Saturday, September 26, 2020


 I am struggling to understand why this is so hard?

I'm so tired by the end of the day (read about 7 pm), yet I've not really done much physical activity!

Yes I know that the emotional toll will be making a difference, but I still just don't know how I can be getting so damn tired.

I usually go to bed between 11 pm and 1 am... yet the past few nights I've been falling asleep by 8.30!

Meanwhile, The OLD MOO is doing quite well.  We now have the medications balanced so that she can sleep all night without pain outbreaks.

Such a relief.  It does mean she's a bit dopey during the day, but hey!  Being pain free is the MOST important thing.

ABOVE: Mum showing off her current tapestry.  Not much left to do now.  I hope she gets to finish it.  It is very pretty.

I am looking forward to going to the Doctor's this afternoon.  Getting something to ease my damn backache will be a godsend.  I even wonder if the pain is contributing to my tiredness?  Maybe.

It will be awesome to be able to get out of bed without doing LOTS of swearing! 😂😅😏

So, let's see how today goes, in another hour or two... when I finally do get up.


Friday, September 25, 2020


 It's 4 am.  And I'm awake AGAIN.

Seems to be my body does not intend to adjust to Aussy Time.  Most frustrating really.

So far Mum has slept all night.

With any luck she will wake up this morning and be 'with us', unlike yesterday.

I am enjoying walking around the gardens here. And I spied something in the garden that really made me smile.

ABOVE:  A pot I gave to Mum, many, many years ago when I was a 'potter'.

So nice to see it here.  I actually miss potting sometimes.  Maybe at some point I will do a bit more, like I did when we lived in Auckland.

Right, I might just attempt to catch some more sleep before the birds start squawking!


9.29 am: And it's a much better day today ... Mum has woken, eaten, had a drink and her medications and is now napping again.

Our aim is to keep her here at home as long as possible... and we are winning for now.

It has been quite cool this morning, so I went for a walk down to the letterbox.

It's not at the end of the driveway!  It's down the road a bit... and the road is quite hilly to say the least.

But I did it, with much huffing and puffing.

ABOVE:  That bird was pulling the bark off the tree to find and eat grubs.
It was a lovely walk, even with the hills!

ABOVE: Some photos from my morning walk.  Sunrise. Mum and Ron's house. A gate to nowhere.

Being with and helping care for someone who is terminally ill is EXHAUSTING.
I don't know how Ron has managed for so long on his own.

Add to that ... my lower back is so bad I'm having to see a doctor. Looks like the earliest I can get in is next week... if even then!
It's so bad I can hardly move in the mornings, and getting dressed!  Fook.  Shame I can't walk around naked from the waist down.
PROBABLY not a good look though! 😂😆😓

I thought going for a walk this morning would help... and it kinda did for about an hour or so.  Now?  Can hardly move without pain.  Worst timing EVER to have this happen.

4 pm:  And I have a doctor's appointment for tomorrow afternoon.  Thank goodness.  Today has been rough.

ANNE IN PALMY:  The public hospital have a wonderful Palliative Care Team who are coming here most days to overview Mum's care and helping us in every way possible.  It's wonderful!

Another day done and dusted.  So tired!  Ready for bed and it's only.... 6.05 pm!  WTF?

Thursday, September 24, 2020


 Today I'm hoping to get out to the supermarket.

While there is plenty of food here, I want to make lots of dinners that are tasty and filling for all of us.

Mum seems to have a very good appetite, and certainly perks up when she gets her dinner.

This is great.

ABOVE:  Yesterday, flying out of Sydney and can you believe it?  We flew right over where I'd been staying in Quarantine!   I could see the hotel and the big building being constructed, and the ferris wheel.  Made me smile.

Can you see them?

ABOVE:  Mum and Ron's home is built on the side of a big ridge, which Rob has terraced, it has  many levels.  This is the front lawn!  It's like a golf course green... immaculate.

ABOVE: The night view ... sadly not the best photo.  It's very pretty too.  The lights twinkle.   I really love it.

I don't have much else to report right now... so I'll catch ya later.


9 am:  And Mum has slept all night long, which is wonderful.

She's still snoozing in fact... but slowly rousing.

Once she's more awake and 'with it' I shall leave her and Ron for  a little while, and go do some grocery shopping.

