Saturday, December 02, 2023


 We are doing the Tamahere Twilight Market this afternoon.

ABOVE: Last time we did it, the weather was terrible, photo of that day above.  It couldn't have been any worse really.  

The weather forecast is for RAIN this afternoon.  Grrrrr.  

Counting today's market, we have three markets to go before the Christmas holidays.

Then we will have a a four week break, until our first of three January Markets.  

After January, we will only be doing one market a month, at the regular Tamahere Market.

We will be well ready for a break by then.

And we will have a new grandbaby to dote over ... so we won't miss the markets too much.

ABOVE:  This is the runner I started last night.  It's nowhere near finished, and I doubt I'll get it done in time for today's market.

It is going to be my 50th Braid Runner!  That is insane.

I made my first ever Braid Runner on the 19th of June.  Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would have made 50 in just under 6 months.

10.15 am:  I got straight into the sewing room this morning, and finished NUMBER 50 Braid Runner!

ABOVE:  It looks very 'busy' but it's rather lovely.
We are now just relaxing before packing up and heading off to Tamahere later on.  Probably aiming to be there by 2 pm, ready for 'the start' at 4.

The weather is looking very undecided.  Could rain. Might not. Who the hell knows?
It will be what it will be.

9 pm:  Home.  Feet up.  Contemplating something for dinner.
The market?
Was a good one.
HEAPS of people in the first two hours, then slow but steady for the rest of it.
We did fairly well, more than our 'usual' turnover.

And that 'busy' runner I finished making this morning?
To a returning customer, who bought a black 'n' white runner last time he was there.

I love people who return for more!

ABOVE: Our set up today.  We were incredibly lucky with the weather.  It was quite windy most of the afternoon, but no rain.  

ABOVE: Packing up at 8 pm, there were cars lined up all down the road trying to get in to load up.
We are very lucky in that the van is always near us, and we can get it up to our spot and load up easily.  AND get out again too.

Our next market is Woodlands next weekend, and that will probably be the last time we do Woodlands.

Now... time to relax and have something to eat.
Catch ya tomorrow.

Friday, December 01, 2023


 I have NO IDEA how I did it, but last night I was 70% finished constructing the latest runner top, when I realised it was wonky as fuck!

So now I'm not sure if I should finish it, and use it as a 'family gift'... while admitting it's a wonky one... or throw it in the bin.

ABOVE: It's such a shame, as it had the potential to be a really lovely runner.

What would you do with it?  Bin it?  Finish it?  Gift it?

While I, (and you), ponder that, I'm off for a mall walk this morning.

Then Marley is off to the groomers.  Coco's turn next week.

When I get home I am going to make another runner, exactly the same as the wonky one above.  This time I hope it works out STRAIGHT.

8.56 am:  I just arrived home from my morning walk.  Lacy and I 'did' the mall again.
4 lengths of the bottom, and three of the top.

ABOVE:  A faster time today, no time lost dodging people.  *Remember*, my walking app does not record distance or pace inside the mall.

ABOVE: The place was deserted, apart from people who work there, getting ready for the day.
Even the food court was completely empty, the eateries had NO FOOD in them yet.

So, it was a good walk.  

Now that I'm home, I'm going to finish the 'boo boo' runner.   edit:  Nope, I decided to leave it till next week and make another non-wonky one.
Marley has to be at the groomers mid morning, so I shall take a break then. 

ABOVE:  And there we have a perfectly non-wonky # 49 Braid Runner.

The wonky one is going to get finished sometime next week.  

And now... I'm taking a break.

9.41 pm:  Well it's been a good day.  I got another runner made.  I started another one as well.
I cleaned the inside of Steve's van, that we are using for a while.
I folded up two weeks worth of washing... JEZUS Stew wears a LOT of bloody socks!
I folded up 23 pairs of HIS SOCKS, and just 5 of mine.

That was a big job done.

Stew went to his work's Christmas Dinner, partners NOT invited.  Arese holes.

And now... it's the end of the day, and we shall be heading off to bed soon.
Thank god we don't have to get up early in the morning.

