Wednesday, October 20, 2021



172 fully staffed ICU beds, 14 fully staffed paediatric ICU beds in NZ, for the team of 5 million.
If you are 80 and get COVID and are unvaccinated 1:7 chance of dying. Vaccinated x 2 doses this improves to 1:140.
If you are 50 and unvaccinated 1:70 chance of dying improving to 1:1400 if you’ve had 2 vaccine doses!

ICU will be at capacity in minutes with widespread community transmission. Improve your chances.
Source: ANZICs
I have copied this from a friend's post who works in ICU. Sobering stats 🤔

The only way out of lockdowns and massive restrictions, that are seeing dozens of businesses close weekly, and people lose their livelihood, is to GET VACCINATED.
Do it for the greater good.

And so I can go shopping again. 😂😅😆 But seriously, it's getting worse not better here.

edit: PLEASE don't think I'm scaremongering or trying to put pressure on ANYONE to get vaccinated. I'm just concerned.
WELL... OK, I will put pressure on my own family members, cos I would like to see them again.

I procrastinated so much yesterday. I did NO sewing, even though I love sewing, and have heaps to do.
But motivation is low again... feeling lethargic and blah.

Perhaps I need to get out and walk some more? That might pick me up.
Worth a try.

ABOVE:  One positive of lockdown?  You don't have to be around idiots!

9.55 am:  And I took myself off for a walk.  It wasn't a long walk by any means, and it was already damn hot.
But I feel better for it.

ABOVE:  Not the best photo of me (all hot and bothered), but a lovely one of our local park.

Steve?  Still home.  I tried talking him into going to A & E for a proper check up.  He's not going.  I could throttle him.  Seriously.

It's now 10.30 am, and I've just had some toasted muesli.  And who cares that it's not 'breakfast' time any more?  Not me.
I'm on... "I do what I want, when I want time".

I was not going to hang anything else on my walls until after the carpet was done, and cos all the smaller 'wall type things' are packed up in the garage.
I am not planning on re-hanging some of the things either.  I had far too much on me walls.

But these:

ABOVE: These two pottery and molten glass birds?  I was given then as a gift from a very dear friend of mine many years ago.  They found a new home...

ABOVE:  I umm'ed and aah'ed about putting them there for days.  Now they are there, and I'm happy with their placement.

DOGSTARS:  I have re-positioned them, just for YOU. lol

I don't know why, but I'm still procrastinating about getting into the sewing room!  

12.10 pm: And I'm still procrastinating.  I just did my 2nd 'click and collect'... I bought some 'special purpose' paint for our wet room. 
It's the last room needing painting, and I will be doing it sometime soon.
That room WAS clearly painted just before we bought the house, but they used shit paint, which is not standing up to the purpose of the room.  

And now... I might go vacuum my sewing room, and then make something.

OR NOT!  I made our lunch.

ABOVE:  I made club sandwiches, just like the shop ones, just not trimmed of their crusts.  I couldn't be arsed doing that!
I think they look as good as the bakery's ones.

Tuesday, October 19, 2021


 Today I'm focusing on pretty much ... more of the same stuff as yesterday.

Housework, particularly cleaning windows, frames etc.  They look SO MUCH BETTER once cleaned, they were doing my head in!

Then I'm going to sew a couple more armchair covers, so I can clean the dirty one (s), and have spares to put on.

ABOVE:  These are what I ended up using as covers for the arms of the chairs.  I originally made them for the bench in our Cambridge house.  They stay on really well.

As I walk around our house now, I have started to see a 'theme'.

It wasn't intentional either.  It just happened!  
Most rooms have blue accessories.  Cushions.  Ornaments. Curtains. Runners, etc.

So weird how that happened without me even realising it.   There IS some pink/salmon scattered here and there too, so I don't feel too guilty.

Like, the kitchen is a salmon-ish colour right?  And lots of our wall paintings etc have different colours.  

I went to bed last night feeling really flat.  And crabby.  Trying to get my head around a problem that has continually cropped up.  Working on it.

Steve:  had a phone appointment with his doctor yesterday.  According to the Doctor, his symptoms are similar to quite a few other people's, and he is to 'ride it out'!  NOT what I expected to hear.
I hope the doctor is correct, and it's not something to worry about.
With Steve's medical condition, they can't afford to stuff it up.
He was off work again yesterday.  I don't know if he's at home or work yet today.
I hope he is feeling much better though.

I'm procrastinating.
Putting off cleaning windows really. 😊😂
We decided a while ago to use our big glass fish bowl as a terrarium.

So this morning I worked on that.

ABOVE:  Hopefully the plants grow in there.  It looks rather cute.

And now *sigh*.... I better do the friggin windows.

