Wednesday, January 19, 2022


 *sigh*, yesterday's Dog Runner was too busy, too much going on.  So today I'm going to have a 2nd go at getting it right.

ABOVE:  I made a start on a 2nd on late yesterday, but I'm going to unpick some of it, otherwise it's gunna be too busy too.  😤😣😟

Once I've done that one, I have a special order for a 'Need Wine... NOW' runner.

ABOVE: The cat is gunna be PURPLE, and the word Wine will be changed to Beer.  So... can you guess who wants it?

I have a niggling feeling I'm forgetting something today?  Meh... it will probably come back to me later on.  Hope it's not important!

Does that happen to you too? 

Tuesday, January 18, 2022


 My wallet died.  The zip just won't work, which is damn annoying.  I am sure that it's only about 18 months old.  AND it wasn't cheap.  Grrrrr.

So, I'm going out to get a new wallet this morning, and also pick up a few things at The Base.

Oh and I need to get me 'Float' for the upcoming market.  Gotta have change for the customers. (yes, I'm presuming I'll sell something!)

Shame I can't do EFTPOS, but I simply don't do enough markets to warrant getting my own setup.

Luckily, I don't usually need much of a float, cos most people go to markets with plenty of the 'right' notes for my stuff.  😊

I avoid having to give coins as change, so most things are $5, $10, $20 etc. 

Once home again, I will be packing up my market 'mock up', then doing some sewing. edit:  ha ha, did that first.  

And I expect Lacy to visit in the afternoon, we have left overs!  lol

ABOVE:  Someone I know well needs to read this and take it in.  YOU are worth more than to be some man's verbal and emotional punching bag.  AND his history shows he can get physically violent too!

MOVE ON... get well emotionally and work on YOURSELF.  Become someone YOU are proud of, so no one thinks they can walk all over you again.

Right, that's about it from me for now.

9.45 am:  And that's a good job done.
Everything pertaining to markets is now packed up, organised and ready to go on the 31st of January.

ABOVE:  Instead of bits being all over the garage and some in the middle bedroom, it's now ALL in the middle bedroom.  All the longer runners are out on a trestle until we go to market, then they will get put in a big box.
The only things that are not here are the chairs we sit on, and the gazebo.  They are in the garage.
It feels good knowing it's all sorted and I am ready to go.  I'm almost looking forward to it now!  Wasn't before.

Now, I'm off to do those few things at the mall.

12.03 pm:  And it's done.  I found a lovely new wallet with only one small zip inside (the zip being the problem with my old wallet).   The saleslady gave me a 20% discount because my records showed my old wallet was only 15 months old, and should not have broken that quickly.  So that was nice.

I then came home as Lacy was due to arrive over.
Which she did.  We had a chat on a few topics... and hopefully things get ironed out for her soon.

I'm now going to have a quick lunch, then do some sewing.
Emily and Liam are coming over for the afternoon, so Amanda can attend a work meeting.

They will have to self entertain, cos my sewing is my priority right now.

2.13 pm:  Finally got a finish for the day:

ABOVE:  Third one of these done.
NOW I can finally make a start on a dog runner...  or 3.

So Emily and Liam were here for a couple of hours, but have left now.  I had them in the sewing room with me, air con on.  So nice and cool.
Em had her laptop and I put a Netflix movie on for Liam.  Worked well.

ABOVE: The first of the Dog Runners.  I hate it.
Maybe the next one will look better, I'm making them all different.

No comments since first thing this morning?  Is there something wrong with Blogger, or are you all just too busy to say hi?

7.25 pm:   Well it's been a lovely day.
First I saw Lacy.
Then I saw Amanda, Emily and Liam.
Then I saw Brylee.
Then Steve, Bex and the boys.
And of course Stew, Coco and Marley.

ABOVE: Em on her tablet thingee, keeping cool in the sewing room with me.
She even helped me with composing the dog runner.  

ABOVE:  Liam enjoying a movie, and spinning on me computer chair.
Boys.  😕😓😂

ABOVE:  Post swim... Dante being a dick.
That boy is going to be a comedian when he grows up, I'm sure of it.

ABOVE:  Yeah.  I wanted a photo of Archer.  Photo bombed by his brother.

