Wednesday, April 30, 2008


After our long hot summer with virtually no rain... it rained heavily yesterday and most of last night.... at least it isn't cold yet.

It is looking more and more likely that once we are in Auckland we will eventually have to rent a house up there... bugger, damn and blast! The last thing I want is to double move our household furniture etc. Maybe we can just move the bare minimum and leave the bulk here in the house so it looks good for sale. Yep, thinking ahead....

As Stew has pointed out, this situation is no one's 'fault', we are just caught up in the downturn in the market. But it doesn't stop me feeling right royally pissed off annoyed by it all... this could drag on for months and months. I hate not being settled. Shit shit shit. No amount of bad words can adequately express how annoyed and frustrated I am feeling.

Right, now that I have had me rant for the day...(for now!)... today:

- dunno! Not a lot needs doing right now... wait and see I suppose.

OH YEAH.. it's been a most riveting morning! I have done this:

AND I got out the most evil amazing machine ever ....

and did some bloody vacuming! I am so very good at VACUMING. Someone give me an award NOW.

COFFEE BEAN: ahhh you are a nutter... I would have liked an award in the form of a Sapphire and diamond ring.... but I will take whatever I can get ! lol

It STOPPED being a nice fine is PISSING down out there... and blowing into my deck and wetting my washing! NOT happy!
End of Day: well it's been quiet... and wet. Tonight's job is to strip the polish off the kitchen floor and re-do it... joy!
NSV: loving Watties Very Special soup range, they be low in points too me thinks. nite nite.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Things are going to change around here.... the kids and I are off to Auckland next week !

We are going to live with my Aunt and Uncle in the suburb we will eventually be buying in... our home here will stay on the market... furnished but empty of people. It will stay tidy if nothing else! Our sons here will keep an eye on the house, mow the lawns etc.

This is the only way I can move to Auckland before we have sold... and get the kids into the school we want them in. I am avoiding moving their schools TWICE.. so it's all good! Shit I hope we don't drive my Aunt and Uncle nuts... it COULD happen!

So lots to sort out before we go... get gas, phone, internet, sky all disconnected....and pack... shit PACK. My head is going around and around in circles.. what we will need to take, what has to be done... Ah what the hell, it will all get done. I can do ANYTHING when I set my mind to it.

The TOBI: works fine, but I think it's an aquired art....
MY TATTOO: will be going on my right leg, outside calf area, and also on Stew's chest. This will happen now in Auckland.
Glad to hear I am not the only nutter who enjoys the pain of the epilator! later....

This little Blog Award has been floating around for a week or so, I FINALLY got one ... thank you Zanna! Seems I should pass it on... but I'm bloody scared to in case I miss someone and hurt their feelings... so I'm giving it to = YOU who read and comment on my blog... You are all FANTASTIC people, and I appreciate each and every one of you, so there! Give yourself this award, courtesy of ME.

OOO LOOKEEEE... sewing ! Hemming winter pants for Griffin.
It's been a nice morning, been to town, paid a bill or two.... bought kids socks for winter... home. Not much else for now...

"Huffing and puffing"... don't expect to see me skating on the streets any time soon! I have only just got the confidence to skate on me deck! And that's holding the broom as support to stop me landing on me arse! It's scary how bad I am ! I will persevere though, I ain't no quitter.

End of Day: been fairly quiet, getting stuff sorted out for next week... it's looking good for a 'go' !

NSV: weeellllll... none. BUT, I am determined to rejoin Weight Watchers once I am in Auckland, fresh start an all that. nite nite.

Monday, April 28, 2008


First and foremost today is to take Stew back to the Airport, I don't feel so bad about it cos he will be home again on Friday night... Griffin is starting to stress out and get upset about Stew going ... hopefully it won't be for much longer.

Next order of the day :

Post Rena's baby blankets back to Hamilton, Kelly forgot them....

Get our pram wheels fixed, they keep going flat....

Get the weedeater fixed....

Make appointment to get legs waxed, they are driving me nuts....

Do some housework....

Buy some Diet Coke, almost out....This should be at the top of the list!

that will do for now!

I watch too much tv obviously: I hate INFOMERCIALS but I saw the one for The TOBI and thought "shit that's a good idea for Stew"... so ordered one!

