Monday, July 22, 2019


ABOVE:  Exactly!  ...

My job today:

 ABOVE: I have the stuff I need to fix this:

 ABOVE:  Gotta put polyfilla in these biggish holes, and also a thin layer over all the places where that freakin' border took off the paintwork.

There's also quite a few smaller holes left from paintings, dings and so on.  So it might take me a couple of hours.

The other day Stew said he felt like our bedroom felt 'cold and not very cosy'.  So I changed it up a bit by doing this:

 ABOVE:  I took off the blue pillow cases, the blue valance and some of the blue accessories in the room.

Then I added some colour.  The cow painting and flowers were in the family room. 

A couple of colourful soft Britto toys from the lounge.

My pink throw blanket ... I sleep with it anyway, but it wasn't kept on the bed during the day.  Now it is. 

ABOVE: On this side I just added a pink scarf to the candle holder.  

I have a pretty floral duvet cover coming soon too, which I will put on the bed, then I can assess if that is enough.

I'm glad he mentioned how he felt, cos it was fun titivating the room.  *smiles*

I'm now eyeing up the mixed media artwork above the bed, wondering how I can add a bit of colour to it as well.  dumm dee dooo.... lol.

Right, now I am gunna make me porridge, lie in bed and read the news, look out the window at the birds worm hunting and then... get on with the day.


12.30 pm:  ha ha!  Done NOTHING in the spare bedroom.

Lacy came out for a quick visit.  And I rearranged the lounge furniture just a little bit.

 ABOVE:  mid move around...

 ABOVE:  done.  And now it's more 'conversation' friendly.

 ABOVE:  Over in the 'dining' area I'm going to take down the zebra painting and put this  there...

ABOVE:  Stew will be happy as he doesn't like having it in our room.  Not 'bedroom' furniture... but I  had nowhere else to put it. 
Now I do.  Made a space that's perfect for it.

So, a good morning.   And now I'm gunna stop and have some lunch before moving on to the spare bedroom.

Polyfilla is on.. though those bigger holes are gunna require a second application to fill them.  But, no hurry.
It's going to make a HUGE mess when it comes to sanding it all back, there's HEAPS of it all over the room.  But, needs must.

It's been a glorious day outside today, and I've not stepped out me front door.  Shame.

Dinner tonight is chicken drumsticks roasted in the oven, with veges.  Should be yum.

Dinner WAS yum... and now it's time to sign off for the day.
Catch ya tomorrow.

Sunday, July 21, 2019


I forgot to say yesterday... we ordered the bed we want for the spare bedroom.
It is going to take several weeks, if not up to two months to arrive... which makes me happy cos by then I'll actually have saved up enough to pay for it!  lol

And I hope to have the bedroom ready by then too.  

Today I'm going to make a start on the room by getting that pink border off.  It might take a while cos it's a paper border, glued on.  And those flowers too ... those things are coming off.

It's only taken me 3+ years to get around to it. Yep, pretty slack eh?  But it wasn't really a priority.  Now that the room is empty though, it's the perfect time to do it.

ABOVE:  The shelves are coming off the wall, so is the panel heater.  The black shelving unit is going back in the garage, and the blue bucket full of shit is from the computer desk that I sold for the princely sum of $1.

I shall have to sort all that out and put it somewhere else.

QUESTION:  Should I paint the room the same, original colour?  Or something a bit more colourful?  It's on the south side of the house, so doesn't get any direct sunlight at all, and it's a cool room.

Now is the time to give that some thought!

So, that's me for now... I will come back later with a progress photo or three.  *smiles*


Busy....busy...busy.... got all the border at Mitre 10 getting polyfilla, sandpaper, paint brushes and rollers.

Had a look at paint colours. Will ponder that while waiting for the filler to dry.

Not that I've actually put it on yet. The room is a real mess right now, that's for sure.

My lower back is so painful today I've had to take some Tramadol... which is helping thank god. I could hardly move this morning.  So annoying when my 'to do' list is so long.

ABOVE:  Getting the border off left a right mess.  It took off lots of the paintwork as well... and the light blue line is just painted on.  So I have to paint over that.

The entire room needs to have little and big holes fixed, then sanded back. 

I'm going to use a paint called Valspar, it's an 'all in one' paint.  Primer/Undercoat and topcoat.  That will cut down the number of times I have to paint the walls.  Which will probably be twice.

AS for colour, I'm leaning towards one of these:

Nah, I want to keep it very neutral, and put colour in the room via accessories.  These colours are from the brown shades, but the lightest tones... warm.
The existing paint has an almost yellow tone.

The room only has a white roller blind at the window, so I might make some curtains at some point too.  Something cheerful to lift the room.

And now... I'm going to CHILL OUT, RELAX and give my legs and back a break.

