Friday, May 31, 2013


I forgot to get this out of the car yesterday, so Stew got it for me late last night.
I bought it at the Hospice shop yesterday.

I plan on tarting it up and using it in me sewing 'room'... instead of Bex sitting on a dining room chair.  And I can use it to climb up and get stuff down that's on top of the storage units in the garage.

When Stew got it out of the car for me, he came up the stairs with it and said:  "What the hell? What's it for?"

So I explained... and he said?

"YES DEAR".  Bloody man is always saying that to me.

My name is 'DEAR' if anyone's asking.

Now.. I'll show you what I bought:

ABOVE: It's covered in that hideous green, fake leather.  But I'm gunna have some fun re-covering it for sure.

It will look lovely once I'm finished with it.  I hope.

What else can I blither on about today?

Took these of our 'live in grandbaby' last night:

ABOVE: now that he can roll from his back to his tummy, he does it ALL. THE. TIME.  
Now, this wouldn't be a problem,  but for one thing.
He hates being on his tummy.  So we are having to roll him off his tummy when he gets grizzly.  Then... as you may have already guessed... the little darling immediately goes and rolls over again.  *sigh*

It will be GREAT when he figures out how to roll from his tummy to his back, that's for sure.

I am going to Sylvia Park.  I saw a wall plaque thingee in a shop, and I want to take a photo and make something similar for myself.  Stuffed if I'm gunna pay $99 for something I can make for next to nothing!

I'll show ya later what I'm on about.


Been awake since 5am.  got to hear Stew turn his alarm off 5 TIMES before he finally got up!
So, I got up and started tidying my computer area... looking for a receipt ... can't find it.  
Been charged DOUBLE for an item we bought a while ago... hoping like hell the company realises THEIR mistake and credits the amount back!

It's looking to be a so-so day... showers.  At least I'm not cold this morning... been on the move too much to get cold.

Home from the mall.  Got/did everything I wanted to.
There was a 'display' in the mall... by Cadbury Chocolate... promoting their 'new' Dairy Milk and there was a competion on to guess how many chocolate blocks were in a car.
You could win a year's supply of chocolate.

I didn't enter.  

ABOVE:  It was a nice display though.

I also got some slippers, two colanders and 'LAUGH' for me wall.

ABOVE:  I couldn't resist the LAUGH... it's got bling on it.

We ran into Lynda at the mall too... so we had a chat until we had to come home for lunch.
Talking of lunch, I'm starving...

I had a baked potatoe with baked beans, bacon and onion for lunch.
Then I sat down and watched some telly while Bex and Lacy made dessert for tonight.

ABOVE:  Yes, it is a chocolate based dessert.  These two are idiots.

End of Day:  well... we had fish 'n' chips for dinner, followed by the girls cake.
Now... off to bed early for a change.  Really tired after waking up at 5 am.
nite nite

Thursday, May 30, 2013


Yaaaa.... I've got my new Tupperware.  
I am thrilled to bits with the new fridge containers I bought.

ABOVE:  the lime green lidded clear containers are for stuff in the fridge... now we can see at a glance what's in the container.  And square/rectangle containers will fit in a darn sight easier than round bowls.
We have had lots of round bowls with goodness knows what in them in both the fridges up until now.
I may even be tempted to get more of the new containers!

The other cute little set is going to be handy to take small quantities of 'stuff' in the picnic basket, or for ya lunch... like mayo or pickles... or whatever.
Or... little baking ingredients like sprinkles, chocolate hail etc.

I couldn't resist them really, they are so cute.  *smiles*

ABOVE:  yesterday morning.  The dogs love sitting in the sunshine, so Dante got to share the sunny spot.  He liked having the dogs near, but I was pretty wary.  I was worried he might grab a handful of dog and not leg go... and one of the dogs might nip him or worse, bite him.

I've talked to Bex about it, and we both agree we cannot EVER leave him in a room with the dogs without one of us near.   It's only being sensible, and careful.

I KNOW neither dog would deliberately set out to hurt a baby in our home, but they are, at the end of the day, DOGS.  And they will lash out if being hurt.

Right... today?   No plans ... Hospice this afternoon... and NO, I have no plans to ever have a hot chocolate again!  So, I shall be going... and I shall possibly find some treasure!


