Sunday, June 30, 2019


Not much point in posting today really, because it's just going to be a repeat of yesterday.

Except, fingers crossed, there won't be any bare bums.  PLEASE.

So.  I'll be off to get the day started.
If I get a chance, and quite frankly, if I can be bothered... I'll do an update at lunchtime.

But hardly anyone seems to read this blog during the weekend, so meh.  Might not.

Utterly looking forward to tomorrow.  The day is MINE.  

ABOVE:  a funny I saw on Facebook.  I reckon I hid so well they couldn't even see me in the kitchen!  I was there, and in the lounge, the family room, the sewing room ... hell you can eat chocolate ANYWHERE!


5.51 pm:  Finally home from a long day at the Rest Home.
Not quite so tired tonight as I was yesterday, I think having bad heartburn yesterday didn't help me much.

Avoided that today by not having so much lunch.

ABOVE:  I hope like hell I don't become deaf when I'm old!  You can end up getting terribly embarrassed often!  
Just one bare bum today, but thank god, it was on the loo so I didn't quite get an eye full.

Sorry I didn't update after my first shift, I only had an hour for lunch ... it was hectic during my first shift and I was running behind all morning.
So all I wanted to do when I got home was relax and have me lunch.

Now the day/weekend is done... and I'm damn relieved about that.  Tired as.

Not sure what's for dinner, Stew has some chicken breasts out...  I ain't even hungry, having lunch in the middle of the afternoon stuffs up the timing for that.

But, I am sure come 9 I will feel like whatever he cooks.  I'm so lucky he's so good around the house, I've trained him well.  *smiles*

He has done quite a bit of housework this weekend, and juiced a huge amount of lemons for us too.  Love my man. ♥♥♥

And on that soppy note, I'm off to put me feet up, throw the blankie over me knees and look like an old woman!  lol

Saturday, June 29, 2019


Amanda came around last night to introduce us to her new boyfriend, Daniel.

I cooked a lovely pie for our dinner:

 ABOVE:  It was made using left over Beef/bacon and tomato stew.  So yummy.

ABOVE:  So there they are.  Amanda and her new partner Daniel.  They seem very happy.

ABOVE:  They tried my lovely 'tipple' and thought it was rather good.
I might have to hide the bottle next time they come out.  *smiles*

Now, today.
I've got work this morning, and again this afternoon.  And you can repeat that for tomorrow too... so it's a full on weekend of work for me.

Now I just have to work out something for Stewie to do.  Dumm dee doo...  wonder what sports on TV ???  lol

Ha ha, he just said "11 am rugby".  bloody man.

Better go ... stuff to do.  


2.00 pm:  Just had a lovely lunch of chicken sandwiches.  Stew had it all waiting for me when I got home.
Now I get to relax for an hour before going back to work.

At least the afternoon shift is easier than the morning one. 

Yep... so far today we stand at two.
Seriously, I almost cringe when I enter a room now!  It's so embarrassing walking in and seeing bare bums!  I DO knock before entering a room, but so many older people are hard of hearing.  *sigh*

5.45 pm:  Not that happy.  I've had heart burn this afternoon really bad.  Felt sick as a dog.
And my lower back is killing me.
So tired.  
Just have to get through tomorrow then I will have a day off.

I don't know how long I will keep doing this to be honest.  It's hard work and I'm no spring chicken.  Just getting so tired and there's more to life than making money.

THOUGH, I'm only doing this to pay for dental work and ... well.. FABRIC!  lol

So, we will see how long it lasts.  Probably till my back just goes ENOUGH.

It's sign off time.  I'm done for the day.
Stew and I are home alone, both teenagers are out... Brylee is at work and the other one is off with friends.

And yeah, FIVE of them today!!!!!   The last one was really embarrassing too... got an eye full of men's bits.  NOT FUN I can assure you.

Friday, June 28, 2019


The electric blanket went on our bed last night... so good!
We have another cracker jack frost this morning, it's -2 degrees if not colder.
Brrrrrr... glad I don't have to get outta bed yet. edit:  NO FROST!  I got up and flung open the curtains to find the forecast frost was a non event.  Weird, cos it's bloody freezing!

I thought I had a free morning.
But no.
I had forgotten I've got a one off job to do.

So, I shall be out for the morning working for a couple of hours.

When I get home I will do some sewing before heading off to work at the Rest Home at 3 pm.

And then again... I might do some housework... cos your phone has many uses... and one of them is to check out how many dust bunnies are under ya furniture:


That's a bit nasty.  The black thing is a cockroach bait station I think.  Stew will know, he put it there.

So housework or sewing, or both... either way I won't be idle.

AND... It's Friday, and I should be excited for the weekend right?  Nah.  I've got work (double shifts) both days.
Stew will get to watch sport all weekend long without having me give him dagger looks! lol

ABOVE:  Marley has a habit of dumping a toy or ball at your feet and waiting for you to throw it for her to fetch.  

