Sunday, August 31, 2008


- visit Stew's Dad
- Check out Botany Town Centre (Stew's idea) NO SHOPPING!
- Just chill out and do bugger all! Maybe take a walk around the new neighbourhood?

Today is about no stress, no housework, no worries.... just relaxing. There will be enough to do in the next week or so ...... the next two days are going to be all about chillin out and getting some rest.

NO PHOTOS either, I'm using my Uncle's computer.... you poor buggers will have to wait until my computer is connected at our new home! But think of the fun when I can post some! wooo hooo!

RIGHT, I'm off to start the day as a JAFA.... *BIG SMILES*

We have had a lovely day... our visit to see Stew's Dad went well. His Dad is nearly 92.. and very frail so we don't stay long. After that we went to Botany Town Centre... I did buy something! Two lovely plants, one for me and one for my Aunt and Uncle.. and a wee gift for me Aunty too.... new school shoes for Brylee and a Car Parking Sign with my name on it for our new garage! So, obviously I cannot go near shops without buying SOMETHING...*sigh* You all knew that already though I am thinking! LOL

We did a 'drive by' our new home... and the present owner was there .. saw us and waved us in to have another look! How cool... I got to go in and have another drool.... ha ha ha. I still LOVE the house.... it is much smaller than what we are used to of course, but such a nice feeling house. I can't wait till tomorrow when it is ours.

End of Day: it's been another awesome day... no stresses, just having fun together. And the weather has been awesome, sunny and warm (well out of the wind that is!)......

NSV: I am feeling happier today than I have in a very long time... this is good. nite nite.

Saturday, August 30, 2008


MY LETTERBOX... not quite the last thing to go... but DEFINITELY one of the most important! We are leaving No 3 ******** and moving to No 3 *******... HOW COOL IS THAT? We don't even have to change our number.

THE day has finally arrived!


WE have a long drive ahead of us, but I can't wait to go... our new home awaits.....
Being together as a family again.... FAN-FRIKKEN-TASTIC!

Right, until I'm in Auckland tonight and can access a compter, this is it for the day.

Wish us luck on our journey..... LATER PEOPLE!
Today.... has been awesome! We left at around 8.30 am... stopped and took some gorgeous photos of the mountain and Lake Taupo on the way up the island.. it was a gloriously fine day until we got to Hamilton, when it turned a bit cloudy... We stopped at Tirau and met up with Lee-Anne (a fellow blogger) and her husband Colin, and had lunch... I gave her a painting I'd done for her wedding gift. Then on to Auckland... no problems the WHOLE way... we got into Auckland at around 4.30 pm...
"We are now JAFA'S" wooo hooo!!!! I'm a JAFA, I'm a JAFA" doing a little dance....... BIG SMILES!
End of Day: an awesome day, one I have been waiting months and months for! We were in Palmerston North 6 years and 3 months... quite long enough for me! Tis cold down there!
Bring on the warmer weather, thank you very much!
NSV: I feel so good, it doesn't even matter that I am so overweight again! It will come off again! ONCE I'M SETTLED AND BACK INTO A DECENT ROUTINE. So there! nite nite.

Friday, August 29, 2008

LAST FULL DAY HERE IN PALMY - 1 sleep to go!!!

- Kids to school for the last day there.
- final day of packing up our home.... to be followed by last bit of cleaning...

then we are outta here!

So far this week has gone really major problems at all... and the guys from Crown has been neat... bloody hard workers and nice to spend time with. Even if they are cheeky buggers! But I give as good as I get! (as they have found out)

It's great having Stew here finally, I feel like I can relax a bit.... it has been hard organising it all on my own for so long.... Stew is starting to feel a bit better from his tonsilitis now too..... just in time to turn around and drive back to Auckland tomorrow.

We are down to just the outside stuff to go! I am thrilled to bits with how this pack up has gone, after thinking on Monday that it would never get done on time! Yaaa for the Palmy boys ... they have done a bloody fantastic job!

I am expecting to lose my internet connection some time today, so if I don't do "End of Day"... that's why!

Remember me saying yesterday these blokes would be lining up to have their photo taken? ha ha ha, these two insisted I take these ones:
ABOVE: Here we have Brad, holding a huge metal cog... this bloke has lost over *70* kilos all by himself!!! He had a protein drink morning and night and a 'normal' meal at lunchtime and did heaps of exercise! AWESOME.
ABOVE: The 'famous' Tama.... notice he's holding the same metal cog?? LOL... talk about a couple of posers! heeee heee he.
All the garden stuff out the front of the house....waiting for the last container to arrive to take it all away. Then we can truly finish the cleaning and be outta here.
End of Day: very early, but we have the purchasers doing their "pre purchase inspection" at 2pm today... so we are getting everything done and OUT by then.
It's been fun... it's been tiring, but WORTH IT.
NSV:.... got heaps of exercise! nite nite.