Stew is going to love this, no more fiddly ironing of his business shirts! And I might even give it a whirl... apparently it's great for freshening up the upholstery, killing bed bugs (eeewww).. and steaming curtains instead of having to iron them, bla bla bla. AWESOME .... must go and try it RIGHT NOW.

Lynda suggested I try an Epilator... so I went and bought one... it was on SALE .. down from $149 t0 $105... SCORE!

It is very pretty, has pink on it, and a light! And it SPARKLES in the light... I'm a real girl obviously. And seriously weird, cos I love the pain... it is SO not bad! gunna go do some more!

End of Day: had fun, got lots sorted... some news coming tomorrow! NSV: On track, but probably had too much still. nite nite.

Sunday, April 27, 2008


Have ya missed me? I have stayed up until after midnight this evening (sat night) reading all your friggin blogs! I even left a few comments I did! I feel so much better now, I was feeling guilty.

Today (sunday)... well we don't have an Open Home but our two neighbours do... so might put a Private Sign out and see if we get any interest... being cheeky but I don't bloody care. Call it 'tit for tat' cos they did it to me. Might not be 'right' ... but I'm desperate!

It is just so nice having Stew home... I can't say it enough. I have missed him so much. We are so lucky he is going to be home again next weekend too.


OH YEAH.. before I forget... have I mentioned the fact that I ain't had a MONTHLY in over 6 weeks??? How awesome is that? After having a 'monthly' every 3 weeks for 2 years!!! Of course .. now that I have mentioned it... "IT" will arrive no doubt... this will be GOOD cos right now all I can think of is "I'm PREGNANT" .... (impossible!)... but still a niggle of worry there! I have even thought of buying a pregnancy test! ....Derrr, it is IMPOSSIBLE.... the MAN is fixed! And there sure as hell ain't been anyone else .... Gawd I'm a worry.

Righty ho... it IS SUNDAY... but it's like 12.15 am in the night! I'm off to bed, can sleep in even cos the first part of my day's update is already done! YIPEE!

Bliss.... slept in till 9am.... and now we are off to Bulls for Kebabs for lunch... my favourite lunch! Don't plan on putting the sign out today afterall. ... no one ever goes to our neighbours Open Homes! so no mad cleaning happening here today.

Lunch was just delicious! The kids .... hardly ate any... it wasn't McDonalds eh? Too bad.
After lunch we came back to Palmy and I bought a pattern and material to make some trousers for Brylee.... she has a tiny bum but long legs... it's so hard to buy ones that fit so hopefully I can make them! It's years since I made any children's clothes!
No one came to the neighbours Open Homes so I'm glad I didn't go to any trouble afterall.
End of Day: another great day. NSV: I had healthy food all day, feel good about that. nite nite.

Saturday, April 26, 2008


Stew and I have discussed various options for the next few months... have to wait on a few 'other variables' before we can decide what to do.... may rent, may stay here for a bit longer... will have to wait and see. Am getting good at waiting, but am feeling better about it all. Just needed to see my hubby again and be reassured that it WILL SORT ITSELF OUT eventually.

I am very happy too that our son Steve is looking and feeling a lot better now... he has a way to go physically, and MAY never be over his Postural Hypotension, but he is learning to live with it and know his limitations. Just seeing him eating well is a huge relief to us.

Today: Morning tea with a girlfriend or two, then off to see the tattooist, not to get them done today, just to discuss where, when, size, position etc. Very exciting stuff! Never ever thought we would be into tattoos, but one or two will be my limit for sure! Not into heavily tattoo'd bods.


Well it seems I was very optimistic that we could get our tattoo done next weekend! In fact there are no appointments available until JUNE!!! So, maybe we wait and get them done in Auckland (if we move there soon?)... otherwise I will just have to book and wait till June! BUMMER. Oh well, just something else I will have to wait for. I'm getting SO GOOD at this friggin waiting shit.

I had a lovely morning tea with a couple of girlfriends, then lunch in town with Stew and the kids... I seem to have been out and about all day! Time to unwind and relax at home.

End of Day: relaxation ... DONE. A few irons in the fire.... hopefully will have something sorted for us soon.

NSV: none today! nite nite.

