Sunday, April 30, 2017


One of the things I really miss is having a sleep in whenever I want.
Today it's my turn to get up and feed the small kid, while Stew gets his sleep in.

We take it in turns during the weekend to get up early.   That way we both get one day a week to sleep in!

Fingers crossed in another 9 months or so we can pass small kid on and go back to being parents of 2 lazy teenagers, who sleep in till after 11 on the weekends!  Teenagers who can feed themselves, dress themselves and amuse themselves too.

That will be BLISS.

I read a really good book over the past couple of days:

ABOVE:  I don't usually yak about or recommend books, but this was was quite a good read.  If you like a good mystery/who done it.

Today is going to be quiet... I will be working on the photo boards.  And that is it!
I want to get them DONE or as close to done as possible... they have been hanging over my head for long enough.

I'm pretty sure I have everything I need now to get on with them.

I went into a wool shop in Hamilton yesterday, JUST TO LOOK at chunky wool... and they had bugger all!  I was surprised and a bit disappointed.  But, I'm sure if I do decide to knit a throw I will be able to track down some wool.  And needles.  I reckon cricket stumps would almost do!!!  lol
Nah, maybe just a bit too big!

But, one thing is for sure, I won't be buying a kit or ready made throw from the company that was on Seven Sharp the other night! (

ABOVE:  Seriously...who in their right mind would pay almost a thousand dollars for a throw?  Never mind that it's pure wool and gorgeous!... a thousand bucks!  NOT ME.

So, that's me for now... I'm off to get busy.


Hi Shelley!  That's alright chick, I am sure I can get some here when/if I decide to go ahead and knit a throw.  Lovely offer ... love ya, can't wait to see ya in May!

ABOVE:  Very slowly getting there... a sea of photos.  Memories.  
Brylee is sticking down the hearts under the photos for me.  My back is KILLING ME!  Slight bend over the bench does it every time.

Five boards down, only ONE to go!  It has taken me ALL DAY, with a few stops every now and then.  So happy it will be done by the end of the day.

DONE!   It's 10.20 pm and I just finished the last board.  Thank God.  It's a huge weight off my mind.

Now I just have to do last minute things before the day.  Yaaaa.

I have ONE MORE photo to print off... of our newest family member... little JOY.  I finally have a photo.  Not sure I can share it here though.  I will wait to find out.

Off to bed very soon, I am KNACKERED!

Saturday, April 29, 2017


The other day, in Tirau, I saw an amazing knitted throw in Notting Hill.  It had been knitted using GIANT NEEDLES, and a very thick pure wool.
I fell in love with it.  But at $200+, I left it there, thinking I could make one myself.

Then last night I saw an article on Seven Sharp (A current events programme) about just those thows!  A woman in Hamilton started knitting them, and now they are being made/sold all over the country and even overseas.  There's heaps of images on Google Images of examples of giant knitting.  Some are really cool!

So.. AFTER my Mum's birthday, and our Wedding Anniversary/Housewarming PARTY and then trip away in June, and a few patchwork UFO's... I will give it a go!

I will have to find out where I can get my hands on some of the 45 cm wooden needles from!  
That could be a mission.

Today?  Well as I didn't get a chance to do the shopping I needed to do yesterday, after my mammogram, I shall be popping into Hamilton today to do that.
Hopefully nothing happens to derail those plans.


3.55 pm:  Late update, cos we have been out in Hamilton.
We had lunch at the Base, then did some more shopping for party stuff.  I think I now have everything I need?

Hopefully I do anyway.

Now we are home, and it's almost time to get dinner in the oven.  We are having lamb chops slow baked in the oven in thick mint sauce... with onions and potatoes.  Veges on the side.

Should be good.

It's been raining all day, a steady drizzle.  Expecting more tomorrow.  I'm actually COLD!
Off to get warmer clothes on.

OH ... little great niece has a name.  Joyce.  She will be known as JOY.. which is my middle name!  I don't think they knew that when they named her though.  But... let's pretend she's named after me!  lol  Her middle name is Lori, after my sister, her Nana.

