Thursday, January 31, 2013


The kids are finding out the hard way that playing on their skateboards can be a bit .... risky, EVEN WITH PROTECTIVE GEAR ON!
Griffin came off his a couple of days ago and got some nice scrapes which have been rather sore.... and last night his leg was starting to really bother me too...

ABOVE:  I'm keeping an eye on the redness... but as we are going to the Dr's this afternoon so Griffin can have his 11 yr old immunisations, I don't think I need to take him sooner.  Unless it gets a track heading up into his groin!  THEN I'd be moving pretty fast to the Dr's.

This morning... both dogs are off to the groomers... then after lunch I'm picking up uniform shorts for Griffin... THEN we go to the Dr.

Hopefully somewhere in between the uniform shop and the Dr in the afternoon I will be picking up the dogs.

You can expect a photo or two of them... *smiles*

Right... gotta go do something... like get back into bed and have a sleep in!


Good news, Griffin's leg is looking a bit better, there is no more spread of the inflamed area.  As we will be at the Dr's later on I can get them to look at it to make sure it's ok.

Almost time to take the dogs to the groomers... fun..  NOT.  They get all hyper the second they see their leads... thank goodness I have Brylee and Griffin to help today.

ABOVE: The dogs BEFORE their grooming...

ABOVE:  And after.  Both very tired. They BOTH pee'd on the groomer's floor!  Naughty buggers.
At least they will be a bit more comfortable with short coats.

ABOVE: Griffin getting his needle... the little shit didn't even flinch.  His leg was checked by the Doctor too... and she said I'd done everything right... she was impressed that I'd marked around the redness, but as I pointed out.. I've had a 'few' kids and kinda knew what I was doing.  lol
A FEW... yep.  We got a prescription for some anitbiotic cream just in case we needed it too.

It's an absolute scorcher of a day out there... I'm not tempted in the least to lie in the sun and get a tan anymore!  Too damn hot.

WHOOPS! I almost forgot...
End of Day:  Got quite a few things done today.  Tomorrow I will need to go through Brylee and Griffin's school uniform stuff and make sure everything fits and name them.  I also want to sort out their 'normal' clothes ... and get out of their drawers what no longer fits them and take it down to the Hospice Shop.
nite nite

Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Righty is the first day of a new routine in relation to taking Keera for her access visits with her father.

I proposed a new day and time.... so now the access visits will take place on a Wednesday or Thursday of each week.

That way no one's weekends are mucked up.

Today I will be picking Keera up and taking her to her Father over in Henderson for a 3.5 hour visit.  

Then next week we shall meet him at Sylvia Park for a 1 hour visit.

Hopefully this works well for all concerned.  And now it is easier on me too.  I was finding sitting in a stranger's house for 4.5 hours every second saturday a bit tedious.  And I got hungry!  lol

First off this morning though... I'm ducking down to the Medlab for that darn blood test.   I am not going to leave until it's DONE.

It's bad enough being needle phobic without having to sit and wait for ages... it gives me too much time to chicken out!

Before I go... photos for today (so far)..

ABOVE:  I wonder how long it will be before Dante's parents stop asking me to take photos at EVERY BATH TIME?   lol

ABOVE: not that I mind... and Stew ... well he's as soppy as me!  He clucks over his grandson all the time.  So cute.  Actually, my man would clucked over all of his grandbabies ... given the chance that is.

ABOVE:  boxes.  Bought for the new shelving in me sewing 'area'.  Can't wait to use them. 

Before I forget... my thoughts are with everyone across the ditch in Australia who are affected by the recent fires, and now the floods.
Makes my pathetic little house flood pale into insignificance.  I hope things ease up for those affected soon.


BLOOD TEST DONE!  And OMG... I hardly felt a thing, that was probably the BEST blood test I've ever had!  The bloke who did it had a hell of a job even finding a vein, so I was half expecting several attempts with the needle but no, he got it right away.  So relieved.

