Friday, March 23, 2007


I'm off to Hamilton (4 hrs away), and it's a glorious day for it..... shall get to see the mountain, and hopefully the lahar. and it is so nice driving around lake Taupo.

Well, came on to update for the day and lost half of what I'd already written Stupid computers and their buttons!

Nevermind, got here after a 5 hours trip, non-stop but lots of traffic and road works held me up a bit. It was, as I expected, a glorious trip, so much gorgeous scenery, I wanted to stop and take photos of me feet in a mountain stream, in the lake, in the mighty Waikato River and in the Hamilton Lake... but didn't.....maybe on the way home .... anyone interested in seeing me feet in water??? LOL LOL

Visited my girlfriend in hospital, she must have been feeling ok cos she'd managed to PUT HER FACE ON !!! I had to laugh !

Then the nicest thing... went to dinner with all 4 of my big kids, Lacy came over from Tauranga and we all went out to Valentines.. Russell brought his partner Corina too, so we actually had a really lovely time.... lots of laughs and photos taken... I am so happy ... havn't seen them all together in about 3.5 years !!! I am having a wonderful time! Photos will have to wait till I get home, Amanda's computer won't let me download them.... nite nite !


  1. Hey you! have a brilliant trip and an even better weekend.

  2. hi ya,
    hope you have a glorious time away. I have just arrived back from Hamilton (house hunting trip) and am now off to the bach for the weekend. Yipeeee.
    Drive safely, and I will be back after the weekend to hear how everything went. Keep smiling.

  3. Anonymous5:18 PM

    it really is a sad state of affairs that when I read you were going to be away today I thought "oh crap, what am I going to read while at work today?"


  4. have a lovely weekend!!!!!!!!!

    might see you there..hahaha

  5. Have a great weekend,cant ait to see the photos

  6. What is amazing about this post is that wrote about your evening at the restaurant in terms of the company and enjoyment you had -- not the food you ate.
    Did you realise that you had done that?
    No reference to being good or bad, eating dessert or not -- you wrote about being loved, appreciated and enjoying yourself. Way to go!!

  7. Let the good times roll. Hope you have a great weekend. Safe travels on the way back. Look forward to seeing your pictures.


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