Friday, February 26, 2021


 I've done a boo boo... today's post has gone 'elsewhere '.

I will sort that out once I get home.

HOME AT 12.20 AM!   Here's what I posted earlier, but didn't publish here:

 Stew and I joined a new medical practise 5 days ago.

And today I am going to see one of their doctors.

He's a doctor I used to see 20 years ago, before we left Hamilton for Palmerston North.  I really liked him.  I was surprised to see he was still practising!

So, he has a 'drop in' clinic in town, which is part of the medical group we now belong to.

So, I'm going there first thing this morning.  I wonder if he will even recognise me after all this time?  Probably not.

But I'm sure to remind him. 😂😅😆

After my Doctor's appointment I will be coming home and starting another runner. 

Another Gnome one... not sure what colour hats yet, but I'm thinking of multi-colours?

Not sure yet.

Later on today I am meeting up with Stew for some business in town. So, I am expecting it to be a full on day of stuff to do.  Places to go.

8.45 am: Right now I'm standing in a queue outside the doctors... waiting for it to open. 

There's 5 ladies ahead of me so I expect to be here for a couple of hours. 

ABOVE: Well that was quicker than I expected.  I'm now sitting waiting for my prescription.  

Then home to fix the blog. 

OMG... this is turning into the morning from hell. 

I'm STILL trying to get my prescription filled.

More when I finally get home.

12.20 pm:

FOUR HOURS, that's how long it has taken to see the Doctor and get my prescription filled.

Let's start at the beginning.

9.15 - I see the Doctor, Leo is wonderful.  We always have got on like a house on fire.

He gives me some new drugs... so off I go to our usual chemist, Chemist Warehouse out at The Base.

And I wait.  And wait.  And finally after about 30 minutes they call me up to the counter and tell me that one of the medications cannot be found anywhere in the country, and I will need to go back to my Doctor for an alternative.

So, I get in me car, and drive back to the Doctors.

10.30 am.  I get back to the Doctor's office.  I tell the receptionist why I'm back, and she gets Leo ... who marches out of his room and tells me The Chemist Warehouse are idiots, and they should have given me the GENERIC ALTERNATIVE instead, which is clearly stated on the prescription form.  

So I drive BACK to The Chemist Warehouse, bearing in mind it's a 15 minute drive depending on traffic.

I get back to the chemist, and point out the words 'Generic Substitution can be used' or words of that affect on the prescription, to the Chemist.

AND the chemist said "Sorry, there is none of that in the country either ...  go back to your Doctor"!

By now I'm starting to feel really, really pissed off and on the verge of crying.

I get back in my car and drive BACK to the Doctors office.

Go up to the counter, the receptionist looks at me like YOU ARE BACK!  I tell her what the Chemist said.

She goes out the back, I sit down to wait.

And next thing, Leo is STORMING into the waiting room, saying "Where is she?"... meaning me.

He says "FOLLOW ME"... and marches me next door to the chemist beside his office.

Up to the counter we go, and he says to the Chemist there "DO YOU HAVE THIS MEDICATION?"?  

And she replies "YES WE DO".

Leo pats me on the back and tells me to stop going to The Chemist Warehouse, they only stock 'common, easy to source medications', and he goes back to work a happy man.

I get me medication, and come home.  A full 4 hours after I left home.

But.  I got me medications.

What a rigmarole that was.

Stew rang me and told me our appointment this afternoon is postponed until next week.  The person we were seeing has a sick child in hospital.

I'm now quite frazzled.  Think I will just sit here for a while, might watch something on the telly or You Tube to wind down.

Thursday, February 25, 2021


 Who hates paperwork?

Yeah, me too.  But , sometimes ya just have to pull ya finger out and get it done.

So ... I've got some work to do this morning.

Then I can relax for a while.

I SHOULD have gone over to Cambridge for an FBG Social walk this morning, but it would have meant getting up and out of the house by 6.30 am.  And well... I'm simply NOT an early riser.

I loathe getting up early, mainly because I simply feel SICK AS A DOG if I get up too early!

Does anyone else feel sick in the morning if they get up really early?

Or am I abnormal?

I mean, I literally feel like throwing up ! Anything before 7 am is pretty much EARLY for me!

Yes, I can be awake much earlier, but NOT UP OUTTA BED.