4.06 pm.  It's been a long day!  Keera and I had a good visit over in Henderson.  She was a perfect little angel.

While I was over there, Lacy went to the Dr... she needed to sort out contraception.  Mid morning she text'd me and said she had 'something' to tell me, she was at the Dr's and she didn't know HOW she was going to tell me her "news"!!!

I nearly had a fit right there and then.... but instead I rang her.... my mind was thinking she was pregnant again ... or something was really wrong with her health!!!

She answered and laughed at me!  The shit was having me on... and she was NOT pregnant and her health was fine... grrrrrr!   I hung up on her... then started plotting my revenge.

Once I took Keera back to my house, where Lacy had spent the day after being at the Dr's... I said I had to go out to the Post Office... and left again.

I hot footed it over to Lacy's house, after I'd bought 12 rolls of toilet paper, and did this:

ABOVE:  I think you are supposed to use wet loo paper?  But I didn't.  It's not the best job I could have done, but it was too hot to muck around too much...  I threw full rolls up the hallway too... with big long streams of paper trailing ..... too funny!

ABOVE: When she opened her door she just stood there and hyperventilated... she thought she'd been robbed or something!

ABOVE:  then she rang Bex and told her what I'd done... and told her off too, even though she had nothing to do with it!

PAYBACK IS SUCH A BITCH!   At least she can USE the loo paper!   I'm NICE like that.

End of Day:  rather tired tonight.  I have felt really blah in fact.  Probably due to not sleeping well for a few nights in a row.  Hopefully I'll sleep well tonight.
nite nite.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Today we are going down to the school to get Griffin his Intermediate Uniform.  It's quite exciting... both of the kids will be in Intermediate this year.

Not little kids anymore.  Getting to be big kids!

I think they are both looking forward to school starting again.

*** warning...little rant ahead....

For me... I'm not really.   Sure I'd like them out from under me feet all day... but I'm not looking forward to the endless notices, fund raising activities, sausage sizzles etc.   Having to come up with money for this and that ALL THE BLOODY TIME.  

If it's not a mufti day requiring money, it's a sausage sizzle, or a gold coin donation for something or other, or money for trips, swimming, 'wet day', 'bike day', 'dress up day',  bla bla bla.  I've never known a school to have so many 'special days' that require us to pay for our child to participate in!

Does me head in.  This year I am going to keep a record of every single cent I am asked to cough up, and what for.

For a start, the uniforms.  We are urged to buy them THROUGH the school, not the uniform shop down in Manurewa.   The Manurewa shop is cheaper.  BUT the School tells us that the uniform they sell is the ONLY "Official" uniform available.   One has to wonder why they insist you buy the uniform from the school?

I am buying Griffin's Uniform from the school because I'm worried that they won't let him wear one bought from the Uniform Shop in Manurewa.  There will be some subtle difference between the two suppliers I'm thinking?

Next:  Stationery.  We are URGED to buy the 'Stationery Pack' from the school or it's 'Official Supplier'.  Last year I bought them, and Griffin used probably 4 of the exercise books in it.  We had all the other stuff like pencils, pens, rulers etc.

So this year I refuse to pay upwards of $50 for their 'Stationery Packs'.   I am going to insist on being given a list of what they need, and I will source it and buy what they actually NEED.  

The next hurdle will be meeting Griffin's teacher and finding out what he/she knows about Griffin's specific learning needs?  Is he going to be catered for within the class... or is he going to fall further behind because he cannot keep up?  This worries me so much.  Last year we were promised a Teacher Aide to help him within the classroom, but it never happened.

I got the impression (rightly or wrongly) that as I was taking him to private lessons with a Speld Teacher, they felt they didn't need to do anything with him.

I wish we had more options for his learning, but we don't. We are not rolling in the $$$$$'s enough to send or take him to a school that might cater to his needs better.

Clearly I made a huge mistake thinking getting the kids into a Decile 10 school would be good for them.
If I'd taken them to a lower Decile school, they would have been in a better position to help him, as a lower decile school gets more government funding for special needs etc.

