Monday, December 31, 2012


As Bex's brothers were leaving yesterday, we were all having a laugh and these are a few photos I managed to catch:

 ABOVE:  there had been some 'talk' about my propensity to *flash* me boobies and bum at people... OF COURSE I DON'T DO THAT NOW!!!
Anyways.... young Matt thought he would try to emulate me...
 ABOVE:   it was starting to get interesting...

ABOVE:  still interesting... but nah... he didn't flash... dammit!

ABOVE: this is his "Who ME?   Never!"  YEAH RIGHT.

 ABOVE:  the boys having a 'MAN HUG'.... I told Steve to stick his tongue in Chris's ear... but Matt and Chris only heard the "stick ya tongue in his ear"... and those two silly, half pissed boys did this:

ABOVE:  I think Steve liked it!  LOL
These guys are so funny!   I'm rather glad I got to meet them... and see them so relaxed and happy.

ABOVE:  the boys and Caitlin leaving.  Caitlin was the sober driver. 

 TODAY:  well... It's New Year's Eve.  I don't think we have any firm plans yet... we will probably just go with the flow... and see what eventuates.


So... the day is going well.  Sienna and Bodhi are happy .

Debs the midwife called in, wee Dante has gained 260 grms in 5 days!  What a litle piglet!  Deb's is very happy with how well Bex and Bub are doing.

Tonight's dinner... roast leg of lamb with veges.  Can't wait.  I got some slabs of pork crackling to lie over the top of the meat too... I am sure it helped keep the moisture in while cooking.

BLONDIE: I have TWO whole legs of lamb for dinner!  I'm feeding 9 adults, 4 kids and 1 toddler.

Sadly, we now have a case of 'He said, she said' and neither are going to back down.
Sadly, due to a building up of tensions (mostly on my side) our visitors will be leaving tomorrow.

End of Day:  a nice day that turned to shit.
I am about to go and bathe wee Dante... my first time doing that.
HAPPY NEW YEAR, to everyone that does not live in this mad house.
nite nite

Sunday, December 30, 2012


Well clearly you don't actually have a choice!
I took this three days ago when he was 11 days old...

iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

How cute is he!  I love taking little videos of the bubs.

Sorry for the late post.  I slept in.

ABOVE:  the boys in the spa yesterday afternoon... I've turned it down to 26 Degrees Celsius... so it's nice and cool.  Great for cooling off on a very hot day.
At some point I do believe you will find me in it too.

Today... I would like to go out and get some photos developed to send to my Mum in Australia.  She has not seen any photos of Sienna and Bodhi in a long time... actually I don't think I have sent any at all since just after Bodhi was born.
I'm sure she would love to see some photos of all the babies ... so getting some for her is top of me list.
Also, I will get me camera cards copied to DVD so I can use the cards again.
Tess gave one of her 'spares' the other day as I had filled my one and only card up.

Must get another card today too!

I need my most recent camera fixed as some point too.  The stupid thing is not working properly ... and I bet it's out of warranty.  *sigh*
If it's going to cost too much to fix I will just use my even OLDER camera and start saving for a new one... I'm kinda wanting a Canon ONE DAY.

BUT that will be in the long term wish list.

Things like school fees and new uniforms for Griffin come first.  Griffin is moving up to Intermediate this year!  Yaaa... only about 7-8 years to go until both he and Brylee will be independent... I HOPE!

It used to seem forever... but now I can almost see a light at the end of the 'tunnel' that is my child rearing days.  34 years as a full time Mum in 3 days!


TIRED.  Been out to Sylvia Park, had lunch, did some shopping... tried to find a 'Cake Pop' machine.. no luck so came home and will try and find one on the net or phone around.  It's too hot to go from shop to shop to shop.

Came home to an even fuller house:

 ABOVE:  two of Bex's 4 brother's came to visit... and they had a girlfriend in tow too...

 ABOVE: left is Matt, and right is Chris.  Chris lives in Hamilton and Matt is in Invercargill.

ABOVE: they gave Steve and Bex some lovely clothes and shoes for Dante... and a little punching set too!   Yeah, very funny guys!

ABOVE: looks like they are having a good time...

ABOVE:  this is Caitlin, Chris's girlfriend.  She lives in Morrinsville.

ABOVE:  and here's what all the fuss is about... our darling wee Dante.  Spoilt little man.

I got some really funny photos of Bex's brothers leaving yesterday... they will be on tomorrow's post.

I've got chicken legs in the casserole dish baking for dinner ... in a teryaki marinade ... it's smelling devine.

