Saturday, October 31, 2015


Today I'm itching to make a start on my first little pottery house.
I've been looking at pictures online of mushroom houses and the like, getting a few ideas.

ABOVE: a couple of houses that I think are cute.  NOTE:  I didn't make them.

I have made dozens of pottery houses before, but this time I want to give them a different look.

Bex has already put her hand up for one for Christmas.  So, her's will be the first one I make.

She said something about a mushroom house, but somehow I don't think that's what she's gunna get.  Mushroom houses don't really interest me.

I want them to be FUNKY.  Quirky sorta.

So, that's what I plan on doing today.

Stew is going to get the lawns mown in readiness for tomorrow's Open Home, which is on at a later time tomorrow of 3.30 pm.

After that he will be putting the repaired part on the lullaby swing.  Did I mention Griffin sat on it and it broke a couple of weeks ago?
Clearly he is now too big for it!

Right, that's me for now... catch ya later.  I hope wherever you are you have a nice day.


Geez... some people eh?

Moving on ... I stayed in bed till 10 this morning!
I just didn't feel like getting up at all.  But now I am I better get moving and DO something.

Washing is on, it's a gorgeous day out there and I want to go down to the garden centre and get some pretty new flowers for my pots by the dining room.

ABOVE:  all pretty again.  It took longer than expected, the garden centre was so expensive we ended up going to Mitre 10,  where we got everything we needed.

I'm putting off potting till Monday, when Stew and the kids are back at school/work.  Then I can really get stuck in without interruptions.  Plus I just don't feel like it now!  

For now, I shall do some sewing instead.

ABOVE: Finished it!  It's so cute.  
SUE: I also got this pattern from Grandmothersgarden/kitsets/bags.
JUST in case you want it too.  *smiles*

4.27 pm:  Stew has finally got around to mowing the lawns.  The kids went down to the school to kick a ball around, so it's fairly peaceful in the house.

Tallulah seems to have forgotten where to go toilet.  The lounge floor, hallway floor and my bedroom have all been christened in the past few days. I wonder if it's something to do with being pregnant?  There better be a good excuse cos I'm getting really cross with her.

She's made a big wet patch on the lounge floor and I doubt I will get it dry by tomorrow unless I get out my hair dryer to dry it.  Now that's an idea!   Off to do that right now.

End of Day:  well we have enjoyed the evening in front of the telly.  Coronation Street was on so I was happy.
Stew has gone to bed early as he's getting up at 5 am for the World Cup FINAL, our All Blacks vs. The Wallabies.  I am not getting up!
I can wait till whenever I wake up to find out the result.  Though I do hope our guys win of course.
nite nite

Friday, October 30, 2015



Well for some reason I thought the class would be full of people who were really experienced potters, who were going to be making really big and amazing works of art.

Not so.  Just 'normal' women like me, some with some experience like me, and some with none.

No one is aiming to make huge pieces.  We can't anyway as the kilns available are small.  My totem pole (if I make it) will have to be made in at least 3 separate parts and joined later.

So, as for what I did in class?

Why?   Because the clay supplied was terracotta and I don't like terracotta at all, not for my totem or little houses.  So today I'm going to go and buy some white earthenware clay to use instead.

I did still enjoy the class though, it was fun being a part of the class... and offering advice to some of the ladies with no experience at all.
The tutor didn't mind me offering advice, luckily!   

I think having been a pottery tutor myself made it a bit hard to shut up!  lol 

 ABOVE:  three of the ladies in class... and the tutor (Phillip).

ABOVE: Phillip got out some of the books and pottery magazines that were there, and it was neat to see some were ones that I had donated to the Manurewa Pottery club a few years ago.  

 ABOVE:  Phillip helping a lady make small hanging pots for herbs, using the slab technique.  

So, that's the class rundown.  I'm looking forward to making a start on my own project now.

Apart from getting some clay today, the only other thing I want to do is finish that bloody owl bag!  I've still not done it... and it will only take me 10 minutes to do it.  DOH.


2.31 pm:  and whoops...I forgot to update when I got home.
Rather typically, the white stoneware clay I wanted was twice the price of the terracotta, but I still got some.
The drivers out there were nuts this morning! We had some rain, and I swear that to some people that means GO HALF THE SPEED LIMIT!  I am an impatient driver ... but managed to avoid KILLING anyone with frustration today!

