Friday, May 31, 2019


Thankfully today I get to sleep in.  I've not got work till 3 this afternoon, and it's a laundry shift, so an easy, non stressful shift at that.

I don't think I will be getting up to much before work really... I'm still feeling like a limp dish rag!

Not sleeping very well... got far too much on my mind really.

I'm not going to even worry about sewing for the next market, whatever stock I have right now will have to do.

Next week I've got 4 full days of work... all my private home cleans,  plus my rest home work too.  So...there will be no time for sewing!

After the next market I should be 'used' to my new routines/jobs and then I can factor in some sewing too.

It's been a right nightmare getting sick right at the start of my new job!  Talk about bad timing.

So that's me for now... I am in bed and plan on staying here for a while longer!


OMG they must have done A RUSH on my lab results from yesterday's blood test!
The Doctor put my results up so I could see them just now... 


Because the rate of Hep B infected people is so very low here, I don't think I'll get immunised for it either.
This was a one off, should never have happened, probably will never happen again incident.  The lesson I have learnt is to never,  ever put your hand INTO a rubbish bin to fish out rubbish! NEVER.

I'm so relieved.  

Just got home from work.  Where I don't know, I feel totally different now.
I know it's all in my head, and nothing has changed really.  But I just feel like all the other staff are no longer friendly?  Except the ones I work directly with.  

In the afternoon laundry shift today, I work totally on my own, and no one talked to me except the residents.  No one.  

I get the feeling us 'cleaners and laundry staff' are at the total bottom of the pecking order around there?  One of the other ladies in the laundry said that the other day to me and I didn't get it, now I do.

As I am NOT a quitter, I am still going to keep working there.  UNLESS something serious changes.  Then I'm outta there.

Friday night... takeaways I think.  I'm still battling overwhelming tiredness for some reason.  I'm thinking if I don't pick up soon I will need to visit the doctor.  I've just lost ALL MY MO JO!  So frustrating.

Changed my mind and ended up putting chicken steaks and Bubble and Squeak rissoles in the oven .... I just didn't feel like greasy anything after all.

It's the end of the day and I'm exhausted.  Again.
Off to bed soon as I've got work all day tomorrow, except for a break at lunchtime.

Thursday, May 30, 2019


So ... today marks the start of my 'normal' Week 2 roster.
I have 6 shifts over 4 days... 4 are on Saturday and Sunday.

I'm looking forward to working on my own, without having a 'buddy' looking over my shoulder all the time!

I have had to put something on that's not been on me in a few years:

ABOVE:  My watch!   It took me a while to remember where it was in the house last night!
Now, I can use it to keep 'on track' with where I am supposed to be during my shifts.

I work TOO FAST believe it or not!  I get ahead of the schedule and then muck up where I'm suppose to be!  

Yesterday I was told "SLOW DOWN!" quite a few times  *smiles*.
Trouble is I am a 'rip, shit n bust' sorta person, I like to power through the jobs and move on to the next!

Having to slow down and take it easy will be hard to 'learn', but learn I will.  

I am wondering if I have to get a blood test done today?  I hope so, I don't want it hanging over my head any longer than necessary.  And I wonder if anyone's head rolled for leaving sharps in a resident's rubbish bin?  I will probably never know.

Yesterday a couple of other things happened at the Rest Home, and I learned a lot about 'internal' politics.  Some not so good, but worth knowing for sure.  I'm much more aware of undercurrents, persons to 'watch out for' and so on!  I presume it's the same everywhere you might work.  Sadly.

It has kinda dulled the shine from having a new job a bit, but oh well... the paycheck will help bring it back I hope.  It's not huge pay of course, but hey... it is a paycheck, something I've not had in years!  *smiles*

Right, I'm off to get up, get going and have a good day.


11.32 am: sitting at the doctor's  waiting for a blood test. Have to go back to work after this  and finish my shift. Enjoying this 'break' I must say. 

3.10 pm:  finally able to sit down at home and relax, and do an update.

You would NOT BELIEVE how many forms you have to fill in/have provided to you when you have an 'needle stick injury' at work!  OMG:

ABOVE:  THAT MANY!!!   And it's not over.  I have to go back in 6 months for another blood test.  And if the resident who's lancet I stabbed myself with tests positive for Hepatitis B I have to go to the hospital for Hep B immunisation too!

