Saturday, May 31, 2014


This morning my plans are to get some washing done, then sit and catch up with a few of my favourite blogs.

While I do that, Stew is going to take the kids down to the mall.  Brylee needs new school shoes and Stew needs to get new batteries put in his watch.  

It's a Tissot watch he got about 10 years ago but hasn't worn for a couple of years because he just kept forgetting to get it done, then got used to not wearing a watch!  I don't wear any of mine much either.

Now days you kinda use your phone for EVERYTHING, including as a watch.  I use my phone for so much ... I can't believe how damn handy a smart phone is!  I just wish I'd got one earlier.

Steve is not working today, so that will be nice, more time with Bex and Dante. edit:  I just found out Steve DID go to work today.  

Talking of Bex.  Her and I are off to another Tupperware party this afternoon.  We are not going to stay long as neither of us want/need any more Tupperware really ... although I do want to get a sipper cup for Keera.  Dante has one and he loves it.

So, that's me for the next few hours at least.  Sittin' here checking out the haps in blog world.

After lunch, and before I go to the Tupperware Party, I am going downstairs to make a list of sewing projects 'on the go', and in what order I really should work on them. 

I am dying to start on some of the 'new projects' I have in mind, but am trying to be sensible and not start anything else until I have finished a few of the UFO's!

ABOVE:  It's really HARD when I constantly see gorgeous things like that above, and want to give it a go!  *sigh*  Not. enough. hours. in. the. day.  I just love those little triangles!


The morning has gone well.  I've read a few blogs, which makes me happy.
I am now going to take a break and go piddle, have lunch then head out with Bex to that Tupperware party.

Stew and the kids are STILL out... though Stew did ring and ask me what size tights to get Brylee for school.  Made me laugh... she was right there with him!

OH I better put me face on too...

Tupperware Party was nice.  I ordered a couple of little things, cos it helps the Hostess get a nice gift for holding the party.  I think we are going to another one in a few weeks!

It really has been a quiet day!  Stew finally got the lawns mown, before any more crap weather arrives.

I'm probably going to spend the evening down in me sewing 'room'... I want to sort out all my UFO's, make a list and stick to getting them all done before anything new is started.

End of Day: I'm knackered!  No idea why, just so tired tonight. I got a bit of sorting out done in me sewing room.  Bex thinks I've got OCD.
I don't know about that!
nite nite

Friday, May 30, 2014


Ahhh Friday.  Usually a day I like as it means Stew will be home with me for two whole days.
But... not this week.

We have enjoyed the last 4 days, just the two of us.  Today we will make the most of our last day before the weekend hits, with kids home from school.

OH ... it's a long weekend too... so those that work in this house don't have to go back to work till Tuesday.

Brylee's school has decided next Tuesday and Wednesday will be 'Teacher Only Days'.  That means Brylee is home until next Thursday!  
I have to wonder how many teachers will actually be WORKING (at school) on those extra days off from teaching?  I think it's a wonderful way to get a 5 day 'weekend' myself.

Correct me if I'm wrong.

So, today's plans for Stew and I?  Off to St Lukes mall, have a kid free wander, eye up a few things... just enjoy the day.
Now let me think... are there any fabric shops over that way???   I better check me map!

Bex bought some 'puffer fabric paint' from Spotlight a while ago.  Yesterday she bought some socks for Dante and painted on them.  Then she had to wait a few hours before applying heat from an iron to make them puff up:

ABOVE:  bottom right is before heat was applied, and above was after.  It worked really well, and I'm going to use that paint to name the kids uniforms from now on.
It will be really difficult for anyone to get the names off using this stuff.  

ABOVE:  Our little man is still not 100%, snotty, grotty eyes, coughing and on/off miserable.  Though, he IS getting better.  
I'm not sure how Keera is, I forgot to ask Lacy last night.  But she must be on the mend too or I'm POSITIVE I would have heard all about it!