Friday, April 25, 2008


OOOO LOOOKY, I got mail! It's my Snapper picture, all the way from America (and don't ya just dig the piccy on the back of the envelope?)....this means Stew and I can get our tattoo's soon! Hmmmmm.... think I have made up my mind where it's gunna go.
This is turning out to be a good week considering how awful it started.... I have family visiting, birthdays, skates, snapper picture.... and best of all... Stew is home for a few days.
My Darling wee Granddaughter is going home today! Boo hooo... it has been so very nice having her here... (and her Mummy and Brother).... hopefully next time we see them we will be in Auckland so they don't have to travel so far! It takes 5 hours to get here from Hamilton, but only 1 hour to Auckland.

It's a public holiday today, so it's a chill out day.

***HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHELLY*** (my niece in Australia)
Above: Griffin feeding his cousin Rena, below: Grandma and Rena's hands.
Our Visitors are gone, house is tidy again!
We have been to town this afternoon..... and tomorrow we are visiting the tattoo shop to tee up our appointments... we are thinking of getting the tattoos next weekend as Stew has a meeting in Wellington so will be home. This also gives me a chance to de-forest the legs... as in get them waxed again! I like that .... hee hee. AND of course I will have to shave Stew's MANLY chest.... lol.
End of Day: it's been a neat day.
NSV: I wore my new jeans today, it felt great! nite nite.

Thursday, April 24, 2008


My apologies to you all... I am not reading blogs or commenting over the next few days... I'm trying to spend lots of quality time with the family and kids.... and keep sane at the same time.

So, that means less time to wander through the blogs dropping me comments as I go.. I will be back to visit you all soon... I will keep MY BLOG up-to-date though.... can't have any of you buggers ringing or e-mailing wondering what's WRONG with me! LOL... it is very sweet to know people care.

So today is Steve's 21st Birthday.... we are having a family dinner here... his request is Roast Pork... so that's what I will be slaving over later on today. Stew is due home this evening too as it's a long weekend here, so that's perfect timing.

I will leave you for now with these photos:

L to R: Rena, Steve, Mike, Abby in front (Mike's girlfriend), Kelly in Back.
Mike and Rena.
I had been quite worried about how Kelly's stepson Leigh would 'fit in' and what he would do here... well I needn't have worried... he's fitted in just fine , the little kids love him and he loves our Playstation, GameBox and Wii..... even though he has to share them with our kids!

He seems to be a very typical young teenager... but he's quite NICE! He helps Kelly heaps, loves his baby sister.... and needs a haircut! He has this weird thing going on with his's got these long bits right down to his bloody chin! Friggin boys, at least he hasn't got a mohawk!

I baked a cake! I got it from The New World Supermarket Recipie Book, only ingredients needed : $26 ! lol

Steve's Birthday Dinner at home:

Rena and her 2nd Cousin Deon....

Rena and her Uncle Steve, who's 21st birthday it was today.....
Hee hee, Grandad arrived home, so I promptly threw up on him.... how neat!

Our happy little dinner group, including on the right my dear friends Chris D and her hubby Dave.

Yeah... self explanitory....

Kelly wanted the candles, Steve had different ideas... and ended up EATING the Number 2!!!
It was a lovely dinner/evening.... so nice to have lots of friends and family here.
End of Day: a bloody neat one.
NSV: none, I ate cake, had a glass of wine and pork crackling. So YUM. nite nite.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I tried to download lots more photos this morning, but blogger is having a hissy fit and wouldn't let me! So you only get one:

Steve and Rena

Gunna go to town with the kids/baby/Kelly/Leigh... dunno why, just am.
Must get pram outta attic and pump up the tyres! Plan on having a neat day.....Wooo Hooo ... pram is all ready to go! Took a bit of fiddling around to remember how it went together! And how to fold the bloody thing up! But we did it and now we can go to town! YIPEE. And we are going cos we need to get something for Steve's birthday tomorrow, he's gunna be 21!