Thursday, November 30, 2023


 The last couple of Braid Runners have been quite long.  So today I am going to make some shorter, narrower ones.

Trying to cover the bases I suppose.  Not everyone wants a really long one eh?

I'm going to stick with the Black 'n' White and Brown tones, as they are so lovely.

ABOVE:  Yesterday's runner.  I particularly love this one.  What do you think of it?

So, clearly I will be sewing today.  And mucking around with Christmas Decorations.  I'm leaving the main tree for Sunday, when Stew can help me with it.

It's not huge, but stringing the lights on it is a pain in the arse, and I'd rather Stew helps me with that.

So that's me for now... catch ya later.

ABOVE:  Right... this is the next one on the table... 60% sewn up.  I just have to chop off the pointy ends, add a narrow border, and then quilt and bind it.
LOL, I say 'just', but that lot will take a couple of hours.

I've decided that once I get that one done, I'm going to make a start on going through all the stuff I've bought for Christmas... and fill the gaps.
This year I am doing 'Family' Parcels.  Each family will get ONE parcel, which will consist of things everyone can use/eat/play with.

Something different for a change.

ABOVE:  don't ya just love this one?  I know I do.  It got to keep it's points too... kinda need the variety.
I'm done for now, I've got a list of things to do around the house, and well.... can you believe I've just about run out of Black thread, so have to go buy more!

Which fits in with the other things I want to do today.  Fill GAPS.

2.45 pm:  I just got home after a couple of hours in the shops.  It's certainly getting busy out there.  Even though it's just a normal mid-week day, the mall was full.

I managed to get quite a few bits 'n' bobs for Christmas.  So a successful outing.

ABOVE:  I WAS NOT going to buy any more Christmas Friends this year.  Said no one ever.
Raven was half price, and I could see her up on the kitchen bench.  So, yeah, got her.

But I might stop at one this year.  I have plenty really.

ABOVE:  I've changed up the decor in the family room, back to BLUEs.  For now.  edit:  I changed the cushions and throw from Apricoty-pink to the blues.

And now... I'm a bit tired.  Will just chill out for an hour or so.  

I started another runner this afternoon.  It's wonky.  I'm now crabby.  I don't think I can fix it.
Grrrr.  3 hours work down the drain.

Stew's on his way home from the pub as I sit here feeling crabby.

I ate too much today, makes me even crabbier.  Some days I should just stay in bed.

Hope tomorrow is better.

And then I tipped over my diet coke bottle... all over the goddam carpet.
Ain't my night.

Wednesday, November 29, 2023


 It's looking like my walk today will be around the lake.  It's cloudy, so perfect weather.

Leaving nice and early to beat the heat and traffic.

Once home again, I am probably going to haul all the Christmas decorations out and make a start on putting up our tree.

Maybe Lacy can help me with that?  It would be nice to have a hand with it.  We'll see how her shoulder is feeling I suppose. 

If I get that done, I can then get on with making another runner or two.

I would like to get two more Black 'n' White ones done before Saturday's Twilight Market at Tamahere.


Right, time to move... catch ya later.

Well I almost decided to walk at the mall, as the sun was out when I got up.  But after picking Lacy up I decided to drive to the lake, if only to see how the road works were going.
And it clouded over and started drizzling... so off we went, walking around the lake.

ABOVE: It was perfect timing, as the sun came out again just as we were finishing our walk.
We then headed over to Chartwell Square to do some banking.

ABOVE:  I commented to Lacy that I could now park in the 'Senior Parks' if I wanted to.  She was like, eh????

ABOVE:  See?  Senior Parks.  She had no idea there were Senior Parks!
Not that I would ever use them, while I may be of 'senior' age now, I don't think I really qualify.

So now we are home, and are going to upbox the Christmas Decorations.

AUDREY:  I have only ever seen Senior Parks at Chartwell Square.  

ABOVE: Sometimes when I start a runner, I think .. MEH.  Not loving it.
This one?
LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!   And it's not even finished yet.
I have made it using Browns, Greys and lights, with black accents.  It's going to be amazing.