Lacy always SHARES when Keera isn't well, or driving her nuts!  *smiles*

I have not done ANY sewing this week, or read a single blog, and I even have two women's magazines to read that we bought on Monday!  I simply have not had the time or energy. 

I'm sure I will get back into the groove and catch up with everything/everyone next week.

Time to go....



Clearly I don't know what happens on 'Teacher Only' Days.  It just seemed very convenient to schedule two on the back of a long weekend.  Remember, I'm JUST a parent, so don't know what happens on these days.

I spend all day fluffing around, sewing, shopping and just having fun.  Obviously.  

***P.S. I worked in primary schools caring for special needs kids for 5 years before Brylee and Griffin came into our lives, so I have actually WORKED before.
Oh AND I taught pottery in schools too.
AND .... yeah nah, I will leave it there I think.

Stew and I are going out soon, so I won't be back for a while.

We are back... and I can report that we have had a really lovely morning.  We had a slow wander around St Lukes mall.  
Then we drove over to Mission Bay and had a nice lunch of pizza.  We have brought the left overs home for the kid's afternoon tea.

Driving home on the Southern Motorway, we counted 12 police cars, lights flashing, sirens going heading north... all in a bunch!  I wonder where they were all racing off to?

We just found out that all those Police were chasing 2 stolen cars, they stopped one in the Waikato, but the 2nd car continued up here into Auckland.  The Police chased/followed the 2nd car into Auckland city, then back out to Manurewa, where they finally got the young person driving it.  In all 7 young people were arrested by the sound of it.  

I'm sure it will be on the news tonight.

End of Day:  well it's been an uneventful Friday night. I got to watch my programmes on the telly in the lounge, and the guys got to watch rugby in the family room.  Perfect night! lol
nite nite

Thursday, May 29, 2014


Finally.  Today is going to be more about us RELAXING instead of rushing here and there, getting both our vehicles fit for their Warrants of Fitness and Rego in the next couple of months.

So.  We are dropping my car off at the Dealers for it's yearly check up, oil changes etc.

While it's in there, we will cross the road and go see a movie in Manukau.  We are going to see 'The Other Woman' with Cameron Diaz.  I'm not a  huge fan of Cameron, but I've heard it's a good movie... so fingers crossed I enjoy it..

After the movie I think we will grab some lunch, pick up me car and head home.

So, a fairly quiet morning is planned.

I kinda forgot to post my fabric pictures from yesterday, so here they are:

 ABOVE:  Stew spotted this panel on the wall of the Craft Shop yesterday... and he said we should get one.  Dante ADORES dogs.  So I'm not sure what I shall do with it yet.  Maybe a wall hanging?  

ABOVE: I spied this one... it's a soft flannelet, so I think it will become a baby's cot quilt or cuddly blankie.   I think it's utterly ADORABLE.

ABOVE:  on the left some fat quarters and an end of bolt (top left) ... about 3/4's of a metre.  I'm loving the soft girly colours, and am dying to make a really pretty quilt with these fabrics in it.

The balls of wool?  They are TINY...

ABOVE:  SEE?  That's me phone to give an indication of their size.  They are for crocheting or knitting little flowers, motifs etc.  I'm thinking I will give that a go at some point.  I couldn't resist getting some cos they are so bloody cute!

Got some good news yesterday ... our son in Australia is feeling a bit better now, he is safe and that is all that matters right now.

When my brother's marriage disintegrated he was devastated.  He had us so frightened he would do something silly with his life.  That is how I felt about Russell the other day... he was just so hurt and broken.  If I ever doubted my son loved his kids, I don't now.  

I wish he had NEVER gone to Australia. 

OK... I better get a move on, and get ready to hit the road again! 


I forgot we had a glazier coming this morning to fit the new dog door in our laundry door.  He arrived a full hour earlier than we were expecting him.  And he needed to be paid today, so Stew went hunting for our cheque book.
After much searching, we found it and would you believe the last cheque we wrote was back in July, 2011 !

Just goes to show how much Internet banking, and EFTPOS have changed the way we all pay for things.

