Monday, May 31, 2010


WHAT did I buy??? Here's an even bigger hint:

Our 'main' lounge suite is getting tatty... it's covered in upholstery material and it has not survived our family too well in the past 6 years... not like our green leather suite... so I have been wanting to replace it with another leather suite for ages. WELL... I went looking yesterday.... JUST LOOKING you understand... and ummm.... what could I do? Stew and Andrew looks so COMFY ... I just had to have it!

ABOVE: Amanda took this photo... of me choosing the colour.. I am going with light taupe... SADLY it is going to take at least 14 weeks for the suite to be made and delivered. But I can wait. Good things are worth waiting for eh?

ABOVE: a pic of the suite again.... Stew was reluctant to get off it I'm sure.... *smiles* Did I mention the two recliner chairs are wonderful, but even better is the fact that both 'ends' of the couch are recliners too!

Today: well .... I might just go BUY some vege plants. And. That. Is. All. I think Stew would have a fit if I bought anything else. lol

TEDDY has joined FaceBook..... aka Chris! NOT that I am on FB much you understand... but sometimes Teddy will be.

You know how.. you get an idea in your head... and it simply won't go away? Well I have been unhappy having my sewing desk in the family room... but there was simply NOWHERE it could go? Well I dreamt about it last night ... and amazingly in my slumber mode I came up with a solution!

ABOVE: the spare bedroom BEFORE ... with two single beds for visitors...
AFTER: I put one mattress ON TOP of the other, on one bed base! So there's still kinda two beds in there for when we need them! AND now I have a sewing room too! I'M HAPPY WITH THAT. I got all hot and bothered doing that too.... but it's all exercise eh?

Well after going nuts all morning doing housework and moving furniture.. I was knackered... so I have done nothing since! Well... I did watch some telly!

Kids came home squabbling so got dispatched to their rooms for a while... I am not in the mood for kids arguing. I am not a referee!

Time to pull finger out and get the washing in, prepare dinner...

Sunday, May 30, 2010


ABOVE: yesterday afternoon... caught out having a nap with me dogs....
ABOVE: Stew took the roof box off Roxy and found a space for it in the garage... which was no mean feat as our garage is full of stuff! Luckily there is room outside for his car cos there is no way it would fit in the garage. ABOVE: my card making area... with the dogs crate right beside my chair so they can be with me without getting into mischief ... (well that applies to Coco mostly, Teddy is a good boy)

Today I would like to go and get new vege plants for a winter garden... Stew put fresh compost on the garden yesterday, so it's ready for plants.

Last year the winter veges didn't do well at all... so I am hoping they do better this year. Apart from doing that.... we don't have any plans for the day. It's a bit cold but not raining right now, which is nice.

Date Night: was nice... we had a leisurely dinner then went to a movie.... ate chocolate ... came home and slept ! lol..... that's it! Boring old farts both of us! But it was lovely to go out as a 'twosome' for a change. Much appreciated Amanda and Andrew.... you two got to babysit.

We are now all going out and about as it is a lovely day afterall .... think we are heading to the inner city bays for a walk.

We all went out ... I wanted to go look at 'something' in a store... and I PROMISED Stew I would only look:

Ummmm... it's a wonder he believes a thing I say... cos that poor man left the store a whole lot poorer! What did I buy? Wait till tomorrow to see!

Oh.... here's a sneak peek: Na na nah nah!

After that we all had lunch then went down to the waterfront where the kids played in the playground for an hour, then we all had ice creams at Mission Bay (except that poor man with no money - Stew)... and came home to relax for a while before dinner.

End of Day: well for me ... it was a wonderful day! What can I say? I went shopping! That makes me happy. *smiles* nite nite.

Oh and nope, I still didn't get the darn vege plants!

Saturday, May 29, 2010


...That make me happy.....

ABOVE: Like this little cutter thingee I got yesterday....

ABOVE: and my two dogs happily sleeping together on the back of the couch.

Hopefully Stew will install the new glass shelves in our ensuite....that will make me happy too. Then my vanity won't be a bloody mess all the time. Neat.

I think Amanda, Andrew and the boys are coming up again tonight.... if they do I am going to try and drag my Hubby out on a 'DATE'.... wouldn't THAT be nice!

ABOVE: Big tick... shelves are up. Yaaaa.