11.20 am:  And the next set of windows are done.  I'm doing them room by room, so it's not a huge job on one day.
I'm over doing huge jobs!

In fact, I'm not doing any more windows now until the carpet is down.  All the rooms I've done can have their doors closed so they don't get dusty while the carpet is being laid.
F*#k doing them all again!

Nearly lunchtime, might go buy a club sandwich or two.  We love them.  YES, I could make me own, but that takes more time and effort and EXPENSE.  So... buying them.

KFC are giving away free Popcorn Lunch boxes to people who are vaccinated.  So Brylee went down to get herself some.  They gave her 4!
So she dropped some off here.  Very nice that was.

I have run outta oomph.  Been dicking around on social media, updating Instagram and Facebook.
Don't really know why I bother, but it's another way to share shit I suppose. 
Makes your 'world' seem bigger than your own backyard I think.
Certainly helps when you are stuck at home in bloody lockdown.

Today's Covid numbers are not good.  94 new cases, 7 here in the Waikato.
The only way we are getting out of lockdown now is if our vaccinated numbers go UP.
So PLEASE, PLEASE if you have not been vaccinated... please reconsider for everyone's sake.

STEVE:  Is still home sick.  Everything hurts.  NOT happy, and slightly scared about what sort of reaction he will have after his second covid jab.  He's determined to get it though.
And I just read that anyone over 12 who is immuno-suppressed should get a third primary jab ... so that's Steve too.

Leeanne:  Steve does not have Covid.  He is having a reaction to the vaccination.  You cannot get Covid from the vaccination.  He was more susceptible to having a reaction due to his medical condition.

Dinner tonight was Mutton chops, roast potatoes, and mixed veges, slathered in a brown onion gravy.  SO YUM.

Now... relaxing for the evening.  Catch ya tomorrow.

Monday, October 18, 2021


 There were no 'before' and 'after' photos of the girls yesterday.

Kinda thought I'd save them for today. 

Cos, well... there is not much happening today. 😂😆😊

Life is back to 'normal' for now.

Stew is still working from home.

Shops are closed.

We are still in Level 3.  We MIGHT find out this afternoon if our level changes, but somehow I don't think it will.

There were 4 Covid cases in the Waikato yesterday, and 47 in Auckland.  I am really PRAYING that the Waikato numbers do NOT start going up again.

SO SO sick of fucking Covid and all the restrictions that come with it.

So, here's the girls before and after photos, after their groom yesterday:

ABOVE:  They were so overdue for a groom!  Marley could hardly see ... poor girl.
But, it was just so hard to get an appointment at our 'usual' groomer, we had to wait months, and then they had to cancel them all!  
Now I know, after yesterday's ring around, that there ARE other options out there.
Thank goodness.

ABOVE:  You can hardly tell it's the same dog.  I must never forget to pre-book their next groom again.
Worth noting, they ae both slimmer now.  We weighed them and they LOST ALMOST half a kilo after being groomed!  😝😊

What's me plans for today?  I might just fluff around in me sewing room.
There is NO pressure to make anything, all our markets have been cancelled or postponed, thanks Covid.
The next one that MIGHT happen isn't until January.
I'm thinking of making a few Christmas presents for family now.   

SEVENTEEN DAYS until the new carpet goes down.  
This week I have no prep to do towards any renovations.
In a week?  Plenty to do.  Mainly getting everything out of the bedrooms and living rooms.
Wardrobe contents.
TV cabinets and so on.
But this week, nothing to do!  
We have been on the go for so long, it feels weird.

I woke up hungry.

And tired again.   Tossed and turned all night long with hot flushes.  God help me when Summer really hits.

ABOVE:  I had breakfast, which I virtually never do.

Stew asked if I was trying a new diet?  Regime?  Whatever.

I said NO.

I am NEVER going on another diet.  EVER.

I am done with them.

From now on, it will be just what I want, when I want, in the right proportions.

How long can you live your life in a constant state of dieting, watching what you eat, when you eat???   I'm friggin over it.  I've been 'on a diet' since I was 18.

I've been called fat and lazy, a disgusting pig and many more names than I care to remember.

By 'family' and total strangers.

I am how I am.  I will be fat.  I will be slimmer.  I will be unfit.  I will be fitter.

Who the fuck cares?  Not me any more.  I am going to die happy.  And I might be FAT.

3.15 pm:  And I'm just home from the supermarket.

Monday afternoon is clearly a damn good time to go to the supermarket.  It was as 'empty' as I've ever seen it.   So were the shelves in quite a few places, but luckily, not lacking anything I needed.

I also took our new Lamp Print to a Framing shop to get framed.   I emailed them photos of it, and where it was going so they would have some idea of what to suggest to me when I got there.

