Wednesday, July 31, 2013


I'm making this quick this morning... Mum and Ron will be up shortly and I don't want to be 'caught' on me computer.
It is frowned upon.

So.. Yesterday's treasure:

 ABOVE: clothes and cookbooks...

 ABOVE: three amazing 'doilies' in the shape of fish, and ORANGE!  They are for Bex... cos she likes orange.

ABOVE:  I got Keera this GORGEOUS purple cape and hat dress up set.  She looks stunning in it.  PEPSI READERS... facial photos on Private Blog.

 ABOVE:  a lovely photo of Mum and Ron.

ABOVE:  Keera's new POP playing with her on the floor.  Awwww.

Now, as I said, this is going to be quick, and I doubt I will get back on here until late afternoon today.
We are entertaining two of my Mum's sisters and their husbands for lunch.  
So... busy.

THERE WAS A WINNER FROM YESTERDAY: The first person to guess correctly was DEE! Congrats well guessed.   I did 5 minutes on the crosstrainer, 10 on the exercycle, 15 on the treadmill, and about 10 minutes doing weights and core exercises.
It's a start.

DEE... I will post some mug rug photos tomorrow so you can choose which one you would like.


ABOVE:  lunch with the OLDIES.
It's going well.. they are chatting away 90 to the dozen.

It was a really LOVELY day with the 'olds'!  They enjoyed themselves and our lunch was just so yum.
I made club sandwiches and my Uncle Rainey (2nd on right) cooked date scones (my favourite) and savory muffins.  So nice.

ABOVE:  My Mum took this lovely photo of the two kids.  It's hard to get a nice one of Griffin cos he always acts the fool.  

ABOVE:  Lacy does too!
But, this is a nice photo of her anyway.

ABOVE: Of course, I couldn't end the day without a photo or 3 or our little man!   He was a good boy today.

End of Day:  early because I have to get up at 3am to take Mum and Ron out to the airport!
Yeee gads.  
nite nite

Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Upon close inspection of the 'Nautical Knots' picture I got from The Gardens Hospice Shop yesterday, I noticed it's background was a map of two 'old worlds'. 
I have a big copper wall hanging with the same 'old world' design.

Only, it's been under Griffin's bed for quite some time, as it fell off the wall in the middle of the night months ago.
It was just too heavy and the frame fell apart.

So last night I got it out and started pulling it apart:

 ABOVE:  I got all the framing off, it was really easy with a chisel and hammer.

 ABOVE:  the front.

ABOVE:  what I'm left with.  A thin panel of copper and a thick slab of shitty chipboard... and those staples sticking up.
Anyone got any ideas on the next step???

I'm thinking I need to cut off the staples... then lay down a decent, but not too thick ... REAL wood panel and go from there with a small 'frame' of some sort. 

If I add too much it will again be too heavy to stay on the wall.


NOW... because I'm a bit of a shit stirrer (can't help myself sometimes)... I give you Dante last night:

ABOVE:  Steve and Bex have a 'secret' stash of chocolate in their room.  Occasionally they bring out a LITTLE piece to share with us ... and last night Dante got his hands on Bex's chocolate.
He couldn't get enough of it!

I thought it was only his 2nd time having something like that, but Steve told me he's been giving him little tastes of chocolate for months!  NOW I don't feel bad about giving him that biscuit to slobber on the other day.  Rest assured though, he DOES NOT get that sort of stuff every day.  And baby gets his teeth brushed every day too, in case anyone is worried about his teeth.

Today:  Get a steak 'n' kidney stew going in the crock pot.  Housework.  Maybe go to the mall, followed by Hospice Shop Duty.  

AND my Mum and Ron are due back here sometime today too.

So. Better get going and get that stew on, and make the lunches, get the washing on... bla bla bla.


BLONDIE:  it WAS a coffee table many years ago!  I don't think we have the room in our lounge for a large coffee table ... still thinking.

MARKD60:  Yeah, I thought that would be the best option too.  Just not sure how to attach it to the shitty particle board without adding too much weight.  I don't want to try and prise the copper off the chipboard in case I ruin it. 
It's too nice to ruin.

I am now off to do 5-10-15 + 10  ANY guesses on what that means???   
la la lah lah...

Come on!  What do ya think 5-10-15 + 10 means???
Whoever guesses right first will win a gorgeous Mug Rug!  Of your choice... from what I have already made.  OK?