12.16 pm: And Mum has decided to spend today sleeping.  She's comfortable, and that is all the matters.

Grocery shopping can wait... staying with Mum is more important right now.

12.50 pm: And just like that, she's awake and being herself again.

ABOVE:  Can you see the Kookaburra in the tree?  There's so many different birds here.  They are lovely to watch.

3.22 pm:  And I have driven for the first time ever in Australia!  And I didn't get lost.
I got some groceries in and now Mum is enjoying some lovely fresh fruit, caramel mousse and a muffin!

Dinner tonight was some macaroni cheese with onions and bacon.  I don't really have much of an appetite.  Mum has managed a few mouthfuls.
I made far too much, as per usual. But bonus!  I can freeze three extra meals of Mac cheese now. 😉😋

I am exhausted ... it's been a long, trying day.  I will call it a night here and see ya tomorrow.

Oh and just a word of warning.
There may be some days where I hardly blog at all.  Please know I would love to do more, but circumstances dictate where I spend my time.
MUM first and foremost.

Wednesday, September 23, 2020


 Well... here we are.

Today I finally get to see my Mum and Ron again!

I've not seen Mum since February last year.  Such a long time.

And Ron... I've not seen him for even longer.

It's going to so wonderful to see them both again.

It just utterly sucks that I'm here in these circumstances.  I wish it was different.

But to look for the positives, at least I COULD GET HERE!  I would go through Quarantine again and again if it meant I could see Mum again and again.

But anyway.... first up this morning... up and either walk or catch a taxi to the Domestic Terminal.

And catch my flight to Coffs Harbour!  It's not flying out till 11.15 am, so I do have plenty of time to get myself up and sorted for the day.

To keep you entertained till later... I have a tiny video of my ferry ride yesterday, well actually, I've got two:

And that is all I have for now.  I'm off to get ready for my day.

Last night was just a bit horrible!
I woke up every hour!  Tossed and turned all night long.
And it was noisy in this motel.  People slamming doors mostly.  Grrrr.

ABOVE: this is how close I am to the airport!
Thank goodness there are bugger all flights at this time... cos it had the potential to be VERY NOISY!  😆😂

I'm up, showered, dressed, packed and just about to put the face on before heading downstairs in search of breakfast and a Diet Coke... or Coke No Sugar, or Pepsi Max!  Right now any of them will do.
ABOVE: And THAT is how cooked spinach should look!

ABOVE: A lovely breakfast! That should keep me going 
all day.

Soon I will catch a taxi to the terminal, then wait a couple of hours for my flight.

It's  now 8.30 am and I'm at the airport... all checked in. My bag was 1.4 kilos overweight and there was a fee of $50, but the lovely lady said NO... I'm letting that go. It's  no charge!
How kind was that?

ABOVE: I'm all set for the next 2 hours.  Next time I update I will be with my Mum and Ron in Coffs Harbour!

ABOVE:  Well... I'm here!
Finally.  On an utterly beautiful day.
Mum was in hospital overnight, but managed to get home in time for my arrival.  How awesome was that.

My flight was perfect, a little bit bumpy in places, but OK.  I really don't like flying at all.
I'm in constant dread we will crash!

But... plenty of time to relax now, before I have to face flying again.

ABOVE:  Let the settling in begin!  Ron just made room in the fridge for Diet Coke.  Yes, I'm sorted.

ABOVE:  Well I've set up my computer on a little writing desk in the lounge.  And that's the view!  Beautiful.

6.12 pm:  And it's been a long day.  I've just had a lovely fish 'n' chips dinner with Mum and Ron.
I couldn't get over the size of the fish!!!
NO photo... we ate it!
Signing off now.
Catch ya tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 22, 2020





I'm all packed, and it's only like... 4.33 am!  (6.33 am NZ time).

There is bugger all left for me to do now... I'm literally just sitting here waiting, waiting until I can go.

I do have fairly good plans for my day ... first up, I will be walking to a cafe for something really yummy for breakfast.

Then I have a little mission.  Call it an adventure even.

I'm not telling you what it is either.  You will just have to wait until I post photos!

And that won't happen for a few hours I'm picking.

It LOOKS like it could be a warm day out there, I wouldn't really know!  But, in anticipation of a warm day, I'm dressing like it's summer.  A light weight top and 3/4 tights probably.

