Friday, February 22, 2019


Well... today I am taking the dogs to the groomer late morning.

Before that I will be sewing.

Here's a sneak peek at both projects I'm making for me Mum:

ABOVE:  One is nearly finished, and one is just starting.  But I can work fast when I want to, as long as I'm not interrupted.

So, as Steve, Bex and the kids are here for the weekend, I better get as much done as possible today!

Oh... before I forget:

I reckon we will be buying a cake today.  *smiles*  

We have had VIRTUALLY NO RAIN now since Christmas... just a couple of very light drizzles for a few minutes.  Today we are supposed to get RAIN!  Real RAIN... so let's see if that happens.  It will be wonderful if it does pour down!

Right, I'm off to make Mum her breakfast.  Catch ya later.


*SNORT*... quiet?  Yeah right.  Got a text at 5.18 am from an Uncle... he's coming to visit me Mum this morning.

So he duly arrives around 9 am and is now visiting with his sister.

ABOVE: So this is brother #4, Charles.  He's a hard case, we get on well with him.

Right, I better get the dogs to the groomers now.  Back later.

ABOVE: One done... one to go. 

5.30 pm:  Well.. it started to drizzle and rain lightly mid afternoon!  AND it hasn't stopped.  I went out into the garden and really enjoyed seeing how much water they were getting.
I hope it keeps raining for a few days. 

Mum, Brylee and I went over to Gordonton this afternoon to get some Steam a Seam for the 2nd wall hanging, managed to find some lovely greens for my Tree Table Runners too.

On our way home we picked up the dogs, they look gorgeous.  

I've now got chicken and rice cooking for dinner, to be followed by Birthday Cake... of course!  *smiles*

Thursday, February 21, 2019


Today we are expecting one of my Mum's brothers and his wife for lunch.
I will no doubt end up making a small batch of scones and some sausage rolls... let's just say a repeat of yesterday shall we?  lol

Here's a few more happy family snaps from last night:

 ABOVE:  This little scamp with his broken elbow and missing his first baby tooth... such a happy wee man.

 ABOVE: Joel... getting to be a young man!  He's 15 now... my god don't they grow fast!

 ABOVE: Griffin and Huston... one HUGE, one not so big.  Both the same age.

 ABOVE:  Happy little Emily.  

Have a wonderful day sweetie.

Mum's man in Australia had a 'little' accident yesterday.  He sent Mum a text message saying he was at the hospital cos he hurt his hand, but it was 'OK'.

I said to Mum, I hope he didn't cut it with the lawn mower!

Then he rang and told Mum he came off the ride on lawn mower and cut his hand!!!!!  FUCK!  The ride on mower rolled over apparently. *shaking my head*

He wasn't 100% clear what cut his hand... but he's got 8 stitches, a few bruises, and skin off his nose ... but is still laughing.  Crazy man!
He assures Mum the lawnmower is still going ... that's the main thing by the sound of it.

He's missing Mum and wants her home... NOT. THE. WAY. TO. GO. ABOUT. IT. RON! *smiles*

And on that note, I'm off to start the day.  There's some washing to get on, some tidying up to do, lunch to prepare, bla bla bla.


So I took a little video yesterday with my phone.  It's sideways!  I don't know how to turn it around... so well....

ABOVE:  ya get it like that!

Sorry, not sorry. ha ha ha!

So for lunch today I made big, chunky, ham and prosciutto salad sandwiches and sausage rolls.  Very yum.

I went down to the supermarket for some milk.... $71 later I had the makings for Ambrosia and a few other bits 'n' bobs!  Who else does that?

We are gas bagging now.... I'd love to be sewing but being 'polite' is a bit more important right now.

 ABOVE:  Brylee and my Uncle Richard, lovingly referred to as just Richard.  He's only about 12 years older than me.

 ABOVE: See the family resemblance?  I tan easily, so do 99% of my maternal family, and again, the blue eyes.  *smiles*

ABOVE:  So Richard is my Mum's brother, he's got a twin brother named Robert.  They are the eldest of the 5 brothers my Mum has.  
My grandmother had 5 daughters then 5 sons, my  Mum is the eldest of the lot. 

And that should be a wrap of family visitors!  Which is good cos I've got some serious sewing to get done. 

5.55 pm: And I finally got to do some sewing late this afternoon.  I've almost finished a wall hanging for a Great Nephew, my Mum 'commissioned' it.  I have to make another one for a Great Niece before Monday too.  Once they are done I can get on with the Alien Quilt.

Well ... it's now 10.10 pm and I've managed to make a start on the 2nd little project for me Mum.
Tomorrow I will give you a sneak peek of them both. 

Time to sign off for the day, another day I end up knackered!  Maybe I will sleep in tomorrow?
Yeah nah, I have to get up and make me Mum's breakfast.  

Wednesday, February 20, 2019


Last night I had a go at taking photos of the Super Moon.  I didn't have any luck at all till I watched some videos on You Tube.

