Monday, February 28, 2011


First up today... Steve  has to get a haircut!

 ABOVE:  See what I mean?   All my kids have hair like bloody sheep!  This was taken last night hence the 'dopey' look!  lol

He needs to get tidied up as this afternoon he has a job interview in the city.  It may not be 'the job'... but if he gets it.. it will be something to tide him over until he knows what he is going to do long term.

So, fingers crossed for him later on eh?

 ABOVE:  I was playing around with the new camera and tried Black & White for the first time... interesting!

ABOVE: there is something funny about watching a big bloke change a teeny, tiny baby's bum!  He's going to get a really bad backache if he keeps doing it on the floor like that ... for sure.  Ahhhh, he will learn.

ABOVE:  PRECIOUS.  See the dogs?  Locked out so they couldn't lick Emily.  They did not understand at all!  

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SANDRA C..... have a wonderful day down there in Palmy, much loves.

Ok, time to get moving, make kids lunches, bla bla bla.

Oh and did I mention... I'm feeling damn fantastic about that good weigh in on saturday... totally MOTIVATED to do well again this week too! 


ABOVE: All cleaned up ready for his interview. 

Me:  watching the Academy Awards on the telly... should be vacuming and dusting... can't be arsed!

NOw:  Off to the train station, dropping Steve off so he can get to his interview.
Have you seen the Academy Awards Red Carpet yet?  I love seeing all the gorgeous dresses.... Nicole Kidman's this year is .... weird.

Steve is now at his interview... wonder how it's going?  He has ANOTHER one on Wednesday morning too. 

CHRISTY:  thanks chick, will check it out soon.

Brylee has her friend Claire here again after school... we have been making pikelets for afternoon tea.  YUM with jam.  NO CREAM... this is good yes?   lol

End of Day:  Steve could have taken the job... but it was a really shit job.... walking the streets trying to sell magazine subscriptions.  Commission only... nope, not for him.  Better luck next time.  Dinner was roast pork... so so tasty!
Steve thinks he's dragging me out walking again tonight, we will see!  Right now it couldn't be further from my mind. 
DIET: not bad!
nite nite

Sunday, February 27, 2011


GUESS who is coming to visit today?

ABOVE:   I suppose you have already guessed eh?  lol
EMILY... sweet, darling wee Emily is coming to visit her Grandma and Granddad today!  I set up the cot for her last night..... it's so EXCITING!

New grandbabies are like that... just so, so adorable.  *sigh*... wonder when they will get here..... waiting... waiting...

I suppose I SHOULD SAY... it will be nice to see Amanda and Andrew too!  lol  (snigger)...

That's all for now... back later no doubt!


ABOVE:  we have a babe in the house... so special.   Can't say she's spent much time in the porta-cot!  In fact only about 3 minutes!!!  lol  As I type she is nestled in her Granddad's arms sound asleep.

ABOVE:  whoops, almost forgot.  These two came with the baby.... ha ha ha!

MESSAGE FROM FELICITY down in earthquake devastated Christchurch:  She is OK.... suffering tough times, but will be back once she can get a new computer.
{{{Hugs}}} from all of us Felicity.

End of Day:  another really lovely day here.  We went out to Maraetai Beach after Amanda, Andrew and Emily went home.... had planned to have a picnic dinner out there but it was really windy and I was COLD!!!  ... so the kids had a swim then we came home and had dinner here... chicken salad.  Was yum too.
DIET:  so on track even I can't believe it!
nite nite.

Saturday, February 26, 2011


I'm pretty sure I've shown this before, but wanted to again to show Mark in the Cayman Islands....

 ABOVE: this used to be the top of a coffee table that I bought about 29 years ago... it is the ONLY thing left in my house that I had when I was in my first marriage... well.... as long as ya don't count my kids that is!  lol

Anyway, I digress.... I took the legs off and hung it on the wall as I just love it.  It's an old world map...

