Friday, March 16, 2007


Ok, today's the day..... TOM is here and I couldn't be happier! Can't believe I just said that, but it means I can now try the pills the Doctor gave me to see if they work.... and it means all the extra (on top of my normal) fluid will piss off. I'm going to the gym.... got to have faith the pills will work eh?

Did my meal plan last night, so am now off to have my banana for pre-gym food... can't have a proper breakfast or I will just feel sick. later...

Well, I am having the wonderful day.... no problems at the gym, feel really YUK but that's life. Had a surprise at the gym ... the personal trainer who I have seen once came up to me and asked me if I would be interested in doing her a favour? Seems she takes a group of people for a 12 week Challenge thingee, and she wants me to do a "Motivation" speech for her to these people ! WEll, I am quite chuffed about being asked, and of course I said "Yes".... I'm not shy, I can talk till I'm blue in the face, particularly on this subject, and I love inspiring people to shift their weight. I told her I was a pretty blunt person, I will tell it like it is, no bullshitting ... and she said that's what these people need... the upshot is I get two free Personal Training Sessions with her which is worth $100... cool eh? So, I'm feeling quite happy right now... and my food today has been spot on too.

Renee: I have been to the library and got The Clothesline Diet Club book, the other one was not in. This one has personal stories of people who've done the diet, so I shall read it and see what I think. Thanks for that.

So far so good on the "flooding" front, nothing is happening! Like, it's just "normal"..... what a bloody relief! YAAAA HOOOOO
Tried to have a NANA NAP with Izzy, but forgot that a 8 month old golden retriever has no idea how to lie down and keep still... it was kinda cute though. She gets lonely so I thought I'd just have her in with me. She gets into everything! Oh well, I love her anyway. I'm really happy today, can ya tell?

Steve and Lisa came home at lunchtime with a huge amount of chinese takeaways, offered me some.... and I said "NO".. and watched them eat it in front of me.... felt really good about that.

Here's my secret weapon on binges.... after the gym I am going to have 1 of these protein bars, it's supposed to stop the hunger hitting... and I do love them! I have a protein shake (Sculpt) but it's YUK. So, that's part of my new eating plan....
It's been a quiet afternoon and evening, as far as it goes in this bloody house with the kids yelling, husband yelling... teenagers coming and going...and me hiding behind my computer! hee hee
I am looking forward to the weekend, we always get so much done.... and I love saturdays the most! Might go for another bush walk on sunday... we will see. nite nite !


  1. Good to hear you sonding so much more positive. Great plan - I'm suire you can do it!

  2. Wow!! That is fantastic hun you would be a great person to listen to because you would understand and you would give it to them straight.. and that is what they need.

    Woohoo on getting your TOM now lets hope the medication the doctor gave you will work huh.

    You can do this!! You have already proved it once.

    Love Chubbymum

  3. I'm sure you'll have their butts kicked into line before they even start their challenge! Really, not shy, would never have guessed. Love ya.

  4. Hi chris, you are most welcome, also check out her website. It is great. :)

  5. That is good news that your TOM is normal.. I bet that is a relief... Really good that you are having a good day.

    Love Chubbymum

  6. Yay for free PT sessions! I'm sure your sincerity and passion will fire up a few people. :-)

  7. LOL @ you trying to settle down for a snooze with Izzy. You're very lucky you don't live over here as I would feel the urge to take her home with my - she's BEAUTIFUL.

    Have a great weekend Chris!

  8. That's all fantastic news hun! Fabulous about the free personal training sessions. I'm sure you'll do a kick arse speech.

    I'm so proud of you for turning down chinese! That's brilliant.

    Izzy will eventually learn to be still inside. She just needs more time there otherwise it's an exciting new thing rather than just the norm. Storm was exactly the same.

  9. wow go you motivational speaker you!!! thats sooo exciting, good on you..!!!

    how cool!!

    oo a bush walk thats a cool idea!!!

    enjoy your weekend!!!

  10. Hope the medication helps you... Well done on scoring the free sessions at the gym..
    And yay for you for getting back on track and doing something about it...

  11. I have been bidding on the herbalife protein bars, I have tried them before, and they taste like really rich chocolate bars. I haven' won a box yet, and all the others are just too expensive. I worry about binging on them. I don't have snacky food in the house, and worry that I could eat 3 or 4 of them if I have a bad day.
    Do you worry about going on a binge Chris?

  12. Will they allow you to film your talk and put in on your blog so the laggers like me can get some benefit? Gee I hope so! lol

  13. Good to see you are feeling better. Great news all around for you. Have a wonderful weekend.


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