Wednesday, April 17, 2024



Stew is back at work again today, I think his time at home recovering is over.

Fine by me.  He's OK, that's all that matters.

I'm going for a walk today.  Probably just around the mall today.  

ABOVE: Monday night's FBG walk photo.  I don't know why I bother posting them anymore?  Maybe I'll stop, and just take some of my own from the back of the group.

When I get home from my walk I'm going into the sewing room to try and muster some enthusiasm, and make something.


Right, I just had an awesome walk.

I decided to go somewhere new today.

ABOVE: Today I went to The Base and parked at the very far end of Mitre 10, then walked around the entire shopping centre.  I went around twice, which was just a little bit further in distance than going around the lake.

I really enjoyed it.  It was nice for a change, and I didn't have to cross town to get to the lake for a change.  And it was a nicer walk than around Chartwell Square.

ABOVE:  OH LOOK GM, I am smiling.   Do you know how hard it is to friggin well smile when you are on ya own, with nothing to actually smile about?  Pffffft, just for you my friend.

On my way home from The Base, I ended up picking something up and bringing it home.

More later.

ABOVE:  Well, 'it' was Miss Muppet. And there she is putting icing on a piece of Feijoa and Apple Cake.

And enjoying Jelly and sweets as well.

ABOVE:  I don't even feel guilty letting her eat so much sugar!  It's what Grandmas do.  SPOIL THEM rotten.

I'm just doing my job.

Because I love Granny Smith Apples, I bought some yesterday, and have just cooked them up to have with yoghurt.   I used 'fake' sugar, being mindful of my diabetes.

I got on the scales this morning.

I was pleasantly surprised to see a nice loss.

Maybe something is working!

MICHELLE C... Thank You for your lovely, supportive comment.  I needed it.

COLLEEN... I agree.  I'm not going to worry about it anymore.  

ABOVE:  Keera and I spent a couple of hours hanging out with Bex and the kids this afternoon.

Keera LOVED spending time with Lily.

And Lily enjoyed talking to Keera too.

ABOVE:  My favourite photo of the day.  Lily is just so cute.

We are now home, and I'm just contemplating getting dinner prepared.  I've got Corned Beef in the crock pot, so just need to get the veges done now.  It can wait another hour...

Our dinner was really lovely, nothing beats corned beef and cheese sauce!  Keera LOVED IT.

She's now in bed, and we are just winding down for the evening.
Time to sign off for the day,  Catch Ya Tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 16, 2024



One week after his operation, and Stew's heading back to work!

He's going in a bit later than his normal starting time, and will probably come home after his last appointment this afternoon.

I hope he isn't going to over do it, and just take it easy.

My plan for the day is just to do some more housework, but not windows.  I might do a little grocery shop as well, as we are out of a few staples.

I'll probably pop in and see how Lacy and Keera are doing as well.  

So, there ya go.  A fairly normal day ahead.


10.50 am:  It's been a very late start today.  Stew and I stayed in bed until nearly 9 am!

Then he set off for work, and I went to the supermarket.

And now I'm home, the groceries are away and I'm about to make a Feijoa and Apple cake, or two.

I'm hoping adding apple gives it a little bit of added YUM.

Stew, don't overdo it at work, and I'll see you later on this afternoon.  Love you.

ABOVE:   11.30 am, two Feijoa & Apple Cakes in the oven.  Fingers crossed they are good, cos I did dick around with the recipe a bit.

I never quite follow a recipe 100%.  In these, I substituted 1/2 the white sugar for Raw Sugar, and didn't add the raw sugar to the 'cream the butter and sugar' part of the recipe.  I added it separately, just chucked it in the bowl with everything else.

Let's see how that works.  😂😊😋

ABOVE:  Perfect!  Tastes lovely.  Subtle feijoa and apple, not overpowering at all. 

Just did the vacuuming.  And remembered WHY I don't vacuum if I can help it.
I HATE IT SO MUCH... you have to constantly yank the machine to keep it up with you, it hurts my back and yeah, I just hate it.
YES, I have a stick vacuum, but it doesn't do as good a job as the regular vacuum.  

Next time I vacuum, I really should be in a better mood too.  I really just wanted to cry, it shits me that much!  
Now I've consigned the vacuum back to it's bloody corner and it can stay there forever as far as I'm concerned.

No walk photo from last night's FBG walk that I can see for now. Wish I'd taken a photo myself now.  NOTE TO SELF:  Take a photo, even if it's from the back of the group.

ABOVE:  I did see two rabbits coming off the Expressway though, and got a photo.  

Lucky you fullas are not in my lounge right now.  Stew arrived home, and I immediately launched into a massive bitch.  Pent up frustrations mostly.

I'm not going to WW tonight, I can't be arsed.
I've been going for 20 months and have not made one single friend.  I know I shouldn't be expecting to make friends, but hell!   That just sucks.
Maybe I'm just not friend material.  

See.   Foul mood.  
Got my Trulicity Injection this evening.  Oh Ya.

9 pm:  Tonight's Trulicity injection hurt a bit, then stung for about half an hour.  First time having that reaction.  But, it's not enough to stop me having the next one.  😊

Having a quiet evening with Stewie.  Watching the telly, playing my 2048 game on me phone. Just a normal evening.
Catch ya tomorrow, where it will be just as usual as today I'm sure.

