Tuesday, July 31, 2007


No it bloody isn't, go back to sleep! But he didn't.... So Stew and I have been awake since then, and not too happy about it, and the kid (Griffin) has been up watching tv for ages....

Not a good start to the day me thinks... so it can only get better eh? Today: kids to school, walk with Janet and Izzy as long as it isn't raining, if it is we are going to the gym together.

Then I might just put up the Christmas tree! Hope the lights still go... I usually end up buying new ones every year cos last year's ones don't go anymore.. and just where would I buy Christmas lights in August???

Monday, July 30, 2007


Today I'm thinking of my dear friend Wanna-b-slim, who starts full time work today, after being a Stay at home Mom and part-time worker... and I thank my lucky stars I don't have to! I hope she has a fantastic day/week and does not encounter too many problems.

What else: kids to school, walk Izzy, go to gym?, fluff around the house.... got a few things I need to get sorted for the Party still, wrap some Xmas presents, get the decorations out of the attic,

Saturday, July 28, 2007


What is that???? Something I need to focus on that's what! I know I want to lose at least 10 kilos by Christmas, but I need to focus on the whole picture, not just the scales.... so I am going to try and record a NSV every day... it could be something as simple as feeling good about myself that day, or managing to resist a tempting morsel, or increasing my repetitions at the gym... whatever it is I need to acknowledge there is more to this 'journey' than what the scales say!

So, today is a new day, and I am feeling very positive for the first time in ages....

OOOOOO I'm having FUN !!!! I have been up in the attic dragging boxes of stuff out and sorting through it, I have a nice big pile of 'stuff' to give to the girls when they come down next weekend!!! Girls = my daughters !!! YESSSS, I think they are all coming to the party.... fingers crossed.

I'm madly flitting around my house, and everywhere I turn I see dust!! And the mirrors need cleaning, blah blah blah... I know you buggers are not going to be coming and "inspecting" how clean my house is, I KNOW I KNOW.... but I can't help myself!!! I gotta get it at least passable, ya know? So onward..... oOOO have found the Xmas tree and decorations too....

Stew and I went grocery shopping... did not end up bankrupt for a change! Lunch : chicken on fresh pizza bread (evil).. and then the weather turned bloody nasty and it rained all afternoon, the temperature dropped something awful and I curled up in me blankie with a hottie bottle and napped!!!! *Ha ha ha*.... such a granny I am.

Am now checking me bloggity blog.... then will be sorting out dinner..... supposed to be doing nachos, but can't be arsed... will be something quick and simple.

Stew cooked dinner again... we had Lamb Chops .....

mashed potatoe and coleslaw... and I had my first "Non Scale Victory" (NSV)... I did not have seconds, and I only had 1 lamb chop !!! I felt very pleased with myself... it is a good half hour after dinner and I am feeling quite full, so didn't need any more did I?
Plan on a quiet evening as per usual.... barring unexpected happenings... so will say nite nite!
Forgot to wear my pedometer last two days.


I am taking my wallet..... cos I need food eh??? And I think we are driving part of the way then taking the train into Wellington so we don't have to worry about parking in the city....oooooooo today should be nice! No kids, no hassels, just a girly day out. BLISS.

Dreamt about my operatiion last night, no big scary bits, don't think the nerves have hit yet..... but I am fully aware that I could be in for another operation after this one, depending on the outcome of the biopsys they are doing while "in there".... oh joy. Then again, all could be fine and dandy .... so will cross that bridge when I come to it.

Stew's job today? DUSTING !!! Lol, and maybe vacuming..... washing, cooking, cleaning, child care.... oh I am evil.

Friday, July 27, 2007


Well it is! I'm sitting in bed still, thinking..... what's on today? Kids to school, walk the dog, go to gym for RPM and upper body workout.... then??? I could go to town, I could do some housework, shit.... I dunno!

So, we will just have to wait and see...

Thursday, July 26, 2007


Yessss Sir reee Bob, it's going to be a busy day....

Kids to school, walk Izzy, Go to work at Hospice Shop, then take school kids to swimming, and I have no idea how many I am transporting! I offered to provide transport for the school's Elective Programme, and cos I've got an 8 seater they snapped me up! Go figure! Brylee and Griffin are in the Swimming Elective so I should be able to keep an eye on them too, neat.

Now I just have to remember to give them their togs and towels!