After getting the clay I came home and vegetated in front of the telly.
I'm feeling really tired today. I went to bed really late last night and for once it's caught up with me.

At least I don't have to cook much for dinner tonight, just some meat patties which we will  have with hot chips.  Lazy night for me.

OH.. and Coronation Street.  Yaaaa.

End of Day: well a very pleasant day.  Looking forward to the weekend... as I'm sure Stew is too.
Poor bugger, he's gone to bed early.  
nite nite

Thursday, October 29, 2015


Well today should be nice.
Bex is bringing the boys over for a visit today.
They always cheer me up.  I adore them.

Sometimes I feel sad we don't have such a close bond with some of our other grandchildren.  But... moving on.

The quilt kit Kelly got me for my Birthday should be here in a couple of days, I'm really looking forward to it arriving.
It should keep me busy for a while.

It's really cute... did I show you it?  I better check before I re-post a picture of it eh?  *smiles*

I haven't heard from the Real Estate agents since Tuesday, so maybe nothing will come of the 2nd viewing.
Some days I feel anxious about it all, and other days I actually forget and just enjoy my day.  Thinking about it just gets me all stressed out, so forgetting about it is GOOD.

Griffin asked me yesterday if Tallulah was actually pregnant, as he couldn't see her tummy growing?  Dogs don't show until around week 6 out of their 9 week gestation, so there is no way of telling yet!
But I'm quite confident she is.  

After they escaped the other day, I bought name/phone number tags for both of them yesterday.  If they ever escape again, at least anyone who finds them can ring us.  Funny I had not thought of it before!

ABOVE:  Oh look! This is the little quilt kit Kelly gave me.  It should arrive soon.

*SQUEALS*  Tonight I go to Sculpture class!!!  Trying to decide if I will make the large totem pole type thingee, or smaller individual houses that I can give as gifts???
Just thinking about the logistics of making/storing/moving the totem when we move... because I can always make one when we get to Hamilton too.  Hmmmm. 

Right, I'm gunna bugger off and get some housework done, so I can relax and enjoy some grandma time with Dante and Archer.


1.50 pm:  Well it's been a lovely morning. Bex and the boys stayed until lunchtime, then went home for nap time.

 ABOVE:  Dante in his sunglasses...he's such a hard case that boy.

ABOVE:  I love this picture.  Archer is SUCH a happy baby, a real joy to us all.
And he loves his big brother heaps... his little face lights up when he looks at Dante.

Once they had left I popped over to a shop in Botany that sells pottery supplies and I got a couple of small tools for tonight.  I really don't need much as I am NOT taking pottery up BIG TIME ever again... just having some fun is what it's about now.

5.34 pm:  slowly getting ready to go out.  I've got me box of tricks... dinner is ready and the kids are behaving.
Stew only has to dish out the dinner when he gets home, so I don't feel guilty about not being here.

Feeling nervous... which is NUTS as I know exactly what I have to do... but meeting new people and having no idea what the tutor's expectations of us is a bit nerve wracking.  What if he expects all of us to make a ruddy big pot?  I don't want to make a big pot!  I just want to muck around and enjoy being out like a grown up! lol

End of Day:  well I'm home from pottery class.  I shall give you a run down of it tomorrow, for now I'm having my dinner then heading off to bed.  
nite nite

Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Ya ever found out shit then wished you hadn't?
Like you want to know, but then wish you didn't?
Yeah.  I feel like that today.
Like just low and unhappy.

It's amazing how many apt quotes one can find ...

 Love and Respect.  Not much to ask.

 Well that cuts my list in half!


I won't be asking questions, cos I simply don't care anymore!


But not anymore.

I'm learning, yep it has been the hard way, but I am learning.  Some lessons just take a bit longer.
And it still makes me sad on a daily basis.


This morning I'm taking myself to the movies again.  I'm going to be watching the new Tom Hanks movie... I ADORE Tom.
I've yet to see a movie with him in it that I didn't like.
I've watched Castaway so often I can almost say every word before the actors!  lol

After that I will get me nails done finally.

