Friday, August 31, 2007


It's 6 am , I'm up cos I simply can't sleep any more.... went to bed last night at like 8pm!!!! Totally not like me but I just could not keep me eyes open, bugger if I didn't miss half of Coro Street too...

I am all puffed up this morning, dem buggers in the hospital pumped me full of bloody WATER didn't they! 4 friggin bags full no less, so I reckon that nullifies what I lost in blood , bugger it!

Today: Lisa and Steve are taking the kids to school, I will.... sit on me bum and read blogs!!! A girlfriend is going to bring the kids home from school for me, so I have no reason to go anywhere! Niiiiice. I am going to venture out asap and suspend my gym membership for a few weeks though, I don't think I want to pay for something I'm not using right now.... good idea eh? And I can slowly get back into it by using my eqipment here at home once I'm up to it.

So there ya go, today's post up and done nice and early, can't have you buggers worried again can I? later...

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Chris is in hospital...

Hi Janene updating for Chris...

10.30am - just had a call from Stew to say that Chris had very heaving bleeding and clotting over night so took herself off to hospital at 5am this morning. She's currently in the gyno ward waiting to be seen by a Doctor.

They've put a drip in her arm so you can imagine the chaos that would have caused - remembering that Chris HATES needles with a passion!

Stew is going to keep me updated, and I'll let you know when I hear more, but hopefully Chris herself will be home and able to update herself.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


There is good news... The nasty teenagers are NOT moving back home, they have found another sucker to take them on! A young married couple who want boarders/flatmates to help with the mortgage etc !!!! And apparently the girl hates a mess.... heee hee I ain't gunna tell her about OUR PIGLETS !!!

So, this is fantastic news cos it means I can continue killing mice and not turn into a cat-killer too! Talking about mice, yesterday was FUN!!! I am getting the little bastards with crunchy Peanut Butter... they can't resisit it!

Ya know what's the best start to the day? Reading the comments that come in overnight... cos I usually end up having a good laugh ! Some people are rather funny....

Righty ho... Today: kids to school, walk me dog,

Monday, August 27, 2007


That is what I need to do, snap out of it ! I was in a funk yesterday, probably cos the scales went up instead of down like I expected... fuck I hate it when the scales can influence my whole day... so Today I am not going near them at all....

I am going to have a GOOD DAY so there ya shitty little electronic thing.

Today: kids to school, go walking with Janet and Izzy, then retail thereapy is called for! Might just go and buy something... anything will do ..... to cheer me up.

Well that was fun! It wasn't raining when we started our walk, but half way through it was... so I'm home, I'm wet and I'm happy! I love walking in the rain, such a dork!

NSV = NON SCALE VICTORY, and I had to ask someone what it meant too, so you are not a twit for asking! Right, time to get tidied up and go into town.... yaaaaa.

I got a comment from Anne this morning, saying she'd seen a girl yesterday who we used to see every saturday at our normal coffee shop, and this girl had asked after us, so I decided to go visit her at the coffee shop where she worked at lunchtime... and being the sort of person I am, I arranged for Anne and Chris D to meet me there (if they could) and they did! Stew came too... so we had another lovely catch up, and saw Shelly, who is due to give birth to her 3rd baby next week. The wee tart hardly looks pregnant from the back, and her baby is right out the front in this neat wee package... she's "one of those" who will not look like she's even had a baby in three weeks.... lucky tart. Anyway, here's a photo of Chris D, Me and Anne .... and loooooook, I'm smiling!

I'm home now, MANNING MY TRAPS.... did I tell ya we have MICE????? We bought 8 traps yesterday.... no dead 'uns yet, but you will know when we do get one cos...... I will post a photo!!!! *BIG BIG LAUGHS*

"While Mummy was away, the mouse did play" only he did not like my game! Nah na na na.... one down...

Now that's a NSV if EVER I saw one!!!! BLOODY HELL !!! I just spent the last hour scrubbing and cleaning out the cupboards under the sink in the kitchen.... cos there was 'evidence' of mice there too... and I had just finished, put everything back, and bugger me if I didn't catch another little bugger!!! This will be the last photo of dead mice I promise!!!

You can see how they are coming in eh? Up the water pipes.... eeeewwwwww. I have also put down poison, so we should be mouse free eventually!

Now, dinner .....ha ha ha.

Dinner - done

Grocery shopping - done

No # 3 mouse dead - done

NSV Today: Stayed on track, killed me some mice, did the dreaded grocery shopping.

Am a happy girl, nite nite.