I don't know how the hell I managed with 6 babies in 10 years, and all the early mornings I had to endure!!!  Oh and ... let's not forget the next two babies in my 40's too!

Today is a 'shop day'.  I had no one in on Tuesday.  So fingers crossed I get a visitor or two today.

I am going to start on another Gnome Runner today.  Not sure what colour hats I am going to do today. 

I've now done Blues, Red/Green and Pinks.

SHIT!  Did I post a photo of the Pinks?

Dang, I forgot didn't I?

I will take one later on and show you ... but remember, it's already SOLD.  

Sandra, I hope you like it. 

I am hoping to have a much happier day today. 

 And that's all for now peeps... I am gunna roll over and catch a couple more Zzzz's.

Then get up and start me day.

WOW!  Like wow.
I rolled over and went back to sleep.
And woke up at 9.51 am!
Man I must have been tired.

I've now had brunch, baked beans on toast, and am feeling half human.
Time to get some shit done.

ABOVE:  Sandra, there is your Pink Gnome Runner.  I this it's so cute.
2.15 pm:  Well it's very quiet here.
I've sat in the garage working on my puzzle (the green pieces 😆), while listening to Cold Cases on Netflix.
Nothing is moving.  It's super calm outside, just the odd car passing and a bird chirping now and then.
I am not sewing today.  I'm just not in the mood to.
I'm perfectly content just sitting here being a lazy tart.

I have decided we are having some sort of takeaway for dinner.  So Stewie, don't expect any lovely dinner smells when ya get home!

It's good to just sit sometimes.  I thought of more stuff I needed to add to me paperwork. So have done that.
Now I might just do a ring around the kids and check on all of them.
Bex said Dante was off to the Doctor today as he's sick.  They are certainly having a run of it.

7.15 pm:  And Stew and I ended up going to The Foundation at The Base for dinner.
I had the Seafood Chowder and Stew had a Chicken Burger.  It was very nice as per usual.
I forgot to take a photo!  
But I did get this:

ABOVE:  You don't see many 'colour change' vehicles now days.  This one was particularly beautiful, and a Mercedes no less.  Just a little bit drool worthy. 😂
This evening is gunna be spent just relaxing, feet up.  I doubt there is much on TV, so I'll probably watch something on You Tube. That's what Stew does too, if there's no sport on that is.

Wednesday, February 24, 2021


 I'm sleeping in.

Go away ... come back later.

I have not slept well AT ALL... so trying to catch up.

ABOVE:  It's just too damn hot, and I have far too much on my mind to sleep well.

Add to that, cramps in my legs.  NOT FUN.

10.41 am:  Sorry about that... I think I might have been a bit rude?

But seriously, I just didn't want to get outta bed this morning.  And I was in the foulest mood ever.

So, I've taken some panadol for the ever present headache, and am trying to make a start on my day.

There is NO MOTIVATION to do a bloody thing though.  

I could be sorting out the back Tin Shed, as it's a cloudy day, perfect for working out there.

But no.  I'm sitting here feeling crabby as fuck.

ABOVE:  I HAVE put all the current puzzle pieces in containers so they simply cannot be lost (if that is what happened to the last puzzle's missing pieces?).

I just spoke with Lacy, and she has agreed to come over and help me with the shed.  So, looks like that's what I shall be doing for the next hour or so.   I  have left overs for her too... added incentive for her to get over here!  😆😅😂

RHONDA AND DEE:  the headaches and lack of sleep are most likely down to the on going issues that we are having to deal with.

The only resolution to them will be through the courts, and that is a process that could take a while to resolve.

I am sure my blood pressure is too high, and will be getting it checked as soon as I'm able to visit my  new doctor.  I am on blood pressure medication already, but it probably has to be adjusted.

ABOVE:  The Tin Shed is done!  With Lacy's help it only took about 30 minutes!  THIRTY MINUTES.  Thanks tart, hope you enjoyed the left over chicken.

Now what shall I do?

Jigsaw?  Sewing?  Watch a movie?  

...Or get meat out for dinner, put a load of washing on, tidy up the sunroom, wipe down the benches, get the bin in (oh I just saw Lacy do that!).  Yeah, housework better come first.

I think a mental adjustment might be in order too.  Start counting my blessings, and be thankful for all that I do have.  A fantastic, loving husband, 6/8th of loving kids, gorgeous grandchildren (those that we can actually see), a lovely home to live in,  and so on!