End of Day:  ANOTHER lovely day! We may be 'home based' this summer due to babies/visitors, but we are still having a lovely summer... rain and thunderstorms thrown in too!
nite nite

Saturday, December 29, 2012


APOLOGIES RIGHT NOW... this is a massive photo heavy post.... and I will no doubt add more during the day!

So... having four babies in the house means one is constantly bombarded with noise.  If one is quiet ... someone else isn't.
My god... imagine having triplets or more!  I used to think that would be awesome.
NOW... I think not!

I had planned on having Mike and Joyce sleep in the lounge, but reconsidered that and now they are in the garage... in the 'sewing' area.  They will get less noise down there, even with Griffin and Joshua for company! ha ha.

I took some photos of Dante yesterday that I want to share, I took about 40... but will ONLY show ya 5!  *smiles*

ABOVE:  see why I only posted 5?  They were all utterly gorgeous, so I have to restrain myself.

I want to put Bodhi and Keera in the bucket too... might try that today... if I get time.

Keera was supposed to be seeing her Father today at Sylvia Park, but he cancelled, so I can stay home and meet Bex's relatives.

Bex is expecting two of her brothers, her Dad's fiance and a couple of her step-sisters this morning.  They are coming up to meet Dante.
I hope to get some photos of them all.

I got a lovely e-mail from one of our puppies Mum's last night... Miss Molly got her first full grooming and now she looks like this:

ABOVE: how cute is she.  She is fully house trained, AND sits and lies down on command too!  I think Teddy and Coco should go and stay with Tracy for a month!  Maybe she can teach them to sit too ... LOL

And NOW... let's have a few more photos from yesterday ... and when Mike and Joyce arrived:

ABOVE:  Sienna just loved Keera...

ABOVE: she was so gentle with her..

ABOVE:  Sadly, Keera got sick of her real quick.
So I 'saved' her from her cousin's loving.

 ABOVE:  she quite liked her Aunty Tess.

Right, Mike and Joyce arrived bang on time, and came home to meet everyone... Steve and Bex said Dante had just gone to sleep, so Mike could only look at the baby...

 ABOVE:  yep, so there is Mike just 'looking'...   Pfffft!  Steve then butted in and picked up the baby and handed him to his Uncle Mike!

 ABOVE:  Mike didn't mind.  All my son's dote on babies!

ABOVE: Mike and Joyce have a cluck, meanwhile Dante just carried on sleeping.

ABOVE:  *sniff, sniff*... my three sons.  Left to right, youngest to eldest!    Mike (23), Steve (25) and Russell (29). 

 ABOVE: Keera woke up due to being too hot, and probably the noise we were making!
Here she is meeting her Uncle Mike for the first time...

ABOVE: how very interesting!  She didn't mind him at all...

ABOVE:  Mike could not get over how much hair she had for such a little baby! 

 ABOVE: Checking each other out.  So cute.
Yes Lacy, your daughter WAS up at 11.30 pm ...  Shoot me now! nah nah na na!

 ABOVE: she was perfectly happy stealing the limelight from her Uncle and Aunty Joyce.  lol

ABOVE:  talking of Joyce... she was only in the house 5 minutes before she stripped off her pants and sweater, she was that hot!  Then I made her change Keera into fresh clothes and nappy.   She's had plenty of experience with her nieces and nephews.  *smiles*

ABOVE: this photo almost made me cry.  I haven't seen my Stew this happy in a very long time. 

We are going to have a very special time now, with so many of our kids here... and all the babies... I'm in seventh heaven.  Well... when they aren't screaming that is.   *smiles*

HA!  It's 'only' got 21 photos so far!  That's not too bad!...


No one gets to sleep in with babies in the house!  We were the lucky ones though.  Keera sleeps all night.  *smiles*

 ABOVE:  Bex looking after Keera for a minute, and wee Bodhi having a morning nap on Granddad.  Russ, Tess and their 4 kids have gone out to Bethell's Beach today.

 ABOVE: Steve playing with Sienna before she went off to the beach.

ABOVE: Bex's visitors arrived, here she is with her Dad's Fiance Glenda ... so that makes her kinda her Step-Mum I think, and her step-sister Tash.  There was, also in the background somewhere, Tash's partner Jessie, he stayed out of the photos. 
They gave her and Steve some gorgeous gifts for Dante...

 ABOVE:  which included this stunning cot set.  So, so gorgeous... makes the one I made look a bit garish!  (as in bright and in ya face!)

ABOVE:  Glenda getting her first cuddle with Dante... it brought tears to quite a few eyes, even mine.  I think everyone was thinking the same thing... wishing Noel (Bex's Dad) was here to meet Dante too.