IF you are dumb enough to start, she will keep bringing it back and expecting you to throw it... FOREVER.

So, she dumped her ball on my chair... and then looked at me expectantly.
She should have known better!  I NEVER throw anything for her.  NEVER.

Poor wee girl.  She gave up after about 30 minutes of staring at me.  *smiles*


Home from the morning job... which was a nice easy clean.
But every time I leave there I have wet socks... from washing floors, showers etc.  Now my feet are FROZEN.  And my hands.

Totally gunna sit and just warm up for a while now... and have lunch.  

I've been having porridge in the mornings before going to work lately but oh my, not so good when you are having to bend over heaps!
I felt like throwing up several times yesterday, so today I didn't have my lovely porridge.

As a consequence, now starving.  Funny how your body gets used to a change in diet so fast.  Normally I would never have breakfast, but I have so enjoyed the porridge this past week.

Right... home... got dinner in the oven (a pie), then Amanda and boyfriend Daniel arrived.
So now chatting, eating dinner and so on.

ABOVE:  Thank goodness!  Just one.  LOL

Work was good.  Got all me jobs done and had a good 10 minutes spare.  That's always good.

Right I better go and be sociable.  I'll have some photos tomorrow.

Thursday, June 27, 2019


Sorry, it's not a good news day today.

Yesterday afternoon I found out that another of Coco's puppies passed away, the third one that we know of.

Chico was from Coco's first litter and was an adorable puppy.

ABOVE:  Little Chico as a puppy.  We called her 'Pinky',  till Jackie and family re-named her.  

Chico died yesterday during surgery for ligament damage apparently.  Her poor wee heart just stopped.  R.I.P. Chico.  Condolences to Jackie and family.

I have work this morning.. actually looking forward to it.  First of 4 days in a row at the Rest Home.  I'm doing double shifts on Saturday and Sunday too... so needless to say I might be tired and crabby come Sunday night.  *sigh*

But work is good, it takes ya mind off other shit... and it's paying for the dentist.  Power of the positive and all that jazz.

When I get home I will continue working on the cot quilt.  I'm feeling really happy with how it's looking.


OMG it's so cold...

ABOVE:  Look at that.  OLD MOO... bet ya don't miss New Zealand frosts.

I am freezing, have got three layers on INSIDE the house... and I might add our house is very well insulated.  
When I get to work I will take off two layers and just be in a t-shirt and shorts... cos obviously, they keep the Rest Home damn warm.

1.55 PM:  Home from work, which went well... except for one very cranky old man.

 ABOVE:  Seems just because I'm the newest person there, it MUST have been ME who lost his freakin' shirt!  
He wagged his finger at me and told me off in no uncertain term!  So I just stood there and smiled as big as I could... cos as I tried to tell him, I'm NOT the only person who puts away the clothes.

But no, in his mind it was all my fault because I didn't know who's shirt it was and I must have put it in someone else's closet.  *sigh*

End of the story?  It was found in someone else's closet, and I didn't put it there.  Grrrr.

Just because you are 90+ does not mean you can be rude.  

ABOVE:  Thankfully, a no bare bum day.  Phew.

Now, I'm going to get me some lunch cos I'm starving.

Dinner is cooking in the crock pot, my favourite stew, beef/bacon and tomato.  It smells amazing.

10 pm:  and I've just had my dinner.  That's what happens when you don't have lunch till 2.30 in the afternoon... you ain't hungry at 'dinner time'.  The stew was wonderful, and there's enough left over to make into a pie for tomorrow night.  Even better.

And that's a wrap for today.  I'm watching Coronation Street, then off to bed.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019


Well... I've got the dentist again today. It's not till 2.30 this afternoon, so I have lots of time to stress out about it.

Though, I am not feeling quite so scared this time... cos I don't have to get IV sedation, and I know that once the numbing kicks in it doesn't hurt at all.  And that's what freaks me out the most, anticipation of pain, and well... PAIN. 

Unfortunately my upper gum is still sore from last week's work, so after today's appointment I will need to take a couple of weeks break .

No work today at all... which is nice.  I will do some more prep work on the baby quilt this morning I think.  Keep myself busy *smiles*


I wasn't going to talk about this.
I got some very unsettling news last night.
I'm not actually able to share details.

I hardly slept.
I stayed in bed till 9.50 am this morning crying.
It could all be OK... but it's the unknown, the 'what it's', the pure fear and dread that's getting to me.

The dentist?  Not given it a thought to be honest.

Some things are just more important right now.

So if my blog posts are a bit short, to the point, not interesting, or even missing... just know it's because something much more IMPORTANT is going on.

And I'm really, really shitting myself.