Think I know why I gained over the detox time...TOM has kindly arrived again, after only 17 days!!! How friggin lovely, no wonder I gained, it will be fluid retention... big sigh of relief. Hope to see those extra kilos piss off this week then.

I had planned to go back to the gym this morning, but maybe not... knowing my TOM's I will be flooding .... too much information I know, but who cares really? NOT me.

Today: kids to school, some housework, lots of piddling if I'm lucky, might just play with Izzy ! Oh and I will get some exercise, I will get on our exercycle and do some weights too. Right time to check out some blogs while I drink me Latte...Stew, where is it man?

Sunday, August 26, 2007


Detox "debrief"....

- It was hard going

- The pills were difficult to swallow

- I never got the shits

- I did not lose weight, I gained 2 kgs !

- I feel "invigorated" and "clear headed"

- My clothes fit better, even though I gained, weird!

This detox was not for me .. if I was hoping to lose weight (and of course I was), but on the plus side, I am sure it has helped get me back in the right frame of mind to 'diet' properly again. And I ate masses of fruit and veges which is not normal for me, but no doubt good for me. I will continue to eat more fruit now with the help of the blender - smoothies are fantastic made with fruit and yogurt!

I am off to Wellington shortly with the Blogger girls from here, to meet the bloggers girls down there, a brunch and Expo await ...... oooooooo brunch..... and I can eat something delectible..... *DROOLING ALREADY*. Later .....

Saturday, August 25, 2007


To say this detox has been hard would be right.... but only in patches... taking the pills is goddam awful for someone who struggles to swallow even one, and on occassion you would kill for meat/bread/cheese etc.... but on a whole it hasn't been too bad! I havn't seen any movement on the scales except up, but that will be due to me not drinking water, I know this.... so I accept it. This has been the longest I have managed to stay on track and follow a plan, so I am thrilled about that, it has been a fantastic kick start to my healthy eating lifestyle again.

Today we have our little "Keeping it real" meeting again, wonder who will have done well this week? I am thinking I will be the only one to have GAINED !!!

Friday, August 24, 2007

WHY ????

Why is it that when you are on a 'diet' and have cut so much out of your 'allowed' list.... all you think about is the things you can't have? Even if on a normal day/week/month you wouldn't even want it??? I am craving chicken salad sandwiches with wholemeal grainy bread... something shocking!!! I managed to resist the brownies last night - JUST by the skin of me teeth! I was soooo close to having a huge bowl full, you have NO IDEA HOW CLOSE I CAME TO BLOWING IT.

Same goes with 'nookies'.... I don't usually think about 'it' too often or 'crave' it.... now though, cos I simply can't, it's all I can think about! I think Stew will be a happy man in a few weeks!!!

Today: Kids to school, walk the dog, housework..... dunno what else yet! Probably go to the gym for a cardio workout... if I've got the energy that is....

Thursday, August 23, 2007


I am really looking forward to today, there will be lots of new stuff in the Hospice Shop that I havn't seen! OOOO wonder what I might buy today?

Just got on the scales.... bugger me if they havn't gone up some more!!! What am I doing wrong? I am only eating fruit,veges and yogurt for fuck's sake! Can you eat too much of them? I have been pointing them and only consuming about 18 points a day... DO THE PILLS have points in them????

I will not let this make me stray from the detox though, I have not come this far to turn back now!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I have a few dresses in my wardrobe... they don't fit across me boobs... I tried them all on yesterday and I reckon in a month or two they will all fit again! Yipee... I am LOVING how positive I am feeling... this detox has certainly got me back into the right mode again. I highly recommend it, really I do! Maybe not the pills... that part sucks, but still....

Today: Kids to school, walk Izzy, friggin housework, then ??? Might try to get to the gym? I have been thinking of getting on the eliptical machine... havn't been on that particular bugger in a while and it's a real killer when you first get back to it. And while I am not allowed to do anything too strenuous for a while, that should be just fine. Did I mention I'm not allowed to partake in "marital relations" for 6 weeks???? Found myself thinking about "it" the other day... then remembered and thought "Oh bugger". *BIG SIGH*.....

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


I know I'm doing a detox (thanks Janene and Jules)... but cutting out diet coke totally is tooo hard! And while it is advised to not have any caffein on the programme, it is not totally OUTLAWED if you cannot do without it..... it is OK IN MODERATION..... so there! I am getting enough headaches already without adding caffein withdrawal to it. You try having no meat, cheese,dairy, fat, carbs, blah blah blah and stay sane! I am doing my best. RANT OVER, and this is me WITHOUT DIET COKE: I am proud of the fact that I am only having 2 glasses a day..... now... Today : Off walking with Janet and Izzy, into town to get da pills and potions.... then home to try and swallow them!

