Friday, August 31, 2018


Today is going to be different from the norm!

I'm going over to Tauranga to meet up with Susan, who is a Kiwi chick living in Australia.
She's coming over on family business and has arranged to meet up with me at the Bernina Shop in Tauranga.

She saw some of the animal fabrics I have been using for placemats, and has bought some animal fabrics from Australia for me! 

I'm really excited to be meeting a fellow blogger!  I haven't met any for a long time now.
Susan blogs about her patchwork primarily... so we have patchwork and a love of fabric in common.

I'm sure we will get on just fine.  
And we can have a good browse around the Bernina fabric shop before having lunch somewhere nice.

Lacy is coming with me too... not that she's going to enjoy the fabric shop... but too bad.  It's an outing for her.

I will endeavor to take some photos during the day and post them as I go.

ABOVE: Last night's walk photo... as you can see, we are all drowned rats!  I think next time we walk in the rain I'll take me umbrella!

ABOVE:  Thanks for all the ring suggestions yesterday!  I looked at a few DIY videos and tried the 'nail polish inside the ring' trick.  It seems to have helped a bit.
My biggest problem is the fact that my ring finger is fairly 'wasted' where my rings sit.  
So, I'm thinking of getting some of these:

ABOVE:  I think they will be a very good medium term solution.  Just have to order them via Trade Me later on today.


OH MY...we are having such an awesome day!  We met up with Sue and it's been YAK YAK...SHOP SHOP  ever since. Sue is a gorgeous chick... so happy to have met her.

I will do a proper update when we get home...

 ABOVE: Relaxing after an amazing lunch.
Right... gotta go. Lacy and I are checking out a couple MORE Op shops before heading home *smiles*

5.15 PM:  Home after a really lovely day.
Highlight was meeting Sue of course!
Then fabric !  Then shopping!

Fabric:  Sue brought over from Australia these fabric panels for me:

ABOVE:  How gorgeous are they!!!  Thanks so much Sue, you are amazing.  I really appreciate your kindness in getting them for me.

While we were at the Bernina shop, I picked up a small amount of 'Christmas like' fabric for my runners:

ABOVE:  Yeah, the one on the right ain't Christmas'y... but I loved it!

Lunch:  we went to a place recommended by the ladies at the Bernina shop, damned if I can remember the name now!  But it was great.  When I find/remember the name I'll tell you.

ABOVE:  I had seafood chowder (super tasty... I DID NOT eat the sourdough bread!), Sue had Goat's Cheese salad, it looked so good... I was rather tempted to thieve one of the cheese balls (but I contained myself), and Lacy had a Chicken and ricotta filo pastry thingee... which looked damn good too!
She had a slice of cheesecake and I had a small piece of Pistachio and Ginger slice too.

The food was AMAZING, service was excellent and the atmosphere was super.  It was a very popular eatery by looking at how busy they were.

ABOVE:  It was sad to say goodbye to Sue, we got on so well.  Kindred spirits I'd say... we both LOVE fabric!  *smiles*

In total, Lacy and I visited 5 Op shops!  Sue came along to one as well... though she wasn't tempted to buy anything.  Same can't be said for Lacy and I.

 ABOVE: Lacy bought some clothes, I got her the picture.

 ABOVE: Lacy in a dress she bought.  She can wear one of the sheer black tops, (above), over it too.

ABOVE:  My Op shop haul!  I love the little wooden corner table.  2 Cane trays.  A blue glass bowl.  Egg cooker thingee and 2 fish ice cube makers.  A white glass serving dish. A 'crabby' coffee cup.  2 melamine trays to add to my collection. A metal heart for my lounge wall, to add to the collection there.  AND finally, a Tupperware shaker... I only needed the lid as our shaker's lid has a crack.

All that for $35!  SCORE!   Such fun ... I've not been really Op shopping for ages.  

So in all... a super fun day.  Traffic was utter shitty getting out of Tauranga, but once on the main road it was fine.  It only takes an hour to get over there, I should go more often, the Bernina shop is awesome!  

ABOVE:  ALIMENTO on 1st Ave... highly recommend it as a place to eat.

Well... time to sign off for the day... it's been a neat day!

Thursday, August 30, 2018


Well... if you thought yesterday was a boring post... today is not going to be any better!

All I have for you today is ... more sewing!

