Thursday, March 15, 2007


I'm still waiting....

Until THAT starts I just know nothing good is going to happen, my food is still shit, I'm prowling around looking for food all bloody day, and I hate myself. I seem to have completely lost the plot again... I'm bloody useless.

Don't feel like going for a walk today,but I suppose I will cos Janet will be waiting for me at the gym.... looks kinda iffy out there, but the worst of the storm has gone up North, so ...I probably will. Oh Yaaaa......

What else? Am going sit down later and try and work out some mini challenges (food related) for the next 6 weeks.... not sure what yet, but need to focus on something instead of floundering around like I have been for months. I have the exercise under control, just need to get the diet sorted...any ideas?

Well, our walk was awesome! We charged up the bloody hill, was completely breathless at the top, and then Janet made me do three stints of jogging on the way back! I could have killed her, but now that I think about it.... it was great! Haven't given any thought to my challenges yet.... still recovering from the walk!

Ok, I'm in a foul mood, call it PMT if you want, any excuse will do... I havn't worked on my challenges, I've just sat here all afternoon wallowing in it....I had an evil lunch, won't even go there.... that made me feel even worse (like I knew it would ! ), and now Mike has decided he wants to quit 7th Form at school and go to University next semester.... fuck, why couldn't he have decided this a few weeks ago, before we spent $280 on new school uniform for him??? I could bitch slap him , really I could!


And here's Mike and Griffin eating a bowl full of cherrio Sausages an hour before dinner, which is delicious Lamb Chops done in a casserole with veges... humpf ! Why do I bother?


  1. I have one - I'm tracking this week (along with Rachel) how about we come on our blogs daily and list the points we've had - doesn't have to be a list of food but just points consumed at the end of the day. May help??

  2. Anonymous11:16 AM

    Come on Chris, don't make me come over there and kick your bum! Everyone has their up and down moments during the month, and it's alllll part of the deal.

    Forgive yourself for whatever food-sins you commit, and move on - do better when you feel better.

    Take it easy on yourself mate - you need to be your own biggest cheerleader!

  3. hi ya,
    I think the whole food issue is everyone's curse. I find two things that help me personally is keeping busy outside the house, then I don't have easy access to the pantry or fridge. Often those moments of temptation only last 15mins or so, so if you have a plan of action you can use during those times then it can help avoid eating things we really don't want to. If I know that I'm on the verge of breaking open the bickies or something I shouldn't I drink two glasses of water then either walk down to the letterbox & check our mail or phone a friend who I know will keep me chatting for a while. Nine times out of 10 the feeling passes withing 1/2 an hour and I avoid scoffing something I would have regretted later.
    The other thing that works quite well for me is knowing how much damage the food will do in hindering my progress. I am doing low carbs as I have PCOS and am insulin resistant. Low carbs works for me and I feel great on it. I am aware that carbs are the first thing your body uses as fuel, so if I eat biscuits my body has to use that fuel up before it can get back to using up my stored fat. Knowing the consequences (on my body) really makes me stop and think, "do I really want to spend 5 hours using up a couple of biscuits?" . I know it doesn't sound like rocket science, but if you find something that works for you then thats the key to being able to stop yourself gorging on things you will regret later.
    I also look at current photos, and thats enough of a reality check to make me remember that I NEED to do this. I know what I have to do, its just a matter of pulling finger and doing it. One day at a time.

  4. We all have days where we wanna give up but you have come this far and you know you can do it :) Keep being positive, do you meal plan and stick to it :) You can do it!!!

  5. Good on you for going on that walk when you didn't feel like it. Your body will thank you with a nice tidy loss tomorrow.
    I remember Oprah saying one day "You could excercise all day every day, but you still won't lose weight without calorie control". That has stuck in my head. That's why I am focusing on food today, and forget the excercise for a bit.
    How do you get motivated to excercise every single day? Doing it with a friend would be a great help!!

  6. Plan your week maybe. I know for me (when I first started) I planned all my meals for a week and my snacks in a spreadsheet and didn't waver from it so that I kept to it... and it worked because I wasn't allowed anything else. Don't know it doesn't always work for everyone though.

    It is the hardest thing food. I am having the same delima at the moment and find that keeping on the computer reading others blogs and replying is keeping me away from the fridge (sort of).

    Always here to listen hun.

    Love CM

  7. Tell Mike he's gotta earn the money to pay out his school uniform. That's fair enough especially when you are supporting such a big family. Glad to heat you did your walk. Time to steo away from the lollies and get your act together. You should be making this your priority!


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