For any of you thinking of doing a detox, yes... the first 3 days are murder.. then you start to feel bloody terrific.. as I am today! Not hungry, masses of energy, clear headed and rearing to GO!
LOOKEEEEE..... I got it, I got it... now I'm gunna read it... then take it....
UK LINDA: you are a nutter, I sooooo do not talk like that!!!! ha ha ha.
I just swallowed ***40*** friggin pills.... nearly gagged umpteen times... and it took me 30 minutes , BUT I DID IT!! Now I just have to do it 9 more times..... over 5 days.

TIFFANY: I don't know mate, I havn't stopped the diet coke!
SUE : No mate, I don't rattle, I gurgle.... endlessly.... my tummy is really NOISY ! Who needs the kids at home with all the noise I'm making on me own!

***** NEWS FLASH******** Lynn Has NO INTERNET... but she is surviving!!! She will be back asap. Bummer.

is served. Have pity on me....
I'm a pill popper, a pill popper, OOOOO Yeah! It's easier to do it while distracted... I'm watching Coronation Street... one of me favourite programmes... Real dinner tonight for me was some brawn rice and veges..... don't go and envy me now!
NSV TODAY: I went walkies, I 'did' the pills, and I feel bloody fantastic.
And for all you perves out there...NO, nothing has "happened" yet. And there will not be any photos either, so there~!

Monday, August 20, 2007


And I'm feeling good! I had an awesome sleep (finally) and have woken up feeling pumped! Wanna go walkies, have masses of energy!

Today: kids to school, walk the dog, and then definitely go into town and find the right cleansing programme for me! I need it!!! I ain't 'been' for 4 days, eating only fruit and veges for days has just blocked me up..... too much information? *SNIGGER*.... later dudes....

Sunday, August 19, 2007


It's the third day... of friggin fruit and veges... and I'm determined to stick to it! Having second thoughts about all those tablets though, we were talking about it at the meeting yesterday and Chris D said "what's the difference from taking all those pills to clean you out to just swallowing some castor oil?" It got me thinking... Ok , castor oil is brutal, but would do the same job wouldn't it? And it would not cost $120 ! What do you think?

I don't have to start the "cleanse" till Monday or Tuesday....

Today: No plans, its wet and miserable still, Stew seems determined to stay in bed for "his" sleep in... so I suppose I better get up and sort the kids out.

Saturday, August 18, 2007


Yipee, another day of detox... fruit, veges and's hard going I tell ya!

Today is the first day we meet as a "group" too, it will just be the usual girls morning tea I reckon.... until we spread the word and get some new members... but that's fine. I'm kinda uncertain now about it all... will there be enough interest from others to make it worthwhile, or will it just fizzle? Or will it get too big for me? No idea!!!

What else on today? Mike is off to Napier to Represent the Manawatu at a Netball Tournament... he's such a good sports person! I'm really proud of him... my baby!

Thursday, August 16, 2007


NO bastard is ever going to call me that again, I swear to god!!! I am so fired up.... I am going to pull my bloody finger out and lose the weight and KEEP IT OFF FOREVER.

Nice start to the day EH !...... I am going to take it easy I suppose... but just you wait till I'm feeling 100% again, I am going to make some changes... no more burning myself out at the gym and then giving up, I will work out a doable programme FOR LIFE... same with the dreaded "diet".. it will not be a bloody diet, it will be a way of eating healthy FOR LIFE, cos I have a lot of life left to live and I am going to be happy, healthy and FIGGIN SLIM.

On a happier note, I have woken up feeling much clearer in the head, taken some pain relief cos the belly and lower back are sore as... but I'm good! Looking forward to tomorrow when we have our first "Keeping It Real" meeting! I shall work on printing out some 'stuff' for it today, and might even go for a gentle walk ... depends on the weather, I think it's raining out there right now. Stew is home today to take the kids to school etc, so I shall be able to just relax.


Ok, to say I am not nervous would be a lie, so... I'M NERVOUS!!!! It's like really early in the morning and we are getting ready to go ..... Mike is staying home with the kids, Stew is going to take me in then come back home to get the kids off to school.... and come back after that to wait for me.

I SHOULD be allowed home afterwards, depending on what they end up doing "down there"... all going well it will only be the biopsy's and removal of fibroids.... but ya just never know and that's the scary part eh?

I am not taking the computer in with me.... cos it would look stoooopid if I'm only there for the day! If by some chance I'm in overnight.. you will all just have to wait till I get home! So, see ya later tarts and the odd dude.....