5 pm and I'm just home from the Hospice Shop.  Got TREASURE... you just know I did eh?
Some interesting 'guesses' .... I will be giving a Mug Rug out at the end of the night.  Check back tomorrow to see who/how many guessed right!

Treasure will be shown tomorrow too... cos I'm busy ... Mum and Ron are back and dinner won't cook itself.

YUM YUM:  ONYA.  Knew someone wouldn't be able to help themselves and have a say.  I'm thinking of giving Dante Diet Coke tomorrow.

End of Day:  well yet another lovely day done and dusted.  Finally off to bed, and it's actually early for me!
nite nite

Monday, July 29, 2013


Steve, Bex and Dante went to Hamilton yesterday on business... and visited some friends too.  Here is Dante and wee Alex chilling out together:

Alex is a couple of months younger than Dante, but as they grow the age difference will not matter.  I hope they are great friends.
I was reading a friend's blog yesterday, and she had this list on her blog... so ... I thought it was neat and pinched it!  LOL
She said it was fine by her...

Things my Mother taught me and I passed on to my kids...

1. My mother taught me about WEATHER. "Your room looks like a tornado hit it."

2. My mother taught me about RELIGION.
"You better pray that comes out of the carpet."

3. My mother taught me about TIME TRAVEL.
"If you don't straighten up I'm going to knock you into the middle of next week."

4. My mother taught me about OSMOSIS.
"Shut your mouth and eat your supper."

5. My mother taught me about the CIRCLE OF LIFE.
"I brought you into this world, I can take you out."

6. My mother taught me about ENVY.
"There are millions of less fortunate children in the world who don't have wonderful parents like you."

7. My mother taught me about RECEIVING.
"You are going to get it when we get home."

8. My mother taught me about GENEALOGY.
"Shut that door... You think you were raised in a barn?"

9. My mother taught me about JUSTICE.
"One day you'll have kids... I hope they turn out just like you!"

10. My mother taught me about LOGIC.
"Because I said so, That's why."

11. My mother taught me about STAMINA.
"You'll sit there until your spinach is gone."

12. My mother taught me about IRONY.
"Keep crying. I'll give you something to cry about."

Like Debra, I heard most of them growing up, and I have used a few of them on my own kids too!

BOOBS.  Yep.  It's that time of year again. I have a mammogram scheduled for this morning.  OH Yaaa.   I just LOVE having me boobs squished between two slabs of perspex ... it bloody hurts!
Just another reason I think us girls get the raw end of the deal.

I know there is something else I have to do too... hopefully it comes back to me before I leave the house.

Feck... now I remember!  I am due for my next round of blood tests.   I've been putting it off for the last couple of weeks.  After the last time, when they had a hard job finding me vein, I've been a bit PUT OFF!  Can ya blame me?

I will go there after the boob squishing... but if there's a HUGE waiting crowd I'm coming home.
My nerves will not stand having to sit there waiting for an hour!


We are off for a walk first thing ... as my boob appointment isn't until midday.  Great way to start the day...

 ABOVE: walking down into Totara Park.  It is a lovely walk.

 ABOVE:  there were several little water ponds and streams.

 ABOVE:  This is the back of the Hospice ... not a Hospice Shop.  Though we did stop in at the local Hospice Shop. 

ABOVE:  I said to Bex that an area around here would be a lovely wedding venue... for the Ceremony anyway?
Could be an idea to be chewed over.

ABOVE:  we found this treasure in our local Hospice Shop on our walk... Bex got some jeans and a baby bottle holder for when they are out.  It's got a little thing in the middle that is like a freezer bottle... so it will keep the bottles cold while travelling.  It was $3.50.
I spied the picture just as we were leaving ...  I just had to buy it.  
So much for saving every single cent towards my new Camera.   I am hopeless!

MAIRE: thank you for your suggestion re:  drinking lots of water.  Ummm... I DON'T drink water!  I hope Diet Coke is as effective!  lol

BOOBS:  The machine used to take the images of one's boobies is a new one.  It didn't hurt!  Very happy with that.  Now just have to wait 2 weeks for results.

BLOOD TEST:  done.  Had the 'senior, expert' do mine... so no misfires.  Bang on the vein first time.  
BUT... I may have to get it done again as I had fasted for too long?  Apparently you must get your blood test done within 12 hours of fasting.
I hadn't eaten for 17 hours.  *sigh*

After that I popped into the Manurewa Hospice shop, where I used to work.
And dammit!  Found more treasure:

 ABOVE:  I found two smaller glass bowls to match the larger one I got a few weeks ago!
I love them.
CLEARLY.  Cos I just could not leave them there.

