Friday, May 07, 2021



Let's make this quick.

I'm heading over to Cambridge first thing this morning for an FBG walk.

So... not much else to yabber on about for now.

Catch ya later.

lol... has to be the shortest post I've done in a while eh?

12.15 pm:  And I'm finally home.
The walk was at 9, but I got there early (8.30 am), so I sat and scrolled through Instagram till the rest of the group arrived.
The walk itself was just perfect, a good 5 km distance, all on flat ground.

ABOVE: This morning's group.  Some girls, some guys and Robbie the dog.
After the walk about half of us went on to have morning tea at a local coffee shop.

Then I went and took some photos of the gorgeous autumn trees around the Cambridge lake:

ABOVE:  It is the most gorgeous time of the year.  Never mind about the mess all the leaves make, we won't go there.  😂😆

I remembered I had yet to pick up my night Hi Vis Vest from Joanne (FBG Admin), so I popped over to her home and caught her in her dressing gown!  lol

ABOVE:  It will be safer walking at night with that on.  It has no pockets, so I think I will add some before I use it.  
It's always handy to have somewhere to put ya phone and keys while out walking.

And yeah, it's been an all round lovely morning.  I didn't want to come home.
But, 😌😒... it's where I live so I thought I better.

I love our home, don't get me wrong, it's just sometimes you can feel a bit lonely during the day.
I'm going to try and get out more, even if it's only for a walk in my neighbourhood.

But right now?  IT'S LUNCHTIME.

Thursday, May 06, 2021


While at Steve 'n' Bex's last night, I spied a little 'fish dish' on their shelving unit.

I was like "Oh that's so cute, where did you get it?"

To which Bex replied "You gave it to me!"

For the life of me I could not remember giving it to her, let alone it once being mine!

So anyway, I was given it back, thanks Bex. 😊😌

ABOVE:  I DID remember, after giving it some thought, owing it when we lived up in Auckland.
I even remember what shop I bought it from.
It was from a Japanese import shop in Manukau Mall.
Cheap as too.  Isn't it so cute!

Thursday already!  This week is going so fast.
I don't feel like I've done very much this week.
Just plodding along, keeping myself busy.

ABOVE: This is what I did yesterday afternoon.  I cut two sheets of particle board to fit inside my puzzle board.  Now I can protect the puzzle from little fingers while I'm not working on it.  AND move the board without losing any pieces either.

I have one more edge to cut down to size (red arrows), I'll do that sometime today.  *The black elastic is to lift each panel off easily.

8.55 am: Whoop!  I just spent a bit of time on the phone and computer, organising our next weekend away.
Stew and I will be heading down to Wanganui/Palmerston North and Wellington on the 14th of May.  A 4 day jaunt away.

We will be staying with Stew's sister in Wanganui, then seeing friends and family in Palmerston North, then a day trip to Wellington.
Sounds fun!  Busy, lots of travelling, but a neat get-away.

We didn't manage a get-away in April, we had too much on.  I wasn't going to let May be another miss!  

Shivers it's cool this morning.  Time to get a move on and warm up.

10.25 am:  And I've finished my jig saw covers.  Now I know the puzzle is safe from pieces getting lost.

I then moved on to my next job:

ABOVE:  Sorting out all my herbs and spices.

ABOVE:  About a year ago I bought this revolving spice rack.  
I bloody hate it!  I can't put my finger on exactly  WHY I hate it, I just do. 
So, I'm going back to my little click clack containers.

And that will take me a while I'm sure.  It's a good time to check expiry dates and toss out stuff I never use.

AND before anyone asks ... I am going to use the revolving rack for buttons in the sewing room. 

ABOVE:  12.39 pm:  And it's done.  So much better now.  YES, it takes up more room in the pantry, but I won't be getting frustrated spinning that damn spice rack looking for what I need.  It's all there at a glance now.

And now it's dinnertime.
And Stew won't be home from Rotorua until around 7 pm. 

I am tired.  I have done heaps of housework this afternoon.
Washing. Vacuming. Cleaning stuff. 
OH and I did some of my actual jig saw too.

While I was doing that, the girls decided it would be a great idea to jump all over the beds and pull all the pillows and cushions onto the floor!
They like doing that while I'm not watching. 😂😅😖

8.44 pm:  Right, I'm done for the day.  Stew is home safe and sound.  Dinner was Chicken Sausages, Roast potatoes and veges.  And Gravy.  

Wednesday, May 05, 2021



On the 5th day of the 5th month, in 2015, at 15 minutes past 3 pm (so 15.15 pm) we were blessed with this little grandson.  Archer, you are an amazing, adorable little man and we love you so very much.

Keep being YOU, cos YOU are a blessing to our family.