LOSEC is a prescription Ant-acid

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


It has been two months today since I got the letter from the hospital saying my operation would be within 1-2 months time... ha ha what a joke! So now my Mum is getting worried... and has insisted I ring the specialist today and see if he can hurry the hospital up.... yeah sure he can! Anyway, I will do this for her *BIG SIGH*.

I'm going to walk into town today if it's fine enough, got lots to do... meant to go in on Monday, and again yesterday, but just didn't get around to it. Walking will do me the world of good, I feel so lardy arsed lately! I stayed up late last night re-reading the last few chapters of THE BOOK again.... I read it so fast the first time I don't think I absorbed all the twists and turns!

CHOOK = chicken for all you Americans/Canadians.

Zanna = ya lazy tart, look on a map ! Ha ha, just joking.... Taupo is about 3 hours north of here, and Sue is another 2 hours from us, so she is 5 hours from Taupo.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


I got to bed at 11.30pm last night, finished THE BOOK, and now in mourning cos there will be no more books .... I tried to drag the last one out, but that's impossible when you just want to know what happens!

Anyway, I feel like crap now, think sitting on me bum for half the day yesterday is to blame, so today I'm off for a big walk with Janet and Izzy, then I've got all the things I didn't do yesterday to do today. Neat, I will be busy...

TOM is due, me nipples are killing me, and I'm all puffy.... JOHN...I stopped drinking Diet Coke for over 5 months, and STILL had fluid retention.... it does not affect me like that, and nowdays I only drink about 2-3 glasses a day, which is awesome for me!

Right, I better get outta bed and get going... I just had a thought... I think I will start stripping the paper off the spare bedroom walls upstairs today! One day I will run outta rooms, but not today....

Monday, July 23, 2007


I've made a list.. cos I've got quite a bit to do today.... I love Mondays! Going to start the day right with a big walk with Izzy, and by the feel of it we have a doozy of a frost out there! BRRRRRrrrr.

What else? Gym, hang tryptic, be home for buyers to pick up carseat and cot, go shopping for odds n sods, and the usual housework.... doesn't my day sound like fun?

Sunday, July 22, 2007


It's 8 am and I'm up very reluctantly... kept getting up through the night to check to see if Hayley (fellow blogger in Aussy) had given birth yet.... grrrrrrr, even dreamed about her! She seems to be still at it....hope all is going well. (just heard, she had a wee girl this morning, phew long labour!)

Today's plans? Painting, reading, housework, nothing earth shattering...


is what you get bending over paintings for hours at a time... so maybe I will not do much of that today... anyway, I've come to a screaming halt... can't thing what else to put on them at the moment.....

Sold everything on Trade Me, people coming today and tomorrow to pick up and pay... yipee...

Still working on the paintings, slowly. Trying to find just the right word(s) to put on them.....so hard!

I have read about half of the Potter book, but my eyes have gotten so tired, not used to reading so much now!

Stew and I were tossing words around all afternoon, I even got out the dictionary and went through that.. and in the end Stew thought of the perfect words for the tryptic.... wanna know???? WAIT AND SEE... ha ha ha.

Now the man is cooking dinner... one advantage of the weekend, he usually cooks at least one evening meal for me. I'm so spoilt.

I have finished the tryptic, now all I have to do is hang it tomorrow then you will see the finished product. Mike is totally engrossed in THE BOOK, and I want a turn... boo hooo! Food today has been total crap, but it's another day tomorrow eh? Going to do lots of exercise and have a bloody fantastic day, so there! In the meantime, nite nite. Steps today were crap too.

Saturday, July 21, 2007


Today should be exciting, I've got 4 items selling on Trade Me, closing today. And they are all technically 'sold' already as they have reached their reserves, but we all know that with these auctions it can go mad in the last 5 minutes or so and the price just goes up and up, so fingers crossed for some fun this afternoon!

Being saturday, I'm off to WW and morning tea with my girlfriends, so should be a nice morining. Then it will be back into my painting... next phase .... it takes time for sure. I am so impatient I was using my hair dryer last night to get paint dry!

Thursday, July 19, 2007


WELL ... IT IS!!!

And I'm off to RPM again... hope we get a better instructor today.. no...let's be positive, we will !

I finished yesterday on a high, I managed to stay on track and went to bed happy with myself for the first time in ages. After RPM I am going to come home and get started on my new paintings... all three will be 'on the go' at the same time, such fun!