BUT... I've been assured that 'they' are  99.9% sure he's NOT INFECTED with Hep B.  So I'm feeling more reassured about that.

It still isn't nice having to go through this stress though.

When I got home Brylee had just finished her shift at work too, so we decided to go to McDonald's for lunch.  That was nice.  Time out.


I went into a resident's room to clean her bathroom... and she said to me:

"Chris, you left far too much water in the toilet bowl yesterday!  I had to empty it all myself!"

I just stood there and thought, "what the f*#k?"  And then I said "Sorry about that", and carried on with my job!

*shaking my head*  It takes all sorts right?

And on that note, I'm going to do NOTHING for a little while.  *smiles*

Dinner is cooking.  Nacho mince, to be placed into Taco Stand 'n' Stuffs.  With salad to add at will.  And sour cream.  Should go down well with everyone.

My appetite is very patchy at best right now... so I'm giving it a miss.  Too rich for my tummy right now, and it won't be very nice if I cough and vomit after eating it either!  lol

Signing off for the day now... looking forward to a good sleep in tomorrow, as work isn't till 3 pm tomorrow.  

Wednesday, May 29, 2019


YES!!!  It's my last day of Orientation... after today I am on me own... and can just get on with the job.  

There is just one more thing to learn today... so hopefully it isn't as back breaking as it sounds!  SCRUBBING walls and floors?  
Hmmmm...... I'll let ya know how that goes later.  *smiles*

Have I said how much I am enjoying this new job?

It's not too arduous, it's in a nice environment... the oldies are just lovely!  I get lots of little 'chats' as I go around.  They are, on the whole, most appreciative of my efforts too.

No one seems to take me for granted, I get lots of smiles from everyone.
The other staff are super friendly and seem to be happy in their jobs too.

I think this place is well run, and the residents are well cared for.  

Once I'm home from work today I will probably just have lunch and then relax again.  I'm trying to kick this cold/cough to the curb.  
I've got work for the next 4 days in a row, making this a 6 day work week!

At least that won't happen again now that Orientation is over today!  


I didn't enjoy today at all.
Half way around my duties and I was emptying a small rubbish bin in a room and got pricked by something in the bag.
It was an open blood test lancet... in fact there were a few in the bag and one on the floor!

NOT supposed to be in there at all.  So I told my buddy who was training me... and she reported it to our supervisor immediately.

Who then reported it to the General Manager.

I in the meantime, poured disinfectant on me finger, changed gloves and carried on.

End of my shift, I had to fill in an Incident Report, and am waiting for the next step, which will MOST LIKELY be a blood test tomorrow according to everyone involved.  GREAT.

So now I'm home, and I'm feeling a bit nervous?  I hate blood tests.  And the 'what ifs' involved with pricking myself with someone else's friggin lancet.


Lesson learnt though, be more CAREFUL!  

Took a TWO HOUR long nana nap this afternoon!  Out like a light I was.  Then I had a visitor drop off some cheesecake from Card Night last night.   Awwww, that was lovely.

Now I should be getting dinner ready... but I've no idea what to cook.  *sigh*

Stew cooked chicken schnitzel and veges.  I didn't feel hungry at all... but did have some at 9.25 pm when my tummy started rumbling.  Now I feel much better!

Signing off for the day, hope nothing shit happens tomorrow!

Tuesday, May 28, 2019


Today marks the start of three days of morning shifts at the rest home I work at.

Orientation of Part Two of me new job.

Not nervous this time though, I just hope I don't cough and vomit on the job!

Could happen going on how I was yesterday.

Cross ya fingers for me that it doesn't happen!!!

This week all up I've got eight shifts at the rest home!  8!

But no private jobs.  I canceled them for this week  ... they all start again next week.   All of them on the same week now.  So I better be 100% better soon, cos I'm gunna be busy.

Remind me why I'm doing this?  ... Oh that's right... to pay for stuff... like dentists.  *sigh*

I have that to look forward to next Wednesday afternoon.  Can you hear that?

It's me stomach churning just at the thought!  

Right, I better go get myself sorted out ....


1.55 pm:  HOME.  Wilting.  But happy.  We got around all the bathrooms with half an hour to spare!  Why?  Because I RACED through the first 2/3rds of the rest home, that's why.   I wasn't sure how long it would all take, and if we were 'running behind' due to my not knowing where everything was.  So I busted a gut.  I needn't have worried!

