Monday, September 30, 2019


With any luck, this coming weekend we will be having our last Open Homes.

We have NINE sleeps until our home goes to AUCTION. 

And we know there will be at least two serious potential bidders there ... if they bid.  They might sit on their hands and wait till after the auction to make an offer.  Ya just don't know till the day.

I know my nerves are starting to kick in!

Thankfully, this week I'm pretty busy.
Today I'm taking my computer into Harvey Norman's so they can transfer all transferable data/photos/files etc onto my new computer.  Yep, finally got a new one!

I didn't get a whizz bang lap top or All-In-One computer.  I got a very 'old fashioned' PC.

ABOVE: This is what we got.  Plus a new monitor and Internet security.  And Harvey Norman's IT guys are dong all the set up for me.  So, once I get it home in a couple of days it should be good to go.
All I will have to do is load all my links... which will take me a while I suppose.  

AND THEN...the old one is going to be smashed with a sledge hammer!  lol

I doubt it will be any good to anyone, so I might as well.  It's driven me nuts so often I think I will get some satisfaction out of smashing it.  lol

Once I've dropped my computer into Harvey Norman's, I am having lunch with some girlfriends in Hamilton, then catching up with a couple more here in Cambridge.  I am going to have a lovely day.

And I've got family coming down tomorrow/Wednesday and Thursday, so that will keep mE occupied till at least Friday!
And Friday?  Well I will be busy getting the house back into tip top shape for the weekend's Open Homes... so see... busy, busy.  *smiles*

AND I really want to get a few more of those darn cute Christmas Wine Bottle Caps made too.  Among other things.

ABOVE:  Porridge time!  Sorry OLD  MOO ... I just couldn't resist this one.

ABOVE: Yeah this one tickled me fancy too. 


Ok.. home from town. Had fun shopping...

 ABOVE: A couple of kitchen things. New scales that even measure fluids! Awesome.   And more Christmas fabric ...  I'm loving the gold tones.

ABOVE: I had to sit and wait out a torrential downpour  at Harvey Norman's... dropped my computer off and then left.

It looks weird in the family room without me computer. * frowning*

Right... its 2 pm. Time to sew.

I only got some cutting out done this afternoon in the sewing room.
Then I kinda played with the new kitchen chopper gadget

Does hard fruit and veges real good!  Tomatoes? Yeah NAH! 

There's chicken thighs baking in the oven and Wedges. And I've  made a lettuce salad too. Yummy.

Signing off early tonight... I want to do some sewing after dinner.

Sunday, September 29, 2019


Round number #  6.

We have this Open Home routine down pat.
Yesterday's loaf of bread was DELICIOUS, so I will probably make it again.

ABOVE:  It was a Spiced Fruit Loaf.  I used dried Mango, Pineapple, Raisins, Apricot and Cranberries.  All chopped up.  Mixed Spice and Cinnamon.  

So, that will be turned on nice and early today, as we are heading out even earlier than usual today to see houses in Hamilton again.

ABOVE:  Today's line up for us to view.  It's really hard to see all that you want in a weekend as often there's 3 on at the same time.  Like today.  I've had to leave 2 off the list cos they clash with another one.

I was looking out the family room door yesterday and noticed a white 'something' on our lawn.... and thought it was some rubbish,  blown onto the lawn over the last few days. 

 ABOVE:  See it?  It annoyed me, so I went out to pick it up.

 ABOVE:  NOT rubbish.  Rather sweet bunch of daisy's.  
Stew mowed them flat.  The git.

 ABOVE:  There he is, playing with his new weed eater.  Well.. not really playing I suppose.  *smiles*

Right, I'm off to get that bread going... then I'll probably twiddle me thumbs for a couple of hours.


3.34 pm:  So TIRED!   Racing from house to house, worrying about the dogs in the back of the car (but they were just so happy)... all the stress involved with leaving our house early... bla bla bla.

But.  It is OK... the end result will be worth it I'm sure.

So, today's Open House here.  Three groups through.  2 'so -so', didn't seem all that interested.
The other group?  Were here for the THIRD time.  They were the ones who came for a 2nd viewing last Tuesday night.
They came through with their Builder.  AND they have indicated they will want another viewing before the Auction on the 9th of October.

