Monday, May 31, 2021


SO... all weekend I've been freezing.

We turned the heat pump on a few times cos it really was that cold.

Last night.  I'm sitting in me chair, thinking about turning the heat on again, cos it had really cooled down ... when I remembered this:

ABOVE:  So I go get it, and put it on.

INSTANTLY WARM!  Like, the second I put the hood on... I felt so much better.

Amazing.  If you feel the cold... go get yourself an Oodie!

If you can find one that is.  Last time we looked the shops had none.  You can probably still buy them online. 

If the price seems cheap... it's not an Oodie by the way.

Gee I think that's one of the few times I've endorsed a product quite to thoroughly. 😊💜💛💙💗

Today is my traditional 'do the housework' day.

There's a good deal of vacuming to do, and one small load of washing.

And that's about all really.  

So, until later in the day... 

I might have a poached egg and baked beans on toast for breakfast!  Cos it's cold.  Makes sense right?  😂😅😆

Yaaa for a sunny day.  I've got the heater on, as I'm not waddling around the house in layers and layers of clothes!
Done the washing.  Just thinking of hanging it outside or not?
It's COLD out there, even though the sun is shining.  And the forecast is for rain.  Booo.
Might just hang it on racks inside.

Gunna go out shortly too... got a parcel to post off to Ron.  He's doing OK, just terribly lonely.  To be expected.  Him and Mum were together for 16 years, virtually never apart.  

I wish I could go over and keep him company for a week or two, but with the virus situation on-going, I don't want to risk getting trapped over there for an extended period of time.

It's way too much of a changing situation right now.  It just never ends does it?

3 pm:  Very surprised... it's stayed nice and fine today.  So, I took myself out for a walk around the neighbourhood.  Stopped and chatted with a couple of lovely people in their yards doing gardening.
Gee this is such a lovely area we live in!

I got a good deal of housework done too.  So a good day.  

I'm going to be cooking chicken pieces for dinner... not sure what I'll accompany them with yet.  Probably just veges.  🐥🐤🐥

I decided late in the afternoon to go for another walk!

ABOVE:  I walked over to Steve and Bex's.  By the time I was home again, it was almost dark.

ABOVE:  They were eating dinner, which was Pumpkin and Bacon Soup.  I was chuffed to see them using their bowl cosy's.

Anyway... that's about it from me.  I better get dinner started, Stew will be home in 15 minutes!  Whoops.

Well, dinner was good, and now it's chill out time ... watching some mindless Tv as per usual.
Catch ya tomorrow.

Sunday, May 30, 2021


 Sadly, I didn't get to try out the new washing machine yesterday.

I simply didn't have enough dirty washing.

So, today I'll change our bedding and that should give me a decent load to do.

We were very surprised last night by the little boys.

Usually they get a bit bored after a while, and want to get home to their 'screen games'.... but  someone thought of giving them plastic cups and a ping pong ball each to play with.

ABOVE: They played all sorts of games with them!  Stacking them, playing hide the ball... throwing the ball into the cups from a distance and so on.

They literally amused themselves for hours!

ABOVE:  And yeah, building tents with the ottoman was a given.  😊😉😅

Today we are taking the girls out for a drive.

Coco LOVES going out in the car.  She tries to leave with everyone who visits us!

Marley isn't quite as keen, but she does get in the car, so she can come too.

Not sure where we shall go... we'll see once we hit the road.

Catch ya later.

10.55 am:  And OMG it's cold today!  Wet and utterly miserable.
Going out with the girls is on HOLD.

The heater is ON.
So is the washing machine.

ABOVE:  I chose a cold wash, and expected the time to show 3 hours (like the front loader), but NO!
Just over one hour.  Awesome.
This machine is so like one we had a few years ago.  Really easy to use, no complicated electronics to work out.

I'm not sure if we will bother to go out now.  It's just so ikkk out there.  

1.40 PM:  woooo hoooo!  THUNDER STORM.  Just had our house shake!!!

ABOVE: Around 3 pm we decided to take the girls out for a drive.  Just in the neighbourhood.
COCO loved it.
If she could have sat on the dashboard, she would have.
Marley?  Sat on the back seat and looked annoyed.

ABOVE: The weather really is FOUL out there.

ABOVE: Our lovely local playground is still undergoing renovations, and having lots of new and exciting equipment added.
The kids are going to love it once it's reopened.

We stopped in to visit Steve, Bex and the boys, cos the girls just love seeing them too.
And of course, they tend to get a bit spoiled when they are there.  Like cheese tidbits from Steve, and tummy rubs from everyone.

