Sunday, January 31, 2021


 How sad am I ?

I am loving my new hose reel!

ABOVE: It has a 30 meter hose, three types of spray, I can adjust the pressure and lock the spray on.
When I've finished using it, I jerk the hose and OMG it rolls up all by itself in 10 seconds flat!

No more dreading watering the gardens because of a right bitch hose!

PROCRASTINATION:  it's alive and well in this house.  I still have not packed up all my stuff for the market tomorrow!
So, YES... I will do it today.
I've been distracted by other things the past couple of days.
Like spending time with Stew and family.

That will always come first.

ABOVE: This bloody rock had to have it's face changed three times before I was happy with it.
And even this face is only so-so.
But, I'm not painting over it yet again.

It's a bloody rock at the end of the day!

Now... I dunno what we shall get up to today.
Maybe we will take the girls out for lunch at the mall, then come home and spend the afternoon around the pool like yesterday.
That would make for a perfect day for sure.

10.50 am:  we are going to Chartwell Square this morning.  I want to see if TS14+ have a particular pair of tights I've seen online.
Then we shall have a nice food court lunch, before coming home to swim and relax.

I've finally done it and packed up everything for market tomorrow.  I hope it's not a total waste of effort. *sigh*

ABOVE: Stew has been a darling and vacumed the house for me.  Now, we can go!

YES!  A successful shopping trip. The Chartwell store had the tights, and a dress in the same fabric, AND.... I had SO many 'Reward Dollars' I was able to buy a winter 'cardigan' for FREE.  Yep, free!
You simply cannot get a better deal than that.

We are now home, and I am in me togs, ready to jump in the pool.

ABOVE: The dress.  It's rather lovely.

ABOVE:  And OMG, I just love these tights!  I can't wait until it's cool enough to wear them.  I've got a Mid-purple top exactly like that black one to wear with them too.  (I already had both tops btw).

Right, time to get in the pool.
-I had a swim with Bryee and Keera this afternoon, then Bex and the boys arrived for a swim too.

-My friend Sharon called in on her way home from Auckland.

-My Aunty Joyce called in and stayed for dinner.

-Steve, Bex, the boys, and their friend Ren are now here, having a post dinner swim.

Bex and Ren share a stall at markets, and they are doing the Cambridge market tomorrow like me.
Stew has loaded all my market gear and product in the cars, ready for the morning.  We will leave here around 6.30 so there's no rush setting up.

And well... that's it for the day.  It's been busy, lots of comings and goings.  Love it, but it's tiring.

Early to bed tonight.

But not yet, cos it's only 8 pm. 

Saturday, January 30, 2021


 We are expecting Lacy and Keera this weekend.

So, today is going to be an 'around the pool' day I reckon.

I'm not wanting to go out and about today at all.

What I am hoping to do is convince Stew to put the new hose reel on the house wall out the front.

I'm really looking forward to using it!

And guess what?  That's all I have for now.  Yep, and I'm gunna try not to feel too guilty about it either.  

I'm sure I will come up with something more interesting later on today.

Catch ya later.

1.50 pm:  Busy!

Lacy and Keera arrived.  Then Steve, Bex and the boys.
Lunch was Ham/Cheese/Pineapple or Tomato Toasted Sandwiches.

Steve came over in his work van, cos I had a little job for him:

ABOVE: Yaa, now I have an extra shelf in the Laundry area.

ABOVE:  OMG, my driveway looks like a car yard!
We can easily juggle and fit about 3-4 more on it too.

ABOVE:  Steve is affixing my new hose reel to the house.  Another good job done.


8 pm:   And yes, we have had a wonderful afternoon!
Swimming, sunbathing, yakking, eating dinner,  enjoying ourselves in other words.
Stew cooked up two pans of sausages, and potato wedges for everyone's dinner.

Now, I've just finished watering the gardens with my new hose.

Time to sign off for the night, another fab day tomorrow all going well.

Friday, January 29, 2021


First up for today, a BIG Thank You to everyone who left a kind comment yesterday.

I was clearly have a down day.

Approximately ten years ago, we were going through a very tough time, it was super stressful.  I felt incredibly down and depressed about it, so I went and talked to a psychologist, through my Medical Centre.

I don't hold much faith in psychologists, I feel like it's all platitudes and 'text book' crap.  The psychologist I saw was a woman in her early 20's.  What LIFE EXPERIENCES could she possibly draw upon to know how I was truly feeling? What text book paragraph was she quoting from?

