Saturday, January 31, 2015


Well it's a dreaded grocery shopping weekend again.  I will never come to like shopping for groceries, NEVER.

The only consolation is that after we've done the shopping, we shall be going out for lunch.  

As it's my 'day' to weigh myself, it's also my day to have ONE evil meal for the week.
I am tossing up between having pizza or butter chicken. 

And cake.  I am going to have some cake.  Not sure what sort yet, it will be only the second time THIS YEAR I've eaten something with sugar in it (apart from fruit).  Not bad eh?   

I'm doing really well with this new effort to lose some weight.  OMG I hope I stick to it!

ABOVE:  I made this set of mug rugs last night while I was watching Coronation Street down in the garage.
It's a great way to be productive while listening to the telly.  

Bloody hell!  Do you realise it's the last day of January already?  Amazing how fast this month has gone.  And I can report a total WEIGHT loss for this month of:   ....   later!  


So.... I lost .850 grams this week, bringing my total loss for the month of January to: 6.3 kilos.   I am very happy with that.

Stew and I are now off to do the shopping, leaving the kids home with Bex. 

Well... the grocery shopping wasn't too bad, not very busy.  Spent a fortune though, I swear it's just going up and up every week!

After unpacking and putting it all away Stew, the kids and I went to St Lukes for lunch.  We had an extra kid, a friend of Griffin's.  I've re-named him JJ... short for Jabber Jaws!  He talks non stop, and his volume is set at around 7!
Nice kid though, he can come again. *smiles*

We are now off to get dessert for this evening.  My choice?  Cheesecake. 

End of Day:  well I served myself a very generous helping of cheesecake, but couldn't eat it all.  Sad git.
But it was lovely.
Time for bed, it's so hot and sticky.  We had quite a bit of rain today.  Humidity is now at 100% I reckon.
nite nite

Friday, January 30, 2015


This is it.  The day Griffin has been waiting for for almost 7 weeks.
He's off to College (High School).
I've been waiting and counting down the days too.

The summer holidays are OVER.  YES !

Shame it's a Friday.  But... at least we can get into the swing of things again.  Bex and I shall enjoy the respite from having teenagers under foot all day.  

I will take a photo of him in his uniform before he heads out the door.  I've not seen him in the full uniform, so it will be a first for me too.
I'm quite excited to be honest.  The last of my 'kids' to be heading off to College.  My eldest is 36.  It's been a LONG TIME coming.

Actually, just remembered he ain't go the school socks.  I went to the uniform shop twice, and twice they didn't have any.  I better remember to ring them today and see if they have any in now.  Whoops, I should have done that a day or two ago me thinks. 
Oh well.  Shit happens.

I took a little video of Tallulah ANNOYING the shit outta Coco last night, here it is:

ABOVE:  It's something to put on the blog for the start of the day!   
Yesterday's post was devoid of any photos!  That doesn't happen very often.

Right, I'm off to get the kids up, and take that photo of the boy.


ABOVE:  Well... there he is, all ready to go.  He doesn't look that excited!
But he was.  He left way too early.

I'm left sitting here thinking, wondering how long it will take for Brylee to get herself in trouble?  And if she will drag Griffin into her dramas?

*sigh*   I've already decided if she does I'm taking her out of that school, and she will have to go to another college.  And the closest one after Alfriston is Manurewa High, and it would take her over an hour to get there!  (walking)

It's probably going to happen, and I have already talked to the school DP about it.  The ONLY reason I would switch her schools would be to ensure Griffin is not affected by her behavior at school.

I've warned her what will happen if she gets herself OR Griffin in trouble.  I doubt she believes me!

edit:  I'm know I'm coming across as all negative about Brylee and her behavior, but the past speaks for itself.
IF I move her, I'm sure she will continue to get in trouble at whatever school she's at.  
But at least she won't be able to drag Griffin into it.

*waves*  Hi Brylee, is it comfy in the library reading this then?