I used the Manual setting on my camera for the first time... and this is what I got:

ABOVE: It's not perfect by any means, but I'm really happy with it!  I'd love to learn more about photography, but when does one get the time?

TIME.   I'm probably going to have less spare time soon... cos here's a little secret:


I went to an interview a couple of weeks ago, then I got a call back for a second interview last week... to be a cleaner at a Private Boarding school in Hamilton.  And well... I got it!

I didn't expect to at all as I didn't even have a CV... I just applied and said I didn't have a CV, and I was a 60 year old who had not worked outside the home for 14 years!

I must have said something right in the interviews though eh?  

While being a cleaner is not a 'whoop dee doo' sorta job... it is a job and I will be earning some money and getting outta the house. 

OH and I didn't even tell Stew I was going to a job interview cos I wanted to surprise him if I got it.  *smiles*

Kinda chuffed cos it means every job I've ever applied for, I've got.  And I still don't have a freakin CV.  lol

Now... today we have a couple of my Mum's siblings coming for lunch.  Then we have Amanda and her kids coming for dinner.  So I expect to be fairly busy entertaining today.

Tomorrow we have a couple more family members coming for lunch as well!

At some point today I am hoping to make a start on a couple of little sewing projects for my Mum too... which need to be finished by Monday.  So the Alien Quilt is being put aside for a week.

So... it's going to be a busy few days!
Catch ya later.


At this stage neither Brylee or I have start dates for our jobs. Contracts have to be agreed and signed and I know I have 2 days of training and OSH work to do.  So ... could be a week or two for me. Brylee will probably start soon I expect.

4.15 pm:  Oh my what a busy day!
I spent the morning preparing lunch.  I made cheese scones, date scones and sausage rolls.
I had every hot drink imaginable on the bench... so I had everything covered.

Our guests arrived and we had a lovely, lovely visit with them.

 ABOVE:  Lunch really was yum.

 ABOVE:  Three outta five sisters.. Ethel, Joyce and me Mum.  Missing is Laura (in Canada, but we talked to her this morning on the phone) and Jean who is away in Wellington.

ABOVE:  And one with me.  Bit hard to tell, but we all have the family blue eyes, just different shades. *smiles*

The visitors have left now, so I get to breathe for a couple of hours before Amanda and her kids arrive for dinner.

We are having a semi 'silly bugger' dinner.  Sausages, mashed potatoes, spaghetti or baked beans... a nice easy dinner after today's efforts!

ABOVE:  And dinner is over and the Hamilton clan have left.  It was very NOISY... but lovely.  I've got a few more photos, but will post them tomorrow.  Little Liam has lost his first tooth and is very happy about it.  Amanda was giving 'photo bombing' a go!

And that is a wrap for the day, it's been hectic, busy, hot and noisy.  I'm EXHAUSTED and already looking forward to bed.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019


Well... yesterday was pretty hectic I must say!  We seemed to either have visitors here, or be out and about all day!

It was a nice day though, even better when this happened:

We don't have a start date yet, but that will eventuate.
She is going to be working an a Rest Home JUST. UP. THE. ROAD. FROM. HOME... like she could easily walk there in 3 minutes flat!

So happy for her.  

I found a couple more nice photos of me niece, Maxine and me Mum:

ABOVE:  That last one was 'doctored' on her phone I think.

OMG I'm kinda tired!  It feels like it's 'go go go' with Mum here.  But seeing as I ain't seen her in 18 months, I don't mind at all.

Today though, I think it's gunna be a quiet day. We need it... cos tomorrow we have visitors for lunch, then dinner... then again on Thursday!

Busy, busy.

I'm gunna sew today, I hope to get the Alien Quilt finished!


2.55 pm:  well another day ticking along nicely.
I got my quilt laid out and pinned to the backing, did some housework and so on.
Then somehow or other we ended up in town at Spotlight again!  I got some green fabric to make another Alien Quilt and more bobbins.  OMG ya can't have enough friggin bobbins can ya?

Then lunch before coming home.   Another STINKING HOT DAY HERE...  but no pool for me.  I really want to get on with the quilt.  I want to see it finished!

Didn't sew this afternoon... instead I did have a swim cos it was just so hot.
Then I made the house even hotter by cooking lamb  chops in the oven and making a baked carrot dish too!

Once dinner was cooked I buggered off to Card Night!
It was a good evening, it's always enjoyable company with the girls.

Home and I tried taking some photos of the Super Moon.  Failed miserably till I watched a couple of You Tube videos ... then I got a few reasonable photos.  Will show you one tomorrow.

For now, it's sign off time.

Monday, February 18, 2019


This morning Brylee has a second interview at a local rest home.  She will be spending about an hour there, on a sort of 'trial'.  So, fingers crossed she does well and ends up with a full time job!