Hair straightened, makeup on... 3 girls ready to go to town.... yikes don't forget the baby! (oh and the boys I suppose)...
I have been shopping, I didn't think much of it actually... all I wanted to do was go home and have me bottle... thank goodness for me Grandma.. she fed me! Don't I look contented now? Time for a nap...
5.30pm and I am finally off to my sewing lesson! 2 hours of "how to use your machine".... nice. Leaving Steve and Kelly to look after baby and the kids... later...
End of Day: been a neat day! Learnt lots at sewing class, my machine is amazing what it can do... with someone who knows how to use it! That will be me soon.
NSV: I have finally come to realise that chinese sweet n sour pork just makes me feel ill... and this is GOOD. nite nite.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Today our newest grandchild is coming to stay! Our daughter Kelly and her stepson Leigh are coming down with the baby for a few days... I can't wait to see Rena again! She will have changed so much from the day she was born... that's the last time I saw her. In case you are wondering how to pronounce her name... it rhymes with Tina.

So, my job today was to find and assemble the porta-cot in readiness.... and I did it without too much trouble! Quite pleased with my efforts:

It seems to have been years ago since I used this cot... it will be lovely to see a newborn in it again. I think the last newborn in it was Griffin! OOOO I can't wait, I adore infants.

You can put them down in one place, you can go away and come back later and they are still in the same place! BLISS! No wondering what they are getting up to, no mess to clean up, no blocked toilets, NOTHING!

It will be lovely to have visitors too, Brylee and Griffin can play with Leigh and Kelly and I can just sit and cluck over the baby.

After expecting a 'resolution' to our house selling situation last night... it did not happen again.. I am crushed and feeling desperate. I am now having to think of moving into a rental house in Auckland or something ! I worry about moving the kids schools twice ... Griffin is really struggling with his learning and is getting lots of help where he is right now. And he does not react well to change, so it is a big decision to make.

anyway, it's time to feed the kids, make the beds, bla bla bla...

An otherwise shitty morning was brightened up by the unexpected arrival of Jenny bearing scones! So nice to have an adult to yak to for a while.... AND .... my SKATES finally arrived!
I am not very good at skating! In fact I think it is going to take quite a bit of practise to get confident enough to take to the streets! Seems you can forget some things you learnt as a kid.

I vozz startin to feel even CRABBIER than 'normal' this afternoon... YES it is possible!... then I realised I had not drunk ANY Diet Coke all day!!!!! IMPOSSIBLE YOU SAY? No, I had simply been too busy to have a drink.... the situation has since been rectified and I'm feeling much better now, Thank You.

Kelly and kids are due in half an hour, so I better get dinner started..... the Real Estate Boss Man has been visiting, trying to convince me to drop our price by $50,000 ! I don't think so.
They arrived safely:
All say " Awwwww" now! 4 weeks old and ADORABLE.
A very proud Grandma and little cousin Brylee.
End of Day: got lots of family here tonight, it's bloody neat! Steve and Mike came around to cluck over Rena... in fact Steve won't let her go~! It's soooo cute.
NSV: how many calories in bubbly wine??? Too many??? Too bad, I'm semi pissed and quite happy THANK YOU.... nite nite.

Monday, April 21, 2008


I need your honest opinion....

Am I too grumpy to blog? Am I boring the shit outta ya all? Are you sick of hearing me be a grumpy tart? WELL ??? NOTE: I am not saying I am going to stop blogging (NEVER!).. Just asking if my blog content is getting too 'down' and should I stop putting my grumpy -ness on it? You know, try to only blog about NICE stuff? Oh shit, then I would have nothing to say! LOL

I would love to wake up every morning bright and cheerful, have a wonderful day and go to bed at night full of the joys of the day! But in reality I hardly ever feel happy at the moment. But I know that the MINUTE we have good news on the home selling front my mood will change! I will have a reason to get up every day, something to LOOK forward to.... living one's life in LIMBO is not much fun..... ADD menopausal moods and numerous worrysome kids to the mix and you have ME.... Mrs Bloody Grumpy.

So, what do ya think? Am I too grumpy? Should I go to "BE NICE SCHOOL"?

I await your response! particular!

COFFEE BEAN: Snorting Diet Coke through one's nose is NOT recommened!!! It is just a TOTAL WASTE of perfectly good Diet Coke girl! tut tut.

In an attempt at NICENESS: I give you a flower... it is growing in me garden, I did not plant it, it just grew all on it's own.