ABOVE: Tash did a 'ME' and took a whole heap of photos too!  She's got a Canon... that is what I want one day.   *sigh*
Maybe I should set up a 'Canon' savings account!  Then when I'm 85 I can get me one.  lol

Tash and Jessie have gone off into the city for a while, leaving Glenda here to have a nice visit with Bex.


It took 13 days... but it did finally happen!
I'm sitting on the couch holding wee Dante, who is stirring, with a nappy on... when I feel warm liquid running down into my lap and trickling down to me knickers... I'm like... What the hell?  Then it dawns real quick, Dante is piddling out the side of his nappy... all over ME!   OMG... even with a nappy on that boy can christen someone!
*shaking me head*...meanwhile, his MOTHER is cracking up laughing at me! 

I gave that wee man right back to his Mum I can tell you!
For a start, I was all WET and needed to go change MY KNICKERS.  It's not often that you wet your pants, and it's not even your own piddle!   Thanks Dante.  Grandma loves you.

GLENYS:  HA! As if.  No one spoils me at all.  I can't remember the last time I got a foot rub... or anything like that.  I'm Chief Cook and Housekeeper,  and Stew is my off-sider.
We will get a break and some time off once everyone has gone home again!

End of Day:  it's been another long, busy day.
It was a lovely day weatherwise too.. and tomorrow?  It's supposed to rain again.
nite nite

Friday, December 28, 2012


Today, at 10.45pm ... Mike and Joyce arrive from Palmerston North... we can't wait.  I can't even remember the last time we saw them... far too long obviously.

Until then, we will fill the day with family ....

 ABOVE: I came across this photo on me old camera... it's when Russ and Tess first arrived and we still had Phantom.  So cute, brought back memories of our pups.  I hope they are all doing well in their forever homes.

ABOVE:  A nice one of Tess... 

ABOVE:  The picture with the 3 Koru, which depicts new beginnings, harmony, growth and life in Maori.  I added the '2012' and K for Keera, D for Dante and B for Bodhi.  Our three 2012 babies.

 ABOVE:  Miss Sienna last night, being a right little cutie.

 ABOVE:  cuddles with Granddad.

ABOVE: Joshua and his baby brother Bodhi, playing on a PSP.

ABOVE:  Both beautiful boys.  Shame they will not grow up together, but hey, that's life now days.

ABOVE:  Steve and Bex chilling out in their room, watching a movie.

ABOVE:  the girls in their room. Yes, that is Brylee's calendar!

 ABOVE:  Sienna and Bodhi in the bath last night.  Sienna owns that baby brother apparently!

 ABOVE:  I just love this photo!

ABOVE:  yes, she did share her bottle with the dog!  Slightly gross... but the parents sterilised it afterwards.

ABOVE:  if I hadn't been there, Teddy would have growled at her... but I told him to behave.  He does not like the littlies much. 

ABOVE:  Stew on 'watch the kids' duty... they are all loving their skateboards.

 ABOVE: the smaller three kids are doing well, whereas Griffin in still learning to balance... but he's getting there.

ABOVE:  I can see Joshua skating to school this coming year.

ABOVE:  last one for now... me and Dante last night... he had just been fed.  This kid is a pooping MACHINE!  He poops non stop!  You only have to hold him for a few minutes before he lets rip with a nappy full. 

Right... better go and do something productive... like get out of bed!  lol


Right... outta bed... it's another cloudy, probably gunna rain days.  *sigh*
It's a bit of a drag when one has visitors and it's wet. 
Russ and Tess and kids were supposed to visit Stew's sister Khady today... but might not be now due to the weather.  They were going to the beach with her.

What else?  Oh ... KAREN... Mike and Joyce will be staying here.  We are going to put them on an airbed in the lounge.  *smiles*
We had originally planned on them staying with Lacy, but we want them here so we can spend maximum time with Mike... we hardly ever see him, so want him here with us.

Russ and Tess and their kids have gone for a  drive to Orewa, and maybe the hot pools at Waiwera today. I told them it wasn't good to sit here all day, they needed to get out and about.  Tess has never been here before, it would be nice if she got to see some of our country. 

So, while they are out, I've got the family left here doing some cleaning... they just love me! lol

No rest for the wicked.  I must be VERY wicked.
Just picked up Keera, we are having her for the night, then taking her to the access visit with her Father tomorrow.  Hoping to get her back to Lacy after lunch tomorrow.  Then I can spend some time with Mike and Joyce.

End of Day:  well it's 9.30 pm, only an hour or so until Stew and I go out to the airport to pick up Mike and Joyce.  So can't wait to see them.
nite nite