And yep, that's a wrap of today.
Catch ya tomorrow.
I'm off to watch some telly and just relax for a few hours.

Monday, January 17, 2022


 This week and next, I am going to work my butt off, getting a few more runners made for the first market of the year.

ABOVE:  I have about 5 Cat Runners partly made, and I really want to do a few dog ones too.

ABOVE:  These dog panels were made up into Cushions in the shop I bought them from.  I'm going to make them into runners.  Just not 100% sure how to brighten them up yet.  Cos, they are NOT bright enough as is.

OR... should I leave them dull and boring?

I've been invited to an FBG Coffee Date this afternoon, over in Cambridge.  That will be lovely.  A nice break from the house I'm sure.

10.50 am: And I have finished two runners:

ABOVE:  It will be interesting to see how these cat runners go at a market.  I've never had them at one before.

I hope they appeal to people with a sense of humor like me.

Of course, as I am sewing them, all I can think about is the new dog runners waiting to be made.

I love doing new things.  BUT NO, I have three more cat runners to finish first.

4.15 pm:  Just home after spending a lovely couple of hours with 3 other FBG friends.  I also completed a 'mission' while in Cambridge, can't say what, it was SECRET.  lol.

Now I have to pop down to the supermarket for some mince for dinner.  I've got Amanda and 3 of her kids for dinner tonight.

I'm making her favourite, Spaghetti Bolognese.

9.53 pm:  Well dinner was a success.  Young Liam loved it... which is so neat.  He's been a damn picky eater (here) for years!  Now? He's loving my dinners.

ABOVE:  Big boy Joel, little annoying boy Liam, and the creepy looking sister, Emily.  Cute photo.

Gosh it's another hot and sticky evening, got the fans on trying to keep cool.

Time to sign off for the day.  Catch ya tomorrow.

Sunday, January 16, 2022


 I am so happy with myself.

Keeping the pool crystal clear isn't a hard job, but you do have to stay on top of it.

Last week when it was incredibly hot, it actually started to go slightly cloudy.


ABOVE:  So, so clear!  It's so pretty.  

ABOVE:  These two showing off their new outfits.  I've no idea why they are so special... but apparently, they are.  😃😂😅

ABOVE:  The girls seem to be much happier with their short haircuts.  Every time I look at them I kinda laugh, they look so different with no long ear hair.  
Coco's left ear, the one that has had an infection for over a year, is actually looking a little bit better too!  Maybe having no long hair has helped.

Right, enough waffling.
Today Stew and I are going to potter around the house and yard.  The pond needs my attention, and Stew has said he is going to do some gardening.
So... catch ya later.

12.33 pm:  Been doing exactly what was on the agenda!

ABOVE:  Stew is doing the weeding and shrub trimming.  Filling up our Red Lid bin, ready for collection on Friday morning.

ABOVE:  It's pretty neat how the two new trestles can have their height adjusted too.
More options for use.

ABOVE:  Our new car (the Rav) is slightly shorter inside than our old station wagon, so we had to buy some smaller, folding trestles to use for markets.

So I did a test run of how to arrange the stall using them.

I think I've got it sussed out.

Bearing in mind we will have the white gazebo to  hang runners and cot quilts on as well.

I've now got a good idea where my 'gaps' are in relation to products.  I need to make a few more things before the 31st for sure.

It's now 1.30 pm, Stew's gone to get us some lunch.  I'm not in a wifey mood today, so he has to supply it instead.  AND he's doing dinner too.

Looks like we are having sausages and ?

Stew came home with Subway Sandwiches.  They were DELICIOUS.  I always love finding cucumber in me sandwich, not something I would add myself, yet I love it.

Such a refreshing taste.

I've been working in the sewing room the last couple of hours.

I should have had a swim, but I got a bit sunburnt a couple of days ago, so avoiding the sun today.

SBBs came over for a swim this afternoon, I hardly saw them!  Bex liked my market setup, she's doing the same thing next weekend with the girl she shares a stall with.  

Then we will both be 'market ready'.

It's nearly 6 pm.  I think Stew and I will be having a late dinner... cos we had a late lunch and it's just too bloody hot to be cooking right now. 