Today: got to hospital at 6.45, Stew left to get kids to school, I was taken into pre-op at 8 and into the theatre by 8.30 ! That was quick! The anethetist would not gas me to sleep because......
I WAS TOO FAT....I'M TOO FAT, FAT FAT FAT !!!! So, I cried and cried, and shook and shivered. . . and generally was a mess... bloody sook I am!!!! They were ever so nice about it though, and all the people in theatre (hell like about 10 people)... all joked around and took my mind off the NEEDLE... and it was in and over with before I even realised what they were doing. I laughed about the theatre undies they put on me, like why did they bother, they were the first thing to come off.The surgeon joked he was wearing the same ones... so I tried to get his pants down to have a look, but he was too fast for me...darn!
Anyway, when I came too I was feeling like shit (normal) but OK. the surgery took about an hour and a half I think. They could not remove my fibroids cos they were in the muscluar wall of the uterus, so that's a bugger cos they are what's causing all my back ache and heavy monthlies... maybe a hysterectomy later on will solve that wee problem. So... I slept on and off in the recovery room for the next 4 hours, and Stew picked me up at 3.30 and brought me home, where I am now quietly sitting in me Lazy Boy and just taking it easy.
We should have the results of the biopsys late next week, so hopefully it will be all good news and I can move on....
Here's a pic of me snoozing....

No makeup, no jewellery, no knickers!!! ha ha ha. Talk about NAKED!
I am now soooo determined to get back to my healthy goal weight... I was gutted when the anethetist said I was too FAT!!! Really devestated actually.... know the feeling? I could cry again actually just remembering it.... fuck it all !

I love you all, I've had email, texts, phone calls, flowers.... THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! And I even heard from one of me out of town kids!!!

I have about 60 bloggers' updates to read, and I'm sorry, but I just can't!!! My eyes won't stay open, so just know I love ya all, and I'm sorry I can't read and leave you a comment today. I feel bad about that!

Right, I'm not sitting here any more, I keep making the most derrr mistakes... so will say nite nite.

NSW TODAY: Well, I have eaten nothing at all excpet a wee bit of coleslaw for dinner ! Oh and I actually drank 9 glasses of water in the hospital after my op!!!! AMAZING!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


My friend Carmen and his wife Kim had a wee baby boy yesterday... I have been eagerly awaiting his arrival.... I have already bought him an All Blacks jacket, but think I need to go get something blue..... can't help myself! Here is a couple of photos of the new arrival:

Welcome to our world Christopher Thomas......6 pound 14 ounces of joy. NIIIIICE Name : Chris for short of course!

Sarah is a BIG SISTER..... I bet she is going to have some fun with him!

Ain't infants just gorgeous?

Today: shopping for blue ..... killing time really, just want tomorrow to be done and over with... must shave my legs, can't have the surgeon getting a rash from me legs! What about the va ja ja? Nah, let him forage! eeeewwwwwww. ha ha ha

I've had a lovely morning! Bought Christopher a lovely wee blue outfit, and Sarah a wee gift too... and some new flannels and coffee mugs... cos I felt like it! Then I met my friend Chris D and we had a lovely morning tea (well mocca) and a yak... that has killed the morning.... now just the afternoon and evening to go...

IT'S LIKE THEY NEVER LEFT.... I didn't even know they were here... they are all upstairs in Mike's room playing some computer game... all of them have a computer linked up to god knows how many others out in the universe!!! So funny! And...

They inform me that they may need to move back home for a while to save up a bond so they can get their own place without flatmates... cos all their flatmates are leaving to live in Wellington etc so they can't afford where they are now!!!! Like, didn't I just have a party to CELEBRATE THEM LEAVING !!!!!
CRANKY: and anyone else who thinks I've just gone mad... NO, I am not letting them move back into the house, they can stay in the GARAGE until they find somewhere else to live !!! Not in the house!!! I am not THAT NICE!!!

End of day, just have to shave the legs next, then I'm off to bed, hopefully to have a good night's sleep! Will know for sure if the kids are coming home (for a while) in a week or so.... will no doubt keep you all up-to-date! NSV Today: none really! nite nite

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


The poor little bugger has a cavity and has to go to the Dental Nurse this morning.... I am freaking out! I seemed to live in the dental nurse's chair as a kid! I HATE THEM ! I will stay with him and try to make it not too unpleasant an experience for him... I think he's only the second of all my kids to ever need a filling....

