Sunday, January 31, 2010


Below : some 'before' and 'after' photos from my sewing efforts yesterday afternooon....

Now I just have to hope that my colours are a good match with the Duvet cover and pillows etc when I get them.

Today: ehhhh... who knows? I might just stay home and do some more sewing yet. Depends on the weather, what Stew wants to do.. and the kids. Though I must say the kids are enjoying just being at home! What with Playstation, PSP's, Wii, the pool, colouring in books etc they are very content.

ONWARD....Well we finally have some rain... and it's so much cooler today too. So I'm not so grumpy! I've not done any sewing... I've just watched some of the many programmes taped on MySky... how boring !

Stew had a bright idea! We went for a tiki tour to Buckland's Beach... about 30 minutes from our house.

We drove through Howick Golf Course to get to a really neat lookout point... called MUSICK POINT... there is an old Telecom /Radio Station Building there too. Above is two photos from the point.
After taking in the view (much to the kids disgust) we appeased them by getting an ice cream.
Home now and I'm teaching Stew how to make Nacho Bean mix. Cos I didn't want to make it myself ! Awesome.
End of Day, and Stew's nachos were very nice.... hard not to be, it was my recipe! Stuffed now... so will say nite nite.

Saturday, January 30, 2010


ABOVE: I finished the cushion front last night... I was hellfire bent and determined to get it finished, cos it will be a cold day in HELL before I ever knit with that stuff again! It was HORRIBLE. The cushion is going to look and feel lovely though, so it was worth it. ( the back is going to be fabric )

Today? Dunno! But if it's another stinking hot day like yesterday I think we will have to go to the beach. I am feeling crabby from the endless heat.

LYNDA: no, we do not use the Heat Pump as an air conditioner. Why? Because we fling open our doors and windows the minute we get up in the morning, and they stay open literally all day. It would be POINTLESS turning on air conditioning and having all the doors/windows open too!

My Bags: one has sold at my SIL's gallery. She is only open 3 days a week, and has been closed quite a bit too while she's been away. So I am not making my fortune that way! LOL

ONWARD.... and our plans for the day have evolved... lunch at home then later on we shall go to the beach for a swim and dinner. The tides are crap at midday, so no point going down till much later in the day.

ABOVE: I just listed our Baby Gym on Trademe... our kids have finally outgrown it, and we are sick of it taking up precious lawn room. So off it goes hopefully! I have listed it at a very fair price too... I am gobsmacked at what other people are asking for the exact same thing.. in most cases they are asking MORE than the NEW price! *shaking me head*..

I have been doing a bit of sewing this morning too.. making a curtain to put on the bookcase in my room to match the new bedding (when I get it!).

End of Day.. and luckily no plans are set in concrete when on holiday! We have not gone to the beach at all! It clouded over this afternoon.. how typical! Anyway, all's good. I have done a bit of sewing, will show ya tomorrow. For now.. it's dinnertime and Stew wants to get Pizza. Hmmmm. There goes low carbs for today! nite nite.

Friday, January 29, 2010


What I got done last night. That's me toes in the foreground, to give you some idea of the size.

I used to knit a lot of my kids jumpers etc years ago.... I never thought I would knit again! But this 'wool' is really cool! It's called MODA VERA Flurry, it's 100% Polyester. It sorta looks like ribbon, knits up different from wool too. I've seen lots of scarves knitted in this stuff. Don't think I will be making myself a scarf though!

Today I want to go back to Sylvia Park and make sure that the shop has found my Duvet Cover... and I saw this cute as lighthouse picture, in red and white that I am rather tempted to buy for my room too!

It's amazing how getting new bedlinen/co-ordinates can make you feel so.....HAPPY! lol

I'm off walking this morning with Lyn (Private Blogger)... and it's a glorious day, not a cloud in the sky!

ABOVE: I have woken up with a black eye too! NO idea how it happened, just black in the inner corner of me right eye and swollen! Weird. It's not sore even, and I'm sure Stew didn't elbow me in the night! Dark glasses for me today... Re: your comment Steve: THANKS, ya shit.

