Friday, November 15, 2019


Stew and I were talking last night about our upcoming move.
We both can't get over just how fast the weeks are flying by!

When we signed up to buy our new home it was a full 8 weeks away.  It seemed like forever to wait.

Now?  It's only 2.6 WEEKS to go till we actually move into the house.  And only  2 weeks and 3 days till the movers arrive and we go into a motel for three nights.

Today?  I'm going into Hamilton for a few groceries.  Then home to pack up Brylee's room... she's been lucky I've held off this long to do it.  We did de-clutter it way back when we were getting the house ready to sell, but most of her stuff just got put under her bed.  Time to do it properly now.

I need to do Griffin's room too... most of his stuff is in his wardrobe.  Not sure what we will do with his stuff yet, might end up having to take it with us to Hamilton and just store it till he's settled somewhere.

THEN I might even ... actually nah.   I can't do much more than that right now!   Everything else has to wait till the last weekend dammit.

OMG you fulla's must be getting sick to death of listening to me go on and on about the move! Sorry.

ABOVE: I think this is the very last thing I have to 'get rid of'.  Because there is no chance of any more little babies by the look of it, I shall be listing it on Pay It Forward today.  Sad. 

Moving on... time to get me porridge then start the day.


Whoops. Poor Stew went to get rolled oats out of the pantry for his breakfast this morning... only to find NONE. I had packed them up, not realizing he used them EVERY DAY! 

Oh well... I better put them on the grocery  list lol. 

12.40 pm:  Just home from Hamilton.  It was a nice trip in actually, even though it's one thing I will NOT miss once we move.
It takes an entire hour to get in and out from our house to Hamilton, an entire hour of shopping time wasted! *lol*

Did me grocery shop.  I swear there were 100+ shoppers there who needed their heads read.  So SLOW, standing in the middle of the aisle so you couldn't get past and so on... I just wanted to kill them all!  (road rage in a supermarket? YEAH)  That one of the reasons I loathe grocery shopping.

Anyway... rant over.

After the shopping I went to JB Hi-Fi in town to get this:

ABOVE:  It's a thingee to hold my phone.  Now I can legitimately use me phone for calls while driving.  HANDS FREE.  It's cool.  Took me forever to finally get one.

On my way out of town I saw a Hospice Shop in Hamilton East.  So decided to stop and have a gander.

ABOVE:  I don't know if this is the 'Mother Ship' within Hamilton, but it was certainly an excellent shop!  Big, bright, well set out and stocked, and lots of staff by the look of it.

I didn't buy a thing, tempted though I was by a few things.  I kept saying "NO NO NO.... I don't need a bloody thing".  *smiles*

I'm now going to take an hour to relax before attacking Brylee's room.  

ANON:  "Bragging"... really?  You are a sad git ain't ya?

Thursday, November 14, 2019


TODAY.... Our youngest child (by birth) turns the big 30!

He was my easiest birth by far... very short labor and almost no pain!  Considering he was 10 pound 4 ounces, that's saying something.

ABOVE:  Some photos of our boy from recent and older photos.  Interesting how often that freakin' beanie pops up!  *smiles*


Today?  I'm going on an FBG walk first thing this morning, which will be followed by morning tea at a local coffee shop.  That should be a nice way to start the day.

I will then come home and potter around the house... There are a few jobs I can do I suppose, I might even start packing up food items (non perishable) that I know we are not going to be using in the next 2.6 weeks.

Yes, I'm still doing the countdown *smiles*.

I got a phone call from the owner of the Hamilton Para Rubber shop yesterday.  He was wonderful, said he was going to sort out the lack of knowledge with his staff member, and was very apologetic about the 'service' I got the other day.

I've dealt with him before, so fully expected a good response.  In fact, Jeoff is going to be coming out to our new home once we move in, to help us ascertain which pool would be best suited for our site.  

And we will be employing him (in a limited capacity),  to oversee and help out with the installation where necessary.

So I'm feeling much better about that now.