 ABOVE:  See how they just fit together?  They won't even take up any more room in the cupboard.  SCORE.

 ABOVE:  these darling wee girl's boots.  Bex and Steve have to get a baby girl next!
Bex loves orange.
And she loves these shoes too.  Just as well.

ABOVE:  Fell in love with these two wine glasses too.  

AND THAT IS ALL!   I cannot leave my house again today.  It's too risky.  And I'm broke!  lol

End of Day:  well it's been a lovely day.  Worried now... cos I'm working tomorrow at the Manukau Hospice Shop.  OMG, what if I find more treasure?  Me savings plan for the camera is not looking that good!
nite nite

Sunday, July 28, 2013


I don't know if anyone else is like me... possibly... so, who finds themselves listening to Glee songs over and over again?

I have loved the show and songs forever, but when Cory died so sadly, I've been listening to their songs every chance I get.

Maybe I'm a bit sad?  Such a tragic loss of a young person's life due to evil drugs.  So sad.
I feel for everyone in his life, particularly his family and Lea Michele.  Such a waste of a hugely talented man.

One day his family will be so thankful for Glee, because they will have all his songs and appearances on Glee ... as a legacy of his life.  But for now... huge sadness.  Time will heal.

Today, well spent sleeping in one hopes.   Stew is bone tired, and keeps saying how tired he is... but he still stays up late!  Rugby games.  He is glued to the screen... *smiles*.
Not that I can talk, my eyes are invariably glued to my computer screen, or the TV too.

And the kids.  TV. PSP. Portable DVD. X Box.  you name it, they are all SCREENS.

Perhaps we need to get outside a bit more!  

Today is the last day before the kids go back to school... can  ya hear me squealing with happiness?  lol

I did something naughty last night:

I introduced Dante to Shrewsberry biscuits.  I do believe he LOVED them!  

Naughty Grandma.  

I am hoping to see Lacy and Miss Muppet in the next day or two, they have not been over for ages!

Right going now... time to do some jobs around the house... oh ya.


JULIE: Dante is 7 and a half months old.  He is a bonnie boy.  Loves his food, and is just a pure joy to have in our home.

Well... I have found something to do today.  I'm reading blogs.  And I'm wrapped in my cuddly electric blanket.  It's cold.  The fireplace is on, but the heat does not reach to the very end of the room where my computer is.

Nearly lunchtime... wonder what's for lunch... Stew?

ANON: Because.  I.  Can.   And I believe MOST THINGS in moderation will hurt no baby.  He gets SUGAR in some of his baby food, and fruit, so what's the problem?  It's not like he ate the whole thing, he slobbered and dribbled on it.  Probably 'ate' less than a teaspoon in quantity.

Get over yourself.

I have been reading and commenting on blogs for 6 hours straight!  I'm done.  So very sorry if I missed your's out... but I know that my new Reader (Feedly) has not uploaded some of the blogs I read.  So, if I have missed you, send me an email!  I will then add you to my Feedly list.

Now it's time to stretch me legs and do something different for a while.

I might even come back here later to do some more catching up!

It's been so nice reading what you have all been up to.  And it's been a bit sad too.  Cos so many of the girls whose blogs I read years ago no longer blog.  I miss them.  So many of you defected to Facebook, never to be seen again.

Shows how transient internet 'friendships' can be I suppose.

Now... what to do?  Sewing?  Reading camera reviews?
Watching some TV programmes that I have saved?
Dunno!   But it's going to involve getting off this computer for an hour or two for sure.

 ABOVE:  the fireguard installed. Stew did a good job.

 ABOVE:  the dogs are happy.  VERY happy.
And so they should be.  I put that sheepskin there for them afterall.

ABOVE: Stew made me lunch, which I had at my computer desk... so I could still type with one hand.
Bacon and eggs.  Let's call it BRUNCH.  It was lovely.  Thanks Darling 

Well I've had a lovely break from the computer.  And now I am going downstairs to do a bit of sewing.
Stew is cooking dinner:  beef rissoles, coleslaw and potato salad.  I will have mine for lunch tomorrow.