ABOVE:  I'm really happy with how this runner came out.  I love the colour combination.
Hopefully it sells, otherwise it might become a Christmas present for someone!  lol

At least I will never run out of Christmas presents eh?  Hey family... guess what ya getting for Christmas?  Something I've made obviously.  *smiles*

I have an FBG walk on tonight, Section 30, which means we 'only' have about 10 to go!
I can't even remember half of them now... they have all just blurred into footpaths and photos!  When you walk at night, all you are doing the whole time is staring at the footpath, making sure you don't trip up or fall over rough patches.  You certainly don't notice any pretty houses or gardens.

I much prefer walking during the day, but it is getting warmer during the day now, so night walks are much better for me.

The sole of my right foot hasn't shown a blister YET... but as I know it's a deep seated one, it will take a while to come to the surface.  I've had them before.   Hopefully it doesn't stop me walking tonight.

I think Lacy will be heading back into Hamilton on the bus today, she's got a couple more places to look at, with a view to moving into Hamilton to live soon.  It's quite expensive travelling on the bus.  I had no idea what it cost!  I hope she finds the right place fast, so she doesn't have to keep going in on the bus.

So... that's all I have for now... who knows what else I will get up to today?

I hope you can take a moment to say 'Hi' if you are reading this!  


11.02 am:  And today is going really well.  We started out with a thick fog, but it's cleared... just a dreary, overcast day now.  A bit cold in the sewing room, but I'm making excellent progress on another Christmas Runner. 

Lacy is getting ready to head off to Hamilton.
I've taken a pit stop for my late 'breakfast' of a piece of toast.  

I woke up this morning feeling STARVING!  And quite nauseous!  No idea why, I've not felt sick in the morning for months!  Not since I dropped sugar from my diet anyway.  Luckily it passed fairly quickly.

Ha ha!  Lacy is of to catch her bus in a minute and it's started to rain again.  So typical. 

 ABOVE:  There's not many 'downsides' to losing weight, but there is one that's pissing me off!
My rings are swinging around me fingers.  I find myself constantly turning them to the 'right' place on my fingers.  I know I could get them made smaller, but I really don't want to do that until I've lost all I want to, and have maintained it for a while.  

Yesterday I put sticky tape around them to help keep them in the right place, but of course, it fell off in the shower.  Any ideas peeps?

ABOVE:  Worked hard today, and got another Christmas Runner finished just now.

I'm going to do something different now, for a change.  Just not sure what yet! *smiles*

I'm such a dick.. I went into the sewing room... and started another Christmas Runner!  Totally forgot what I was planning on doing.
So, another runner coming up, but with one thing different.  
Show ya tomorrow...

For now... I've got pork chops and veges on the go, and I'm getting ready to go on an FBG walk.  It's drizzling a bit, so I had expected it to be cancelled, but the walk leader isn't quite such a pussy as some, and has decided we will still walk.  So I'm happy.  Fingers crossed my brewing blister behaves.  Am I rude calling people 'pussys'?  Oh well...   lol

6 pm rolled around and it was drizzling, so I thought for sure the walk would be cancelled... but NO!  So we went for our walk... and the drizzled turned into persistent RAIN... and we all got sopping wet!  I was only wearing my t-shirt ... so EVERYTHING got wet... I had to strip off at the front door when I got home!  Cooling down now... in me nightie and a blanket hoping to warm up soon.

That's me for the day... it's been a very productive day and I'm happy.

P.S.  Thanks for all the lovely comments today.
It makes me want to keep blogging on days I feel like stopping!

Wednesday, August 29, 2018


After walking almost 11 kms yesterday, I need to rest my feet!
I am pretty sure I am going to get another big blister on the underside of my right foot.  *sigh*
It started to hurt while doing last night's walk... and by the time I got home it was really painful.

So ... I won't be surprised if I get a blister.  That might slow me down a bit!

So, today... NO WALKS.

I'm going to sit on me bum and sew for a good deal of the day.
I should get at least one Christmas Runner done today.  The blue/green one.  I can't wait to see it finished.  Biggest decision of the day will be what colour to bind it in, blue or green!  lol

WEIGHT:  Well....  I'm still on a plateau!

But, I'm not feeling too discouraged.
They ARE normal.