Another little duck sorted and in the row. 

And that's all I have for now... I'm off to get ready for my morning.


Woo hoo!   Got mail:

ABOVE:  The last parcel I expect to get here in Cambridge.  My business cards and the two coffee mugs arrived.
Now we have 5 coffee mugs in the house *laughing*.
I will be using them for my markets though, not in the house.
I'm very happy with the cards.  250 seems like an awful lot, I wonder how long they will last?

My 9.30 walk got cancelled as it was raining at 7 am.  Now of course, it's not raining at all and we could have gone.  Happens all the bloody time.
Once I move to Hamilton I will be doing walks on my own more often, and it won't matter if it's raining or not.  I like walking in the rain.

Of course, I could have gone on a walk on my own today too... but I chose to lie in bed and read a book for a while instead.

Now though, I'm going to attack the pantry.  Pack up a few things.

 ABOVE: Brylee and I have managed to empty 6 more kitchen cupboards, and condense the pantry and baking cupboards down to just 8 shelves.

Lacy?  Came out for left overs.  Of course.

ABOVE:   We have probably got 2 more big boxes of food to pack up in the last couple of days, then the kitchen will be done.

Well it's now 5.30 pm and I'm cooking dinner.  It's gunna be an All-In-One Potato Salad tonight.
Diced Potato, Bacon, Onion, Tomato, boiled egg and mixed veges, all stirred together with a Potato Salad Dressing.  

It should be nice.

I feel like we should have a birthday cake ... But we didn't have any.  *sigh*

The potato salad was WONDERFUL, we all enjoyed it.

Time to sign off for the day. Catch ya tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 13, 2019


So, remember I sent an email to Para Rubber yesterday, just saying what shit service I got in the Hamilton Store?


THREE responses.  Two from, I presume, someone in head office. Very apologetic and assuring me he would get to the bottom of it.

The other was from a man who worked in the Tauranga store.

Both were very helpful, and I got most of the information I needed to make an informed decision on our new pool.  I still have questions, but am sure they will now be answered.

Seems the person who 'served' me yesterday is going to be getting some more training.  
She needs it too. 

And I am told to expect a phone call from the Hamilton manager today.  So all good. 

THREE WEEKS TODAY..... (I feel like I said that on Monday).... but oh well.  THREE WEEKS TODAY we get the keys to our new home.  
I expect we will spend a few hours there on the evening of December 4th, just measuring up things, and enjoying owning it before all our furniture and effects start arriving the next day.

I talked to my Mum last night about the fires in her area.  They are quite close actually... so they have an evacuation plan in place.   I hope they don't have to execute it!
But they, like so many others, are prepared and ready to leave if necessary.

ABOVE: This is a photo taken by my Mum's friend Christina.  She took it yesterday, she lives on the same road as my Mum.  It's a bit scary.

Back to today.  I am going to join a group of FBG's for morning tea I think.

Apart from that... no other plans.  OH, I might go down to the op shop for some books, I didn't do that yesterday.


12.20 pm:  And I did indeed go for a walk with the FBG's this morning. I met them half way and only did 2.7 kms, but it's a start back into walking if nothing else.
It was neat to hang out with the girls and natter for half an hour or so.

Might do it again tomorrow. *smiles*

After morning tea I went into town (Cambridge) and did some op shopping.

ABOVE:  I know!  Yep, I bought a blue glass vase.  I have somewhere in mind for it in the new house!  And yep, got some books.  I was pleasantly surprised at their price, only $1 each from the local Hospice Shop.

I'm looking forward to going to all the op shops in Hamilton.... * insert evil laugh here *

As for the books I bought today, I'm hoping I've not already read the Patricia Cornwell ones... I can't remember how many of her's I've read, but it's gotta be dozens!  If I find I have read them, no loss.  I will just take 'em back and get something else.

Time for some lunch, then I might plough into one of those books for the afternoon.