Monday, April 15, 2024



 Half way through April already, it's scary how fast time flies as you age!

So today's plan?

Stew is going to 'work' from home today.  Let's see how long he lasts before he needs a break.

As for me, I've set myself a job.

And that is to wash the sun room windows, inside and out.  It is a big job, that room is all glass.

ABOVE:  LOL, Steve has his hands full there.

ABOVE:  Stew's little wounds are healing well... with no sign of infection.  His stitches are self dissolving, so we don't have to worry about that at all.  
Laparoscopic surgery is so damn good compared to a big incision!  I am sure that's why he's doing so well, so soon after surgery.

And that's about all I have for now.


ABOVE:  Anon, yes I already have a Karcher window cleaner.  It's not bad, but does sometimes leave streaks.

11.30 am:  And that shitty job is over.
It took way longer than I anticipated because of the film on the windows. It was put on the windows and french doors to tint them, and keep the heat out.
I got so mad trying to get the french doors clean, no matter what I did they still looked yuk.

ABOVE:  There were a few places where the film was damaged, looking awful.

ABOVE:  I scrubbed and scrubbed, but those damn hand marks would NOT come off.  Because, they were UNDER the bloody film!  Who the fuck puts film on top of dirty windows???


ABOVE:  WOW, what a difference that made.
I'm now eyeing up the other windows in the sun room.... 

But I won't be doing it today.  I'm already done.

ABOVE:  We just had a quick visit from Bex and the kids.
She had been baking...

ABOVE:  And now we have some still warm Feijoa Loaf to enjoy.

ABOVE:  Dante spotted this bell... and asked who bought it for us?
Then he said "It couldn't be Grandma, she's the DOMINANT ONE".
That cracked us all up!
Then Dante said "Grandma is MORE FEROCIOUS TOO".
I do believe that child knows his Grandma very well. 

BTY:  The bell is NOT being used to summon me!  I would shove it down his gob if he did that!  I just found it the other day and put it on the coffee table.  And, I'm pretty sure Brylee bought it as a 'joke' present some time ago.

We have had a very quiet afternoon, just surfing the 'net, Stew did a little bit of work then lay down for a while.
Now... it's almost 5.30 pm, and I'm off to Cambridge for an FBG walk.

ABOVE:  Tonight's walk stats. A lovely walk and talk with fellow walkers.  There will probably be a walk photo tomorrow, once the walk leader posts it, and I've blanked out everyone's face!

For now, it's time to just relax and enjoy the remainder of the evening.
Catch ya tomorrow.

Sunday, April 14, 2024



Bearing in mind Stew is still recovering from surgery, and we went out and about yesterday, today is going to be a quiet, stay at home day.

Talking about Stew's recovery, he is still doing exceptionally well.  He's not needed to take any pain medications since Thursday night!

Even though he is feeling really good, we have to remember that he can't do any heavy lifting, twisting movements, or anything like running etc.

I am sure he is going to do everything the doctors told him, cos he doesn't want to undo the work done to keep his guts inside!  lol

Today I am going to vacuum the house (desperately needed), even if it kills me back.  I also want to get the washing done, and a couple of other odd jobs around the house.

So, nothing too riveting.  Just normal everyday stuff.

Steve, Bex and the kids are coming for dinner, I have a nice piece of pork belly out for that. That should be yum.

I'm so happy I decided not to go to market today, getting up at 5.45 am is not my idea of fun!  And the weather was very iffy too.  


Scrap all that.

The weather has played nice and so we are going on another little road trip.  This time to Thames to visit my grandparents graves.

Expect to be home in time to put the pork belly in the oven at 3.

ABOVE: Coast road heading from Thames to Coromandel.  We didn't go that far along this road as the weather turned to shit.

ABOVE: All those photos were taken just north of Thames.

ABOVE:  KY Girl, I was not standing in front of a lake, it is actually the Firth Of Thames, so it's the sea.

MORE LATER...and captions.

ABOVE: The reason for our day trip today.   I found my Grandparents graves quite easily.  Memory took me in the right direction.

I tidied up their grave and gave them succulents, and a Happy Rock too.

ABOVE: The cemetery is high on a hill overlooking Thames and The Firth Of Thames.  So pretty.

ABOVE:  I am so happy with what we got done this weekend.  Lots of memories stirred up, but what's wrong with that eh?

Our trip home was via Paeroa, Te Aroha and Morrinsville.
So we did a big loop.

ABOVE:  It was a very pleasant drive.  Mostly fine today, with a few blustery showers.
Lunch in Thames was OK, nothing to write home about.


ABOVE:  The BIGGEST COW you will ever see probably... in Morrinsville.  There's lots of cows dotted around Morrinsville, it's the 'thing' there.

And now it's 2.30, we have been home about half an hour.
I can now think about dinner.  Cooking it I mean, not eating it.  I have had my 'meal' of the day.
Tonight I will be having something very light.

8.00 pm:  Dinner is done and dusted.  Roast Pork Belly looked damn fine.  I will be having my share for lunch tomorrow.
The kids have now gone home, and all is quiet again.
Time to sign off for the day.
Catch ya tomorrow.