He's our youngest grandchild.  So rather special.

Tonight we have been invited to his home for his birthday dinner.

YES!  I don't have to cook tonight.

Well... probably time to think about reading the news, checking emails and then starting my day.

Catch ya later.

11.11 am:  Just got home from town and around.

Bex had to pick up her car from the garage, it's all fixed now.  After that we both went to Chartwell Square for morning tea.

I'm now home and wondering what to do.  It's not like I don't have anything to do of course, it's just that I don't feel like doing it!

Might just take some time out and enjoy doing NOTHING.

3.19 pm:  Doing nothing didn't last long.  I put Netflix on (Real Detectives) and did some housework while listening to it.

I really love a 'who done it', or true crime stories.

Now... time to sit and relax again... got a freakin' headache.  Can't believe how dull it is outside, so early in the day!  Seriously, winter is here already.

5 pm:  And I just did some jig sawing of a different kind!  I cut some chip board sheeting up.  Then I drilled holes in it.

Then I had to sweep out the garage, and vacum the house, cos I had friggin sawdust all under me socks, and I walked all around the house before I realised I'd left sawdust footprints EVERYWHERE.  Fark!

Tis turning out to be a busy day.

What was I cutting up and why?  😋😉 I'll show ya tomorrow.  But don't get excited, it's not that amazing.

Time now to get tidied up and wait for Stew to get home.  Then we will head over to Steve and Bex's for dinner.  

I understand we are having home made burgers, wedges AND CAKE.  

ABOVE:  Well, the birthday dinner was wonderful.  The burgers were bloody yum,  I really must do them more myself.  There is nothing nicer than a home made burger!

The cake ... Thanks Countdown... was rather nice too.  Very rich.  Ya couldn't eat more than one slice, that's for sure.

Archer had a very enjoyable day.

Now that we are home, it's just quiet time till we head off to bed.

I'm going to get hot flushes ALL. NIGHT. LONG now,  cos I ate friggin cake!

Tuesday, May 04, 2021


 Morning.... looks like it's gunna be a lovely day.

I'm heading off to the mall first thing today.  First up, I'm posting some Bowl Cosy's to a girlfriend... Robyn, they should be at yours in a few days.

Next on my list is a new toasted sandwich maker.  I've got a really big thing we have used for years to make toasted sandwiches, but it's just too big now.

ABOVE: This is kinda like what we already have.  I weighs a tonne.  It's great when you want to make 4 sandwiches at one time, or make big paninis etc.  But just one sandwich or two?  Nah.

ABOVE: This is what I would like to find and buy today.  Just a little one, which will be perfect for making a sandwich for just Stew and me.  We can use the bigger one when we have more family here of course.

ABOVE:  Once I get home, I will continue doing some stitching on this cot quilt.  I'm going to be adding little things on top of it later on.  I'm quite keen to get to that stage.

ABOVE:  Last night's sunset.  A really crisp, clear sky.  Probably means we shall be having a frosty start today.  I'm not getting out of bed to see!  It's bloody cold.

I'm gunna stay here in bed for another hour or two!

11 am:  And I've had a very successful morning. 
I found exactly what I wanted :

ABOVE:  As per usual, Briscoes was having a 'SALE'. So I got $100 off the Sandwich Maker.

ABOVE:  I ended up getting one that makes 4 sandwiches.  Cos they didn't have this one in a 2.  But that's fine.
The first thing I did once home was... make me a sandwich!
Looks good.  Let's see how it tastes.   

Well... the verdict on my sandwich?  DON'T even try to eat it for 5-10  minutes!  BOILING HOT inside.  Something to remember when dishing them up to kids for sure.
Other than that, it was perfect.

It's now 11.40 am and I'm gunna go sew for a bit, then do some of me jig saw after that.

ABOVE:  So look who turned up to nick me old toasted sandwich maker!
She's fast that girl.
That's Douglas, one of her flatmates.  
The girls got lots of cuddles.  I'm sure Coco would have gone home with them... she's anyone's dog.

5 pm:  And I've been doing me jig saw.

ABOVE: Would you believe it took me almost 2 hours to do that tiny little bit?  And I already had the edges bit done!  Yep.  When you are working with 2,000 pieces, it takes TIME.  And patience.
And normally I have no friggin patience for anything!
I suppose this is a CHALLENGE ... hence my perseverance. 

6.50 pm:  Stew is due home from Rotorua soon.  I've got dinner ready.
Left over Spag Bol mince mixture, smashed baked potatoes and veges.  Should be rather nice.

11.11 pm:  Well it's been a cruisy sort of day.  Nice to see Lacy and Douglas, then Brylee this evening too.
Time to sign off for the day.  

