Wednesday, October 31, 2018


I'm probably going to bore you shitless today.

Cos all I'm going to be doing is sewing.

And maybe a bit of housework.

Last night at Cards, I was given this plant from one of my girlfriends (A belated birthday gift):

ABOVE: Aren't they stunning!   They need to be re-potted, so I will do that sometime today.  I have no idea where to put it yet... just hope I don't kill it.  I'm not too flash with keeping inside plants alive.  edit:  I think it will look awesome in the lounge, as I have pinks in there!

ABOVE:  I meant to show you this little platter I made up to take to the FBG meeting the other night too... just found it when I downloaded photos last night.
Everyone was super impressed with it.  I reckon I could get doing platters down pat pretty quick.

I think I will ask Steve to make me a couple of smaller wooden ones now... for taking to meetings/small gatherings and so on.   They are so popular.

ABOVE:  I am ploughing through the 7 tree runners I laid out the other day!
I've simplified them a tiny bit, by not using fabric for the tree trunks, instead just doing a satin stitch with brown cottons.
It's no quicker, but it is less fiddly.

ABOVE: This is the last of the seven runners 'on the go' right now.  I should have it's tree trunks done by mid morning, then I can start doing the small amount of quilting required,  and adding the backing fabric to them.

Then binding. OMG I'm not looking forward to the binding.  It's a shit job.  But, it finishes them off so beautifully, it's worth doing.

ABOVE: This is the 'tankini' I bought yesterday.  I won't look that good on me... but oh well... at least I have something to wear in the pool.  *smiles*  In case ya don't know what a 'tankini' is, it's a swimsuit that's just the top half.  Then you wear separate bottoms.  I shall be wearing cycle shorts.

So there ya go.  Not much happening here ... catch ya later.


12.15 pm: And lol... I've found a third option for the pool position!  Not gunna show you... or you will get utterly sick of me.  *smiles*

I've done some housework, some sewing and even a wee bit of gardening!  Yeah... just dead heading stuff mostly.

I've just have me lunch and am watching a little bit of TV... Home and Away I taped.  Then it will be back to the sewing.

6.30 pm:   Well.. I did tell you it would be a quiet day eh?  I've done some sewing and not much else.
Brylee is at work. Griffin is at a friends.  Stew is home and I'm about to go for an FBG walk.

I think most of the girls are dressing up as witches and the like, as it's Halloween.  I won't be.  Cos I'm NOT an American, and have no interest in 'celebrating' an American, highly commercialised event.  Is it even an 'event'... like, what is it really?

I neither know or care.  I'm just going walking.  In 10 minutes.

There is quite a cool wind blowing, so it should be a nice walk. 

 ABOVE:  Well... it was a good walk, lots of ladies dressed up.  But some of us didn't, so I wasn't the only one.

In one little street a bloke ran out and gave us lollies... he hadn't had any trick or treaters knock on his door!  So he wanted us to have the lollies.  I took some for the teenagers.  
And yes, I look like a bloody chipmunk!  lol

And that's me done for the day.  I'm now freezing, wrapped up in a blankie watching TV.

Catch ya tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018


Today is gunna go something like this:

8 am:  FBG walk.

10 am:  Off to Hamilton for a few supplies.

12 noon:  Lunch with Amanda, Lacy and Kelly.

1.30 pm: Head home... and continue with my sewing.

So, a full day planned.

Here's last night's walk photo(s):

ABOVE:  First time I've walked without my FBG t-shirt in forever.
It was in the wash, and my 'old big' one was just too big to wear!
So, it felt really weird being out there in just a plain black shirt.  Better do some washing eh?  *smiles*

And... that's me for now... off to get ready for me walk.


2 pm:  And I'm finally home again.
The day has gone 100% to plan.
The walk went ahead, even though the weather was looking a bit iffy... it was raining at 7 am, but by 8 it was OK.

ABOVE: Frances, sitting on the swing, was celebrating finishing the Cambridge and Leamington sections of the Urban Challenge.
Quite a few of us have now, and just waiting to do the last few sections in St Kilda.

After the walk I went into Hamilton and bought a shit load of batting (while they actually had it in Hamilton!), a small extra trestle table and a 'tankini' top to wear in the pool.   I already have two pairs of shorts suitable for the pool, so just needed a top.