It's not all doom and gloom, and in a year's time all the current shit will be behind us (all going well), and we can move on, with no headaches I hope!

3.30 pm:  And I have A WIN for the day!  I had ONE edge piece 'missing' from my new puzzle.  I knew it had to be in one of the sorted boxes... so I've been quietly going through every box, looking at all of the pieces.  Hoping to find that edge piece. 

And I FINALLY FOUND IT!  That has made my day, it really has.

And I have just talked with Steve, and while he is having a flare up of his Pancolitis right now, it's still not too bad.  He is seeing the specialist at the hospital on Tuesday next week.  I think he is quietly anxious about it, but I feel confident in the Waikato Gastroenterology team.  

They have done so much more than the Auckland team in getting it under control for Steve.    THIS is another stressor, but I'm doing my best to not let it get me too worried.

10.06 pm:  I'd be lying if I said my mood improved much today.  Let's just say it was a 'FLAT' day.  

Dinner was OK, lamb chops and veges.  I didn't have any.  I had ice cream instead.  

Yeah.  It was that sorta day.

Hoping for a better mood tomorrow.

That's the worst one I could find.

Tuesday, February 23, 2021


 The puzzle I've been working on got 'finished' last night.

I say finished, but it's not really.

There's EIGHT pieces missing!   That's just damn annoying and disappointing.

There is no way I have 'lost' 8 pieces.  They are just missing.  

So, I'm not sure if I shall even bother doing another one now.

This one is going in the bin, no point keeping it.  I've turned the house upside down looking for those missing pieces.  I've come to the conclusion they were never in the box.

ABOVE:  This is the latest Gnome Table Runner I'm working on.

It's for a lady down Palmerston North-ish way.

I will start stitching the gnomes today, while my shop is open.  With any luck I will get it finished by this evening, though I don't think there's a rush on it.

I think the grey and pinks look lovely!

I can't get a doctor's appointment until the end of the week.  It takes 3-4 working days for them to process our enrollment, and get our medical records transferred over to them.

So... I wait.  I am now overdue for a diabetes blood test, and I want to talk to a Doctor about another issue too. 

I am sure my Hba1c will go up, I've been stress eating for a while now.  Damn emotional eating is a curse.  I wish there wasn't quite so much shit going on in our lives right now, we sure could do with a break from it all.

But sadly, it's not gunna ease up for a while, so we have to learn to cope.  

Right, enough of that, time to get my happy on, and get outta bed and start the day.

VICKI:  You are 100% correct.  I 'allude' to things on here, but cannot say what is really going on, because sadly there are some 'haters' out there who read my blog with the express purpose of finding fault. Or looking for something to take exception to.  Or trying to find something 'incriminating' !  Yep, the first thing they do most mornings is read my blog... because they simply cannot help themselves.

Haters are gunna hate, there is nothing I can do about it except live my life and be happy.  They can only 'look in' via the blog, and really have nothing to do with me and my family AT ALL.  Sad, sad people, who really should get on with living their own lives, and stop focusing on MINE.


ABOVE:  The tree now has a Kiwi, think I'll name it 'BEX'.  😄😉😊

It took Stew two hours to get to Rotorua this morning!  Lots of traffic and road works.
I was holding my phone, about to text him to see why he'd not let me know he got there safely (as he always does), and damned if the phone didn't ring.  And of course, it was him.

FREAKY.  That has happened so many times before!  We have a connection that is over and above the 'norm' I reckon.  I love him so much.

Well now, it's 10.53 pm and I just realised I've not updated for hours and hours.
Well... sorry.
I was busy.
I got the Pink Gnome runner finished.
I made dinner.
Fed Stew and I.
Watched some TV.
Actually started another puzzle after saying I probably wouldn't.  Derrr.
Going to bed.
It's been a semi boring day. 

Monday, February 22, 2021



All is quiet.

Stew is off to work soon, and I will have the house to myself.

I've got a few jobs to attend to today.

Mostly via the computer, emails and so on.

I have to pop down to the medical centre we just joined, and provide 'proof' of being New Zealanders.  Crazy, as on the enrollment form I had to provide a photo of our Passports and Drivers Licenses.  You'd think that would be enough eh?

But no, seems we have to show our friggin Birth Certificates too!  Overkill.