Stew just delivered me morning latte... and he thinks Griffin's appointment should be postponed as he's coughing and all snotty... so maybe we will go and she what the Dental Nurse thinks....

Rest of day: take Izzy for a walk, do the housework, go into town and get Healtheries stuff to do De-tox like Lynn, not much else on.

Stew is going to Wellington today, he will be away till tomorrow night, I hate it when he's away!

Monday, August 13, 2007



- a support group for people who are struggling to stay on track with their diets and want to meet and talk with like minded people.

WELL ???? What do ya all think???? Common sense prevailed I'm afraid and I decided I could not have "Tarts" as it could be taken the wrong way by potential members!

Next ....Today: kids to school then straight off to the hospital for my pre-op appointment, where I will find out exactly what they plan to do to my nether regions.... how long it will take, if I have to stay in overnight, blah blah blah..... I'm not THAT nervous, really I'm not !!!!

AND.... today in the USA a wee man is being born (well they are 17 hours behind us, so maybe not quite yet) to Carmen and Kim..... and I'm so excited... his name is going to be Christopher.... I'm thinking I will call him Chris (what a fab name!).....later.....

Griffin is coughing fit to kill, threw up a lot yesterday and so I'm keeping him with me today... oh joy, a bored shitless 5 year old in the hospital with me.... hope he survives the outing without me throttling him.
SANDI : oh thank you so much for the kind offer of coming up with a LOGO for the group.... can't wait to see what you come up with!
Better get me "A" into "G" ......

All went well, saw the nurse for blood pressure etc, saw the anethetist, saw another nurse to sign all necessary forms, saw the surgeon, had bloods taken (the shits).. and all this took 2.5 hours.... Griffin did get upset so Stew came and took him home. Not so stressful afterall.... and all should go fine on thursday, and I am probably able to go home afterwards, depending on how the op goes, and how I feel afterwards. Then I suppose we wait for the biopsy results again....

Am home now, feeling fine!
Funny story:
While I was in with the surgeon I asked him if (on thursday) he could snip off a skin tag on my inner thigh while I was asleep... he said...
"It depends on where it is" ,
I said "I will show you", starting to take me pants off...
He said "NO NO, that's not necessary, leave them on!"
Too late, me pants were off and I showed him .... it was so funny cos here is me, usually so self concious, whipping me pants off for a man who is not my hubby !!! He even tried to stop me! Needless to say, he's gunna snip it off ..... how nice of him.

The vet just rang... Izzy has an allergy peculiar to her... no virus, bacterial infection, fungal infection... so she has to have allergy pills often from now on... what a pain! Well, at least it is controlable eh? He wants to see her on Wednesday night to just check she's on the mend too... another thing to remember! I end up with little notes to myself all over my desk! Memory is going I swear.....

I have just had a lovely time 'yakking' over the airwaves with Amanda, CKK, and Marshy... Amanda had her Webcam on so it was quite surreal seeing her and 'instant messaging' too.

Above: Amanda... and she is really that pretty! Right, enough from me, it's time to go nite nite, been a semi stressful day... need some sleep.

Sunday, August 12, 2007


Our Support Group needs a name!!! It is not to have the word "Weight" in it either! It is a support group, not a weight loss group, even though that is our ultimate goal.... I want something different!

Today: buggered if I know! I think cos it's so wet outside it will be a fluff around the house day.... how boring! There is heaps of housework to do obviously, but who the hell ever wants to do it??? And now that I don't have masses of teenagers at home (YAAA), it is left up to Stew and Me... Maybe it's time I sussed out getting housekeeper?

Stew is in bed right now having a sleep in... hmmmmm, what is that??? The most I ever get is 8 in the morning, then it's up and onto the computer, I am addicted! Hope I don't have to stay in hospital on Thursday, who will miss me if I can't unpdate? !!!

Friday, August 10, 2007


A lovely friend in Aussy suggested I set up my own Weight loss group.... so I might ! Thanks CKK for the suggestion.

So this morning at our coffee get together I am going to sound out my girlfriends and see if any are interested ..... might start real small to start and see how it goes.

Lots to think about, to plan etc, but it is a challenge in itself so might take my mind off other pressing issues (Thursday) and stop me obsessing all the time about my weight going up and up. If I can help others maybe I will end up helping myself ??? Who knows, but it is worth a try. If this doesn't work, I will consider SureSlim or Jenny Craig or something similar... I am desperate!

