Monday, January 31, 2022


 Stew and I are taking today off working on the back yard.

We are both a bit tired.

So. We are going out for the day.

Off to Tirau to our favourite shop there, then lunch at a cafe.

When we get home I'm sure we will be jumping in the pool.

ABOVE:  The sore area where I had my Booster jab.  It's grown a bit, is sore to the touch and itchy.  So, stands to reason I'm not touching it.

Right, that's me for now.

Catch ya later.

It's Auckland Anniversary Day, so a public holiday here, in case you were wondering why Stew's not at work.  😋😊

1.30 pm:  Home from our little tiki tour.
Tirau... still has the best gift shops around.

Notting Hill to be precise.
There's 3 of them!  
The first one we went into...  OMG!
They have a new range of dinner ware.
I fell in love.

BUT... the prices for each piece were exorbitant!
Like crazy, crazy, over the top.

ABOVE:  I very nearly got that little dish with the butterfly, but it was about $80!  And it was LITTLE.  

ABOVE:  I was so tempted to get JUST ONE piece!
But seriously, how could I choose?
There were so many unique pieces.
Just too much to chose from.

To do one table setting in this line would have cots upwards of $500!

Let's not even go into large platters, or bowls with lids etc.  

I left the shop feeling good though.  I resisted temptation.  FOR ONCE.

ABOVE:  Our favourite eatery was closed in Tirau (crazy considering it was a Public Holiday and masses of people were in town), so we went to Podium at Lake Karapiro.
The burger and chips was very nice.
The scenery was gorgeous.
The wind?  Not so much.

Home now and just blobbing out for a while.

Steve introduced me to this damn game a couple of days ago:

ABOVE:  Just as well you can only have one game a day.  It's a good one for ya brain.

7.38 pm:  Well... I had a nap this afternoon.  Stew had a 90 minute swim while I napped.
Steve, Bex and the boys were over this afternoon for a swim too.

Right, I'm cooking spring rolls and Kumera Rissoles for our dinner.  Bit of a silly bugger dinner, but who the hell cares?

Ain't got no diet/menu police coming to check on me!

Stew has muesli for lunch on a regular basis (at work).

Right, I'm off to actually HAVE dinner.  
Catch ya tomorrow.

Sunday, January 30, 2022


 Yesterday I mentioned how my lovely little vases were 'cluttering up' me bench.

I didn't actually MIND, it was just that Stew had to rub it in that I'd harped on about not wanting anything on it!

So anyway, thanks for all the ideas on how to de-clutter my little vases off the bench!

Late yesterday an ANONYMOUS person gave me the PERFECT, BRILLIANT solution!

Thanks ANON.

She/he suggested I buy a nice tray and put the vases on it, making it easier to move them.


ABOVE:  I have a lovely stash of trays already!

Stew chose the one I opted to use:

ABOVE:  I also chose to move most of them to the coffee table.  They look gorgeous there.

AND of course, they can be easily moved if we wish to play cards on the table, as we do sometimes with Steve, Bex and the boys.

ABOVE:  I decided to keep the three taller vases on the benchtop... cos I still wanted some there.

I'm very happy with the move around now.

I was never going to 'get rid' of any of my vases.  I just got them!

If, in the future, I get sick of them... they will of course be donated to family/friends or to the Hospice Shop.

Stew is going to do some more work in the back yard today.  He's not exactly looking forward to it.

He's bleating about me wanting it done NOW!  So he has to get on with it.

He's too used to me wanting things done IMMEDIATELY, or better yet, YESTERDAY!

As I told him yesterday, I don't mind if it takes a few weekends.  (but secretly, yeah, I want it done YESTERDAY 😂😅😋)

I will wait.  I don't want him to crash and burn.

AND Yes, I realise none of the above makes sense.  Take ya time/hurry up/nah, take ya time.... 😂😅😫

While he's doing that, I might just get into the sewing room and finish off a runner I started a week ago.

Catch ya later.

12.45 pm: Well, the backyard transformation is going to be a longer process than I thought.

