Friday, March 02, 2007


Oh yeah, the scales were nicer this morning, looks like I might have a loss tomorrow!

Sounds like fellow blogger Sue, who's been stuck up in Auckland for 3 weeks working has been drowning her loneliness in shopping! Lucky tart, what a way to keep yourself busy! Wonder if we can expect a picture or two of the recent purchases???? Sounds like she went mad, she's had to courier some of it home cos it all won't fit in her suitcase.... oh what a shame.

Today: gym, housework (?), drink masses of water....

Workout done, kitchen floor washed, waiting for it to dry so I can put da polish on....

Briony: Hoover Hog is this enourmous pork steak, with crackling, salad and fries.... and eggs as a side dish just means a poached or fried egg dropped on top of ya steak! SOOOOO yum.... oh god, think I'm going to have to have dinner there tomorrow night now... me mouth is drooling! It will be all your fault if I gain next

Crikey it's been a quiet afternoon, am watching Ghost on Sky ... almost cried again... I have only seen it about 50,000 times already and it still gets me!!!
Planning a quiet night too, so unless something riveting happens... it's nite nite from me, fingers crossed for tomorrow!


  1. It would just be nice to have the TIME to shop, whether I wanted to or not! We don't have "hoover hog" over here and i've been looking at the NZ Lone Star website to try and find out what it is, but to no avail, so you'll have to fess up. Also, what is with having eggs as a side dish? That must be some wierd Kiwi thing too????

  2. WOOOOH on the scales. Now no hoover hog tomorrow or you will blow it. I am with Bri, eggs as a side dish, weird.............

  3. Fingers crossed for you for tomorrow:)

  4. Girl sending positive vibes your way.... It will be good.

    Love CM

  5. Good luck tomorrow. Hope the scales are kind to you.

  6. Thankyou so much for posting on my new blog board!! It feels good to know I am not alone in wanting to be slimmer. Wow... I cannot believe you have lost so much weight. You look amazing. I am really looking forward to getting to know all about you. Seems like you have a very busy life!


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