Right! It's on.... we are a 'group', no name right now... only firm plans are:
- Meet on Saturdays, 10.30 am
- Take turns at each other's homes for now 'hosting'
- No rules or regulations
- No pressure to weigh
- No "specific" programme to be followed (whatever works for you is fine)
- Support being the operative word
- Meet and chat over how our week has gone, any tips/ideas appreciated.... all welcome
- $2 each a week to go into "kitty" for end of month biggest loser prize, based on % lost. If you don't weigh, you don't qualify for prize.
- Other incentives at discretion of "Founder" (ME!)

I am feeling quite excited!!! First meeting place will be my home, as long as I am "up to it" on Saturday... will keep you posted!
Failing that, it will definitely be "on" the following saturday.

This is what I am calling our Group for now.... all and any suggestions accepted, final name will be announced in due course.... bring it on....

I go out on a saturday morning to "play Ladies" and Stew is left at home to....

do the washing!!! How spoilt am I ?????

It has been a very quiet afternoon, a girlfriend came around for a visit....and that is it! Stew is making dinner (home made burgers) and I am really looking forward to that. Found a huge flea on Izzy this afternoon.... yik yik yik, my girlfriend thinks fleas might be the problem with her skin... but I'm not so sure.... I think she got that flea while she was in the Vets kennels cos she has been regularly de-fleaed.... I will be really upset if I've spent hundreds of dollars to be told the problem is fleas! Grrrrrr.

Looking forward to a quiet evening again, nothing much happens here in the evenings!

End of day... have had a sauna, nice and warm, going to bed to read....NSV Today: Setting up new Support Group ! nite nite


Ha ha, the first thing I do when I wake up is check my e-mails, then update the blog... well this morning I got sidetracked reading "a couple" of blogs.... and forgot to update till now....

At least I don't have to rush out the door with the kids this morning, from now on those two won't be starting school on a friday till 9.30.... there is a certain programme on a friday morning that we do not want our children to attend, and have told the school this on a few ocassions already, and I found out yesterday that they have been attending instead of being sent to the library as prior arranged. So, now they get to stay at home.... I am pissed off.

So, as a consequence .. I cannot go to RPM like I wanted to at 9.30, so will just go later and do a full body workout instead. Aside from that, it will be a good day I am sure! I'm feeling really positive about the "diet"..... I have been fairly good all week, lots of "NO I DO NOT NEED THAT" going through my head... and I have been listening! COOL.

Thursday, August 09, 2007


Ya hoo for thursdays, I love em.... I will be busy all day... no temptations in my face ..... well of the food variety anyway! Lets hope I see nothing I just have to buy at the shop today!!!

TOM... arrived.... and left in about 3 hours.... bugger damn and blast !!! What's with that? I'm so annoyed by it all now.... and I'm dreaming about the friggin operation... some random old man was heavily featured in my dream last night.. he was the anethetist (sp?) and he was a nutter....GREAT. Getting nervous me thinks.

Right, I better get outta bed...BUT WAIT !!! Stew hasn't brought me my Latte yet.. might wait a bit! *

Wednesday, August 08, 2007


My mind is a complete blank.... how boring is that? We have slept in, so ............

Today: Kids to school, walk Izzy, go to RPM at gym, do upper body workout, home....

Hopefully the day will get interesting as it progresses....

Tuesday, August 07, 2007


For the last three weeks I have woken up feeling like crap, sore tummy, sore back... and expected TOM to arrive any minute... IT FRIGGIN HASN'T... and I'm really getting pissed off. Why hasn't it??? I know, I know, menopause and all that crap is no doubt going on, but hell it's such a pain. So, now that I have talked about it... I'm hoping it will arrive and be over before I have my operation! I SOOOOOO do not want them to put my op off cos I've got friggin TOM.

Today: walk with Janet and Izzy (oh joy), then vacum this friggin house, it desperately needs it. And I've got a huge amount of clothes and stuff to take to the Hospice Shop, clothes that no one wanted, old china from my house (de-cluttering is fun)..... yarddy yarddy yarddy....

Not walking, too wet... taking Izzy to the Vets in a minute, her skin condition is going crazy.... hope it's nothing too bad!!!
Last night, Stew came home from work and said "what's on OUR blog today?" HUH??? Like, when did it become "our" blog????? Should I be worried???

I've had a very busy past hour, took Izzy to the Vets, she got ADMITTED !!! Wasn't expecting that! She has to have biopsys, skin scrapings etc... $296.00 Thank You !!! I have to pick her up later on today.... I felt so awful leaving her there, a dog was already out there howling it's head off...poor Izzy.
Then I ducked into the supermarket to see Mike, and ran into three seperate people who I knew and ended up yakking with.... so what was supposed to be a 15 minute outing took much longer.....