I bought some jeans from City Chic a couple of years ago.  They didn't really feel nice to wear, so I put them away.  They fit now, but they still don't feel good, the crotch sits mid-way between me 'crotch' and me knees.
So I just stitched a pair up, taking the crotch up about 2".  They still are not right.  Grrrr.
I'm starting to think they are just a bad fit for me?

Does anyone else have this problem?
I can't wear jeans on my WAIST, because I simply don't have a waist.
My narrowest part is me hips, so all jeans have to sit on me hip.

Oh and I also realised that I have virtually NOTHING to wear with jeans.  All my tops are knee length. So today at Hospice I am going to try and find some tops suitable to wear with jeans.  I might even try finding some jeans too.

The Hospice shop was rather quiet today... so I did some shopping:

 ABOVE: This really lovely jacket for Brylee, it's made in Germany and the stitching inside is amazing!  I will show you once it's out of the wash.

ABOVE:  Three lovey glasses.  The two on the right I plan on putting jelly and fruit in... they are rather funky.

 ABOVE:  I found this and I plan on having it in me handbag, I can put me glasses in it, and a spare pair of earrings, me pills etc.  Handy!  Got it for 50cents.

End of Day:  well... I'm very thankful for that electric cuddly throw thingee... cos it's bloody cold!
And wet.
So nice to be warm and snug inside.
nite nite

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


OMG it's freezing!
So cold I am seriously contemplating going out and buying some of those electric throw/cuddle blanket thingee's, so I can be warm in me chair at night!
I simply can't believe how cold it has become.

You have all listened to me bitch and moan about being too hot over our long summer...

Well hold ya breath, I'm gunna bitch and moan about being cold now!

I will try not to though.  I will just make sure I'm warm.  Simple.

Have any of you peeps out there got one of those electric throw thingee's?  What ya got? Is it any good? Recommendations? 

ABOVE:  I saw this one online late last night... it looks OK.  Trying to think where to look for them... maybe Harvey Norman's, or Briscoes?
I'm sure there are several 'versions' of these out there.

And before anyone says turn on the heater... I'd rather have a cuddly blanket!
And the heater in the lounge is on the blink, and I'm waiting to hear back from the manufacturers about getting it fixed.
*sigh*, there is always something to be fixed.

So, today I am going out ... I've got a couple of errands I have to do, then I'm gunna have a look around for some of those thingee's to keep us warm in the evenings.  
And maybe pop into Spotlight too.
Cos I can.


Well.. I went out, did a couple of jobs, looked around for a warm thingee... and found three available.
Briscoes had two, priced $139.99 and $169.99.
Didn't buy them.
Went to KMart and they had cheapie ones for $49, so I got one of those...

ABOVE:  I have tried it... and it works just fine!

ABOVE:  Dante seemed to like it.  

Re any concerns about my electric cuddly blanket.  It will only ever be used on me, while I am sitting in me chair watching the telly.  It will be turned off when no in use.   
I have no qualms about it.

Now... I'm off to prepare dinner... sausage 'n' pasta bake... nice and warming, and filling too.
I will not have any as I had my 'main' meal at lunchtime.

I have enough pasta bake in the oven for everyone tonight, two containers full in the fridge for the men's lunches, two small baking dishes full for me and Bex's lunch tomorrow,  AND a container full in the freezer for Lacy and Keera too.
I don't do things by halves, never have.

The idea of just cooking for Stew and me is ... weird!  *smiles*

End of Day:  Dinner went down well for the family, and I enjoyed my 'dinner' of yogurt and fruit.
nite nite

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


First off for today, I will show you our poor little Keera's face.  She has just recently been seen by the Doctor for a rash on her face... and sadly it's eczema...

ABOVE:  She only started getting the rash about a week ago, but it is quite nasty now.  No idea why.  When she gets hot and bothered it gets worse... poor little Miss Muppet.

ABOVE: Next up is a video of Dante rolling over for the second time ever last night.  He rolled over first in front of only Steve while Bex and I were in the kitchen last night ... so I sat down and took numerous little videos until I 'caught' his second ever roll over... he made it look effortless.