Man they sure seem keen.

As for the other offer we got last Friday... I think I already told you... he's coming to the auction now.

So it's all looking good with our sale.

As for the houses we looked at today.  Top in the photo above was far too small and had a huge gully that was pretty much totally unusable as it floods all winter.  

Bottom Left: the house was in a very good area, but it was in a sad state.  Needed totally redecorating inside, EVERY SINGLE WALL/DOOR/WINDOW FRAME AND SILL AND CEILING needed painting.  The carpet had to be replaced, as did the kitchen appliances and bathroom sinks/showers and baths.  So a definite NO there.

Bottom Right:  In a very good area again, and had a gorgeous park over the back fence.  In very good condition inside, but it just didn't feel right for us. The rooms were all on the small side and the master bedroom was upstairs (we don't like stairs).

We managed to fit in a 4th house!  And it was one of those 'Oh My Gosh, I love it' houses.   It has shot to the top of the list... for now!

There's so much to choose from now... unlike when we were looking to buy in Hamilton 3 and a half years ago.   It makes this so much fun.  *smiles*

I hope you are enjoying the process too? 

10.06 pm:  Ha ha!  Daylight saving started today... no wonder I was a bit tired... got up an hour earlier eh?  lol

Right, I've spent the evening writing down all my links to blogs etc, as tomorrow this computer is going into Hamilton to have all it's data/photos/files transferred to a new computer.
Yep.  Got a new one, before this one dies and I lose everything off it.

I've known I needed a new computer for over a year, just didn't want to do it.  It's such a fag having to transfer everything over!

This means I will be computer-less for a couple of days... so don't expect too much on the blog!  I shall be using my freakin' phone and that sucks.

Right, I'm outta here... it's time for bed.

Saturday, September 28, 2019


Round three of Open Homes about to commence.

So, you know the drill.  We clean and tidy and polish and so on ... get bread baking, and at 12.45 evacuate the house!

LOL... and today I have three houses lined up to look at in Hamilton while our Open Home is on.

ABOVE:  My computer had a massive melt down last night, it took hours to get it to work after Griffin installed my new headphones.

Even now, I'm holding my breath, hoping it doesn't crash on me!

I have a feeling I will be heading off to get a new one next week.  I can't keep using this one... it's totally unreliable.

I simply cannot do all that I do on my computer, on my phone!  The blog would be the very first thing to stop, that's for sure.  It's just too difficult to blog on my phone.

And we can't have that can we?  Imagine no Diet Coke Rocks!  

Sadly I don't have the time this weekend to look for a new computer, otherwise I would, that's for sure.

Right, I better get moving.... got stuff to do.

OH!  Happy Anniversary Darling.  34 years ago today we met each other.  Loved you then, love you even more now.


11.01 am:  Stew is a happy man. Our line trimmer died weeks ago and he's been wanting to get a new one ever since.
Today, he finally bit the bullet and bought one.

Now he can get the section looking perfect again.  He likes all the edges to be 'just perfect'.

4.13 pm:  Oh gawd, I'm so tired!  I'm off to have a nana nap in a minute!

Today's Open Home here, 2 groups through.  I interested enough to request the LIM and Auction documents.

The person who made the offer the other night is holding off and attending the auction now. All good... the more the merrier.

We looked at 3 houses in Hamilton today.

ABOVE:  The top one was simply too big.  There would have been too many wasted bedrooms.  
The bottom one... too old.  Needs quite a lot of maintenance done to bring it up to scratch.  And I just didn't like it.  It DID have an in ground pool, but even that didn't make it 'THE ONE'.

The third house was another definite possibility, so no photo.  Can't give out our potential address!

I have 4 houses lined up to look at tomorrow.  Such fun.  But tiring dashing from one house to the next with tight time frames in between them all.


lol....I forgot to sign off for the day.

Friday, September 27, 2019


First up... we got an offer on our home last night.
We said 'NO', and are waiting to hear back on if there is a counter offer.  
It was not from the people who came for the 2nd viewing on Tuesday night either.  So, now we have two very serious potential purchasers.


Today I am going to make a start on some new things in the sewing room.  Well... one new thing.
For Christmas sales.  I am not going to say what it is, I shall make one or two then show you.

Hopefully it won't take too long to make them today.