Picked up Izzy, she's sleeping it off... then picked up the kids and rather typically it poured down bang on 3pm when we were walking home.... and what have I been doing today??? The following picture should tell ya what happens when you sack your Ironing Lady....

I friggin well ironed!!! Gawd I HATE IROINING !!!! Now I shall do the vacuming....hmmmm, I do seem to be putting that off don't I ?

I did the vacuming (10 points to me), and Stew came home and asked me if I loved him still, considering the fact that he's an Arsehole...... ha ha ha... I told him "Yes"... of course.

Izzy is ok now, not very happy with me though. She's got a couple of stitches above her eye and on her rump from the biopsys....

This look says it all.... "I am pissed off mate" !!!
I am off to bed, soooo tiring being a good wee wifey.... shan't be doing those friggin shirts again for two weeks....WANNA: you just a jealous tart eh? nite nite.

Monday, August 06, 2007


12.15 PM..... and a new blogger grandbaby is born... a wee girl named Sarah Kate... born on her Daddy's 30th Birthday.... and Felicity has her first Grandchild ... how awesome is that? It was a special moment, to give Felicity her first hug and congratulate her on becoming a Grandma.

Today: Kids to school, finish getting the house back to 'normal', take Felicity to the airport so she can go back home, then tonight if I'm not knackered I shall go to Body Balance at the gym....

oh yeah, and when I get time I shall read some blogs! Feel awful not being able to get to read up on what's the 'haps'

Sunday, August 05, 2007


Woke up this morning....NO FUCKING INTERNET!!!! Oh my god... it has taken 3 and a half friggin hours to get it back.... I was going into shock !!!! And ready to start throwing things.... ANYWAY...

I have it back.... and my house if settling down after last nights festivities... all the girls have gone to morning tea and I'm spending some time with my kids before they bugger off home again.... they won't all be together again for goodness knows how long, as Russell is moving to Perth in two weeks.....

So, for now I'm off to spend time with them, I will be back later on with more photos...... shit, I busting for a pee..... hmmm maybe I drank a lot last night eh? ha ha ha !

Saturday, August 04, 2007


Today is THE DAY..... yet I had so much fun last night!!!! It was like a mini party.

And I do believe we all had fun, I know I did! So today will be SUPER FUN.... don't expect me to be visiting any blogs today... sorry! I will try and catch up with everyone on Monday/Tuesday.

Righty ho, better get out of bed, wash the hair, put on the face... and say "moring"

Friday, August 03, 2007


RAINBOW....OK mate, your blog has gone private, just where is my invite eh???? I have missed you, come on girl!

TODAY: Got lots to do .... kids to school, vacum entire house (oh that should be worth a few points!), make up beds, sort out stuff for tomorrow.... oh and wash the hair... put on me face....try to figure out what to wear on Saturday.... shit so much to do.... better get started then....
HELENA: I just made 3 lots of Weight Watchers Jelly, JUST FOR YOU MATE!! See, thinking of you.....

I've been fluffing around all morning... and I'm the QUEEN OF PROCRASTINATION.... I hate decorating Xmas Trees, so while I've said I was going to do it a million times.... I still havn't !
BELOW.... is the wall of "Wanted to be here's" .... if your face is not there it could be cos you
- have not expressed your grief at not being about to come or...
- you don't have a photo of yourself on your blog !

For the record I have: Cara, Karen and Rachel, Beckie and Bradman, Zanna, Linda, Teresa, Nigel, Kerry, Mr Choo, Lynda, Emma, Donna, Jaxx, Briony, Nannette, Mellisa, Jules, Kek, Sue, Marie, Anne, Christine and Jodi up there. You will all be missed.
I HAVE DONE THE FRIGGIN TREE, and as far as I'm concerned, it is staying there till December 25th now!!! Major hate... but once I actually get started it does not take that long!
Ha! Get this, I've done 7877 steps so far today, and that is just fluffing around my house!!!!
Oh my god, it's a mad house here!!!!
Lee-Anne and Lynn arrived, so did Mandy and Jeremy for a mo, then all my kids arrived!!! I mean ALL OF THEM... and Lynn, Lee-Anne and I buggered off to visit Janene!!! I can't tell you what's happening cos it's just all go at the mo, and I've had a few bacardi and Diet cokes...... oh yeah!!!! So can't hardly type even,.... will update properly tomorrow before any more arrive..... I am soooo happy man! I have been taught how to link other blogs .... but cna't right now cos I'm pissed!!! HA HHA AHA HA... NITE NITE... Steps today....11843, totally random, only around the house even..... did I say nite nite????? HA HAH AHAHAHHAHHA

Thursday, August 02, 2007


Cool. Thanks for the vote of confidence... I will just wait and see how the hair settles down then!