We don't have to cook again this evening, as there's plenty of left overs from last night.  Brylee is coming over to help us finish it off.

Left overs are wonderful.  Waste not want not and all that jazz.  And we fed ourselves and Brylee too.
Now... Stew and I just put fresh linen on our bed ... so it's good to go.
And I won't be long out of bed tonight... I'm really tired.

NOTE TO SELF:  If you have ice cream after dinner (we did last night), you WILL have hot flushes ALL NIGHT LONG, and you will NOT sleep at all.  It was a dreadful night to be honest.
I'm not had a single sugary thing today at all.  Here's to a good night's sleep.

Saturday, May 29, 2021


Can I just say how excited I am to do the washing later on today?   I know... it's weird wanting to do the washing!

Did I tell you that I bought the biggest top loader on the market (Domestic use)?

Yeah.  I will probably fall in it at some point. 

Nah, I will use a little step stool and me 'grabber'.

I'll show you what me grabber is later.  I'm in bed, so ain't getting up to take a photo right now.

What I'm looking forward to THE MOST is re-washing me towels, and have them come out 'normal' again!

So, a bit later on this morning we will go and pick up the washing machine, get it home and then Steve is coming over to help Stew put it in the laundry.

Once that is done, we are gunna just have a nice, quiet day. 🐔

Stew is tired, he's been up in Auckland at a work conference for a couple of days.  I'd say 'poor man' but I think he rather likes them.

Yesterday, while I was out emptying the trailer, a bloke came over and chatted with me.

He was a local real estate agent, just making himself known.

We had a really great chat!  Mostly about shared house buying/selling experiences.  

Anyway, after yakking for about 40 minutes he left, but not before giving me this:

ABOVE:  I'm going to put it on a lanyard and wear it when I go out and about.  It's damn neat don't ya think?

Oh and I reckon he'd be a nice agent to use if you were wanting to sell in Hamilton.  There's a plug for ya Nick. 😊

And that's about all I have for now.


9.30 am:  It's been raining all morning, so we have not been able to pick up the washing machine yet.
Stew's gone to the supermarket for our usual 'Friday Night' supplies.
Which means a week's worth of DIET COKE.  Among other things.

ABOVE: THIS is me 'Grabber'.  I use it to open and close curtains that I can't reach behind furniture, pick up dog toys off the floor etc.
I'm sure I can use it (if necessary), to get washing from the bottom of the washing machine.

ABOVE:  Steve and Bex can visit anytime, if they come with boxes of MAMA'S DONUTS!!!!!!
OMG morning tea has arrived.

LYNDA:  Well Stew said it's because I only like 'Big Units' like him!
But in reality, I do washing once a week.  I save it all up and so, I have a lot of washing at the end of the week.
And I like the versatility of being able to do a small or large load.
Each to their own.

ABOVE:  It arrived...

ABOVE:  LOOK how BIG it looks beside the other one!

ABOVE:  Yes Sharon, it is an agitator type.

ABOVE:  It has the cutest shimmery lid. It's labeled as Scratch Resistant.  So Steve tried it out.  I nearly throttled him.

ABOVE:  Steve could hardly move for the girls mobbing him.  They are just so CUTE!

ABOVE:  Chipping the corner off the shelf so the lid could be raised fully.

ABOVE:  Lynda, this is our garage/wet fridge.  And no, we don't quite go through that many Diet Cokes in a week!  But just in case... we have plenty. 😆😊😋
AND.... the beer is mostly for visitors, as is the wine.  There's water too!  And milk if anyone wants a cuppa tea/coffee.
See, it's a WELL BALANCED fridge.

ABOVE:  Amanda trying out the Ottoman, as a seat and coffee table...

ABOVE:  and as a storage unit.  lol

ABOVE:  2 pm, more visitors!  Griffin and Kayla... and more laps for the girls to sit on.  Little hussies.

ABOVE:  Well after a couple of hours on our own, Steve and Bex came back and cooked dinner for all of us!
We had a delicious Chicken and Bacon Cabonara.

ABOVE:  Brylee joined us for dinner too.   After the main, we all had some ice cream and chocolate sauce.  🐥🐤

Everyone  has now left, it's back to peace and quiet and just us and the dogs.
Stew is watching rugby on TV, and I am going to browse You Tube.
Catch ya tomorrow.

Friday, May 28, 2021



First thing this morning I'm off for a walk, just in my neighbourhood today.

Starting the day really positively.  It's so nice getting to say 'Hi' to people in my neighbourhood.

Then, once I get home, I'm probably going to get in me sewing room and do some sewing.  Bound to be enjoyable, in my happy place.