I can't stop feeling rather chuffed with myself about my update on PEPSI ... life has it's up's and down's, but right now it's not too bad!
Also, I'm coming up to my next weigh in, in about a week?... so that is something to look forward to.  *smiles*

Today... going to visit Lacy and Keera this morning, then after that... I am going to the mall.  


It's also Hospice Shop duty for me this afternoon... so that means Bex gets to cook dinner!  Yaaaa.

Last Tuesday we went down to the mall, and I had a hot chocolate drink.  Today, we did the same thing.
And both times, right after I'd had the hot chocolate drink, I came over all hot and sick, with nasty shooting pangs in me tummy and an overpowering urge to throw up!
I do believe I can't drink hot chocolate ever again.  Cos seriously, feeling sick as a dog for half an hour or more sucks.

I'm hoping this passes quickly because I'm due at the Hospice shop in an hour.

Well... after spending a few HOURS sitting down quietly, I came right.  It was rather awful I must say, I couldn't even drink me Diet Coke!  Now that is tragic!

The girls looked after me.. Bex made me a rather late lunch (a baked potato with baked beans, YUM), then Lacy did my hair for me.
I was spoilt.  

Awwwww the girls ♥ love ♥ me.

PAULA:  yes, it was from the same shop as last week.  I don't usually EVER buy a hot drink when I'm out... but last week and today I did.  
NEVER again from that shop though.

Right, here's a few photos from this morning:

 ABOVE:  our babies off to the mall, all snug and warm.  Dante went to sleep the entire time we were there.

ABOVE:  Dante having a look at himself.  Cute!

ABOVE:  I bought this new wooden board.  We have been using a set of plastic boards for meat, cheese, vegetables and bread ... but they are not much good now.  The meat one kept growing MOULD overnight!  It was revolting.  It's not like I didn't wash it after use either.  It just got too many ingrained cuts and they held on to meat blood I suppose, so I threw it out weeks ago.

I am going to buy a new wooded board for each 'food category' ... this one is for meat.

I've got the delectable Kate coming to visit after dinner with my Tupperware... yaaa!  and now she's not.  Her car broke down.  Bugger.
Waiting to see if Stew and I are going over there now... I can't wait to see my new Tupperware.

Stew and I went over to Kate's tonight to pay for my Tupperware... which will arrive tomorrow, not today.  That's fine... it gives me something to look forward to tomorrow.

End of Day:  well I had planned on having a spa tonight with Steve and Bex... but feck that!  It's raining pure ice drops... I mean it's FREEZING rain out there.  No way in hell am I gunna sit (even in the spa) while it's raining freezing ice on me head!
Gunna go to bed with me electric blanket on HIGH.  That will be bliss.
nite nite

MARGIE UK:  Dante with an 'O' so you could be saying 'Don...tay'

Monday, May 27, 2013


Just remembered this from yesterday.

Before we did the grocery shopping, we decided to have an ice cream.
I told Stew I just wanted a little tub with ONE scoop of ice cream, then I toddled off to the bathroom.

When I got back, Stew handed me my little tub, but it had TWO scoops of ice cream, so I said :
"I only wanted ONE scoop!"
Stew said "It's OK, I will eat some of it"

Then this bloke standing next to me reached his hand out, palm up and said:
"I will have it, just tip it into my hand!"

Ha ha!  I just laughed and said Stew would eat it for me.  That bloke was serious!
I think I really disappointed him when I said no!

Also.... we ran into Steve and Bex as we arrived at the mall... and I yelled out "Hi".
Steve said to Bex something like "quick run!"

I watched him running from us, so I yelled out "Oi!  Come back with my BABY!"
And I started to run (YES, RUN), after him.

As I ran jogged, there was a woman between me and Steve, and she cried out "OH NO, What is happening?"
I said we were just joking around.... 

When I caught up with Steve and the baby, I looked back and that poor woman was still standing there watching us with a really worried look on her face!  Luckily Stew talked to her and told her we were just being silly.

WHOOPS!  I think I should be a bit more careful of what I yell out in malls.  

OH,  Steve has demanded I tell you all this:
He and Bex made the pork dumplings and sweet and sour sauce last night FROM SCRATCH.
AND dessert was Apple Dumplings with a Cinnamon custard and white chocolate sprinkled on top!  All made from SCRATCH!