Today: I will be busy, ya hoooo. Kids to school, walk Izzy then off to work.... followed by taking school kids to swimming. Fun.

Then it's the 'countdown' to the PARTY.... two more sleeps! And all my kids should be here! They have not all been together in nearly 6 years, so I am really looking forward to seeing them again... hope they don't kill each other! HA HA HA! And about 8 bloggers will be here too, and a few other random friends....and I have a wall covered with pictures of the bloggers who can't be here but wanted to be (I'm sure!)....

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

WHAT DO I LOVE??? About not being fat anymore....

Marshmallow did a post yesterday and listed 10 reasons she loves being HEALTHY AND NOT FAT anymore..... and I thought about this and immediately came up with only one OBVIOUS thing to me.....

I love STILL BEING ALIVE, and loving every aspect of my life now.
Before I lost weight I just wanted to die, I was that miserable... I was actively looking at my options, how to kill myself without pain... then I decided I actually wanted to live, I did not want to leave my family, so I did something about it, and I thank myself every day for taking that first step towards a new life. After that first step, I have to thank all my friends and family for the support and love shown to me on my journey back to happiness.

Right, now that's over....

Today: Kids to school, then off to the hairdresser for a colour....and it will not take 3 hours!!!! Woooo hooooo
WRONG... it still took 3 friggin hours, and it is YELLOW!!! If it is still "IN YOUR FACE" by friday I am going back to have it toned down.... can't be looking like a fright for the PARTY now can I????

Ha ha , onward, having lunch (coleslaw and beef rissole) then it's some housework.... yipee!!! *smirk on me face*.....

SEEEEEE: It's kinda yellow on top.... what do we think??? Go back or wait and see if it settles down on it's own???

I want to feel my best on Saturday, not worry about looking like a Troll....I took another photo of "the hair" .... does it look better up??? Shit this is bugging me!

Hmmmm, the next dilema ... do I have nachos now, or wait and go to Body Balance like I should, and have dinner after??? I am starving.... but want to be good.....far out!

I went to Body Balance, it was way harder than I anticipated! Holding certain positions for a length of time... phew! I enjoyed it though, and will definitely be going again.... anyway, home now, had my dinner, yakked to Felicity who's come up from the South Island for the Party, and now I'm going to chill out and watch some telly. nite nite.

NSV TODAY: going to Body Balance

STEPS: 7725


It's 5 am and I'm wide awake....

Just look what happens when you lose 2 litres of blood, get 4 litres of fluids pumped back in then sit on ya bum all day!!!! MASSIVE FLUID RETENTION... I AM NOT IMPRESSED.... I got on the scales this morning to find a beautiful GAIN OF 2.5 kgs literally in 2 days !!!

So, I am officially not weighing myself again forever!!!! Ok, maybe not forever, but certainly not until I am back to NORMAL... and getting my exercise again .... this sucks.

On a happier note, I am being picked up by the lovely Janene this morning to go to Anne's for our "Keeping it Real" coffee meeting.... can't wait to just sit and yak! later....

8.03 AM : Ahhhh, breakfast in bed.... delivered by the ever loving Man... a piece of toast, a latte and a bowl of pills !!! Only three pills though! So all is good.
Then he came down with ..... a bloody live mouse in his hand! Seems he caught it with his bare hands as it scurried across the lounge!!!! Ewwwwwww. So, that makes *7* mice so far....

I have had a lovely morning, Janene picked me up and we met the others and had a lovely morning tea etc. Then STew took me to lunch, I had a beef/chicken kebab... so lovely!!!! I am not worrying about my weight at the moment.... my health is more important - so I am going to eat well to boost my heamaglobin levels so I am all better asap. That does not mean I shall pig out, you understand, but I will have everything I need. And some multi vitamins too! It's gotta be good for me.

Right, I am now off to have a nap !!!! I am tired - AGAIN.... *sigh*...
Blogger is being a bugger.... at the top is a photo of the lovely pikelets Janene just brought around, and she also got me a roast chicken.... cos I mentioned I would love some! What a sweetie!!! This afternoon I had a 3 hour nap!! It was bliss.... and now I'm feeling so much better..... won't be long till I'm rearing to go again I reckon.
End of day, Stew is in 7th Heaven - the rugby is on... the kids are driving me nuts (what's new?) and I am feeling good.
NSV today : I met up with me girlfriends, which is always neat.
nite nite.