Monday, October 31, 2016


Today is the start of a new week.
A week where I hope to get to Patchwork group today AND tomorrow.

I'm not sure if I will be taking Keera's quilt to patchwork today, there isn't a lot of room for bigger projects at the tables we use in the Red Cross Hall.

So, not sure what I will work on today.

But, it will be nice to go and catch up with all the ladies.  I've not been to a Monday group in ages.

I have had other stuff on, and getting into a new routine with Keera here now.

Keera is very happy and settled ... which is neat.  We had some settling in issues in the first couple of weeks, anxiety and night terrors, but all that has stopped now.

She turned a corner when she got her very own bed, one that she can't fall out of.  It's made such a difference.  She's sleeping well, and wakes up so happy.  

I think she likes going to kindy, but sometimes I think she'd rather stay home with me.  *smiles*  She's a really good little girl, but OMG CAN SHE TALK!  I like Kindy... lol!

After patchwork, I've got a little bit of gardening to do.  I am putting a blueberry plant in a big pot.  I don't even know if I am that fond of Blueberries!  lol
I'm really enjoying all this gardening! So unlike me.

Right, I am off to make a start on the day... 


3.37 pm:  Patchwork group was lovely today... lots of ladies and a constant hum of conversation.  I was the only person there with her sewing machine today.

All the others were doing hand work.  I felt a bit CONSPICUOUS.  Memories of an Auckland Patchwork group came to me, where one old lady TOLD ME OFF for making the table vibrate with my sewing machine.  

So I packed up my sewing machine today, not wanting to annoy anyone! Several ladies near me said "Oh no you don't, get that machine out again!", so I did.  lol

Such nice people here in Cambridge.  *smiles*

Once home I had some lunch, then felt really Ikkkk, so had a nap.  Woke up and felt even worse.  It would appear I've caught the shits off Archer.  Damn.

At least no one else is feeling yuk, though Brylee, Griffin and Keera all have head colds. Yaaa... snotty house for sure.

Well... another nice day done and dusted.  Everyone is in bed, and that's where I'm heading right now.

Sunday, October 30, 2016


I'm pretty sure most of us are going to try for a sleep in today.

Steve is certainly going to give it a go... he's on the go every day, all day.  

Once he's finished the deck etc here in Cambridge, he's going to take a break from weekend work down here, and just do his 'normal' work up in Auckland.

We have decided to get him to build a pergola over our patio, but not until next year.  It will cost a fraction of the cost of an Archgola.

I got a quote from the Archgola guy down here, and to do HALF our patio with an Archgola, with two curtains, is going to cost over $10,000.  

So, nah.  We will do the cheaper version and do a wooden pergola instead.  Sensible.

Back to today... I've got to sort out the washing that Bex did for me yesterday.  Get it all in off the line and away... bla bla bla.  You know, usual housework type shit.

It's also time to put some lettuce and tomato plants in the gardens for summer salads.  So a visit to the garden centre is on the cards too.

And that is all for now.  Catch ya later, have a lovely day.


ABOVE:  Our big, brave, ferocious Tallulah, scared of a centipede!  Yep, she didn't like that bugger at all.  Too funny!

Bex and I have been busy beavers this morning.

ABOVE:  Bex pulling all the leeks out... they didn't come to much.

ABOVE:  In their place, she put in the lettuces and tomatoes.  We went for small acid free tomatoes and cherry tomatoes.

 ABOVE:  I pulled out half of the parsley plants, and put in 10 strawberry plants.  We also got a bird proof covering for them too.

 ABOVE:  Hopefully the birds don't get into them now.  The little kids are really enjoying watching the strawberries ripen so they can eat them.

And he's very proud of it too.  And so he should be, it's an awesome deck.  Bloody huge too.

Well after a stinking hot day, it has finally cooled down.  I can see us using our air conditioner a lot this summer.

Time to wind down ready for bed.

Saturday, October 29, 2016


Today Stew and I are heading up to Auckland for a family event.
We are leaving all the kids here with Bex and Steve.

Though, Steve and Griffin will be working, so it will be all up to Bex.  Hopefully Lacy pops out and gives her a hand keeping them entertained.

We shall be home late afternoon all going well.

The 'event' is a celebration of my Aunt Ethel and Uncle Frank's 50th Wedding Anniversary, and Ethel's 70th Birthday.  I hope to run into lots of my extended family there.