Oh dear.  Upset someone with my NEGATIVITY about Brylee.  
Sorry.  You don't live with her.  You don't have to deal with the consequences of her behavior. 

Yes, sometimes she can be quite nice.  But seriously... who wants  to hear she was a nice girl today and didn't annoy/swear/be disrespectful/punch anyone today?

ALSO... just to be clear... Griffin is no saint either, but he's NEVER EVER hit anyone at school, caused any drama or been SUSPENDED from school for being a bully.



I went down to the Uniform Shop to finally get some school socks for Griffin, they came in yesterday.
AND the queue was out the door and half way down the stairs.  So I turned around and came home again.
In this heat I doubt I could have lasted standing in that heat for 'god knows how long' it would have taken to get to the counter.  And all for a pair of socks?  NAH.

Oh shit!   Tracy!  I was not having a go at your comment!  I was having a mini rant about a certain family member's text message to me this morning... Not at your comment.  Stew and Steve both thought I was perhaps having a go at you.  NOPE, not at all.

Both kids came home and said they'd had good days, so that's great.

Shame it's a Friday though... I certainly felt like it was a Monday!  Oh well, two more days and they will be back for almost a full week of school.

End of Day:  a nice day really, I got heaps of washing done, did the vacuming and generally tidied up my house.  I like that, all nice and tidy.  Just in time for the weekend, when they are all home and can mess it up again!
nite nite

Thursday, January 29, 2015


Way back in March last year Griffin got smacked in the mouth by Dante with his bottle, and broke a tooth.

Because the primary school system does not do root canals, I was told I'd have to take him to a private dentist.

With ACC only covering a small percentage of the cost, I would have had to come up with about $1,000 to get the tooth fixed, and so decided at that point to not get it done.  I simply didn't have a spare grand for a tooth!

Anyway, to cut a long story short... he was seen by the secondary school dental clinic for an annual FREE check up last week, and they told me they could fix his tooth  ....   FOR FREE.

I was like "Really?  You have got to be kidding!"
If I'd known that back in March, I would have just waited till now and not bothered going to a private dentist.  Grrrr.

So, today he begins the treatment to have a root canal on his dead tooth.  He's very lucky as it is a bottom front tooth, one that you really don't see much.  Sadly, there may be another tooth damaged as well, we have to wait for more x-rays to determine that.

While he's at the dental clinic down in Manukau, Brylee and I shall pop across the road to the mall and have a wander around.  I've not been to a shop almost all week!  Unheard of I must say.

Not that I need anything!  

Happy to report my diet is going very well indeed.  I've passed 5 kilos lost since Boxing Day now.  AND I feel so confident I can stay on this path.  Food is starting to get a bit boring, so I shall need to investigate a few more options for my meals... maybe I can sit down and look at ideas this afternoon.  


Well... I kinda stressed about my stuff out in the Archgola overnight, so this morning I decided I would sleep better if the more 'precious and expensive' pretties were NOT out there.
So, I've brought all that stuff back inside and will only be leaving out there stuff that, if it were to be stolen, would not matter too much.

Once the side curtains are up, and the half wall I want is built, I will feel like it's all a bit more secure.

It's about time I woke the kids and got them moving... OH and I better get dressed too!
Can't be greeting anyone else in me nightie like I did yesterday!  Paul didn't seem to mind though, ha ha ha!

Crazy. Griffin's appointment took 45 minutes, and in a month he has another 45 minute appointment, then it's hopefully done.  The other tooth still reacts to cold, so it's not dead... fingers crossed it stays that way.
But what is crazy is that two appointments over 90 minutes would have cost about $1,600 if I'd had it done privately!

Oh well... it's sorted now. Thankfully.

I've just had a lovely omelette for lunch, which was nice for a change from my usual stir fry.

Now I'm just chilling in front of two fans, cos it's bloody HOT.

FROGGY: It will be 'the dining room'... but more often than not we all eat on our laps in front of the TV!
Brylee and Griffin do use the table most days though.  We have a portable gas heater that can be used out there in winter, so I'm not too worried about it getting too cold.   A pot belly would be cool though!