ABOVE:   some of the detail... it is stunning, naked nymphs and all.  It is HUGE... weighs a ton... and I hope it never falls off the wall cos it would do a lot of damage!

TODAY:  first thing... I'm going to Weight Watchers over in Botany Downs.... then probably home to do some housework.  Yaaaa.
Keep your fingers crossed I get a small loss... I don't think I could cope with another gain!


The Botany Downs meeting had moved to another location... which I found out when I got there... Grrrrr..... so I spent about 20 minutes trying to find the new location to no avail... so I hot footed it over to the Sylvia Park meeting... made it in time and weighed in.

ABOVE:   I LOST 1.7 kg this week!!!!!!!   Super happy about that.

The weather this afternoon was so lovely that we packed up our togs and towels and went out to Orewa Beach for a swim:

 ABOVE:   The water was glorious... I had a swim too....

 ABOVE:  GRIFFIN trying to ride a wave... all arms and legs! 

ABOVE: they were only itty bitty waves today, but still fun as you can see.

 ABOVE:  He goes on about being 'FAT'.... But to me he's perfect just the way he is.

 ABOVE:   got it!

 ABOVE:  Orewa Beach today... just gorgeous.

ABOVE:  these three planes were practising sychronised flying.. it was quite nice as a distraction.

Home now... everyone is having showers and I'm about to make dinner... Bacon Cabonara.  Nice.

End of Day:  in all an EXCELLENT day, thank. you. very. much!
DIET: great!
nite nite.

Friday, February 25, 2011


According to my new 'coach' I must do exercise this morning.
Hmmmmm.... suppose I will then!

I have an impressive amount of minutes on the whiteboard to 'work off'.  Yaaaa I'm sure.

After doing that we will pop out and get the last piece of 'stuff' so I can finish a certain girl's baby bag!  It is looking neat I must say... but I can't show you until she has it... I want her to see if first.  *smiles*

So, think of me slaving away on the treadmill and crosstrainer with Steve breathing down me neck won't ya!


ABOVE:  the desktop screensaver that greeted me this morning.  Nice.
Woken up feeling quite ikkkkk.... not sure if exercise if on the cards right now....

Missed going to WW's last night so am going tomorrow morning in Botany. 

Ya... finished current sewing project... can post it off tomorrow to it's new owner.  Have not done any exercise yet, but it will happen today!

Very quiet out there or what?  Hardly anyone commenting today... *sigh*... I must be boring you all!

Sandii:  nah I feel fine now thanks!  And Nah, ain't done the exercise yet either... but it is gunna happen.... it is, it is...

End of Day:  and true to his word... Steve dragged me out to do some exercise.  We went for a walk in the dark.. it was so much cooler than trying to do it during the day.  We walked for 35 minutes, 75% on a slow, steady decline, then a couple of good uphill parts thrown in.  I nearly died from having a hot flush half way around the block... god I hate them so much.  I can't wait for the day I never have them again.
So, in all a good day has been had here.
Still awful in Christchurch, the death toll is now 113 and climbing all the time.... with over 200 still missing.
DIET: on track
nite nite

Thursday, February 24, 2011


 ABOVE:  some clothes items I got from the Hospice Shop yesterday... for the girls and Brylee.

ABOVE:  and this nifty wee unit on wheels, perfect for beside my computer desk... $2.  Not bad at all.

Today I'm going to sew ... and try and do little else.  I don't want to be sitting by the TV all day watching events continue to unfold in Christchurch, it's too depressing.  I will do some serious sewing and keep my mind off it.

I got some really good news last night too... Griffin's Speld Teacher may not be moving afterall... and she is taking Griffin back for lessons starting next week.  I'm wrapt.  NOTHING is happening for him at school at all... so he desperately needs his Speld Lesson to keep his learning on the right track. 

ONWARD...Oh and sorry for not visiting all your blogs right now.. been a bit busy!  I'll stop by soon I promise.

