Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Must not have a Nanna Nap today, I tossed and turned last night and didn't get a good sleep at all.... and I'm positive it was cos of that nap I had yesterday afternoon! I am not stressed out about the smear to come, I think just making the appointment was the worst part!

Today, I'm off to do the cycle spin class again, I'm really looking forward to it.... it's very popular, with about 45 people doing it at the same time, it's really neat to be working out with others. After that I'll do a bit more cardio then come home.... and hang out the washing....

I am evil, I put the washing in the drier, and it's a gorgeous sunny day! Ohh errrr

Just back from spin class, can't make up my mind what hurts more.... it's a close race between my legs and .... me fanny !! *HA HA HA* !! Those cycle seats are mean man.

I'm on track today, and to help matters on the diet front, I'm having lunch with a WW buddy, and I'm supplying da lunch... hmmmmmm.... later....

3.30 pm : Fanny - recovered
Legs - nearly

I really dislike this time of day, after a mid day lull, it gets all busy again. And the kids are often tired and grumpy and demanding, I wish school ended at dinnertime!! Talking of dinner, I have to get my "a" into "g" and get it sorted... last night I just couldn't be stuffed and the family had to fend for themselves ! Oh - bad me.

I'm going to investigate a "Gel Seat" thingee you can get to put over the spin cycle seats to pad them.... sure beats hurting one's fanny every time eh? LOL As I really love the spin class it's worth maybe getting one.

Tonight it's Bodyattack class, from memory I like this class..... later...

GIRLS...It ain't me BUM that hurts... it's more "IN FRONT" ! Maybe I've lost "weight" in me fanny! Sure hurts! haaaa haaa ha.
Guess where Stew AIN'T GOING TONIGHT? oh, maybe that's too much information! *YIKES*

Next.... class tonight, I came close to a FIRST .....I almost VOMITTED!!! I had a light meal at 4pm, thinking it would give me the energy for tonight, and all it did was sit in me gut and threaten to come up! NEVER doing that again. I had to sit out one set of the routine, I was so ill. But, I got back up and did the last two sets and now I'm at home, still feel awful, but proud I didn't give up.

Ok, that's me for another day, nite nite.

WOOOO HOOOO, we just had an earthquake!!! It was a goody too... I could feel it coming, then BANG .... then rocking for a while... I love earthquakes.... but then, I'm weird.


  1. Just got back from my spin class. Hope you love yours as much as I do. Have a good, healthy day.

  2. Yeah, I agree. A nap will mess with your sleeping schedule. I don't nap now, I can't find the time w/ my son!
    I hope your doctor's gyno appt goes better than that last time you described, yikes! I would leave too if they had a bunch of people in there and taking so long. Hope your doing ok today.

  3. Good on ya for making that appt. I've popped it in my diary at work too so I'll be able to remind you just in case you forget, or get the date wrong or chicken out.

    Got your back covered mate.

  4. I always felt grotty if I ever slept during the day and it does affect the night's sleep. So no more Nana naps maybe!

  5. Love your blog - it always makes me laugh. Know what you mean with the cycle seats, I'm always frightened it will get lost in the void!!!

  6. In time your arse will be seaoned to the seat... took me about 6 weeks to get used to the seat on my bike... now I can get on and ride for ages and not hurt... hehe
    Oh and i cringed when i read about the Cervix thing.... ouch ouch ouch...
    I hate smear also.. but used to go every 12 months...(due to weird results once) and now every 2 years...

  7. You reckon having a padded butt would help huh. Mine sure doesn't GEEZ those classes kill!

    A gel seat is a help but not much.

  8. LOL!! (celtic girl) That's what I always hated about cycling! And it gets worse the thinner you get! ... lol

    I am happy to hear you have booked the smear! I am really shocked how the treated you the last time you had one ... set 'em straight this time so they are aware. Fuck that especially in that area!


  9. Yep - just felt that earthquake as well! Sorry but you are weird! don't take that personally just that I hate them, I swore and dived for the nearest door frame - then it stopped. Peter just sat there and said he will wait for the big one before he runs for cover.

  10. You had me wondering there whether it was an Australasian fanny or an American fanny. Thanks for clarifying!! Had a couple of experiences of earthquakes - one in WA years ago and more recently in Tokyo - that was a biggie!

  11. Rofl about not your butt that hurts... hehe...
    Ya got boney "bits" hahahaha
    Ikky about nearly vomiting at gym...ewwwwwww
    Have a good night... rest ya "bits" ready for next time...

  12. Good thing you didn't toss your cookies in class, that would have been unpleasant to say the least. You seem to be having a great time! Keep having fun.


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