So I only saw her once, then changed to a much older male psychologist (no sexism I promise).  He listened and then he said this:

"Imagine you could Fast forward one year, and then look back on this time.  In the grand scheme of things, this situation will seem like a blimp.  Something that you got through, and it is no longer relevant to your life."  So, don't let it distress you so much, breathe deep, and know this will pass.

His words have stayed with me all these years.  And that is what is going to help me now. 

I will live through the situations that are troubling me right now, knowing that in a year or so I can look back and have it behind me.  Nothing lasts, not even stressful situations.

Some things might not work out how I'd like, and that is fine too.  Life is not perfect, life is not fair.  But we have to make the best of it, no matter what.

Stew has taken today off work, Monday is a Public Holiday, and he's also taken Tuesday off next week.

So he's having a 5 day break.  Yes, we have the Market on Monday, so not really a break on that day, but he doesn't mind.

Today I am going to press and pack up all my stuff in readiness for Monday, no last minute rush for me.

I'm really happy with my dear little rocks, they came out better than I imagined they would.  I am going to have a go at putting resin over them to seal them. (scrap that idea, I researched it, and it won't work).   I will spray varnish on them instead. 

For now... I will roll over and catch a few more winks.  With Stewy.  He deserves a sleep in.

12.45 pm: and Stew and I have been out and about all day so far.
We did a small grocery grab, then picked up a car. Now, we are out having lunch at the Hamilton Gardens. 
It will be a long wait, this place is busy as!
When we get home Stew will be doing the gardens and I will pack up for Market.

ABOVE: Oh!  We also bought this fancy as hose reel!
I get so frustrated with the hose at the front of the house... it's a nightmare to wind up.
So... I bit the bullet and invested in this one.  It is a retractable one, so I won't get me tits in a knot any more.
Well, once Stew attaches it to the house. 😂😅😆

Stew just KINDLY said to me,  "Well, you won't get your tits in a knot over winding up the hose, but there's plenty of other things you can get in a knot over".  And he's right of course.

It really doesn't take much to set me off.

9.04 pm:  Well we had a productive afternoon.  The lawns got mowed, the gardens weeded (all by Stew), and I did a job in the garage.

Time to sign off for the day, just watching TV/You Tube till bedtime now.
There's a delicious cool breeze tonight, should sleep better.

Thursday, January 28, 2021


 There is no reason for this, but I am battling with I suppose, mild depression?

Most days I wake up and it's a real struggle to get out of bed. 

I just want to stay there, there is no impetus to get up and do things.

My desire to sew or paint or craft in any way is gone.

I don't want to DO anything.

I am forcing myself to get up and do stuff.

Once I'm actually out of bed, I do feel a bit better thankfully.

I can list multiple reasons for me feeling so down of course (but won't, too private).  

Most are 'situational', and all will resolve over time.

I just have to hang in there until those situations resolve I suppose.

It doesn't make it any easier though.  I just wish I could click my fingers and have the next 6-12 months over with.

I am very good at putting a fake smile on my face, posting as if nothing is 'wrong' and not talking about things on here eh?

I decided it was time to just say... I'm struggling.  Posting anything on the blog some days is incredibly difficult, because I have nothing to post about!  That in itself is depressing.

I want to be upbeat, interesting and enjoy my blog... but some days it's near impossible.

Like today. 

I'm going out this morning to get some paint for me rocks. Apart from that, the only other thing on my agenda is opening the shop at midday.

In other news:

We now have three community cases of Covid in NZ.  Looks like there's been a breach of some sort in one of the Quarantine Hotels, all three came out of Quarantine infected, after testing NEGATIVE earlier on.
NOT good news.

Today is looking much better weather wise.  It's really overcast, and a bit cooler right now.  That could all change in the next few hours of course.  I hope not, it was SO HOT in my garage on Tuesday! 
If it is very hot later, Bex has promised to come over and give me a half hour break so I can cool off in the pool.

Right, off to play with rocks.  😃😆😅

So, I'm scrolling through Facebook and this song came up pretty quickly.  Perfect for my mood today!

ABOVE:  A lovely song!  (Just ignore the last bit where they are just promoting their album).  I do love these two though, I've listened to a lot of their music.

ABOVE:  Dinner tonight will be left over Pizza, and a side salad. I will bother to put it on a plate, don't worry!  

ABOVE:  Rocks drying in between painting stages.
The sun has come out.
But we have quite a breeze today, so it might not get so damn hot.

