Thursday, March 08, 2007


Yaaa, it's much cooler this morning, which means our walk is going to be lovely....

I am not going to mention girlie bits today, I seem to have been mentioning them rather a lot over the last day or two!

I'm all puffed up, fluid is building up again, such a pain....the scales say 2kgs up this morning! Neat eh? How am I supposed to keep motivated when that happens? I just have to accept that this is going to continue to happen and get on with it I suppose...

We had a lovely walk, on the way back the sun came out so it got quite hot. The sauna at our "old" gym was out of action, so we headed back to my house and had one here instead.. my gym buddy really loved the infra red sauna... must watch she doesn't turn up and pinch it! ha ha

Now I'm going to have my most favourite lunch, coleslaw and surimi .... SURIMI IS: fish flakes and a few other radom ingredients pressed into a block and coloured and flavoured to look and taste like CRAB MEAT. (just for you Mellisa ! How's that kid of yours by the way?)

Picked up B & G from school, managed to bring home 1 extra boy (Tom)... they are happily playing outside at the moment.. have to giggle... according to Tom we live in a 2 layer house! Cute things kids say....

A moment of parental pride coming up.... Boys' High had their Athletics day at Massey University today.. and No# 6 kid (Mike, 17 yrs old) came 1st in Long Jump and 1st in Triple Jump... out of the whole school ! There's about 1,600 boys at that school... Ok, not all of them were in the long and triple jump (!) but still !!! Me chest is puffed out....

Oh yeah ... watching Grey's Anatomy (sorry Janene), it is really good tonight. Then I've got to watch Coronation Street that I've taped... that's me for the day people... nite nite.


  1. Hi Chris

    You asked if the maternal thing has kicked in? HELL YEAH As much as having kids in general was not in my life plan, Erynn is worth every bit of discomfort I have felt due to the c section.

    I will be tidying up my blog very soon and was wandering if I can pop a link to yours on there?

    Kim and Erynn

  2. buenos dias,,, have just caught up on yesterdays/todays post and think I will head back to bed for 1/2 an hour. I'm exhausted just reading about all your exercise.
    Your going to be so toned with all that movement. I've heard that cycling defines your butt nicely, so those roxy jeans are going to look great.
    I think I may have found a solution to my gym phobia. Will write about it if it all pans out.
    Have a great day. Lynise

  3. Don't worry - remember it's just fluid!! If you are eating ok and with all that exercise - it will pay off - hang in there!

  4. Just saw Lee-Anne's wedding post. Feel a roadtrip coming on?

  5. Hey hun

    I find that I gain about 2 kilos 1 or 2 days of my week and then it pans out and is right before weigh in (that is of course if I am good with my food he he he)

    You are a gym bunny that is for sure hun... Good on ya.

    Love CM

  6. I agree with Lynise! You've worn me out with all the exercise talk.

    Fluid retention is shocking isnt it? I chuck a big stalk of celery in my night time meal, works wonder as a duretic (sp?).

  7. Ok I'm dumb ..... what is sumiri?

  8. My god, you have a sauna.... lucky tart.

  9. Pump your chest out girl. I would.

  10. Ohhh I would be proud too...
    But i would be proud if I had 6 kids and managed to get the eldest to 17 without killing one of em....rofl...Joking....

  11. ooooooo greys was good aye?! hehehehe

  12. You must be so damn proud! I love sports days. Watching all those kids do their very best! Must be good when it gets to that competitive age!
    You are amazing with all that excercise. Just brilliant. I agree with the other girls, dont worry about the 2kgs.. it's all good, it will sort itself out.
    Think of all that weight you have many times did you have a small gain? It's funny, I would read that everyday on here, someone who is pissed off because they have worked their guts out, and eaten like a bird, and had a gain.. so it has to be just one of those things we all go through!
    Thanks for your comment today, you are not afraid to say what I wanted to, but was scared of being judged!!

  13. Thanks for the surimi explanation. In Aust it's called 'Seafood Extender'.... hmm - sound fishy?

    I know you've probably tried everything for the fluid but have u ever tried raw fennel? Very good pee helper.

  14. awww yum .... love seafood extender!! I ate tonnes of it when pregnant .....
    She is really good .... I will update today ....
    Thanks for asking,


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