ABOVE: And this is pretty much how I feel about it. I am not going to give up!  I will just work harder to get through it, and carry on with losing weight, and keeping my blood sugar levels 'normal'.

I can do it!

I've already made a few changes.

1.  Not having my breakfast (a piece of Burgen toast) until late morning.

2.  Having lunch much later in the day, like between 2 & 3 pm.   And I'm having seafood salads at the moment, which are low in calories. 

3. By having a late lunch, my appetite is much smaller come dinner time, so I can keep my portions smaller,  without feeling starving hungry.

ABOVE:  Looks like I'm doing most of the things I need to do!
WELL... except the water thing.  That ain't gunna happen any time soon, if ever.  *smiles*

I am thinking of doing some weight work in the garage to mix up my exercise too.  So, all going well my weight should start to drop again soon.

So, although I am still plateauing, I feel really positive.  I'm doing most things RIGHT.

It's gunna be a good day!  Sewing.  
Meh... probably do a bit of housework too.... OH!  Coco goes to the groomer at midday too... shit I better not forget that.  Marley and Denim go in 2 weeks time.  


10.41 am:  Well... my day has started quite well.
Got up to find NO ONE in the house at all!
Obviously, Stew at work, kids at school... but where is Lacy?

So I text her, she's down the road waiting for a bus into Hamilton.  And it absolutely POURING with rain.  And she doesn't have an umbrella... so I jump in the car in JUST me nightie (nothing else on... LIKE NOTHING) and I drive down and hand her an umbrella.

Scoot back home before something awful I break down and am left stranded on the side of the road in just me nightie!  Gawd imagine!

LOL... jump in the shower and try out this stuff:

ABOVE: Yeah, it's foggy in the bathroom... and heck!  It sure helped me comb out my hair after washing it.  Fingers crossed it dries nicely too.

Next thing, on to a few odd jobs around the house.
Can't do any more washing till we pull the washing machine out and check it out.  It's pissing water all over the floor.  Grrrrr.  Hoping it's just a loose hose or similar.

Thirsty, so pour myself some of this:

ABOVE:  One of the girls who came over last week to play cards brought some with her, and we all tried it. DELICIOUS!  I love ginger beer, and this stuff, while having virtually NO SUGAR, is so nice.
It's a lovely change from Diet Coke I must say.  Strangely enough, I do like to drink other stuff sometimes.  *smiles*

Right... off to do some sewing now... all me little jobs are done so I can sew to me heart's content.

4.30 pm:  sewing is going well... about 3/4's done with the Christmas runner.  Lacy arrived home from Hamilton happy... she MIGHT have found somewhere to live... other than here.  Once she's settled there she can start working on finding a job!  Now that would be awesome for her... give her some direction in life.

So a good day, let's hope this new place to live pans out.

Dinner tonight is just going to be sausages and something?  Might treat the kids with chips.  I am not hungry, so can give dinner a miss till much later.

It has been VERY QUIET on the blog lately!  Where is everyone?  You better be good and busy!

I just finished the Blue/Green Christmas Runner.  It was lovely to get it finished.  Photo tomorrow.  I'm freakin' tired now... lots of hand stitching... 22 buttons!  Then the binding.  I'm seeing double from all the close stitching.

Time to relax now.  Catch ya tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018


I'm off to Hamilton this morning, I am in need of more red buttons!
I bought 60 about a week ago, but will be needed plenty more in the next week or so.

So, I am going to buy as many of the size and colour that I can get my hands on at David's Emporium.  Then hopefully I will have enough to last me a while.

It's crazy that I have to go all the way into Hamilton to buy friggin buttons!  Oh well... it is a good excuse to go out and about I suppose.

Lacy will no doubt come along for the ride too.

My next FBG walk is tonight at 7 pm, so it should be a good one in the cool of the evening.
I'm looking forward to it too.  It's a 5.3 km walk, with a long, slow hill involved.  I did this particular walk at least 5 times last year!

Rather funny... after the glut of photos on yesterday's blog, I have NONE for today's... YET!
Perhaps I will find something interesting to photograph while out and about... ya never know.


9 am.  About to go into Hamilton.  Lacy isn't up yet so might rattle her dags, see if she wants to come with me or not.

I'm doing another 1.30 pm walk today, the walk leader needed at least one more walker for it to go ahead, so I put me hand up.  The weather is supposed to get shitty tomorrow, so best to get the  next two done today if I can.