It's a crisp morning here again, but no frost.  Still darn cold though.

ABOVE:  The movie was quite good.  I expected Cameron to be ditzy, but she wasn't for a change. We enjoyed the movie and thought the 'wife' in the movie was the stand out best character and not Cameron, as expected.

While we were watching the movie, my car was in getting it's service... advertised at $280.
We agreed to the "service charge"  and an added amount for a couple of other little things, so signed on the dotted line for $310 all up.

Then Stew took a call from them and they said the car needed new wipers and a couple of filters... no mention of HOW MUCH that would add up to.  But Stew said OK.

Can you see where this is heading?

Yep.  We get back there and the 'extra' charges added up to the total being.... get this.... $545!!!

WTF?  So Stew questioned the amount and asked for a run down.  The new filters cost almost $100 ... and the BRAKE PADS were another $50 something, and the WOF was another $45.   

Ummmm excuse me, but we didn't ask them to do anything with the brakes or do a WOF.

So, Stew got a bit cross and said he should have listened to his wife (that would be ME) ... because I had already told him they would rip us off!
Did he listen to me?  NOPE.

Anyway, the refunded us the money for the brake work.  But we are still out of pocket by $180.  I'm so crabby now.

WE ARE NEVER EVER going back there.  

Anyone dealing with Toyota, don't go to their dealership for any sort of 'work' on ya car, cos they DO RIP YOU OFF.

Right, we are now home, it's cool and I'm going to sit down and get warm.

LYNDA: the Warrant was not due for another 6 weeks or so, and we did not ask them to do a WOF.  The brakes were just fine, probably needed new front break pads in about 6-9 months, certainly NOT now.  

As it turned out, they hadn't done the brakes at all, the guy billing us got the number plates mucked up and thought our car had it's brakes done.  Don't know how you can mistake my number plate for another one, mine is D C ROX.  Pretty distinctive number plate if ya ask me.

End of Day:  it was another lovely day spent with my hubby.  We have certainly packed a fair bit into our 5 days together, without the kids.
Mostly getting our vehicles serviced and repairs done.  We are both tired!  We have done heaps of walking around so far this week.
Time to hit the sack...
nite nite

Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Keera and Dante are both sick.
Bex is going to get an appointment for Dante first thing this morning, and Lacy has made one for Keera at 11.45 am.

Stew and I are off to Papatoetoe first thing this morning to get a new tyre for his car, then we shall pick up Lacy and Keera and take them to the Doctor.

Last night was pretty rough for Dante.  He's got a very heavy cold, a nasty cough AND conjunctivitis.  The kid is utterly miserable.
I'm sure Keera is feeling rotten too, I just hope she doesn't have conjunctivitis too.   

So, apart from two sick babes, everyone else is well... for now!
I don't think I could handle anyone else getting sick right now.
There is just too much going on in this family right now.   

Our son in Australia is going through HELL right now.
He is being denied the RIGHT to see his own children, and it is killing him inside. 

All I can say about his EX on here is : 'What goes around comes around'... and the sooner the better thanks.

I'm getting more and more nervous as the days go by.  Next week Stew has his job interview for the 'new position' that is replacing his existing job.  I am literally shitting bricks whenever I think about it.  
I hate to think how Stew feels about it?

Time... it's such a waiting game... and as I said, it's getting to me.

Trying very hard to eat well, and not let emotional eating take over.  

Once again, I don't have any photos for the start of the day!  Oh well... I'll take me camera with me to Papatoetoe, who knows, there might be something there to take a picture of?
Ya never know...


Home.  We have had a very busy few hours out and about.  First off, Stew's car got it's new tyre and alignment.  While that was being done we had a look around Papatoetoe.

ABOVE: I had been told about a craft shop in Papatoetoe before, but hadn't been able to find it.  Today, I did.   I thought it would be run of the mill, but once inside I was pleasantly surprised.  It's set back from the road, that's why I hadn't found it before.