End of Day: well... another stinking hot summer's day over with.  A nice day though, just did bugger all and chilled out.
nite nite

Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Today the guys come back to do the finishing touches to the Archgola.  It's looking amazing!

ABOVE: now all they have to do is the down pipe and fix a minor boo-boo with the wooden board under the soffit, (it needs to be replaced with a full length board).  
Then we wait for the side curtains.  
Fingers crossed they arrive end of next week. 
THEN finally I will have my 'dining room'.

I WILL be putting my table out there later on today though, it will be fine pushed up against the house where it won't get wet.  I need the room inside after all.

So, apart from watching the guys legs working... I shall endeavor to do some housework!  I've been rather slack lately, must be something to do with summer... and the heat. 

ABOVE: Last night's dinner, mince/bacon and tomato, mashed potato on top, then pasty top and bottom.  It was delish, and I had a small helping.  Totally 'off diet' but so worth it.
I only had a little bit of pastry, so don't feel bad at all.

Catch ya later...


Well the guys are back doing the finishing off and I'm gearing up to placing a few things out there... just to see how it's gunna look.  

I've been a good mother and finally cut Griffin's hair... I had been tempted to just take him to a barber, but this morning I actually felt like doing it.  Sometimes I really LOATHE cutting hair. 
I don't know how people do it for a living, it drives me nuts.
But then.  There's a lot that drives me nuts!

It's DONE... for now, and I've put 'stuff' out there:

 ABOVE:  Griffin having lunch, the first meal eaten in the new 'dining room'.

 ABOVE:  All my pretties, some of them gathered over many years, and some new.

ABOVE:  I love this unit now it's been painted and mucked around with.  The blue bins hold the table cloths, placemats etc.

Paul is doing the down pipe, then he's off to another job.  I expect to see him with the side curtains end of next week, all going well.

Can you believe, in the past 6 weeks or so we have had ONE tiny rain shower, and TODAY of all days, it has pissed down!!!
AND.... the furniture under the Archgola is absolutely DRY.  Not even one drip to be seen.

I am impressed.

End of Day:  found out late this afternoon that is is still stinkin' hot under the archgola at dinnertime.  The setting sun beams in there, so I will have to think of some way to add shade on the west side in the evenings, so we can still eat at the table if we want.
The rest of the evening was spent in the usual manner, watching TV and doing a jigsaw on my computer.  I'm hooked on jigsaws at the moment... all thanks to my girlfriend Chris D!  
nite nite

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


So, I got a text from Paul (Archgola guy) yesterday.

He said it was a definite 'GO' for today, but he would be a little late.  I am to expect him at around 10 am.
I said that's great cos it will give me time to get outta bed!
He came back with "And it will give you time to make morning tea".

I sent back this :  *SNORT*

Can you see me making anyone morning tea?  I don't think so!  Then again, *SIGH*.... I might pop down to the local hot bread shop and buy something.
I am not going to bake anything, that's for sure.  It's too tempting to eat home made yummy's.

So anyway... expect photos of the construction over the next couple of days... exciting stuff!
I'm like a kid in a candy store... 

Right, that's it for now... catch ya later.


I've been down, bought morning tea, done the housework and now... the blokes have arrived.
Bang on time too... which is amazing!  So often tradesmen arrive late.

So, they are unloading all the stuff... and setting up.  Three of them... all good!

The guys are onto it.  They've had their morning tea too, so my job is done.  *smiles*

More to come... later.

Just found out that the side curtains won't be arrived for a couple of weeks!  So, no 'moving in' will be happening just yet.
DAMN.  I didn't know that.  But as Paul pointed out, they couldn't take precise measurements for the curtains until the Archgola framing was up.

So... *sigh*, I have to wait some more!  I can show you the finished 'Archgola' by tomorrow though I guess.  And I can place stuff under it for a 'look see' how it will all fit I suppose?

