Monday, November 29, 2021


 Ahhhh.. Monday.

I really love Mondays.

I can get on with my projects without feeling guilty.

When I left the sewing room last night, this is what I had done:

ABOVE:  Eight runners ready for the start of stitching, before the titivating starts.  

And borders to make them slightly bigger.  The stitching is gunna take me a week at least, so I won't be bored any time soon right? *smiles*

ABOVE:  And... I left the sewing room tidy.  Cos there is nothing worse than going in there to start the day and it's a bloody mess.

I don't actually 'DO MESS'.  Ask any of my family 😆😅😊.

*Posted with permission* ...

ABOVE:  Brylee and her boyfriend 'D'.  They went to Mount Maunganui yesterday and had a lovely day together.

Bry is still flat hunting... looking more and more likely she's going to be coming home on the weekend for a little while.

I must get the duct tape ready.

And on that note... I'm off to start me day.

I hope everyone has an awesome day, sorry if ya have to go to work.

12.30 pm:  And I've been a busy bee.  Done three loads of washing.
Tidied the house.
Sewn for the past 3 hours.
Ate lollies for lunch.

Answered Brylee's SIX questions of the day.

SIX QUESTIONS.  No more.  Done getting at least a dozen questions a day, having to stop to answer them.
DUCT TAPE Dogstars?  To put on her bloody mouth!  She never stops asking questions, and while some are OK and worth answering, some are simply just STUPID.

I don't DO stupid.

And I get sick to death of having to stop what I'm doing to pick up the phone or go on the computer to answer her.  ALL.  THE.  TIME.

I just told her to move on to the next person (sorry Bex or Stew!).

ABOVE: Bex has made a start on Christmas.

Not to be outdone, even though I'm NOT doing the tree until next week...

ABOVE: Reid and Rowan are minding a present in the corner.  River is over by the TV.  That's it for now.

Now... back to me sewing.

5.20 pm:  And I've had to stop for the day.  My feet and lower legs have swollen up something shocking from sitting all day.

ABOVE:  Not a good look at all.  My left foot looks like a brick!  Ikkkk.

So, I've now got me feet up and trying to reduce the swelling.

I won't be able to sew all day tomorrow that's for sure.

Bex and the boys came over for a swim after school, which they loved.

I should have joined them in hindsight.

There is a beef stew on for our dinner... I am trying the 'cook it in wine' thingee.

Possibly not a good idea, but let's wait and see shall we?

Sunday, November 28, 2021


 I have 10 pieces of fabric cut out, ready to make 10 cat runners.

NO WHITE backgrounds this time.

Doing the black cat with the green background inspired me to try more colour.

So, that's what I will be doing today.

Deciding what cats to do.

Definitely 2-3 'WHAT' cats.

Probably at least 2 more 'NEED WINE', even thought they are a right pain to stitch!

I'm not sure what Stew has in mind for today?

Possibly nothing but watching sport, which is fine by me.  I've got no jobs lined up for him!

Next weekend we will probably be busy putting that 'parcel' together.  As long as our driveway is done.

AND move Brylee... either to a new flat, or back home till she can find a new flat.

Right, that's me for now.  Catch ya later.

12.50 pm: And as I said... I've been in me sewing room all day.
I've got 8 Cat Runners on the go... It's been great getting a few ready.
There's still HEAPS to do on each one of course, I've just done some preliminary work on them for now.
But... I'm sure I will get to work on them over the next few days and even get some finished.

But right now, my stomach is grumbling, so I am going to stop for lunch.  Might check out what Stew is doing too.
He's already been out to The Base to get ear plugs, he gets sore ears from swimming.
AND he bought me Christmas Paper, cos that's ANOTHER job waiting to be done. 

ABOVE:  7 pm.  Stopped for dinner.  I've made a big mess today.
But, there's going to be 8 Runners ready for stitching tomorrow!
But only if I go back in there after dinner and finish making lettering.

I've not done any 'fine tuning' details yet... but it will happen sometime during the week.