Following are a few photos taken yesterday:

 ABOVE:  Archer with an ENTIRE cocktail sausage in his gob!  He could hardly chew it.  He looked like a chipmunk ... lol.

 ABOVE: Archer was intrigued with Griffin's wet hair.  

ABOVE:  After swearing off sweets because of the bad blood sugar results, Stew came home with those!  I had some last night... but that is IT.  No more bad shit for me.

If I don't do it for myself, I will end up on insulin injections, and we all know how I feel about injections eh?  F*#K THAT!


5.40 pm:  And it's been the most awesome day! The family gathering was so cool, I caught up with cousins and other family members that I'd not seen in YEARS!  It was just so lovely.

 ABOVE:  My Aunt Ethel.  She's my mother's youngest sister. 

 ABOVE:  The cake... It was their 50th Wedding anniversary, and Ethel's 70th Birthay celebration.

 ABOVE:  Self explanatory really.
I thought it was a nice photo.

 ABOVE:  7 out of 10 siblings.  The one's missing were my Mum (the eldest), her sister Laura (lives in Canada) and the youngest of them all, Alan... and he lives in Milton in the South Island.

ABOVE:  Frank, Ethel and their 4 children.  

We left the gathering mid afternoon, and intended to come straight home.

But I wanted to stop in Gordonton and have a look in a craft shop there.
Only when we got there, there seemed to be a private function on in the shop, so I was about to leave when I spied an old friend of mine.

So I went in and we ended up having a lovely catch up!  Tammy and I used to pot and belong to the same Pottery Society many years ago.

Tammy still pots full time, and she runs workshops from her home, so we will no doubt be catching up again fairly soon.  It was magic seeing her again after about 10 years!

Once home we popped over to check out how Steve was going on the deck/stairs/pergola.

ABOVE: He made all the step framework today, and will be putting the steps and risers on tomorrow.  

He's doing an awesome job.

Time to head to bed.  It's been a truly lovely day.

Friday, October 28, 2016


The only thing on my horizon today is a Doctor's appointment.
First one with our 'Designated' Doctor... I've seen her once before with Keera, but not for myself.

I know that my last blood test (for the blood sugars) came back way too high, so I'm expecting a telling off.  I deserve it too.  I've not been watching what I eat lately.

Keera has another half day at Kindy this morning, so she will be home by lunchtime.
Which is fine as I'm expecting Bex and the boys to arrive early this afternoon.
Steve will be down after work tonight.

This weekend he is tackling the pergola and steps, above and below the new deck.  He's done an amazing job of the deck!

Last night I stayed up late making the bunting for Keera's room, it will match her new quilt.
I can't believe how bloody long it took me to make a SHORT length of bunting!

ABOVE:  The bunting for Keera's room.

I don't think I will be making any more!  It was tedious.


Well... peace doesn't last long here.
Bex and the boys are here.
Lacy is here, and the kids are playing happily.

I went to the Doctor's and didn't get told off.  I just have to try harder to STOP EATING SHIT, and get more exercise.  She (the Dr) has sent off a 'script' to Sport Waikato, so I can go to St Peter's school for Aquacise.  I might go, if I can find something to wear!

Time to think about what's for dinner I suppose.

 ABOVE:  The 'Lollipop' wind thingee keeps falling to bits.  Might have to take it back, which is a bugger as we really like it.

 ABOVE:  I don't mind visitors when they hang out ya washing!

ABOVE:  And this one is entertaining the kids. Brylee will be relieved it's not her pulling the kids around.

Another day winds down... we are all enjoying the peace and quite that comes once the three little kids are in bed.
Archer has a tummy bug and is miserable, so lots of crying.  Poor little man.

Thursday, October 27, 2016


Today Keera has half a day at Kindy, so I've only got the morning to get stuff done without a pre-schooler underfoot.

I'm going to get Keera's quilt top/batting and backing pinned together, then all going well, make a start on quilting it.

Later on today, I'm half expecting Lacy to come out to visit with Keera.  She's not been for a while as she's had a rotten cold, and the last thing we wanted was to have the little kids catch another one.

Soooooo.... that's all I have for now.  It could be a very 'normal' sort of day!  