It does not have an enormous amount of fabrics, but some were really lovely.  I managed to find a few to bring home... thanks to Stew paying for them, thanks Darling.  

We then wandered down to Hunter's Plaza, which I didn't even know existed!   It was a very nice little mall... not many people in it.  We had a hot chocolate at a nice cafe in there.

Then we picked up Stew's car and then we picked up Lacy and Keera, and headed off to the Doctor's.  
Funnily enough, we met Bex and Dante at the Doctors too.
So, Keera saw a Dr and was prescribed some asthma medication for her cough, Dante was given more paracetemol for his cold, his chest was clear so nothing else for him.  

He looks so puffy right now too... the Dr said it was down to the virus he's got.

Stew saw his Diabetes nurse, who changed his medications as the metformin wasn't working for his blood sugar levels.

In a minute I shall take a photo or two of my pretty fabric and pop them on here. 

End of Day: sorry I forgot about the fabric photos!  I'll get them on here tomorrow.  It's been a really lovely evening here, just winding down after spending virtually all day going to and fro.  
nite nite

Tuesday, May 27, 2014


So get ready for me moaning and groaning about being cold!
It's called 'sharing'.



First thing Stew and I have to do is take my car down into Newmarket (inner city) to get two new tyres fitted.  While we are waiting for them to be done and balanced etc, we plan on having a browse around the shops.
We don't get down to Newmarket that often, so it should be nice.  Even NICER... NO KIDS!

I just hope it's not pissing down with rain, that would put a damper on our enjoying the wandering.  Newmarket can be like a nasty wind tunnel and be really unpleasant to walk along in shitty weather.

I plan on taking my camera and getting some photos of Newmarket.  Perhaps some of the funky shops they have down there... quite a few 'high end' shops, very pricey.  So, "Just LOOKING" will be said a lot to shop assistants I bet!  *smiles*

ABOVE:  Keera and Dante trying to open the stair guard latch.  It's too stiff for them ... for now.
They had a little battle too, of who was going to touch the latch first.  Little ratbags.

Well... that's all for now.  I shall be back in a few hours no doubt ... hopefully with a few photos to share.


What was I thinking?  It has become a stunning winter's day!  Very cold morning start, but a glorious clear sky and sunshine!  Wow.  Condensation on the windows, heaters definitely ON this morning!

Coco:  she's totally back to her old self, racing around this morning like a dog on steroids!  So neat to see her happy again.

We are off soon, so I better go and do me face/hair etc!  Can't go out looking like a hag.

OMG!  I found a new-to- me fabric shop in Newmarket... and Stew found a Tea shop. I don't know which one of us is happier. *smiles*   We are still out and about. .. photos when we get home.

 ABOVE:  I found another Rhino.  Now I have to find a place to hang him.

ABOVE:  Poor Stew.  Though, he does like shopping!

 ABOVE:  We had a hot chocolate here.  But none of the cakes or slices.
Did well eh!

ABOVE:  see that fabric on the shelves?  It was around $80 a metre!  I left it there!   But I did get a few fat quarters and a small end of roll piece.

ABOVE: 6 FQ's and on the right the cutest alphabet fabric I've seen in a while.

ABOVE:  Stew got some new Tea to drink and a few 'tea accessories.  And that yellow thing is for the beach. You can put your keys/phones etc in it, strap it to your waist (well Stew's waist!) and you never have to worry about anyone thieving your car/wallet/phone while you are in the water.  

ABOVE:  At the Tea Shop.  The girl there did all she could to get me to consider drinking some of their tea... she really tried hard.  DIDN'T WORK.  Silly girl didn't know who she was dealing with.  I did take a sip of some Mint Tea, it was DISGUSTING.  

She even tried to get me to buy a pretty cup to drink my DIET COKE out of!   Still didn't work.  I like my sipper bottle.  It was funny having them on.  

During our conversations with them, I said I only drink Diet coke, my car is named Diet Coke, my number plate is D C ROX, my blog is Diet Coke Rocks.... and the girl said "oh, let's have a look at your blog right now!"  and she did.