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Time is flying by... Stew is coming down today.... 2 sleeps till we move to Auckland and start our new life as JAFA's.....( Just Another Fucken Aucklander!).... I can't wait!

I have lived there before, OK, it was over 23 years ago, but I LIKED IT... I love the area, the shopping, the beaches, the proximity to our other kids/grandkids, the shopping, the warmer climate, the shopping.....

Did I mention the shopping? Oh how sad, we will be broke.... no more shopping for me (well not MUCH) lol.

I think I am finally feeling REALLY EXCITED about this move, it is going to happen! My house looks so WEIRD without our furniture in it... and forlorn..... BUT I DON'T CARE, a new home awaits.....


***KAREN*** (in the States) I have held off publishing your comment from yesterday as you used your hubby's blogger account again.... get back to me on that one.

SANDIE: I totally agree !!!

The house is full of blokes again... most of them are cheeky little buggers, especially that Joe.... ! He likes mosquites, BIG ones that suck on his neck.... LOL ! They have been going home and reading my bloody blog, the cheeky shits!

THIS (above) is Joe, he thinks he's all that.... ha ha ha! I'm waiting for the other blokes to ask to be on here next....

Stew got here safely around 2.30pm, AFTER I had been vacuming virtually all day... TYPICAL, there is still quite a bit of cleaning to do tomorrow, but I have done the bulk of it today.

End of Day: and early wrap up from me, but I'm knackered and ready to head back to the motel for a bit of relaxation. Back for the last day of packing/loading/cleaning tomorrow.

NSV: NONE... eating crap. No excuses, just too tired to worry about it. nite nite.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

GETTING TIRED...3 sleeps to go

What happens when the packers wrap all the chairs/sofas in your house ? You have nowhere to sit... so ya start to get really tired.... I'm TIRED.

Lots happening today....
- kids to school
- packers back
- another damn blood test
- first container arrives to be loaded I'm told
- Stew arrives (maybe)
- Move to Motel
- Kids finish school early due to Parent/Teacher Interviews (hope I don't forget them!) I have done that before!

That's it for now... going to drag my tired butt outta bed, strip the bedding off the beds we have been using so they can be packed... feed kids...yadda yadda yadda.... and SORRY for not visiting many blogs and leaving me lovely comments... but I'm busy people!

- Stew is too sick to come down today
- Brylee wiggles and grinds her teeth all night so kept me awake
- Griffin burst into tears reading his homework book this morning...
What next?

The first of 3 big containers to arrive to be loaded....

Joe and Trevor on "The Boardwalk".... taking out the first of many, many armfulls! The ground is soooo wet they had to cover it so as not to trapse in too much mud (or any hopefully!)

End of Day: full on day... taken our day to day stuff over to the motel, off to a girlfriend's for roast pork dinner. Probably won't be back now till tomorrow...

NSV: on me feet a lot... so probably using up lots of calories! This is good. nite nite.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


A funny story from yesterday:
Tama (the packer) puts the big sheepskin from the lounge in a box...
Steve says "Guess what my parents do on that Sheepskin?"
Tama... FREAKS OUT.... "You have got to be kidding?"

Ahhh, NAH, it's true! *evil snigger*.... now when I want to freak him out all I have to say is "SHEEPSKIN"..... and I've told his workmates too... he reckons they will all go around saying 'baaaa baaa' when they see him .... heeee hee he.

- kids to school
- let packer in
- Hospital appointment (more darn blood tests)

BELOW: the contents of my kitchen cupboards are in these boxes...

ABOVE: Just some of the lounge stuff done.... would you believe that every box and item wrapped etc has a numbered lable allocated and stuck to it, and it is ALL inventoried... and they have 720 lables for all our 'stuff' ! A 'normal' household has 30 cubic metres of stuff... and we have approx 100 cubic metres of stuff ! (and that's not counting the extra furniture, TV, Fridge/freezer etc we bought recently!) YIKES.

LYNDA: I already had the big clean out!!!! ha ha ha.

For Karen, a kiwi chick living in the States: She's entered a recipe contest, is in the semi-finals even.. and needs OUR VOTES!!! Go to : Thanks so much! Her recipe is 'Potatoe Bake'.