I hope in a week or two I can share ... good news I really, really hope.

OLD MOO:  please don't mention the 'what' in a comment.

As Stew just said to me, it's a shame I'm not working today... I could do with the distraction! Instead I am just stewing, mind is going around and around in circles.

I actually looked at the clock before and thought, oh, dentist in a couple of hours, and my stomach didn't do a flip flop!  That's weird.

I'm TRYING to work on the baby quilt.  But keep getting side tracked. Phone calls. Texts.  PM's on facebook.  Peeps are 'fishing'.  No fish being caught right now sorry.

ABOVE: So I'm so distracted  I've turned up at the dentist's 35 minutes too early!
So let's  just sit here and shit myself SOME MORE. 

I'm so sorry for alarming everyone! Hopefully in a couple of weeks I can say 'False alarm' and all will be well in our little bubble again.  *smiles*

I just had a massive 'wobble' and needed to share how I was feeling.

The dental visit went 'well'... as far as having ya teeth drilled goes.
I'm still alive, I cried the whole way through it again... but the Lavender/Orange and Gerber oils on a tissue that they gave me was lovely.
Quite calming.

Funny how ya expect your face to be blown up out of all proportion when it's all numb eh?  It's gunna take hours to get feeling back, cos I have to get double the 'normal' amount of injections... cos I'm  SUPER SENSITIVE apparently.  Typical... I'm a pain in the bum.

So, I'm starving but can't eat in case I bite myself!  Food through a straw perhaps?

Well... luckily by the time I'd cooked dinner my numbness was wearing off, so I managed to eat dinner without harming myself.

Then I looked at Stew and said "I need chocolate".  So we went to the supermarket and bought some chocolate.

I'm now feeling ill.  And I didn't even have much!  Pffffft.

Will be heading off to bed early tonight, hoping to actually sleep tonight.

Tuesday, June 25, 2019


This morning I have one house to clean, then the day is mine.

I should be home by lunchtime.

I will be making a start on cutting out fabric for the Baby Quilt.  There will be no sneak peeks of it though ... I want it to be a surprise for the recipient.
But it's gunna be BLUE, with a nautical theme.  RIGHT. UP. MY. ALLEY!

I will show you what I did while watching TV last night though...

ABOVE:  I traced vehicles onto sheets of thick plastic.  They are my templates for 'Holiday Time' table runners.

I also had a little light bulb moment on what else I could put on those Holiday Time runners ... but you'll just have to wait till I've finished another one to find out what it was.  *smiles*

And that won't be for over a week... Baby Quilt comes first.

Right, I am going to get outta bed and start my day, maybe in an hour... lol!  I love that I don't have to rush off to work early.


3.05 pm:  Whoops forgot to update when I got home.
So, this morning's job took 3 hours instead of 2, so I got home feeling a bit tired.

Sorted out what to do in the sewing room, then sat down for some lunch, and ummm... kinda had an impromptu nap.  lol

Teenager just arrived home from school.  Don't know why it bothered even going... didn't leave home till 10, and by 11 the school was texting me, then ringing me saying teenager wasn't at school.  *sigh*  

One day real life is gunna bite that one on the arse. Till then... I will just smile and wait. Absolutely no point worrying about it... cos no one thanks you for worrying, you just get it in the neck for 'not respecting them'.  Kids have 'rights' now days, didn't ya know?  

I've got cards tonight, so at some point I will have to sort out some dinner for the family.  Maybe some sausages and left overs.  Easy.

And just like that... I have a layout done!  Relieved... wasn't sure how it would come together using fabric supplied by the person who ordered the quilt.  But so far, so good!
Looking forward to pinning it up and getting some stitching done tomorrow.  EXCITING.

And now I'm going to go and put a touch of 'face' on and get myself off to cards.

Catch ya tomorrow.

Monday, June 24, 2019


This morning one of the Sue's from Hamilton is coming out to visit.
We are gunna go into town (local) and check out the Op Shops, then have morning tea.

So that's gunna be lovely eh.

Once Sue has left I am going to do some sewing... I'm working on a baby boy quilt now.  I have been dreaming about it!  That's a good start.

It will probably take me a week or so to do, as I have to design it, get the layout right before even starting to cut out fabric.  All fun.

Here's a few more family pics from yesterday:

ABOVE:  chilling on a cool afternoon.

ABOVE:  Stew got this lovely, colourful painting by Archer, to hang at work.  Lucky man.  I'm told Archer LOVES painting, and brings home a masterpiece most kindy days.  *smiles*

And that's a wrap for now... I've got a bit to get done before Sue arrives.

Catch ya later.


1.05 pm:  This morning has been just lovely.  Sue arrived bright and early, and we literally yakked  till she left at lunchtime!

I did remember to get a photo or 30!  Thanks to Brylee holding the shutter down on me camera !