So, her and the young bloke are expecting to see themselves  on me blog now!  DONE.

ABOVE:  under the Newmarket viaduct... cool old tree!  I don't think I've ever stood under the new viaduct before.  Massive concrete flyover!

5 pm and all I'm going to say about the last hour  is:  We are NOT The Waltons.  {{{huge sigh}}} 

End of Day:  Can only say the day was going well until late afternoon, then it turned to shit.
Oh well... let's hope tomorrow is better.
nite nite

Monday, May 26, 2014


But mostly for Stew.

First thing this morning he is dropping his car off at the garage for some repairs, then he's walking down the road to Manurewa to have his blood test ... before he sees the Doctor for his 3 monthly diabetes check up later on this week.

I wonder if he will get good or bad results?  Mine were rather bad, but I'm already turning it around by changing my crappy eating habits.

After he's been there, he is walking home... and it's all uphill to our home!  

Once he's home we are going out to do the grocery shopping... something we put off in the weekend.  

After lunch I am heading off to the Hospice Shop for my Monday shift.

I am finding it easier and easier to NOT buy stuff there now.
I've probably gotten over the 'gotta buy it, it's a BARGAIN' attitude!  This is a good thing as I was starting to feel like a magpie!
Or a hoarder.  

I'm feeling really 'flat' today.  But I hope to snap out of it soon.  I feel like some changes are coming.  Changes I need to make TO MYSELF, so I am happier in my own home. Some of these changes may impact on others, and that's probably not a bad thing.

I'm still working on stuff in my head... but it is coming together.  

Right, I better go and get the day started... can't dither here!


BEE:  I don't know WHICH Bee C you are on Facebook!  There's quite a few.  Help me out by telling me what your profile picture looks like or something!

9 am and I'm still not dressed!  Whoops.  Better pull me finger out and get moving.  Groceries await.  Like ... YAAAaaaa

I will be out for the rest of the day. 

Catch you al later.  Have an awesome  day. 

Groceries are DONE...and poor Stew gets to unload and put it all away, cos I will be at the Hospice Shop. 

BEE: Im at work. When I get home I will add you to the weight loss group ok. 

BEE:  I have just added you to the W.L.Support Group.  You are lucky number 50!  We have now closed the membership and hopefully we can all benefit from the added support the group members can give each other.

Sheesh!  While I was inside working, the weather took a big turn and it's now really COLD and windy!  Brrrrr.

Stew is doing dinner tonight, Pork chops and veges ... I can't wait!
I'm hungry.

Stew and I both had a 'carbless' kebab for lunch, which is basically meat and salad with some hummus.  It was bloody nice, but I'm ready for a hot, decent meal.

I bought three cookbooks at the Hospice Shop today, some 'healthy' ones.  And a silicone bib for Keera to use here... she spits a lot of her food out if she doesn't really want it, so a bib that is made of silicone will be handy.

My rings are free wheeling around me fingers, which means either I bloody cold or I've lost some weight.  

WE WILL SEE on Wednesday when I weigh in won't we!

End of Day: wow, no photos for today. That's a rare event. Maybe I can do better tomorrow?
Time to sign off for the day, I'm off to read a woman's magazine and just chill.  And eat some WW Jelly I do believe.
nite nite

Sunday, May 25, 2014


We have a few jobs to get done today.

Stew needs some more work shirts, so a trip to Munns in Botany is on the cards for today.

Also, I want to get a few more winter clothes for Keera.  I have almost enough clothes for her to wear on her weekends with us now.  I don't want Lacy worrying about getting clothes dry to send with her.  It is winter now and getting clothes dry can be difficult. 

Hopefully Keera is feeling better when she gets up.  She was fairly miserable yesterday.  Lacy is due back here late afternoon.  I'm sure Keera will be happy to see her Mummy.

I'm not sure yet when we will be going to Botany, because Coco has to be at the Vet's at midday to have her stitches out.