The Holiday Time runners are going on the back bench till next week.  I'm excited about making something different.

And that folks, is all I have for now.  
I'm going to keep myself busy and try not to think about the house sale/offers etc.  Not going to get stressed out over it, that's for sure.
What will be ... will be.


12.30 pm:  Well that worked!  I've not thought about the house sale at all.
I've been busy sewing... such fun too.

This is what I am making:

ABOVE:  Christmas Wine Bottle 'hats'.. or I can put a loop on the top and they can be tree decorations.
I've made two (cos you make them in twos)... What do ya think?

I'm now taking a break for lunch.  

ABOVE:  I haven't had lunch yet.  *sigh*
I got sidetracked... who thinks the hat looks better on the left?  Bent over, cos I do.

4.50 pm:  And I've had lunch, and done more sewing.

I'm very happy with my efforts today:

ABOVE:  How cute are these?  I might make about 6 more and see how they go at my next market.  I might need to get a few bottles of wine!  

I'm taking a break now... thinking as it's Friday night I might just have a wee tipple.  I feel the need coming on.

FAMILY ISSUES are doing my head in.  If it keeps on going, and OMG it sure looks like it will .. I might have to step in and take back the root cause of the problem.  And if I have to do that, EVERYONE involved is going to be sorry.  And cut off forever.  I'm SO over this shit.

I quite like the idea of BLOCKING people from my life actually... I need a break from the constant shit.  Hmmm... will I or won't I?

Tipple first I think.

10.10 pm:  Having massive computer issues tonight.  Griffin came around to install my new headphones and the computer kept crashing.
So... might have to get a new computer sooner rather than later.

Signing off now, before it crashes again.

Thursday, September 26, 2019


Stew has a meeting up in Auckland today.  He's leaving at around 6.30 am.

I'm going with him... yep.  I am going hitch a ride and spend the day with Bex and the kids (once they are out of school).  

After his meeting has ended, Stew will join us for dinner.

Should be a nice day... provided the weather isn't too much like yesterday!  OMG yesterday was wild.

Last night I laid out the plans for two more 'Holiday Time' runners.

ABOVE:  Two on the go.  I will work on them tomorrow.  I'm not so sure about that motor home (top right), it might have a bit too much detail.  I will see how it goes.  These two might also have hills instead of trees... or maybe both?  Dunno yet.

Not sure what Bex and I will get up to while the kids are at school/kindy.  A visit to a fabric shop or two might be on the cards.  Who knows!


9 am: safely in Auckland.  Cold as f*@#. Blowing a gale. Perfect shopping weather! Lol

Just waiting for Bex to pick me up from the Hotel where Stews meeting is being held.

1 pm:  and we are home from shopping.
What fun!

 ABOVE... got this thingee from Ribbon Rose in Mt Wellington. Can't  rotate the photo! Derr.

 ABOVE: Tried to stop this baby bird from getting run over in the car park.

ABOVE: Got some fabric for Christmas decorations.... gunna try making some next week. 

Silly me packed up all my Christmas  fabric and put it in storage!

Time to chill out at the Kid's. 

So... a quiet afternoon, then off to the mall for dinner with the kids.
Then we headed home.

Got caught up in traffic due to an accident on the motorway... took an hour to cover a 5 km stretch of road!

But finally got home at 9.45 pm.

Now, catching up on stuff online before heading off to bed.  It's been a long day.

Wednesday, September 25, 2019


Whenever I post a 'selfie'... I feel guilty.

Cos when you take a photo with your phone, it 'corrects' imperfections.

We all LOVE our phone cameras because of just that right?

But today, cos my phone 'forgot' to correct a couple of shots yesterday, I had the perfect opportunity to show you just what I REALLY look like!

ABOVE: As Lacy said yesterday, it FILTERED HARD OUT! lol

I have heaps of spots, wrinkles and imperfections on me face.

Take a good look, it's probably the last unfiltered shot you will see of me! *smiles*

Like Feet?  If not ... look away now.  lol

 ABOVE:  Stew is off to get an X-Ray of his right foot today.  He's developed a bunion ... see?  It hurts.   Poor man.  Let's hope there is something 'they' can do about it.