Isn't it pretty? All go "awww" now.... NO? I thought not, it's yellow for a start. I don't like yellow. It has no lovely smell, it's all talk and no do! It is only there cos there is nothing else 'there'... it is living on borrowed time.

That feels better, I just can't do nice right now!
End of Day: done nothing today, havn't felt like it.
nite nite.

Sunday, April 20, 2008


My son Russell rang last night, he kinda packed a shitty with me cos I never mention him on my blog! So here he is:
He's nearly 25, engaged to Corina:

they live in Perth, Australia. They went there last August/September. I have heard from him 3 times since he went.

The last time I saw him was at the Bloggers Xmas Party, it was lovely cos he organised for all 6 of our kids to come... it was the last time they would all be together for a long time.

what else? He works in Aluminium Joinery, he's trying to get a job in a mine? More money I suppose. He is coming home for a 3 week visit early next year, he will see us then I presume. He has an almost 7 year old son (Joshua) living here in New Zealand. I think he went to Australia to get away from his family. I don't think he likes us and me in particular .... well that's how he makes me feel anyway.

If there are any more of my kids out there feeling left out... just yell out! I will put you on here quick as! NOT A PROBLEM.

Today: no plans as such, probably take the kids to town and maybe a park, depends on the weather. Brylee has an annoying cough so don't want her to get too cold.

I also want to try doing another 'block' in a different pattern... it's kinda fun.

End of Day: we did the grocery shopping (was ok), had lunch in town, bought Brylee long trousers for the winter term at school, wandered around town killing some time, home... Steve visited for a while... bla bla bla. Nothing riveting at all sorry. cut out another block... trying to figure out how the hell it works !

NSV: totally good girl I am... but it's early in the evening and anything could happen. Have not heard from Stew, but don't expect to, I was so horrible to him last night and the night before he probably doesn't think it's worth ringing me! My own fault I suppose. Frustrated and grumpy as hell. nite nite.

Saturday, April 19, 2008


Totally could not think of a decent title for the day.... I mean... I have no plans, I have no riveting news to impart....

Not going to town for girly morning tea... they all got other plans... except me mate Chris D who's popping in here for a cuppa. That will be nice, and the kids can just play and keep outta me hair.

I plan on practising doing 1/4inch seams today... that should be FUN... god I can't wait.

Someone shoot me now, my life is going down the toilet....

No really, I'm just feeling a bit down today.... ignore me, piss off and read someone who's INTERESTING would ya? Maybe I will perk up later.... and be NICE. lol, yeah right. If I can't get out for a walk today, it will be done on the Treadmill, I WILL DO IT, I WILL.

Before I went to bed last night I sewed my first 'block' with practise material... it came out OK, but too big! Derrrr... hope Karen comes around today to tell me what I did wrong!
COFFEE BEAN: Yes I update the day's post several times during the day..... I have nothing better to do! It's a bit like "The Days Of Our Lives" here!
UPDATE ON THAT BLOCK ABOVE: I'm a bloody dork! I had it lined up wrong, it is in fact the right size ! OK, it was late, I was tired... the ruler lied! Whatever!
Well I have made two more blocks, each one the same, but I'm getting better at matching the seams! Not much else going on today, the kids have amused themselves (NOT quietly worst luck), but still kept outta my hair! My friend Karen came around and reckoned I did good with me blocks, so I'm happy about that.
End of Day: productive, getting colder here .... blasted winter is on it's way.
NSV: Been so busy sewing etc I forgot to eat till 3pm... had a rather late lunch I did! nite nite.

Friday, April 18, 2008


What am I going to do? I could drive up to Auckland and spend some time with Stew... but I hate the idea of spending every day up there with just the kids in a small apartment...and I hate the idea of such a huge trip on my own with the kids.

So, we will no doubt just stay here and hope it is nice weather so we can get out and about a bit. Maybe a few trips to the local beach, parks, visit Izzy maybe, who knows?

- kids to school
- go to sewing class (better not lie down eh?)

THAT'S IT! No other plans. Stew is not coming home this weekend, he's going to the V8 Street Car races in Hamilton, I urged him to go as he needs a break. Hamilton is only an hour away from Auckland so not far for him to go, and all his old mates are there so he should have a neat weekend.

My weekend plans? DON'T HAVE ANY.