ANYWAY... once we are verified as members of that practice, I am going to see a Dr for some issues I'm having.

Nothing serious, I just need some new medication.  And a follow up Hba1c blood test, something our prior medical centre has not bothered with.

While I'm out and about, I've got a couple of other little jobs to do then I can come home and get the housework done, which is mostly just a load of washing.

THEN, I might just do some tree decorating.  I've not added anything to the tree in weeks, so it's overdue for some attention.

I've just not been in the mood to do it really.

I got the cutest little critter to put on the tree from Bex:

ABOVE:  I'm sure Marley would LOVE to play with it, and de-stuff it!  But no.  Better not let her.  

Bex nearly had a fit when she saw I'd put it on the floor for Marley to sniff!  Seems that Kiwi took a lot of work to make... apparently the claws were a right shit to do.  😅😂😆

I think working on the tree might take me a while, I want to cut off some of the last little bits I left on it after the last yarn bombing.

After I'm happy with the tree I will be doing some sewing.

10.53 pm:

And the day is going fairly slowly.  I've not managed to get done anywhere near as much as I wanted.
But... at least the washing is out and...

ABOVE:  I've added some stuff to my 'Happy Tree'.
And yes, it certainly does make me happy.

I had three cars stop and have their occupants talk to me.

One guy said "Wow, I've finally CAUGHT YOU"!
What he meant was he's never seen me adding to the tree before of course.  
It certainly lifted my spirits knowing my silly tree decorating is still enjoyed by people.

Another couple walked by, stopped and had a nice long chat with me.
I feel like I should just camp out by my tree ... I'd never be lonely again.

Some days I actually like being me.

I didn't put the little KIWI on the tree today.  He's going to be added in a couple of days.

Right, time to get off me butt and do the next thing on the list.
Visit the Doctor's.  Keeping busy.

ABOVE:  I'm back working.
How about you?
It's freakin quiet on here people.

I rang the Doctor's.  I don't need to take in our Birth Certificates after all.  I didn't read all the info properly.  Doh!
The Passports are enough.  Did think it was weird them needing the Birth Certificates when we had provided the Passports.

Serve me right for not reading properly.  I tend to skim read sometimes.  It saves time.  But not when ya miss important shit obviously.
Right... back to work.

8.15 pm:  Stew and I had a pre-packaged meal for dinner tonight.  It was a pasta dish : Spaghetti  Bolognaise.  I added extra cheese, which made it passable.  But not amazing.
So far, we have only found one that is really yum, which was Chicken Parmigiana with Basil.

Time to wind down for the day.  Catch ya tomorrow.

Sunday, February 21, 2021


 Another stinking hot day lies ahead.

Another day where I start out just as tired as the night before.

But... it could be worse!

I feel so sorry for my friends in the Northern Hemisphere, who are snowed under and some without power.

My mind boggles at what would happen if the power went out for days.  Everything in your fridge and freezer might melt?  Or do ya just go and bury it in the snow?  

Hmmmm... then I think of wild (and domesticated) animals having a field day eating it all!

Dunno what I would do.  Anyone able to answer this? 😊

If today is anything like yesterday, I might just get in me togs and head straight for the pool.

I had a terrible headache all day yesterday, purely down to the heat I think.

No pills seemed to help.  And I had a fan like, 8 inches from my face and that didn't help either.

OK, now I'm just bitching!

Stew has to go into work again this morning for the 'clean up' guys.  With any luck their offices are dry by tomorrow.

I'm going to be ringing Bex soon to check on little Archer.  He was taken to the Doctor yesterday afternoon. Poor little man has tonsillitis and an ear infection.

If it doesn't get too hot in my sewing room, I will make a start on the next Gnome Runner.  PINK HATS I do believe. 😏😄

ABOVE:  Another grandchild hits double digits!  HAPPY 10th BIRTHDAY EMILY.  We hope you have a wonderful day.


10.30 am:  And so far, it's not too damn hot.

Stew went to work.

And I went down to Tui Medical Centre to enrol.  Got told I had to do it online, so cool.

We are changing doctors.  We are just not happy with where we are at the moment. 

I also went to the supermarket and bought some mouse traps.  Let's see if we catch any?  Stew is going to put bait under the deck too.

3.20 pm:  Well... it's another lazy, quiet day here.

Stew has done the weeding and mowed the lawn.