Well it's past midnight and I've just finished reading a book on my laptop.  I'm really enjoying reading again I must say.
But not this late!  I really must get to bed.

Friday, April 28, 2017


ABOVE:  Damn and blast it... today I have a mammogram appointment at Waikato Breastcare.

I'm hoping like hell they have the new machines, they don't hurt anywhere near as bad as the older versions.

A necessary evil are mammograms.  I hope like hell I don't get a call back like last time!  That was freakin' scary as.

Before I go into Hamilton for that, I will be taking Keera to Kindy for half the day, then she will stay home with Brylee and Griffin in the afternoon.

I am going to work on the photo boards again this morning, and also sort out what else I need to get.

An attendance book for one thing.  I've got a list of other bits 'n' bobs.  Not that long now till it's PARTY DAY, so I need to pull finger and get it all sorted.

I will be rather glad once it's all over to be honest.  There has been quite a bit to organise.  
I can't get over how many people don't RSVP!  Now I have to ring around everyone who hasn't replied.  Such a pain.  And more time wasted.  Grrrrr.

I hope my Mum has a great day, all this work and hassle will be worth it if she does.  And I reckon she will have an awesome day, catching up with 7 or 8 of her siblings and lots of old friends and family. 

OK... I better go and get miss Keera ready for kindy, and get some washing on... cos housework never sleeps!  


TICK TOCK... TICK TOCK... and then my day went to shit.

Heading out soon to get Keera, then head into town.  Mind is spinning with what if's right now... not happy with someone's situation right now, kinda in a corner of their own making. 

 Not the best or happiest few hours today.  Drama and stress I could do without.  
I was stressed enough with having to do get a mammogram!

Talking of which... it hurt like hell because I simply could not relax.  The technician kept saying "Relax!"  but I couldn't.  So it hurt more than it should have.

By the time I got home from that, the on going situation had gone from my house.  I hope they sort it out themselves or just let it go.  Either way, I am backing out.  I should have said 'GO AWAY' from the get go.  

We cannot sort out other people's problems all the time, and certainly not those sort of problems.  There are professionals who do that.

How about some really lovely news?
My niece in Australia, the daughter of my sister, just had her second baby.

Baby is a wee girl.  5 pounds, and with lovely red hair, just like her Mum.  No name yet.  
I can't wait to see photos of her!

Such a lovely way to wind up this shitty day.

I've had enough of today... off to bed!

Thursday, April 27, 2017


Brylee starts physio today to strengthen up her shoulder muscles... in the hope that it helps stop her dislocating her shoulder again.

We are going to a local physio place, hope they are good.  

Keera is at Kindy this morning, so another few hours of quietness.  Love it.

I'm making a concentrated effort to work on the photo boards today.  I bought two numbers made out of what looks like cardboard from Spotlight yesterday, so want to paint them all pretty too.

Steve and Bex often send me photos of the boys.. which I really appreciate.  This was from last night:

ABOVE:  Both transfixed on the telly... same expression on their faces!  Wonder what they were watching?

Right... I'm off to start the day.  


11.55 am:  Well so far today, Brylee has been for her first physio appointment.  That went OK.  She's got a rubber band thingee to use at home to strengthen her shoulders.

I went and had my blood test... JUST a little late.  Last one I had was back in October I think!  WHOOPS.

Now.. on with the photo boards.

ABOVE:  Well... I just got the numbers done.  They look a bit like donuts!  Edible.  But not.  LOL

The 'bonus' of having an almost 5 year old always hanging around ya?  She's a a handy little GO-FER!   Go for this, get that...  she can even fetch a new bottle of diet coke from the fridge in the garage. SCORE.

I've started forming ideas for the boards... 

ABOVE:  Going for PRETTY.

Well... it's been a quiet evening here.  I made macaroni cheese with bacon and onion for dinner, it was very yum.

Then Coronation Street... it's getting very interesting.  Carla and Tracy on top of a cliff interesting!