ABOVE: Lastly for the day, the first piece of roofing material going on.

They will be back tomorrow to do the finishing off, then we wait for the side curtains.

We have the lovely Jacqui from Tauranga staying with us tonight, so a lovely evening chatting envisioned.

Time to relax.

End of Day:  an awesome day.  So happy the Archgola is up.
nite nite

Monday, January 26, 2015


All going well, it's one more sleep till we get our Archgola!
OMG I hope it arrives tomorrow.  I will be so upset if it doesn't.

I've got so much stuff ready for that room, I'm just dying to put it all in there and pull it together.

Today I am getting some nighties.  We didn't get around to finding any yesterday, by the time we'd left the city all we wanted to do was get home and relax, and cool off!
I jumped in the spa pool when we got home, and today I shall probably do the same again.

Stew is going to mow the lawns, I don't envy him ... it's just so bloody hot.  And he doesn't even get in the spa to cool off!  Silly bugger.

ABOVE:  How adorable is this?  Tallulah just loves Coco!   Sadly, the feeling is not always mutual.  Just yesterday I witnessed for the first time something rather funny between these two.

Tallulah was trying to get Coco to play with her, but Coco was having none of it, and was semi-growling at Tallulah.  Poor Tallulah was upset I think, so she howled at Coco!  Again and again.  I grabbed my camera to try and get it on tape, but one of the kids interrupted and the moment was gone.

Oh well... maybe it will happen again and I do catch it.

JACKIE: lovely to know Chico still loves her toy from her birth home.

Right, I should go... it going to be a pretty normal summer's day here.  And I'm gunna go start it.


Well.. finally got a couple of nighties for the rest of the summer.
It wasn't easy though, there is not much out there for us girls with more cuddly bodies!
You can get real boring white or flowery cotton nightgowns, which isn't what I wanted. 
I ended up with two t-shirt type ones from The Warehouse.  Cheap and just perfect.

We grabbed some fresh veges from the supermarket, then came home for lunch.
Now Stew is finally going to mow the lawns and I'm going to muck around the house.

Fun in the mid-afternoon sun:

ABOVE:  the boys in the spa pool.  Our spa has been a godsend this summer... running it on 27 degrees and it's just so nice to get in and cool off.

I just heard from Paul from Archgola, he's definitely coming tomorrow.  Ya yaya yayayayyayayaya!

End of Day:  I hope I can sleep tonight!  Anticipation might keep me awake... but I hope not.
nite nite

Sunday, January 25, 2015


Bright and early this morning the guys are going over to the storage facility with Steve's van to pick up the last two large furniture items and 4 other things left there.

Then I can say "Yaaa"... no more storage fees.
And no more visiting there to find stuff!

ONLY TWO MORE SLEEPS now until our Archgola should be arriving and getting constructed.  It should take two days (Tuesday & Wednesday).  I can't tell you how excited I am... to finally have an extra 'room', even though it's really only a covered patio with side curtains.  I am going to be using it as a room. 

At some point I shall get Steve to build a low wall along it's outside edge, then it will feel more like a 'room'.  Oh the fun I am going to have with it!  *smiles*

After the guys are done, Steve, Bex and Dante are off out with friends again, so Stew suggested we go and check out the newly re-opened Victoria Park Markets.
I've not heard good things about it, but we will go and see for ourselves.  It's an outing after all! 

Then I want to go nightie shopping.  I've been wearing a t-shirt and tights to bed for forever, but it's just too hot.  So, I'm on the hunt for a nightie or 3.  Lightweight cotton, but not 'granny' ones!  Wonder if they exist?

No offense to Granny's out there by the way!  But my Mum wears these long, pretty, lacy cotton nighties that are just NOT ME.  Hence the name 'granny nighties'.  *smiles*
I want YOUNGER granny nighties, cos I am a grandma!  lol

Right, I'm off to wait for the guys to get me stuff.


Finally, all our stuff is home again!  Now we can just wait for that freakin' archgola, then boom.  New dining room.