Right ... back to today.  IF it's not pissing down, I'm off on an FBG walk.  It's not looking too hopeful out there right now.  *sigh*


9.35 am:  And it fined up, and I could have gone on the walk.  But I fell back to sleep after having me porridge in bed at 6.35!  Woke at 9!
Must have been a bit tired.

Anyway, I've now done all the little morning jobs, got some washing on and am now twiddling me thumbs.
Think I will finally do some sewing!

ABOVE:  I've been sewing for a couple of hours, making good progress on this runner.

Outside:  sunshine and roses one hour, next, torrential rain and lashing winds.  So, typical Spring then.  And it's gotten rather cold again.  I even turned on the freakin' heater!

I got an email from Vistaprint just now.  They are going to refund me the full price of the repair to my car door, AND the full price of the magnets!  They will be ringing me on Friday morning for bank details etc.  I'm IMPRESSED.

 ABOVE:  Jekyll and Hyde weather today!  This squall had hail in it.  And it was ferocious! 

ABOVE:  Finished.  My 2nd 'Holiday Time' runner.  

Now... cooking dinner for Stew and I.  Brylee is at work, so just the two of us.  Nice.  

End of the day... off to bed.  Catch ya tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 24, 2019


I'm trying very hard not to get EXCITED.

We have a couple coming back tonight for a 2nd viewing of our home.


DON'T GET EXCITED, it does not mean they will make an offer.  But .... it's certainly promising.

Stew is in Rotorua today, so I will have to do all the prep myself.
What am I saying?  It will be a piece of p*ss.  I can do this blindfolded *smiles*.

I will have a lovely beef/bacon and tomato stew cooking in the crock pot.  That will smell delicious.

NO bread today.  lol  

My new car magnets arrived ... and of course, I'm not going to put them on me car now.

But here's what I ordered:

ABOVE:  Yes, I put it on just to show you!  DORY... cos that's what I  named me car right?  lol
Now they are on me fridge.
Someone did guess what they were, in fact a couple of you did.  WELL DONE.  You know me too well.

Shit, so many of you peeps know me too well!

Do I overshare or what?

So today will be spent making sure the house is PERFECT. Putting the crock pot on. bla bla bla.


ABOVE:  AND.... it's been doing this all night long.  And it's expected to carry on for days.  So of course, the FBG walk I had planned on attending is cancelled.
So a few of the girls are meeting for morning tea, and as it won't take me long to get the house done, I'm going to play 'ladies', and go to morning tea.  *smiles*

Back later...

11.55 am:  Home from morning tea with 5 other FBG's.  It was just so neat sitting and yakking, having a cracker or three with me diet coke. *smiles*

We got TORRENTIAL rain all morning, it was fairly hazardous coming home with all the HUGE 'puddles' on the road.  In some places you had to drive on the other side of the road to avoid them!

I have decided to put some bread in the baker, so we can have it with our stew for dinner.  Why not?  It will add to the delicious smells in the house. 

I'm doing a garlic and herb loaf today.  Not done that one in forever.  I hope it comes out good.

I'm now going to grab some lunch then vacum, clean bathrooms and just fluff around. 

It's always the last minute things that get me flustered... getting the dogs out, deodorising the garage and so on.  But it is what it is.  Kinda stressful.

2.10 pm:  Half way through vacuming, washing floors etc.
Lacy  just arrived to take away a metal side table that's hers. 
I'm waiting for floors to dry.  Yeah.  Riveting stuff.

Starting to feel a bit nervous.  Stupid eh?  It's just a 2nd look.  We have done 2nd looks at houses in Hamilton and said "Ahhh, NAH" after having a really good look.
These people could do that too.

ABOVE:  And just like that, she got it in no problems at all.  She's moving house this week... so is gathering up all her stuff.  She should be re-settled by the weekend.

Just 3 things left to do... put the dogs in the car, take bread out and turn on all the lights.

It's  getting really stormy outside... blowing a gale and raining on 'n' off. 

While these people  view the house I will park down the road and wait. 

..... catch ya later.

6.30 pm:  It's later.
And ... they want it.  They are going to get a builder's report done.  Fair enough, can't be too careful eh?
So, once that is done I suppose we might get a pre-auction offer?  Or they might wait till the Auction, who knows?

I'm happy they love it and are serious enough to want a builder's report done.