OK... obviously I have not been on my blog all morning, otherwise I would have deleted that shitty comment from 'ANON'.
Sorry Lacy, it is now too late to delete it.

As for you ANON, you have no idea of the history... and there are reasons why Lacy does not have any of her children living with her.

She does have problems, which are NONE OF YOUR BLOODY BUSINESS.

We may appear to be enabling her to walk away from her children, but at the end of the day, they are CHILDREN, not pets that can be ditched.  So we will always be here to help care for them, as others in the family have, and will.

Now, as I've said many times before... GO CRAWL BACK UNDER YOUR FUCKING BRIDGE, and get a life of ya own.  I bet YOU have made mistakes in your life too eh?

Back to my day:  I started pinning out the quilt on the kitchen bench, and damn!  Not enough pins, so I took a quick drive to Spotlight in Hamilton and bought more.

ABOVE:  All pinned and ready for sewing now.

I picked Keera up from kindy at 12.30:

ABOVE:  To my consternation, that shit won't come off!  I scrubbed... and nah.  Pink hands for a while I reckon.  *sigh*

Pink hands... well some of it came off over the course of the afternoon and evening.  Goodness knows WHERE it came off ONTO!

I made left overs PIE tonight for dinnner.  It was nice not having to cook much.

The only trouble now is that I have REFLUX... so I think I will be sitting up on the couch all night instead of in me bed.  BUGGER.  I might just have to forgo pie from now on.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016


Today I'm off into Hamilton to get me nails done again.  It's been 3 weeks since I got them done and they are looking dreadful.
One has come off completely, and the others will have to come off too as they are all lifting.

No chance of just a back fill today, that's for sure.

Not sure if I will get them done again actually, I don't want to spend $80 every three weeks on nails!   I can think of other things I'd rather spend me money on.

I'm getting a quote for an Archgola over part of our back patio... if it's not too high I might go ahead and get it done in time for summer.

The other option is for Steve to build us a pergola type structure.  He reckons it would only cost a fraction of what the Archgola will cost.  We will have to consider all the options before making a decision.

After my nail appointment I'm not sure what I will be doing.  I might pop in and visit Lacy, see how she's doing.  

So, that's me for now, catch ya later.


2.40 pm:  Nails, well I got the acrylics taken off, then I got the nail technician to put gel polish on my own nails.  

I would show you, but for some reason blogger is being an arse and won't let me upload any photos.
Yaaaa... there ya go.  Pretty, multi coloured nails.  I wonder how long it will be before most of my nails break or split?  Usually it's not long.

After getting nails done, I popped in and visited with Lacy, we had lunch together then I came home.

Done bugger all since then... not inclined to do anything!

ABOVE:  Did we have fun at Kindy today, painting by any chance?  Why YES, yes she did.
It's all over her and her pretty dress.  I hope it washes out.

10.22 pm:  Well it's been a normal evening, I cooked macaroni cheese with onions and sausage.  Very filling.
Time for bed.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016


I have to thank Steve and Bex for helping me with the bed for Keera.
Steve for doing most of the construction, then both of them for helping with the painting too.

I had planned to leave it totally white, but over the weekend I came up with a little idea...

ABOVE:  I decided to add just a LITTLE bit of colour on the top edge of the bed ... so I picked out 6 colours from the quilt, and boom... painted and finished.

The quilt isn't finished, but I put it on the bed for the photo.  I will be making a couple of matching pillowcases sometime this week too.

This morning, after I've taken the kids to kindy and school, I will be home doing housework for the morning.

There is always heaps to do after the weekend.  At least the washing is up to date if nothing else.

It's supposed to rain today, rather happy it held off till now.  Everyone got to enjoy lovely weather over the long weekend.

Right, that's me for now... crazy time starts.... getting everyone fed and dressed, lunch made and ready to go out the door by 8.15!

12.34:  Well I got half the housework done and then I got visitors.
Kelly and one of her best friends, Amanda C.
They came out so Amanda C. could see our new home, and Kelly had a birthday present for me.

So we had a lovely visit.

ABOVE:  I got the gorgeous card from Amanda C, and the Scent thingee from Kelly.  It smells amazing.  

ABOVE:  I got to blow out a candle... and then it re-lit itself so I  had to blow that bugger out again.  *smiles*

Now, it's on with more housework ... then a late lunch.