ABOVE:  Who knew painting silly rocks could be ... entertaining?

Bex and the boys are here having a swim.  I changed my mind about having a swim today (well, at least right now).  Just not in the mood.

Bex talked me into getting some of my cot panels out of the cupboard and seeing if any of them inspired me to do some sewing.
I must say, it was neat seeing some of them, I'd forgotten how many I had, and how many I really do love.

There is a good chance I will do some soon.  Thanks Bex.  Love you lots.

10.40 pm:  Dinner was lovely, nothing wrong with left overs.
I watched some UK programme on house renovations, very interesting.
Stew watched police show programmes in the lounge... not my cuppa tea.
Time for bed, and hopefully a sleep in for both of us in the morning.

Wednesday, January 27, 2021


 Yesterday I was stuck inside all afternoon.

Probably just as well because it was one of our hottest days yet.

Today is supposed to be even hotter.

We are supposed to be getting 30 C (86 F) today, if not hotter.

So, once I've done the housework, and there ain't much of that, I will be getting in me togs and swimming/lying in the sun.

Until I'm bored enough to want to do something else.

I might go and buy some black and white paint so I can tart up me rocks.  I also have to put the hanging string on the back of my last three paintings.  Then they will be ready for market.

Once the market on Monday is over with, I am not doing any more markets until OCTOBER!

Yep, I'm taking a huge break from them.  But, I will continue to work on making more stock, so that I do have plenty, both in the shop and for next summer's markets.

I just want to simplify my life and lower my stress levels.  Seeing Mum die, then having my Uncle Charles drop dead at 69 years old shook me.  Showed me that life is too short, and you should look after yourself, and enjoy life while you can.

Nothing is a given, and tomorrow certainly isn't.

That's why I am making sure Stew and I get to spend a weekend away once a month from now on.  We have not taken very many trips away for just the two of us.

It's time we did it more often.

Our next trip away is going to be a bit special. It coincides with Valentines Day.  I have already booked it!

ABOVE: What?  I thought it was funny! I literally DO have a fan on me all day and night.

Well... the sky is completely overcast today.  I hope it burns off by lunchtime, or I will not be getting in the pool.

I've just finished the housework and am now contemplating my next move.

It might just be getting the paintings finished.

ABOVE:  Dinner tonight will be Pork Riblets, Potato Wedges and salad.

4.15 pm:  Well!  It has indeed been a lazy day.  I have worked on my latest jig saw:

ABOVE:  I hunted around in the tin shed for some sheets of thin ply wood, luckily found some.
Then I jumped in the pool around 1 pm as it was really starting to heat up. 
Bex and the boys arrived, so we all hung out in and out of the pool for a good couple of hours.

Bex and co. have left now, and I'm back doing me jig saw.

Nothing riveting happening at all sorry.

So.  I was so lazy today that I decided I couldn't be bothered cooking!  So Stew got us a pizza.
Now that it's just the two of us, one pizza is enough!

The kids came over for an after dinner swim.
I got a bit of sun today, feeling a bit hot right now.  It might make sleeping a bit more uncomfortable tonight?  Luckily I have a fan on me all night anyway.

Tuesday, January 26, 2021


While visiting my cousin Janice on the weekend, we had a wander around her gardens (as ya do), and I admired a plant that she had growing prolifically.

ABOVE:  It is called a New Zealand Blueberry.  NOT edible berries, just ornamental.  She had quite a few small plants ready to be put in the gardens, and kindly gave me several.

ABOVE: So, that shall be my little job this morning.  Finding places to put them.  

Native plants

Dianella nigra

Fleshy blue fruit

Scientific name: Dianella nigra
Maori name: Turutu
English name: NZ blueberry
Other names: inkberry, forest flax

When we were at Orakei Korako on Sunday afternoon, I was surprised to see heaps of the New Zealand Blueberry.  Clearly it doesn't mind getting hot.

I try not to be unkind... but seriously?

There's someone who is being ridiculous... asking visiting family to call in, asking Brylee to contact them now she's left home etc.


You reap what you sow you F#*@$!# &#*@. 

Count to 10... breathe, and let it go.  Cos it's just not worth getting stressed over, in fact, it just makes me laugh.

I shall be opening my shop at lunchtime.

And I will either do some sewing, which is highly unlikely given my current slump in motivation, or I shall continue watching Bridgerton on Netflix.  Or start another puzzle. 

So, I shall shortly get outta bed and plant those NZ Blueberries I think, before it gets too hot.