THEN I met up with the 3 crazies for lunch!

ABOVE:  I gave all three a token sum towards their lunch.   Lacy decided it was a worthy photo op.  lol

ABOVE: When we left I TRIED to get a nice photo of all four of us.  Bloody hell... like trying to shephard sheep!  Those bloody tongues!!!

ABOVE: This was the ONLY one that didn't have a freakin' tongue in it.  *shaking me head*

So anyway, now I'm home and just taking a break before getting back to me sewing.

I've got Cards with the girlfriends tonight... so need to have dinner ready for the family before I leave, better not forget that. *smiles*

ABOVE: Cards tonight was, as per usual, very enjoyable. EVEN though I lost... AGAIN.  

Kids enjoyed me coming home, cos I had lots of left over cakes for them.  Lucky shits.  I had a TEASPOON taste of banana cake.  *sniff*

But I must admit, I'm not even tempted very often to eat anything with sugar in it.  Amazing.

Right, time to sign off for the day.  I'm ready to relax for a while.

Monday, October 29, 2018


I mentioned yesterday we have a 2nd option for the pool's position, this is it:

ABOVE: This option would mean running a power cord under the ground from the house to the pool.
And the pool would have to be at least 2 metres away from the boundary fence, so a kid couldn't get into the pool by standing on the fence.  EVEN though the fence is behind the hedge, there are rules you have to adhere to.

I actually prefer this position... but it just means a few more things to think about.  Leaves from the olive trees could be an issue too.  The pool comes with a cover though, so maybe not a worry?

What position do YOU think is the best??? And give me your reasons too.  (If you didn't see the 1st possible pool position, it's on yesterday's post.)

Stew is home today. He took the day off as a 'rest' day.  I'm glad he did, he works far too hard and hardly ever takes time off.  He should, he has masses of holiday time saved up.

We don't have any plans for the day.... YET.  Let's see what I can come up with (or Stew for that matter *smiles*).



A few days ago I said quite CLEARLY I had spoken to our local council re: if we had to fence the pool BEFORE we even bought it.

They said NO.


Pool fences ARE required for in-ground pools, paddle pools and the like... in fact ANY pool that a small child can FALL INTO.  Clarification.... a small child can FALL INTO a pool that is in the ground or sitting on the ground and is very low.. ie, a paddle pool.

The pool we have bought is ABOVE the ground, AND IS EFFECTIVELY fenced by it's OWN SIDES.

They are solid, just like a bloody fence!

ABOVE:  Left is the pool's sides, on the right is a wooden fence.

Both act as a LEGAL fence.  Any child can scale a fence if they are determined enough.  A baby or toddler cannot.

A baby/toddler or pre-schooler CANNOT fall INTO our pool... it's not in the ground.

So, I do believe we have our facts correct. 
If you have doubts, I invite you to ring the Waipa District  Council to find out for yourself. 
(0064) 07823 3800

*** The ONLY stipulation we have to adhere to is that the pool ladder is not kept by the pool when the pool is not in use. We plan on chaining the ladder to a structure well away from the pool at all times, unless we are using the pool.***

I will not be publishing any more comments that are on pool fencing. Thanks.

I have every right to get cross when I am told I don't know the rules/legalities when clearly I do.  LYNDA, you are not the only person to try and 'correct' me on the facts. Thank you for sending an email to apologise.

And here it shall end.


WEIGH IN.  Last week I stayed the same.
This week?

I had my FIRST GAIN in over 6 months!
Of .300 grams.
So, just a piddle.

I'm pretty happy with that, considering some of the stuff I've eaten over the past week or so!

But, back on track now.

Stew and I are having broccoli and cauliflower cheese, with some cold meats added for lunch.
It's quite cold today, so we felt like something warm.

I'm going great guns on stitching around all the freakin' trees!  I've done 4 runners, just 3 to go.  Then I have to do the quilting (minimal amount), add the backing and binding and boom!  Done. 

Said she,  who knows all THAT will take me till the end of the week AT LEAST.  lol

8.22 pm:  And I just got home from an FBG walk.  It was a slightly longer one, done at a good pace... so I'm a bit knackered.
After sitting on me bum all day sewing... it was good to get some exercise though.