Sorry Amanda, you left your run on Caramel Slice too late.  Ya sister ate it all!  Well OK, Dad and I had a few pieces too.  😂😉😊😋

6.55 pm:  After a big push, I got today's Braid Runner finished.
I will show it to you tomorrow.  I'm super happy with it.  

Now ... time to wind down and look forward to Coronation Street in a couple of hours.  lol
Catch ya tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 28, 2023



ABOVE:  I cut out 90% of these fabric strips yesterday... not a bad effort I must say.

Now I get to put them together into Braid Runners.

First off the table will be that one I showed you the line up of, the other day.

ABOVE:  Because we've been keeping all the market stuff in the van, rather than unpack it after each market, I decided it would be safer to keep it in the garage.

I didn't know if it would even FIT in our garage... as it has roof racks and it's rather Loooooong.

So I measured it.  Once. Twice, then again.

And... it fits.  JUST.

So I can now relax and not worry about it being broken into.

Steve must be wondering if he's ever going to get his van back! lol  

Don't worry Steve, after December, we only have 1 or 2 markets a month till the next silly season, in the last three months of 2024.

ABOVE: This flat top hydrangea was already in the garden when we moved in here.  I've never seen one grow this tall before!  Usually, after they flower you prune them down, but I didn't with this one and it's just grown and grown.  It's amazing.

I have Weight Watchers this evening.  I'm not sure how that will go... I've been relatively 'good' the past few days.  We'll see how I feel about those scales later.

And that's me for now.  I'll be back around midday.


10 am:   When I got up this morning I got a bee in my bonnet about friggin coffee tables.

And I had to re-arrange them in the family room. AGAIN.

Fuck I do my own head in sometimes.

ABOVE:  So now the biggest one is back in the middle of the room (kinda) and the trolley is between Stew and my chairs.  I had to relocate plants to outside, cos they used to be on the trolley.

I'm happy now.

Though I do already wonder how long it will last before I want to change it up again.  😩😖😕

I'm now going to sew...

ABOVE:  I'm making slow progress on this one.  I'm just feeling a bit ... jaded.

I'm going to stop for a break soon, have some lunch then think about getting back to it.

It's very quiet today.

ABOVE:  Braid Runner #46.  Tomorrow I am going to make a Black 'n' White one, or two.

They have been hugely popular, thanks everyone for suggesting I do them.

I know I resisted for ages... but they really do come out fabulously eh?

8.20 pm:   Weight watchers... I did not weigh in tonight.  I'm doing that on Friday this week.

Stew and I went out to Taco Bell for dinner this evening... it was SUPER QUIET out there!  There were only about 4 other diners there the entire time we were there, and when we left the place was EMPTY.  Wow.  

Home now, and it's cooled down heaps.  Raining steadily.  Typical, I watered the garden yesterday!  lol

So, signing off for the day now.  Catch ya tomorrow.

Monday, November 27, 2023


 Well... the pool got christened yesterday afternoon.


ABOVE:  Stew got in the pool cos he was super hot after doing the gardening.  He said it was 'fresh'.  So not freezing.  He did say I wouldn't have liked it, I believe him.

ABOVE:  My favourite place in the garden.  It's just so pretty, and Stew has got it looking so good.

Our hydrangeas are starting to flower...  love them.

I cut out some fabrics yesterday for a new Braid Runner, as I sold a few at Saturday's market.

This one is slightly 'different' from my other Black 'n' Whites.  Cos it's got no white, and more browns and greys mixed in with the blacks.

ABOVE:  And in fact the centre block is totally different too.

It's going to be interesting to see how it comes out.  I can't wait to do it!

I will work on that after I've done me usual morning routine.

ABOVE: The last Caramel Cornflake slice I'm making.
Stew and I had a piece each last night and decided we were over it, and it really was too sweet for us.
So, family.... come get it!

11.05 am:   Well... Lacy and I went for a 'Mall Walk' today as it was just too hot outside.
We had lots of fun!
And kept cool-ish.

After that we went to The Base for a spot of shopping... I needed a few things.