ABOVE:  I got a lesson on how to get the mower to work, so that sometimes (if I feel like it of course), I can mow the lawn for him during the week.

ABOVE:  I have been working on my puzzle.  There is a piece missing.  Stew looked for it too.  NO luck.  Damn annoying.

I've looked everywhere it might be, to no avail.  I will 'finish' it then throw it out, no one wants to do a puzzle if all the pieces are not there.

8.28 pm:  Well we had visitors this evening.  Steve, Bex, the boys and Brylee came over for a swim. 

Brylee stayed for dinner.  S 'n' B had already had theirs.

I had a swim with Stew and Brylee before S 'n' B arrived.  It was wonderful, and certainly helped my headache.  I'm sure the headaches are from the heat, and probably a bit of dehydration as suggested.

I have watered the gardens this evening, they were looking a bit parched.

Time to sign off ... and enjoy a couple of hours just relaxing.

Saturday, February 20, 2021


 Did I tell you that I didn't do the darn grocery shopping yesterday?

Well I didn't.

I decided to wait until today and have Stew help me with it.

So that's on the agenda today.

Then Stew wants to get some stuff called 'Hit Man', which is an organic weed killer.  He wants to try it down the 'dogs' side of the house.  He always worries about the  girls eating weeds that have weed killer on them, so he hasn't been using any.

But OMG the weeds!  They have gone crazy.  So... he's gunna get this stuff and give it a try.

After that, he has to go into work to open up for a bloke to check his equipment (don't go there!).  There was a flood in their offices, so there's big fans blowing trying to dry everything out.  

The kids are coming over for lunch today, we shall be having pork sandwiches.  Then we shall all hang out by the pool and enjoy ourselves.

I've not been in the pool for a few days... I've been enjoying my sewing too much!

SANDRA:  Do you want me to post pictures of the Wonky House Runners that are available?  I will if you confirm.

Time to get up and start our day.  It's supposed to be a cracker day.

11 am:  And our jobs outside the house are done.
The groceries are put away, thanks for helping Darling.
We are now waiting for midday, so Stew can spray the weeds with the new weed killer.

It says it works in only 2 hours.  We shall see.

I am probably not going to do any sewing today.  I'm not in the mood.
Perhaps my current jigsaw will be attended to? 😊

1.50 pm:  Well... lunch is over.  The pork sandwiches were very nice.

Bex and I went out to Gordonton, to look for grey/silver fabric for me new runners.
Found a small smattering:

ABOVE:  I now wish I'd gotten more from the Whitianga shop!
But... never mind.  In a few more months the shops will start stocking Christmas fabric again.

When Bex and I arrived home, it was to find Archer crying.  He's had a cold for a couple of days, and now it looks like he has an ear infection.
So they have gone home to dose him up on paracetamol, and keep an eye on him.

Stew is at work, so it's just me again.  And I might have a nap, cos OMG it's stinking, stinking hot today, and I have one hooah of a headache.


ABOVE: the three Wonky House Runners I have right now.

10.06 pm:  it's the end of the day.  We have spent the evening watching tv, you tube etc.  Nice and quiet.
I've also been watching a little mouse come in and out of the sun room, into the family room.  Hmmmm.... think we need to lay down more rodent bait.
And on that note, I'll say...

Friday, February 19, 2021


 This morning I'm leaving the house quite early... so I can go on a FBG walk in Cambridge!

Yep, a friggin walk.  It's not part of the 'Urban Challenge', just a social walk.  The girls have been doing them over summer.

This will be the first one I've partaken in.

After the walk, I'm sure we will have morning tea, before heading home again.  I'm quite looking forward to it.  I've not seen heaps of the girls in months and months.

ABOVE:  This is the Table Runner I finished last night. And it's already SOLD.  Thanks Kate for snapping it up literally minutes after I finished it!
After the grocery shopping I am going to be sewing another one!
Probably the same colours.

And that is me for now.  I'll catch ya later.  

I have just finished the walk. We were told it was a 5.3 km walk. It was actually  5.7 km!
Now having morning tea before heading to the supermarket. 

ABOVE:  My walking companions today.  This is called the Blue Bridge to Nowhere, as it leads onto a path that meanders around behind one of the latest subdivisions in Cambridge.
It was a lovely walk, just a bit too hot for me.

I might have to try and do evening walks instead of morning ones.   I can't see me getting out of bed for REALLY early morning walks!