We ended up having to 'kill' 30 minutes in the staff room.  Which was good actually, cos it gave me a chance to run though where things were again.

Tomorrow is my last day of Orientation.  Then I'm totally on me own.  Which is great cos it's a bit disconcerting having someone looking over your shoulder all the time I must say.

How am I feeling today 'health wise?'
Apart from the cough/vomit thing, I'd say 70% better.  Still incredibly tired, but not feeling REVOLTING now. Thank God.

I have missed having photos to put on here... but seriously?  Just don't have anything to show.  Wanna see our grey skies?  Yeah, Nah.
It's gloomy out there.

I'm sculling this drink:

ABOVE:  I'm having about 1/5th of a glass of it with hot water.  I don't know if it's helping, but anything is worth a go right now.
I'm also having Gees Linctus diluted in hot water too, I used to be able to drink it 'straight', but it have me dreadful stomach pains last time I did that!  So watering it down is a must.

I've just had some lunch, and am going to relax till I cook dinner.
It's card night, but I don't think I should go.  I just need to chill out as much as possible till I'm 100% again eh?

Dinner tonight was hom made kebabs.... flat naan bread, marinated pork steak cut up, onions, lettuce, tomato, cheese, carrots and sauces.  Wrapped in tin foil and put in the sandwich press for a  few minutes.  YUM.  

I made myself two... WHAT AN IDIOT!  I could only just eat one.  So Stew got my 2nd one.  Teenager ate 3.
Brylee is at work till 8.30 pm so she missed out.
Though she can make herself one with leftovers of course.

Time to sign off for the day... feeling probably 80% now!  Let's aim for 90% tomorrow!  *smiles*

Monday, May 27, 2019


Last week I did orientation of my 'Laundry Duties'... for 5 days in a row.  I reckon I've got that down pat now, and am not phased by it at all.  Totally doable in the time allocated.

And this week?  Tomorrow I start 2 days of orientation of the 'Cleaning' side of my job.  Bathrooms.  Ensuites.  Yep, the real fun stuff.  NOT.

But, let's just wait and see how it goes, at least this week I'm familiar with the layout of the home ...I'm not likely to get lost!

Today I have NO outside jobs at all... cos Mondays are the day to do my home.  ONLY, I'm probably not going to be doing much... except clean a filthy toilet and mop water off the floor.

I do have to drop a piddle sample into the lab and pick up some pills for Stew, so will be going into town at some point this morning to do that, then it will be off my mind.

If I feel OK after that I will come home and sew a soup cosy or two.  I sure in hell got none done yesterday!  Is it possible to get so much sleep/rest that you 'run' out of energy???
I'm starting to think that I need to push myself past this overwhelming tiredness, and just get back to being my active self asap.

So with that in mind, I'm gunna make the bed for the first time in a week (!!!), and start my day.  


JUST IN:  My Hba1C results.

I went from 42 (NORMAL) to 68.  So a huge jump up, but not as bad as I was expecting! I was sure it would be back up around 90!
While I'm relieved it wasn't worse, it's still bad.
So, back on track, take the medication, be careful with the diet and get that number down.

BUT ... this time I am not starving myself.  I'm not going to suffer from blood sugar lows again, it's just not worth it for a number. 

4.45 pm:  guess what?  I have coughed all day, vomited a few times and so yeah, still feeling totally off.  SO DAMN ANNOYING.  
Can't stop yawning.  I'm bored shitless, sick of being sick.  I hope tomorrow I perk up cos I've got work!

I haven't checked on Stew today, he went to work!  He's toughing it out like a MAN... a strange man.  Men usually get the 'man flu' and wilt right?  Seems Stew is trying to debunk that theory. 

I've got chicken thighs and veges baking in the oven for dinner... about the only thing I've done all day!

And... that's a wrap for the day!  Nothing happening, nothing to report!

Sunday, May 26, 2019


And... Stew is right at the start of this horrible bug!
I hope he's planning on staying home for the next few days!  I know exactly how he's feeling... like utter shit.

So today... if Stew's up to it, we should go into Hamilton so he can get his new business phone up and going.  He needs a professional to do the change over... he's like me, hopeless at doing that sorta stuff.