Wonder what Stew is gunna put with them sausages?

9.40 pm:  And we had Sausages, Salad and Kumera Rostties.  He did well.

I filled the pond up to the brim this evening, I hope nobody dies overnight!  I've lost two goldfish so far this summer.

And now... time to sign off and do nothing till bedtime.

Catch ya tomorrow.

Saturday, January 15, 2022


Stew  is wiped out.  His first week back at work and they are just so busy.  People still pass away over the holidays.  So there is a backlog of work for them all when they get back!  

He wants a quiet weekend.

Let's have a second go... and see if that gift shop is open today.  Stew suggested we go there, not me.

I'm on the hunt for more little glass bottles.  My latest 'gotta have', they are just so damn cute.

I really am a 'collector' of stuff.  At least little glass bottles are cheap (ish).

Right, that's it from me for now.

Catch ya later.

1.34 pm:   Just had lunch after being out for a few hours.

We checked out that gift shop in Horsham Downs.

ABOVE:  We found quite a few little bits 'n' bobs in here, and got them for gifts.  Either for my FBG friends or birthdays coming up.

I can't show them obviously... they would lose their surprise value for sure.

ABOVE:   I got these for us.  I just love the glaze on the pots.

After Horsham Downs, we did a tiki tour around the area.  It's grown so big in the past 20 years.  It all used to be farmland out there!

Then we decided to go over to Hamilton East and check out those shops.  Wasn't very impressed.  Lots of eateries.  A nice gallery. Shoe shop, etc. 

ABOVE:  I made us a lamb and bacon burger for lunch.  It was DELICIOUS.

I'm making us another one for dinner, with wedges.

I'm in a food coma now.  Going to just relax for a while now.

Sorry Dee!  We spent the afternoon relaxing, then the kids came around and they had a swim.  Once they left Stew and I got in the pool too.

Then I cooked dinner, we had a burger and chips, same burgers as lunchtime.  Again, delicious.

Now we are watching a series on Netflix called Stay Close.  It's not coming together yet.

Might have to watch more.

And on that note, I'm signing off for the day.

Friday, January 14, 2022


 My first market of 2022 is on the 31st of January.

I'm not feeling excited about it at all.

Because of Covid-19 restrictions, anyone attending the market (stall holders and customers) have to prove they are vaccinated.

I think that will affect the number of people who attend the market.

So it will be interesting to see how it goes.

I think I have enough stock for it, but just in case I need a few more,  today I will work on a couple more cat table runners.

Yesterday I forced the girls to lie on the 'cooling mat'....

ABOVE:  Coco lay there for a little while, but wasn't keen on staying on it.

ABOVE:  And OMG Marley! What a pose.  She really didn't want to be on it at all.  

Isn't she just gorgeous though?  Love them both to bits.

Coco has a double chin!  You couldn't see it when her hair was long.  She's really starting to show her age now... she's coming up 12 in March.

Marley on the other hand is still quite young at 4 and a half. 

Right, time to roll over and look at the news until I feel like getting out of bed, and actually starting me day.

Oh just remembered.  I was talking to someone the other day about gift shops, and she mentioned a fairly new one out my way.  In Horsham Downs.

I'd not heard of it at all, so I might just go and check it out later on today.  It's always good to know what's out there eh?  😊

NO names, but know that I am thinking of you, and love you very much.  Always will. 💙💜💚

10.15 am:

What have I done so far today?

Well... the usual housework.

Sprayed weed killer down the 'dogs' side of the house, which means the girls are stuck inside for a few hours.

I've also done pool maintenance, which meant topping it up with water, putting the pump on and adding chlorine.  Not a hard job at all.

I've also watered some plants, even though you shouldn't do that in the morning.  I do.  I've not killed anything in the garden... YET.

I just saw a sneaky little FBG girl sticking something in my letterbox.

OOOOooooo it's a SECRETE Random Act of Kindness!   I might just go and see what she's left me.

This is fun.

11.14 am: ...

ABOVE:  Well how lovely!  A really nice little candle in a glass jar.  Thanks sneaky little FBGer!

How many times do you think I can re-arrange my sewing room?