That sure saved some time.  It will be ready in about a week.  ( I did not enter the shop, but stayed outside, socially distanced, and talked to the shop owner from a good 3 meters away).

Now, I've put all the groceries away and am having a very late lunch.

Our Covid numbers sucked again today, though the Waikato has very low numbers.  It's still going to keep us in lockdown I reckon ... we find out at 4 pm.

4.15 pm:  AND...  we remain in lockdown until Friday, when the levels will be considered again.

ABOVE:  Dinner this evening was a prawn salad.  We enjoyed it.
Now it's time to wind down and just chill out watching TV.

Sunday, October 17, 2021


 My mission today?

Sew some things for me.

Windowsill runners and a 'coaster' for the bathrooms.

ABOVE:  These are the two fabrics I shall be using... aren't they stunning?  I've used the bottom fabric for Bowl Cosy's before, but the top fabric is a new one.

But... first up for today?

The girls get groomed!  I'm so damn relieved I could find someone who could do it at such short notice.

She works from home, and is very competitively priced, so I hope she does a good job.

The girls have to be at her home by 9.30, so no sleep in.  I will need to get the girls out and about so they have done their 'business' before they leave.  Marley has been known to poop on the cutting table before today!

Nerves I'm sure, but not nice for the groomer.

So, I am going to be busy doing stuff today.  Awesome.

8.50 am: And I feel like shit.  I woke up every half hour last night with a hot flush.  So I feel like I've had no sleep, and my lower back is killing me.
Hopefully I start feeling a bit better soon, might take some Panadol cos I'm already over today.

The dogs are at the groomers.  She seemed very nice.  I can't wait to see what sort of job she does, and Marley's eyes again!

ABOVE:  One down, a few to go.  Those pink blinds?  Will be GONE by the end of the day.

ABOVE:  Coco and Marley are finished their groom, and Denim is half finished.
Yeah, thought you might be.

We ran into Denim at the groomers.  She lives with our friends Nic and Sam down the road from us.  She's doing so well!  So happy for her.  And Coco.  Denim did NOT get on with Coco at all.  It got dangerous for Coco to have Denim living with us.  

ABOVE:  Stew is outside doing some yard work.  He just moved this big blue pot to the front... it looks fab there.

How sad is it that I get a little thrill every time I go to the bathroom?  Turn on the light?  Wash my hands?  See the mirror?  Yeah.  I just LOVE our new bathrooms.

We have had a really relaxing evening.  I think we both fell asleep in our chairs at one point or other!
Oh Dear, I think we are getting old.
I cooked chicken over rice for dinner, it was OK.  A bit spicy.
I'm looking forward to a sleep in tomorrow morning.  I don't have to get up early for anyone or anything.  Yaaaa.

Saturday, October 16, 2021



Yep, today we shall be putting some finishing touches to the bathrooms.

Putting up towel rails, paper holders and so on.

Steve MIGHT come over and help Stew, but that will depend on how he's feeling.

I have not contacted them this morning because I know they like to sleep in on the weekends.  Don't wanna wake anyone up!

I hope Steve is feeling a bit better, he sure hasn't been too good the past few days.  He could hardly walk, and was in a lot of pain. 

ABOVE:  So yeah... sums up my mood today. 

ABOVE:  My mission today is to clean 6 windows on the East side of the house.  This one is in our ensuite, it's so filthy I almost cringe when I look at it!  Dust and dirt... disgusting.

ABOVE: how about something gorgeous?  Well ... I think our postcard sized garden is gorgeous.

So happy it's all blooming.  I missed seeing this last year, as I was in Australia.

Well... that's me for now, catch ya later.

11.25:  What a wonderful morning!
Steve and Bex arrived with brunch (McMuffins), and then...

ABOVE:  Steve is putting rails up, and the big mirror in the family bathroom.

ABOVE: And Bex decided to do my vacuuming!

ABOVE:  The little boys staying entertained.  Tablets and food.  Works every time.

AND finally for now, they arrived with an early birthday present for me.
I hinted that a few more hearts would be nice on my bedroom wall...

ABOVE:  WE just love it. Very unique.  Thanks Steve 'n' Bex.  Now... what do I get 'on the day'?  😊😋😂

ABOVE: And just like that, all the bits 'n' bobs are installed in the bathrooms.
I just LOVE the mirror in the family bathroom, almost MORE than the LED mirror in our ensuite!

ABOVE:  On the vanity in the family bathroom.  💙💚💜💖💛  Love it, had it for YEARS!

Poor Steve is still hobbling around, all his joints ache, but the burning sensation has gone.  Healthline staff said if he gets worse he needs to see his Doctor.   He reckons it's getting better, but looking at how he's moving?  I'm not so sure.