If we do go in, it will be just to do that.  He's probably feeling like just sleeping and feeling miserable.  *sigh*

Brylee had yesterday off work too, but I'm not sure what she's doing this morning.  She's got work... ???

Because I AM feeling a bit better, I plan on actually doing some sewing.  Soup Bowl Cosys for sure.

ABOVE:  I've got these fabrics cut to size ... so that's 6 lined up ready to sew.  Once I've done them, my very NEXT project is a baby boy quilt!

It's going to a dear blog reader who now lives in Australia.  I'm excited to finally be about to start it!

And now... I'm going to think about getting out of bed and starting the day, checking out how Brylee is and if she's going to work today?


Well... clearly Brylee does not have this bug, she's at work.
Stew is onto day two, doesn't want food, feels revolting/Chills etc.  He's got another 5 days to go before he starts to feel better.

We are going into Hamilton though, cos he does need to get his phone up and running.

Well... our day went like this:

Up late.
Off to Hamilton, got phone sorted out.
Lunch at the mall... couldn't eat even half of it.
Stew and I slept all afternoon.
Watched some TV.
Watched fog.

 ABOVE:  Woke to fog, looked at it all day, and now?  Still got fog.  So today no clear sky at all.  Cold and miserable.

 ABOVE:  My car stickers arrived... I think they look good on my car.

Sitting here looking to my left, who else has a 'junk' area', where they just end up dumping shit?

ABOVE:  I might just try sorting that lot out tonight.  Then at least I will have done SOMETHING TODAY!!!

I'm cooking some sausages for dinner, I don't know what will be on the side yet, probably some veges. 

And that's me done for the day, nothing else is gunna be happening around here!

Saturday, May 25, 2019

R & R

Yep... today is going to be all about Rest and Relaxation.

I might even put Stewie on laundry duty!  I feel like I've been doing laundry all week... OH WAIT!  That's right, I have been!  lol

I have done virtually NO housework here at home all week, what with working and being sick.  Do I feel bad about that?  NAH.

Stew came home with all this last night:

ABOVE:  Someone was selling this chocolate at his work.  So he came home and plonked it in front of me.
And I said, thanks but no thanks.  I'm TRYING to get back on track, get my diabetes back under control ... and I'm not going to immediately go backwards!

Nice thought though darling. 

If anything nice happens today, I'll be back later.  Well... doesn't matter what happens... I'll be BACK.  *smiles*


12 noon:  I've been outta bed for half an hour!    Stew's down at the supermarket.
Brylee came home from work... vomiting. I hope she's not getting my cold. 
Stew has the start of my cold by the sound of him.
GREAT.  I hope if he comes down with it he stays home in bed.  It's a horrible one for sure.

So... am I feeling better?  I don't know!  I'm taking so many drugs right now I could be?  I'm certainly coughing a bit less, which is awesome cos my chest is sore from coughing so much.

RESPECT... yeah that little word cropped up again today.  Funny how people EXPECT it from you... but don't actually give it in the first place.

Clearly I seem to have crossed a line on here for someone, so that name/person will not be mentioned on here again.  

Being censored on my blog, content used against me.  Might just be the end of this blog.  I've actually over this shit.

------------------------------------------------------  line in the sand

ABOVE:  decided to take the girls for a little walk, get off me bum and try and feel a tiny bit energised.
Ran into someone who I got a hug from, so felt a bit better in me heart too.

Looking forward to a quiet evening ... not sure what's for dinner... none of us are feeling hungry at all.  Only Stew, Brylee and I are here, so I don't really have to cook up a storm!

We ended up having a KFC burger...they are really nice.  I was even hungry for the first time in a week!
Stew has DEFINITELY got my cold now... he sounds exactly like I did a few days ago.

Time to sign off for the day.  Catch ya tomorrow I suppose.

Friday, May 24, 2019


Today I have a shift at the rest home in the afternoon, then a three day break. 
I am thankful as hell.

I'm not used to working 5 days in a row, and even though my shifts are short... they still have taken it out of me.  

Probably worse seeing as I'm sick right now of course.  I hope I recover fast and can really get into the swing of things while feeling 'normal'.

This morning I am going out to get some white socks... all mine have 'disappeared' somehow.
I know I bought NINE pairs not that long ago, but now I can only find three!  Grrrr.
I need white ones for work, so I'm sure I can get some from the local Warehouse.