Moving the stones... is going to take forever!

There's millions of them.

So, slow but steady.

I got all but two of the goldfish out of the pond, put them in an old bucket and stuck them out by the road... FREE on the bucket.

Just had a neighbour come to the door and offer to take them.... so off they went.  Such a relief.  

If I can catch the last two before there's no water left ... well and good.  Otherwise I'm a murderer.

We also put a really big mirror out by the road, it went immediately.

Gosh it's a great way to re-home stuff!

We got visitors, just when I really needed to stop with the stones due to the heat.

Sandra and Neil from Palmerston North popped in.

They'd just been up to Auckland to trade in their BMW on an Audi convertable.

ABOVE:  Super choice car!   I told Stew I wouldn't mind one of them.

IN my dreams of course.

ABOVE: There they go... off home with the top down.  

You can see my bucket of goldfish under our tree... it was only 5 minutes later they got a new home.

ABOVE:  Sandra and I.  

There will be NO MORE photos taken in front of my cow painting!

Neil said "Look, three cows!"

I think Sandra needs to stab him 16 times in the chest!

Cheeky bugger.

And now... it's knock off time for me, it's way, way too hot out there.  

Lunchtime I think.

ABOVE:  Stew, all hot and sweaty after working in the back yard all morning.

After he cleaned himself up a bit, we both jumped in the pool.

It was heaven.

ABOVE:  He got heaps done today.  There was a concrete edge to the left, swooping around to the fence.  You could hardly see it as it was covered by the garden.  Stew had to smash it up with a sledge hammer, took him quite a while.

ABOVE:  Back here the three posts have to be dug out, of course, they are concreted in.

And all the stones (millions of them) have to be taken out.  Big job that one.

While we were in the pool, Steve, Bex and the boys arrived and they jumped in the pool too.

Then, after that...

ABOVE: Steve got to work in my kitchen making Lasagne from scratch!  He even makes the freakin' pasta!

What a man.  Bex is helping him I might add.  Best not forget to mention her!

ABOVE:  Steve showing how it's done.

ABOVE:  Dinner was AMAZING.  So tasty.  Thanks Steve and Bex, Dad and I appreciated it very much.

They have now gone home, and Stew and I are left here... in a food coma.

Might sign off for the day now.  
Catch ya tomorrow.

Saturday, January 29, 2022


 Today we are working on the back yard. 

Ripping down the posts, concrete edging etc.

We might have a big load ready for the dump by tomorrow.

I will make sure Stew paces himself, it's going to be a stinking hot day.

My arm is still sore, so there might not be much I can do to help, but I'll do my best.

I'm going to get out there soon, while it's still not too hot.

Catch ya later.

ABOVE:  Stew mocked me last night.

I had said I didn't want to 'clutter up' this bench top, many times.

Now I've cluttered it up.


But it's so pretty!

12.56 pm:  Been a busy morning.
Stew went down to the supermarket to do 'his' normal weekly shop.  Mostly snacks, diet coke and personal toiletries.
Then once he was home I went down to Nick Scali and paid the balance of our new lounge suite, as it is supposed to arrive at the end of the week.

Then I've been fluffing around in the house, just doing the washing etc.

Stew is out in the yard.  Luckily we have some cloud cover today.

ABOVE:  He is taking down that section of fencing.  Then ripping up the grapevine, concrete edging and all the stones.  Grass is going there instead.

ABOVE:  Of course, when I suggest these things, I think it's a simple job!  Yeah right.  Poor man is going to take days to get it all done, even with my minimal help.
We will lose about two shrubs.  One tall tree is staying and having grass around it.

3 pm:  And Stew's been digging, chopping and clearing for about 3 hours.  He's finally stopped for the day.

SBB's came over for a swim and chat.  

ABOVE: 4 shrubs ended up getting removed.  One tall tree got to stay as it will look lovely with lawn around it.

ABOVE:  Just the old posts and wooden edging to remove from the old trellis now.  There's quite a bit more to do, but we can pace it out over 2-3 weekends if necessary.