Last night when I checked on Coco's tummy, she rolled over and had a fairly large 'leak' of fluid from one area of her incision, right there and then ... it freaked me out!  But when I cleaned her up it looked OK.  It was probably a build up of fluid from under her skin.

There is some pinkness around a couple of the stitches, but I'm thinking that's just because they need to come out.
Time will tell.  I hope the vet is happy with her recovery.

 ABOVE:  sometimes these two get on so well... they were being extra cute sitting side by side having their morning tea.  Dante even leaned over and put his head on her shoulder.  Awwww.

 ABOVE: Dante's face when he saw himself in the posable viewfinder on my camera!  Classic... he kept saying "WOW"!  Again, so bloody cute.

 ABOVE:  He was a scream in the bath last night.  He has suddenly decided to lie on his tummy and 'swim'... lots of water everywhere as you can imagine.
I shall not show photos of Keera in the bath.  She looked miserable with her cold.

The Weight Loss group I set up is going great!  We now have 43 members, and I am really enjoying the support from everyone, and supporting them in their endeavours too.

One of the girls in the group told us about a book that was being offered FREE on Kindle yesterday only, so I grabbed it. (thanks Mel)

ABOVE:  Stew and I both want to read it.  We are both Diabetics, Type 2.  Time to knuckle down and work on cutting down/out sugar if nothing else!

Right, I'm outta here for now... kids to feed, dogs to feed, bla bla bla...all the usual weekend stuff.  


***  Our weight loss group is about to close for new members.  We don't want to become a huge, impersonal group at all.

So, if I don't know you... I cannot add you.  We have only 7 more invites to join to go. 

I'm now off to take Coco to the Vet.  Fingers crossed all goes well.

The vet visit went ok... but there is one section of Coco's wound that has not sealed up, so the Vet had to put a staple in ... and Coco is on another round of anti-biotics as well.  But on a whole, she has recovered well.

Sadly, she has to stay in the cone for a while longer.

After dropping Coco back home, we went out and got some more business shirts for Stew, his current shirts are starting to look a bit shabby.  Did  you know business shirts can cost up to $180!!!  We didn't buy any at that price, but still managed to spend a small fortune!

We also bought Keera and Dante a couple of winter clothes items.  It's just as much fun shopping for grandkids as yourself.  Actually, it's more fun cos ya don't get all hot and crabby trying on clothes yourself.

EDIT:  got to take back everything we bought for Dante.  SHAME you can't return Sale Items.  Looks like the Hospice Shop is going to benefit from our shopping.

Home and just going to chill for a while.  Shopping can be so tiring! 

BEE:  I will need your Facebook link to 'friend' you first.

End of Day:  it doesn't take much for your day to be ruined.
nite nite

Saturday, May 24, 2014


Stew and the kids went down to the supermarket last night. 
When they arrived home they rushed up the stairs all agog, and told me I HAD to come down with my camera.

So... like the paparazzi I am... I did.

ABOVE:  They wanted to show me that spider!
Bex took one look and took off up the stairs again.  

I made sure I was out of jumping distance, and felt really creeped out!
That spider is easily the biggest we have seen before, here in New Zealand!

It's a Vagrant Spider, or a Huntsman spider... they look the same to me!  

I was mega creeped out, thinking it might come into the garage where I sleep, so I asked for fly spray to kill it.

Then I changed my mind.  I didn't think it would be fair to kill it... so I made Stew catch it (cup and paper slid under it), and made him release it over our fence into the neighbours property!

No one is living there at the moment, so I didn't feel guilty.

Today Bex has another Playcentre Course to attend, so Stew and I will look after Dante, and Keera of course.
Steve is at work too.

Perhaps I can finally get to some blog reading even!

Would you believe... since I started a Facebook Weight Loss Support Group on Wednesday, we now have 41 Members!  I am thrilled to bits, and kinda godsmacked too.
It certainly is helping me, to be able to share and support other girls, and have them support me too.  