We are all crossing our fingers, toes, eyes, legs... hell anything we can cross.  lol

Steve and Bex's kids watched a Harry Potter movie recently and loved it.  So Steve made them all a wand with the wood turner he has:

 ABOVE:  Three happy little 'wizards'.  All in their pj's ready for bed by the look of it.

ABOVE:  Progress on the Alien Quilt.  I'm going to be adding the light blue fabric (at the bottom of the photo) as a border, then I can quilt and bind it.

It's going to be a bit bigger than a cot quilt, more like a single bed topper.
There's still quite a bit of work to go on it. I hope to get more done today.

It looks like it's gunna be a gorgeous day!

Not sure what me Mum would like to get up to today... but I'm sure we will work something out. 


12.50 pm:  Well it's been bedlam here.
My niece and her family are here, as are Kelly and Amanda.
So a lot of laughs... and food...

 ABOVE: Today's crowd.  Taken by Brandy's boyfriend, hence it's a bit blurry.

ABOVE:  Just the girls... including me fluffy ones.

My niece Maxine and family are leaving soon, then I am going into Hamilton to get some backing fabric for that Alien quilt.

Oh and that quilt? Ended up with a bright green border instead of pale blue. It looks AMAZING too I might add.

To follow... more photos in no particular order:

 ABOVE:  Mother (Maxine) and daughter (Brandy).  LOL at the stance Maxine!

 ABOVE:  Maxine's husband Gypsy.

 ABOVE:  Brandy's boyfriend Greg, he works with Gypsy in Whitianga.

ABOVE:  After Brylee got home from her job trial/orientation we could take a photo with her in it too.

HOW DID THAT GO?  I will tell you tomorrow.

Yep, mean,  but hey.... it will make ya come back to read this bloggity blog tomorrow eh?  *smiles*

It's now 2.30 and I'm thinking of now going into Hamilton to get that black backing fabric and maybe get me hair trimmed.

9.40 pm:  Well we did go into Hamilton, and I did get some black fabric to back the Alien Quilt.
I got my hair trimmed. We booked my Mum's flight back to Australia.  Then we came home.
It was too hot and everyone was too tired to cook dinner, so we went out to the local Indian place and had a lovely dinner.

Home.  Watched some TV and now, although it's really early for me, I'm going to bed.  I'm knackered.

Sunday, February 17, 2019


Sometimes now days, I sit and think about things for days before I react.
It's something I've had to learn.  Not to have knee jerk reactions!

It's only taken me 60 years!

Anyway, I've been thinking on and off about something that happened recently... and well... I've decided enough is enough.

I've put up with so much disrespect, arrogance and disdain from a certain person, for YEARS and YEARS.

But no more.  We are done with putting up with it.  We don't have to tolerate disrespect and arrogance .... sometimes it is healthier to just close the door and walk away.  Or in our case, close the door and not open it to that person again.

So, now that I have put it out there, I feel better.  I can move on and live my life with those who treat me/us right, and who don't bring more hurt than joy to our lives.


My Mum is spending the day with my niece and her family, so I'm sure she will have a lovely day.

ABOVE:  Last night.... My niece Maxine on the right and her daughter Brandy on the left.  Griffin is exactly 8 weeks older than Brandy!   

 ABOVE:  Brylee and Brandy, one year apart in age, both in braces.  And they both have light blue 'bits' on their braces.  Brylee has too many teeth to fit her gums, Brandy does not have enough teeth! 
Pity Brylee can't give her spare ones to Brandy eh?  lol

Lacy is due home today from Tauranga, I'm actually LOOKING FORWARD to her coming home!  How weird does that sound?
But ... she is a fairly happy girl to have around. Sure she has her moments, but on a whole she's good company.

Griffin heads off to camp this afternoon.  I won't miss his appetite!  I'm sure the school will be taking HEAPS of food... they will be feeding LOTS of hungry teenagers.  We are sending him off with quite a stash of snacks too!

We can't make any plans for ourselves today as we have to see Mum off with my niece, then later on take Griffin to his school for camp.

So... I might just be doing some sewing, followed by some swimming/sunbathing.
Should be a nice day though, no matter what we do.


Well today is going totally to plan!
Mum is off with the family from Whitianga, I've been sewing for the past few hours and Lacy is home safe.

Griffin will be leaving for camp in half an hour and I am sure he will have a blast.  He's got enough chocolate to last him a week!  lol

ABOVE:  I am thoroughly enjoying sewing again after a week off!
This is a bit fiddly to sew, but I'm still enjoying it.

6.50 pm:  And my Mum has been safely delivered back again.  She's had a good day with the kids.
Meanwhile here, I've managed to get 70 % of the fiddly bits done on the Alien Quilt.  It's looking awesome!
I'm really, really happy with it so far.

We have had the tiniest little bit of rain!  Not enough to actually wet much, but at least it's slightly cooler than last night!

And... that's it for the day.  Time to sit down and just relax after sewing ALL day.