WOOO HOO, Tama turned up bright and early today with....more blokes to help! Yaaaa, it will get done on time!
Ahhh Men working..... Tama is the dude under the light fitting.... (I have their permission to publish their photos)....
Hospital... yakkity yak to the Haematologists..... down to med lab for blood tests (4 vials full)... half way home I get a phone call... "oh Mrs H, we are so sorry but the lab Technician forgot to take the 5th vial of blood, we need you to come back" LIKE HELL!!! Maybe tomorrow I will go back! I HATE NEEDLES .... could have cried.... actually feel like crying still. BUGGER IT.
Stew has come down with tonsilitis.... on antibiotics.... hopefully he will feel well enough to come down tomorrow... if not I hope he stays in bed and waits.
All is going really well with the pack... and yes, they will be unpacking the majority of stuff when we get to Auckland too....
End of Day: I'm knackered! Nothing to sit on!
NSV: Fish 'N' chips on the floor for dinner, that was so nice! yum yum. nite nite.

Monday, August 25, 2008

IT ALL STARTS TODAY.... 5 sleeps to go!

8.30 today:
- Teddy gets picked up
- the packers arrive and start
- kids to school (hopefully Steve is arriving to take them)

9 am :
- into town to pay bills (NO shopping!)
- Take pork roast (raw and frozen) to Sandra for our dinner on Wednesday night! She gets to cook it ...

That's it for right now...

I wonder what the packers will be like? Hope I like them, they are here all week! And I intend to be here too... making sure it goes smoothly, making them coffee... tidying up as they go.... so that there is less to clean on Friday night.

OOOOO I am so excited, butterflies in me belly...

THIS..... IS HOT :

THIS....... IS NOT:

And I won't mention ANY name ... but someone in my family had one of these Community Detention Ankle Bracelets put on their ankle this weekend..... for 4 months..... naughty person!

*RANT WARNING* : Was told the packers would be here at 8.30 (IF NOT SOONER!)... so get Steve to take kids to school ... and I wait... and wait.... and then I ring them at 9.15... "Where the hell are you"?.... "Oh bit of a problem, won't be there till about 9.30 now"..... FOR FUCKS SAKE! Wouldn't it have been nice to get a phone call letting me know?

My confidence in this Company is rapidly going down the toilet. And I wait...

Well.... one guy turned up.. Tama is his name and he's really lovely... we are getting on just fine..... and he's really working! I am just sitting watching him... so nice to see a man working! LOL

Work progresses... he's finished the kitchen, part of the dining room and part of the lounge.... Steve and I are keeping him entertained yakking....

Off to a girlfriend's for dinner tonight...

End of Day: all going to plan so far... still don't know how one man is going to get all the packing done on his own in time... but we will just wait and see! Dinner at Michele's was lovely, there is nothing like a meal you havn't had to cook yourself!

NSV: too busy most of day to think about food! nite nite.

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Yesterday sucked... BIG TIME... so today will be better!


Hopefully today Steve will move into a new flat, he will not have to sleep in his car. My heart broke when I found out he was doing that. No mother wants to think of her kid doing that.

We have quite a bit to do today... all the last minute things before the packers arrive tomorrow at 8.30 in the morning. I must pack our bags ready for the move to the motel too....

I hope I can get through today without crying.... I did a lot of that yesterday... IT IS NOT A GOOD LOOK... puffy eyes and red face... I hate crying.

I want to feel excited about the move ...... PLEASE. I keep looking at photos of the new house.... trying to imagine living there... it isn't working yet.... too much other 'stuff' getting in the way.... And Stew flies back to Auckland tonight. That might be hard... but then again, he will be back on Wednesday and then we will all be going to Auckland and will be together again. THAT WILL BE SO GOOD. SO GOT TO BE POSITIVE...ONWARD....

This is parts of my backyard:

And THIS is Teddy after he's been outside for toilets:

FUN EH? Tomorrow he goes to kennels, one less thing to worry about.

Remember that dear wee pot the Real Estate Agent gave to me?

Well I found some artificial grasses and lavender to put in it.. doesn't it look ever so pretty??? I'm hoping to find just the most perfect place for it in our new home.

Woo HOooo, I'm a spoilt tart! Janene just rang to invite the kids and I to dinner tonight! Neat, another meal I won't have to worry about..... or dishes! ONWARD....

FINALLY, Steve is in a new flat... so I can relax and stop worrying about him. Off to the airport shortly to drop off Stew for the LAST TIME.... then dinner with Janene and Jorja.... then home to do a few last minute things.

End of Day: had a lovely dinner at Janene's, even got to help cook it... AND we had ice cream and chocolate sauce... so yum! Stew is probably back in Auckland by now.. no doubt will hear from him later this evening. Kids in bed, Steve safely in new flat.. all is good again. So quiet in my house tonight! BLISS BLISS BLISS.