NEW RAINBOWS....where did you go???
I just had the BEST MOST FANTASTIC RPM workout !!!! It was sooo good... and now I'm getting my lunch... peas, beans, broccoli, onions and 2 low fat beef patties with gravy... YUM YUM!!!!

Tryptic Base Coat done ! Now for the fun part, tittivating .... hee hee.

LEE ANNE: I promise onions will be off the menu for my PARTY !!!

I have been working on my paintings on and off all afternoon/evening... not done much else! Feeling great, happy with food consumption today, though I did have too much at dinner.... but nothing evil went in my mouth, only healthy food.

Stew is putting the kids to bed as I type, thank god! By the end of the day I really have had enough of them.... sad old mother I am. But honestly, that Griffin is a real handful and Brylee loves winding him up, and he ends up hitting her, so I have to listen to her scream and try and work out what happened. It's usually her fault, though that doesn't mean he can hit her, but what can I do??? I am not going to stand over them 24/7 to stop them fighting. Some one save me!!!

Right, that's me for the day... got more to do on me paintings... nite nite.

STEPS FOR TODAY: 13127, not bad.


Well, let's hope they actually need me today eh? If they don't, I'm going to go look for something else to do, cos I need to be busy and happy ...

Had a gain on the scales, serve me right!!! Ate too much and didn't exercise enough... and I feel like crap now... totally bummed out and pissed off with myself. Eating cos your are upset is always a bad move eh? So I shall have to try much harder over the next week...

I am going to blame it on winter too.... when it's so cold all you want to do is eat warm yummy stuff... certainly not salads!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Firstly: Jules, no $700 on groceries would be for a fortnight, and my weight it kinda up and down.... so stagnant again me thinks. Getting sick hasn't helped cos now I'm finding it hard to get back into the exercise... and I'm enjoying doing some more around the house instead.

That said.... I'm off to the gym first thing today for RPM, my most favourite exercise, followed by an Upper Body Workout. Then I'm off to buy paint etc for my next "project"... tryptic for rumpus room. Not sure on it's "theme" yet... but it will come to me I'm sure!
Thank you to those who have visited Karen's blog, any words of encouragement/support will be gratefully recieved along her journey to health again.

My favourite place (sometimes).. City Fitness.. doesn't look much from the outside eh? But it is huge, it's awesome, has the nicest people working there, and I did an awesome workout there this morning after RPM.... I didn't enjoy RPM as much today as there was a different instructor and she did a so-so routine and I couldn't hear or understand a bloody word she said, so had to just try and follow what people around me were doing.

I then went to Mitre 10 (another favourite place) and bought 3 big sheets of wood to paint my tryptic on... and then tried getting them out of the shop! Every aisle I went down was blocked with pallets or unpacked merchandise, and then my wood fell off me trolley 3 times while I tried to get around stuff, so I ended up getting really mad and yelled "OH BUGGER IT!" very LOUDLY.... That worked! I had 3 blokes run over and help me! So, all in all an eventful morning.

In case you are cringing, I don't give a rats arse about getting mad in public either! It was so frustrating and I'm not the most patient person. Get over it, I never said I was NICE.

Been asleep! Such a Nana I am! Anyway, almost time to go get the kids...

KAREN: Me tell your boss??? NEVER!!! But remember, he reads my blog too mate! (and at work!)

AKG: tryptic colour? Most likely predominantly blue... I LOVE BLUE.

Well, have been out helping Karen (http://positivelyme-kj.blogspot.com/) find out how to put photos etc on her blog... so that was nice.... left the kids with Mike, expected him to put them to bed.... ha ha, what were we thinking? Got home at 8.30 and they were still up. Oh well, never mind.

Rest of the evening should be quiet... so nite nite!


Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Blogger is being a pain and won't let me move my photos....so above is Mike's room before and after with the new curtains...I AM WRAPT WITH IT!
I have a friend, she works with Stew and was diagnosed with breast cancer one week ago.

She has set up a blog to help her get through this, and is hoping for support and advice, fellow sufferers etc to get in touch. So, can you spare a moment to go offer her some support, if you have some experience of this, share it... because knowledge is power and it lessens the fear of the unknown. THANK YOU. Her name is Karen, she can be found at : http://positivelyme-kj.blogspot.com/

TODAY: Walkies with Janet and Izzy, then off to the gym for a workout.