OH YEAH, one more thing: I have decided to get back into exercise (walking) as of today.... stuff the fact that I have chronic anemia, stuff the fact that I get breathless doing stuff all.... I am going to walk for at least 30 minutes today, and the next day and so on, and build it up to an hour a day again. I cannot get any more unfit! I hate being unfit. I wanna run up the friggin stairs again! And I will. So there....

HA! Best laid plans an all that!.... couldn't get to sewing class cos Steve has my car....

so... I walked into town (about 4 kms), it took me 34 minutes so was happy with that.

Had breakfast:

Ahhhh dat was nice..... Then I had morning tea with Karen the EXPERT Quilter, she works at the same place Stew used to work in here, then I met Steve and got the vehicle back.... bought a bigger better cutting out 'board' for sewing with... and came home.

But not before taking a photo of the newest Sculpture in town:

I can't remember it's name.. "Returning" something or other. I LIKE IT VERY MUCH. Steve thinks it's crap, each to their own eh?

End of Day: had a visit from Janene and Jorja at dinnertime... Griffin did his usual "play up" and drove me nuts.... anyway..... was nice to see them. Had a tiff with Stew tonight, tension is getting to us I reckon.
Just vacumed the entire downstairs, boy did it need it, so some 'bonus' exercise for the day!
NSV: kind of a mixed bag, got lots of exercise, ate too much... just a bit crabby me thinks. nite nite.

Thursday, April 17, 2008


I think my poor hubby is getting really depressed, up there in Auckland, not knowing just how long it will take for us to be all living up there together....

and knowing that we are missing him so much. He sounded really down last night... christ I hope this doesn't drag on much longer. We have burnt our bridges with him taking this job, he's stuck there now.

- kids to school
- put the rubbish out at road (IKKY)
- go to sewing machine shop for lessons on how to run the darn thing!
- have a go at sewing some 'blocks' for the quilt.
- all the usual housework.....

That will do for now eh?
House: we are prepared to look at ALL OFFERS on our home now! Just need SOMEONE to make an offer! They are simply NOT BUYING out there right now, the news media have blown the 'housing/mortgage situation' right out of all proportion and scared off everyone! BASTARDS. We live in hope.
YOU are never going to believe this! After I got the kids to school I just felt goddam awful, in fact quite ill.... so I went and lay down for a minute on me bed... and woke up at 1 pm !!! SHIT A BRICK, I missed me sewing class! I missed me breakfast... me lunch.. hell I missed half the day !
Must have needed it, I'm feeling ever so much better now. Hmmm... now what?
MARGARET: Thanks for that, YES, Stew's employer's are well aware of all the issues involved and have already paid for us to spend Easter with Stew in Auckland. They are 'working' on resolving the ongoing issues too, but that is just 'in the works' so to speak at this stage. And it may not be something we want to do either.... like rent out our home here and rent up there. I do not intend to do that, it means moving house twice and that is just too stressful.
AUCTION: not on your life... you pay through the nose for an auction, and in this market just our luck no bugger would place a bid! We did that in Hamilton and lost $1,000 for nothing!
End of Day: Steve came over to have dinner with us, and play with the kids and bath them for me... really just to spend time with Griffin so he is reassured he's alright. The teachers at school think his behaviour is a reaction to all the stress over the weekend. Hope he settles down soon. A long day.
NSV: I had bloody McDonalds with the kids for dinner, so no victories today! It was just as YUK as I remembered it too. nite nite.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


A few weeks ago I sent out an SOS for some kind person to draw me a picture of a snapper that Stew and I could use for our tattoo...

Above is a real snapper, I wanted a 'cartoon' style one that was curving to the right and kinda more 'upright'.... this neat guy in America came to the party and designed this:

I told the poor bugger "NO" it ain't right (in fact it's butt ugly!), so over the course of a few days we finally had what I wanted!

A "GIRLY Snapper".... cos it's supposed to represent ME... Stew calls me "The Snapper" you see! Below is the finished product, and I must say I am wrapt with it! Rick Green is a bloody clever bugger, and he's got the story of the Snapper from New Zealand on his blog too ! Pop over and say "HI, you clever bugger" !

Oh and call him "Mate" he really really LIKES it! ha ha ha.