Apart from that, I have no plans for today.  

I have to say it... (but don't want to jinx it), I'm feeling a TINY bit better this morning?  Fingers crossed that continues.

I have really missed going on FBG walks this past week... but there was NO WAY IN HELL I could have managed 1 km, let alone 6!  And I don't think I will be getting back to them in the next couple of weeks either, I want to get used to working my private cleaning jobs AND the rest home first.

I know this means I will fall behind with the Urban Challenge aspect of being an FBG, but I'm not going to try and finish the challenge this year.  My heart isn't in it any more... not after the upsets a while ago.

Right, I'm off to find some Codral Cold and Flu to start the day with.


Well ... spoke a bit soon about feeling better.  But nevermind... I've got three days coming up to get even better right?

Got 5 pairs of white socks for $8 from The Warehouse!  And three winter tops, so CHEAP!  Just for around home,  they will be fine.

Just had lunch... think that made me feel worse of all things.  Grrrrr.

I'm going to just sit and relax now till I have to go to work.

Did I tell you, my arms are KILLING ME?  Folding huge amounts of washing does that!

ABOVE:  I just made a dental appointment!!!
June 5th.  For an 'examination' to start with.  I'm already crying with nerves.  I cried on the phone to the dental receptionist too.  I'm a friggin cot case.  God I hate this so much.

Almost time to head off to work.  Trying to calm down after that phone conversation.  

6.00 pm:  And I've been home from work for about 10 minutes.  NOT because it took longer than my allocated time, but because me mother rang me just as I ended my shift!  So we yakked for a while before I could come home.
As ya do.

Today went very well, even though I felt dreadful again.. my ears were blocked and I kept feeling dizzy and nauseous... not exactly fun I must say.  But OMG I hope I'm better by Tuesday!

I got told I had lovely 'young' legs today by a room full of people!  Visitors AND the resident!
A bit funny as I AM 60.
I am surprised at how many of the residents already know my name, and make a point of saying it.
I have no idea who any of them are! I still have to look on the door for their names. 

I finished with 15 minutes to spare again today, but again, the lady before me had done the ironing for me.  Such a lovely girl... I gave her a big hug (and hopefully not my germs!).

Now... just put some food in the oven for dinner, and it's RELAX time.  FOR THREE DAYS. 

Dinner:  yeah kinda hungry but can't eat much at the moment... just feel sick.  And scared it will come back up again to be honest.  Started taking all my medications again... and now have the shits JUST to make me feel even more rotten.

I'm a total misery guts... SORRY.

With any luck tomorrow will be better?

Thursday, May 23, 2019


This afternoon I am 'on me own' on the job.  I'm not too worried, though it might take me a bit longer today than 'normal'.

Only because I won't have my buddy along to help with finding the right rooms.  But that's OK... I know I will eventually get the hang of it.

As for how I feel:

ABOVE: yeah, I look and feel dreadful.  I've got a doctor's appointment at 10.45 this morning... mostly to go over my 'other' medications and get a blood test sorted... but I will be asking him to prescribe some Gees Linctus for the cough, and anything else he thinks might perk me up a bit.

I HATE feeling this sick.  My head is friggin pounding, my face literally aches and the cough... OMG don't even get me started on the bloody cough.  Oh yeah, my eyes are running too... like I'm crying.  SO annoying.

NOT looking forward to tomorrow.  I have a 3 hour house clean, then my shift at the rest home.  Something tells me I'm going to be shattered by Friday night!

Oh and just to add to my misery.  A year ago I spent over $3,000 on dental work.  Which FAILED.  I was IN PAIN ONLY TWO WEEKS AFTER HAVING ALL THAT 'WORK' DONE, and have been in increasing pain ever since.
First tooth:  had a root canal done... hurts like fuck ALL. THE. TIME now. (obviously it shouldn't)

Second tooth: It had lost a filling, so he did a root canal... tooth next to it started hurting right after the dentist 'fixed' it's neighbour. 

Third tooth:  Had a filling done ... now? Pain when anything hot or cold hits it... obviously now needs a root canal.

Fourth tooth:  started hurting after all the dental work was done ... but did not show up on an x-ray as needing any work done to it.  Clearly it does need work.

