Saturday, February 28, 2015


Three weeks ago Lacy did a rather silly thing.
They had a fire burning rubbish on their property, and she used her BARE FOOT to push some embers back into the fire.... or something like that... and she got burnt on her toes with some melted plastic.

Now, at the time they didn't think it was too bad, and covered the burns with plasters.

Wrong thing to do.  It didn't get better, it got worse, much, much worse.

I will show you the progression from 3 weeks ago till now:

WARNING! WARNING!  Skip this if you don't like gruesome photos.

ABOVE:  right after she did it.  It looks really bad.

When they realised it wasn't healing, they went to the hospital.  Lacy has been having it dressed every day in hospital!  She has third degree burns.

 ABOVE:  After two weeks.  It looks horrendous!
And this is after it's been looked after by the burns unit at the hospital.

ABOVE:  Last week.  

Sadly, the hospital staff told her yesterday that she will most likely need surgery, skin grafts, to help it heal as it isn't going to by the look of it.

So, she's been having a rough time!  

It's hard as a mother to know your kid is hurt and there is NOTHING you can do to make it better.

I hope she gets the skin grafts soon and it really does start to heal.

Now, how about a happy photo?
Last year I got grapes from our new vine... EXACTLY 2 of them!
This year... we have heaps!

ABOVE: This is the second bowl full that I have picked.  I'm so happy.  These grapes are the true, old fashioned, super sweet and tasty ones I remember from my Nana's garden.

Last night Dante was in the bath.  Steve crept down to his room, stripped off to his undies and then ran into the bathroom and jumped in the bath with Dante!
Dante was shocked and screamed!
Then he settled down and had lots of fun with his Daddy in the bath.  So cute.

 ABOVE:  This is the sort of thing I would do... come to think of it I think I did do this with Brylee and Griffin when they were toddlers once!  *smiles*

ABOVE:  happiness.

Today?  We are expecting our son Russell and grandson Joshua for a vist sometime today I think.  

Also, we shall be looking at tiles for the kitchen at some point this morning.

Some housework will get done.

And I might do some sewing later too.

So, got stuff to do... off to do it.


Well a very successful morning.   Carpet Court are going to be replacing our wood laminate... not sure when, but they get the job as Harrison's only do carpet ... and we need carpet and tiles.

We are going with the same carpet that's in the rest of the house, and a vinyl 'tile' for the kitchen area.

ABOVE: This is the tile we have chosen.  It doesn't get glued to the floor, it just sits on top!  So, if you ruin a tile somehow, you can just lift it up and replace it!  It sounds strange, but apparently they don't move around cos of the rubber backing.  I love it!

How often does someone drop a knife of sharp item on ya floor and leave a hole/mark?  OFTEN.  We will be getting a few 'spare' tiles for just that purpose.

Now I'm actually looking forward to getting this bloody wood laminate shit off my floor.   I wish like hell I'd known I could have had this option two years ago. 

We just had a really lovely little visit from our son Russell, his girlfriend Ang and his son Joshua.
We haven't seen Josh for quite a while.. he's grown into a young man almost!

ABOVE:  Our grandson Joshua.  He's almost 14!  I can still vividly remember his birth... where does the time go?  

 ABOVE:  left to right ... in order of birth.  We got our first 3 grandchildren in the space of 13 months.  It was a special time.

ABOVE: so cute.  Dante just loves his Uncle Russ.  He hardly left him alone the entire time they were here.  Sadly, Ang didn't even get a 'hello'!  But, she did get a 'bye' when they left.  Funny little boy how he has taken to Russ. 

I was going to make scones for lunch.  Until I heated up the oven and it started pouring smoke into the house...

ABOVE:  didn't put the scones in there!
I will be cooking them tonight now, after I've cleaned the oven.  *sigh*

Found out something though... our smoke detectors don't work!   Our house was FULL of smoke... and nothing.
Stew will be sorting that out before bedtime tonight that's for sure.

I have spent the evening sewing the little dragon wall hanging.  I had to stop at 10.30 pm as I was starting to see double!   I'll show you the progress tomorrow.

We all had ... get this... scones, jam and cream for DINNER!  LOL.... I had them all ready made, just waiting to be baked.... so after I cleaned the oven they went in.  It was a different sort of dinner, but food at the end of the day.

End of Day: a very nice day.  Loved seeing Russ, Josh and Ang.  Enjoyed me sewing, and peace down in the garage on me own.
nite nite

Friday, February 27, 2015


Well... I have a feeling today is going to be a bit busy.