 ABOVE:  what I'm working on today... I'm having a lovely time too.

In between doing the sewing I've done a good deal of housework... even managed to find a few jobs for Steve to do too.  It's nice having him around, it really is.
He made my lunch today while I sewed... salad sandwiches.  Yum.

End of Day:  another day counting the lives lost in Christchurch... at last count 98 confirmed dead and over 200 still missing.  Still dreadful... still so sad...
DIET: out the window
nite nite

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


The earthquake in Christchurch yesterday has been devastating... dozens of people have been confirmed dead and hundreds injured.  It's just so awful... and will continue to be for so many families over the coming weeks/months/years.

Right now the rescue people are still working to find people who are still trapped in collapsed buildings... we are riveted to our tv screens...
I am not going to post any photos ... if you wish to see any please just go on the 'net.

While it is so very sad.. I still feel the need to post some lovely photos of our newest granddaughter Emily... if only to cheer myself up:

ABOVE:  The Granddad....

ABOVE: Uncle Steve and Emily....

ABOVE: Aunty Amanda checking out the pierced ears.... and saying "Huh!... we had to wait until we were 13!"

ABOVE:  proud Grandma...

ABOVE:  rather happy cousin Griffin...

ABOVE:  Brylee and Emily, two of my granddaughters... awwwwww.

ABOVE:  could you get a more cute photo?

ABOVE:  Finally!... a photo with her eyes open!

ABOVE:  I really love this one of Emily and her Dad.

Today:  off to work at the Hospice Shop... leaving my computer to the mercy of Steve... wonder what my screensaver picture will be when I get home?  Bet it won't be what I put on it yesterday....


There is only subject on everyone's minds today.  The earthquake, and the rescue efforts happening right now to try and find survivors.  New Zealand is being assisted in these efforts by many other countries and it is so welcome.
To date (this hour) there has been 75 confirmed dead and around 300 missing.  It is so very sad.  There are stories coming out from the area of amazing rescues, and just the most awful deaths.

I think the whole country has paused ... and is holding it's breath, hoping against hope that many more people are found alive.

End of Day: it is looking very grim for hundreds of missing people in Christchurch... we have been watching events unfold all day... can't watch any's starting to feel like we are just watching the same thing over and over again. No survivors have been found for hours now.  Grim.
DIET: ooops forgot about that.
nite nite

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Living with Steve can have it's moments....  both good and bad annoying.

ABOVE:  the whiteboard ... with his check box.  Every time I eat something he deems 'naughty' he's adding minutes, and they have to be exercise minutes used up by Sunday every week!  Cheeky little bugger.

ABOVE:  MY NEW DESKTOP background.  Hmmmm... can you tell I have a young, annoying man in the house?  Pffffft.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Lacy, she is 31 today.  Emily decided she didn't want to share her birthday with her. 

Today:  got a few jobs I want done around the house and some sewing needs to be done too.


Oh... we are going down to Hamilton tonight so Stew, Steve and the kids can see Emily.... and me of course!   I already miss holding her.

BLONDIE:  NO!  I ain't eaten 20 naughty things!  I ate a pie... and Steve thought it was worth 20 minutes on the treadmill or crosstrainer.  *sniff*

Steve and I went out and had morning tea with Stew, then wandered around DressMart in Onehunga... got some nice sensible knickers for Amanda to wear right now... she usually wears thongs and they certainly ain't quite 'right' for now!

ABOVE: Precious, brand spanking new ... and NOT crying at her Grandma.  

ANOTHER DREADFUL DAY IN CHRISTCHURCH... our southern city has suffered another devestating earthquake at midday today... only 5 months after the last one... this one today has done much more damage and there have been fatalities,  unlike the earlier one.  A sad day for many, many New Zealanders.

End of Day:  we went down to Hamilton this evening and visited Amanda, Andrew and baby Emily.  They are doing well... and Emily is still adorable... of course!  lol
DIET: so-so
nite nite.