NSV: eeerrrrr none! But look out once I get to Auckland and can start walking again and concentrating on my weight! I am going to get back into the bloody 70's if it kills me! nite nite.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

I AM SLEEPING IN.... 7 sleeps to go!

BUGGER OFF... I'M SLEEPING IN... come back later... much later.....

I had a lovely lie in... And NO, I'm not suffering from any Stress now! (advice taken and 'worked on') LOL.

We went to town for a wander around, and for me to show Stew something I saw during the week.... and ummm.... we ended up buying another piece of furniture! I will put a photo up once Stew has picked it up.

It is absolutely pouring down today... miserable weather!

COFFEE BEAN: ha ha, dats a girl dog... Teddy's a BOY! LOL

NO, we did not get another puppy!!! That is just a picture off Google Images! Derrrr... like I need another puppy! One is enough!
ABOVE: The new TV entertainment unit for the new Flat Screen Plasma TV... OOOO ain't it pretty? Retail Therapy.. MORE STRESS RELIEF! I might add, I had my eye on a smaller one, but Stew liked the bigger one better!
End of Day: it's been wonderful having Stew home, it's not been wonderful finding out Steve is sleeping in his car... but hopefully it is getting 'sorted' tomorrow. I am so stressed out it's not funny, am going to have a sauna tonight and go to bed early.... I am over today.
NSV: no appetite today... to stressed out I suppose. No doubt will return soon enough, drat. nite nite.

Friday, August 22, 2008

STEW'S HOME TONIGHT.... 8 sleeps....

Yaaaaaa, Stew is home tonight, I can RELAX for a while..... well OK, maybe not relax that much, but I intend having a bloody sleep in tomorrow! It is MY turn. I reckon it's MY TURN for a sleep in for the next couple of months even! He's been up in Auckland, able to sleep in every other weekend, and me? Havn't had a decent lie in for months. I am TIRED people.... damn tired.

AND GRUMPY.... stressed out .... annoyed with Steve.... annoyed with the dog... HELL I'm annoyed with everything right now. I do believe it's because the move is so close and there seems to be so much still to do....

Can I just curl up in a corner and pretend it's not happening for a few hours? Please. (this is from a woman who had been hanging out to move for 9 months!).... derrrrr.

*SIGH*... ranting over.... let's see what today has in store:
- guess????
- yep, kids to school
- pop into town to pick up new Slow Cooker (it was free from Fly Buys)

Dat's about it! Maybe I'll have a lovely long soak in the bath to help de-stress myself? I'm sure Stew doesn't want to come home to a stressed out crabby wife! Any other good ideas to help me de-stress????
LAURA: funny woman ha ha ha!

Dinner... in the nice new crock pot... corned beef and spuds....Stew will love it! My Aunt has him on a diet up there in Auckland... I don't think he's seen a spud in a while! LOL (spud = potatoe)

BTW: Steve is STILL here.... trying to get that boy outta my house is even WORSE than when I was getting him outta me womb, and that's saying something, cos he was 10 pound 12 ounces at birth! And no C-section for me, OH NO, I had to push that bugger out! Kinda what I'm trying to do right now! ha ha ha.

YUMMMMM, me house smells so nice... dinner is simmering away, I'm off to have a nice hot bath and shave me legs... might try the suggestion for de-stressing LATER... a couple of Bacardi and Diet Cokes and NOOKY! LOL

End of Day: hubby home, I'm bathed and shaved (everything!)... hee hee hee.... looking forward to some 'alone' time with me man! Don't even think I need the grog... am ready to GO! *evil little snigger* ....

NSV: does getting rid of excess hair count in weight loss? I reckon! nite nite.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

SINGLE DIGITS.... 9 sleeps to go!

Time LINE:
- Stew home Friday night, back to Auckland on Sunday night
- Move Steve's stuff into temporary storage (thanks Janene!)
- Packers arrive Monday 25th and Teddy goes to kennels
- Move to Motel Wednesday 27th
- Stew home Wednesday 27th
- Packers take everything away Friday 29th
- Do BIG CLEAN UP of house on Friday night, keys to Agent
- We leave for Auckland Saturday 30th
- Take possesion of new home Monday 1st September
- Move in Tuesday 2nd Sept
- Teddy home Friday 5th Sept

I think I have remembered everything we have to do... I have even lined up several girlfriends to feed us during the packing week... so I don't have to worry about dinner that whole week. Yaaaaa.

- kids to school
- do more last minute things around here
- check out the kennels Teddy is going to be staying in while we are moving. I hope they are nice.