ABOVE: Sue always looks so amazing!  She gets a lot of her clothes from Op Shops and can 'throw' them together so well.  Me on the other hand... just tights and a top.  I don't 'dress up' very often.  I wish I was as clever with clothes as Sue is, that's for sure.

Sue  has left now, and I've cooked some lunch for Brylee and I... and now I am going into the sewing room.

10.15 pm:  and no actual sewing got done today, but lots of planning, drawing, making patterns.

Off to bed soon, I will be able to start making a quilt tomorrow.

Sunday, June 23, 2019


Today Stew, Brylee and I are heading off to Auckland for the day.

Thought, why not?  We can see Steve, Bex and the kids, and have a nice lunch out with them... perhaps do some shopping?  Though with all my potential income committed to dental bills for the next 5 months... something tells me I won't be buying anything.  Dammit.

My dream was to save up over this year and buy a little pop top camper, so Stew and I could go tripping around a bit over summer.  But that plan has been well and truly dashed now.

Life never goes as you would like eh?  Stew and I have never had any luck really... constantly tied down by kids/bills and so on.  The saying 'Our time will come' is laughable really.

So anyway... here's the first 'Holiday Time' Table Runner I finished yesterday:

ABOVE:  It's just a wee bit cute eh?  I plan on having at least 4 of these made before my next BIG market in October.  Right before summer.

Do we like it?  Tell me in the comments... while I go swanning off to Auckland.  *smiles*


2.20 PM.... safely in Auckland.  Had a nice lunch at St Luke's mall... then  Bex and I went to Spotlight.  There was a 40% off sale on fabric. 

 ABOVE: I DID get some fabric after all that. Some from Spotlight and some from Ribbon
N Rose.

Funny thing... we drove into the Ribbon and Rose carpark and I immediately saw 'P' from Cambridge! I clean her home on Tuesdays... and she's a fellow FBG'er. 

Then we get to St Luke's and start heading to the entrance, and bugger me... Steve n Bex drive past us looking for a park.  Creepy.  (we were meeting them there)

Now we are spending some time with the  kids before going home.

5.46 pm:  Getting home took a bit longer than usual due to the amount of traffic on the motorway... there was an 'incident' with a camper getting a flat tyre, so it took 20 minutes to get through what would normally have taken 5 minutes.  But, it's Auckland, what do ya expect?

Then there was quite a bit of traffic in various areas on the rest of the trip too.

I don't think I've seen quite so many rainbows in one day!  There were so many I lost count.
The weather was very changeable.  Lots of heavy showers here and there.

ABOVE: And some lovely and interesting cloud formations too.

Here's a few photos of the family up in Auckland:

ABOVE:  just happy snaps.  I've got a couple more which I'll put on tomorrow.

Stew has gone out to pick up Griffin from work, then we are having hot dogs and chips for dinner!  Not inclined to cook tonight.  *smiles*

10.25 pm:  Off to bed now... it's been a nice quiet evening. 

Saturday, June 22, 2019


Gawd, like I don't do enough cleaning all week!
Today I've got to get this house ship shape... and catch up on all the washing.
This past week's been rather wet, so the new clothes dryer is going to get a hammering today I reckon.

If it's a fine day, Stew wants to get the lawns mown.  

Once I've done my housework, I am going to do some sewing... all going well.

By the way, the tooth that got work done on it the other day is feeling good... I'm so relieved.  I can even eat on the right side of my mouth again after a year of not being able to.  How cool is that?

And on that happy note... I'm off to start me day.


So I put my first full, wet load of washing in the clothes dryer, and got a bit of a shock.
2 hours and 50 minutes to dry it???

My old dryer only took 90 minutes to get a full load dry.

NOT impressed at all.  At that rate it's going to take all day and night to get the week's washing dry.  Grrrrr.

Haven't done much else yet today but fluff around the house.  Might have some lunch soon then do some sewing.  Can't sew tomorrow as we are going outta town.

I just booked in my first FBG walk in over a month!  Wednesday morning... hoping it will take my mind off going to the dentist that afternoon?  Think it will work?  lol  Yeah, laughing.

I'm finally heading into the sewing room!   Yaaaa.... and it's 1.50 pm.

ABOVE:  I'm certainly NOT putting it all through the dryer... these shirts of Stew's will take a few days to dry in the lounge, but so what?  We don't use that room much anyway.

ABOVE: And yes, the dryer is in this sewing room.  It's a nice warm place to sit and fold the washing, and I can put it all on the table too.  Handy eh.

Well that was fun!  I got my first 'Holiday Time' Table Runner finished.  I will show you tomorrow... cos right now I'm busting for a piddle, and then it's gunna be dinner and relax time.

And it's also sign off for the day time.  Catch ya tomorrow.