ABOVE: As you can see, I got the picture of the lighthouse. It wasn't even expensive, in fact it was really cheap. Stew WAS relieved! LOL
It's a stinking hot day again... and I'm going to sit down and read some blogs now....

End of Day and WHOOPS! I fell asleep this afternoon, practising being a NANA lol! It is so hot, our thermometer in the lounge is registering 31 degrees C. .... so goodness knows how much hotter it is outside! Stew and I just watched the final of Survivour Samoa ... which was neat! Dinner tonight is fresh corn on the cobb... yum yum! and nite nite.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


Our visiting children go home today.
Stew and our two are taking them back.

This means.... I have a guaranteed 6 hours of SILENCE!

But... I have to jump on a train at 1.30pm to get to the hospital... for X-Rays of me knees. Bloody age! My knees hurt...

So, I will make the most of the morning... No firm plans.... but I FEEL the need to go ... SHOPPING! lol

Have I mentioned lately... there's only 7 more sleeps till School starts again? Well .. it's true. It's been a LOooooong 7 weeks. But get this.. they go back on a Thursday... so only two days then a weekend again. That is so not fair! Pfffffft. I just watched this on the 'net.. I loved it.

I have managed to get a lot of housework done today~! And visit the hospital... x-ray results will go to me Dr I presume.

I also bought some stuff from Spotlight to make bedroom co-ordinates for my room, to match the new Duvet cover etc.

Hell, I even bought some WOOL! I'm going to knit a cushion cover, for a different look... I will have to FIND my knitting needles first! I am sure they are up in the storage loft SOMEWHERE.

Stew and the kids just got home from Whitianga too... and the weather is looking very thunder'y out there! OOO Maybe we will get a storm? I love Storms!

End of Day... and Pfffft we didn't get a storm. I have done a bit of knitting tonight... will show you progress tomorrow. For now.. it's bedtime. nite nite.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Stew is outside cooking rissoles on the BBQ.... and I glance out the kitchen window to see this:

I'm like ... "Ummmm, just what do you think you are doing?".... as I watch my 8 year old scull beer! With his LOVING Dad standing there watching him with a smile on his face!

Stew said: "He's only having that one sip"... SIP MY ARSE! That boy can drink half that bottle in one go! Luckily it was low cal, low alcohol beer is about all I can say!

BLOODY MEN! pfffffft.

So what's the haps today? Not a lot I reckon. We are both feeling very tired from keeping the kids entertained, and the heat is draining. Might just be a quiet day at home.


What the hell was I thinking? A QUIET Day? In my dreams. The kids have started to argue and pick on each other... a sure sign it's time for the visitors to go home. So it's arranged. Stew takes all the kids to Whitianga tomorrow... drops off Joshua and Damien, and comes home.

I meanwhile, have an appointment at the hospital for x-rays on my knees tomorrow. They are painful... especially on stairs and hilly ground. No doubt due to weight. Most of my ailments are.

It's mid-afternoon now and I have done virtually NOTHING all day! Just feel ugggh! Not sure why, maybe it's the low carb diet kicking in?

End of Day: got a bit done late afternoon/early evening, just fluffing around the house, de-cluttered my bedroom... you know... just doing 'stuff'. Stew (the Darling) has gotten all the kids bathed and into bed... so now we can relax for an hour before it's our bedtime. nite nite.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


What a bugger!
I have exceeded my quota of free uploads, I have to now BUY more... so am waiting for my payment to go through! Could take a few days.

Until then.. you are all gunna have to just enjoy my WORDS! edit: the quota was 1 GB, which is about 5,000 photos! I bought 20 GB for US$5 a year, so it's really cheap!

So... TODAY.... MIGHT go to the beach with the kayak.. will depend on the weather. It's not supposed to be that hot today, thank god! Yesterday was diabolical... OK, not as hot as it gets in places like Australia, but still hot for here.