Meanwhile, we keep doing the Open Homes, and we might end up with a few more 'serious' prospects.  

I'm not feeling 'flat' at all... just resigned to the process.  I've had my hopes built up only to be crushed once to often in the past, to get all excited now.

I've had my dinner... the stew is just amazing.  So is the bread:

ABOVE: So, it sunk a bit on the top there, but it's a seriously yummy loaf!  I had to cut it out of the pan too.  Next time I will make the Medium size one instead of the Extra Large. 

Watched some mindless TV ... looked at houses online... got tired and thought... hmmm... it's almost midnight.  Might go to bed.
So I am.  

Monday, September 23, 2019


In the past 6 months, since I started and stopped work, put the house on the market, and had several VERY stressful family issues to deal with... I've gained 10 kilos.

I am an emotional eater.  In other words, when I'm upset and/or stressed out, I overeat.  And I eat all sorts of shit I shouldn't.

It's been BAD. Really bad.  I haven't felt this dreadful in over a year.  I actually feel physically sick now.

I've lost any fitness I had.  My clothes are tight.  I'm getting cut in half from me bra. I feel like SHIT.

Time to pull me finger out  AGAIN.

Fuck I feel like I'm on a never ending round-about.  Yo-Yo'ing  my entire adult life.


- First up.  Cut out the shit food.
- Second.  Drop portion sizes.
- Third.  Get back into walking.

I am hoping that in a week or two my health will pick up and I will be making better decisions.

Let's see how quickly I can turn this around.

Today... I'm heading into town to get a quote for repairing my car door's paintwork.
Then I can give it to Vista Print and see if they come to the party and pay for it?
Of course, if they do repair my car's paintwork, I won't be putting any magnets on my car ever again.

Which means the new one's I ordered were a waste of money.  Oh well... they were not expensive and I can put them on me freezer instead!  lol

Our son Steve did a little job for his boys yesterday.

 ABOVE: The boys beds before. 

Steve put the bed on the right into the spare bedroom, and brought the 2nd white bed into this room.  He was going to turn the beds into a top and bottom bunk bed unit.

BUT.... both boys wanted the TOP bunk (of course!)... so Steve did this instead:

ABOVE:  He made TWO top bunks!  There is a runway between them, and a large ladder in the middle.

ABOVE: Two very happy boys.  Steve is going to paint the new woodwork white to match the existing beds.

Now, the boys have more floor room too.  How cool is that!

Right, time to get outta bed and start my day.
The question now is, porridge?  Or not?



1.30 pm:  And I've had a very successful morning.

The damage to my car's door is going to be an easy fix... just a cut and polish.  I've got a quote and will be sending it to Vistaprint in a minute.

After that I went into Hamilton.  I needed to find something to measure liquid in... SMALL quantities of liquid.

I went to a kitchen ware shop at The Base, and found the perfect thing:

ABOVE:  Very cute eh?  Now I can get the precise amount of water for my bread recipes.

The kitchen ware shop was having a sale... god I know how to find them!  And I saw some dishes that I fell in love with a while ago, but didn't get any of at the time.

 ABOVE:  Today though, I did.  50% off... I could not resist.  But I was restrained, and only got these 4 pieces.

ABOVE:  AND I saw these alphabet/number stencils... perfect for me pies.  Got them for half price too.

After that I headed home... but not before popping into the local Sewing Machine World shop at 5 Cross Roads.  Sometimes they have some nice fabrics in.
And they did!

ABOVE:  Love these!  I can see them turned into cot quilts.  So I got a metre of each.  Not busting the bank!  Plus, I am not wanting to build up my fabric stash until we have moved.
Then OMG I will be!

It is now 1.40 pm and I've not eaten all day.  So I'm off to find something healthy.

Christy:  No, I'm not going to do low-carb this time, just cut out sugar and watch portions.   YES, low carb does help with diabetes, but when I did it last time I kept getting blood sugar lows, and I want to avoid them from now on.  They are not fun.  They seriously limit what you can do!

OK... it's been a good day.  I kept my eating under control ... small lunch, normal sized dinner.
No porridge.  I did miss it.  *sad face*

I might have porridge tomorrow, cos I love it.

Signing off... got an FBG walk on in the morning all going well.