I'm done sewing for the day... I got way more done today than I expected! 

Catch ya tomorrow.

Sunday, October 28, 2018


Yesterday I did these lay outs:

ABOVE:  All different shades of trees, (not a good photo, taken a night, not the best lighting).  I am going to make a start on stitching them today.

That should keep me busy all day.  Well for days actually.

ABOVE:  Also yesterday, we pegged out the pool 'space'... to see just how it will fit in this area.
Well!  It's way bigger than I first thought, but that's good.  Plenty of room to play, paddle, lie on an airbed thingee and just enjoy the summer.

ABOVE:  LOL... I just had to patch the pool photo in!  Looks huge!

So, that's me for now.  Let's see if I can find something else to yabber on about.... later.


2 pm:  Well I've been busy.  Sewing. Then taking Stew into Hamilton for a get together with old school friends (happens bi-annually).
Then Spotllight, where I spent over $60 on thread ... can't sew without the darn stuff.

I bet no one buying sewn shit considers how much the thread costs!  I only got a 'few' as my Mum is getting me some in a sale over in Aussy this week sometime.  Yaaa!

Home now, and I'm going to prepare dinner (Chicken Tikka Masala), then semi prepare a little platter for tonight.

I've got an FBG 2019 planning meeting to attend.  Should be good.

I will need to pop back into Hamilton in a few hours to pick up Stew too... better not forget him! lol

Now... re: the pool's position.  The proposed position is just that... proposed. Not set in concrete yet.
We are considering two places.
It will depend on two things.

Access to power for the pump/filter... which is why we have thought of the above position.

And secondly, how easy it is to see children in the pool from inside the house.  Though when there are small children in it, obviously there will be an adult with them at all times.

The other place to put it would require the power cord being put under the ground.  Something we could do... just have to talk to the electrician once he's here.

So... we are considering our options still.

As for 'mud'... well we will address those sorts of things once the pool is in position.

Lacy has just been for a visit.  Nice to see her getting out and about under her own steam again.  She's bought a cheap run about car... with a PROPER PETROL TANK EVEN!  lol
Remember, her last car's 'petrol tank' was a plastic container in the car's boot!

I will never forget that.

Right, back to the sewing room I go.  I've got two runners trees stitched... but heaps more to go.

And now, it's 10.15 pm and I'm home from the FBG meeting.  It went really well... and my small platter was much appreciated.    

Time to wind down for the day.  Catch ya tomorrow.

Saturday, October 27, 2018


Last night I should have done the hand stitching of the Red and Gold Table Runner.
But I was just too tired.

So, that is what I plan on doing this morning.
It will take me a couple of hours, minimum.

Not sure how Brylee is feeling today, I will check on her a bit later.  She's still sleeping.

Stew and I are trying to have a lie in as well... we are both tired.

This afternoon I am attending my Birthday Afternoon Tea with my FBG friends.  So, that's something to look forward to.  AND I get to wear my birthday dress again... yaaa.  I just love that dress.  *smiles*

Not much else to yabber on about so I will go for now.  Catch ya later.


10.45 am: And it's done. It took me over 2.5 hours to hand stitch down the binding... I doubt I will ever make a 2 metre long runner again! (Well, unless it was a pre-paid order of course)

ABOVE: I'm very happy with how this one has come out, even though the colour/fabric choices were limited. I sure hope Jacqui likes it!

NOW... I can have my shower and actually get dressed for the day! I was determined to get that runner finished before I did anything else. *smiles*

And the best thing is, I can now start making more Tree Runners and Placemats for market.

I just had my Birthday Afternoon Tea with a dozen FBG girlfriends.  It was just lovely.

ABOVE:  I got to wear my lovely dress and cardi again.  
And I am going to wear it all night as we are going out to dinner... just Stew, Brylee and me.
Griffin is having a sleep over at a friend's.
So we don't have to feed him!  Yaaaa.  LOL

Such a lovely day... I got a big job done, I've got more tree runners laid out, birthday afternoon tea, and now off to dinner.