I am GOING to be EXCEEDINGLY careful today to stay LOW CARB.... yesterday was hard as we were at the mercy of Cafe' food.... and there weren't that many low carb options. So today I can make up for that.

I am chuffed, right thrilled, to BE BACK to only one main blog!

BLONDIE: good try with the orange kumera, pumpkin makes me VOMIT. But good try!

AWESOME! I got around the dilemma of the photos by deleting photos from my blog from 3 years ago! Hopefully my payment goes through tomorrow so I don't have to delete any more!

ABOVE: the kids having fun in the zoo playground.

ABOVE: my favourite animal in the zoo... they are just magnificent!

ABOVE: the only other HUNK that caught my eye at the Zoo...

We are not going to the beach today afterall.. hell the two visiting kids LIVE at the beach! So we may just go to the mall with them instead!

We did the mall... (Sylvia Park)... love that place! Bought the 'bonus' grandson some summer sandals as he had none, then ummmmm............ I kinda saw this beautiful Duvet set:

and I said "I HAVE TO BUY IT"!!! So. I did. Only hitch... I have to wait until the shop can get it in our bed size... *sigh*. Griffin put his whole LEG through our present Duvet Cover the other day... BOYS! Ahhhh... feel SO much better after a bit of retail therapy! I do, I do!

End of Day, and I think even Stew's tolerance to the constant noise from the kids is wearing a bit thin. He's getting GRUMPY. Luckily they are now off to bed and he can unwind a bit. Me too. nite nite.

Monday, January 25, 2010


Well it has worked for Stew, he's lost quite a lot of weight over the past year... just by cutting right down on his carb intake.
I have watched him... but not done the same.
My head was in the wrong space to really give a shit.

Now... I give a shit. I have steadily gained weight for the past 3 years... to the point where I now hate myself again... and all the problems I had when I was really overweight are creeping back ... sore knees, feeling sluggish, depressed.

It can't go on.

So.... low carbs, here I come!

And I have gone PUBLIC again cos I need all the support I can get! Being private was a pain in the butt! I lost masses of readers, I didn't like having to do two blogs! It was soooo time consuming! NOW... I'm back in the public arena.... and while it means some people who I would rather NOT have read my blog can again.... I am over it.

Today: well I think we are going to the Zoo! It is supposed to rain from tomorrow on... so if we are going to do it, best be today!
Just have to wait until Stew gets outta bed..... it's his turn for a sleep in!

ABOVE: wearing Steve's old singlet.... HERO WORSHIP still goes on!

BLONDIE (Who isn't blonde!): Kumera (sweet potoatoe) is IKKK, IKKK, TRIPLE IKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK! So there. lol

Back from the zoo, which was lovely, but very, very hot. Next time we go it is gunna be winter! So many of the animals were just lying there not moving, they were so hot.

The lion came right up to the viewing window! Huge bugger he was...HUGE!

Cute little Meerkat.... we saw and took photos of much more.. but Blogger tells me I've exceeded my quota of photos! Must find out what that means!

ONWARD.... kids are in the pool now.. cooling off.

End of Day: a really hot, sticky day! Dinner was a healthy coleslaw and low-fat lamb rissoles, kids had potatoes too. Brylee has gone to bed really early with a bad headache, no doubt brought on from the heat. And no doubt she will vomit soon.... OH JOY! nite nite.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


ABOVE: The cake from HELL.... and WHY do I say that? Because it is so bloody delicious you simply can't have 'just a tiny piece', THAT'S WHY! I blame LellyJ for giving me the recipe! And if YOU want it.... go here.... but don't blame me if you GAIN 3 kilos OVERNIGHT! I swear to god it's devine.

(in the photo above, L to R, our 'bonus' grandson Damien, our two B & G and our Grandson Joshua)

ABOVE: I have a houseful of kids... and quite like it... EXCEPT for the noise.
I managed to read and comment on 210 blog updates last night! The remaning 286 I deleted! SORRY if I missed you, I tried to read one from everyone!


DIET COKE ROCKS just went 'Public' Again. Why? Cos It is a pain in the butt having to do two identical blogs! AND I was getting asked to open ANOTHER one to fit more readers on me list.... and I am not going to do that! So, it's open again ....