Dinner tonight is going to be something simple... just not sure what yet.
Won't have to cook tomorrow.... Yaaaa!
Steve is doing Lasagne for all of us.

All the green netting that was on the trellis got balled up and put in a cardboard box out on the grass verge with FREE written on the box.
Went in minutes.  BOOM.  Good deed done for the day.

11 pm:  a bit late.... but here it is.  It's been a quiet evening.  We had an easy dinner, just meats, coleslaw etc on buns.
Watched some TV.  YouTube etc.  Time for bed.
Catch ya tomorrow.

Friday, January 28, 2022


 I'm probably mad.

There's an FBG walk on this morning, and I am going to join them at the half way point at 8 am.

Not too early a start this time, but it might be hot.

I hope not too hot or I will melt.  

After the walk we will go for morning tea, which will be lovely I'm sure.

After morning tea I'm coming home and fishing the last goldfish out of the pond.

I've got a lady coming to pick them up around lunchtime.

Then the pond is going to be filled up with stones from our back yard.  

Yesterday I filled the pond up to the very brim, and within an hour it had gone down about 4 inches, so clearly it has a leak.  I'm over it.

My arm is a bit sore from the jab.  But other than that, so far I feel OK.

So, that's me morning sorted out.

How about you?  What ya doing?  It's Friday, are you looking forward to a long weekend like we are?  (Auckland Anniversary Weekend, Monday is a holiday).

11.15 am.  Exactly four hours since I left the house this morning.

The walk was a great distance for me, 3.2 kms.  BUT, the damn sun came out, so it was HOT.
AND... at the very end of the walk there's a fairly steep hill to walk up.  I managed it, but was fairly puffed by the time I got to the top.

I wasn't the only one, so didn't feel too bad about it.  At least I did it.

After the walk and drink at the coffee shop, I dropped off a 'secret FBG gift' to a dear friend.  I couldn't just put it in her letterbox and leave.   I stopped in for a chat... which was nice. 

Then I came back to Hamilton and stopped in at the big Hospice Shop in Claudelands.  Where I found two more cute glass vases.

ABOVE:  I think I have a problem.  I never do anything by halves do I? 😋😂😆

My arm is quite a bit sorer now.  I've got an angry red lump.  But apart from that, so far so good.  I hope we don't end up having to get booster jabs every 3-6 months!   I might not be up for that.
UNLESS of course, the Government makes it difficult if you don't.  And I can see that happening already for those who have chosen not to be vaccinated.
Lots of people losing their jobs over it.
I don't think that's 'right'.  But that is only MY opinion.

I'm going to sort out some lunch now.  It's a bit early, but I'm hungry.

Oh bugger about no exertion after the booster!  Done now.  I will take it easy for the rest of the day and hope I don't regret my walk later.

In case you didn't know, I've been worried sick ALL DAY about Steve and his hospital appointment.

He had his bi-monthly infusion this morning, then an emergency colonoscopy this afternoon.
His latest flare up has been going on for a bit too long.

We were all worried, particularly as he has had so much pain.

Your mind always goes to 'the worst case scenario'... well MINE does.

So... after his procedures, he spoke with the specialist and it's actually GOOD NEWS!!!!!!!

His inflammation is localised, there was nothing showing up on his x-ray, so they are just going to add a couple more medications to his arsenal, and hope that clears the latest problem area up.

I am so relieved.  I have been on the verge of crying all day, just so scared.

You hear of horror stories all the time, where people are left too long and well... you know.

I am going to have a celebratory drink tonight with Stew, and have fish 'n' chips.  

Fish 'n' chips -   done
Wine - done
Falling asleep at 7.35 pm - YES!

Signing off for the day.
Catch ya tomorrow.

Thursday, January 27, 2022


 I'm really nervous!

Today I get my Booster jab.

I'm not looking forward to it of course, but then, who does look forward to injections?