Clearly it's been a quiet day around here... I hope you have been enjoying your Sunday?
I've lost track of the days .... always happens when Stew has extra days off.
Monday tomorrow, back to normal.

But now... I'm gunna sign off early cos there is not much happening here, I'll do a bit more in the sewing room then watch TV before bedtime.

Saturday, November 27, 2021


ABOVE: This is the little stool we got in Tauranga yesterday.

Today we are going to buy some foam so I can re-pad and recover it.  It is going to end up looking really pretty.  And NOT orange!

I am 100% sure the dogs have fleas.  They won't stop scratching and gnawing at their rumps.  So, Frontline is on the 'to get' list today.

Stew and I have a little list of things to get today, once that's done we will come home and get on with things around here.

ABOVE:  This is a panel I got yesterday.  I'm not sure what I will do with it.  But I am keeping it cos it's really neat.  It's a bit like having a Colour Wheel, that you can use to see what colours go together.

Right, that's me for now.  

Catch ya later.  

12.35 pm:  And we are home after being out and about.
We went into town to an amazing Game/Card/Puzzle shop for some ideas for Christmas for kids.
Bought a couple of things... very helpful shop owner I must say.

We stopped at a little Op Shop on River Road... mostly 'sell on behalf' stuff.  Beautiful little shop. We saw this cute little guy, and Stew bought him for us.

ABOVE:  His name shall be River (cos that's the road he used to live on).  According to Stew, River is a Woodland Conservationist.   He's from a collection called Woodland something or other.
So.  He's joined the family.

We are now having some lunch before doing anything else.

ABOVE:  Just for you ROBYN.  Steve wearing the best singlet ever.  😂😅😆

ABOVE:  We got tarted up...

ABOVE:  Stew's idea.  Dinner at Lone Star.

ABOVE: We are not very adventurous.  He had steak and I had Pork.   Tonight, HANDS DOWN, the best Loaded Hog I've had.  Such a relief, I almost didn't order it after the last two times, when it was not very good.

Anyway, we are now both in food comas, and just blobbing out at home till bedtime.

Catch ya tomorrow.

Friday, November 26, 2021


 Stew's company gave every employee an extra day off, to be used in November.  I can't remember why, but thanks!

So, Stew has taken today off work and we are possibly going to Rotorua.

Thats the plan right now... but it could change yet.

Here's something really random.

Do you have a favourite knife in your kitchen?

ABOVE:  This is mine. It's a bit big and chunky for some things.... like stabbing people, but chopping up veges and the like?  PERFECT.  

I am sure you really wanted to know that eh?  It's called SHARING.

ABOVE:  side note.  Do ya reckon paint helps strengthen ya nails too?  Yeah or nah?  😂😅😆

So anyway... I suppose we shall get outta bed shortly and see what the day brings.

9 am:  ha ha! Ain't left yet, but about to.  We are going to Rotorua, then after checking out a couple of shops there, we are going to Tauranga.

And then... who knows where we will end up for dinner?  lol.

We are just gunna take the day as it comes.


OMG just spent a bit in the fabric shop in Rotorua! I actually bought my first ever Quilt kit.

ABOVE: I got a freakin CAT quilt kit! WTF is it with cats lately? I don't even LIKE cats. 😒🤣😅

ABOVE: Selfies at Lake Rotoiti, just out of Rotorua. Its a stunning little lake. We are now heading over to Tauranga. 

3.34 pm... and YES, we are having a really lovely time here in the Bay. 
We had a delicious lunch at a Turkish Kebab shop.
Then we checked out the beach.
Quite a stiff breeze so we didn't linger there.
Next stop was the Bernina shop at its new premises.
Very nice shop. Probably a quarter of the fabric they used to stock, but I did find a couple of fabrics to buy.

Then we thought we'd head home. I umm'd and ahh'd about us stopping at the Waipuna Op Shop in Greerton... we almost didn't.
So glad we actually did cos we found the perfect little seat for our front door.
It had only come into the shop today... must've had our name on it!