Well... I got no sewing done.  I was getting cross that I couldn't reach my containers of buttons easily ... so that necessitated a big tidy up in the craft/sewing area.  It only ... ONLY.... took me 2 hours!
I think I have a light dose of OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE DISORDER.
Why the hell can't I just leave well alone?  *shaking me head*

End of Day:  well NOW I'm tired.  Hopefully tomorrow arrives quickly cos I'm DONE with the kids.  DONE.  They are just getting up my nose.  And it doesn't help that Stew just can't see half the shit they do to get up my nose.  Obviously his nose is just fine.
I don't want them in MY ROOM.  In MY SEWING AREA.  In MY SPACE whatsoever.
I have to share the house with them ... I'm not sharing my GARAGE/BEDROOM too.
If that makes me a horrible person... FINE.  I'm horrible.  And Crabby.
nite nite

Saturday, July 27, 2013


Bring on Monday is all I can say!
While the kids have been good on a whole, Bex and I are over the noise they generate.
Yesterday there was a moment when Stew and Griffin went out, Lacy had Brylee and it was just us again.
SO QUIET!  Dante was asleep too.  It was WEIRD... the house was silent.  Peaceful.
I want some more of that thanks.

Next:  a little video of Dante's latest 'trick'... he shakes his head until he's dizzy!

It's so cute... well... WE think it's cute.
To you it's probably dead boring!  
That's OK... I understand!  One's own grandbabies are the most entertaining of course!

COCO:   seriously, if Stew is home, she just HAS to be on his lap... it doesn't matter what he's doing, if she can push her way in and end up on his lap, she will...

 ABOVE:  Stew trying to work on the computer... 

ABOVE:  and trying to fix the doorguard... I busted it after I had sewn new fabric on it.
Coco took a while to get on his lap... but she did it.  She's such a TART.

ABOVE:  Stitching calico on the old door guard, it had mesh on it before, but it got wrecked over summer.  It was a right BITCH to stitch it with my machine, Bex had to hold the frame so I could sew... and I ended up having to hand stitch one of the long sides by hand cos my machine packed a shit.

Today .. well there's a shitload of washing to hang outside, hopefully it's not gunna rain.
Then I hope to do some sewing.  Seriously, I seem to find so much to do BESIDES sew lately. Same with reading blogs, I'm hopeless.

Oh well... life is for living, and that's what I'm doing eh?


Steve and Bex are off to the mall, and I am babysitting Dante.  That makes me smile.

Once everyone had lunch, Stew and I popped down to Bunnings to get a couple of things to hold the fire guard down.  And I got a cute little step stool for the linen cupboard for only $5!  SCORE.  I really dislike being short (5ft 4").  *sigh*  The number of times I have to reach for a stool to stand on... grrrrr.

End of Day:  well another lovely family day together.  Stew is in his element tonight watching rugby on TV.  He will never change, and I am just so happy about that!  I have spent the evening watching videos on You Tube.  Fun.
nite nite

Friday, July 26, 2013


While Stew and I were in Hamilton yesterday, I thought it would be nice to try and catch up with Amanda and the kids.
Luckily she was amenable to me visiting.

So I popped in and spent a lovely hour or so with her and the two youngest... Emily and Liam.


 ABOVE:  Emily had just eaten a Marmite sandwich... it was all over her face!  She clearly loves Marmite.  I gave her the little pink doll pram, but she liked Liam's present more. (it was a baby phone thingee).  It was lovely today, she didn't mind me at all, and chatted away to me heaps.

 ABOVE: Liam was hungry when I got there, so I fed him his bottle, which he rather promptly threw up all over me!  lol
Not that I was bothered at all... he's not the first baby to throw up all over me for sure.
He's a little honey.  I got to tuck him up in his bed too... that was lovely.

 ABOVE:  the girls chillin' out!  Em sure looks comfy. *smiles*

Well... as Stew is home again today... I am picking it will be a lovey day.
He is going to sort out the new fire guard, then maybe we will go out for lunch ... I'm sure we can drag Griffin along too!

His toe is not looking too bad... but he is going to lose the toenail for sure.  It's black as already!

Poor kid, he has stubbed his toes so often he is always losing his toenails!

It's a 'co-ordination' problem usually that makes him stub his toes.  He was very knock-kneed as a little baby/kid, which has something to do with it.

OH and guess what?

.....  Griffin in now TALLER than me!  I didn't even know that until yesterday.  How can my 11 year old be taller than me?
Just ain't right.  *sigh*
I wonder just how tall he will end up?


I'm going now... I want to get a bit of housework done while Stew is sorting out the fire guard.

LYNDA:  Our wedding was a very home-grown type wedding... no fancy dress, no fancy reception... just down to the church... we said our vows... then home for a BBQ with all our friends and family!