Then, buy curtain tracks and sew the curtains... that should kill most of my free time today, at least till the kids come home from school.
Update already! It's cold, it's wet and I ain't going walking! Might not even get to the gym ... I am going shopping for the curtain tracks then making the curtains... so there.

EMMA: I can't sing! Ok, there is no doubt heaps more I can't do... but I'm too busy to think of 'em right now! My philosophy to life is "Keep busy and you can't get bored".... I hate being bored more than ANYTHING else.

Righty Ho... now what??? I could redecorate next:

- my room (quite large)

- the laundy (boring)

- the rumpus room (huge!)

- the spare bedroom (small)

Decisions, decisions..... in the meantime, I better go sort out dinner.

Gawd I must be a blonde! I have already decided... to paint a tryptic for the rumpus room... something creative next me thinks! And for those who don't know... a tryptic is a series of 3 paintings that 'go' together. Oh what fun!

Dinner was a really yummy mince stew with everything in it.. simple, easy, tasty dinner.

Then Stew and I went grocery shopping.... amazing!!! The place was near deserted, so it was so good to just zoom around and get everything without getting "aisle rage" and leaving mad as hell !!! Must go on a tuesday night again for sure. And we managed to get out without going over the $700 mark for a change. Phew!!!

Am now heading off to bed, early-ish for me, but I'm bloody tired! Nite nite ... STEPS TODAY: 9112, NOT THAT GOOD.

Monday, July 16, 2007


HI CARA! Hope you are up and getting yourself ready for SCHOOL today!!!! *snigger, snigger*.

Stew is up getting the kids dressed, making their lunches and where am I? Still in bed!!! Ahhhh, suppose I better get up and get going, take them to school and then...

- walk Izzy

- go to the gym

- go buy paint

- do some housework

- finish painting picture

Life is sweet today..

Sunday, July 15, 2007


It has been a LONG two weeks, the kids have been very good really, so I should not complain... it didn't help being sick for the first half of the holidays either.

But in saying that, I am so relieved they are off to school tomorrow, I need some peace for me ears... it is the NOISE kids make that drives me up the wall the most. So, one more day.....

Today we are going to start papering Mike's room, goodness knows how it will go, havn't done papering ever, Stew is doing it and he hasn't done any in friggin YEARS!!! So fingers crossed it goes well.... I'm really happy with the paper we got... will show ya all when it's finished (yep, you KNEW that eh?). ha ha ha.

As Mr. Choo so kindly said, we are making a mess! Been out and got a few supplies... now Stew has started on the papering, so exciting! And I'm working on a new picture for the room... oooo I love doing pictures! Must make some for me big kids houses next I suppose... waiting for the requests!

Small mention... Janene is being let outta hospital this afternoon, so that's fantastic news!

Stew is still slaving away upstairs.... hanging paper takes a long time! I'm still working on the picture...
A quiet night ahead I reckon... Mike is off to see the latest Harry Potter movie.. This has got to be one of my shortest day's posts eh? No photo even...
Better go get the kids ready for bed, the little shits are not eating their dinner so they can darn well go to bed.
nite nite

LATE *BREAKING NEWS*... and I am sad... Daughter No# 3 just rang with wonderful news.. she's pregnant!!! I have been waiting for ages for another darling wee grandbaby... but somehow I think I am not going to be having much to do with this one. Her partner hates me.... and I believe he has turned her against me as well... so I'm sad. If you are reading this Daughter No# 3, I am writing this cos I need to get it out somehow, how I am feeling... although as you told me tonight, you havn't read my blog in months... sure indicates you don't care.
And what a bugger! I have just finished putting most of me baby gear on Trade Me....whoops if only she had told me on Friday.

Saturday, July 14, 2007


Right, I'm gunna try not to be down in the dumps, and today WILL be a good day! And I'm not going to drown me sorrows in Bacardi or Food, ok?
You try so hard not to get your hopes up, only to have them crushed, we were told 5 years ago that the move down here would only be for a couple of years....we feel betrayed...like we would have NEVER moved here if we had know we would end up STRANDED here for so long, and that is how it feels, STRANDED.
I have made some amazing friends here, and I would surely miss them if we left.... but this place is not "home" ya know?

Ok, that's it, no more bitching...it can and will be a lovely day, and I am going to morning tea with me girlfriends, and then I might try to find some wallpaper for Mike's room....
Miss Gloss (dietdoll)... we moved here from Hamilton (5 hours north of here) because of my Husband's job, he is an Area Manager for a State Owned Enterprise (without going into specifics).... he manages four Branches in the lower North Island.