2.34 pm:  Oh I've had the most lovely day so far!
The movies was really good... not a shoot em up bang bang like I thought it might be. Just a good movie.

After the movie I went and got my nails done... and I love them!
I also got me chin waxed (ouch)... but necessary.  Menopause is the pits, so is the moustache!  lol


ABOVE:  I got a few weird looks on my colour choices... but hell... who wants to be the same as everyone else eh? NOT ME.

Now that I'm home I am having some lunch, just a bit late, then I will sort out dinner I suppose.  

Well I've had a lovely afternoon... nice and relaxing.  I cooked bacon macaroni cheese for dinner, it went down well too.

End of Day: watching The X Factor ... we are really enjoying it this season.
nite nite

Tuesday, October 27, 2015


So here is the little owl bag I'm working on, it's not quite finished but I should have it done by later on this afternoon...

ABOVE: It's quite a good sized bag... it might even benefit from having straps?  The pattern doesn't have straps, but the next one might just get some.

Now... later on today we have someone coming through for a 2nd viewing.  So I have to get the house all spic and span again, it shouldn't take too long!

It will actually be much easier getting it ready without having to work around kids and the man... *smiles*
I will be confining the dogs to outside until I have to put them in the car, they will think their throats have been cut, but too bad. 

I am not going to be tripping over them all morning... Tallulah follows me around all day and is constantly under foot. 

It looks like me nails will have to wait a bit longer eh?  


11.06 am:  all done except for last minute things like dogs in car, lights on, dungeon open... so that's a relief.
Even though it's only been two days since the last open home, there was still more to do than I thought.  

For a start I had to vacum the entire house again... something I don't usually do.  Maybe having Stew and the kids here to help is better really!  *smiles*

Time to take a break and check my list... 

4.58 pm:  Well the viewing went reasonably well by the sound of it.  Still a waiting game though.  Purchasers are from a church,  looking for a home for their pastor.  My Real Estate Agent reckons it could take a while if they do go ahead as there are more than a few people who have to make the decision.  *sigh*

After they left I had lunch and a nana nap, funny... I was a bit tired.

Dinner tonight will be chicken stir fry.  Nice and easy.  Stew's not due home till around 7 pm from Hamilton, so I get extra time to get it ready.

Monday, October 26, 2015


Hopefully... we are sleeping in this morning!
I'm 'FORWARD POSTING'.... so am most likely still in bed.  *smiles*

Our plans for today... grocery shopping first and foremost.

I also want to get me nails fixed.  I tore one off yesterday while doing the cleaning.  Fook that hurts!
I left them too long before back filling them I think.  So, I'll get them refreshed.

After a decent turn out at the open home yesterday, I'm hoping something comes of it.  If not...moving on and just waiting for that right person to come through the door and have the money to buy it.

After the grocery shopping I plan on doing some sewing. 
Stew will most likely chill out in front of the telly, watching sport.  I'm sure he will enjoy that.

Here's some adorable photos of the wee boys from last night:

 ABOVE: Whoops, Grandma gave the baby chocolate!  Naughty me.

ABOVE:  Poor Dante has a cold... but still smiling... most of the time. 

 ABOVE: Adorable baby cheeks!  So, so kissable.

ABOVE:  using the dining room for the first time this season.  Coming into summer... maybe we will get heaps of use out of it after all.

Right, that's me for now.  Catch ya later.


3.16 pm:  Well we have been out and done the grocery shopping, and got it all home and away.
I have put off getting my nails redone till tomorrow, that way the man and kids didn't have to sit and wait for me.

That's fine.  Another day won't make any difference.

On out way out, we drove past the kid's old school.  It was deemed to be a leaky building (the ENTIRE SCHOOL) and is now being ripped down:

ABOVE:  the school before... 

 ABOVE:  and the school now!

ABOVE:  looking down from where the playing field was.

 ABOVE:  the school is still operating, from a couple of dozen pre-fab classrooms on what was the playing field.  The school has a roll of about 700 kids, and that small strip of grass is ALL they have to play on now. The new school is being built as soon as the old one is completely demolished.  It's costing at least 22 million dollars.

Well.... I'm about to go and do some sewing before dinner.  I hope everyone is having a lovely day out there.