WELL... we didn't just go to Victoria Park. .. we went.....    and are still there!  More when we get home.  Lol

Wow what a fab day!
We went to the market, thought it was a bit so-so, much more commercial than it used to be.  But still it was nice to go back there.

ABOVE:  The old chimney stack and the market.  Still looks the same from the outside, but so different inside now.  Very swish.  If you wish to know more about the history of the Market site:

 ABOVE: found this shop that sold nautical stuff and so on... loved it.  Bought a couple of things.
There was a lovely looking Linen shop too, but they were not open due to all the other activities happening down in the city this weekend,  shame that.  It looked so nice.

 ABOVE:  Stew spotted this funky crabby dish.  Got it.  I spied this: 

ABOVE:  A small ship's wheel.  It's mine now.

After the market, we hopped on an inter city bus and went down to where it was all 'happening', the waterfront.

It was a weekend of celebrations commemorating the city's 175th Anniversary.
Lots going on.

ABOVE:  A navy frigate 'The Otago' was allowing people to go aboard to have a look around.  The queues were too long, so we gave that a miss.

There were free ferry trips on the harbour, again, queues forever, so we didn't do that either.

Watched navy boats do silly buggers in the water, and a tug boat too.

Then at midday we got to watch a navy helicopter do maneuvers over the water, that was awesome.  Such a shame Dante wasn't there to see it, he would have been in awe!

There were food stalls, craft stalls, kiddy rides, free entertainment like jugglers and so on.  Very alive and happening.
But OH SO HOT.  Masses of people. In the end we came home exhausted!

I've got a neat little video uploading (it takes forever), of the tug boat.  Will show it once it's finished.

ABOVE:  the water tug showing off it moves.

End of Day: Steve and Bex got home from a full day out and about at the pools in Waiwera. They all had a fantastic day!  Bex got sunburnt on her face, she looks like how I did a few weeks ago!
All red and puffy.  Whoops!
We are all tired tonight, so we should all sleep well.
nite nite

Saturday, January 24, 2015


Today Stew plans on pottering around outside, doing the lawns and so on.

Me?  Not too sure.  Maybe some sewing.

Talking of which, here's the set of 4 mug rugs I got finished last night while watching Coronation Street...

ABOVE: Funky heart mug rugs.  Rather cute.
And they will be going in 'the box' for using as gifts at some point in the future.

Today I might make a runner for the dining table.  Or some small ones that I can scatter on the boards?  Not sure yet, but I can feel the creative juices starting to flow.

Knowing us, we shall probably end up going out for lunch at a mall of somewhere similar.  Maybe it would be nice going down near the water somewhere?
I'm starting to get so OVER malls and food courts!

Now I'm watching what I eat in a serious way, there's not that much available at food courts for me.  And I don't want to blow it again this week!

Today is weigh in day for me too.
I am weighing daily, but only recording once a week.  I'm waiting till a bit later in the morning to step on the scales, gives me a chance to piddle a couple of times!  lol


Well... Stew and Griffin have gone grocery shopping.  I'm playing on the computer and Brylee is hanging out with the XBox.  So it's all quiet here.

I think Bex and Dante are going out later on, meeting up with a friend from Hamilton I think.
Steve is at work.

Where is everyone?  I hope you are having a lovely day!

It is soooo stinking hot I decided an ice cream was a good idea, so we drove down to Mission Bay and had a Movenpik ice cream.  The first sweet thing I've had since Christmas!
It was Delicious!

 ABOVE:  Mission Bay was pumping!  So many people.  Seems there was a craft fair there today, we just missed it. 

ABOVE: The tide was out, so lots of kids in the fountain.  I wonder how cool that water was?  Probably not that cool.  Looks like they were having fun though.

 ABOVE: There were about 6 of these beach volleyball courts set up.  And they were full.  

ABOVE:  Bet he had an amazing view of the beaches from up there.  