***  OMG that Tramadol has worked a treat!  I feel WONDERFUL, so relaxed and pain free ***

It's now 9 pm and I'm probably going to hit the sack soon... I am struggling to stay awake.
So... catch ya tomorrow.

Saturday, July 20, 2019


For the first time in ages, all four of us have the day off.

So we are going to Hamilton as a family... to shop.
Griffin and Stew need new shoes, and Brylee and I ... well we can shop for nothing pretty much!

Though I am going to Harvey Norman's to see if they have that bed I'd like ... I want to actually SEE it before I decide if it's the right one for our spare bedroom or not. 

If it is, I might order one, to pick up in a month or so.  Which will give me a month or so to get the spare bedroom ready.  *smiles*

I love having something to do within the house, it's fun.

I also have to get a move on and make more 'Wonky House' and 'Holiday Time' Runners.
I'm totally looking forward to doing them.

And that is me for now... I'll be back after lunch probably... once we get back from Hamilton.
It will be so nice to go out as a family ... it's been so long since we did that.


ABOVE: Nearly 9 am.... still in bed! Its COLD...looks like it will be a lovely day though.

5.45 pm:  And what a day.  We shopped till we dropped!
Griffin got his shoes and some new clothes, Brylee got shoes and nail stuff, I got some new winter tops and Stew?

Looked EVERYWHERE for new work shoes and found nothing.  Well ... nothing that was in the budget that is.  He will just have to keep looking, or wait a bit longer and spend almost $200!  Can't believe everything is so expensive.

Clothes were awesome today... winter sales everywhere.  I had no intention of buying anything, but when you can pick up a lovely warm top for $30, reduced down from $90... well you would be crazy not to buy it.

By the time we got home we were all buggered!  Hours wandering around the shops/malls/in town... it was neat but tiring.

And I was looking forward to an easy, feet up sorta day really.  Ha ha, that will have to be tomorrow.

And.. maybe not.  I've decided to make a start on re-decorating the spare bedroom tomorrow.
No rest for the wicked.... fuck I must be super wicked lately!

Friday, July 19, 2019


This week I've kinda got back into my groove.

I had a hiccup the last few weeks with one thing or another.

Got overtired.
Got stressed out.
Got MEGA CRANKY AND UPSET and nearly pulled the pin on my blog.

But I am coming right.  Just had to FRIGGIN CHILL OUT.

Which is easier said than done of course, particularly when it's things beyond your control that are stressing you out.

I was also at the point where my own housework was getting so far behind ...  that was also stressing me out!  

I'm a bit weird like that.  Can't stand seeing my house messy.

But I'm getting on top of it.  Having a big tidy up, getting rid of a few things has really helped my mood.

AND MUSIC... I've been listening to my favourites list on YouTube and it cheers me up SO MUCH.  And now I have something HUGE to look forward to thanks to Nicole... 

... PENTATONIX!!!!  OMG I am so excited, I still tear up just thinking about it.

This is my next project:

ABOVE:  The 'spare' bedroom.   I'm going to rip the pink border off, and those friggin flowers!  Then I'll fix the holes in the wall left from getting a shelf off ages ago, and paint the room all fresh again.

Then I am going to get a single bed that has a trundler under it for when we have visitors.

All that will take weeks I'm sure... so it's not a rip, shit and bust job.

And I will have to save up for the bed too... this is what I have me eye on:

ABOVE:  It comes in both colours, but we like the white one.  Please don't remind me that I gave away our two single beds not that long ago ok!  lol

At least I kept the mattresses.  *smiles*

Today:  I've got a three hour private house clean this morning (big job), then a two hour break at home for lunch, then a laundry shift at the rest home.

So a full day.  



Half way through my day... and sheesh I could literally fall asleep right now.  Already tired, and I have a shift at the rest home ahead of me yet.  *sigh*

I just had some left over pea 'n' bacon soup for lunch, it was rather yum.

Half an hour till I need to leave for work... catch ya later.

Another good shift at the rest home.  NO bums.
Just one super grumpy old man.  
Nice to get home knowing I now have 3 full days with no work.

Thursday, July 18, 2019


I'm feeling pretty darn guilty.

Lacy came out and did lots of heavy lifting the other day... when she already had a sore shoulder (I didn't know at the time) ... and well... she lifted Stew's incredibly heavy drawers with Griffin, and hurt her shoulder even more.

Last night she ended up in Hospital as it was so very painful, and going numb, pins and needles and so on.

Kelly took her to hospital, and they were there for the majority of the evening, getting X-rays and so on.

Seems she's had a rotator cuff injury for a month or so, and the other day's activities just kicked it into another level of pain.