First up... I have patchwork class... where I will be continuing to work on the 2nd little wall hanging for my friend Bernadette.

I am loving that little dragon!

Then I have to get home in time for a visit from a Rep' from Carpet Court.
She is going to give me a quote for new flooring in the kitchen/family room/stairway and front door area.
As I DON'T WANT wood laminate put down again, I am looking at taking a 'cash out' option from our insurance company.

They only replace 'like for like'... and as I've told them... I have lost faith in wood laminate!  It's utter shit. 

You don't need to get much water on it to ruin it... and now that it's happened twice in two years, I am not going to risk it happening again!

So what I'm thinking of is carpet to match what's already in the house (fingers crossed they have it), at the front door, on the stairs and in the family room,  and tiles in the kitchen and under the breakfast bar area.

I'm hoping their quote will come in around the same amount as the 'cash out' settlement from the insurance company.


Once she's been I can relax and look forward to the weekend.  We are expecting visiting family tomorrow, which is always nice.

Lacy sent me some photos of Miss Muppet last night, seems she loves helping the men work on car engines, just like her Mummy:

ABOVE:  Just look at her!  She is getting right in there.  Don't know if a greasy, dirt covered face is exactly pretty though!  We miss her so much... can't wait till Lacy brings her over for a visit, which should be very soon I hope.


Well as I thought, busy, busy, busy.
But productive.

ABOVE:  Today in class I got the letters on, it took 2 hours to sort out what fabrics to use, draw the letters and get them the right size and position them on the wall hanging.  
THAT took a while, we tried this way and that way and with some collaboration with the others in the class I settled on this.  

Once home I added the butterflies.... doing them took 1.5 hours!  

Now it's time to get the batting glued on the back and start stitching.

The Carpet Court lady arrived bang on time and took measurements and I should hear back from her in a day or so with the quote.  I hope it's affordable to do what I want.

NO COMMENTS TODAY!  Wow... I'm NOT feeling the love people.  I'm not that boring am I?

OK. Looks like there might have been a 'glitch' with comments getting through today, suddenly there's heaps!  *smiles*

End of Day:  well I have had a super day.  Got some sewing done, hopefully on the way to resolving our floor issues and it's Friday night... Coronation Street it on.  Yeah.
nite nite

Thursday, February 26, 2015


Well... I suppose at the end of the day... weeks... months... we have a Dining Room!

 ABOVE:  The poor guys had to move the table three times before I settled on this position/configuration!  

ABOVE:  I had pretty tassles on the end handles of that unit.  But Tallulah ATE one.  The little shit.

 ABOVE: The view from the end of the lounge.  
I love it.  It's exactly what I wanted in a dining room... plenty of space around the table, an easy clean 'floor', a comfy chair to sit in and not far from the kitchen.

There's a couple of 'fixes' before the side curtains are completely done, but on a whole it is done. 

Half past 11 last night... I get a bright idea, and go hang me life preserver in the dining room:

ABOVE: Not sure ORANGE 'goes' in the room... but I will leave it there and see if it grows on me.

So today?  I'm going to do some sewing.  Then late this afternoon Griffin has the 2nd dental appointment for his root canal treatment.
It's takeaway night, so yaaa... don't have to cook.

It's so hot in the late afternoon, cooking is such a pain.  I really can't wait for winter!

Right, I'm off to do something constructive.


Ha ha!  Total procrastination going on here!  I've been on my computer most of the morning... reading stuff, listening to funny videos... just chillin' and relaxing.
So tired after a rough few days with headaches, both Stew and I.  We almost need another get away weekend!

But... that will have to wait until baby is born and all is going well .

I shall probably get down to the sewing room after lunch.  

I finally did something.   I washed the freakin' floors.  Now my back is saying 'WTF you doing?'
Hurts.  Next time maybe Griffin or Brylee can do it.

Griffin's dental appointment has been changed till next week... there's major roadwork on the main road out of our suburb... so we wouldn't stand a chance of getting there on time... or even within working hours today!

End of Day:  and I've just washed the floors again... I can't believe how dirty they were!  Ikkkk.  I've got a lady coming tomorrow to quote on alternative flooring and didn't want her feet sticking to the floor!  Kids/dogs = mess.
nite nite

Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Well... the Archgola man said today he would be back to install the side curtains.