I don't know what to do... I sure in hell don't have $3-4-5,000 for any more work!
I'm thinking of just getting the problem teeth pulled out and be done with it.

I dream of having false teeth to end my dental phobia... but am scared to go down that road too... cos I'm a bleeder.  Oh and I'd want to be knocked unconscious to have that done!


So sleep last night was marginally better... I just got up and it's 9.45.
I took pain killers at 6 am, so the head isn't pounding too bad right now.  Looking forward to seeing the Dr... though I know there ain't much you can do for a friggin cold.

Did the sensible thing and cancelled tomorrow's house clean... I know I won't be able to do that AND a shift at the rest home when I'm feeling this horrible.

I am not cancelling the rest home as I just started there!  Not a good look to call in sick after 3 days!  And I'm not around the residents that much, mostly I'm in the laundry.

So today's plan is to go to the doctor, then come home and sleep till it's time to go to work.
I think sleeping is the best cure... oh and some pretty good drugs! lol
As long as they stay down of course.

I've lost 3 kilos since Monday!

I sent an email off to a local dentist last night too... he comes highly recommended and he allows you to pay off the bill over 4 months.  So fingers crossed I can get in to see him soon... even if he only fixes one tooth at a time!  It would be nice to get rid of at least one toothache.

5.45 pm:  Run down of my day:

Dr:  went well, he gave me medication for the cough and vomiting.  My blood pressure was LOW!  He said is was due to not being able to hold down any food for a few days.  I'm now going back on all my medications, starting FRESH with him.

I had a blood test too.. I will know in a few days just how bad my HbA1c is.

Work:  Got there, the lady prior to me had done the ironing for me!  So lovely of her.  That saved me 15 minutes at least.  I finished bang on time... so would have been 15 minutes over if the ironing hadn't been done.  I'm allowed to go over for a little while, still learning and all that.

Now: Brylee is at work.  Griffin is a school Drama Production.  Stew should be home soon.  Maybe it will just be him and I for dinner? In which case he can have some leftovers, there's always something in the fridge.  I'm not hungry at all.  I always cough after dinner then lose it all.  Ikkkk.

So, rather than risk it... I just had a piece of toast for dinner.  I am now considering what I eat with 'how it will taste coming back up'!
Anything rich or flavoursome is a definite NO NO.  *smiles*

I'm off to bed very soon, a good two hours earlier than my 'norm', but sleep is all I want to do right now.


Wednesday, May 22, 2019



Since Monday I've started coughing and have a phlegmy throat... to the point where now I'm all croaky.

It is bound to be the air conditioning at the rest home right?

Or... I've got a cold or the flu, cos I really feel like shit!  Thank goodness I don't have work till 3 pm.

I think I will stay in bed and just take it easy for the day.

ABOVE:  yeah, not looking too flash eh?  I might go out and get some over the counter shit to help with the congestion, sinus pain and cough.

I should be sewing of course, but  my health is more important I believe.

So, it is going to be a very quiet day around here.  Sorry and all that.


ABOVE:  $48 !!!  Doesn't pay to get sick does it?
Hopefully they kick in before I have to go to work.
I've also made a Doctor's appointment for tomorrow morning, to get back on track with all me other medications.  Oh and yeah, I'll probably get a blood test done to check just how BAD my Hba1c is now.  Probably right back where I started at my worst point.

Thing is, I don't want to be starving and going without and ending up having blood sugar lows all the time either, that's one of the reasons I fell off the wagon (among other things).  Blood sugar lows are the pits.

So, let's see what this new doctor can suggest.

I've just been resting all day...literally done nothing!  My face, head and eyes hurt, I'm coughing till I vomit... not fun.
But, I gotta go to work, I'm not allowed any 'sick' days for 6 months!  

Though surely there must be leniency if necessary?

5.45 pm:  just in from work, where I think I held it together pretty well.  Felt dreadful but soldiered on as they say.

Now home, just put some dinner in the oven... and am taking 10 minutes before the next step in dinner.  

Chicken rice risotto tonight, something fairly easy.

So...dinner went down just fine... and 5 minutes later, while coughing... it all came back again.
And here is the start of god knows how long I cough and vomit.

The worst episode, a few years ago, lasted 5 months.

I'm going to bed.  I didn't get much sleep last night, so fingers crossed I get more tonight.