After leaving Mission Bay, we took a drive along the waterfront into the city.  Man, it was SO BUSY in the city!  Masses of people on Queen Street... seemed a bit weird considering how late in the day it was.

Home now, and relaxing for a while.  Stew and the family are having pork chops, salad and wedges for dinner.  I'm calling my ice cream mine.  I'm full!

I'm a happy girl.  I've been sewing all evening.  I put the hanging tabs on my Mariner's Compass wall hanging, and I did 4 more mug rugs... I just have to do the hand stitching on the back and they will be finished.
On a roll... and loving it.

End of Day:  a cracker jack day, loved it, but not the heat.  It got up to 30 degrees in our lounge today, and it felt SO MUCH HOTTER outside.
Time to get off to bed.
nite nite

Friday, January 23, 2015


In exactly one week the kids go back to school.   For one day.  Then they have a weekend before starting 'proper'.  For a 4 day week!  
So... a staggered restart I suppose you'd call it.

This weekend is a long weekend here, it's Auckland Anniversary, so Monday is a holiday.
That's nice for the guys, it gives them Sunday or Monday to pick up the last of our stuff from Storage.

I'm getting a wee bit excited now... 4 more sleeps and the Archgola will be here, I expect it to take two days to be built.  So... next Thursday it will be usable.   Excited!

I will be so glad to get everything out of my lounge and in it's new place.

Diet... blew it last night and had takeaways... Chinese.  So I shall have to call that my meal 'off' and not have anything off my 'plan' on Saturday now.  I hate it when I blow it.

I had some noodles, which were not even nice... such a waste.  I could have had something like a piece of cake, that would have been worth it!


So today?  Still have to name Griffin's clothes!  I spent too much time yesterday afternoon just lazing in the sun and spa!  Derrrr.
I'm going a nice shade of brown, even though some parts of me are peeling after that sunburn weeks ago!   

I got some new shampoo for my hair last week ... and I'm pretty sure it's making me itchy!  All over, in places the sun hasn't had a chance to see in a very long time.
So... might have to stop using it yet.  Damn shame as it was rather expensive.  But we shall see what happens after I use it again... if I get all itchy AGAIN it will be going in the bin.

Sewing... can't say I've missed doing much of that lately.  It's been so hot I just haven't wanted to spend any time in the garage, except sleep of course.  But, I am starting to miss it, so doing the boy's uniform might tempt me back into doing some.

Right, that's my opening blithering... catch ya later.


Yaa, uniform naming DONE.  Bright and early too.  I'm starting the day well.

Bex and I have decided to visit that craft shop in Milford again, it's 50% off sale finishes on sunday.  50% off is just too good to resist when we got such good stuff last week!

It's another cracker of a day too, so once we get home I shall work on me tan again I think.

Well... we had another lovely outing.  I didn't get any more fabric from that shop in Milford, but Bex did get some more wool.
We 'did' the Milford shops, up and down the one street of shops.  There was only 1 other shop that I really liked, and one that was a Quilt shop, but it was shut.  So, it didn't take long to check out Milford's shops at all.
So, we then went to Albany for lunch (I didn't have anything as I simply wasn't hungry).

I finally caved in and bought a serving dish I've wanted FOREVER:

ABOVE:  The white canoe dish.  It's going to be lovely to serve a seafood salad in.  I also got that little tray as it was 60% off.  And the fly swat.  Pretty cool, when I first saw it,  it was really short and I thought "How silly to make it so short", but then Griffin pointed out it telescopes out!  At $5, I got it.  Though the thought of squashed flies is a bit off-putting.

We used to use them all the time when I was a kid.  I don't think 'fly spray' was available 50 odd years ago!

Oh yeah, I got the canoe dish cos I rationalised that I am spending WAY LESS on takeaway food during the week for myself now, so I deserved it!  Works for me.

End of Day:  well!  A very quiet day here, and in blog world it would appear!   
I spent the evening watching TV and sewing... I made another set of 4 mug rugs.
That's all.
nite nite