I GET FIRST PRIZE !!!!.... I bought this piece of Carrot Cake for morning tea... and then decided NOT TO EAT IT !!! I am kinda proud of myself for that. It is HUGE too, so I get it home and Stew says : "Oh yum, I will eat that, I'm in the mood to eat it".... and I didn't let him eat it either... It can go down Mike's gullet... it won't make him FAT.
So there ya go, I'm over being pissed off and wanting to drown me sorrows in food. YIPEEEEEE.

And now we are going out to look for wallpaper....Found some wallpaper on sale, down from $59.95 a roll to $19.95 a roll... quite pleased about that! Have spent the afternoon trying to get the room ready for papering tomorrow.. but got sidetracked putting stuff on Trade Me..

I know I'm tempting fate, but I'm selling a cot, highchair, change table, and two baby car seats....last time I did that I ended up with two more babies !!!! Hmmmmm..... I AM KEEPING: the porta-cot, double pram/pushchair, good highchair and linen, nappies etc!!! So I have my BASES COVERED !

Righty ho, end of day, I'm in bed watching some corney movie with Arnold What's his name... the bodybuilder/politician guy... anyway It's corney and I'm gunna go, so nite nite.



What else? Fingers crossed our friend Janene does not have to have surgery today....

And I'm off to work again at the Hospice Shop.... woooo hoooo! Not much else to report right now... except certain parts of me body are quite sore.... later....

I went to 'work' ... but really they had enough volunteers for today, so I came home after an hour....I'm not cut out for standing outside in the freezing cold folding up cardboard boxes mate, and that was all that they wanted me to do... for four hours? I do not think so!!!

So, what to do today? Might go..... shopping!

Oi Ya CRANKY tart, you are now on me blogroll, and me hair was looking like that in 1997, not 87! Don't ya just love our CRANKY. . . she is living up to her name for sure..... try checking out her blog in a day or two, once she makes it public again!

Did I mention already how sore I am??? Cos I am! Me butt is the WORST.. closely followed by my thighs.... far out I hate it when all me muscles are screaming at me! Ever tried to go pee and you have to grab the wall and lower yourself SOOO SLOWLY, cos it hurts so much! Not a good look. I feel like an old lady today. And I'm cold and bitchy, so god help anyone who pisses me off today. One lovely thing today, Anne (annesbattletogoal) visited me for a while... so that was nice! Gave me a chance to have a yak, I like yakking!

Dinner tonight was .... Izzy's Birthday Cake! Yummmmm. Izzy liked it too of course! I'm not mad, this was really for the kids sake, they wanted our Izzy to have a cake....

"Real" dinner was lamb chops and veges... highlight of my evening ahead.... CORONATION STREET.... YAAAA! Then maybe a sauna, and then.... me hubby! Dat's it folks, nite nite.
P.S. - Hi Michele!!! Hurry up and get your own blog mate, I can leave you comments, I'm good at that!
P.S.S. : Janene did not have surgery today, they are waiting for the antibiotics to have more time to work... if they don't it will be tomorrow no doubt. She is in isolation in case she is contagious... yep like she's going to go waving her fanny around and infect others!!! Will keep you updated.

Friday, July 13, 2007


I don't usually like fridays, but today I do... cos it means after this coming weekend the kids go back to school.... and I can get back to the gym every day and not have to worry about getting a babysitter.... it's not so easy now that Steve and Lisa are not home... yeah I know.... I wanted them to move out !!!!

Steve is coming this morning to watch them.... I am so lucky! How many guys do you know would come and babysit so their Mum can go to the gym? RPM this morning... hope me bum and legs are up to it! I'm revving to go!

Terri (Steel Magnolia) ... I have been blogging for 10 months... and I LOVE IT !!! It has opened up the world to me, and I have 'met' so many awesome people.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


I just got my second ever Blogging Award, I feel so SPECIAL ... lMAO !!!!

Isn't it pretty too? I love blue.....

Ok, FatBlokeThin gave me this award cos I have :

"The natural ability to converse casually, especially in order to gain an advantage or make a social connection. Good Schmoozers effortlessly weave their way in and out of the blogosphere, leaving friendly trails and smiles, happily making new friends along the way. They don't limit their visits to only the rich and successful, but spend some time to say hello to new blogs as well. They are the ones who engage others in meaningful conversations, refusing to let it end at a mere hello - all the while fostering a sense of closeness and friendship."