I am hanging out for him to get to College, where he will most likely get more help. ???  I wish I knew what to do now though.  I can't see us taking them out of this school now, as it's where they are settled.  Dammit.

Right, time to snap out of it... here's some darling photos I took last night:

ABOVE:  Griffin was highly amused when Dante stuck his finger up his nose!  *smiles*

 ABOVE:  Darlings, both of them.

ABOVE:  While Griffin is very relaxed holding Dante (probably much to Bex's consternation), Brylee is a bit more like... shit, am I doing this right?  Will it break? 

ABOVE:  she does  love holding his though.  Dante... well he doesn't care. As long as he's fed when he's hungry, he's a dream baby.

Bex and Steve had amassed a HUGE amount of baby clothes for Dante, along with what they were given as gifts, and ... Dante has worn almost NONE of it!

He lives in a nappy and a very light muslin wrap.  That's IT.  

It has been so hot this summer he simply does not need any clothes on.

He's going to be shocked when he finally does need some clothes on, cos he is not used to them.

Right, off to start the day... 


So... got half of Griffin's uniform today... have to go back on Thursday to get the shorts.  They didn't have any bigger sized ones there today.

Dropped all the 'old' toys down to Manurewa Hospice, went to Medlab to have my next blood tests, but once again it was full to max, so I'm going back this afternoon when it will be quieter.

Then (sorry Stew) I swung by Warehouse Stationery and got a couple more cube units for my sewing area.  They won't need to be assembled until we can use the garage again.  I hope that's not TOO long.

Lacy is here ... I think she's come over to do some housework???

No housework... but Lacy and I got one big job done... we sorted out the garage so I would start sewing again.... it took a while, but was worth it.

 ABOVE:  lots of room now.

 ABOVE:  I might even get Stew to assemble me new shelving too now.  Sorry Darling!

ABOVE: all the 'other stuff' that was still in the garage just got put in a neat row down the middle... access from both sides so all good.

I will be going down to Medlab shortly to get me blood test done.  Because it is a fasting test, I've not eaten today at all... and I can't say I'm even hungry yet!  It's almost 2 pm.

Lacy was having a right bitch of a time getting Keera to settle down this morning, so Brylee held her and she went to sleep!  Got these 'Awww' photos:

ABOVE:  Keera is really TALL for her age!  Brylee is now trapped there until Keera wakes up... lol.  Speak of the devil, she just woke after about an hour long nap.  I will take Lacy and Keera home now and get me blood test on the way back....

ABOVE:  I'm all hot and bothered, can ya tell?  *smiles*

BUGGER.  Still not had me blood test!  I got down there and there was STILL standing room only, masses of people waiting... so I left again.

I might try getting down there at 7 am tomorrow morning.  *sigh*

NOW I can eat me breakfast/lunch... at 3.20 pm.

End of Day:  nice afternoon.. till I had to cook dinner.  It's like a sauna in me kitchen.  But, a lovely dinner of chicken sausages, potatoe wedges and lettuce salad.  Very nice.

nite nite

Monday, January 28, 2013


Last night I got tagged on Facebook, by a friend who wanted me to see a cute picture, this was the picture:

ABOVE:  a very cute photo... BUT... what made me laugh was just that very morning I had turned around in my bedroom and walked INTO Teddy.... cos he was on the sheepskin by my bed....  LOOK:

ABOVE:  I know he doesn't 'blend' in quite so amazingly as the other dog does ... but it's CLOSE!  Oh and NO, Teddy did not like me walking into him and he leapt up and cried!   
I felt very bad.  But seriously, I DIDN'T SEE HIM!

Steve and Bex came home with some lovely fresh garden produce ... veges from her Dad's garden:
ABOVE:  so fresh, and kinda special.  And I have never seen a cucumber THAT BIG!  It's a whopper.  

It was lovely to see wee Dante when they got home, and even more special... he fell asleep in my arms.  That is one of those 'magic moments' in a Grandma's life. 

