Tuesday, March 27, 2007



Woke up this morning with feeling of impending doom/disaster... felt dreadful and paced around the house till Stew came home to take me for my smear test...needed him to hold me hand.
Arrived, met nurse, she was lovely, and straight into it..... and to my neverending relief she found my cervix immediately (I'm not a freak afterall) !! and like 2 minutes tops and it was over!!! THANK GOD.
Left there with a huge smile on my face! Then went walking with my gym buddy, so am feeling on top of the world right now.

Today I got all upset cos my friggin engaged teenagers had a tiff, and it looked like it was all over .... Lisa packed a bag and left... 4 hours later they are back on..... I wish they would make up their bloody minds! They don't seem to realise that their ups and downs affect everyone else around them....

Mike has finally made some decisions about what he's doing with his life... he left school last week, he has already passed NCEA level 3 and can go to University... he's decided to work the rest of this year and then go to Auckland University to do a 4 year Physiotherapy Degree. So at least he's finally made up his mind! Oh my god, does this mean I will finally have a spare bedroom next year!!! The mind boggles, lol.


  1. Makes you wonder about the lot that attempted the smear when you had the problems. Big sigh of relief for you!

  2. Well done Chris and congratulations on having an easy to locate cervix! This report was exactly what I needed to hear - and a reminder to book in. I hope you treat yourself today.

  3. Oh Chris I had my hubby go for support as well.

    I am glad this smear was a good one and not like the other one. Woohooo


  4. Thank f*&% that is over hey!! lol Great to hear it was not a horrid experience again......

  5. you go girl!!! great work...

    and gee thanks for the reminder about mine too hhahahaha.. DOL.

  6. My little reminder came up on my calender today, but no reason, daft twit that I am didn't say what it was for duh. Glad all went well and you're not a freak afterall. Umm... Question? Does that mean you're normal.

    Teenagers don't get me started ....

    When Mike is ready to head off to uni give me a reminder buzz. I'll email you some details on scholarships etc.

  7. Hey Chris - just catching up. The tummy tuck post was amazing. What a huge difference. Thanks for sharing, sounds painful but all worth it in the end.

  8. I am generally the same when it comes to getting anything done down that end of my body.

    Thanks for telling your tummy tuck story - very interesting.


  9. wow and oh my gosh, totally brougth tears to my eyes reading the two posts... hope steve and lisa are ok!?

  10. ohhhh i had my smear 2 weeks ago, got the results in the post today, all clear *phew* I always freak coz i had cancer cells removed a few years back, So now i kinda look forward to the dreaded smear coz it lets me know that all is well.

    ... Erica x

  11. Good to hear things went smoothly. Read your story about TT. You are a brave soul. You look great.

    Teenagers seem to think it is only about them. Do not seem to realize that when you welcome someone into your home they take up space in your heart too.

    All the best.


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