ABOVE:  I drove past our old Cambridge home.  It is stripped of ALL character!  It looks forlorn and just ... unloved really.
We left at the right time, the farmland over the back fence is now all being developed for housing, a shopping block and a new school.
The blue arrow shows where our old home is.
ALL that land will be covered in houses in the next 5 years!

Kate:  I have posted your runner.  You will get it early next week. 
I have bought a bit more grey fabric for a few more of those cute runners.
Impossible to find more Christmas fabric right now in the shops, so I might go online.
I'm really enjoying the Gnome runners.

But for now, I'm knackered and am gunna take a break from all 'jobs' and just chillax.

5.50 pm:  And OMG I've been the laziest tart ever since I got home from my walk!
I have literally sat here and kept my feet up, watched a movie on Netflix and listened to music!

I also worked on an email... might be ready to hit 'SEND' tonight.

Been feeling really down today as well.  Just musing over all that is going on in our life right now... so much of it is quite negative.

I am hoping we have a good weekend, the kids may come around for a swim tomorrow.  That will be nice, have not seen them this week at all.

Well... Steve did call in late last night, just to reassure us they were OK.
Steve's health is a bit 'jittery' right now, so he's been laying low.

I KNEW something was 'up'.  I hate being proved right.  But not going to push any panic buttons, it's early stages and might not eventuate into a full blown flare up for him.

Stew just got home, early for him!  I've cooked him Pork Belly and veges, he will love that.

Annnnnddddd.... scrap that.
He has gone to the pub, and dinner has gone on hold.  We will be having pork belly sandwiches for lunch tomorrow!
I'm at Steve and Bex's until Stew wants to go home from the pub.  It's just up the road from Steve 'n' Bex's.

10.58 pm:  Home again .... and we both had a sandwich for 'dinner'.  lol
Time to head off to bed.

Thursday, February 18, 2021


 ABOVE:  I'm still bloody tired!  Don't ya just hate it when you have so much stuff going around in your head, ya just can't sleep.

I literally don't want to get out of bed today.  

But... I must.

I have another runner to sew, and my shop to open at midday.

As with everything I sew, I know it's not going to be to everyone's taste.

And that's OK.

So, in saying that... here is my latest runner, it's a Christmas one, I'm getting a head start on them. 😄😊

ABOVE:  I think it's cute, and not only because I chose blue hats for the gnomes.

In that photo some of the fabrics look like they have a yellow hue, they don't.  It's just from the flash of me camera.

Today I am going to make another one, only this time the hats are going to be greens I think.

I've got plenty of green fabric to choose from.

COVID:  I'm so relieved the country has not got a full blown Covid outbreak again!  It was looking a little worrisome a couple of days ago.

I still don't think we are out of the woods in relation to the Auckland 'cluster', but hopefully it doesn't spread any more.

Back to today, my plans are to sew.  I know, it's getting rather boring on here eh?  Sorry, not sorry.

It's just my life, and what I'm doing.

We will be having another weekend away next month... I promise there will be photos, and more interesting shit to read about.  Well... I hope so!

It is now 10 o'clock and ALL I have managed to do so far is the housework, and sit down and compose an email!

The email is going to be put on hold for now... it's one that Stew has to look over for me.  I'm a far too reactive sort of person!  I tend to fire off all cylinders and hit 'SEND' before stopping to think some more.  Anyone else do that?

Time to head into the sewing room I think... my happy place.  Thank god I have that.

I'm sick of having a headache.  Please make it stop!

ABOVE:  A solid 6 hours sewing so far today, and I'm up to NOSES!
I'm hoping to finish this one sometime tonight.

It's very quiet around here, no one in the shop.
The only visitor has been Lacy.  I had no left overs for her either.

Stew is in Rotorua today, so he won't be home till around 7 pm.  I've got out some beef sausages for dinner, think we will have some rice with them.  I'm outta potatoes.
Which means grocery shopping tomorrow.

7.27 pm:  Stew arrived home safely.  We have just had our dinner, which was lovely.
I finished the next Christmas Table runner... will show you tomorrow.
Right now, I'm done.
8 hours sewing today.

Time to put my swollen feet UP!  Sitting sewing all day is not good for me legs, that's for sure.

9.13 pm and I simply cannot keep my eyes open!  Off to bed, catch ya tomorrow.