8.55 pm:  And it's been an awesome day.  I'm loving the lovely smell coming from the smelly thing Kelly gave me!

The kids and Stew all noticed it straight away.

Dinner tonight was yummy lamb chops baked in mint sauce, a family favourite.

Monday, October 24, 2016


Bex and I are heading out bright and early this morning... to the Craft and Collectors Fair which is being held in the Anglican Church just down the road from here.

The guys are taking the morning off building the deck, so they are being left at home to babysit.

 ABOVE:  LINDA, is this what you were asking about yesterday?  If so, it's a wind mobile type thingee.  It spins like mad in the wind.  

 ABOVE:  This is what Brylee did for hours yesterday!  The little kids just loved it.

 ABOVE:  It got stinkin' hot yesterday, so after their baths these three enjoyed the big fan in the family room.

 ABOVE:  Dinner on the patio, it was so nice once the sun went down a bit... it got cooler.
It's not even summer yet, so I hate to think how hot it's going to be here!

Now, back to today.  I better get ready to go out.  Hope this fair is good.


10.30 am:  Well.... we got to the fair early, and I was very impressed with it!  Bex, not quite so much as she was looking for wool, and there was only one stall selling wool.

I had a blast!  First thing I spotted and bought was plants, then I saw a stall selling garden art, so I got some things from there too.  Then I saw another garden art thingee, and got that too!  Stew had to bring me down more cash cos I ran out!

 ABOVE:  These plants are for the new corner garden.

 ABOVE:  These two groups of wood and metal 
Raupo or Bulrush look awesome in the garden!

ABOVE:  And my 'buy of the day' is this weta!  He/she is gorgeous, and Stew found the perfect place for it in the garden.  

NAME THE WETA!  He/she needs a name... so come on... gimme some ideas.

I love the name Wally... so HE'S now a boy weta named Wally.
I can see us having some fun playing 'Where's Wally?' in future.  *smiles*  Thanks for the name and ideas.

Steve, Bex and the boys have gone home, and it's back to normal here.

Sunday, October 23, 2016


Steve is back on the job today, he's starting to make some progress on the deck ...

 ABOVE:  It's going to be a very big deck.

 ABOVE:  That is Shannon standing in the doorway, she owns the home.

 ABOVE:  See that pile of rocks behind Steve?  Well, there's about three piles of rocks that Shannon does not want, so I'm going to snag a pile for our new garden, I'm sure they will look cool in it.

ABOVE: The finished 'path' with the new pavers in the gaps, replacing the tar soaked railway sleepers.

ABOVE:  We have a baby Kowhai tree (top) and a standard Magnolia too.  I will keep that magnolia as the flowers have a divine aroma.

I walk around the yard and still CANNOT BELIEVE we own this gorgeous section!  I think I love the section MORE than the house!

 ABOVE:  We have Iris's!  It's been fun watching what's in this garden as plants come up and flower.

 ABOVE: I can so see a volleyball net on this lawn soon.

Well, I think you have probably seen enough photos of the yard by now!  So... I will wrap up for now... catch ya later.


10.50 am:  I decided it was the perfect day to paint Keera's bed.  So we put it back in the garage and Bex and I have just finished putting the undercoat on.

It won't be long till we can put on the 1st top coat.

It's not going to be a flash paint job, just pure white all over.  I want to highlight the quilt and soft furnishings rather than make the bed the highlight.  So, don't hold ya breath expecting some sort of amazing paint job!  *smiles*

3.04 pm:  and we have been very busy!  Stew's sister Khady called in on her way home, she had been in Melbourne, Australia for a little holiday.
Was lovely to see her.

The guys are still on the building site, though Stew and Griffin did pop home for lunch and to see Khady.  They took lunch back to Steve, who had kept on working.

Bex and I have now got the 1st top coat on the bed, and I've been out and bought some test pots of colour, cos I AM going to add a wee bit of colour to the bed.

Stew just dropped of some rocks, and I 'helped' him place them in the new garden.  By HELP I really mean I pointed to a rock and told Stew where to put it!  lol


ABOVE:  Oh yeah, Bex is now washing the cars... with Archer's help of course.

Dinner tonight was home made mince and potato top pies.  They went down very well.
We all ate outside as it was cooling down nicely, and we were all really hot.  It was a really busy day for everyone.