Sunday, December 31, 2023


 Yesterday I bought more fabrics for my Braid Runner series.

It was so much fun, seeing so many new fabrics at Ribbon Rose, ones that I had not seen anywhere else.

ABOVE:   I can't wait to start putting them together.

And I now have some, on the right, to make 'Bee Braid Runners' with as well. 

I will probably spend a few days just cutting out strips, in readiness for sewing runners in a week or so, once we are home from our little trip away.   IF WE GET TO GO.  It's still up in the air.

Last day of 2023.   It's  been a good year on the whole.  A few bumps along the way, but that is life eh?

ABOVE:  The Braid Runner corner.  Loving how organised and tidy it looks.  Hopefully it stays that way.
I'm not starting anything new right now, I have four runners on the go, and I really need to get them finished.
So, working on them today.
Cutting into the new fabric will have to wait.  😒😣

I had a thought overnight, one I remembered when I woke up.  CLAMPS.
For holding work down while I pin it up, ready for quilting.
I only 'need' them for bigger runners, quilts and so on.
Stew said he had a couple ... so off he went to get them.

ABOVE:  Him giving me a demo on how to use them. 
Looks easy enough.
Once they were cleaned, (think rusty)... and while I like rusty bits, NOT on me fabric, thank you very much.  lol  I used them on this bigger runner:

ABOVE: That worked damn fine.  BOOM!  Sorted, and it didn't cost me a cent.  Even better

6.06 pm.
I've been working all afternoon... and got these finished:

ABOVE: Four more Braid Runners done.  The last two are already sold.

NEWS:  We are not going away tomorrow after all.
As we were half expecting, circumstances have changed and we can't go now.
Several reasons really.  Work.  Grandbaby due soon.  And another one, Brylee is moving on Tuesday and needs our help.

So... a 'staycation' for us.

Not that we mind too much, we really are home bodies at the end of the day.

We love our home.  We love our pool.  We love being around our family and dogs.  
Just enough reasons to stay put.  For now.

I expect we will get away in another month or two, just for the hell of it.

So, no mad packing going on here ... and what I have already packed will have to be put away again.

Where ever you are celebrating New Years Eve, have fun!  Be safe.  Look out for others.  Be kind.
Catch ya tomorrow, in 2024.

P.S.  Is anyone having trouble leaving a comment?  I've had someone say they couldn't.
Might just be a temporary glitch.
Or no one wants to say hi!

Saturday, December 30, 2023


 I'm quite enjoying doing this jigsaw, something different for me to do.

ABOVE:  I've been using these lids that came with the plastic baskets I use in the pantry.  They are so handy!

ABOVE:  The progress made yesterday.

I won't be working on it much today, if at all.

We have decided to take a day trip to Ribbon Rose in Auckland.  I'm going to have a little splurge on fabrics.

My favourite thing to do!  😂😆😉

We shall be going up to Auckland again on Monday for the week, as long as things stay stable here.

Bex is only a few weeks off having #3 baby, and her midwife has told her baby could come any time now.  Also, Stew may have to be 'on call' again next week, so going away for 4-5 days might not happen.

So... I'm taking the chance to go shopping today, just in case we don't get to go up on Monday.

I'm looking forward to having a really good fossick at Ribbon Rose!  I'm after black and white fabrics for Braid Runners, and not sure what else.  But I'm gunna have a really good look around.

The last time we were up there, I made a bee line for Kaffe Fassett florals, and didn't really have a good look around.

ABOVE: We are on the road bright and early ... we woke before 6 as per usual and decided to have breakfast at Sylvia Park in Auckland.  No point twiddling our thumbs at home 😊.
Its very overcast,  but not cold at all.
I tended the pool before we left, so it's all good for swimming when we get home.

ABOVE: Sylvia Park. The quandary is... WHERE to sit!!! There's 3 other people here.
I've never seen it so EMPTY. 🤣😅🤣

Bex was talking about her McDonald's breakfast yesterday. So we had a big breakfast burger this morning.  I love their hash browns, so got one.
I asked Stew how much it cost, as I'd not a hash brown in YEARS. 
He said "$3.40" 
I nearly spat it out!!!!!     WHAT THE FUCK!??? 
$3.40 ??
The last time I bought a hash browns it was $1. 
HOW the hell do they justify such a HUGE increase in price?