Off to bed shortly.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017


I missed my usual Weight Watchers meeting on Monday night.  Felt too fat and also, too rushed.  If I go to the meeting, I have to then race to get to the Patchwork meeting on time too.

So on Monday I gave it a miss.

BUT... I am going to a meeting in Hamilton tonight instead.  

I saw this:

ABOVE:  This advert.  And I want to give it a go.  I know I can lose 5 kilos in 8 weeks!  And to then have 2 months FREE at Weight Watchers, well; what an incentive!

So, I'm going to the 6 pm meeting in Hamilton tonight, and funnily enough, it's being run by one of the Cambridge leaders.  So... all good!

I got Stew to  hang the new weekly board last night:

ABOVE:  It's in the 'main' part of the hallway, opposite the family room/kitchen.  Now no one is going to be asking 'What's for dinner?'  *smiles*
I've also put on it things/appointments not to be forgotten.  As it's literally right in ya face when you go into or out of the family room/kitchen, you have no excuse to forget!

I'm not going to be using chalk... too messy.  So, stick it notes will do.

Keera is back at Kindy today... so it shall be fairly quiet till lunchtime.  I better make the most of it.

Right, that's it for now... catch ya later.


ABOVE:  Baby G getting a vet check.  He's so cute. SO HAPPY!  The giraffe live feed is back... not every day, but back on a regular basis.  Every Tuesday between 4 pm and 8 pm (their time).  So, Wednesday 8 am till midday here.
I am watching them this morning... I have missed them.  *smiles*

One shitty job just done.  I spot painted all the places that we repaired a couple of weeks ago.  God I hate painting!  I found it incredibly EASY to just do the patches, and not get carried away and do more.  I just don't have the energy to do the whole house!

And now I'm taking a break for a little while, before picking up Keera and preparing dinner for the family.  I'm making a meat loaf for tonight.

Well... I had a good trip into Hamilton.  I found a few things for my Mum's party from Spotlight, then I bought some more drinks/food items/pastic plates and glasses etc for the party too.  That was expensive!
But, it's a one off thing, ya Mum doesn't turn 80 every day.

After that I went to the Weight Watchers meeting in town.  And shock ... horror... I STAYED THE SAME!

I didn't expect that.  Now I have to be VERY GOOD for the next 8 weeks and lose a minimum of 5kgs to get the 2 months free!

I can do that.

And on that positive note, I'm out of here.  

Catch ya tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017


Today is ANZAC DAY.

Anzac Day is a national day of remembrance

in Australia and New Zealand that broadly commemorates all

Australians and New Zealanders "who served and died in all

wars, conflicts, and peacekeeping operations" and "the

contribution and suffering of all those who have served".

ABOVE: Stew's Dad served in a Scottish Regiment in Christchurch during WW2. He served overseas and came home injured. He never wanted to talk about it. Stew believes he did not feel good about what he had to do during the war, hence his silence.

War is horrible. It is sad that so many people die over religion/politics/land and other conflicts.

I hope nothing and no one causes another world war! Trump worries me I must admit!

Onto something nicer now.

I'm going to suggest we go on a little drive to Tirau and browse the shops there again. It's such a lovely little town, and well... I really do like several shops there!

I'm sure we can find a nice playground for Keera ... and somewhere nice for lunch too.


I put it to the teenagers that they could opt to stay at home if they didn't want to come with us to Tirau... and shock!  They both want to come!  Wonder if that's their bellies dictating their choices?  lol

I've just had brunch... Special K.  Never had it before, it wasn't  half bad.  I'm eating late so I don't get tempted with poor choices at lunchtime.  I will probably only have a DC and salad.

HA HA HA!  A salad???   *snort*
We got there, I looked at the menu and ordered a burger and fries.. yes I did!

We went to an eatery we had been to before, cos last time it was awesome.

Man were they busy!  There was a constant stream of people coming in and ordering meals... ours took about half an hour to arrive.  But it was worth the wait:

 ABOVE:  Stew and Griffin ordered a thickshake, and they came in these cute little jugs.