AND me face is going on.  It's totally a 'face on' sorta day.  

ABOVE:  Goodbye ParkRoyal, Darling Harbour.
Much as I'd like to say it's been a lovely experience... IT HASN'T.  It's been goddam horrible!


6.22 am:  And DAMMIT!  I cannot store my luggage here in the hotel while I go out on my little adventure.  So, I will be lugging it all around with me until I can offload it at the Airport Motel this afternoon.

That might change my plans a little. We will see.

I'm all packed.... ready to go!

EUREKA!  Thanks so much Paula and you other girls for suggesting a Storage Locker.  I've talked to, and booked a locker in the CBD... and a taxi to take me there.  Then I am free to wander and enjoy the fresh air all day!  

1.5 hours to go.... till FREEDOM.

ABOVE:  And... the final breakfast arrived.

And I actually ate the bun and piece of cheese.

The rest.... in the bin. That banana was pretty much rotten, cos I only like them almost green.

I rate this meal a 3/10

And it's now 1 hr 10 minutes to go. 

9.58 am... and I'm FREE.

MY LUGGAGE IS IN STORAGE until later on today. 

I'm now wandering around Darling Harbour. 

ABOVE: I have walked under the motorways that I watched for two weeks.

I've  seen the new building from the other side.

I've found a friggin Lighthouse! 

And seen the harbour.

It's  a stunning day and I'm  roasting!

ABOVE: I might just be about to get on a ferry!

1.53 pm: just quickly... I'm having a really good day.  I will update fully once I'm at my airport motel later.

But for now... next adventure!

MUCH.... LATER.... IN... THE.... DAY:

After dropping my luggage at the storage place, I walked over to Darling Harbour and had a quick look around.  Everything was closed, it was too early.
So I got a taxi and went down to Circular Quay and caught a ferry to.... Taronga Zoo.

It was very hot, so I didn't actually spend much time there.

I got a bite to eat:

ABOVE:  After two weeks in Quarantine, and I ended up getting a sausage roll and tomato sauce!  And for company I had a pesky peacock!

Anyway... as I said, it was like 28 degree C, so I was melting.
I hopped back on the ferry and went back to the CBD.

ABOVE:  But not before checking out the giraffes.  They were gorgeous.
Sadly ... there are no Rhinos at this zoo.

ABOVE:  Getting out on the water was the VERY BEST WAY to blow out the cobwebs after being cooped up for two weeks!
I was just fantastic.

Once back at the CBD, I caught another taxi and went back to Darling Harbour... as there was one thing I was determined to do today.

ABOVE:   I was the only person on it!  So they gave me a doubly long ride!  I was on it for about 25 mintues!
By then I was good and ready to get off. 😂😆😅
But it was AWESOME.

And by the end of that it was about 4 pm and I was ready to jump in yet another taxi, and come out to the airport motel.
Which is where I am right now.

It's nowhere near as large a room as ParkRoyal, but it's just fine for one night.
I've even made myself a COFFEE!  I was bloody thirsty.
I'm going out soon in search of diet coke, and dinner.

What a day!

And to make me even happier, I have spoken to The OLD MOO today (twice) and she is doing so well.  I am so proud of how she's handling things! And I get to see her  TOMORROW!

Right, let's wrap up this awesome day with a nice dinner shall we?

ABOVE:  I went to the Mantra which is next door to the motel I'm staying in.
They had a fairly limited menu, but OMGosh!  They had sausages, mashed potatoes and PEAS!  PEAS.... my favourite vege ever.  And gravy.

I had prawn dumplings for an entree too.

SO GOOD! HOT.  Tasty. Food coma again tonight.
I also ordered Sticky Date Pudding.

What was I thinking?  I'm full as a bull again.
So I've got it in a doggy bag. Might have it at 2 am.  Or for breakfast. 
I am now going to lie on the bed and RELAX.

And sign off for the day.  It's  been the best day in 2 weeks.

Monday, September 21, 2020


 TODAY marks my LAST full day here in this damn room!

Tonight... my last night here.

I am literally jumping for joy!

Is it too soon to start packing up all my stuff?