We took the kids out for a 'tiki tour'... should have stayed at home! They got bored REAL quick! Took them over the harbour bridge, ice creams at St Helliers Bay, watched planes landing at the airport... all BORING it would seem. They are happiest just playing together at home. Cool.... cheapest option!

End of Day: the kids were full of beans after being cooped up in the car for a while this afternoon and nearly drove me demented with all the noise and running around! Luckily Stew is home cos otherwise I would have been tempted to tape their mouths shut! (Joking of course, but WHAT an idea!)... anyway... they are now all bathed and in bed. Watching a movie now... then it will be nite nite.

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Today Stew and Griffin are going over to Whitianga to pick up our Grandson Joshua and his brother.. we will probably have them for a week... or until I can't stand the noise any more!

Brylee and I are going to stay home and bake a cake... or two!

Have some girly time together before all those boys descend on us.
I have not been doing well with the 'diet'.. I am now thinking that the medication I am on to help me sleep is not helping with my metabolism, so may have to go talk to the Doc about it soon. I have gained a bit these last two weeks, even though I have been 'good'... sucks that does.

So, I'm going to make a concentrated effort for a few days to see if I can do better. This heat is NOT helping either.. it's sooooo hot and muggy. How the hell are you supposed to exercise in this heat???

Brylee making a Chocolate Coffee Mud Cake, thanks for the recipe Lelly!
Hee hee, this was hard work on her arms!
Being so very precise! Right down to the very gram.
The VERY BEST bit.... and NO, that was NOT your lunch miss!
Crikey, she even enjoyed this bit. Teaching her that you always have to clean up your mess too!
Cake is now in the oven for almost 2 hours, then we get to put the chocolate icing on.... yum!
End of Day: Stew and the boys are safely back from Whitianga..... and the peace is definitely shattered! Oh and the cake... OH MY GOD..... the cake was/is one of the best I have ever eaten... let alone made! I will show you tomorrow, and give you the recipe. nite nite.

Friday, January 22, 2010


ABOVE: Amanda... just before she left yesterday... trying to sneak Teddy out in her bag! Ha! Never going to happen.

ABOVE: mid-upheaval! I only wanted to move the Queen size bed into Griffin's room (his room is the biggest of the kids rooms).. and put his bed in the spare room. Didn't happen quite like that. Stew decided Brylee should get Griffin's 'old' King Single bed and we should put two smaller single beds in the spare bedroom... turned out to be an EXCELLENT IDEA! Now we have a spare bedroom with TWO beds in it... just in time for when we have our Grandson Joshua and his brother Damien this weekend.

ABOVE: the spare bedroom.. it fits two single beds SOOOOOO much better than a Queen bed. I am bloody wrapt with it.

ABOVE: Griffin's room now. He has to vacate it when we get couples to stay! He doesn't mind, which is good.

ABOVE: Brylee's room.. no change really, except her bed is bigger.

Let me tell you.. it was a huge job moving all those beds, remaking them etc in this stinking sauna we call 'summer' right now! I was knackered!
That's why today is going to be QUIET! I only have to take Brylee to the Orthodontist at mid-day ... that's it! Maybe I will get to read some blogs today?
Quiet day! We did a grocery shop.. have watched some telly, watched the day go from warm and sunny to pissing down with rain ALL DAY long! It is so unpredictable today!
And I see no one has missed me popping by their blogs! WOW. I shall delete all 497 unread updates on me Google reader then!
End of Day: really, quite boring! Spent the evening playing poker with Stew (no fun with only two I might add).. then we watched Amercian Idol.. very entertaining. nite nite.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Last night I managed to get Stew to play cards! Amazing. We played until midnight.. Andrew won... as expected. He plays in tournaments... but we still had fun. No money involved, just chips.

I think today Amanda and Andrew are taking Griffin to AVATAR... it's not a movie Brylee would like so maybe Stew and I will take her somewhere else for the morning.