 ABOVE:  Griffin, Stew and I ordered their Chevy Burger and curly fries.  OMG amazing things they are... so tasty!  I cut mine up and shared it with Keera.  She never eats a full meal, even a kiddy meal, so nowdays I just give her some of mine.

 ABOVE:  Brylee is very predictable, she orders a pancake stack most times we are out.  She got the 'kiddy' size meal today.  

After lunch, we did the 'wander up and down' the main street... and while I saw a few things that took my eye, I only bought one thing:

ABOVE:  There will be no guessing what's for dinner now... I'm going to write it up on the daily board!  It should help with the 3 pm crunch, when ya have to stop and think "What shall I cook for dinner?".  *smiles*

It has cute little hooks on the bottom too.. no idea what I shall use them for.  ANY IDEAS???

Now we are home, blobbing out till it's time to sort out getting the washing in, getting dinner on.. bla bla bla.

Winding down for the day, we are watching The Missing.  Stew and I have already started to put the pieces together.  It's slow going though.

Monday, April 24, 2017


STEVE TURNS 30 TODAY... so a rather special day for him.

I sure can't forget the day he was born!  He was VERY OVERDUE, and in fact I was booked in for an induction and possible caesarean section three days after he was actually born.  That's because by the time he arrived .. he weighed 10 pound 12 ounces!

He wasn't the easiest kid to deliver, believe me.  So... of all my kids births, his sticks out as the worst!  But... I got over it.

Moving on... We hope he has a lovely day, even though he has to work.

Here's a few photos from yesterday:

 ABOVE:  No idea what that face is about! Too funny.

 ABOVE:  Archie got bumped on the nose, so Dante comforted him. How adorable is that?  Awwww.

 ABOVE:  Playing happily.

It has been very nostalgic going through old photos for my Mum's 80th Birthday...

 ABOVE: This one was taken about 30 years ago (when my Grandmother was 70), and was probably one of the very few times all my Mum's siblings and their mother were photographed together;  before my Grandmother passed away aged 86.
My Mum is the eldest of TEN... 5 girls, then 5 boys!  Mum is the one in red.

 ABOVE:  This photo is very dear to me.  It is of My Grandmother, my Mum, my daughter Lacy and her daughter Brylee, and me.
5 generations of direct line, mothers - daughters.  You don't get to see that very often.
Sadly, my Grandmother passed away only 18 months later.

ABOVE:  In the box of photos and stuff my Mum left here for me, I found this.  My mother's school leaving certificate.  Hard to believe, but 8 years later she was married with 3 kids already!
In between then... she went to college, got a job and met me Dad.

Next month we will be celebrating her 80th birthday, a stone's throw away from that very school that she left 67 years ago!  I must remember to take some photos of the school when we go over in May.

Today I shall be working on this lot:

ABOVE: The photo boards.  Not sure how I shall be arranging the photos yet, or display ideas... but I'm sure it will come together over the course of a few days.


It's almost 11 am and I am still in my pyjamas!  Seriously... my back was so sore when I got up this morning I could hardly move.  So I sat down in front of the telly and didn't move.  lol

Now... I'm starting to feel more human again, I might make a move and hit the shower.  
Then who knows?

Get on with those photo boards me thinks.

4.27 PM: And poof! Best laid plans and all that... I got in the shower and decided then was a good time to spring clean it... so 45 minutes later a squeaky clean shower AND me.  lol

Then Stew decided we should do the grocery shopping... so off we went and did that.  It was certainly easier having Stew along to do all the heavy stuff.   And loading/unloading too.

Since then, I've done bugger all.

I know that once I get stuck into the photo boards, nothing else will get done.  So I keep putting it off!  Funny that.

After dinner I went to our Patchwork meeting.  It was nice just sitting and chatting to the ladies... I'm feeling more and more like a part of this group now. And it wasn't too hot in Jenny's house, last time it was and I nearly died from the heat.