MUM update:  they are all good.  The temps have dropped and therefore the fire risk too.  They are still on guard for any change, but are safe right now.
They are probably sick to death of the phone ringing from worried friends and family, but we all care.  

7.30 pm: another very successful dinner tonight.  I did the chicken/bacon/cheese roll up thingee again.  This time I used some onion and basil pesto too... it was delicious!

And best thing is, we have enough for everyone's lunch tomorrow too.

I'm now going to enjoy watching some TV, might read some more and just chill out.

Tuesday, November 12, 2019


I'm going into Hamilton today.
Window shopping really.
But, ya gotta start somewhere.

I had planned on getting the exact same pool put in at our new home, as what we have here in Cambridge.  

But, the space we have for a pool at our new home is not large enough.

So, some pre-purchase window shopping is required.  
And as I have nothing better to do... why not do that now?

ABOVE:  This is  probably what we will be getting, or something like it.
Still an 'above ground' pool, as they are so much cheaper than in ground pools.  It needs to be a rectangular pool, to fit in the space we have.

ABOVE:  This is a satellite image of our new home.  I've drawn where we are going to put a pool.  And see the lawn?  LOL... it's going to take Stew 10 minutes to mow it!
That's why he's a happy man.

While I'm checking out pool options, I will also find out if we need a permit for it.  I know this pool will need a pool fence for sure, as we will be putting a small deck on the right hand end for easy access into and out of it.

We had a pool very similar to what we want now, when we lived in Hamilton 20 years ago.  It's going to make living in the Waikato bearable over summer, thank goodness.
Question is, will it be ready for this summer (or at least the end of summer), or next?  

Right, I'm off to sort myself out and get into town.


SERIOUSLY?   OMG, I went into the Hamilton Para Rubber shop, you know, to TALK TO SOMEONE who you would think knows all about their pools, right?

I got this woman who quite simply told me I should 'go online and look at what sizes/prices they were', cos she didn't have a brochure that told me all that.

I asked her about Permits, what pools needed one etc.
She HAD NO BLOODY IDEA!  She told me I'd need to ring the council about that.

WTF?  You work in a shop that sells pools, but you can't tell me anything about them, the sizes or prices, or if it needs a permit?  

She handed me a business card of some bloke who installs them and said he could answer all my questions.  Like, I already got a bloke or two who will be installing it, so why would I want to employ someone else to do it, and answer my bloody questions?

I left there just so damn frustrated, cos it was a complete waste of my time going in there!

Because I am so incensed by that visit to Para Rubber, I've sent them a lovely long email, detailing how UNHELPFUL their staff person was.  No point just bitching on here eh?
That won't help the next person who goes in there with a genuine intention of buying a pool, only to find some stupid twat who knows NOTHING about the pools they sell.

While in Hamilton, I bought some more summer clothes, just cheap stuff from The Warehouse, and some groceries.
Now, it's lunchtime and I'm gunna have something to eat and get some washing on.

5.40 pm:  Well I've done two loads of washing and thrown some in the dryer.  I'd hang it outside, but I just can't be arsed!

Dinner... chicken sausages and a lovely vege mix for Stew and Brylee.

I've got Card Night tonight.  HERE.
And I've got 3 coffee mugs!  So, it's bring ya own coffee mug.  Didn't expect to be hosting Card Night again obviously.  lol

Hopefully it's a nice evening.  Last one was only so-so really.  

Tonight's cards went really well.  No discord at all.  It was a nice way to wind up my hosting here in Cambridge.  Next time I host we will be in Hamilton, and the girls will car pool and come over to play.  Nice that they will do that.

I'm signing off for the day now... time to chill out and have some dinner myself.  

Monday, November 11, 2019


Well... it's exactly THREE WEEKS until the movers arrive!

I had a flip flop of tummy nerves just thinking that.  Time is flying!

This week I plan on doing a bit of cleaning with the move in mind.
Today will be windows/windowsills again.
We did them all just before our first Open Home, but they need doing again.