I'm never getting another one, that's for sure.

Breakfast is done, time for a wander before  Ribbon Rose opens at 10.

ABOVE: OH MY GOD! Drooling.

ABOVE: Trying to get OUT of Auckland!
There was no traffic two hours ago. Now its gridlock on the southern motorway.

Well, we finally arrived home.  It didn't take long once the traffic eased up at the top of the Bombay hills.
We stopped in at Spotlight in Hamilton as well, so I could get a few more metres of fabric for braid runner borders.  Crazy not to when the fabrics are still 4o% off.

We had a SURPRISE when we arrived home.

Steve, Bex and the boys had left us a little something:

ABOVE:  Interesting.... so we started looking.
And some were fairly easy to find.

ABOVE:  This one took a while to find... Stew spotted it as he was walking down the hallway.  Blu Tacked at the bottom of the flower!!!

ABOVE:  I looked at the ship's wheel, didn't see it.  Stew did. 
ABOVE: Some blended in so well it took several walk byes before we saw it.

ABOVE: That one!  Nearly impossible to see (it's under the V) .... but Stew spied it.

ABOVE:  Just a few more.

SO FAR WE HAVE FOUND 72.... edit:  now 76.  Those bloody shits!  Now 78.  And seems there's MORE.  
79... 81..

ABOVE:  When I asked Bex how many we were looking for, she said "more than 50, less than 100".
Far out!  Something tells me the boys had a lot of fun finding places to put them.

Now, I might just wait until tomorrow to show you the fabrics I bought in Auckland and here today.  Cos clearly there's enough photos on here today.  😊😉😆

8.24 pm:  We are tired.  Searching on and off for friggin little critters!  We ended up finding 81 today.
Might keep looking tomorrow, might not too. lol
Time to sign off for the day.  I'm done.

Friday, December 29, 2023



ABOVE:  Well, I reckon it might just rain today.

And if it does, Stew and I are going for a walk this morning.  The rain might just make it bearable.  I really want to do my lake walk.  I've not been around the lake in a couple of weeks at least.  I miss it.

Because Stew is on call ... we can't go far afield till tomorrow. (all going well)

Last night I started my Christmas jigsaw:

ABOVE:  I really like these Wasgijs.  Mainly because you don't actually have a picture to just copy... which makes it harder.

And a 1,000 piece puzzle is not too daunting to do either.

The last jigsaw I started was too big, and I never finished it. 

ABOVE:  I made some good progress on it last night, and am looking forward to working on it again at some point today.

It makes a welcome change from sewing, or housework bla bla bla.

11.27 am:  Finally sat still long enough to do a blog update.
We left for our lake walk fairly late today, cos I slept in.
It was overcast, but not raining.

ABOVE:  Look Lacy, that new intersection is finished, and it looks really good.

ABOVE:  I was surprised to see baby birds around still.  Ducklings here, and a baby Pukeko in another area.

ABOVE:  So many lily's ... white, yellow, pink and cerise.  They were gorgeous.

Today I did something I've not done before...

ABOVE:  I let Marley jump in the lake after ducks.
She didn't even hesitate.

ABOVE:  Does that face say 'fuck that, not doing that again" ?  

ABOVE: Relegated to the very back of the car!  She wasn't impressed.
Even worse, when we got home I had to hose her down as that lake water is rank.

Both dogs are now sleeping off their walk.

And we are relaxing before thinking about lunch.
Which will be a chicken salad.

9.13 pm:  It's been a lovely, lazy day.  The kids called over the course of the day.  Lacy and Keera first.  Then Steve, Bex and the boys.
The boys all had a swim in our gorgeously clear pool.
I'm still so damn happy how it's come clear so 'easily'. lol

I've worked on my jigsaw on and off all day, made some progress.

And now... I'm going to bed soon as I'm tired.
Got a little day trip planned for tomorrow.