Tuesday, February 27, 2024



I'm gunna start the day on a low.

I feel like I am utterly failing with my weight loss so far this year.

I had a massive sugar fix yesterday.  I know it was because I'm a bit stressed.  

Nothing in particular either, just EVERYTHING culminating into a cesspool of shittyness.

And the stupid thing is, most of my shittyness is down to me and my poor eating of late.

I'm like ... what the fuck am I doing?

I don't know how to pull myself out of it right now.

But ... I will keep trying, cos I know how happy I am when I am 'on track' and losing some weight.

I get SO CLOSE to my ultimate goal, then just fall off the bloody wagon.


I will go to the Weight Watcher meeting tonight. NOT weighing in cos I don't want to self harm (joking), but my mental health is just as important right?  I know where I am on the goddam scale anyway.

I just need the support of the WW Leader and the ladies there to yak to.  They might help with my motivation.

And I want to get back into my walking regularly again, that helps me tremendously, even though I FRIGGIN' HATE WALKING!

Alright, enough bitching.

Back to today.

I'm going to sew a bit.

Then I'm gunna pack a bit.


Yeah.  I'm going to take a little trip down to Palmerston North tomorrow.

For Sandra C's 60th Birthday.  

I hadn't planned on going right now, but plans change.   

It will be lovely to catch up with the girlfriends, and see Mike 'n' Joyce again.

So, I will get me ducks in a row, get shit ready to throw in me suitcase and then I can relax.

Going now.... got stuff to dooooooo.....

LATE last night, I was lying in bed, no able to sleep.

Because my PANTRY was bugging me!  Yep, stranger things have kept me awake, but last night it was the bloody pantry.

I was annoyed at how cluttered it was, how things were 'out of place', and also several other cupboards in the kitchen.

So... I snuck outta bed, closed the doors so I didn't wake Stew, and got to it.

Now of course, to move anything out of the pantry and cluttered cupboards meant moving heaps of other things.

But, I got half of it done last night, and when I arose this morning, I did the rest of it.  All up it took me four hours.  Four hours well spent.

ABOVE:  I now have a spic 'n' span pantry again.  And it's so much less cluttered.

CLUTTERED is a word I shall use often today.

ABOVE: Next up was all the containers I had in one of the cupboards in the kitchen.  They went into this cupboard in the garage.  If I need any, I can just get them from here, right?

ABOVE: Taking those containers out of this cupboard meant I could put all the baking ingredients there instead.
And of course, that also gave me more room in the pantry.
So it was less CLUTTERED.

Gosh I'm right into decluttering at the moment!

ABOVE: The next eviction was all these from the day to day cupboard of plates, serving dishes etc.

ABOVE:  75% of them went in the credenza.  They all get used occasionally, but they sure in hell don't need to be in the kitchen full time.

ABOVE: Same applied to these large serving dishes.  They get used on occasions, but not all the time.

And they were on the top shelf in the day to day cupboard, and damned if I could reach up and get one down, particularly if it was under several others.

That used to piss me off.  No more.  That shittyness is over.

And YES, I'm sure I'm spelling 'Shittyness' wrong, but I don't care. Is there even such a word?  If not, I made it up.

ABOVE: The day to day cupboard, all tidy, organised and not CLUTTERED ... finally I'm happy.


Well, by done I mean that job.

I've now got the washing to hang out, the bed to make, some dishes to do, then I can get into the sewing room.


What are you up to today?  Have I inspired anyone to get decluttering yet???

Monday, February 26, 2024



Another week rolls around, and it's the end of February midweek.

My friend Sandra from Palmerston North gets to celebrate her ACTUAL BIRTHDAY this week, first time in 4 years.
Yep, she's a Leap Year Baby.  This will be the 15th time she's had her birthday ON HER BIRTHDAY.  29th February.

She will be 60 years old.  Sadly, I missed her birthday party.  I hope to pop down there again in the next couple of months, to see her and my other girlfriends.  Before winter sets in and the roads are dicey.

Right, back to today.  I am going to go for a walk (I hope I can drag my sorry butt outta bed!), then I will start the stitching on these two funky bird runners:

ABOVE:  Nothing like keeping ones self busy eh?  The rate I'm going I'll have plenty of new stock to take to market in March.

I can work until 1 pm, then I have to stop and go do something else entirely.

I'm picking Lacy up as I need her to drop Stew and I off at the hospital, then pick us up again after 2-3 hours.


Meh.  Cos Stew has two new hernias in his belly.
Must run in the family eh?  😂😕😖

Stew had a big umbilical hernia repair done way back when we lived in Palmerston North, about 17 years ago.
Since he lost weight, he found a big 'lump' in his lower belly (read very low)... and another bulge well above his belly button.

So, today we go to see the team at the hospital for detailed assessment, and a possible surgery prognosis on one or both hernias.

I'm going with him cos I want to hear what they have to say.  And to, (obviously), support him.
So that's my day planned out.