Mine is booked for 1.30 pm this afternoon.  So I just have to keep myself occupied until then.

What can I do?

It always takes me about 45 minutes to get all the 'first thing in the morning' jobs done.  So that's first.

After that, I will probably get into my sewing room and do some more work on runners.

Even though there's no markets on my horizon for ages, there is no reason I can't keep building my stash.

Have the goldfish survived in the big glass bowl I wonder?  I am a bit hesitant to go and look to be honest.

I'll let ya know ... later.  😂😅😆

ABOVE:  How adorable are these two?  Coco is so loved by this boy (and all of us really).  Archer just loves our dogs.

9 am:  The fish in the bowl?

ALIVE !!!!
I am very happy about that.  Long may they last.

Today I've woken to a COOL wind and cloudy skies.  Excellent.  It makes it much more tolerable.

Right, off to get the washing on, do the pool maintenance, bla bla bla.

11.30 am:  And then the freaking clouds blew away and out came the sun.  HOT again.

I went into town and found some more little glass vases, then I went to a Hospice Op Shop and found a couple more.
So, my latest obsession/collection grows:

ABOVE:  When I'm a bit stressed,  I either eat, or shop.  Sometimes I do both... at the same time.  😖

2 pm:   I decided to go to the Base early, have a wander around then get me jab.
I ended up lining up 45 minutes EARLY at the Immunisation Centre.
And they took me early.
Which was great cos I was feeling like running!
The jab itself was fine.  It's just nerves and anticipation that get to me.
A blood test is way worse.

So, I'm home now and feeling fine.  But tired.
I think I tossed and turned a lot last night worrying about the jab.

Should sleep better tonight.

6.45 pm:  Dinner tonight was sausages, mashed spuds and coleslaw.
I'm taking tomorrow night off!  Fish 'n' chips probably.  😊😋

It's unbearably hot.  I went and brought in the washing half an hour ago, and the sun was still burning hot on my face!

Time to sign off ... it's going to be a quiet evening.

Catch ya tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 26, 2022



I put our possum skin on the front door stool.

The dogs had shown very little interest in it, so I thought it would be fine there.


Around dinner time last night I heard the dogs have a massive fight in the garage.

Then silence.

Stew arrived home just after that and he came into the family room carrying the possum skin.

Seems the dogs were fighting over it!

So now, I don't know what to do with the bloody thing!

Any ideas?

Today Lacy is coming to stay for a little while.

So, nice to have some company I suppose.

And someone to do the vacuming!  Yeah.

Today I'm going to 'advertise' our goldfish on Facebook.  FREE to a new home.  Hopefully I get someone who wants them.

I don't think flushing them down the toilet is quite right eh?

And putting them in a stream or lake isn't right either I think. 

So... best find a new home for them.

With that in mind, I might start trying to catch them.  I can put them in the dogs paddle pool till they get a new home.

9.30 am:  Well the fish will stay in the pond until they have new homes.  Good idea Christine (Dogstars).

Stew got a phone call this morning from... THE ASPHALT COMPANY GUY!!!!!!!

After some chit chat, and bullshit about him making sure 'you guys get a win over me'... he is meeting with Stew, here, next Wednesday.
PROGRESS finally?

He still maintains all the issues with the driveway are NORMAL!  WTF planet is he on?  But then, he's not seen just how bad it is now, so it will be interesting to see how he justifies it next Wednesday.

I'm going to make sure there's PLENTY of witnesses to that conversation!

I got on the scales this morning.  I've gained another 3 kilos.  That takes me back to where I was about 2 years ago.
I know I said I am never going on a diet again... but perhaps I need to do SOMETHING to halt the gains!  
I don't feel well.  My fitness is 1000% gone.  I'm a little bit miserable about myself and my utter lack of control right now.
I don't HATE myself, but I am simply not happy.

So.  What to do? 

- Make healthier choices.
- Get some more exercise.

OK... moving on.  I am going to make a start on the back 'yard' area.  A few changes about to take place there.  Nothing major.  Just changes.

