Tuesday, March 13, 2007


I for one am not looking forward to autumn or winter, so the weatherman predicting rain kinda made me feel down a bit... and it has rained overnight and is a cloudy day... but one good thing.. it isn't quite so hot so should be good for my walk this morning eh?

I was gobsmacked yesterday cos my gym buddy usually would never walk in the rain, and she told me she was up for it, rain or shine! So I'm rapt! It is so much nicer walking with company.... you hardly notice the time while you are yakking.

I am feeling huge today.... my face is all puffy, so are me legs, and my butt feels like it's twice as huge..... I'm now too scared to get on the scales...I wish TOM would hurry up and get here! I'm sure TOM is accountable for some of this fluid retention. later....

HA! I got to the gym, Janet was on a treadmill, and had booked one next to her's for me! Like hell I said (quite loudly), I'm off walking in the rain! So, she very reluctantly got off the machine and off we went in the rain, and just for that I made her go up the bloody hill right to the top! We had a blast, it was wet as, and FUN !!!

Got home and had surimi/shrimp and boiled egg salad for lunch, then watched a movie called "Elizabethtown" on Sky, oh what a life! hee hee

It's blowing like hell out there now, and I'm going to get the kids soon...

I should have left the little shits at school! Griffin was teasing Brylee and calling her a "sookie bubba" and now she's screaming and crying in her room and he's screaming and crying in the lounge cos I told him "No playstation today" as he was being a pain in the butt.... She pushed him, he pushed her back, I'm sick of being a bloody referee between kids......blame it on the wind?

Ah for a peaceful retirement (ONE DAY)...mad to think I'm looking forward to being old...oh god, I'm sad.

Saw this picture on another's blog, just love it ! It's me to a "T"...that's cheered me up.

It's been a quiet afternoon, I put the T.V. on a kids channel and told them to sit and watch or they were going to their rooms, it worked!

Then me Mum rang and yakked for over an hour! So not much got done... oh well, I did already have the chicken roast in the oven at least! I'm watching good old Coronation Street now, then I'm heading upstairs to do 30 minutes on the exercycle, then who knows? nite nite.


  1. Anonymous12:43 PM

    Palmy is a bit cold in the winter for me, Chris.... although I do visit there often (bro lives there).

    Good on you for being so motivated in all weathers.

    I wear my uggies and thermal undies in Palmy in SUMMER (living in QLD means you think the rest of the world is freezing)

    Well done you - keep it up, and keep up this blog... I think you should turn it into a book of some kind, I log in every day just to read it!!

  2. You're mad! Walking n this - yuk! Still you do make it sound like fun:)

  3. i there Chris I have jsut discoverd your blog throguh Beckie
    I love it good on you for walking in the rain and motivating your friend you sound like you have that determination it takes to get you back where you want to be

  4. You know, I'm not one for company when I'm exercising, unless I'm on a leisurely walk or something (in which case, I'm not intending to be exercising!).

    You rock for exercising during TOM. I like to hide out in my pyjamas with a big bowl of popcorn. But that's half my problem, isn't it?;-)

    Go you!

  5. Hope you don't get the sniffles from your enthusiastic walk.

    Josh turns 9 on Sunday. That means I have at least 9 more years before the house is childfree. I've been in countdown mode for years now, nearly made it too. Then I met a man who had two young kids. So here I am - back to counting again.

    Once he's gone I'm seriously considering selling the house and buying a one bedroom house.

  6. Your luck you can talk while you walk, I'm still in the "gasping for breath, need oxygen" stage! lol

  7. Don't you want to strangle those kids when they start fighting!!! Mine do it every waking hour .... two little shits!! (the boy ... well he is still too cute to be a shit!!lol)
    I love the winter .... Although it doesn't get as cold here as NZ.

    Enjoy your rain .... I wish we had it ....((humf))

  8. I had the same problem with boys today but it was in a shop that they were acting like little so and so's so there was no tv and early by half an hour to bed... that'll teachem he he he

    Love CM

  9. YOU CAN SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO NEVER GROWL ME DURING SCHOOL HOLIDAYS FOR LIVING IT UP...we've swapped i was at school pulling my hair out..whlie you were enjoying the quiet today - ROLL ON APRIL BABY!! HAHAHA

    walking in the rain rocks!! you sound like you're really on top of your game - dont worry about how you're feeling, remembers its time of teh month and you're doing your thang and doing it right!!!

    enjoy your night..

  10. I have to have a pretty like-minded person to exercise with; and also a likeness in ability as well - I really enjoy working out with Sarah-I, but other people (like my Mum, and other friends) have had such a differential in ability (where I have been both 'the unfit one' and 'the super fit one') that working out with them has been uber frustrating.

    I would really enjoy walking in the rain if it weren't for the fact that I wouldn't be able to see anything with my glasses on. Them spots of rain just clog up my view, and without them, I can't see a flaming thing (and I can't get contacts). Humbug!

  11. Hi Chris. I was looking for sites which were related to dieting and loosing weight, and your site came to my notice. The icons of your site are so inspiring. I feel like loosing few pounds of my own. I just studied the regular exercise which you do. Thanks for sharing with your viewers.

  12. Glad you were able to convince your gym buddy to throw caution to the wind. Many the sunshine tomorrow.


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