Just on the 'down side', I've had a nasty headache for the past few days.  Someone mentioned it is probably down to sugar withdrawal.  I tend to agree.
I just hope it eases soon, cos it's rather annoying.


Well half the day is over.  Two toddlers are in bed asleep... and we shall now have our lunch.

The one thing I dislike about weekends is that Blogworld goes quiet!  I know we are all busy doing stuff on the weekends, but I do miss hearing from everyone.

And Yes, I know I'm a crap blogger for not visiting you all so much now days!

Keera is being a handful today...very grizzly with a cold.  Her temp is up a bit too...but not worryingly so.

I'm getting the twitches... wanting to eat something that will fill the void.  No sweet sugary things for days and I'm missing it like crazy.

I even resorted to having a mandarin and banana!   Mildly comforting, but not really.  Will power has to kick in BIG TIME now.

PAULA:  Thanks for reminding me about WW Jelly!  I am off to make some right now.  Maybe two... so I always have some on hand... now where did I put them???? 

End of Day: and it's been a busy day with the two toddlers, shitty weather, washing to get washed and dry before Monday... oh it's a busy life we lead.  
nite nite

Friday, May 23, 2014


Miss Muppet is coming for a weekend visit today.  I'm picking her up from the mall at midday.
Lacy is off to Tauranga again.  I'm sure she will have a nice time, as we will having Keera.

Poor Dante has a rotten cold, so he probably won't feel much like playing with his cousin.
He is MISERABLE.  Blocked nose, cough, grumpy as.

When Stew gets home tonight, he starts 9 days of being 'on holiday'.   It's  a 'stay-cation' though.  He is going to get his car fit for it's warrant of fitness and rego, and mine too.
One of his wing mirrors is smashed, so he will  be looking around at the Holden dealers for a replacement.  My car needs a new tyre... they cost $350!  Yikes.

We have a few other things planned to do, just the two of us, while the kids are at school.   Wow.  One on One time with me hubby!  VERY RARE EVENT.

Usually the only 'us' time we have is when we are asleep in bed.  Yep.  Wonderful.
That's why I'm looking forward to next week!

Blog reading has had to take a back seat these past few days... setting up the Weight Loss Support Group has been taking up HEAPS of my time!  We are now a group of 34... with 2 pending.   I can't believe how fast it grew.  But, I'm thrilled to bits... because I know how much having some support means to all of us.
Sharing ideas, how we are feeling, any bumps along the way, it's cool.

ABOVE:  My McDreamy's stitches,  3/4's of the way done ... I've only got the Alphabets to stitch out and I'm finished.   It's been a big project, but worth it.
I just wish there wasn't so many stitches that are repeated, with slightly different sizing's to differentiate them. Still feeling a bit ripped off over that.

Never mind.  It's going to be a lovely day... I just know it.

This feeling of being 'on track' is fantastic.


ABOVE:  see that blue rag?  It's there so I can clean my glasses.  Only, Dante thought it was there to wipe his nose on!  So he did.  Nice.

It is a gorgeous winter's day here, crisp and bright. I am walking around with a spring in me step... hot flushes have dropped down to only about 4-5 a day!  WHOOP!

Miss Muppet is in da house.  And she's not feeling well either... so we have two grizzly, cold filled toddlers.  Ya.
I've just put her to bed... I hope she wakes up in a better frame of mind... and EATS something!

As for me... I'm about to have my lunch, watch Home and Away from yesterday, and just chill for a while.

ABOVE:  This is what I love about winter... a fireplace.  I've moved the couch and lazyboy around so I get to sit closest to the fire.  Stew would COOK if he was next to it.  *smiles*

JENNY: in all honesty I can say NO, I do not miss the Palmy weather!  Summers were lovely, but the winters were nasty.  Though the two times it kinda snowed were neat!

End of Day:  A lovely day, totally ON TRACK, feeling fab!
Didn't get much accomplished on the domestic front.  Oh well, there's always tomorrow.
nite nite