Here is one of those OMG moments... Bex showed me a photo of her youngest brother, Matt, when he was an infant:
ABOVE:  does our little Dante look like his Uncle or what ?  Amazing.  It will be interesting to see if he continues to look like his Mum's family ... luckily all of them are good looking! 

Today... well as it's Auckland Anniversary Day, Stew and Steve have the day off.  I am sure we will go out and about SOMEWHERE... it's going to be too nice of a day not to.


It's nearly lunchtime and we have done NOTHING.  Well.. I've hung out the washing... but that is all.
It is a really lovely day, but everyone is kinda happy to just stay home it would seem.

I thought of something we could do.
Sort out all the toys stored all over the place and cut them down in number.
ABOVE:  it needed to be done... and it now is.  It only took about an hour or so.  We have two big black sacks of toys to take down to the hospice shop now.  And room in the closets!  Yaaaa.

Now I am dying to get the garage sorted out a bit so Bex and I can do some sewing... but not today I think.  

HAPPY ELF MOM:  no idea re: the floor etc.  The Insurance Company should get the two builder's quotes sometime this week, then they have to decide who gets the job.  THEN it will be up to the Building Company on when it gets done... and yes... once it starts it will be a massive disruption to our household.  Time will tell how it goes though.

End of Day:  dammit, I forgot to put me little copyright on the photos today.  Oh well.... it will become a habit soon I hope.
Freaking hot today.  Tomorrow will be more of the same.
nice.   If you are a baby who doesn't have to wear clothes eh?  Sadly, WE can't get away with that.
nite nite.

Sunday, January 27, 2013


Yesterday while we were getting ready to go out for lunch, we were all milling around the kitchen bench getting ready to go.
I was filling my bottle with fresh Diet Coke to take out with me... and I glanced at Griffin.

As per usual, his t-shirt was a mess and we always end up telling him to go and get changed, and often he argues that it's not that dirty.  

Well ... I don't quite know why... but I up and tipped Diet Coke all down his front,  then told him he needed to change his dirty shirt!

Bex laughed her head off, and Griffin?  Well he stood there with a shocked look on his face... actually so did Stew and Brylee!

I'm like ... WHAT?  At least he HAS to change it now eh?

 ABOVE:  I wasted a bit of Diet Coke ....

ABOVE:  don't be fooled by that sad face, he thought it was HYSTERICAL !  And Bex.  She couldn't BELIEVE I had done that!  I don't know why, she has lived with me long enough to know I'm unpredictable!   (and yes, I'm playing around with copyright thingee's for me photos)

She laughed at me once in my car over something she really shouldn't have... so I shook up me coke and sprayed her with it!  That's 'normal' right? . . . right?

ABOVE:  for once I didn't have to worry about wetting the flooring... it's ruined already!  la la lah lah!

So...Griffin got changed into a clean blue t-shirt and off we went to Sylvia Park for lunch.

He chose Tikka Misala with rice... a medium hot chicken dish.
ABOVE: and within TWO BLOODY MINUTES he had dropped food down his front!  I don't know why I bothered making him change his shirt... *sigh* (... and sheesh he needs a haircut!)

We then shopped around for new school shoes for him... he's now in an adult size 10 shoe.  I'm a 9, so he's got bigger feet than me now.  I dread to think what size his feet end up being.  

So, today we are going out to find shelving units  for Griffin's room, as we didn't have time yesterday.

I will try to behave... one really shouldn't waste Diet Coke.

BUGGER DAMN AND BLAST.  I put Frontline on the dogs on Wednesday because they were scratching a bit.  I THOUGHT they had fleas, but I have not seen a single flea or flea 'dirt' on them at all.


It looks like TEDDY is highly allergic to Frontline!  He has been going BERSERK with scratching, he has been drawing blood with his back legs scratching his sides... remember he's in a cone so can't gnaw himself (thank god).