Isn't that neat! So, in the time honoured tradition of these things, I shall pass this award on to a few other bloggers just like me! If you are not mentioned, don't go packing a shit with me, I read over 150 blogs a day, I can't give all of you an award OK ????

- Wannabslim, cos she rocks and is always there for me

- Jules (four kids and a fiance), cos she stalks me and the blogs I read... what a tart!

- Carmachu, cos he's funny, and SEEMS to be nice!

- Marshmallow, (Do you have an extra large in this...), cos she is full of amazing advice and is out there in blogland all the time.

Now obviously I could go on and on.... but will stop at 4 cos it is a nice number! Well, 150 is too of course, but I ain't going there!

And now for today: I WILL get to the gym, even if I have to take the kids and leave them in the gym's creche! That would be a first!

I got to the gym... it was friggin hard work, I had to drop my weights down and do less repetitions.... and I still think the above will be my face tomorrow when I wake up !!! My legs and glutes are going to be killing me! Not to mention me arms and chest! Ahhh, must go again! Have booked my spot for friday's RPM.... woo hooo I'm getting back into it!

Oh Dear, my poor friend Janene (blogger and WW) is stuck in hospital .... she has a nasty infection in her groin... so I shall probably go visit her later on this evening... there is nothing more depressing than being stuck in hospital on ya own.. well ok, you are not on ya own, but you sure do feel like you are! So, its a freezing day, and even with the heaters on I can't seem to get warm... fuck I hate being cold.
I went and visited Janene up in hospital, took her some fruit... and marshmallows... and magazines.... she was in a ward all on her own! And get this... she had been made to sit and wait over an hour while they "found" a bed for her! UMMM HELLOO... she was in a ward with 5 empty beds ... go figure. So, we had a lovely visit, even though she was in pain and quite spaced out with the drugs....

Now I'm home, we had pre-cooked chook and cheese on buns for dinner.... naughty me didn't cook. Ahhh can't be perfect all the time eh? Looking forward to a nice cosy evening in.... tomorrow I'm off to work at the Hospice Shop again, hope I don't end up spending too much! Ha ha ha. As per usual, a quiet evening... nothing left to do but drag me man off to bed... nite nite!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


It's all sorted for today, Mike is home and he's going to babysit for me... so I'm really off to the gym today! Yipee, hope I don't end up in pain tomorrow though!

Stew is flying to Auckland and back today.... he's not looking forward to it.... stressful day ahead for him...friggin work eh?

Not much else planned for the day, sounds windy and horrible out there.... hate winter.

Monday, July 09, 2007


Fingers crossed and all that .... I am hoping to get to the gym today! If Mike can babysit that is.... I haven't been for about 2 weeks cos of being sick !!!! I have missed it really, but think my body needed that break for sure.

CRANKYBEE: you are a darling, not many people would be brave enough to tell me to sit down and shut up, thanks for the laugh first thing this morning ! I KNOW YA LOVE ME !!! ha ha ha.

WANNABSLIM: Oh thanks for soooo many jokes to read first thing too !!! Just loved the belly button one!

Sunday, July 08, 2007


I had a wonderful sleep, I did not cough, and now I'm feeling almost 100% again! Ain't that great?

Stew is having a sleep in, and I'm thinking... hmmmmm it's a beautiful day, hope he gets up and mows the lawns today! Poor bloke, never any rest for him.... well, not much anyway.

We have something going on behind the scenes, I'm dying to tell everyone, but if it doesn't eventuate.... I've got my fingers crossed cos if it happens there will be HUGE changes for us. I'm just busting to tell someone and can't ! Don't want to jinx it and all that. But just know, I am soooo soooo excited at the moment about "something" maybe happening.

I'm really looking forward to the PARTY too.... don't forget:

4th August

mid afternoon on

Bring a plate, own grog, a Unisex Xmas Present, any old clothes to give away and a HUGE SMILE !!!

Saturday, July 07, 2007


Spider mate.. there is a huge difference between being sick and throwing up and purging to be slim .... I am NEVER EVER likely to end up bulimic, super skinny and a twit like Paris or Nicole mate!!!!!