Stew has been up in Auckland since yesterday morning, he's due home tonight.   I really miss him when he's away.

But, once he's home ... it's Friday night.  The start of another weekend.  Yaaa.

Let's start the day!

11.35 am, and gosh I've had  a busy morning!
First up, I decided to visit a few shops to suss out another new washing machine.
YES, our 'new' one is less than a year old, but I HATE IT.

I hate it so much I can't live with it any more.

1. I don't like having to literally get on the floor to load and unload it.
2. I hate how it leaves my towels feeling like cardboard, no matter how much conditioner/softener I put in the wash.

So, Brylee has bought it off us and I am going back to a top loader.  edit:  Clearly I won't be saying something like this again, which I did just to cover my back from accusations of being wasteful with 'our money'.
I do have photos of my morning, but blogger isn't allowing me to upload at the moment.

My 'walk' took 3 hours!   Cos I walked around quite a few shops, looking at prices and models of washing machines, and also a new duvet cover.

In the end I didn't get the duvet cover as the one I thought would be lovely was almost $500, and too similar to the floral one I already have.
So I just settled on the washing machine, bought it and came home.

We shall pick it up tomorrow.   SQUEALS!!!   I'm really happy to be going back to a top loader, even if I do sometimes almost fall into it!

Gosh for some strange reason I have heaps of energy today!  I am impressed with myself.  😆😇😊
It feels good, getting jobs done around the house quick smart today.
I've even emptied the trailer in readiness for picking up the washing machine tomorrow.

Darling is gunna love me. 

ABOVE:  So I get to Harvey Norman's just as a fire engine pulls up.
Out jump men, they are fully kitted out... and they walk into the shop.
Stand there... look around... and come out and off they go again!

ABOVE: The machine I bought.  It's got a sparkly lid... which the sales girl thought was SUCH  a selling point.  
I asked her what was her BEST PRICE?

Then I rang the opposition and asked for theirs... in front of her.
She came down another hundred bucks.  lol
So in the end I saved over $200 on the asking price.

ABOVE: The Base.  Wasn't busy today.  Got lots of walking done around here.
Silly me though.  I was wearing THERMALS, cos it was damn cold outside.
I ended up roasting.

ABOVE: One of my favourite shops, Early Settler.  I went in there to look at their bed linen.  It was all monotone, nothing like what I was looking for.

ABOVE: I got home and moved the ottoman from the sun room to here.
I might like it. 
Time will tell.

Lacy just called in ... got no left overs.  Ha ha, Brylee took them last night.
So she left, with a lot of the branches and dead bushes that were in the trailer.  She can burn them on the farm.

Brylee is due here soon.  She's bringing donuts.
She's off work with a cold.  

Next visitor?  Steve.  He called in to take the front loading machine out, so tomorrow we can just slot the new one in place.

Just as he left, Brylee arrived.  No donuts.  I'd had lunch and didn't want one after all.
Probably best.  Not like I need donuts.

Stew will be home in a few hours.  Can't wait to see him.

Fri 28/05/2021 5:43 PM
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Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "CREEEPY":

Jesus. I can't believe you actually sold your washing machine to Brylee. It's not like you guys need the money! Talk about making someone's life a bit harder when she's just starting out on her own. Why are you so greedy? Is that another one of the reasons some of your kids don't talk to you? It's almost like you don't have a maternal bone in your body. Not sure if anyone has told you, but you don't have to be mean and make other people's lives hard all the damn time.

OK ANON:  Let's get this straight.  It's none of your fucking business what I do and don't do.
But for your information ... I GAVE the machine to Brylee.
I didn't make her pay a cent.
But I did say I sold it to her, so people JUST LIKE YOU didn't accuse me of wasting money buying a new machine and not keeping the other one.

Seems it doesn't matter what I do or don't say, HATERS GUNNA HATE.  

I don't think I'll bother trying to cover my back any more.

Fri 28/05/2021 6:21 PM
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Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "CREEEPY":

Of course you gave it to her for free. You don't earn any money or bring an income into your house so it means nothing to you. Stew will be working until he's 80 because you are to lazy to get a job.

Ahhhh ANON, you really are a sad git ain't ya?  Go away and sit in a corner, you are being very nasty.  And your stupid words don't bother us at all.
And I won't be posting any more, so don't waste ya time.

Awww thank you Brylee, we love you.  And I'm sure the washing machine will come in handy when you finally get your own place.

And there ya go... another day done and dusted, and another point proven.  STALKED.  
How sad that some people have nothing better to do with their days.