Sooooo.... home after having a very nice meal at ONYX here in Cambridge.  Thanks to Martyn and Jacqui for my Birthday Present of dinner out.

I had a 200 ml bottle of bubbly, it went straight to my head, as I knew it would.  First alcohol in at least 9 months!
It was nice to let my hair down and just totally relax though.  *smiles*

Now I'm going to just do NOTHING for the remainder of the night.

Stew is watching rugby, All Blacks vs. The Wallabies, playing in Japan right now.  He's glued to the screen.  

Catch ya tomorrow.

Friday, October 26, 2018


Last night I said today was going to be different eh?

Well.. this is why:


She's having minor surgery today to cut back her ingrown toe nails.  It's desperately needed as you can see!

She's going to get it done this morning.  I will be with her... with trusty camera in hand!  Blog fodder ... yes!

Well... unless the doctor says I can't take photos of course.

So, that's our morning planned.  

Once we are home, Brylee  has to keep her feet up for at least 24 hours, only getting up for bathroom stops.  So I suppose I shall be her 'nurse'.

LOL ... more likely I will throw her a sandwich as I pass her room!  Hope she can catch.

Clearly I won't be going anywhere else today... so it will be a sewing day for me.
I am going to be working on a Red and Gold Table Runner today.  It's been waiting for me to get to it for a while now!


ONWARD...  And here's a blow by blow account of Brylee's visit to the Podiatrist:

 ABOVE: Her first GROWN UP ACT, signing permission for some bloke to cut up her toes!

 ABOVE: She got to choose what music to listen to... I hijacked that later on  *smiles*.


ABOVE:  Wasn't pretty.

ABOVE:  "Can ya feel this?" ... he made her WATCH! (AFTER it was numb of course!)

 ABOVE:  Reassured, she couldn't feel it.

 ABOVE: All ready to GO!

 ABOVE:  He cut the excess nail out of both big toes, and then rammed that instrument down to her nail bed with acid, to kill off the nail root... so the 'extra' bits won't grow back again.
This SHOULD solve the problem once and for all.

ABOVE:  Done!  Looks way better now.

 ABOVE:  Putting the dressings on.. look rather funny!

 ABOVE:  That was the excess nail from the worst toe.  Quite a lot had to come off!

 ABOVE:  All bandaged up, ready to go home, put her feet up and rest.

Hee hee.. ya never know what you will see on this blog eh?  *smiles*

I just realised what the time is!  I've been working on the table runner for about 7 hours today... and it's still not finished.
I am now about to head off on an FBG walk... be back later.

ABOVE:  Tonight's walk was ... interesting. It was going really well till about 2/3rds of the way, then I had a HYPO episode.  Luckily, I had rapid acting glucose tablets with me, so I had one and within a few minutes I felt OK again.
No idea why that happened, I had a good lunch and I've not done anything different (diet wise) today?
Oh well... just one of those things obviously.

Home now and I've cooled down and am actually cold!  

Watching some TV before settling down to do the hand stitching on the table runner.  That should take a good couple of hours.

Thursday, October 25, 2018


Yesterday afternoon I got ONE trestle table cover made:

ABOVE: The blue fabric is fitted so it won't blow up and away in a wind.  The white topper will be held down by the stuff on the table (or safety pins).
I need to make one more this size, and then two smaller ones too.

So, that's what I will be doing today.

I have a list of things to do in the sewing room... these are top of the list.  

After they are done, I have a friend's Tree Table Runner to finish before working on more for the November and December markets.

It's good to be busy... but I am quite tired!  Sleeping is a bit of a joke at the moment.  My hot flushes have kicked up a notch, now every hour, on the hour overnight.  So I never get a true night's sleep.  Compounds till I am exhausted.  Like now.

Soooo... there might be a 'nana nap' happening this afternoon!

But for now... I'm gunna get outta bed, get some washing on, make the bed, tidy the house then head off into the sewing room.


9.45 am:  I found out what happens when you go to bed at 8.30 pm.  Ya bloody well wake up at 4 am!  Yeah, not fun, particularly when ya can't get back to sleep.

Grrrrr.   Don't think I will do that again.