And he can't sit still.. he keeps jumping up... scurrying around the floor, settling down again for a few moments, then jumping up and running around in circles, crying... then scratching again.  He isn't like that all day ... but still, it's upsetting.  

Dammit.  If he doesn't settle down soon I will  take him back to the vet for some anti histamine medication.  

Poor Teddy.  I used Advantage last time I thought they might have fleas, and he did not have a reaction.  Lesson learnt.  Frontline might be a better product, but it ain't better for Teddy.

I was a good girl yesterday and spent every spare minute reading and catching up on blogs. I hope I got to yours!  After spending hours doing that... I hit 'Mark all as read' on Google Reader, and boom!  About 600 blog posts that I DIDN'T get around to reading disappeared!  HUGE load off my mind I can tell you!

There's only so many hours in a day... and so much to do!

Sadly, it's not sewing much.  I have my machine, but no fabrics.  They are in a really big suitcase, inside a HUGE storage box,  somewhere in a storage facility in Manurewa!

I hope I'm not tempted to go and buy more fabric!   That would make me a very, very naughty girl... lol.


It's really great how Mitre 10, Bunnings and Warehouse Stationery as side by side down at Manukau Supa Centre... we could go from one to the other, and compare sizes, prices etc ... and at the end of the day we got two shelving units from Warehouse Stationery.

ABOVE: Stew and Griffin bringing in the boxes.

ABOVE: about a 1/4 of the stuff on Griffin's floor and shoved under his bed.  I can't wait to see it all tidy....

ABOVE:  How good does that look!   No more mess... and Griffin loves it.  And YES, he's in yet another blue t-shirt!  

Looking forward to Steve, Bex and Dante coming home soon... 

I just spent an hour and a half dicking around making a new 'Header' for me blog.  It's a photo I've used before... but I still love it.

Update on Teddy:  he seems to be much better today... not manic like he has been.  Maybe he's over whatever was bugging him.  Both dogs are off to the groomer on Thursday, I will be taking the 'special' shampoo for them to use.  NO more nasty reactions to their shampoo.

Steve and Bex are caught in a traffic jam.  At Mercer.  Due to the drag strip traffic heading home.  Wonder how long it will take for them to clear that?  At lease Dante has food 'on tap' ... *smiles*  The 'Big Kids' arrived home safely, just in time for dinner.
DINNER:  a flop!  Too rich.  I'm not sure why, I followed the recipe... which I've used a gazillion times.  OH *sigh*... hopefully next time it isn't so 'flavoursome'.

End of Day:  I've just bathed both dogs, they were a bit smelly.. which is unusual for their breed.  But I put it down to the excess heat we are all enduring.   They hate their bath, yet when they get out they go NUTS and seem to be so happy!  Running helter skelter all around the house, so funny.
Stew is outside supervising Brylee and Griffin on their skateboards.
nite nite

Saturday, January 26, 2013


I got an interesting email yesterday, it was from a lady here in New Zealand.  She had done a search (presumably through Google Images or similar) for a picture of a Snapper... she wanted one to put on her boat.  And she came across the one of me and my snapper picture.  This picture was drawn for me by a blogger friend in the States.  I was going to have it tattoo'd onto me somewhere, but then I changed my mind.
This is the email I received:

Hi there
I came across the picture your friend in America drew for you for your tattoo and I was wondering if it was ok to use that picture to go on my boat motor cover? Its just such an awesome picture! I own my own little boat, my husband dislikes fishing so often I just out on my own. Or Ill take a friend. My boat is well known as a girl’s only boat, its never had a guy in it! And I think that picture depicts me and my boat well. It would look awesome on the splashcover that stays on the boat motor all the time. Ive ordered the cover to be made but I just needed to find a picture to go on it. If its ok to use the picture, do you have it in a bigger file at all? The people making the cover need it in at least a 150kb file, or better. And I promise to send you a photo of the cover on the boat motor once its made. But totally understand if its not ok to use it, as it is yours.
PS next week I’m getting a snapper tattoo on my arm. LOVE my fishing!