11.30 am:  The morning is going well.  I'm 3/4 of the way through all the applique' stitching.  But i have to stop soon so I can get me face on, and go pick up Lacy, then Stew a bit later.

ABOVE:  I love how I did his eyelashes.  So 'funky' eh?

Right, better get off here.  Got shit to do.

ABOVE: Stew looking all professional while sitting waiting.  We didn't actually have to wait long at all, only 5 minutes over our appointment time!  
I was shocked to be honest, I thought we would be waiting for an hour at least.

ABOVE:  I couldn't help it!  I had to sit in the BIG CHAIR... so I would look smaller.   lol

So, we saw the surgeon, and Stew is now on the waiting list to get his lower hernia repaired.
The one higher up is not a worry to the surgeon, it's very common in men to get that one and it's not likely to cause any problems.
So, now we wait for a surgery date, which could take months, or god help us, years.

Lacy dropped us off and picked us up, which was awesome.  It was raining so we didn't end up wet from walking any distance.

Now, Stew is back at work, Lacy is home and I'm home.
I might do an hours sewing now, before Stew gets home.

8 pm:  Well I did get a bit of work done before Stew got home.  Then we had dinner and just sat and watched the telly.  Now, I'm gunna sign off for the day, I'm done.
Catch ya tomorrow.

Sunday, February 25, 2024


Let's start the day with some baby spam shall we?

ABOVE:  I got some really lovely cuddles yesterday.  Lily was so damn cute, lots of big smiles, and she's trying so hard to talk.  Definitely coos are happening.

So this morning I will finish the 2nd funky bird runner.  I just have to add a backing, then bind it.

Should only take an hour.  Then hmmm.... not sure what I will do next.  I have enjoyed making the birds, so I might even do a couple more.  They are fun.

We are supposed to get rain today, that would be lovely!  It's been quite a dry summer compared to last year!

And that's all I have for now... catch ya later.

We have rain, and it's lovely.

I'm sitting in the sewing room, you know... sewing.  And I glance outside.  It's pissing down, and I have this BRILLIANT IDEA!

Let's go for a walk.

I suggested it to Stew, who was about to step into the shower... and he was like... OK.

So off we went for a walk around the lake.

ABOVE: Very overcast with light rain here and there, but it was just beautiful.

ABOVE: There are still baby Pukekos!  I was surprised to see baby birds this late in the season.

ABOVE: This end of the lake is often like a mill pond, so still.

ABOVE:  He's havin' fish for lunch I reckon.

ABOVE: It had been 16 days since I had a decent walk.  I was KNACKERED.  But so happy we did it.

ABOVE:  I was super  happy with our time too... I had expected to be closer to 40 minutes.

Though, I did have to push myself to do a 'decent' time today.

It's now 11.30 am, and I'm going back to finish that runner.  Then we shall have some lunch.

ABOVE:  And there's another funky bird runner.

After finishing that, I skipped lunch and just laid out two more funky bird runners.

They are ready for stitching tomorrow.

It's now 4.30 pm, and I might go sort out some dinner for Stew and I.

YES LYNDA: I will make an appointment for the Shingles jabs.  Ikkkk.  I had not forgotten, just got distracted by LIFE in general.  It was on my 'To Do List'.

Right, it's the end of the day.  I am happy with how our day went.

Catch ya Tomorrow.

Saturday, February 24, 2024



It was lovely to see Emily and Liam last night.  Their Dad Andrew brought them over for dinner.

They loved the meal, I do believe we all did.

ABOVE:  The kids didn't arrive with their togs, so we improvised.   I think next summer I will make sure I have spare togs in the drawer for just those occasions. The pool has gotten so much use this summer, it's been neat.

We probably have another month of swimming before it starts to get too cold.  😫😭😞

ABOVE: the second funky bird runner ready for stitching.  I will probably add some foliage somewhere as well.

This morning I am going to work on those two funky bird runners.  Then Stew and I will go somewhere nice for lunch.

Maybe a walk too... that will depend on the weather.  Hoping it's cloudy like yesterday so we can.


ABOVE: 11.50 am, and that one's done.

Now its lunchtime and we are at a cafe in Chartwell Square.  Having a 'Big Breakfast ' ... should be good.

Then we will head home to enjoy a couple of hours in and out of the pool. 

ABOVE: The Big Breakfast at Robert Harris Cafe in Chartwell Square.

Do ya want the 'very nice review'?

Or the accurate one?

Yeap... let's have the accurate one shall we?

Eggs - perfect and hot.

Sausage, bacon, mushrooms - Luke warm at best.  Cooked prior and just reheated.  Mushrooms had far too many dry herbs in the mix.  Was yuk.  Stew ate mine.

Hash Brown - perfect, nice and hot.

Half a tomato - nice and hot.

Baked Beans - cold!

Sourdough Bread - Not bad, hard to cut, but you expect that.

They were generous with the tomato sauce and butter.

So on a whole I'd give it a 5/10, but only just.

We shall try somewhere different for our next Big Breakfast.