NOPE, it's not.  I'm going to have it all sorted out by the end of the day, that way tomorrow I only have to pack my toiletries and then I'm outta here. I bet I'm standing by the door, all ready to go by.... 6.35 am!  I actually don't expect to be out of here until late afternoon, to coincide with when I arrived.  Not sure. 


I know I will have to go through quarantine again on my return to New Zealand... but at least I will be more prepared for it.

I will know to order in HEAPS of diet coke! And snacks.

And don't tell them you're a diabetic, cos they will starve you!  Or give you VEGAN food. Dang, I hope in NZ ya get a 'menu' of sorts, some CHOICE would be amazing.  

Back to today.... it's another long, tedious day to get through.

I think I've been fairly lucky that I have been able to amuse myself so 'easily'.  The computer and it's ability to keep me in touch with the outside world has been INVALUABLE.  I would have been sunk without it.

ANYONE who is about to enter quarantine... OMG take a laptop or similar! 

The number of work out videos on YouTube is amazing I must say!  YouTube is an awesome site, I can totally recommend it.  And not just for that, but literally anything you want to see/watch/learn.  I love it.  

I've got something 'special' happening today!

Dinner tonight is going to be a real treat!

My friend Paula, who lives in Christchurch, New Zealand has been bugging me for days to allow her to shout me a nice dinner.

So ... to mark my last evening here, I relented and she is getting me a lovely Italian pasta meal, and it is being delivered by Uber Eats.

I've never had anything delivered by Uber Eats before.  

There has been a lot of 'firsts' happening for me lately I must say.  Too many to list in fact.

Right, I'm off to make a start on my pre-packing!


Finally, after three overcast and wet days, we have a beautiful day here in Sydney.  Bodes well for tomorrow! 

From my window I can't see a single cloud in the sky. The traffic is steady... everyone heading off to work.  Another busy day out there.  

8.07 am:  And breakfast arrived.  

ABOVE:  Thank god the granola wasn't already mixed with the Greek yogurt!  I put the granola with the cornflakes and had a semi-ok breakfast.

The banana had gone way past ripe, so it went in the bin.  Butter and Jam?  *snort*  Dicks.

This breakfast gets a middling 5/10.

MARIA:   From what I've read on the information sheets given to me when I arrived, I can expect to be released from Quarantine between 4 - 6 pm tomorrow afternoon.  Thanks for asking, it made me double check, and I found that information.

ABOVE:  Two sticky notes (nights) left!  TWO... then I will be in Coffs Harbour... seeing Mum and Ron.

Some people just make my blood boil!
ANON:  get your facts right.

ABOVE:  Just proving a point.

10.33 am:  And I just got a visit from the 'Pre-departure Screening Team'.

ABOVE:  The all important paperwork! And a mask and sanitiser.

ABOVE:  One hell of a memento to keep.

My temperature was taken, a million questions asked; then a wristband was put on me.  I was handed my 'paper work' and was told I was free to leave any time after 4 am tomorrow morning!

4 am!  Wow, I had read my leaving time was after 4 pm, but I'LL TAKE IT!
I said I would be out of here around 9 am.

That means I won't have to suffer another breakfast or lunch here!
I think my first stop will be a cafe that serves scrumptious breakfasts!

THEN I have something else on my agenda... before heading out to my next motel.

OMG I am literally jumping for joy!   I don't have to spend all of tomorrow clock watching!!!!!
There's some happy tears happening right now.  For real.

12 noon:  lunch:

ABOVE:  And would ya look at that!  The EXACT same salad for three days in a row now.
The Rice Paper roll was DELICIOUS ... and the Nut Bar was OK too.

So, today's lunch gets a decent 6/10.  

And that is my LAST LUNCH / MEAL here. Thank God. 

I suppose dinner will arrive ... and I will probably take a photo and just bin it.  Cos, I've got a delicious meal coming from  'THE OUTSIDE WORLD' tonight !!!  WHOOP WHOOP.

1.39 pm:  Awesome news!  The OLD MOO is getting out of hospital ... again!  She should be home for dinner.  
I'm so happy.  If she manages to stay out of the hospital, I will get to see her more often.

Covid rules here, (and in NZ); mean you can only have ONE visitor per day.  So that will be something to contend with at a later stage.

But for now... I've got some happy tears again.

3.30 pm:  There's a knock at the door.  Weird.  It's too early for dinner.  I'm not expecting any packages or deliveries.