This is my snapper picture:

ABOVE:  a really lovely man in the USA drew it for me... Rick Green.  I don't think he blogs anymore, sadly.  I used to love seeing his latest drawings.   And his Eggy.  He always put a little 'egg man' in his drawings... it was sometimes VERY hard to find him!  But he was there.  
He is in my snapper drawing... click on the picture and see if you can find EGGY!  
ABOVE:  Eggy.

Today:  Stew is taking Keera to Sylvia Park for her hour long visit with her father.

After that, who knows?  Might go and buy two shelving units for Griffin's room... then he can get all his crap off the floor!


WHOOPS!  I forgot to say YES, I am letting her use my snapper picture.  

Stew has gone, and I've just prepared dinner.  We are having Teriyaki Chicken... I make a marinade with Kikkoman's Teriyaki sauce/marinade, add honey, oil, wine and some herbs, then soak the chicken nibbles in it for as long as possible.
Then you just slowly cook the chicken, with the marinade, until it is a hot sticky mess!  It's delicious.

So... now I can relax for a while.  And read blogs.

Well... The access visit went well.  This is good.
Next weekend ... well that is a work in process.

Right now, Stew, the kids and I are going out for lunch.  Later on Bex will babysit B & G so Stew and I can go shelving shopping.

SHOPPING.... *drool*... it doesn't matter what it is, I just love shopping!  *smiles*

Well.. lunch was nice.  Sylvia Park as per usual. Got a few groceries, the bits n bobs I forgot the other day.
Ran out of time to go shelves shopping... drat.
Oh well, there is always tomorrow.

 ABOVE:  Bex got a lovely parcel in the post today from her step-sister.  She was thrilled to bits, Dante is going to be put to bed tonight in the little sleeping 'bag'.

Talking of Dante, here he is (ABOVE) in a little outfit STEVE wore when he as a baby.  The pants have lost their elastic, so it's not actually going to be worn for long!

While Stew was in the supermarket getting the few items on the list, Brylee and I sat on a bench seat and people watched.  It's fun.
Then this man came over and sat down beside me.  He was an Indian man, probably in his early 60's... and he started chatting to me.  His english was VERY good so clearly he had been here a long time.

I expected some pleasantries to be made, but no.  This man decided to chat me up!

Like he kept saying how beautiful I was, how he could fall in love with me... was I married?  Did I still love my husband, cos if not he would love me more... like... OMG... it was embarrassing !!!

I asked him if he was married, and he said yes, BUT he would rather be married to me!  

I told him I was going to tell on him to his wife!

Then he said he was just joking with me.  Then proceeded to tell he how much he already loved me... it went on ... and on... and then Stew turned up and I could politely leave the conversation.

Should I be flattered I got chatted up so blatently?  Probably not.  The man was clearly a nut case.  Right?


End of Day: Because Steve and Bex are away,we had watermelon for dinner!  Last year the watermelons were utterly tasteless, so I wasn't expecting nice ones again this summer.  But... the one we just had was DELICIOUS.  So sweet and juicy.  YUM YUM.

Bex and Steve have gone to Hamilton tonight, they are catching up with family and friends, and showing off their son.

I will miss them.  We shall be having the Teriyaki chicken tomorrow night now btw.

Quiet evening planned here... and an early night.
nite nite

Friday, January 25, 2013


And even better, it's Auckland Anniversary Day on Monday, so it's a three day weekend.  AWESOME.

I'm not sure what is on Saturday... it is supposed to be Keera's 1 hour visit to Sylvia Park to see her Father.  But we have had conflicting information this week... so hopefully we hear what's going on today.

Today?  Well... Lacy and Keera are coming over so Lacy can do some housework for me... it's our reciprocal agreement.  I take Keera to see her Father, and sometimes act as Lacy's 'TAXI' and in return she does some housework for me. It works for me and her.