112.40 pm:  Well we both went into Hamilton and got 100 buttons!  Then home and I got on with some sewing while Lacy took herself off to town for the hell of it.

Now it's time for me to get ready for my FBG walk.  
Not a lot else happening right now!

ABOVE: Today's walk photo was a screen grab off a video.  One of our walkers celebrated her birthday today, so we lined up and pretended we were going to take the photo, but instead we all sang Happy Birthday to her.  She was so surprised!  It was lovely.  Joanne (Birthday Girl) is to my right as you look at the photo. 
The walk was good... wasn't too hot thankfully.

Home and cooling down... in a couple of hours I will need to get the dinner ready, then head out for my 2nd walk of the day.

ABOVE:  2nd walk of the day, done in the dark tonight.
And I won't be walking tomorrow as it feels like I'm going to get a massive blister under my right foot.  Dammit.

Time to cool down, relax and watch some mindless TV.  I'm bloody tired!

Monday, August 27, 2018


This week I have an FBG walk on Mon, Tues and Wed.
Today I need it to be cloudy, as the walk today is on at 1.30 pm.  Horrible time if it's going to be a warm day.

It won't be long before I have to knock midday walks on the head.  Yesterday was so warm! Tuesday and Wednesday's walks are in the evening, much better for keeping cool.

This morning I'm going to set up a planter box, and re-plant more seeds of the plants Stew pulled out yesterday.  I don't know what you would call them, they are like a very tall thistle, with round purple/blue flowers.

 ABOVE:  OK, that's a bit funny.  The plant is called a Blue Thistle!  I just 'Googled' it.  Derr.
I think they are just gorgeous.  I found TWO survivors that Stew missed in his enthusiastic weeding, LUCKY plants!

ABOVE:  I'm going to get some Statice seeds too, and grow them as well.  It will be lovely to have more flowers growing.

Here's a few photos of the tidied up back patio, after our toils yesterday:

ABOVE:  I'm really happy with how it's come up so nice and clean.  And I enjoyed re-arranging the patio furniture and BBQ.  

ABOVE:  Sadly, our neighbour only got a third of the hedge pruned down ... let's hope he gets more done next weekend, otherwise it's going to look a bit dumb for a while.

ABOVE:  Lacy mid-clean of the concrete, decided to 'write' her name with the water blaster.  See how dirty our concrete was!

Right... moving on:  So, apart from some gardening, some walking, some housework and some sewing... that's me day sorted I think.
No idea what Lacy is getting up to today.  Probably driving me mental.
It doesn't take much to drive me mental, honestly!


Happily, the day is going to plan.

It's cloudy... excellent weather for walking.
We are heading off in 20 minutes or so.

I got some plants and seeds at Oderings:

 ABOVE:  I got this weird twisty grass type plant for $2.99!  Looks good in the shell don't ya think?

ABOVE:  Finally found a use for these old planter boxes... they are now full of seeds... statice and wild flowers.

ABOVE:  I also bought two Boronia plants (OMG they smell amazing) and a lavender to fill out that empty spot in the garden.  Close to the house, so should be able to smell the boronia easily.

 ABOVE:  I got several dozen holly leaves cut out today as well...

ABOVE:  And I got this Christmas runner laid out ... it's not my 'usual' reds and greens... and I love it!  

Right, better move... shoes on, FBG t-shirt on... ready for my walk.  Lacy is coming along too... even though she IS driving me mental.

 ABOVE:  On today's walk, photo by Lacy.  I have always wanted to say "Does my bum look fat in this?"... well now I can see... it's not  THAT bad!  Could be a whole lot better, but it's not the biggest bum out there any more.  *smiles*

ABOVE:  Another of today's walk group.  

I just took Brylee to work, she's home again after 8.  Almost time to prepare dinner. Tonight we are having chicken/bacon/onions and steamed broccoli in a chicken/mustard simmer sauce, pasta on the side for those who want it.  Should be yummy.

ABOVE:  Dinner WAS delicious.  And healthy.  I had no pasta, Stew only had a little pasta, and the kids had plenty of pasta.  

Time to sign off for the day and get some sewing done, there's bugger all on TV tonight.