Yep.   I had a dream about moving things AGAIN... 

ABOVE:  I took out the 2nd large trestle, and replaced it with a smaller one, then I turned a few things around and.... there ya go.  

It LOOKS crowded in the photo eh?


ABOVE:  I have space at the end of the trestles to actually open the cupboard door for the first time ever...

ABOVE:  and just LOOK at the floor space!  I can swing a bloody cat in here now.  

I hope I keep it this way.  Moving shit is tiring.

I think I'll go and check out that gift shop now.

1.10 pm:  And a nice little block of shops.  Eateries. Liquor store. Hair salon and Barber.  Grocery shop.  All open.
EXCEPT the gift shop.  
It was closed today for some reason.  Open again tomorrow.  *sigh*  😕
I might go back tomorrow.  Or not.

After that I popped into the New World supermarket for a couple of things for dinner this evening.
Now home, got me feet up and just chillin' for a while.

It's stinkin' hot.

I spent 2 hours in and out of the pool this afternoon!
It was amazing.
Then SBBs arrived and jumped in the pool, so I got back in.

God I'm so happy we have the pool.

SBBs were having McDonalds for dinner.  Now we are too.

ABOVE:  Finally a decent photo of this little scallywag (Dante).  Gosh the girls are adorable too!

10.06 pm:  Well dinner was nice, even though McDonalds stuffed up our order and Steve had to go down there and get my burger!  

He's now been banned from their store for yelling at the Manager.

But by the sound of it, he had it coming! The Manager just shoved my burger at Steve, no apology at all.
We had used Uber to bring our dinner, so having to go and collect the missing burger got right up Steve's nose. 

Quiet here now... just Stew and I, watching TV.

Off to bed soon... all that sun and pool time makes for a tired me.

Thursday, January 13, 2022


 First up for today.... I'm taking the dogs to the groomers.

It will be the first time using the groomer at Pet Essentials, Rototuna.  I hope they do a good job.

For the first time EVER, I am going to ask for the groomer to cut the dogs ear hair right back.  I'm sick to death of the knots!  Seriously, they get knots on their ears, and under their ears SO QUICKLY.  

I know I'm not going to like the look, but I bet the dogs will like the relief from having me comb out their knots!

While the dogs are there I am going to get some groceries. Our pantry is rather bare.

The result of some of my tidying up the garage yesterday:

ABOVE:  I had wool in these storage cupboards.  Now I am using them for my UFO's, and projects to be done.

ABOVE:  I moved those two shelving units out of the sewing room ...  still plenty of room in the garage for me car!

ABOVE:  Now I have more work room in the sewing room.  

So, that's me for now.  I will try and remember to take 'before' and 'after' photos of the girls.

12.48 am:  And I'm home after a busy morning.
I dropped the dogs off to the groomer, with strict instructions.... take OFF the ear hair!
She agreed it was a very good idea, taking into account Coco's ongoing, never ending ear infection.

Maybe having no hair around her ear canal will help?

Anyway, after that I did the grocery shopping.  Grabbed heaps for young Griffin too.  He's still learning about BUDGETING.

Came home, put all the groceries away and then picked up the girls.

I felt really nervous about seeing them without their long ears.  Like I felt like I might cry.
But NO!

They do look VERY different, but not in a  bad way.

ABOVE:  Before and afters.  I think they will be way more comfortable now.
I have booked their next 6 appointments too, so they never have to wait so long again.

ABOVE:  I bought them this cooling pad too.  Right now I'm sitting on it to see how it feels.
It does feel cool to begin with... but perhaps not after a while.  😕

Well that cooling pad only keeps you cool for about 4 minutes, then it starts to warm up.  Think I wasted a chunk of money.

Right.  It's 5.40 pm.  I took the cooling pad back, it's the first 'Return' they have had.  It was WARM when I took it back!  They were so surprised.  But I got me money back, so I'm happy.

Griffin arrived to pick up food, and is staying for dinner.  Love seeing him.

ABOVE:  Love this kid.  Long, lanky, smelly, grubby kid. 💙😌

10.01 pm:  And what an awesome day.  Got heaps done again, and I'm super happy with the girls groom.
Time to sign off for the day.