Monday, May 03, 2021


 Yesterday's trip up to Auckland was not about shopping, it was about spending time together.

Visiting old haunts and just enjoying the day.

BUT... we did do a tiny bit of shopping.

I felt like we could do with a couple more coffee mugs.  I like naughty mugs.

ABOVE:  We found these in Acquisitions.  

They are perfect for ME.

Today I will be in my sewing room, first off sorting it out and re-packing my stock.

Then choosing a couple of cot panels to work on over the next week or two.

I've also moved my PC into the sewing room.  It was just getting too cramped in my 'walk in wardrobe' room.  There's plenty more room in the sewing room.

ABOVE:  Wrestling with a decision I've made.  Hoping by some miracle I don't have to go down a certain road.  It's very much a 'wait and see' situation.  Weighs heavy on me.

But, I have my darling Stew for support, so I will be fine.

I just need to see more butterflies.  😌😏🦋

Right, let's start the day.  Keep busy, keep my mind occupied with happy things.

ROBYN:  If you saw yesterday's line up of Bowl Cosy's  ... ignore it!  I found more I hadn't unpacked, so here are the choices:

Have fun choosing!  OH and I forgot the number 13. 😅😂😆  Bowl Cosy's are $15 each btw.

ABOVE:  Well I now have the computer situated in here, and it's working out really good.  I can have me music playing, or answer emails etc without having to use my phone.

ABOVE:  I've chosen the two cot panels I am going to be working on.  Both are super cute.

Brylee just arrived, so I'll take a break and have morning tea.  It's damn cold this morning!

Oh shit!  Have I really not been back here all day!
Well... I have been happily pottering around the house.
After lunch I did some sewing.
Then I did some of my jig saw puzzle.  OMG it's so hard.  But I'm loving it.
After that I had a nana nap... cos I was tired.
Then I cooked dinner.

ABOVE:  We had Spaghetti Bolognaise, it was absolutely delicious. 
And there's enough left over for us to have again tomorrow night.  I'll probably put it with veges for a change.

And that's me for today.  We are watching telly, not that there's much on.  But it's what we do most evening... watch TV, yak, chill out.

Sunday, May 02, 2021


 Well...  here's some very good news.

Steve is no longer an 'on the tools' builder!

He has been moved into the office, and his new job is Project Manager!

He has to co-ordinate and run all the jobs that come into the business he works for.

He is really happy.  This move means his body isn't under such physical stress, which is rather important given his medical condition.

So, no more contracting.  He is on a salary, gets holiday pay and sick leave.


ABOVE:  He gets a company vehicle.

ABOVE:  The little boys (and our girls) are very happy with the new ute!

I'm just so relieved he won't be flogging his body anymore. 

His new job starts tomorrow.

Today I will be taking some photos for YOU Robyn. Of Bowl Cosy's.  Can you send me your email address please?  I'm sure I've already got it, but I can't be arsed hunting for it!

Once you have chosen the ones you want, I can sort out sending them to you.

Now me today?  I might just freakin' RELAX.

Perhaps tidy up my sewing room... put away the market stuff.

I might even think about making a couple more cot quilts, I sold a large one yesterday at market, so I now only have three. That will probably happen over the next couple of weeks.

But I can choose what panels I shall use today eh? 

So, I've got stuff to do, which makes me happy.

I hate having nothing to do.  

What about you?  

10.23 am....

ABOVE: Day trip. Just Stew and I. BLISS.


Spur of the moment decision to take a day trip up to Auckland.
Just for the hell of it.
And to get away from housework/yard work.

Sylvia park, wander then lunch.

ABOVE: It was a novel experience.  The food was OK.  Probably won't do it again though.

After that we left Sylvia Park for Mission Bay.
We had a nice walk along the waterfront, then drove up to Kohimarama, to the lookout.

ABOVE:  I know I've probably posted photos EXACTLY like these ones before, but I never get tired of the utterly gorgeous scenery in our country.  
Anything with the sea draws me in, I just love it so much.

Lakes and rivers too of course... I just love water.   My biggest wish would be a sea view from my home, or a stream running through my back yard!   

I almost got one of those when we were looking for a home here in Hamilton a year ago.  We found a nice house with a stream in the back yard, but the house just didn't measure up.  Sad really.  ALMOST got me stream!

We are just having a quiet time now till dinnertime.
Having a 'silly bugger' dinner of fish cakes, mashed potatoes and baked beans.

8.44 pm:  Dinner was lovely.  Now just watching TV ... before bedtime.  

Which WON'T be bloody early, cos last night I woke at 4 am.  And that was it.  Oh and I kept having hot flushes and then cramps in my legs.  It was a shitty night.
So, stay up LATE, drink heaps and take magnesium is my plan tonight!