End of Day: Yaa! I got some sewing done at last. I have almost finished the little owl bag in fact.  I'll show you tomorrow.
nite nite

Sunday, October 25, 2015


I haven't read the news yet, so I don't know if the All Blacks won their game against South Africa.  I hope so.

Stew will be super grumpy if they didn't.

On to today, well it's another Open Home of course.

As it's a long weekend here (Labour Day on Monday), I wonder if we will get anyone through or not?
Stew reckons he saw a 'drive by' yesterday... so maybe we will get one at least.  *smiles*

Because the open home isn't till 2 pm, we have plenty of time to get everything done.  I've been fairly lazy the past few days, so there's quite a bit to do.

Steve, Bex and the boys are coming for dinner after the open home too.  So, I better get something out of the freezer to cook.  Not sure what, the stocks are a bit low.  We have to go grocery shopping tomorrow, or we'll run outta food.  

I so want to get back to my sewing sometime today too!  I haven't done any more on the little bag with the owl on the pocket.  I should be able to finish it TODAY sometime.
Then I can move on to the next one of course.  


Whoop! Our guys won against South Africa... so they progress to the final. I wonder who they will face, Australia or Argentina?

Housework is now on my agenda, and avoiding it is on the kid's. Nothing unusual there.

3.06 pm:  Well 6 groups through today, and it is a gorgeous afternoon after all the rain yesterday.

When we got home the dogs managed to escape off the property before we had closed the side gates.  It took us a little while to realise both dogs were gone, then panic struck!

Off we went in two vehicles... and luckily I found both of them down by the school.  And luckily both came when called!  Well...Tallulah came.

Coco I yelled at to get in the car, and she ran straight in!  If you run after Coco she just keeps on running, so it's better to just yell at her and stand your ground.

Phew... we won't make that mistake again.  Gates closed before the dogs are taken out of their cages.  For sure.

I've got a lovely pea and ham soup cooking in the crock pot for dinner.  It smells divine.

7.23 pm:  well dinner was just lovely.  The soup was perfect, first time I've not used a bacon hock, and instead used Butcher's bacon bits, in other words:  bacon scraps.  Perfect for soups and casseroles. I don't think I will bother buying bacon hocks ever again.

Steve semi sorted out my PC.  It's an ongoing process to get it back to 'normal' I think.  Steve reckons it had a malfunction while it was updating.  Whatever it was, Steve managed to find all my photos, which was awesome.

End of Day: a quiet evening ahead.  Early to bed too I think, we are rather tired after restless nights and so on.
nite nite

Saturday, October 24, 2015


I'm getting up bright and early this morning and heading out to the airport to pick up Chris D.  She arrives back in the country from the UK.

I know she's had a fabulous time with her UK family, doing lots of sight seeing, visiting family and even attending one of the Rugby World Cup games.

As she has a 5 hours stop over here in Auckland before her connecting flight to Palmerston North, she's coming here instead of having to sit around in the airport.  Of course I don't mind, it gives me a chance to spend some more time with her.

I got a little bit of sewing done late yesterday:

ABOVE:  Detail that's on the pocket of a little bag I'm making as a Christmas present.  I want to make several little bags.   

Right, that's me for now... I'm off to get me girlfriend.


11.35 am:  and Chris arrived safe and sound... tired to the bone and with a nasty cough and croaky voice.
She had a shower and a cuppa tea and I'm sure felt a tiny bit better.

As I thought, she had a lovely time, but it wasn't long enough.  It's such a long way to go for only 3 weeks, particularly when you have to spend 4 full days travelling just to get there and back.

ABOVE:  Chris got me a gift ... A darling mid-sized Britto Tinkerbell!  She's gorgeous, THANK YOU so much Chris. *smiles*

My Britto collection sure is growing.

5.58 pm:  Stew is cooking dinner, and I've just painted me nails:

ABOVE:  I really like the blue on white look.  But it won't last long.  I need my acrylics back filled really soon, like in the next few days.
I'm loving the false nails this time around, I trim them down so they don't get too long, so I can still type.