ABOVE: Our walk stats are a bit buggered up cos the app I use refuses to track when you are inside a building.  Oh well... we know we walked at a good pace, and we walked for longer than usual too.  It was neat in the mall... lots to look at, people to harass!  lol


Time for sewing.  

Or not.
Grrrr. I started cutting out fabric, and remembered my rotary cutter needed a new blade.  There is only so much tolerance I have for a blade that leaves tiny pieces of fabric NOT CUT.
So I jumped in me car and headed off to Lacy's first, to drop off her jandals and cake that she left at mine.
Then to Spotlight for the rotary blade.

There was a bloody sale on fabric eh?

ABOVE:  Bit hard to pass up a 40% off sale ... oh and I then went to Bunnings for Chlorine tester and a couple of other things.
Cos I was then in a shopping mood totally.

Now I'm finally home, and don't know if I have the energy for sewing.
Might have some lunch first.

6.20 pm:  Well I had lunch.
Then I spent about an hour or so cutting out strips of fabric.

Then I had a nana nap.

Got woken by Lacy messaging me cos she had just woken up after having a nap!

So I went back into the sewing room and cut more strips ... but did not get to do any sewing.
That will have to happen tomorrow.

Stew is home from work, so I've stopped work too.
Time to relax for the remainder of the day.
Catch ya tomorrow.

Sunday, November 26, 2023


 Today is gunna go something like this.

Stew will do his weekend grocery shop... Diet Coke, fresh veges etc.

Then we are going out to the Trade Depot to take another look at baths.

I am absolutely TERRIBLE when it comes to making a choice, when there's so many to choose from!

I've chopped and changed my mind umpteen times already.  Today I really want to nail it down, and order a freakin' bath!

After that, we hope to have a visit with Lacy and Keera for a while, before coming home to do a few odd jobs around the house and yard.

Nothing too onerous, cos we are both still tired.

I've been working on the pool for the past few weeks, getting it ready for summer.  It's slowly getting there!  

It's nearly December, and I can't believe it's not really warm enough yet for swimming.

Yesterday it was positively freezing, such a cold wind.  Hopefully that was a last hurrah to winter.

ABOVE: Last night's 'dinner'... so delicious!  Chicken, two cheeses and cranberry sauce.  I don't often have bread now days, so it was a lovely treat.

Time to make a move, get the day started.

Catch ya later.

11.43 am:  I did it!

I bought a freakin' bath:

ABOVE:  Perfect!  Now we have to wait till February for it to come into Hamilton.

Good things are worth waiting for.

Grocery shopping is done, so now we are off to Lacy's for lunch.

ABOVE:  What is it with kids and fences?  lol

ABOVE:  It's a stunning day today, with virtually NO WIND.   Unlike yesterday, when it was blowing like hell.

ABOVE:  Lacy got another guinea pig, so now she has a black one, and a brown one.  The brown one is hard to see in the shadows.

We enjoyed a lovely lunch at Lacy's, and are now home.  Contemplating doing our odd jobs around the place.

FYI:  I chose that particular bath because it's :


Slightly shorter than the 'standard' 1700cm, so will fit in our gap.

Looks lovely.

Has the greatest depth while incorporating all the other aspects.

And I love it.

Stew has vacuumed the house, and the pool.  Now he's on to doing the gardens and lawn.

Meanwhile, I went into the sewing room and did some cutting out for tomorrow's sewing effort.

It's something 'the same', but different.

I'll show you what I mean, tomorrow.

My back only held out for 1.5 hours, then I had to stop.  My lower back is shot, bending over the cutting table is something I simply can't do for long.  

So now I'm being a lazy tart, feet up, scrolling through Instagram/Facebook & YouTube.

I just made another Caramel Cornflake slice!

This time I made a version of a cheesecake base, as I really didn't like the Chocolate Brownie base from the first one I did.

Let's see how that works.  It's gotta set now.

And no, we won't be eating it all.... most will go to family members.

It's only 6 pm, but I'm signing off for the day, we won't be doing much between now and bedtime.

Catch ya tomorrow.