So... I await his arrival.  I so want this process over with.  It's dragged on for so much longer than I was lead to believe.  

But I am super excited to see it finished so I can titivate the 'room', and get it set up how I want, without having to worry about rain getting in.

The other thing I'm looking forward to is trying that basting spray on my next wall hanging.
The little lilac dragon.   It's going to look sooooo cute once I've done the stitching, I just know it.

I shall probably not want to give it away.  Maybe I better make two!

Last night I put shells in the new bowl, and took a little video of it:

...and a photo if the video is too small :

ABOVE:  I am thrilled with how gorgeous it looks!
I used about 3/4's of the shells we bought at Matakana, so will need to get a few more to fill the jug!  

I'm going to wait a couple of weeks until the shell people get their next shipment in, then give them a call and go get some more.

So, that's me for now... catch ya later with some positive news on those freakin' side curtains HOPEFULLY!


Well!  The guys turned up and are in the process of installing the side curtains.  I'm feeling... worried.  It looks like it WON'T be watertight at all... and that is what I asked for.
So... I've had a brief word with the installer and said I want it waterproof.  Now I wait and see what happens.

I went out to the supermarket and bought a new mop and bucket... today's job will be washing the floors.

I also took the first wall hanging (Alec's) down to Bernadette at the Hospice Shop.
She saw it and promptly dissolved into tears!
So cute.  She loved it.  And cried some more.

Now I can't wait to finish Sarah's and give it to her too.  She's gunna cry again for sure.  *smiles*

Lunchtime.  I'm starving.  

ABOVE:  Well they are up.  And there's heaps of places where water can come in by the look of it.  Not that impressed.
*sigh*  I suppose I shall just have to wait and see how much, and where... once it rains.

I havn't got the energy to place the furniture etc right now.  I've had the worst headache all day.  

Sort of almost end of day.... the guys got home, I fed them beef spare ribs, potato wedges and veges, then they got moving furniture around in the 'dining room' for me.

But before that: ...

Steve and Stew had a good look at the Side curtains... and unfortunately found two holes... so I will have to bring that to the installers attention for repair/replace.

I've taken some photos of the new 'room' for tomorrow's post.  

One thing I can show you though... I brought a big old rug down from the attic and put it in the lounge:

ABOVE:  It looks really good at this end of the lounge.  So does my life preserver!  *smiles*

End of Day:  another up 'n' down day, having a headache all day is the pits.
Luckily I'm feeling a bit better now... thanks to lots of Panadol.
nite nite

Tuesday, February 24, 2015


First up for today, Bex has a midwife appointment, and I'm going with her.  I will get to hear baby's hearbeat.  So looking forward to that... might even get a belly photo!
He's getting bigger in there... only 9 weeks and 3 days left until his due day.
After that I shall be going out to find some pretty glass pots for my shells.  I only want two for the dining table.

I also want to pop into Spotlight to get some fabric basting spray I was told about at Patchwork class.  You use it to help hold the top to the batting when you are quilting them together.  It looks like a good product.
Anyone use it?  Opinions?

ABOVE: I have almost finished Alec's wall hanging.  I did all the hand stitching of the binding yesterday, now I just have to make the loops for the top and stitch them on, add the dowel and it's done.  I hope Bernadette likes it.

This afternoon I'm going to have a blog reading session... it's long overdue!  *smiles*


 ABOVE:  One active little boy on board, and doing all he should.  Head down too... which is good.

ABOVE: Time to weigh the mummy... but not before Dante!  He's 14 kilos,  Mummy is a bit more. *smiles*

So, I'm waiting for Stew to get out of bed so I can go out to Spotlight.  Hopefully when he wakes his headache is gone.  This is the first time in FOREVER he's taken a sick day.

Well I finally went out to get a couple of things on my 'to do' list today.
I got the spray on basting glue (505, thanks Marlene), then ...

 ABOVE:  a lovely new mouse pad.  I have been using newspaper on the arm of my lounge chair at night!  I couldn't resist this pretty blue one.

ABOVE: These are the glass containers I'm going to put my shell in.  I had meant to get plain ones with lids, but these were HALF PRICE and I have always loved this design.
We used to have a set of glasses in this design.  I think we are down to 1 or 2 left.

Now... blog reading I think!

Some reading has been done.  I've got such a huge list of blogs I follow!  I might have to do some more tomorrow.  For now, I'm tired and am taking a break.