Dinner tonight is some prepared, store bought Ravioli.  All I have to do is add the sauce once I've heated up the ravioli.  Easy as.

OH... and how come NO ONE, NOT A BLOODY SOUL has commented on my new way of saying 'ONWARD'?

I thought it was a nice change for 2021.

Nothing hurts, just my FEELINGS!  😄😅😋

DEE:  OK.... challenge accepted.

ABOVE:  Tonight's dinner shall be Chicken and Bacon Ravioli. 

ABOVE:  So, it's 2.48 pm, and it's absolutely stinking hot outside.
So I'm rather glad I'm stuck inside today.
No people in the shop so far.  Boring.

But, I have finished watching Bridgerton.
Worked on my next puzzle, and painted some rocks to act as weights for my next market.
If it's windy half my runners end up flying off the table, so the rocks will hold them down.

And that's about all I have for now.  Catch ya later.

8 pm:  Stew and I just finished dinner.  It was really lovely.  Brylee called in for a swim.
Now... chill out time.
It's been so hot today I melted.
One lady and her daughter in the shop today.  No sales, just looking.

Story of my life most of the time.  😔

Monday, January 25, 2021


 Right, here goes.

We visited Orakei Korako on our way home from Taupo yesterday.

It's a Geothermal Area at the top end of Lake Ohakuri.

I had been there once before as a teenager, we got there in one of my Dad's very early boats.

We lived in the area.

Anyway, Stew and I drove there, and took the ferry over to the Geothermal area.

ABOVE:  This is from the car park... looking at the kiosk where you buy your tickets to get on the ferry and go across the lake to the attraction.

ABOVE:  The gorgeous view looking back towards the kiosk and carpark, from the Geothermal side.

ABOVE:  Yeah, another one. 😊  That's the ferry out on the lake.  The trip across only takes a few minutes.

ABOVE:  lots of photos of the geothermal area.  It was really stunning.  And apart from about 5 other people, we had the place to ourselves.

ABOVE:  Little video #1.  We saw these two gysers rumbling twice while we were there.

ABOVE:  This little video shows a small bubbling 'stream' coming out of the ground.  The water was boiling.

We really enjoyed walking around this area, even though it was really, really hot, with the sun beating down AND the heat coming out of the earth.


ABOVE:  Stew made me take this one of the ducks at Orakei Korako...

ABOVE: And I got this sea gull in Taupo.

So, there ya go.  We had a fantastic weekend, and hope to do something similar in February.  I do have something lined up.  More on that, in February. 😊 

Today I plan on making a few 'Kiwiana' type runners for my upcoming market in Cambridge in a week.
And that is all I have for now.

11.45 am:  and well... after unpacking, tidying up the house, getting two big loads of washing out on the line and so on... I'm done!
I just feel so tired, and add to that a damn headache (which I seem to have all day, every day) I doubt I will be getting into the sewing room today after all. 
My 'oomph' has died.

Maybe it will come back later on?  Who knows.
The dogs are happy I have sat down for a break... they are following me around the house like flies!  Anyone would think they missed me. 😂😅😊

Lois asked me what camera I was using for my photography?  Thinking I must be using my Canon 70D as the picture quality was so good.

I am using my Samsung S 9 PLUS PHONE!   I got it because it had the best camera  (at that time), and it has proven to be an amazing camera.  I am thrilled with it, and when I need to upgrade my phone I shall certainly be getting it's equivalent.

It sure beats lugging a heavy Canon around the country side.  In fact, I shall probably sell my Canon at some point.

Right, before I forget, here's a couple of cute as videos of baby George, the piglet:

ABOVE:  He was so damn amusing!  Though, he didn't really like the cows like me.

ABOVE: And next time I go there, if they have another baby pig, I'm gunna be wearing sneakers and socks!  He likes biting toes!

How's ya day going?  Mine's going like this:

ABOVE: Swimming.  Working on me tan.  Swimming some more.
Now.. about to shower/dress/do hair, then prepare dinner.

NOT a cloud in the sky today.  Stunning.
Just a nice breeze to keep the temperature down a tad.

8.26 pm:  Dinner is done.  It was lovely.
Brylee, Steve, Bex and the boys came over for a swim and chat.
Now all is quiet again, and I'm gunna watch Coronation Street on my computer.
Stew will watch something on You Tube or TV till bedtime.
The day is done.
My face is a bit hot... might have got a bit too much sun on it today.
Oh well... I'll just go brown(er).
Catch ya tomorrow.