ABOVE: The 'decoration' on top of the eggs.  Yeah,  looked nice, tasted like bloody grass!  Was horrible.  Stew didn't eat his... lucky bugger.

After lunch we went and bought these:

ABOVE:  My 'plan' was always to buy shorts and t-shirts for kids without togs.  Nice and cheap from Postie Plus, that lot only cost $33!  Not bad at all.

We are home now, and I might just lie in the sun and have a swim for a while.  

ABOVE:  3.29 pm:  Lily is 6 weeks old in exactly 1 hour.

And she is doing so well.  Gaining weight, starting to coo and smile... growing new hair.  Hard to tell what colour it will end up, probably strawberry blonde.

ABOVE:  Steve and the boys were looking at Lily as she stirred.  So I grabbed me camera for a photo.  Yeah, got one semi nice one... then they went stupid on me. 

Now.... it's pool time again, with the boys.

The pool is decidedly cooler today.  Our nights are getting cooler, so that is affecting the pool's temperature.

It was still lovely, but I can feel how it's gunna start getting cooler and cooler soon.  *sniff*... which means swimming will stop in the next few weeks.  But then, I will be able to start walking again.  And while I hate walking, it's needed to keep my weight in check.

Right, I'm done for the day, I'm struggling to stay awake at only 9.55 pm!

Catch ya tomorrow.

Friday, February 23, 2024



Ya it's Friday.

I'm looking forward to the weekend, when Stew and I can just relax and do bugger all.

Today I am going to finish the last three of the 8 runners I had 'on the go'.

Then I want to make a Funky Bird Runner.

Bex gave me a bunch of fabrics she had stored in her house for ages.  A lot of it I'd given her over the years.

She isn't going to be using it, so it came back to me.  I will have to sort through it all and put it away in the sewing room.  LATER.

Right now I just want to get these three runners bound and finished.

And that is all I have for now... boring eh? 😂😊


1 pm.

ABOVE: The last three (from this run) are done.

I went to the supermarket for a few supplies.

Got out a leg of lamb for tonight's dinner.

We have family coming to dinner again.

I've just had some lunch, shrimp salad.  Very nice it was too.

Now?  I'm taking a break.  It's  a nice cool day, lots and lots of cloud.

ABOVE: Late this afternoon one of my neighbours stopped in to chat. She ended up having to nip home so she left her Shih Tzu here with me.  My girls were not impressed.  And little Zoe was not happy either, she shook and shivered the entire time her owner was away.

After I finished my lunch, yakking with me neighbour etc, I started work on my next runners.

I've got two on the go, both have the same background, but different birds.

ABOVE:  This one is ready for the applique' stitching, which I'll do tomorrow.

The second one I'm still working on... wings, legs, boots etc still need to be added.  It takes way more time than it should to choose what freaking fabrics to use!  But I'm fussy I suppose.

Dinner was AMAZING! Roast leg of lamb is my new favourite meal.  With Salad.  So damn yum.

Oh and Brown Onion gravy, with chunks of red onion in it. I have some of that left over.  I'm gunna have it tomorrow with left overs.

Visitors will be leaving soon, so once they go I will get back in the sewing room and get that 2nd runner's layout done.  Then I can just stitch them both tomorrow.

And that is me for the day... it's been a lovely, productive day.

Catch ya tomorrow.

Thursday, February 22, 2024



Dad and I wish you a lovely day... and I shall see you at lunchtime. 😋😊💖🍰🍣🎉🍟🍦

Before lunch though, I will be making binding for those 8 runners 'on the go'.

I'm already plotting my next runner.
Another cute bird one I think.

I want a break from Braid Runners.

ABOVE:  lol, nicked this off Lacy's Facebook.  This weeks two birthday girls.


12.22 pm:  I had a slight change of plans this morning. 
Instead of heading into the sewing room, I went and visited Bex and Lily for an hour.

ABOVE:  Bex took these photos of the kids this morning.  Lily is getting chubby!  I got lots of lovely cuddles today.

ABOVE: Then I went and picked up Lacy, and we went to the mall, got some lunch and went back to her home to enjoy some food and chatter.

Now, I'm home and about to get to work on that binding.  I have to make quite a bit to go around all 8 runners.

Perfect day to be inside.  It's raining!  Did not expect that.  But it's so welcome.  It has cooled the day down beautifully.

And thank you for all the birthday wishes for Lacy, I know she really appreciates them.

ABOVE:  My afternoon.  5 Braid Runners finished completely.  #'s 77, 78 & 80 look dull and boring, but in real life they are actually lovely.
Believe me, I wouldn't make anything dull and boring!  It's just shit lighting.

I will get the last three finished tomorrow.
THEN I can start on something fun like a funky bird runner.  Or two.

I'm now done for the day.
Stew arrived home, changed and went to the pub.
I will pick him up later.
Right now, I'm going to sit with me feet up and just relax for a while.

9.32 pm:  I spent an hour or so visiting Steve, Bex and the kids while Stew was at the pub, then he met me there and we came home.

And now... after watching some telly, it's time to sign off for the day.