Home now and hoping to have an early-ish night.  I'm so tired lately, and I have no idea why.   

Sunday, April 23, 2017


Yep, that's all the sewing I got done yesterday.  ONE ROW.
Pathetic.  Must try and do better today.  I want that rug finished... Cos I've got so much stuff to get done before my Mum's party!

Photo boards.  I've been waiting for photos to arrive from my Mum in Australia.  They took so long we thought they were lost in the post.
Then yesterday, after A MONTH, they finally arrived!

I was so relieved.  NOW I really can make a start on the photo boards.

I also have to do more grocery shopping for the party, get an attendance book, name labels, decorations bla bla bla.  

Today?  I have no idea what the family wants to do.  If it's fine a day outside would be lovely... maybe a park, or the lake, or the mall, or ???

Who knows.  If I get to my sewing, that would be awesome too.

ABOVE: I've just realised most of my photos of late are of this child/dog only!
Whoops!  I will try and get some lovely ones of the other kids today *smiles*


There is an Annual Autumn Festival with Art Stalls down in Cambridge today, so Bex, Brylee and I went down to have a look.

There weren't that many stalls, or much of anything really... but it killed an hour.

 ABOVE:  There were a few bands/singers which was nice... and a couple of guys on stilts... they had horrible faces.

There was going to be a march through town of people in fancy dress too, but we didn't bother staying for that.

 ABOVE:  I got Keera this little bag, yes, Bex could have made it, but I thought it would be nice for the lady who made it to make a sale.

ABOVE: Same with these mushrooms... they are hideous as is, so I will be re-painting them again.  And the wood turned handles?  Well at $1 each, why not?  The old gentlemen on the stall were really chuffed to sell them!

I feel like I have done my 'good deed' of the day. *smiles*

I don't think we are going anywhere today now.  It's just so nice to relax and do NOTHING.
I found a site where I can read books online for FREE, so am reading a book right now that is keeping me interested.  

I haven't read a book in FOREVER! 

6.55 pm:  and the family have just left.  Peace reigns again.  So sad Steve couldn't be here tomorrow... when he turns 30.  
It's the last episode of Broadchurch later on tonight... totally looking forward to that.
Then bed.

Saturday, April 22, 2017


Well... I didn't get that much sewing done yesterday, but I'm happy with what I did do:

ABOVE:  Three rows done, seven to go.  All going well I will get a few more done today.

 Archer... caught red handed...


How freakin' cute is that?  He's a little darling, when he's not being really, really noisy, or busy, busy, busy!  He doesn't have a nap nowdays, so he's full on.

Steve is working in Ngaruawahia today, and Bex and all three little kids are going to a Baby Shower at the same place Steve's working at.  So it should be quiet for a few hours this morning.

I don't know if Stew has any plans for the day... but I'm sewing until something 'better' comes along.


Best laid plans... I got one row sewn up, then had to stop cos we have visitors popping in soon from Tauranga.  An Aunt and Uncle.

So I thought I really should wash the floors!  Little kids and sticky shit... floors never stay clean for long do they?  And I'm too house proud to have grotty looking floors for long they got washed and I did a general tidy up.

Now just waiting for said visitors...

8.30 am today the Giraffe Live Feed went down for good.  I had a little tear!  I will miss watching them on/off during the day.  But they have assured all of us that they will do updates/photos and so on regularly, so I can still see how the giraffe family is doing, and find out what they name the baby.

I might have had a little whinge about the windows and eaves being a bit dirty ...

ABOVE: So yeah... now Stew is washing them.  I feel a little bit guilty, but not much.  There is NO WAY I can do it!  Well, not the eaves anyway.

So the rest of the day was OK.  Everyone came home from Ngaruawahia, Stew cooked an amazing roast pork dinner and now it's quiet and peaceful.
The little kids are all asleep, everyone else is watching TV or playing some sort of XBox or Playstation game.

I'm trying not to fall asleep in my chair!  I'm so tired, no idea why.

Sure won't be long out of bed tonight, that's for sure.