So anyway, I got up at the normal time, and decided to tidy up my market boxes first off.
Everything pretty much gets thrown in at the end of a market, and stays all muddled up till the next one.
So, it's all tidy now, much more organised.  I even labelled the boxes, so less confusion next time at pack up time.

I've got washing on, all the housework is kinda done, so time to make the next large trestle table cover.  

12.27 pm:  And I'm doing well on my list today!
I have finished the 2nd of the large trestle table covers, and also one of the 2 smaller trestle table covers too.

 ABOVE: This table always has the Placemats on it, so I wanted to work out some way to stop them being blown off in a strong wind.  

 ABOVE: So I tied elastic under the table, and brought it up and over through button holes I added to the ends of the table cloth.  Not bad thinking eh?  That should keep the placemats on.

I ordered a t-shirt online recently.  NOT something I would normally do, but it was just so lovely... I decided to risk it.
And it arrived in quick time...

ABOVE:  I ordered an X-Large, and it fits perfectly, even a bit big!  I just love it.  And of course, I got it in purple, so I can wear it on the FBG walks.  We can now wear any purple shirt ... no restrictions.

OMG just look at those tights I have on! Just a bit baggy around the thighs eh?  Might just thrown them out.


6.30 pm:  Had a busy afternoon sewing stuff and just fluffing around in the house.  The idiot bird has been flying into the window all day long, Stew reckons there's something wrong with it.  I concur.

So, just fed the family and am about to go out for the FBG walk, which is great as B & G are having a massive vocal fight.  Does my bloody head in.  Moments like this I just can't wait till they fucking leave home.

I HATE it when they fight.  There's enough sibling hate in this family already, without them adding to it.

So, I buggered off on me walk to get away from them.  It was a lovely walk, 5.23 kms long, all flat.  Nice.

ABOVE:  I was mid-talk obviously! What a face lol!

Home now, cooling down.  I'm staying up till my 'usual' bedtime tonight, no more early nights for me!

Catch ya tomorrow, it's going to be a different day tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018


OK... here's a different start to the day:

ABOVE:  A little video to 'amuse' you... or not.

I got a text from my niece in Australia yesterday afternoon... she's been spending a few days visiting my Mum in Coffs Harbour (Australia).  They went out for 'High Tea':

ABOVE:  Doesn't it look lovely!  Drooling looking at the lovely cakes and sandwiches.  I am sure they really enjoyed it.

Now today?  I have an FBG walk at 9.30, then I'm off into Hamilton again.  I won't be long in Hamilton, then I am coming home to work on some table runners and placemats.  

So.... catch ya later!


Right, it's now 12.35 pm and I've been on the go all morning.

Went walkies:

ABOVE: Third time doing this particular section!  I wish they would hurry up and post the last few sections, I'm sick of doing the same walks over and over again.

I was given two porcelain birds on my birthday, from my sister in law, Khady.  I found the perfect place for them:

 ABOVE: This is the 3 dimensional picture I made years ago, it hangs above our bed.  I decided the birds would look good added to it...

ABOVE:  I just have to move the little hearts around some more, they ain't quite 'right' where they are.  *sigh*

Just had lunch, and now... relaxing for a little while before I move on to the next project/job.

4.45 pm:  and I'm stinkin' hot and bothered.  TRYING to make better fitting covers for my trestle tables (for markets).... what a fucking shit job.

Just fiddly.  And Marley got my pin cushion (with about 80 pins in it) and took off with it without me noticing.

When Brylee found it in the hallway, in the little bugger's mouth, there were NO PINS in it!

OMG!  I freaked out, thinking she has swallowed all of them!   But, thankfully, I found them all in her pen.  Maybe she ate a few?  Won't know unless she starts crying when going toilet I suppose!

Then the neighbour started mowing his lawn, and for some reason, Coco goes mental and has a breakdown when he does his lawns!  She literally has a panic attack, so I have to tie her up so she doesn't hurt herself.

I've now got a friggin headache and still have to cook dinner.  NOT what I feel like doing.  What can't they just starve? Like, really.

Stew got  home and cooked dinner!  I had marinated pork steaks out, so he did some veges and gravy to go with them.
And that's me done for the day.

It may only be 8 pm, but I'm going to bed!
Just can't seem to catch up on sleep lately.  So, so tired.