Heading into a nice evening, Coronation Street in on and it's getting really interesting again.
I decided NOT to watch it online, I love my Friday/Saturday night fix too much.  *smiles*

End of Day:  well the evening went really nicely. Coro Street was great, then I followed it up with a few programmes I'd taped.  Stew took himself off to bed fairly early as he's getting up at 4am to watch the All Blacks Vs. South Africa in the Rugby World Cup.  I will NOT be getting up.  Stuff that!
I can wait till the morning to find out if we won or not. For sure.
nite nite

Friday, October 23, 2015


My computer issues are really pissing me off!
I am going back to using my laptop for now... as this PC has shat itself.

All my photo editing is f*#KED UP, I can see all my photos through Picasa, but they are not in 'My Pictures' anymore.

I can't edit using Paint like I used to be able to either.  So, so frustrating... not to mention all my favourites are gone, AND my bookmarks are gone.

So, HOPEFULLY my laptop is fine!

I will soon find out... going to get it right now.

Today, if I can use the laptop with it's programmes intact, I plan on reading some blogs first thing this morning... AFTER getting some washing done and the basic housework.

So... I'll bugger off for now and see what's what.


Well this little laptop still has all the right settings/programmes on it... BUT now I remember why I started using the PC exclusively.
The laptop is so slow it times out all the time!  I sat and waited so long for a page to open I could have cooked dinner waiting for it, then it timed out anyway!  Grrrrr.

So, I will muddle along on this SLOOOOOW laptop for the day and hope Steve can fix the PC over the weekend.

ABOVE:  some of the 'stuff' I've gathered for the sculpture class.  The netting is for texture on the 'walls', the braiding is for details, the buttons, beads, bits 'n' bobs are for pressing into the clay for details too.
I will also be using fresh leaves to press onto walls... and I want to find more textured fabrics for walls too.  
It's such fun thinking about going to the class, something I'm really looking forward to. I'm so glad I didn't change my mind about going after all.

End of Day:  A nice enough day.  Didn't do any blog reading as this laptop is just too slow! I spend half my time waiting for a page to load, then I give up.  Hopefully Steve can fix the PC soon, because it is so much faster.
nite nite

Thursday, October 22, 2015


My girlfriend Chris D has been having a lovely time in the UK over the past few weeks... she is due home on Saturday.
I hope to spend a few hours with her then.

Remember I made a baby quilt for her great niece?  Well here it is... in the cot, on the baby:

ABOVE: How cute is that!  I am thrilled to bits to actually see it being used.  And the little name pad too.  The baby is rather adorable too of course... *smiles*

Now, something else I saw yesterday, and it's inspired me to actually GO to that pottery class, next week.
I wasn't sure what to make, but now I know what I want to do:

ABOVE: I saw this garden 'ornament' in a gift shop in Gordonton.  I love it, and am sure I can make something similar myself.  It's FUNKY!  I can see it in my garden... I'd need to have a wooden stake going down the middle of it and into the ground to keep it upright I expect.

It was fairly tall, about 5 feet tall.  I would need to make it in two parts I think, and join it once it was fired.  Something to talk to the pottery tutor about I suppose.  I'm feeling a bit excited!

I better book my place in the class today, it starts in a week! 

YES Bex, I will be home today.  I've got some housework to do, and maybe some sewing too.

Right, off to make a start on my day.  


It's done.  I'm enrolled to join the Sculpture class next Thursday night. Excited!
I dreamed about it last night, I'm that eager to make my garden 'totem sculpture'.

My computer has had a brain fart!  When I turned it off last night it decided to do an automatic update.  Now... my computer has lost all of my up to date stuff... all my pictures are gone except for the last few months, all my settings are GONE, my favourites.... OMG so frustrating!

I'm hoping Steve can sort it out for me on the weekend.  Or I'm gunna go nuts!  I'm having to sign into everything again.  But heaps of my programmes are just GONE.  

At least I can still blog!

Bex and the boys have arrived for a visit... so nice to see them.

12.07 pm:   and I just had a visit from our dear friend Marty from Tauranga.  He was up on business and decided to pop on on his way back to work.
It was so lovely to see him... it's been a while since I saw him or his lovely wife Jacqui.  Probably about time we took a trip to Tauranga to catch up with them.