So I go to the door, trusty mask in place... and it's a bloke delivering a bottle of wine to everyone about to leave tomorrow.  

As a 'Thank You' for choosing ParkRoyal to stay in.  Ummmm, there was no choice, but I will let that slide.

I tell him I don't drink wine, and could he give it to someone else?  

Nope.  He immediately grabbed a Sparkling Grape Juice off the trolley instead!
How awesome is that?

Now I have a lovely dinner coming this evening, AND I get to drink Sparkling Grape Juice too.

5 pm and my UBER delivered dinner arrived:

ABOVE:  Hold on... I need to adjust me waistband  
.....................  OMG!  Delicious!  HOT!!!  Smells amazing (I clearly don't have Covid!)...  And it tastes like mana from heaven.

Seriously nicest meal in two damn weeks!


I can't eat it all, so hopefully it tastes good tomorrow morning cold?  Hee hee.

The grape juice is rather moorish too.

Let's rate this meal shall we?  

How about 20/10? 

To someone who has been subjected to 'mostly'  crap food... this meal was AMAZING.

I now need to lie down and let that settle... OMG I'm so full!  I think my stomach has shrunk in the two weeks I've been here!

6.30 pm:  And the dinner arrived from the Catering Company.

ABOVE:  AND... what can I say?
They are goddam MORONS.
It clearly states on my dietary requirements... NO COOKED CARROT.  
And one beef patty?
Who the hell wants ONLY ONE for dinner?
They are out to starve everyone!

ABOVE: And when does 'LOW CARB' mean NO CARB?

This final insult is getting a rating of -10/10.
Because I just feel like they are totally taking the piss now.
I'm disgusted in them.

I am so thankful Paula shouted me a delicious, filling dinner tonight.  I shall sleep well.
And that ends my day.
Tomorrow I'm outta here.

Sunday, September 20, 2020


 TWO MORE NIGHTS HERE... and one out by the airport to GO!

OMG I am starting to get very, very excited!

I will get to see Mum and Ron soon.

I can almost smell the finish line.

I don't think I've mentioned how I'm finding the bed here?

Well, it's quite firm, which I love. So no problems there. 

I was worried about the pillows, as I love a VERY HARD pillow.  Well... the two pillows here have feathers in them.  They feel so soft, but OH MY LORD... they are divine!  I squish one up into a ball and it's PERFECT!

First thing I'm gunna do when I get home is go buy some feather pillows!  

And in fact, if Mum doesn't have any, I might buy a couple for her home too.  They are just awesome.

It is really important to get a good night's sleep, and having the 'right' mattress and pillows, that suit you; goes a long way towards that.

ABOVE: The other thing I am enjoying here is the make up mirror in the bathroom.  I have NEVER used one before.  Amazing, but true.

So again... something else I shall be getting when I get home.  I think you can even buy ones with lights around the outside?  Anyone got a good referral for what sort to get?  Lights/no lights?

Yesterday Stew took the fruit trees out of the big blue pots.

First up... the lime tree.  It's root ball had grown huge!

And well... Stew ran into a bit of bother getting it out:

ABOVE: Yeah.  Sadly the pot disintegrated.  I believe it probably had a crack in it to begin with.

Anyway, he got the trees out and re-planted them over the far side of the pool:

ABOVE:  I am sure they will do well there.

ABOVE:  Looks like we have a tomato plant in this pot.  I wonder how many more 'pot' photos I shall have by the end of the day? 

Thank you Darling for keeping me in the loop. 



We have another overcast, drizzly day here.  

My washing from yesterday is almost completely dry! And those two tops were dripping wet!  Goes to show how drying it is in this room.  It's a wonder I'm not a prune already! 😂😆

My body is still on NEW ZEALAND time!  I wake at 4-4.30 am every night.  But, I am getting some good lengths of sleep now, so am not waking feeling like I've had no sleep at all.

In fact, I'm sleeping BETTER here than I was at home. Weird.  I wonder if it's the pillows?  Or the even temperature in this room?  Hmmmm.

Breakfast is still a couple of hours away... so here I am... just sitting up in bed ... blogging and listening to music.  It's kinda nice.

ABOVE:  Right.  Here's a question for anyone with feather pillows.  How do ya keep the feathers INSIDE?  Cos every day I am plucking feathers out of the pillowcase !  Stabby little buggers!  Not nice on the face.