OH... and I asked everyone to bring a plate... and their own grog too!

We had just had Steve (6 weeks old) and we also had OUR 4 kids from my 1st marriage, and  we had just bought our first home together.  

There was NO money for a honeymoon, and even if we did have the money, it would have been a bit hard getting a honeymoon suite with: a double bed, 4 single beds AND a bassinet !!!

We loved our wedding, and had a wonderful time.

Photos are up in the attic... so they can stay there... I hate climbing that ladder!


Whelp... we did some jobs around the house then buggered off to Sylvia Park for a wander and lunch.
Bex and I got Chinese, but once I sat down I could only eat a tiny portion of what I'd put on me plate. 

So, there was a group of 3 young men sitting right beside me, and two of them were sharing a plate of food (and there wasn't much there) so I shoved my FULL plate of food over to them and said could they eat it, cos I was full?

They probably thought I was nuts, but they ate it!  I told them they had to, cos otherwise it was a waste of good food!
Stew reckoned they ate it cos they were scared of me telling them off!

Pfffffft... as if I would do that!  *smiles*

After lunch we had a wander around the shops along with the 52,000 other people (I exaggerate of course)... but it was bloody full in the mall I tell ya.  Bex found a lovely summer weight shirt on sale so got it.  And a pasta cutter too.
I looked at cameras some more... then we came home as Stew has to get a new tyre for his car at 3.30 in Papatoetoe.

Then both our cars will have new W.O.F.   yaaaa.

Once Stew has left I am going to fix the old doorguard so I can use it in the hallway.  I've decided I'm no longer locking the dogs in the laundry at night, they can sleep with Griffin... that way I don't have their blankets and cushions in my TINY laundry.   I has a spack attack this morning trying to get the washing sorted out in there, in such a small space.  It does me head in.

Right... off to do something constructive...

End of Day:  well another really lovely day, got a few jobs done that were long overdue.
Stew got the fire guard installed and I got an old door guard repaired.
That's about it for the day, I'm now off to shave me legs!  I could plait the hair, it's that long since I shaved them!
nite nite

Thursday, July 25, 2013


Today is going to be special.
Stew and I are going to Te Awamutu, ON. OUR. OWN.
I have tracked down a fire guard for our fireplace and it's at Mitre 10, Te Awamutu.
Yes, I know I've told ya before!

It's YEARS since were were in Te Awamutu!  We were living there when we had Steve, AND where we got married when Steve was 6 weeks old.

ABOVE:  it's not that far away... about an hour and a half?  Maybe slightly longer.  Who cares?  It's a little day trip away.

I am going to take a photo of our FIRST HOME. The first home we bought together.  I've not seen it in a very long time.  I wonder how it will have changed?
I might even get a photo of the little church we got married in too.

It's going to be quite a sentimental trip I think.

See why today is special?

Last night... Griffin did his toes in AGAIN...

I can't BELIEVE how often this kid hurts his toes! This time the kitchen bench seat fell on his foot... taking out the big toe and the next one over.  
We presume they aren't broken... he can move them.  And even if they were broken, the Doctor couldn't do anything anyway.  Maybe tape them together?

Dunno.  Lots of painkillerS and we shall leave him to Bex's tender mercies today!

Next up for today... a collage of photos from last night, when Great-Aunt Khady was visiting:

While it looks like Dante was smiling at her, he wasn't really... right after that photo on the right, where it looks like hes smiling, he started to cry.

It will be nice when he stops crying at everyone he hasn't seen for ages, or met at all.

Righty ho... time to get a move on and start the day...


Yaaa I was right!  I guessed the newest Royal Baby would be named GEORGE !  I love his names.  
Welcome to our world George Alexander Louis!

So we are finally home again.  Just in time to have dinner... Bex had made macaroni cheese, which is just so yum.
Once I've had dinner I will try and get back with a photo or 10!

 ABOVE:  our very first home.  It has been altered a bit from our day.  The garage on the side is an addition.  The driveway used to run down the left side of the house to a single garage and a carport.

 ABOVE: from the back, they have added a room on too.

 ABOVE: Stew and I in front of the church we got married in.  It's just down the road from our first home.

It was lovely driving around our first 'home' town.

ABOVE: Stew getting to grips with the new fire guard.  He has to do a bit of twiddling tomorrow to get it to fit.

I have more photos for tomorrow... of Amanda, Liam and Emily.

End of Day:  well Stew and I had a really lovely day together... it went far too fast though.
nite nite