I Hate throwing up, I avoid situations that could make me ill like the plauge... I don't even drink to excess just for that reason! Yesterday, if I sounded happy to be throwing up, it was only cos I didn't end up crying or passing out on the loo floor cos I couldn't breathe !!! NO OTHER REASON !!! I can think of better ways to keep the 'points total' down.

I am going to have a fantastic day today, I can just feel it! The new medication is working quite well, I'm still coughing, but the urge to throw up has gone, as has the extreme irritation in my throat that was causing the throwing up..... YIPEEEEE ! I'm off to Weight Watchers then morning tea at 9, thinking about walking into town, I NEED THE EXERCISE for sure! Will depend on if it's pouring with rain or not, I'd be silly to go getting too cold and wet I suppose. Later people's....

Friday, July 06, 2007


Wonder what today will bring? If Steve turns up I'm going back to the Shop again, 10-1 today ....

Did I tell ya, I bought a really neat mirror yesterday from the shop? It had just come in and I saw it first! MINE... for only $30... it's really neat, it's got a boat etched on it! Anything nautical and I want it! I have NO idea where I'm going to put it either.

I sure hope I don't 'spot' anything else today, or this volunteer work is going to start costing me heaps! heee hee he, put me in a shop, what can you expect????

My ability to eat has come back with a vengence, yesterday I was starving all day, and I must admit to eating too much yesterday afternoon

Thursday, July 05, 2007


And you can guess why! Thought I'd be nice to Stew and not keep him awake half the night. It was not a comfy night.

Anyway, onward! I am going to the Hospice Shop today, really looking forward to it to. Grownups to talk to!!! And I will be outta my house doing something different, all good.

Either Steve or Mike is looking after the kids today, not sure yet which one.. but I've got both of them lined up so it is covered.

WEIGH IN DAY: And..... I LOST 1 kilo ....I was hoping for more!!! I mean, I've hardly eaten anything for days, I have been throwing up even !! And a piddly 1 kg gone.... oh well, it is a loss so I should not complain.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007


Yes!!! I slept all night, didn't wake up coughing even once, such a relief.

And I feel almost 'normal' again, still got the cough but hey, I can deal with that. It's normal for me to keep a cough for a few weeks anyway, so all's good!

I have even checked out the latest updated blogs (still in bed) , so am on top of it already today. Yee haa. What to do today? Might just take the kids into town on a shopping expedition, the $2 Shop is the best place to take kids.... oh

Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Things are looking up, Stew is going to work today and I'm going to do NO PAINTING !!!

There is a humungous pile of washing waiting to be folded and put away, so that is top of me list today. I have started to think the constant headache I've got is due to dehydration, so I'm going to try and drink masses today to get myself sorted. I still have the snotty nose and cough, but feel much better today.

What else? I think the gym is still a few days away, so maybe just a mild workout upstairs today for me. The kids have been pretty good about being stuck in the house, entertaining themselves mostly... what good kids eh?

Food: Will be counting points again as of today, am going to try and track track track again.... we all know it works so should really do it. I am bloody determined that by the time we have the PARTY I am really close to the 70's again !!!

Monday, July 02, 2007


I'm feeling much the sam today, so still not better. Stew is going to work for a wee while this morning, but coming home again as soon as he's done the essential stuff.

Griffin is already up watching Dora The Explorer, of yaa... Cartoon Network for the next 2 weeks! There is so little to do around here in the middle of winter for kids... and Griffin can't do too much or he just coughs himself silly. Maybe a walk along the river today if it's fine enough?

Get this, I've eaten very little the past few days, but my weight just went up!!!!! How the fuck can that happen??? TOM??? fluid retention???? I AM NOT HAPPY ABOUT THAT, and sick or not I am going to be getting on my treadmill or exercycle today for sure! I think it has just proven to me how much my body has come to rely on it's exercise to maintain my weight

Sunday, July 01, 2007


Starting to feel better.... you can tell it's the school holidays around here... my neighbours went on holiday and left their teenage daughter at home... so last night she has a party eh? To think, we just got rid of our party makers and all their noise, and now the friggin girl next door decides to have a party and keep us awake! Can't bloody win!

Oh yeah, and Mike decided at 12.30am to go off to Steve's to play some game called Wii.... and came back at 5.30am, waking us up both leaving and coming home again. I am almost ready to believe we are never ever going to get a decent night's sleep.

To all you dear darling people out there contemplating having a gorgeous wee baby (fuck they are cute), just remember this.... THEY DON'T STAY THAT WAY!