Now.. on to something else!  While visiting a bathroom at the mall yesterday, on the cubicle door I saw an advert for these:

ABOVE:  Libra Get Fresh Wipes.  Now I kinda thought, hmmm, not a bad idea.  But then I immediately also thought, what woman gets so 'un-fresh' down there during the day to such an extent that she has to "freshen herself up"... because she hasn't got TIME to freshen herself up, presumably the normal way? (like a shower or bath I suppose)  

So... would YOU need them?  Do I need them?  I'm kinda thinking I am just fine thank you very much!

I might be totally wrong?  

So tell me: Do GUYS need to 'freshen up down there' too?  Where are the Libra Get Fresh Wipes for MEN?

Or is it just us women who might need to 'freshen up' our nether regions during the day???

I started out thinking it might be a good idea to have some.
And ended up feeling a bit offended.



So... Bex just said to me, what about if you are stuck at work all day, and have your 'monthly'... those wipes could be good to help you 'freshen up' during the day. Yep, that would be good.

I think their advert was just a little poorly worded.

Took this cute video of Coco, Ted and the big kids:

ABOVE:  trying to demonstrate just how cute Coco is when she wants her belly rubbed.

I just got dinner in the crock pot... a hearty beef and tomato stew.  It's going to be yum... but it won't be ready until much later than our usual dinner time.  I've been distracted by other things this morning.

Miss Keera has eczema, so I'm looking on the 'net to see what might aggravate the condition.

ANON:  any info will be helpful.  Keera has it on her face and it's now spreading down her neck. Poor wee bubba.  At least it doesn't seem to be bothering her too much yet.

Been a frustrating day.  I soooo wanted to deal to Lacy, call  her a f**kin liar.  But I haven't seen the proof.  So... she gets away with lying AGAIN no doubt.

Well... it's been an interesting afternoon.  I can't wait till tomorrow... I'm going to see Lacy.  I want a word with her, and I want to see Keera's face for myself.

End of Day:  I am going to bed tonight knowing today went well.  And tomorrow should be a good day too.
nite nite

Sunday, May 26, 2013


I'm rather hoping today is a much better day than yesterday.
After thinking we had all afternoon to do what WE wanted to do yesterday, it didn't happen.

So, today.
We shall do the grocery shopping.
And I shall do some sewing.
And washing.
And so on.

Just a 'normal' sort of Sunday.

I spent last night sorting out my drawers.
I'm still sorting out what fits me NOW, what will fit me in 6 months, and what to give away cos it's never gunna fit me again.

Something tells me I'm going to end up with nothing to wear soon!  Most of my winter clothes are the ones I'm shrinking out of!

And there is no way I want to be buying 'in-between' clothes, that would just be a waste of money.
So, maybe I just wear a few clothes that are a bit big then.
That's OK I suppose.  It will look better than me squeezing myself into clothes too small !

Sorry, no photos for today... yet.  


People who got their tits in a knot yesterday, besides us.  Pull your head in.  WE were the ones MOST AFFECTED and put out by the bloody fiasco.
YOU didn't have two kids and a baby sitting around a bloody mall for hours waiting.
And as I said yesterday, THAT will not happen again.
We will no longer be having anything to do with it.
Go through the courts, get is sorted and stop playing games with each other.  Nasty games.  The only person you are hurting is Keera... and you are pissing US off big time.

On a happier note:  I keep trying on clothes that have not fitted me in years... and now... some of them are getting close to being worn again!
Yes, I'm a sad git, but unless you have been HUGE and are finally getting back your self esteem, your enjoyment in have no idea!  

I just showed Stew how a dress I am wearing is now much LONGER on me (cos of the weight loss)... and Griffin overheard and he said:
"Mum are you getting shorter then?"

Yeah... only a kid would say that.  Brylee said something similar the other day too.  *smiles*

I'm happy today.  Believe it or not.

CRANKY: your question has been answered "elsewhere".

Well... that's the grocery shopping done for another fortnight.  Such a mission.  Dislike it intensely. 

Steve is cooking tonight, so at least Stew and I can relax for a while.  It's so nice having the big 'kids' cook!