So now she's in a sling and has to go back in a month to see if the swelling has gone down, so hopefully then they can see more of what's going on in her shoulder.  *sigh*

ABOVE: This x-ray shows bone rubbing on bone. OUCH.

ABOVE:  I'm a bit evil, cos in this lot all I could think was:  "Which guy did she fancy the most?"

I will ring her later on today and get an update on how she's feeling.  But for now... I better get up and at 'em.



ABOVE:  Kelly reckons she fancied THIS ONE the most!  lol

Gotta go... work calls.

So two jobs today.  One was a private house clean... which was a doodle.  Love this home, the dog is gorgeous and the cat is even half nice!  (I'm not a cat sorta person)

The dog is a small type of wippet-y thing, she's adorable. I get lots of loves from her.

After finishing that home, I came home and did some cleaning here.  Then I grabbed some lunch... watched Home and Away etc and then... Off to work at the Rest Home.

It was a laundry shift today, so not a long shift.  I am really loving the rest home work... it's hard work being on me feet all the time but I really enjoy the company.  The other people who work there have really accepted me as 'one of them' now, so it's neat.  Lots of laughs.

And the oldies?  I love them.  And apart from a couple of really GRUMPY old men, most of them seem to enjoy talking to me, giving me a hard time in jest!  And I love talking to them, even if it's only for a few minutes while I'm in their room. 

Both items I put on the 24 hr, $1 auction got bought and taken away today.  Yaaa, that's less stuff cluttering up me house.

Now.. I'm listening to music on my computer, earphones on, and watching TV half heartedly.  Coronation Street is on tonight, but I'm giving it a miss cos I need to get to bed at a decent time.  I'm trying to make sure I don't get overtired this week.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019


I totally love this group... PENTATONIX.
We all have different musical tastes of course, but this group?


ABOVE: This is a fairly new song of theirs.

We don't hear much of this group on our airwaves sadly.  But I get my full from YouTube, thank goodness for YouTube.  *smiles*

They are doing a World Tour soon, and are coming to New Zealand in February.  Doubt we will be able to go though.  Bound to be freakin' expensive.

So today... I've got work till 1.30 pm.  And then once I'm home I'm going to crack on with tidying up my home.

The garage is super cluttered right now, cos everything I don't want to keep is in there.

Kelly is coming out this afternoon to pick up a chair, yaa something else leaving the house.

Hopefully the two furniture items I listed on our local auction site will be picked up in the next few days too.  They are both 'sold' which is good.

Right... I'm off to get ready for work.  Catch  ya later.


2.55 pm:  Work today was ... a NO BUM DAY!
But I did have something else happen that was a first.

I went into a resident's room around 10.30 am to find him ever so slightly drunk!  Yep, he'd been drinking Whiskey cos he told me he was stressed.  Life is very HARD when you are 90+ ya know.

And then he asked me to wash his glass and put it in the cupboard, cos his daughter was visiting him soon and he didn't want her to do it.

MORE LIKE he didn't want her to know he'd been drinking whiskey for morning 'tea'. lol

So anyway, I got home to find Kelly, Lacy and Rena waiting to be let in.  Kelly came out to pick up the chair we gave her.
Stupid thing is, the teenager was home and could have let them in.  Derrr.

Now... it's 3 pm and I WAS going to tidy up the garage, but I just can't be arsed right now.  Maybe later.


I cannot BELIEVE one of my long time blog readers, Nicole W, who has never met me, has gone and bought me FOUR TICKETS to see PENTATONIX next February! ! ! !

I cried on the spot when I received her email letting me know what she had done for me!
Nicole, what you have done is beyond kind, and I am just so thankful to you.

I never in a million years expected ANYONE to go and buy tickets for me!!!  

THANK YOU NICOLE, you are just the most lovely, kind and generous girl. ♥♥♥

11 pm:  I had an FBG Mappers meeting tonight. We went over quite a few things, a very productive evening.  Lots of laughs.  I just love those girls.  I do believe I will be getting a few walks in over the next month or so, all going well.

Right now though, I've got soup to prepare for tomorrow (crock pot), supplies readied for tomorrow morning's house clean and then... off to bed.

Tuesday, July 16, 2019


Well... I won't be going to work today.

I've woken with a dreadful headache... bordering on a migraine.

So .. I'm going to take a few pills and stay in bed for a while and hopefully later on I will feel better?

I'm sure it's down to just being over tired ... I do not sleep well at night, so it does compound over time I'm sure.

Catch you later.

1.45 pm:  Feeling much better!  
A little while ago I asked Lacy to come out and help me move a few things around.

I was ITCHING to move shit!!!  I decided to get rid of a few furniture items and condense back into just having ONE sewing room.

I felt guilty about having two!

ABOVE:  these two are going.  I put them on our local 24 hour $1 Auction site.  They should be gone in the next day or two.

