couch in the lounge with Brylee and Griffin playing on the playstation in the kitchen! I was so mad I cried!

The I rang Stew and made him feel awful too.... got to share the misery around eh? My way of thinking , if he is pissed off enough at Mike he might sort him out! And Stew hates it when I cry.... I hardly EVER do, so when I do it's a big deal. I'm still feeling super upset... but I will get over it....

I just rang the specialist... who hadn't even got the letter of referral from my doctor yet.... and I have an appointment already! MAY 3rd, 12 noon.... and I had a lovely chat to his nurse too ... what a neat lady, and I'm feeling not so nervous about it all.. they may not even need to gas me (I was thinking they would have to ... to help relax me) ! So that is sorted...

Before I forget.. weight today: 86.7, up .200grms over 2 weeks (Easter), so am happy with that! I am gunna have a LOSS next week you just wait and see!

Brylee looked bored... so gave her a job, which she loved! Won't hold my breath expecting her to continue loving it!

I'm feeling ever so virtuous, I'm making vege soup! Havn't made soup since last winter.... and I have a roast of beef in the oven too! Gawd, I'm on a roll.

Wanna.b.slim and Aaron'skiwigirl, thanks for the "yak" today, it was neat!

Lynise: thanks for the offer of caring for my Izzy, if you wern't so far away I would consider it mate! You are too far away though me thinks!

Steve came home this afternoon and he has offered to make sure Izzy is cared for.... by doing it himself.... there is hope for him yet! Awwww. He's had a bad day, blacked out at work, then hit his head and knocked himself unconscious! He's off to see them at the hospital again soon, thank goodness.

Life is not dull around here... which is good I think!

I'm now off upstairs for a bit of exercise, then a sauna, then bed. nite nite.

Sunday, April 15, 2007


Today: we are taking a trip to Wellington.... no reason.... just are! Hopefully we shall meet up with Rachel (blogger) for lunch even.... that should be nice!

It has been weird around here lately, Steve and Lisa are housesitting for her grandparents, and we hardly see them! And I don't have to cook for them... wonder how much they are spending on takeaways? Cos I bet they havn't cooked a single thing! It is really QUIET without them... Well as quiet as it can be with "motor mouth" Griffin still home.... hell he's only 5... at least another 13 years to go...

"Are we there yet? Is it much longer? EVERY bloody 5 minutes... and what does he do 10 minutes from home... little SHIT!

We had a lovely day! Nice trip down via Levin, and on the way back we went "the other way" over the Rimutaka Hills... ewwwww not a nice drive! Too steep for chicken me!

Lunch: we met Rachel and the two of us had a lovely old yak.... it was really nice to meet her again and actually get to know each other a bit more. And I was not tempted to have my "usual" Chinese... soo fattening, I had a plate of salad... which was really nice! Then we popped over to the new Harvey Norman store in Lower Hutt and got Steve his Birthday present... can't say what cos he reads this!, and a new Playstation Game for the littlies... everything was on sale, so that was an added bonus.

I was so chuffed with myself for doing the jogging last night I am going to do it again tonight, and try to do 3 stints this time..... I am feeling really positive about myself and the weight loss/fitness at the moment.... maybe cos I'm a bit stressed and put off my food a bit.... who cares? As long as I don't turn to food and comfort eat!


Well, that didn't work.... I tried jogging after dinner... I gave it 2.5 hours after eating... and still felt like throwing up... so I should have know I can't do that sort of exercise after eating eh? How many of you out there have the same problem? I can only exercise on an empty tummy, that is why I NEVER have breakfast... I simply can't go to the gym with food in me tum.

so, I will just have a sauna instead! Oh how sad.... nite nite!

Saturday, April 14, 2007


Take Izzy for a walk.
Meet my WW girlfriends for morning tea.... no chocolate!
Go to Feilding and have lunch with Stew and da kids, then watch Mike play is first game of rugby for the season.. he's in an under 21 local team. It's the first time he's played outside of school....ooooooo wonder how he will go with the "big boys" ? Hope he doesn't get monstered! Watch out any bugger who hurts my Baby! ( not counting Brylee and Griffin, he IS my Baby) !

Then, ahhhh, who knows, probably get on the friggin computer and catch up on who's doing what!

The above pic is NOT MY IZZY... but it's the exact pose she struck when she saw a few ducks in the river just now!!! Oh my god, where did she learn that? It was awesome to see, she's a BIRD DOG afterall !!!! I'm so proud of her.... awwwww.

Had a lovely catch up with the girls: Anne, Chris, Sandra, Janene and the gorgeous Jorja... then it was off to Feilding to watch Mike.... it was cold and windy... and Mike's team lost ... they just haven't jelled as a team yet.. plenty of time yet. Mike has a few good marks on him... he plays 1st 5/8th, so he's kinda picked on a bit...

Lunch sucked! WE couldn't find many cafe's open in Feilding, so ended up going to their local Robert Harris Coffee shop, what a disappointment that was. I had a vegetable rissole thing, it was cold in the middle and just not tasty and it cost $5.80 ! Daylight robbery! Shan't be doing that again.

Righty ho, time to check out what's happening in blogland... later...It was hard to do.... but I just deleted about 20 blogs I used to read... cos they either had not updated in over a month... or they have never bothered to return the compliment of leaving me a comment.... I try to comment on people's blogs if possible and kinda expect the favour to be returned once in a while.... so if you have never bothered.. you just got deleted! It was hard to do believe me, but necessary cos I am reading tooo many blogs!