Things I am putting off doing till the weekend:
- cleaning the oven (Stew can have that pleasure)
- defrosting the fridge/freezer
- disconnecting the washing machine
- putting all garden pots and "ornaments" in one place
- replacing our letterbox with the old original one
- put aside all the stuff the packers won't transport (paint, oils, flammables etc)
- Pack our bags for the motel stay and trip up to Auckland.

I think that's all !

I hope I'm not forgetting anything......I almost need a notebook hanging around my neck, there's so much to remember. But that would NOT be a good look....

Last night one of the lovely Real Estate Agents who did a lot of work to sell our home popped in with a wee gift for me! It's a cute metal pot... I can put dried flowers or grasses in it...

Now how cute is that? And so nice of Lolly to give it to me. ONWARD... Oh and I just have to laugh cos it's something new and I DIDN'T BUY IT! And do you realise that once we move anything I buy won't have a blue carpet backdrop? ha ha ha.

Well I think I have finally organised all the disconnections/reconnections.... I was on HOLD with Telecom for 25 darn minutes... I almost hung up and rang their rivals Telstra.... Grrrrr. Friggin HORRIBLE music I had to listen to as well. Pfffffffft.

GRRRRRRR... friggin dog did shit on the back seat of me van.. went out to check out the kennels, they are lovely... me dog is NOT. Oh well, the seat is now nice and clean... after I scrubbed the shit outta it... (literally) ! Home now, looking forward to a quiet evening. Steve has bathed the kids for me (wonders will NEVER cease!)... so all I have to do now is feed them and chuck them into bed. Yaaaaaaaa.

End of Day: just a so-so day really. All Steve's stuff got brought back to MY house today... pissed me off big time, but hey, what can ya do? Hopefully it will all leave again on Saturday. *sigh*

NSV: none, ate like a pig... should walk around snorting... just so stressed out and grumpy today. nite nite.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Ever woken up thinking "There is SOMETHING I'm supposed to do today" ... but can't remember what? Well that's me today!

I hope it isn't important!

So until I remember: TODAY:
- kids to school

- continue fluffing around the house, getting everything ready for the packers....

- meet my girlfriend Chris D for a coffee before she goes to ENGLAND in the afternoon with her hubby!

Chris D and her husband are going to England for about 4 weeks I think... it might be his last trip 'home' due to his having lung cancer.... but ya never know with that man! By rights he wasn't expected to live this long... but he's a battler and determined to stick around for ages! GOOD ON HIM.

So I'm going to town AGAIN today... pray for Stew's sake that I don't get sidetracked by a SALE..... LOL

Maybe DARK GLASSES will help? Or BLINKERS ? Or maybe I should just leave me handbag at home!
Morning tea: was lovely, we had it at our girlfriend Sandra's coffee shop.... so got to see her too. Then... I popped into town and bought....


You can stop holding your breath now Stew!!!! LOL.
I'm safely home now, so no chance of going shopping mad today!
Kids fed and into bed... and I'm cleaning out the pantry and getting the rubbish ready for pickup tomorrow... thank GOD this is the last time I will have to do the rubbish on me own! I hate it... sorting out plastics, paper, bottles, and 'other' rubbish into their seperate lots. And let's not forget the BIG BIN for all the garden rubbish and junk. You would think with a big strapping boy (STEVE) in the house I wouldn't have to do this eh? WHAT A JOKE... he's never out of bed in time to help lug it all down to the road. The USELESS BLOODY SHIT. I am fuming as I do it let me assure you!
End of Day: another really nice day here, sunny but not warm.
NSV: getting lots of incidental exercise... don't ever sit still for long! nite nite.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

RAIN, HAIL, FREEZING.... 11 sleeps to go.

Late last night it started raining and hailing again... This morning.... sunshine AGAIN, but OOOO So cold...

- kids to school
- Stay home! NO shopping! The lightbulbs can wait till Stew comes home!

Steve's flat situation has fallen through... so now he has nowhere to live.... and only 6 days to find something! FAR OUT, that's all I need, more stress. Half his stuff is in his cousin's house and has to be removed asap... I am beyond all this shit, I just want to put my head in my hands and scream.

Lucky I don't bite my nails when stressed cos if I did I'd have stumps for fingers.... instead I usually eat... WONDERFUL.

CLARIFICATION: I don't have to pack the house up... a moving company is coming in on Monday and they do it ALL... what I have to do is

- take everything off the walls.....DONE

- clean the house.... DOING

- pack clothes, essentials for me and kids..... DOING

- Arrange power/gas/phone/SKY disconnections/reconnections.... DOING.

THAT'S IT! The moving company packs everything, takes it to Auckland and then unpacks everything .... HOW COOL IS THAT? And the best thing, it doesn't cost us anything either... Stew's company pays for all expenses incurred for the move.