 ABOVE:  These two! Working together.  

ABOVE:  Yep, she got to drive me car down town for some sandwiches for our lunch.

Now, I'm watching some TV... then I've got a heap of stuff to sort out in several rooms. 

Well... I pottered around all afternoon, moving all my sewing stuff back into the front 'bedroom' again.  I took all my fabric and squished it all onto one set of shelves, so that it's not so crammed in there.

Tomorrow I will be doing more, but not till the afternoon, after work at the rest home.

For now though, I'm freakin' tired again... and am going to relax and watch some stupid TV.


Monday, July 15, 2019


Today I WILL be finishing the Baby Boy Quilt.

It's been a real mission getting it done I can tell you!

The lady who asked me to make it gave me a panel of fabric she wanted incorporated into the quilt...

ABOVE:  It had all these little squares and I was like... shit!  Shit! SHIT!
I really dislike orange and yellow!  But the saving grace was they were 'nautical' themed.

But.. for ages I really couldn't think what to do with them.

Then I found a panel that WORKED with them... and from that moment on I never looked back.

And now?

I'm UTTERLY THRILLED with the quilt. I am super proud of it.

So, later on today I will show you exactly how it's come out.  Really looking forward to that.

But for now.... OMG I am so tired, I'm gunna sleep in for a bit longer.  



ABOVE:  Heather I hope you like it.  

And now I will make a little pillowslip to match and send it off to Australia.

ABOVE:  Little pillow slip is done.  Time to have some lunch now... it's 1.10 pm.

ABOVE:  My lunch spot today.  I didn't get outta the car today... cos well... I wasn't dressed properly!
Still in me trackies, a daggy top and yeah... NO BRA!  

I'm really being a slob today.  lol
Doesn't happen often that's for sure.

Dinner tonight was Pizza as the only meat in the freezer was chicken, pork, or chicken.  Lots of chicken!

So... we decided to get pizza, and for a change we decided to try Pizza Hutt instead of our usual Dominos.

It has been many, many years since we had Pizza Hutt pizzas.

And tonight will be THE LAST time we have Pizza Hutt pizzas.  

They were DREADFUL.  Piss poor bases, and a really miserable amount of topping on them.  And actually tasteless.

Very disappointed.  Lesson learnt.

If you enjoy them... each to their own opinion.

Signing off now... catch ya tomorrow.

Sunday, July 14, 2019


Going to church....

yeah, just joking!

I'm friggin going to work... all day except for lunchtime.

When I get to come home for lunch.

And I get to check out what my husband has been doing in my absence.

He better not have been sitting on his arse watching cricket.  Or rugby. Or any sorta sport.


I might come back later with a bum update.  Ya just never know.


7.55 pm:  and I am NEVER going to work 7 days in a row again.
I got home from work at 5.40 pm and lay down and slept for a couple of hours... totally exhausted.
And my arms/back and hips hurt something rotten.

The ONLY good thing about it will be the paycheck I suppose.

The only 'bum' today was another full frontal, naked bloody man!  I swear to god I'm no longer shocked at that particular sight.  

Now?  I am going to have some dinner (mine's in the microwave), then just chill in front of the TV for a while.

Saturday, July 13, 2019


Yesterday I was about to start sewing... when I decided to do something totally different.

Something that fired me up... So I went outside and got going:

 ABOVE:  We have three big plum trees at the front of our property.  The two on the right produce the same plum...

ABOVE:  So, I chopped one down.  *smiles*
It was fun, even in pouring rain!

Brylee got dragged outside half way through to give me company.
Well OK, I fell over and wanted her there in case I fell and actually hurt myself.  Which thankfully I didn't.

I did manage to drop a bough on me arm, but hell... it bounced off.

Now 'all' Stew has to do this weekend is chop up the branches, and trim the other two trees.

I say 'ALL'... but in fact it will probably take him all weekend.  Poor man.

Today I am at work all day, except for a break at lunchtime.

I still feel like I need to keep my blogging down to a bare minimum right now, so I'm sorry you are not getting updates morning, noon and night like you are used to.

Plus, there really is bugger all going on that I want to share right now.

ABOVE:  Imitation is the greatest form of flattery right?  Yeah nah.  It's fucking pissing me off!   The only way to get it to stop is to back away and not divulge so much. 

Long day at work today, and I'm so relieved to be home. I can relax now.

Sadly, it wasn't actually a bare BUM today ... it was full frontal, naked male 'bits'.  

I find it interesting that the men don't bat an eye being seen naked.  Where as I would feel mortified if it was me! 

So today's chap wasn't feeling well 'down there' and wanted me to get a nurse to come and see him, so I tracked down our RN and she sorted him out.

*** I have changed my sign off picture, do we like it, or should I go back to 'nite nite'? ***