Sunday, August 26, 2018


We heard an unfamiliar noise outside the house yesterday afternoon... and looked out the window to see this:

 ABOVE:  Our neighbour was pruning his hedge!
First time he's done it in over a year or more.  It has gotten so high...

ABOVE:  over winter it shades so much of our yard!  We end up with moss instead of grass growing all down this side of the section.
So to see him actually pruning it down SO LOW was thrilling!

 ABOVE:  I was so excited ... of course I took photos, thinking it was going to be neat to take one after he had finished.


He only got THAT much done before he stopped for the day!  OMG I hope he gets back to it today.

ABOVE:  Griffin is 6 foot 3 inches tall now... so you can see just how high that damn hedge is.
It is going to be so neat when it is all trimmed down... so much more sunshine on our section.

I was really happy to get a Christmas runner finished last night!  Now I feel all motivated to get to work on another one today... it's only two weeks till my next market, sheesh they come around so quickly. If I'm lucky I will get to do the Tamahere Market in September too.

Today Stew is hoping for some fine weather... long enough to put this stuff on our roof:

ABOVE:  We've been wanting to put it on the roof for ages... we have quite a bit of moss and lichen on the dark side on the roof.  This stuff has to be on for 6 hours minimum in dry weather.  So, fingers crossed for fine weather.

Right, I'm off to make a start on the day... catch you later.


11.05 am:  Been into town and bought a new duvet cover for my bed.  I've been using a heavy winter weight Super King Duvet inner, but didn't have a cover that fitted it... so it was kinda needed.  Ended up getting a navy blue one, so now the mid blue valance doesn't match.  Oh well... that just means you don't get a photo, cos it doesn't look quite 'right'.  lol

 ABOVE: The guys clearing the back patio so we can water blast it clean again.

ABOVE:  It is filthy, just like the front driveway was.  Hopefully we get it done today.

Now, Stew and Brylee have gone into Hamilton so she can get some work shoes, they  have to be a certain sort and what she has ain't right. 

As he's going to be out for a couple of hours, I doubt the roof will get that stuff put on it now.  That will have to wait till next weekend I'd say. 

Griffin is off to town (local) to meet up with friends, so for now, it's just Lacy and me home.  

I'm going to set up the water blaster for her, then head into the sewing room.

Side note: The neighbour has NOT got back to pruning the hedge.  *sigh*  Maybe he thinks we will do it?  Like hell, it's HIS hedge!  I do wonder if it's breaking council rules being that high?  I'm not sure.  As our street is legally classed as 'Rural', I bet it's allowed to be 100 feet tall!  Yep, the council bends the rules to suit themselves around here.
When it came to us building a carport, ahhh NO, we were classed as RURAL, but on other issues (like number of dogs allowed), we are URBAN.  Can't win.

Bitch over... off to get Lacy started on that water blasting.

ABOVE:  Lacy hard at work... I didn't even have to crack the whip!  

ABOVE:  A clean patio at last.  Now I just need the guys to put everything back.

ABOVE:  Our neighbour has done this much now!  It's about a third done.  Once he's finished, we will tidy up our side a bit too.  Our lemon tree is finally getting some sunshine!

Because it's such a lovely day, everyone around us is doing yard work too... all I can hear is lawnmowers, hedge trimmers and weed eaters.  *smiles*.  Anyone would think it was Labor Weekend, that's when everyone gets outside and does yard work again.

Stew's been weeding. He's doing a really good job too.  He just pulled out ALL the seedlings I planted months ago by mistake!  Oh well... I will just have to grow some more.

Well... we have finished working outside for the day.  Photos tomorrow of the tidy and clean patio.
Stew got the lawns mown, so he's a happy chappy.
The roof will be done next weekend, he ran outta time.

Looking forward to dinner, cos I'm not cooking.

I got some fabric cut out for Christmas runners late this afternoon too... will start stitching them up later on tonight I think.

12 midnight:  been cutting out green holly leaves for the past few hours!  I need about 20 for each Christmas Runner.  So, it takes a long time to get them all cut out.  I'm knackered now.

I've been watching some weird programme on TV... 'Googlebox'.  It's not worth watching!  Utter rubbish TV... one of the worst things I've ever watched, 'reality TV' gone nuts.  Who the hell comes up with this drivel?

Well.. enough said, I'll never watch it again.

Time for bed.