Bex and the boys left at the same time, off home to have lunch and a nap I expect.

Me?  I'm going down to Dave's Emporium to source a few odds 'n' ends for next week's sculpture class.

4.41 pm:  I went down the road and got a few things for the pottery class... mostly buttons and rick rack to press into the clay.  I still need to get a few other things, but I've got plenty of time to do that.

The kids are home from school and now I'm watching some mindless TV before doing something else.

My computer is overheating and I don't want to turn the bloody thing off!  Grrrrrr.

End of Day:  just spent an hour getting super annoyed trying to choose Brylee's course subjects for next year... if we are still here then!
When the options are limited... it makes it really difficult.  In the end I gave up and told her to take it to her teacher(s) tomorrow so they could make sense of it.
Watching The X Factor, so interesting when you watch it from the beginning, as we have.
nite nite

Wednesday, October 21, 2015


I found out yesterday afternoon that the kids finish school today at 12.30 pm .... wonderful notice THAT was!

*sigh* I had plans.

Sooooooo... as they don't START school today till 10 am, I'm taking them out of school for the day.  It seems ridiculous to send them for 2 hours.

And now... they are coming with me and Stew to Hamilton for the day!

I was going with Stew and spending the day browsing fabric shops, wandering the mall etc, and having lunch with Stew.

Now it will be me AND the kids.  I don't mind.  It will be nice to spend today with the family instead of on my own I suppose. (It's me Birthday)

Kelly has bought me a little quilt kit from Grandmother's Garden in Gordonton, so I shall pick that up.  Yaaa, a nice little project to occupy me for a while.

I will also have a good look around there, and another fabric shop I've found in Frankton.
There doesn't seem to be any others in Hamilton though!

Shame that, it means I will have to come up to Auckland periodically to shop, ONCE we move to Hamilton.  

ABOVE:  Dante dressing himself.  I don't think he's expert at it yet... but at least he's trying.  Cute little bugger.  Looks like I won't get to see him or his baby brother today.  *sniff*

Right, we better go and head off to Hamilton!  


Would you believe I'm having just the most lovely day! The kids and I have been to the 2 patchwork shops here and I've bought a bag kit from one and some anchor fabric from the other.

I've also booked myself into a saturday workshop at the end of November too.

The one shop I'd not been to before... Donna's Studio, is just my sort of 
Fabric shop! Lots of lovely brights.

We are having lunch with Stew shortly..

4.17 pm:  My bloody feet hurt! I think I've done over 8,000 steps so far today. Nice one. The kids and I are done walking around shops... and are now waiting for Stew to finish work so we can head home. 
Dinner tonight will be something quick and simple


7.17 pm:  and we are finally home.  It's been a fab day!  Walked my socks off!  My Fitbit's battery ran out when we got home.  So I don't know just how many steps I did, but heaps.

Photos of our day:

ABOVE: Our first stop was at Grandmother's Garden in Gordonton, where the kids had fun with the two resident boxer dogs.  The darker one was only 2 years old and took a fancy to Brylee!
He has his front paw on her chest holding her down!  He was adorable.  
I got a little bag kit there.

ABOVE: The little bag kit and some anchor fabric I got frm Donna's...

 ABOVE:  We spent quite a long time at Donna's.  The owner, I presume her name is Donna, was just lovely.

I have booked my place in her fabric basket class at the end of November.  It's going to be so nice going there for classes once we move to Hamilton.

She said the Tuesday morning class ladies all go out to lunch together after class, so I am keen to join THAT class.  *smiles*  

The kids and I also checked out all the malls, several gift shops, and we found a small Hospice shop on River Road too.  I managed to find two nice summer tops for myself there.

We also drove out to Horsham Downs to drive past a rural property I have on my 'possible' list... but it's on a long, windy, narrow road and I didn't like that.  So it's getting crossed of the list.

I saw a neat garden sculpture in a gift shop in Gordonton, it's something I would like to make myself... maybe at that pottery class?

So... We are having sausages with chips for dinner, so I shall go and get me some!

Well... it really has been an awesome day.  For the first time in many, many years I heard from ALL my kids!  And thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes, they are much appreciated.  ♥

End of Day:  going to be happy, VERY happy.
nite nite