End of Day:  well the kids made a really lovely dinner... pork dumplings and veges in a sweet 'n' sour sauce.  It was delicious!
I think they are making us a dessert too... only they won't tell me what it is.  But I can see them peeling Granny Smith apples!
Today has been less stressful than yesterday, thank goodness.
nite nite.

Saturday, May 25, 2013





Stew bought rat poison and put it up in the loft.
Now we need mouse traps for the kitchen cupboards.  They are only in one cupboard, and the warming drawer under the oven. 

Ikkkk.  I had to throw out several bags of Cornflour, Corn Flakes and Rice.  

I have no idea what the rats are doing in the loft, and I have no desire to go up there to see!  They scare the hell out of me.  And they are scurrying around ABOVE MY HEAD.  It's a wonder I can even sleep down there!

And now... on to something different, Keera was here yesterday afternoon, so I took some photos of her in the tin too:

 ABOVE: I could say here she is looking like her MOTHER.  But I won't.

ABOVE:  Ahhh, that's better.

ABOVE:  cute as a button.

ABOVE:  She didn't really like being in the tin... but oh well... too bad.

Got a busy day planned.

Taking Keera to Sylvia Park to see her bio father.
Having lunch there once he's gone.
Then popping over to Kate's to drop off Tupperware money.

Then home to do some sewing.  Or housework.  

And at some point Stew and I need to do the grocery shopping too.  The cupboards are bare.

Thanks to the rats.  LOL... NOT.  We just eat a lot in this house.

We only panic when we run out of loo paper!

ABOVE:  Brylee 'cooking' at camp.   She clearly had a fantastic time.  We are so happy about that.

We have been out since 10.30 am.  The time now? 3.45 pm.  

What was supposed to be an access visit from 11 am till 12 noon.... didn't happen. 

We had to sit and wait until 1.15 pm before Keera's Bio Father turned up!

Partly HIS fault.
Partly Lacy's fault.

But no matter who's fault it was, it meant Stew, Brylee, Griffin and I were left to sit and wait for over two bloody hours for him to arrive.

THAT is NEVER gunna happen again.  We will no longer have a bloody thing to do with getting Keera to/from any access visits, or being dicked around by anyone like that ever again.

Total waste of OUR DAY.  

GODDAM ANGRY RIGHT NOW.  AND thanks, I've got a bloody doozy of a headache now.

ABOVE:  I felt really sorry for these two kids.  Imagine sitting waiting for HOURS.  AND having to wait until 1.45 pm to get lunch. 

End of Day:  the only good thing about today was dinner.  Stew cooked us all pizzas.  Chicken, meat lovers, ham and pineapple.  They were lovely.
I'm going to do some sewing now before going to bed.
nite nite

Friday, May 24, 2013


I took a few photos of Dante last night, in the 'TIN'... with an earlier photo for comparison:

 ABOVE:  Dante as a newborn (12 days old)....

 ABOVE:  last night... 5 months old!  Babies change so much, so fast!  Not only BABIES either:

 ABOVE: Here is Jenna and her puppy Peppa, Peppa was 8 weeks old here.

ABOVE:  And here is Peppa at 8 Months old!  Yep, she has changed too.  Jenna's Mum (Gayle) sent me this photo last night!  Looks like Miss Peppa likes mud!

TODAY:  well.... dunno right now.  Might do some sewing.  Might make some soup.  Or a cake.  Ahhh... no... BEX just said 'NO, we are not allowed cake this week"
Fook. Sob. Whine. Cry. Tears. Kicking and Screaming.  




Damn, sometimes I wish Bex would fOOk off. NOT REALLY ... BUT MAYBE... just sometimes....

She just called me a bitch!!!  Never mind... she can't get away from me.  I. KNOW. WHERE. SHE. LIVES.  HA HA HA.

Going now... cos I have to make freakin' lunches.

Oh yes... Brylee comes home this afternoon!  This week has gone fast.  I hope she comes home happy.

AND... before I forget... Dante cut his first tooth yesterday.  And had no problems with it at all.
He has a bit of a runny nose, but that comes with the territory, along with gallons of slobber and dribble.