Dinner is cooking.  I'm slow baking some chicken breasts in a lemon marinade, and I will add them (sliced up) to a vegetable stir fry with noodles.  Bex is really looking forward to it.  *smiles*  ANY dinner you didn't have to cook yourself is worth looking forward to.

She does her share though... Mondays she always cooks.  And usually at least one other night during the week.  I'm so lucky to have her here.

End of Day:  well dinner was lovely I must say.  And the evening was too... we all watched some of our favourite tv programmes then everyone headed off to bed.
I'm about to head off myself, so until tomorrow... 
nite nite

Monday, February 23, 2015


edited out first part of day's post, not worth remembering any of it.

Today I have a few more photos of stuff we got on our little trip away:

 ABOVE: I got two of these cane things... for putting on the table... or adding eyes etc and hanging on the wall... not sure yet.

ABOVE:  I've wanted one of these FOREVER!  Found it in that Boat shop in Whangarei.  Love it.  I will probably hang it on the fence.

 ABOVE: An amazing platter... but it's really only decorative.  Stew liked it ... in the same shop he also liked this:

 ABOVE:  now of course we really don't need another coffee table... but Stew thought it was super funky, and I agreed.  We haggled with the shop owner over the price and got a discount... so got it.   
I'm sure I can find somewhere for it.  *smiles*

 ABOVE: These are the shells we got at the Matakana market!  

 ABOVE:  For now I've got them in my 'boat'... but I will be finding some glass 'pots' to put them in.

Right!  That's it.  As you can see, we had fun shopping, with most things having a nautical bent.  Funny that.

I've got Hospice shop this afternoon, this morning will be spent catching up on some washing and housework.

Catch ya later...


SMILE CHRIS... it's going to be a lovely day, no matter what. Blue bubbles.  Surround myself with pretty blue bubbles, then the nastiness can just bounce off.

Wow.  After a full TWO WEEKS silence, I heard from the Archgola man.  The side curtains will be installed on Wednesday.  FINALLY.  

The long delay and lack of communication has really taken the shine and delight away from my new 'dining room'. 
But, hopefully by Wednesday it will be done and I can finally get that area sorted out.

My tummy has been doing flip flops since I went to bed last night.  I ate some cheese quite late and it's not agreed with my tummy.  I had nasty reflux all night, and it's still not feeling good.
So, I've decided not to go into Hospice today after all.

I will have a lazy day, just pottering around the house, reflecting on my sins. 

TYPICAL!  I watered the fruit trees this morning... the lawn up the back is so dry I think our 4th lemon tree has died.
NOW?  It's bloody raining!

Those side curtains can't come soon enough, my dining room stuff is pushed hard up against the house so it doesn't get wet.

I have indeed had a lazy afternoon.  All my up 'n' go deserted me.  I did have a lovely long yak with me Mum though.  Always nice to discuss stuff with me Mum when I need a willing ear to listen to me.

End of Day: an annoying day.   MUST. LEARN. TO. REIGN. IN. MY. REACTIONS.  And on that note...
nite nite

Sunday, February 22, 2015


We are up fairly early, we have to clock out of here by 10 am... so not too much of a sleep in.

But never mind, it gives us more time to explore and enjoy today, here in the north.

***HAPPY BIRTHDAY LACY!***  Dad and I hope you have a really nice day, and you don't feel too old!  35 today... wow.

First up for today, we are visiting the Whangarei Falls.  It's a really lovely waterfall right on the outskirts of the town.

After that, back into town to visit a Quilt shop near the waterfront.

I forgot to mention yesterday.  We did visit the local Hospice shop, it's HUGE.  But I was surprised at the price of things.  Way more expensive than our shop!  I didn't get anything there.  Weird.

Right, back to today. After the quilt shop we shall probably start heading towards Omaha... where I hope to have a good walk along the beach.  Maybe even have a swim.

It will depend on the weather.  I have no idea what sort of day it's supposed to be.  

We are in no hurry to get home... so don't cook dinner for us Bex/Steve!  *smiles*


Well.. we are home.  What a fantastic time we had.  Today started out at the Whangarei falls, then the quilt shop.

Then off to Waipu Cove and Langs Beach, followed by Omaha for a swim.
The water was really lovely, cool to get in, but once in it was neat.

At Waipu we found the little local Hospice shop was open ... we found something in there, and also at a little gift shop at Omaha.