I'm off upstairs to do some exercise and then have a sauna, I'm freezing!

I got on my treadmill and thought.."Hmmm, might try to jog" so I did! I managed 2 X 4 minute stretches... awesome for me... I simply hate jogging/running, but it was great to get my heart rate up and feel breathless... gotta be good for you! Then I did a short stint on the exercycle and had my sauna... bliss. I'm now showered and in me PJ's and dressing gown, ready for a quiet evening. BLISS. nite nite.

Friday, April 13, 2007




Let's all be positive eh? Wadda ya bet I've got... warts!!!!
Until I've had the tests I am not going to stress out big time... yeah sure... but anyway, onward.

I am going to see my doctor first thing this morning and get the ball rolling .... and find out exactly what my smear results said....All the nurse said was it was not very good! I didn't even think to ask any questions! Derrrr.

After that I'm off to the gym, I hope to get there in time for the Weight Training session.

Oh Yeah, there is a positive in all this..... I've completely lost my appetite!

Alrighty, Doctor saw me at 8.30 this morning, nice man! He has managed to put my mind at ease a little... said that he reckons I have been "URGENTLY REFERRED" for the colposcopy and biopsy because :

1. I have some abnormal cell changes.

2. It has been sooooo long since my last smear (17 years) that they are not taking any chances.

He is referring me to a private specialist, as the waiting list at the public hospital is about 6 months long !!! Like hell am I waiting that long... I will fade away with worry!!! So, it is all in hand, now all I have to do is wait for the specialist appointment, and that shouldn't be too long.... I hope!

If I bit my nails..... but I don't! Liked the pic anyway, the dorks.

I've been to the gym, did my weight session. . . gunna be sore tomorrow! Got the kids a couple of cute kids movies and some lollies... should keep em quiet today... yaaaa.

My darling hubby just popped home with a gorgeous bunch of flowers.... awwwwww. Think I'll cry now, so many people seem to care!
Have had a lovely visit from Janene (fellow blogger/friend) which cheered me up no end - Thank You sweetie!

Ummmm, found my appetite.. had a yummy WW Meal again, Beef Hot Pot, just as delish as the other one! Gawd I could live on them!
Not a lot happening ... fed the kids all day..... kinda had to eh? Made beef thingees with veges for dinner, ate my share, and have just pigged out on Chocolate M&M's and I don't care today!
Will pop upstairs once the kids are in bed and get on the exercycle for 40 minutes or so. Feeling pretty calm about "things" right now, nothing I can do so why stress?
Walking into town tomorrow for morning tea with the WW girls.... hope it rains. Love walking in the rain!
Oh well, that's me for another day. Nite nite.

Thursday, April 12, 2007


The doctor's nurse rang me, said my smear results were rather bad, and I needed a colposcopy and biopsy asap. No second smear test for me obviously.... straight into advanced tests.

What is freaking me out is that it took all my nerves to go for the smear test to begin with, and to know what I have to do now is making me feel really sick. My niece had this procedure done a couple of years ago, I went with her.... it wasn't that nice.

Now, my tummy is rumbling around like nobody's business, and it's still sore from TOM... and now I'm thinking... "Is it sore cos of my TOM, or something sinister"? So annoying how one's mind can screw you around. I'm probably gunna get bugger all sleep tonight. Damn. nite nite again.


Okky dokkey, I am feeling a teeny bit better today, at least I don't feel like ripping someone's head off and shoving it up their B*M! I have woken with a friggin headache, but can work around that! My tummy is feeling much better, so that's great.

My littlies must know me so well, I swear yesterday they hardly came near me! AND I didn't even threaten to throttle them! I didn't !

Today, it's raining ... so perfect for a walk.... but maybe not right now... I'm gunna wait for the headache to go first. Might just do some housework this morning instead.. don't ya just envy me??? Well, all you buggers who go to work anyway!

Ahhhh, quiet children... gotta love em! Not that they are very good at building with Lego yet, but they do enjoy it and it keeps them QUIET.... and that has got to be worth it. I think, when I think of kids and why they drive me nuts, it's got to be the darn noise they make! I do love my kids (and others too), but find I am getting less and less tolerant of the constant noise they make! Is that an age thing??? DON'T ANSWER THAT unless you are gunna be NICE ! ha ha ha.

We went for a walk along the river with Izzy, it was bloody cold! so when we got home again we jumped into the sauna! Both of these pictures were cute, so they both got put up!

These two kids are complete opposites....he's a little budda and she's just tiny.... I don't know who to worry about the most... him who eats too much and isn't very fit or her.... who we have literally had to force feed for years, but who is quite fit.
I try not to say anthing about their weights cos it can lead to so many problems later on in life.... for now they are OK.

Look what happens with too much time on your hands... ya end up writing a novel.... better go get lunch sorted out and get off this darn computer!

4.45pm... I can hardly think.... my doctor just rang with my Smear Results... not good... have to have a coloscopy(sp?) and biopsy... FUCK FUCK FUCK.... serve me right for having me head in the sand for 17 friggin years....I'm now officially SCARED SHITLESS....

I think I shall go now.... nite nite.