No rush now though, I am bone tired to be honest.  I want to just potter around for the next three weeks, take my time and just relax a lot.

Cos for sure, I'm gunna be damn busy as soon as Monday December the 2nd arrives, as that is packing up day ... 'PROPER'.

ABOVE:  I forgot to show you my Market Stall from yesterday.  It was a different set up from what I usually do.  I like it like this though.  People had better access to look at everything, and I think the back 'wall' of table runners was better noticed this way.

NOT that it helped with sales yesterday.  They were virtually non existent!  Oh well... hopefully the January markets will be better.

I often look at places on Google Earth, and the other day I decided to check out my Mum and Ron's home in Australia.
For the past few years, there has only been a pretty blurry satellite image.  Now though, there's been a new image taken, and it's a really good one:

ABOVE: Mum's partner Ron does an amazing job keeping their conservation block looking AMAZING!  Mum does her bit with the pretty gardens too of course.
They are extremely lucky to have a bore for water, so can keep everything green, and more importantly  ... wet.

There are so many disastrous fires over there right now... it's very scary. They both spend a good deal of time hosing down their home and garden/trees.

I hope the fires stop soon and no one else is lost in them.

OK... time to get me porridge and enjoy the view out of my bedroom window ... cos in three weeks the view is gunna change from my bed.


Lazy day my god!  Done diddly squat.  Reading a book.
Waiting for wax to cool down so Brylee can rip the hairs off me legs... she's been looking forward to doing that forever.  Evil bitch.

I zapped the bottle of wax for 40 seconds, but it was too long... so now we have to friggin well wait.. and wait.

And 30 minutes later, we waxed my legs with Veet Wax.  Total waste of time.  Didn't do a good job AT ALL, and was just so messy.  Sticky, ikky, shitty stuff.

Tried me chin too... it worked, but still ikky.
Chucked the rest in the bin.  Back to pre-waxed strips, they seemed to work best.  And NO mess.

The day is going so slooooow.  I'm bored to death.  But am enjoying reading my new book.  I'm about half way through it... might have to go to the op shop for more soon.

6 pm:  And I just finished my first book in YEARS.  And it was a really good book.  Postcard Killers, by James Patterson and Liza Marklund.  Highly recommend it.

Now I better pull me finger out and make dinner.  People EXPECT dinner.  *sigh*

And that's done. Tonight's dinner was a lovely cheesy pasta with medium rare steak.
Very nice.

And now?  I'm signing off for the day.  It's been a quiet one today.

Sunday, November 10, 2019


I've been watching the weather forecast like a hawk the past few days.

All week it's been RAIN RAIN RAIN for Saturday and Sunday.

Well, we had no rain yesterday at all.
And last night the forecast looked like this:

ABOVE:  Now we have sun/clouds AND rain forecast.  So I'm going to be super optimistic and hope it doesn't rain until the afternoon.

I really want to do this final market of the year.  Well, MY final one, cos I can't do the December one as we will be in the thick of moving/settling into the new house.

Right, I better drag myself outta bed and get a move on.  I am going to really enjoy this market, being 100% positive it will be a good one.


8.13 am: and the weather held till just now. Then the heavens opened. *sigh* 

Its Armistice Day too... so there will be a street parade of Army vehicles and so on. Hopefully the rain passes soon.

ABOVE: Army people  arriving.

1.05 pm:  Well after I took that photo of it raining, it lasted about an hour, then cleared up.
That didn't make the day go any better sadly.
First time? ... I've come home in the red!  I made ONE SALE, then spent it on something else.  lol

I'm not too bothered.  Shit happens.  And I now get two months off markets.  My next ones will be two in Cambridge, at the beginning and end of January.

By then we should have most stuff unpacked and put away in the new house.

ABOVE:  I bought a really cute little tray to use when ya have to 'take a plate'.  Will be nice for a little mixed platter.  And I got a book, cos now that I've done everything that needs doing here, I can sit back and relax till Monday the 2nd of December, when the movers arrive.