ABOVE: It's solid oak. Needs re-padding and covering... but it's  gorgeous.  Very happy and a bargain at $35.

6.30 pm: And we are home.
We had thought of going to our favourite Indian Restaurant in Cambridge on our way home, but we went through there a bit too early for dinner.
We had a fairly late lunch (1.40 pm), so yeah, won't be having anything for dinner till much later this evening.

Now.  More photos from our day trip:

ABOVE: Lake Rotorua, quite dismal looking today.  At least from this view it was anyway.

ABOVE (X's 3):  Lake Rotoiti... it was so pretty.

ABOVE:  A lovely view of the countryside somewhere south of Te Puke... on our way from Rotorua to Tauranga.

ABOVE: Not too many people on the beach at the Mount this afternoon.  While it looks nice and warm, it wasn't really.

ABOVE: The New Zealand Christmas Tree, our gorgeous  Pohutakawa, starting to bloom red for summer.

ABOVE: On our way home we swung by Lake Karapiro.  This park has evolved quite a lot in the past 4 years, new carpark, tar seal roading, playground, toilets etc.  
But the water edge has not been developed at all, so you step off a grass bank straight into the water, and the bottom is soft and muddy.
I hope they do something to protect the bank's edge, or it's going to crumble.

ABOVE: Look at that.  I didn't go nuts at the two fabric shops we visited!  Though that quilt kit was just a bit expensive!  
But, I can use the cat patterns over and over again, and I will.

Not long now till we think about dinner.  Won't be the lovely curry (Butter Chicken for me) that we had anticipated.
Probably fish 'n' chips!  Never mind.  I don't have to cook, that's the main thing.

9.30 pm:  And that's our day done.  Dinner was fish 'n' chips... nice and easy.
Been watching TV since then.  And off to bed in an hour or so.  An early night.

Thursday, November 25, 2021


 My friend's fence panel is bugging me.  I really want to do an acrylic pour 'wave' on it, but because the panel is not flat... I know it won't work.

So I've decided to go out and buy a FLAT piece of thin wood to do the wave on, then I shall nail it to the original panel.  Took me ages to come up with that solution!

ABOVE:  The second thing I want to do while I'm out is to get me nails 'done'.   For some reason I've had nails just split right down the middle, to the nail bed.  SO SORE!  And they catch on everything and hurt like buggery!  That one (above) split in two damn places.  

So, if I get fake nails on top, that will solve that problem eh?  Oh, and I'll have pretty nails for the first time in years!

Once I get home from that, I will make a start on another Cat Runner.  Probably the same one as 'Need Wine...', but slightly different of course.

I think I'll try a blue background.

And well... that's me for now.  

Catch ya later.

11 am: And I've been out and about.
Got me piece of FLAT wood.
Went into The Base, checked out two nail places.
The first one said "Sure, sure, come on in, we do your nails now".
I said I wanted to check out the other place before making up my mind, so I then went to the other place.
And the guy behind the counter looked at my nails, pressed them, bent them and said "No way.  You need to strengthen them first."
And sold me some nail strengthening stuff.

I was impressed.  He could have just ushered me in for the full false nail treatment, but No.  He actually cared enough to recommend what I needed, not what I wanted.

ABOVE: This is the place to go for good nail care.

ABOVE: This is the stuff he sold me.  I'm kinda amazed!  You can actually buy nail stuff WITH FORMALDEHYDE in it???  Who knew.  Not me.
Glad I'm not going to be putting formaldehyde on me nails.

ABOVE: The Christmas tree is up at The Base, and it's very pretty.

Now... I'm going to have brunch, then perhaps make a start on the fence panel.

ABOVE:  It took a while to get my painting area all set up again, and to find everything I needed.
But eventually... I was ready to go.
But changed my mind about the wave pretty quickly.
I decided to go with a simple 'swipe', and possibly embellish it with some shells later on.