A and A are going home in the afternoon... so we will no doubt catch up on the housework then..


So... Brylee has gone to Avatar too after all that.. so Stew and I are home alone.... AND NO! We are not being 'naughty'... we are moving beds around! Three bedrooms are getting the beds changed around... will show ya later.

End of Day: Stew and I got a huge amount of stuff done today! And I got a huge amount of washing out on the line... JUST in time for it to get drenched with rain all afternoon/evening! Bugger, damn and blast it! Oh well.. it's staying out there now... no way in hell am I getting it all in again dripping wet. pffffft! nite nite.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


ABOVE: I bought a Poker set yesterday... had intended to play with Andrew last night, but got yakking on the phone.. and the next thing I knew everyone was going to bed! Pffffft, dirty rotten stopouts.

ABOVE: a couple of nights ago, me feet were sore... so STEW gave me a foot massage! He had never done that before!!! HE GOT LUCKY. *snigger* I am SURE you wanted to know that.

ABOVE AND BELOW: a house that I fell in love with at St Helliers... not a style I normally love, but the chunky stone was just beautiful, and it had an AMAZING view of the city and harbour!

Today: well I head back to WINZ to get Griffin's 'Disability Allowance' approved and started... then we will probably go out with Amanda and Andrew again.....

It must be my lucky day... I had no problems at WINZ, in and out within an hour... and Griffin's Allowance was granted. So, that will help with paying for the Psychologist's bill... and extra lessons etc.
I think we are off to Onehunga now to check out Dress Mart... I need some new cotton 3/4 pants ... I've been wearing Polyester/nylon ones and they are giving me a huge heat/sweat rash ... NOT NICE!
End of Day: finally playing Poker with the boys... after shopping and not buying ANYTHING! Wow, that has to be a record! nite nite.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Today we have the Educational Psychologist coming to assess Griffin. We are hoping like hell that she can give us some insight into WHY Griffin is finding learning so difficult in some areas.

Then we can 'present' her findings to the school, and they will know how to teach him.. we HOPE.

While she is here, Amanda and Andrew are going to take Brylee out for the morning.. so she is not under foot so to speak.

So, fingers crossed it's a productive meeting...

Ok.. where to start? The visit went very well... took a few hours.

Immediate and on the spot 'report' from the Psychologist.. he's Dyslexic, and has Dysgraphia (look it up on Google OK?) AND he needs to be assessed by a Clinical Psychologist as well, as she is quite sure he ALSO has Foetal Alcohol EFFECTS.. so he has lots of stuff going on that can hopefully be worked on. He is of NORMAL intelligence... something we already knew.

We now await her report in writing to present to the school so they can (?) set up an IEP for him. (Individual Education Programme). Here's hoping this year goes well for him.

After she left we all jumped in Roxy (Me car) and did a trip down to the waterfront for a tiki tour and an ice cream.
Now home, and must start dinner....

ABOVE: Photos from today ... taken at the lookout at the top of St Helliers Bay in Auckland.... note my pretty new necklace from Amanda and Andrew... and yes, that is Stew's bum in the red shorts in the last photo! LOL
End of a long, hot, stressful day. Just spent over 2 hours on the phone yakking to me Mum/girlfriend/Niece .... far out I can talk! nite nite!

Monday, January 18, 2010


Well.. all I can say in my defense is: He's cooler now! He was so hot with all his hair... really hot.... so I just lightened the load I did!

And in a few weeks he can be groomed 'professionally' again... and ya won't be able to tell I did it!

Today: sleep in? Maybe. Kayaking? Maybe. All depends on the weather.

So.... wait and see!
OK.. in case you haven't noticed. I have taken a break from reading/commenting on blogs. Stew is home on holidays for only 2 weeks, and I am making the most of it. I am trying to not feel guilty. I will be back to visit you all soon. PROMISE!
End of Day: Amanda and Andrew are safely back... I'm cooking me favourite dinner (chicken)... and expect to spend a lovely evening with Stew, Amanda and Andrew. nite nite.