I better get my thinking cap on and have a little 'list' for her!  Cobwebs come to mind.  And windows.  Gotta love having a 'free' housekeeper.  *smiles*

Every time Steve and/or Bex says 'Come and See Dante'... I JUST KNOW they expect me to bring my camera too!
Last night, I got 'the call'.... 

ABOVE:  so... here we have wee Dante having a bath... they give him his bath in the evenings now because it's his 'up time' before having a bigger sleep during the night.  It's working too.

ABOVE:  he loves his bath, it settles him and it won't be long before he's splashing water everywhere.

ABOVE: it's gorgeous to see how he is so fixated on his milk supply... I mean Mummy!

ABOVE:  he's gorgeous, and has all of us wrapped around his little finger.  Perfectly normal eh?  *smiles*

ABOVE:  these are the fabrics we bought the other day... now all I have to do is cut to size and hem the edges.  Bassinet and cot sheets... hopefully I'll get them done today.


So..... me housekeeper is late.  Hmmmm... one is wondering if she is even coming??
If she doesn't hurry up I will have to do the vacuming myself, and that sucks.

METFORMIN:  I KEEP FORGETTING TO TAKE IT. So far this week I've remembered to take three... when I should have already taken 8.  *sigh*  I have an alarm on me phone to remind me to take the lunchtime one... but hell.  Sometimes I don't have lunch until 2pm.  And the alarm is at 1pm... so obviously I forget. 
Anyone got any ideas on how I can REMEMBER to take the bloody things?  Cos I'm hopeless.

Well... after waiting all morning I gave up on me so called 'housekeeper', I had stayed home all morning for nothing.  I went out to get some baskets for the chest freezer ...  And also got everyone sushi for lunch.
NOW I'm going to do the vacuming and the other things on the list.  

Seems my housework is bottom of Lacy's list.

Hmmm, just realised I have two perfectly healthy young people in this house, so now Brylee is doing some vacuming and Griffin is watering pots outside. 

PETA: NOT a bad idea Chick... the only problem with that is my pills would then be in reach of young children.  And as we do have young children in the house fairly often, it would not be safe.  Think of another idea *smiles* 

Thursday, January 24, 2013


Someone in this house keeps popping cake pops into their mouth... hmmm... wonder who that could be?

ABOVE:  I bet all of you thought it was ME eh???   Well... it's not...our cake pop gobbler is none other that BEX.  Now I know why she wanted to make more.  *smiles*

 ABOVE:  I got some nice photos of Miss Muppet in the tin yesterday...

ABOVE:  I just wish I'd done something with her hair... it really does have a mind of it's own.

ABOVE:  Teddy lying on his back... he looks so funny when he's like that.
We love him to bits.... even with the damn cone on his head.

Today... hopefully the second builder arrives at 9 am and gets his quote in ... I want some action.  Not knowing when the repair work is to be done is a bit of a bugger.
I'm not the most patient person.  


Well the builder bloke arrived on time, did his evaluation and will submit their quote next week.  Now we just wait.  I hope it's not too long.

I decided in my infinite wisdom to do the grocery shopping... it was hard work on my own,  but do-able.  Even lugging most of it inside myself... Brylee and Griffin helped a bit too, so that was nice.

NOW I have to put it all away. 

Feeling a bit crabby now.  I should have waited for Stew to help I think.  He would have remembered a few things I forgot... like his frozen berries for a start!  

RIGHT.  I'm going to have a cat nap I think...  

I didn't end up having a nap.  And now, I'm cooking dinner.
Bex suggested Macaroni Cheese, so that's what we are having, with onion/bacon and chopped up cheese kransky's thrown in (they are a sausage with cheese in, very tasty).

ABOVE:  clearly I have not learnt how to cook smaller amounts!  Too used to feeding the masses... there is enough Mac Cheese here for everyone's dinner tonight, and everyone's lunch tomorrow too.  Yaaaa.  It's not gunna be wasted.

End of Day:  well it's been a nice day, as long as ya don't mention grocery shopping!
nite nite.