- kids to school

- go to my FIRST PATCHWORK fun!
Well, what did I learn today?
- I did not have the 'right' ruler!
- I did not want to make their "first lesson" sampler, I wanted to do my own thing.
- I had to spend 30 minutes conveying to the 'instructor' exactly what I wanted to do!
- I learnt how to cut out without losing a finger in the process.
- I learnt that without the 'right' ruler, I could spend an hour doing friggin nothing!
- I learnt that I need lessons on how to use my bloody machine... that is happening TOMORROW.
AND FINALLY... I learnt that is is a damn good idea to keep your shop receipts, that way you can return the wrong ruler and get the right one!
All in all I had an OK morning, did not get much done, but that's ok, I got to yak with lots of people and that is good. I like to YAK. *BIG SMILE*
A quiet afternoon, kids were good, did a wee bit of cutting out of the patchwork...
Fed the kids their dinner and am watching the telly.
LENS CLEANER makes you vomit if you play with it - just ask Griffin! Naughty boy, I can't get him to tell me what he did with it, but I think he sprayed it up his nose! Lost his dinner he did. Now he's been sent to bed as punishment. I don't know what's gotten into that boy, he's been so very naughty lately... maybe he's missing his Dad? Or bored? Or ?
End of Day: looking forward to a quiet evening.
NSV: Totally on track today, feeling good about that. nite nite.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Today will be spent.... reading up on how to use this little bugger... and..

- kids to school

- take Steve and myself off to the doctors, shit I hope I don't have to have another blood test. boo hooo.

That's all for now! I'm sure there will be more to happen during the day, it always does.... my skates still have not arrived, but... I am not stressing, they will get here! I just have to be PATIENT.

Been to town. ... bought a plunger for the next time Griffin puts a whole toilet roll down the bog, looked at 'stuff' for sewing with... accessories eh?

Took Steve to the Dr, he's now on various medications to lower his stress levels, help him sleep and eat, and anti-depressants... hope it helps.

Me? More bloody iron tablets, have to take 'em for another 6 friggin months! But I escaped without him requesting more of me blood! Hell, I lose enough already without the buggers takin it from me arm!

Had lunch with my girlfriend Chris D... lovely to have a yakkity yak over lunch and chill out for a while.
Home now and will have to go get the little shits soon.... *BIG SIGH*... wonder what they can get up to this afternoon? It's wet wet wet.
I now have a designated SEWING CUPBOARD! Everything in it's place... just how I like it!
Not much else to report... got a wrecked car in my garage, oh YEAH! Who would have kids???
End of Day: kids in bed, blissfully quiet...
NSV: I have been evil today. Shit happens. nite nite.

Monday, April 14, 2008


WE got a bit of a fright yesterday after getting a phone call to say our son Steven was repeatedly blacking out and could not stand up ... so we raced over to his flat and called an ambulance... and off to the hospital we went. The upshot is his Postural Hypertension was sent into overdrive due to him being over stressed.... his engagement broke up then he crashed their car ! So he's a bit messed up, not eating, not looking after himself at all. I am going to try and convince him to come home again and move to Auckland with us, he needs to start again ....

Stew flies back to Auckland this morning.... he will be missed.

Especially by our little man, who wouldn't leave his Dad alone all weekend.


- Stew to airport

- pick up prescription for the son

- Go buy sewing machine!

- do some bloody housework, the house is a tip!

I have had a very successful morning:

I have ordered my new machine, will be here this afternoon.

I bought Brylee new jammies (forgot I could SEW them!).

Got some more patchwork material and new sewing scissors ( God help any bugger who dares cut out paper or cardboard or wire with them!)... and a pattern for a top! OOOO FUN.

And I bought 2 pair of jeans (cheapies) to wear until I get my bum a decent size again! They are a size 14, which ain't that bad, but I want to be a 12 again one day (this year?). Weird, when I was a size 28 all I dreamed about was being a size 14... seems you are never happy eh? LOL

ALSO made an appointment at the doctor's for Steve (he needs help) and myself ... well they told me they wanted to see me, my iron levels are still far too low.... OH JOY, MORE IRON TABLETS I BET. Fucking wonderful! later....

End of Day: a neat day actually.... been busy.

NSV: stayed on track today after quite an up and down weekend food-wise. nite nite.