After my best intentions... I have been to town TWICE today already! First time to post some stuff, then second time to sign our life away with new Mortgage Documents..... Scary Stuff That!!! HUGE mortgage..... EEEEKKKKK.

OH.... and there was a shop having a Closing Down Sale.... AND..... they had my dinner set in there.... so I just HAD to get some side plates, I had none you understand! So now I have a few. ON SALE people, ON SALE!!!! How could I resist? *skulking into a corner now to repent me sins*

Alley: Of course I forgot the bloody light bulbs! Ha ha ha!

Felt really DOWN this morning... but I plugged myself into my iPod and am now feeling much better... love me music! Off to get the kids from school now... OH YAAa. *sigh*

End of Day: totally knackered again tonight.... just mental exhaustion I think... stress is tiring!

NSV: getting on top of all the 'to do' things... this is good. nite nite.

Monday, August 18, 2008

WOOO HOOOOO..... ( 12 sleeps to go)

Last night... Steve actually left the house to live somewhere else! So happy... now I can stop stressing about him being here.... wooo hoooo.

-kids to school.
- into town to do a few jobs.
- ring around power company, telecom, SKY etc to arrange final readings here and reconnections in new house.
- finish washing windowsills and worst windows.
- get washing out... did lots of sheets yesterday. ... dumb really cos they are never going to dry in this weather!

That's it for now.... the Moving Company arrives in a week to start the packing! Gawd it's getting close..... I am really, really starting to feel excited now... got flutterings in me tummy even!

OH WOW! It's fine out there, we have blue sky, sunshine.... and a frost! Ok ya can't have everything.... but it's NOT raining ..... right now.. might have to take a photo so I don't forget what the sun looks like! lol

DAMMIT, DAMMIT, DAMMIT.... Steve didn't leave last night, he's upstairs asleep.... the little shit. Maybe tonight he will sleep somewhere else!

I went to town to buy LIGHTBULBS... I swear I did! But... I AM EVIL... and went into one of my favourite shops JUST to look... and OH HELL.... saw these and JUST HAD TO HAVE THEM...

They were just too beautiful to leave in the shop, and I HAVE THE PERFECT PLACE FOR THEM in our new home.... *hanging head in shame*

So I text'd Stew and told him not to be mad with me, cos I was spending more money yet AGAIN... and his response???
"I'm not mad Darling if you like and want it that's fine. Happy to still have my wife in my life. I love you".
I almost cried right there and then..... my love for that man grows every day! And NOT cos he let's me spend all our money either! He is my EVERYTHING.
Ummmmm.... I forgot the lightbulbs too.......derrrrr.
Well a fairly quiet afternoon.... even fell asleep for a few moments!
End of Day: I lovely day, it stayed fine all day, though it was VERY cold... lots of snow somewhere!
NSV: Does shivering use up calories, cos if it does I used up a few! nite nite.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

GRRRRR... and 13 days to go!

Why am I growling?

Cos my pain in the arse son is still living here, he's not moved out yet! Will it happen today? WHO KNOWS.... cos I don't.

I am getting so crabby about him still being here, the packers will be here in a week, HE HAS TO BE GONE BY THEN or I will take all his stuff down to the dump!

hmmmm..... not too sure, there really isn't much more I can do until the packers arrive.... trying to just keep the washing up to date and get it DRY in this bloody awful weather we are having.


I probably need to get me and the kids some of these:

Or else our feet will look like this:

ONWARD with the day..... and let's hope something positive happens today!

I found something to do! I loaded everything I could lift of Steve's into the van....

I am DETERMINED he is leaving TODAY..... I have had enough.
Some bloody twit ... 000 that was you eh APRIL... mentioned the 'joys of being a mother'... YEAH RIGHT.... your kids are only JOYFUL when they are infants or asleep !!! Well that's how I feel after having been a mother for .... 29 years, 7 months, 2 weeks, 2 days and about ..hmmmm 9 hours........ NOT THAT I'M COUNTING you understand! ha ha ha. (and APRIL... I do love ya!)
It looks like half Steve's stuff will stay here till the the end of the week, till his new flat is ready. But at least it's a start! Maybe he can sleep elsewhere too! The van load is gone ... thank god.
I've been scrubbing marks off the carpets.... going to see what else I can do now....
End of Day: I'm knackered again... can't wait to get the kids to bed and just relax! Might even have a sauna now that I can get to it.... Steve's stuff was in front of it. I havn't had a sauna in weeks... cos of the operation and so on....
NSV: been really good with food today, didn't lose the plot like I have been lately. Stress eating is alive and well in this house! nite nite.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

ANOTHER WET, MISERABLE DAY (14 sleeps to go)

The ONLY comforting thing about our miserable weather is that it is country wide.... not just here! I can't believe how long it has now been raining.... our lawn is now a lake! I HATE ! HATE ! HATE ! WINTER.