After our swim we went into Matakana and had a very late lunch at the pub.  It's changed hands ... so the amazing 'Matakana Burgers' were no more.  But their Beef burgers and chips were still lovely.

I'm working on the photos now.  I will try and get some up tonight, and some for tomorrow too.

ABOVE:  Tutakaka coast last night.   Stew had a swim at one of the little beaches here.

ABOVE (x's 3)  Whangarei Falls this morning.

ABOVE:  Thanks to a lady named Leigh, I found out about this fabric shop being open in Whangarei on a Sunday.

 ABOVE:  the most well stocked fabric shop I've ever been in, and I've been in a few!  The owner was lovely too.

 ABOVE: Some really pretty, unique buttons that I spied just as we were leaving.  I got half of what she had left.  The two orange ones are for Bex.

ABOVE: The fabrics I bought.  So pretty.

So, that's some of my photos.  Tomorrow I will show you the other really neat stuff we found and bought on our little trip.

It wasn't supposed to be a shopping trip, but it kinda turned into one.

I now realise that I am married to a shopaholic... I'm NOT the only one in this family!

End of Day: lovely to be home, but I would have loved to stay away longer!  Our motel was really lovely, and I would certainly stay there again.  (Bella Vista).
nite nite

Saturday, February 21, 2015


Tis the morning of our little trip away.
Hopefully we have a lovely time!

Our first stop is going to be at Matakana, where we will go to the local market.  We will probably get some fresh fruit for our weekend there, as they have really lovely fresh produce stalls.

Then on to Whangarei.  Where we plan on visiting the local Hospice Shop!

I'm told it's HUGE... and is open until 3.30 pm on a Saturday, so we should get there in time to have a little look around, before booking into our motel.

So, that's about all for now.  I hope to get the telecom t-stick thingee to work later, so I can upload a few photos and do an update of our day.

We have not been away (just the two of us), since May 2012, so it's a bit overdue.

I hope the kids, Steve, Bex and Dante have a nice weekend too... without us.  *smiles*


Hi!  My USB drive thingee works!  We are at our motel after having an awesome day getting here.

We stopped at Matakana and bought some delicious local cheeses, and some shells from an awesome stall:

ABOVE:  There was  a lovely older couple running this stall, and I really liked her idea of shells in a glass container... so I bought 'a few' shells to do my own.   She gave me a few tips on how to do it effectively and even gave me her phone number, so if I wanted more I could call into her home to get some!
They live in Auckland, so not far to go.  Their prices were bloody good too!

After spending some time in Matakana, we drove straight to Whangarei.
I had never really been into Whangarei, and thought it would be fairly small and uninteresting.
How wrong!  It's lovely here.  The shops are neat... we did a bit of shopping before having some lunch down by the waterfront.

ABOVE: our lunch companion.  

ABOVE:  A shop I simply had to go into!   But her prices were a bit steep.  For instance.  A shell she had in the shop for $29.50 I had just bought at that shell stall in Matakana for $4.
But it was still a nice shop.  And the owner was lovely, and allowed me to take photos to put on my blog.
I managed to resist buying anything there, because I'd just spent a good deal here:

 ABOVE:  This 'shop' reminded me of my Dad's boat shed... full of boating stuff.  I must confess I went around flapping my hands in delight.  I bought something.
I will show you what... when I get home.  *smiles*  Any guesses?

There was a dinghy in there I sooooo wanted, but Stew said NO. The shit.  It would have fitted on the car's roof... I'm sure.  AND it came with oars.  OARS people!!!

Stew just said 'Yes Dear' when I read that to him.  

ABOVE:  Whangarei marina/estuary.  So didn't know there was an estuary right there.  Must be deep, there were dozens of big boats there.

So.  Now we have our feet up relaxing before deciding what to do next.

ABOVE:  Bex just sent me this photo.  The kids are making their own pies for dinner, using left over beef 'n' bacon stew I made the other night.  And they are NOT fighting apparantly.  EXCELLENT.  Well done Bex.  Keep them occupied. *smiles*

CHRISTY:  sadly, no, not a porthole!  I would kill to find a porthole!

End of Day:  what a fab day we have had!  We had such a late lunch we both just had a bit of cheese for dinner, lying on the bed watching the telly.  Well... HE'S watching sport.  I'm not really.  I've been google'ing fabric  shops here in Wangarei.  lol
Thanks to Leigh, we have one to visit tomorrow morning before we head south again.
nite nite