7.45 am, and breakfast arrived:

ABOVE:  So... another day I get to have MY CORNFLAKES.
This was actually HOT... so just for that I will give it a 1/10. 😝

MARIE:  Holy hell... if I plucked my eyebrows any more I'd have NONE!  Over plucked as a teenager, and they have never grown back; the shits.
Oh and Yeah!  Rouge chin hairs ... horror!

ABOVE:  I just had the most delicious bath, I used a bath bomb instead of the bubble bath.  Wow!  That stuff is amazing.  It makes your skin all soft and slippery, so ya have to be darn careful getting out of the bath for sure.

ABOVE:  It was rather entertaining watching the bath bomb dissolve.  It reminded me of my paintings.  Very pretty.

I followed my bath up with a shower so I could wash my hair.  
So, I'm all ready for my day.  
I may be a bit bored, but at least I smell divine! 😄

Brylee just sent me a photo of 'a big ass spider'...

ABOVE:  I'm like wtf?  I called her a pussy.  Seriously... could it be any SMALLER?  I told her the Huntsman spiders over here are TEN TIMES bigger than that piddly arse spider.  NOT that I want to run into a Huntsman just to prove a point.
I'm no fan of friggin spiders!

GEORGE'S MUM: Thanks, but I don't feel like I've lost weight.

The OLD MOO is doing quite well at the moment.
She's still in hospital.
It's a fine line getting all the different medications balanced, so that she is in no pain; and is awake as well.
It is going to be an ongoing process, as her condition changes daily.

ABOVE:  I swear to god someone is taking the piss!
The same salad as yesterday.  So I get a dry salad cos the sauce provided is f*#king hot.
And the Falafel Bites are dense and dry as f*#k... can't eat them.  CHILLI Hummus?  CHILLI AGAIN!  WTF?  

OMG I just want to strangle someone.

I give this meal a really, really annoyed 1/10.  And that's only because I like the pear.

I'm now going to eat some crackers, because my blood sugars are totally mucked up and too low.
I've got the shakes, sweating... feel ill.
Thank god I thought to buy in some food.

I tried to have an afternoon nap.  Again.  Didn't happen.  Grrrr.
Never mind.

Stew has been a busy man today!
He's got all the fruit trees and grasses out of our big pots, and replaced them with tomatoes, and a lavender.

He has planted tomatoes, cucumber, capsicum, mint in a pot, lettuces and chives!

ABOVE:  In those two we have cherry tomatoes.

ABOVE:  The new vege garden.  Stew has put a little wire barrier up to keep Coco off the plants.  Well done darling. 
She's gunna be ever so slightly frustrated.

ABOVE:  A nice little lavender shrub where a Mandarin tree used to be.

Apparently they went looking for a pot to replace the one that broke, but had no luck.  So, they've ordered two new pots for the end of the driveway.  I can't wait to see them.

I feel very LAZY... I've done nothing all day and there's Stew.  Slaving away in the garden.

Brylee bought a near new fridge/freezer off friends of ours, and so Stew and Steve picked that up today too.  It's in Steve's garage until Brylee leaves home.
One day, maybe never! 😛😏😌

6.24 pm:  and I'm patiently awaiting whatever delights come through my door in the form of dinner.  My tummy is fair rumbling.

I have done a bit more washing, in readiness for leaving here on Tuesday. Tidied up the bathroom.  Thrown out the last of me bread... even though I kept it in the fridge this whole time, it was done.  I've still got a tiny bit of cheese, and some pastrami.  That might be my dinner tonight if what comes through the door is ikk.

7.20 pm and dinner arrived.

ABOVE:  Much as I'd LOVE to say it is good... it's not.
The meat is very dry and hard, as is the rice.  And no sauce to make it palatable at all.  And it's luke warm at the best.

So, looks like I'm having a pear for dinner?
This sorry shit gets a 1/10.

I'm leaving the apple, it's got a ruddy big bruise on the side.  Eeew.

I was going to order in a burger and chips, but at $19; I think I'll just have cheese and crackers.
I've already spent quite a bit of money on food that I shouldn't have had to buy.

Time to sign off for the night.  Roll on tomorrow, my last FULL DAY in this shitty place.