2.20 pm:  And it's back to just us.  Stew is enjoying rugby on the TV, and I'm contemplating my next project.
The bathrooms are now 90% finished.  We just need to put up the little tiles along the side and back of the vanities, and I won't be doing that until I can buy the tiles in person.

I think I'll have a quiet afternoon ... a nana nap might be involved.  And I think a silly bugger dinner is on the cards.

3.50 pm:  Well I canned the idea of the nap.
And made a banana cake with some old na'na's.
It smells divine!

And then I got a phone call from Animates.  Their groomer resigned, and all the dog groom appointments had to be cancelled!
I'm like DAMN!
Both girls are desperate for a groom.

So I got on the phone and rang around about 8 groomers.  Most were fully booked, or did not answer their phones or texts.
Then finally, I got a call back from a groomer not far from our home.
They get groomed TOMORROW!

Fingers crossed it's a good groom.  If not, well lesson learnt.  And I've already booked their next groom (in January) with Pet Essentials in Rototuna.

Talking of the dogs, they had an afternoon playdate with the boys.  They are now home, happy as larry.  They just love going there.

Stew decided we are having Honey King Prawns for dinner, from Noodle Club.  I'm already drooling.

ABOVE:  I don't 'bake' very often.  Happy to say this Banana Cake turned out well, Stew was very appreciative. 

9.14 pm:  Our dinner was fantastic!  And now?  I'm going to have an early night.  
Catch ya tomorrow.

Friday, October 15, 2021


Two weeks and 6 days until the next upheaval in the house.

That's when the new carpet arrives.  

Until then, we can relax.
There's just a few small jobs to do this weekend, putting up towel rails etc.

ABOVE:  We are thrilled to bits with how the floors look in the kitchen.  It like, immediately 'modernises' the room.

ABOVE:  Soon there will be no more hideous blue lino.  The carpet is going up to where the new vinyl planks start, so the kitchen area does not jut out into the family room as much. 
Same with the lino under the bar stools, it's going to be replaced by carpet too.

This project has been so much fun... and I think I've made some good choices.  Now I just have to hope the carpet was the right choice, and looks good too.

ABOVE:  I just realised I didn't show you the gorgeous LED mirror in our ensuite yesterday.

ABOVE:  Just a couple more little additions and this bathroom, and the other one will be totally finished.

Today?   Sleep in?   Relax?  
Yeah I reckon that might be a good idea.

ABOVE:  I read this, and the only thing that came to mind was "How come that chick's boobs are not under her armpits?"  Like really?  Who's boobs stay up there when you are lying down, unless you have plastic fantastics?

11.08 am:  Well... I stayed in bed until 9.30!!!
It was wonderful.
No bugger disturbed me, and I napped on and off, checked out Instagram and YouTube and listened to some music.  
Then the feet started to twitch, so I had to get up.
Now.  2 loads of washing are done, I've put stuff down in the back sheds, and with a little help from Stew, we got ONE towel rail up.  😂😅😆

ABOVE: And now, new handtowels are going on the 'to get' list.  All our handtowels are years and years old.  Time for some pretty new ones.
BLUE for this bathroom obviously.  

JUST... NEED... THE... SHOPS... TO... OPEN, so hurry up friggin Jacinda and let us out of Level 3.
I know I could do online shopping, but it's not the same as seeing and feeling the product. Particularly linen.

I got on the scales this morning.  First time in a while.  And yeah, gained a few kilos.  Stew and I have not been eating healthily AT ALL these past few weeks.  Just stressed out and tired.  Basically lazy.  So, I might take some time today to plan some better meals, and STOP whipping down to the hot bread shop for lunch!

Oh and Stew loves nuts, so I've been eating them too.  Snacking is not something I usually do, but as Stew's been home with me, I've indulged.  
MUST STOP.  Feeling quite crabby with myself, but as we all know, it can be reversed.  It's just 100 times HARDER to lose, compared to gaining. 
Gaining is SO SO EASY.  😓😒😖

JUST SO ANGRY RIGHT NOW.  Won't go into details as it could get peeps in a bit of trouble, but really??????????????
It really does make my blood boil when we are all doing the right thing, and some are not.
Bit hard to forget the Covid restrictions surely?

Also, stressing out about Steve.  He seems to be having some adverse reactions to his Covid Vaccination.  He's home from work today.
If anyone was gunna have a bad reaction ... it's him, due to the medication he's on.  

He's highly vulnerable because he has little to no immune system, but it was deemed 'safe' for him to get vaccinated.  So, I'm hoping his symptoms settle down soon, cos it's knocking him around something rotten.

I am signing off now, my day didn't get much better... feeling ever so slightly crabby.  
Dinner was nice though.  Pork chop, lettuce salad and wedges.