- morning tea with the girlfriends, might be our last get together as next saturday we will be so busy getting ready for the move!
- today's job: wipe over every single windowsill.... and light fittings.

The more I can do now means less to do on the last night once everything has been taken away. I am dreading it really! My mind is constantly going over all that I have to remember to do.... what to pack for our Motel stay and trip up to Auckland... what to keep out for the BIG CLEAN... bla bla bla.

I just want it all to start NOW, instead of a week away still.... I'm NOT a patient person. It has been so long coming.... *SIGH*

I AM GETTING SO EXCITED THOUGH.... only 14 more sleeps!!!

I saw this 'doodle' on Rick Green's blog last night, fell in love with it.... even though it's not even finished yet.... and talked 'turkey' with Rick... AND IT'S MINE! Woo hooo! Another original Rick Green picture for me.... he's the bloke who did our Snapper picture (for our tattoos)...

Isn't it soooo pretty? And funky! Can't wait to see it finished! It will get a special spot in our new home.

Lovely morning tea..... did a bit of shopping too.... wooden puzzles for the kids to play with, some more clothes for the kids... then home to open a little present from my girlfriend Chris D:

It is a really gorgeous plaque outlining the virtues of a Special Friend... which I seem to be (to Chris D) how sweet.

I've just been yakking with Stew... he is a lucky bugger! He got to go around to our new home this afternoon and talk to the present owners about all the house's idiosyncrasies.... how the alarm works, DVS, Central Vac, bla bla bla... he loves the house even more now! I wish I had been there! *SIGH*

End of Day: watching the Olympics...our rowers have done well! as I 'speak' we have won 2 Bronze and 1 Gold... so exciting to watch. Just filling the hottie bottles for me and the pup... then I'm off to bed. Feeling really good tonight, not as tired as I have been. This is great!

NSV: finally feeling good after a few crappy days. nite nite.

Friday, August 15, 2008

FRIDAY.... 15 sleeps to go!

What's the haps today?
Well there is a quilt show on at the Convention Centre, and I'm gunna go check it out.... hope I get some ideas from all the gorgeous quilts on show.... one of my girlfriends has a quilt in the show.... wonder if she got a prize???

First off though, I will get the kids to school, do some basic housework...

And today I am doing nothing else! No cleaning, no de-cluttering no NOTHING like that! My body is telling me to take a break, so I will!

Can't think of anything else for now so will bugger off...

While I remember: it was so cold last night and it rained non-stop... Teddy cried and howled for so long I got mad and went out to him in the garage... the poor little bugger was cold and shivering so I have him a Hot water bottle.... he was fine after that! Now I suppose I will have to do that every night.... just like a baby he is!

- it's hailing
- it's blowing a gale
- it's freezing
I don't think I have ever seen my back yard so swamped with water... it's the PITS. Hell I hope this weather improves in two weeks! Imagine trying to move with it pissing down and blowing a gale! NO THANKS.

Have to go get the kids in a while, hope it stops raining by then or we are all going to get VERY wet.

NO PHOTOS!!! Can't have that.... so here we have the walls before and after I took everything down:

My poor walls look NAKED!!!! It is not nice, the house no longer feels like home.... it's cold and unwelcoming... isn't it amazing how your own pictures and stuff on the walls make a place 'HOME' !

The majority of the wall hangings are behind the couch in me lounge.... and some are in the hallway. In our new home I reckon we will only have room to hang about half of them back up!
End of Day: done nothing as planned, it felt good!
NSV: had a two hour nap today, that was good for me body! nite nite.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

GUNNA PAINT TODAY ( 16 sleeps to go)

So, last night I was going to paint (touch up) the walls where pictures had been... but I was SO tired I just ran outta energy!

Therefore... that's today's job! Neat, something to do .... no reason to go to town and do some retail therapy!

GOOD NEWS!!! Looks like Steve and his cousin have found a 3 bedroom flat for them and Mike... AND Steve might be moving out THIS WEEKEND!!! OOOOO Yaaaaaaa! Not that I don't love my boys (cos I DO), but I am SICK OF THEM ! Only a couple more weeks and I will be hours away from them... wonder if I will miss them and worry about them? DAMMIT, I'M BOUND TO! But it will be good for them, make them grow up a bit and stop relying on us so much.

- kids to school (like I don't say that every day!) lol
- Touch up marks on walls
- Fill out Mail Re-direction forms for Post Office.
- Pop into town and get some American $'s for a purchase I made.... ooops I don't even have to go to town to buy something!