I'm freakin' hungry... time for lunch.

DOGSTARS:  Sorry babe, had a very quiet afternoon.  Was knackered.  Tried to have a nap but it didn't happen.  
I fed the birds outside a huge amount of Wild Seeds (for birds) that I found in the garage.
They loved it!

Stew and I deliberated about dinner, ended up going to the supermarket and getting supplies.
He is cooking it.
Chicken crumbed sausages, wedges with sour cream and a really lovely vege mix called Chuck Wagon Corn.  
Drooling thinking about it.

OK... Stew and I are just so bloody tired, we are off to bed very soon.  It's been weeks and weeks of work getting everything done towards our big move.  Time to finally, FINALLY sit back and relax for the next 3 weeks.

Well... by relax I mean just doing 'normal' housework of course. 

Saturday, November 09, 2019


This morning Stew and I are taking the last of the little stuff to our storage unit in Tamahere.

We are hoping to get the kayaks in the unit as well, but obviously won't know if they will fit till much later today.

I have asked Griffin to come around and give Stew a hand with the heavier stuff.  Hopefully he turns up, otherwise it will be up to me to help.
And I'm having a lot of pain with my friggin thumbs.  Have I told you about me thumbs?

Pretty sure I've got Osteoarthritis in them.  They hurt like hell, particularly the right one.  Trying to pick up heavy things hurts, even vacuming hurts now!  

Not impressed, but I suppose it's all part of aging... yeah, like having limited time left eh?  *snort*

Still laughing over that comment!

 ABOVE:  I'm probably going to try and get a brace like this to help prevent some of the pain.

The other thing I've noticed in the past few months is this:

ABOVE:  Same hand, index finger.  Had this annoying lump on the top, then the nail started growing weird.  It's a Mucoid Cyst, pretty much harmless thankfully.  Just another little funky thing going on. 

I wonder what will be next?  *smiles*


Off to get the furniture truck shortly.  I'll be helping Stew after all.  Griffin is 'sick', which probably translates to 'hung over'.

The weather is holding... fingers crossed for tomorrow!

We got the last of our small 'inside' AND 'outside' stuff, and the kayaks into the 2nd unit.  Very happy about that.

We are now heading off to Hamilton to have a nice lunch, then order the new kitchen fridge.
We hope they can deliver it to the new house  the day after we move in.

 That will be a big, fat duck in the row. 

4.32 pm:  back from Hamilton.  Had a so-so lunch at the Base, then went over to Heathcotes and ordered this:

ABOVE:  Last time I asked how many they had in stock, (about a month ago), I was told 27.  Today they only had 10.  So I think it was prudent we bought it today and are having it delivered once we move into the new house.

After that we got some price labels laminated for tomorrow and then came home.

BUT not before doing a 'drive by' of the new house.  *smiles*  The other day I watched the people who bought our home do a 'drive by' here too.  Funny.

OMG so tired.  Stew has spent the past 3 hours just mowing the lawns.  I've spent 3 hours finishing off packing up the garage stuff.

There's three 'piles':

1. Stuff the movers will take.

2. Stuff we will take, like flammables and paint.

3. Dog stuff that we are taking up to Auckland, along with the dogs, on the 30th.

Seriously, I don't think there's much more I can do now till the last few days, when I will pack up all the food and stuff left in the kitchen and our personal stuff/bathroom stuff etc.


We had fish 'n' chips for dinner... no one had the energy to cook.
Now... watching some TV and very soon... off to bed.

Friday, November 08, 2019


Well... our visitors left very early this morning for the airport. 

Deon doesn't like having his photo taken, but I did get one for you Old MOO:

ABOVE:  He's looking good. And super talkative!  OMG he can talk.  He looks a lot like both my brothers, so it was special to see him really.

I don't have any plans for today yet.  I know I need to go down to the bank to get change for my Market on Sunday.