10.25 am:  And Lacy arrived.
So I got her to help me fish some goldfish out of the pond....

ABOVE:  I'm going to TRY to keep a couple alive in the 'Goldfish Bowl'.  
I killed the plants that I put in there, so I'm picking the fish won't last long either.

Lucky I managed to raise 8 kids without killing them!

ABOVE:  First up, we must do a dump run this weekend!  The backyard dump pile is huge.
After taking this lot away, we should actually have nothing left to take to the dump!
Yaaa to that.

ABOVE:  Now.  The grapevine, the 'trellis' around it and well, everything there is GOING.
We are turning it into an extension of the grassed backyard.
All the stones will be washed and put in the front door rockery.
No more weeding back here.

I have sprayed all vegetation there with Roundup, so hopefully by the weekend it will be ready to rip out.

Then we can prepare it for grass.

Well... Lacy's stay was LIKE SUPER SHORT!  Only a few hours!!!!
She's found somewhere to stay already.

Our son Steve is having some real issues with his health right now.  I hope he is going to be OK.
He's in hospital on Friday for a few procedures.  
Such a worry.

Bex and the boys visited me twice today.
Second time they arrived with Steve in tow.
Steve and the boys had a swim.
Bex and I opted to sit and yak.

Then my friend Sue B arrived, yakked for a good hour with her, then she left with three goldfish.

I think there's about 5-6 left in the pond.

Dinner tonight was chicken and salads for Stew and I.  That was rather yum.

Now... I'm gunna have a shower, wash me hair and chill out for the remainder of the evening.

Catch ya tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 25, 2022


 What the hell is NORMAL now?

The entire country is under the Red 'Traffic Light' setting.

Sick to the back teeth of bloody Covid-19/Delta/Omicron and whatever else transpires.

How long will this go on?

The next Market I was going to attend has just been cancelled.  Far out. 

Now my next POSSIBLE market isn't until MAY!

I feel like giving up on selling my stuff at markets.  I've no idea what to do.

Stew returns to work today, and his workplace are doing a big change in who is at work, and when. It's to work around the new restrictions, and still keep their office open.

TOoooo day..... Me?  I'm gunna get the washing done.

Sort the house out, make sure everything is tickity boo, then think about a big change down the back of our yard.

Plan out what to do.... more on that later.

Anyone want some goldfish?  I'm getting rid of them.  I'm tired of trying to keep damn fish alive.

Gunna get me some lilies for the pond. 

Yesterday I tried to 'Map My Walk' while in the Ruakuri Cave.  That is an App that tracks your walk, distance, time, steps etc.

ABOVE:  We were in the cave for almost an hour and a half.  I did 5,441 steps, but according to the app, I only walked 150 metres!  😅😂😆

I'm picking that app doesn't work when you are under ground!  Well, I tried.

ABOVE:  A  photo of a lovely stream that we stopped at yesterday.  Somewhere near Piopio, pronounced Pew Pew!  Weird.

ABOVE:  This is the stream that flows into the Waitomo Cave.  It was very low at this point, but  much deeper inside the caves.  It was very muddy here.  We saw a small eel in it.  And some baby trout.

Right, that's me for now.

Catch ya later.

11.50 am:  Well my morning hasn't gone to plan.
Instead of doing housework, I went and did a very BIG grocery shop!
We shouldn't run out of the basics any time soon.

I also popped into my favourite clothing shop (TS14+) in Chartwell, and bought this:

ABOVE:  It's exactly the same as another striped top, from the same shop, that I got in Australia.  Just in a different colour way.

ABOVE:  I also got this cute little scarf holder cos it was on sale, and I can now get me scarves off the floor in me wardrobe.

Now?  Relax for a while. The washing can wait.

4.23 pm:  Yeah.  Done nothing this afternoon!  My plans just fizzled out.  Feeling really tired.
I should be going to card night, but I'm not even doing that.

I think being on the go all weekend has caught up with me.
I'll try to be a bit more interesting tomorrow, lol.