ABOVE: So ... there's the swipe done.  I now have to wait a few days before adding anything else. 

As I sit here in my sewing room, Coco is right at my feet.
And OMG her tummy is going to town!  So many noises coming from her tummy.  Almost like she's got aliens in there!
I wonder what she's been eating?
It's only the second time I've ever heard her tummy grumble like this.

2.28 pm: Have you ever thought:  Oh, I think I'll make us a lovely potato and bacon salad for dinner.  Then you cook the potato and put it aside to cool.
Hours later... you come back and the potato is so soft it turns to mush when you try to cut it into cubes?


So, now we are having a potato and bacon pie, with a side salad.  NOT exactly what I'd planned, but it's edible I suppose.  

Shit it's been one of those days.  I keep dropping things. Spilling things. Just enough to make me wanna scream.  I'm now totally out of sorts.

Instance:  This morning, me mascara is not liquid, so I drop the entire thing in a hot cup of water.  Forget about it for a while.  Then I unscrew it to use it, and bugger me, the stuff ERUPTS out of the container... all over me and my clothes, down me leg and NARROWLY missed landing on me new carpet!!!
I'm like.  FUCK, that was close.

And I proceed to clean up the mess, making an even bigger mess in the bathroom.
Mascara everywhere is not fun to clean up.  I dirtied a flannel, a dishcloth AND towel.

I grab a bag of tomatoes out of the fridge. The bag breaks.  Tomatoes everywhere.  I pick them up and put them on a shelf in the fridge.  Close the door.  One of the tomatoes falls from the shelf as I'm closing the door.  Result?  Tomato gets squished ALL OVER THE FLOOR.

Damn tomato everywhere.

I am boiling a couple of eggs for dinner.  I go to check on them. One of them has disintegrated in the water.  I'm going to kill the other one now.  Cos I can.


Dinner was OK, not fantastic.  the 'pie' could have done with more flavour.  The lettuce salad was nice though.
But I'm already over lettuce salads, and summer is not really even here yet.

Must look up more salad ideas me thinks.

I'm now watching Coronation Street, and playing Solitaire on the computer.  Once I'm tired enough I will go to bed.
Catch ya tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 24, 2021


 Well... thanks to one of you, I have the words for my cute little cat runner from yesterday.


Once she's finished you will find out what I used.

But first...

ABOVE:  I must clean up this mess!

I cannot function for long in here without tidying it up.  This is the mess after making the last couple of Cat Runners.

Finishing that runner is about all I have on my 'to do' list today.

I'm sure I will find something to do later on though.  

So until then... catch ya later.

ABOVE:  Bex visited after she took the boys to school.  That was lovely.
She's just had her hair highlighted, looks lovely.
Try taking a decent photo of her though!  OMG.
So many 'gimp' photos.  Best ones I got were when she wasn't posing. 😂😅😆

I've just finished cutting out the lettering for that cat runner... now I have to stitch around them.
That's gunna take some time, and probably a bit of swearing!

No swearing happened!  I went nice and slow, kept in the lines and ...

ABOVE:  Here she is.
DOGSTARS suggested a lot of things, but one that stuck out was 'I need wine right now'.
I tweaked it a bit, but same same really.

What do ya think of her?  
Hopefully someone wants to buy her.
She measures 58 cm X 42 cm, and is $45 plus P & P.

For now, she's going in me stash.

ABOVE: This one visited this morning too.
Bringing all her smaller stuff back here... she may be moving home soon until she can find a new flat. 

Oh shit, didn't realise I'd not updated since this morning!
Well... I have just been pottering around the house, did some washing and so on.

I sold today's Cat Runner already, and have been asked to make another one by a 2nd person.
So I suppose that's what I might be doing tomorrow.

Dinner tonight was left over Pork Pie, lettuce salad and mashed spuds.  

Watching Coronation Street was the highlight of me evening.  Now?  It's 11.15 pm and I'm about to head off to bed.
Fingers crossed I get a decent night's sleep.