The weather forecast is utter SHIT for Sunday, and normally I would cancel.  But as it's going to be my last market for the year, I will be doing it, rain/hail or shine.

At least I am under a shop roof and won't get too wet.

Didn't get in the pool yesterday sadly, it just didn't happen.  Might do today?  We will see.

I've got to strip the beds and sort out the bedding again.  It is all going into storage tomorrow, when we have the Storage company's truck to use.  So neat, a free furniture truck to use!  

Right, that's me for now.... catch ya later.
Gotta go make the most of my limited time left.


Late last night Brylee informed us that the toilet in the family bathroom had sprung a leak!
WTF?  It's only just two years old!

It's leaking from the cistern, well under the cistern where there's a couple of nuts 'n' bolts holding it together.  I know EXACTLY what has happened too.

ABOVE: On the left is my toilet's underside.  On the right is the kid's.

Our toilet's nuts n bolts still look brand spanking new.  The kids ?  Totally rusted out and even the rubber seal is corroded away!

Hmmmm.  'BOY' ...  2 years of constantly being pissed on will do that to nuts n bolts obviously.

So, today that will get fixed.  I think Deon said he would call back in here on his way home from Auckland and fix it for me.  

So, Deon didn't stop in, so Lacy had a go at taking the rusty bits off.
Some success, but one side is being a bit stubborn.  Might leave it for the man of the house.

We went down to our local Mico Plumbing shop to get the nuts 'n' bolts we need, but OMG... they didn't have any.  WTF???

So we went to Mitre 10, and there was this really lovely young man who found us the parts and gave them to us ... FOR FREE!

So OLD MOO.... not money down the toilet after all!!!  ha ha ha!

Hopefully Stew can get it up and running again tonight, cos I don't want all and sundry using MY LOO. 

Coronation Street... then bed.  Nothing else happening around here tonight.

Thursday, November 07, 2019


SUMMER is going to be long... and bloody hot.

I was wearing 3/4 tights yesterday, kinda what I wear over summer.  And I was just too hot.

So... this is me for the next 4-5 months:

ABOVE:  Shorts and t-shirts.
I don't have lovely long, thin legs like Lacy, and I DON'T CARE.
I'm going to be all about being comfortable over summer.

I've seen dozens of girls/women out in public with chunky legs... and good on them.  I'm joining them.

I'm over worrying about how I look. If I never get back to a 'normal' weight.  So be it.
I'm going to be healthy, that's all that matters.
I have to learn to love myself... no matter what I weigh.  Why has it taken me this friggin long to realise that?

Moving on... I still have not made up the guest beds... so that's top of the list for today.
Then... more fluffing around the house I reckon.

4 WEEKS exactly till we are moving our furniture into our new home.  Yaaa hooo.


10.18 am:  And I've been working on getting some 'Business Cards' for my little market stalls etc.

Finally ordered some through VistaPrint.

This will be the front:

And on the back is just my name and phone number basically.

I also ordered two coffee mugs with that photo collage on them.

So... they should arrive around the 18th November, plenty of time before we move.

Brylee did a 'BIGGIE' today.  She handed in her notice at the Rest Home she works at.  She's moving with us, hoping to have found a new job in Hamilton by the end of the month.  If not... she will just have to keep looking.

So... another duck lined up.

ANON:  Really?   It's one thing to be nice and complement me on my legs, but to then kinda insult me about my age is not so nice.  I don't consider 61 THAT old, and 'limited time left'?
I think you should just go away and think about how that comment really sounds.

Well.. my nephew and his step-daughter and her friend arrived safely from Palmerston North mid afternoon.
The two girls have now gone up to Auckland for the evening, we expect them back very late tonight.

Silly girls.... they have to get on the road at 6.30 am to be at the Auckland Airport in time for their flight out later on tomorrow morning.
But, they are young and impulsive.

Deon is still here, so we get to visit with him all evening, which is neat.  We don't get to see him too often.

Sitting here yakking, enjoying out visitor.  Time to sign off and chill out for the rest of the evening.