- Dunno what else yet...... But you can be sure it WON'T be cleaning the kitchen windows! That is all Steve's job! The twit wrote on them:

What is says is " Steve is a God of Sex"... YEAH RIGHT ! In your dreams son. He better clean in off before he leaves!

Well the painting didn't take that long at all! Our hallways and rooms look NAKED though!

So ... I have time on me hands till I think of what to do next... so am having lunch in town with a girlfriend.... later...

Lunch with Chris D was nice... ate too much so came home and had a nap! So tired today....

Went up to the school to pick up the kids... Griffin was wearing totally different clothes to the ones he left home in.. here's why:

Those are his totally NEW school trousers and quite NEW sneakers... RUINED. The little shit. The Principal had a word with him about not wallowing in the mud (played rugby he did).... here's hoping he doesn't do it again.

End of Day: busy afternoon, visited Ann out on her farm and saw Izzy and Toby (Golden Retrievers).. Izzy used to be our girl... but she is now Ann's and so happy out there. Her and Toby are hopefully making babies right now! I am coming back to see them if/when they are born! Grocery grab after visiting them, then home for dinner.

Been extremely tired today... Maybe I am doing too much... must try and slow down a bit. Not much else to do now though till the moving company arrives.

NSV: well none, just feel blah.... not eating well, getting bugger all 'exercise'.... doing lots of 'stuff' around the house... maybe it counts as exercise? lol. nite nite.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

WHY WOULDN'T I? (17 sleeps to go)

Tell me, why wouldn't I be getting pissed off at a certain BOY in my house?

Why ..when I get up every morning at 7am, make beds, feed kids, make lunches, open curtains, get dog up and make sure he doesn't pee on me floor.... take kids to school, return, do dishes, empty the bins, sweep the floors, hang out the washing..... bla bla bla...... ALL while said BOY lies in bed till 12.30pm and then gets up ... and LEAVES....

AND then he turns up again some hours later, eats, ignores the dishes.... leaves dirty dishes upstairs for ME to get, stays up all night, leaves his room in a mess:


And let's not forget the boy who doesn't live here (Mike), but seems to be here all the time.. and sleeps here 90% of the time too..... and who is just as bad as the OTHER BOY.... AND WHO EATS EVERYTHING IN SIGHT as well..... does he do anything to help me? UMMMMM .... are you joking?

I AM FED UP..... I am supposed to be getting ready to move and they are just making more work for me and stressing me out. Can I THROTTLE them do ya think? I wanna....

*sigh*... now that's off me chest... what am I doing today? THE BLOODY USUAL....

- kids to school

- do some housework (oh joy)

- try to tidy up the pantry and wipe over all the shelves

HOW THRILLING. Can ya tell I'm in a shitty mood???? AND to make it worse... I'm tired cos SAID BOY came home at 4.30 am, then left again immediately.... but I woke up and couldn't get back to maybe today I will have a nana nap too.

WANNA: where the hell are ya? I can't read your blog.. you ain't commenting on me blog! I am sad.....

DEON: if you are reading this... I lie... Steve is a paragon of cleanliness, he does dishes too! So please DO go flatting with him.. take him off my hands!!!

I had to go to town to post an important letter, decided to buy Griffin another pair of trousers... which I did...

And dang! Farmers were having a huge SALE.... and I got these 6 pyjama sets for $3.50 EACH !!! BARGIN !

AND becos it's me BIG 50th BIRTHDAY soon... and I just KNOW I ain't gunna be getting the sapphire and diamond ring... Stew got me these new knickers instead (he just doesn't know it yet, LOL!)

ALL ON SALE TOO..... I find shopping THERAPEUTIC you understand? It's called STRESS RELIEF. And I'm sticking to that story....
April: I HAVE done the huge hissy fit thing and thrown everything off the floor out onto the roof.. in one girls room I took everything she owned and threw it out on the road! Felt good.
LAINEY-PANEY: Yes, THROTTLE does mean "wring the neck"!
WANNA: ta for getting back to me chick, love ya heaps!
KAREN: Where does your son Steve live, I can direct MY Steve there!
MRS C: Don't go feeling sorry for them! Steve is 21 ! and he's big enough and ugly enough to fend for himself! Mike is already in a flat with some other guys.... but Steve, Mike and their 30 year old cousin Deon are all getting together and moving into a place together, so I won't be worried about them... so don't you either!
End of Day: I've been so busy this afternoon! I have taken down all the pictures etc off the walls and tonight I am going to touch up the paintwork where there are marks... so another good job will be done.
NSV: too busy to eat most of the day! But made up for it with fish N chips... was yummy too! nite nite.