I just saved myself $725.00.  HOW?  I ain't buying that rug afterall.
I'm gunna use the fluffy, drives me mental rug we've already got.  It's been in storage for months, but I have it on the floor now, and it looks A..MAZING there! 

 ABOVE:  See?  Perfect.

ABOVE:  Steve and Bex doing their exercise routine last night.  Now I just have to join them, or Stew in the morning.  But... the motivation is just not quite there yet. 

Working on the food/portions still... one step at a time.

Though... I am more active that a few months ago, purely because I am feeling so much better.  Having my bedroom downstairs means lots more going up and down the stairs for me... it all counts!

I drove down to the school 45 minutes early... so I would at least be parked close to the school to pick up Brylee and all her gear.
I was just getting out of me car when the buses arrived... perfect timing!

Brylee:  HAD A BLAST.  Loved her camp and said  she wanted to go again!

AND... she got an award for having Great Teamwork Skills

AND: her teacher said she was fantastic at camp, and I needn't have worried!

AND... and this is a BIGGIE:

She left home weighing 34.9 kilos... and came home weighing 35.40 kilos !!!
I am so happy!  Brylee is GROWING!  And she didn't lose weight like the last time she went to camp.

Whoop  Whoop!!!

Now it's time for me to do all the washing she has brought home with her...

End of Day: and there was NO MUD!  Amazing.  Tonight has been lovely and quiet... once everyone was fed that is.
Lacy and Keera were here for the afternoon.  Stew took them home after dinner.
I have spent the evening watching stuff on YouTube.  Very addictive to go from story to story!
Shall stop soon as I'm getting a sore butt!
nite nite

Thursday, May 23, 2013


Today is one of my best friends birthday... Chris D.  I know you got your bag yesterday, and with it the little 'something' inside it too.

SPARKLING: I will show YOU and my other readers what was in it now:

ABOVE:  just to refresh your memory, this is the Cute Bag for Chris D.
And this:

 ABOVE:  is a made-to-fit Drawstring bag, with a container inside for her lunches.  I really enjoyed making the little 'extra' bag for her.  I know she will use the little container too... it's what I use for my yogurt and fruit if we go out.

HANDY little containers they are.

There is a young man in this house who needs a haircut... stat!
I tried to get a decent photo of him ... after he had spiked it up with water:

ABOVE:  not too bad... scary eyes though...

 ABOVE:  Wow almost a normal face!
But... it didn't last.

 ABOVE:  Yep... much more like our Griffin.  He's a hard case is our boy.

 ABOVE:  the other little man in the house... looking so adorable, he just makes me melt.
I had another lady in a shop say he looked just like me yesterday!  Made my day.

ABOVE:  Dante loves his Daddy.  Getting ready for babe's bedtime last night.  

Today:  sewing, housework, Hospice duty, dodging raindrops too.  

Poor Brylee!  On camp and the weather is atrocious.  I totally expect her to come home with everything wet, and her freezing!  Might just make sure I've got her electric blanket on so she can have a hot bath then jump into bed to warm up!

So far this morning I have finished 3 Dresden Plate blocks, and have the next one all ready to go.  I had planned on taking a break from it after say, 5 blocks... and do something else to break up the monotony.  But... I'm loving doing the blocks and if I keep it up I will have it ready to join together with the sashings before I know it.

WEIGHT: having a few issues with slip ups in the past couple of weeks.  It's so hard to stay on track some days.
I think the weather has something to do with it.

I am cold... and eating cold food is not working for me... sushi?  Salad? They don't warm me up!
Might have to make soup... but I'm not a fan of soup without toast.  *sigh*

Better get me thinking cap on...

I'm home from Hospice and guess what?
Seriously, I cannot believe it myself.  There must be something wrong with me today.

Or ... there was just nothing I wanted to buy!

THANK YOU EVERYONE for the helpful lunch suggestions, I really need to try some of the ideas.  
Left overs: we either don't have any, or the men take it for their lunches, or we freeze it for Lacy and Keera!  

I've got to go now and cook dinner.... beef stir fry with Udon noodles.  Yummmm.

End of Day:  can't believe how cold it has become in the past week!  Not that I am worried about it... I am over being too hot!
Might do a little sewing before bedtime.
nite nite