We went to Sylvia Park for lunch.... got a couple more lovely red towels for our bathroom... tried to find some red bathroom accessories... no luck! Only want a toothbrush holder and soap dish... *sigh*... will keep looking....

Looks like the 'DATE' is going to happen... Amanda and Andrew are coming up .... off to see what's on at the movies...

End of Day: I had a granny nap with the dogs... Griffin took a photo! Will post it tomorrow... time to get ready to go out with me Man..... just as soon as the daughter and son-in-law arrive.... nite nite.

Friday, May 28, 2010


ABOVE: This was Coco Tuesday night....

ABOVE: And this was Coco the next morning! She sure learnt really fast how to get up on the couch to be with Teddy! NOT that Teddy was impressed I might add... he is rather crabby about not being able to get away from the annoying little Tart!

FACEBOOK... my account has been deleted. I had to do it. A certain person could have found me via other people's accounts... so I am no longer on Facebook.

TODAY: off to the chemist to get something to clear up my rash.

Weigh in: later. Had pizza for dinner last night. Maybe MUCH LATER! lol ...I have not lost the plot though, just living life.

I've been out... bought some glass shelves for our ensuite.... the vanity cupboards are so bloody small I can't fit much in ... so I decided last night to get some shelves... dreamt about bloody shelving too! What fun.

Went to Mitre 10 MEGA in Takanini for the shelving, then down to Manukau to get a few bits and bobs for card making... then ran outta money and had to come home! *smiles* Time almost to make some lunch... though after what I ate last night I could starve for a week and still not lose weight!


Ummmm... had a Nana Nap after lunch... went out like a light.... until the freaking kids came home and banged on the door. Grrrrr.... I am so grumpy now it will be a miracle if they don't end up locked in their rooms for the afternoon! I feel worse now than when I fell asleep!

Why can't they just come home and be undemanding? I swear, the moment they get inside the door it's "Mum can I have this", "Mum, can we do that", "Mum, I stepped in the dogs poo".... WTF? Like, can't they do anything themselves??? DIDN'T YOU SEE THAT PUPPY POO IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROOM? Ahhhh... nope, just walk through it why don't you? FUCK IT ALL. I'm just totally pissed off. Edit: the poop was not on the carpet luckily.. I would have been 100 times MORE pissed off if it was!

Thursday, May 27, 2010


ABOVE: I bought some Lego from Blondie in Taupo... her son was selling stuff to Fund raise to go to Australia to Represent New Zealand in Karate.... he is going in a couple on months.

ABOVE: On our way down to Palmerston North we passed through Taihape... and had lunch.... I spotted a rather nice gift/china shop so went for a look-see... WELL! There in a corner was a small selection of this TOTALLY GORGEOUS Hand painted China from Poland..... OMG.... I have been looking for this china for years! Mrs C in America has some like it and I have always 'drooled' over hers! Now I have some too. I. LOVE. IT.

ABOVE: I saw this Cutlery set on sale, marked down from $219.99 to $99.95... so I got two! I have always wanted a 'proper' matching set of cutlery! STOKED with that purchase I am.

ABOVE: Then on our way home we stopped at Gordonton for a piddle... as ya do.... and I popped into the AMAZING Grandmother's Garden Patchwork Shop there.... and bought these fat quarters and larger piece of the galaxy material.
So as you can see, I did get some lovely stuff... but I didn't go 'NUTS' and spend thousands!
Today I am going to take it easy! I totally overdid it yesterday, slept like a log last night.... so tired!
I do have to go into 'town' to do some stuff.... but not much.
I didn't clean my car yesterday either... maybe Stew can help me do that on the weekend? It's such a big job! And I'm a's cold now and I don't want to get wet cleaning the car!
DIET: I was not that good on holiday, but the damage wasn't much and I'm hoping it will be off by Friday weigh in! Sandra fed me ice cream! I swear... she held me down and force fed me.... NOT. lol....
Been out and about, finished all my jobs.... home again and time for lunch. Oh and I did some more shopping too! LOL
KATE: In your dreams mate.... and over my dead body! ha ha ha!
Out of necessity I have had a quiet afternoon... sadly I have a dreadful rash on my inner thighs.... on the panty line.... it hurts like hell! I am sure it's been caused by getting too hot travelling and yesterday... not to mention all the hot flushes I am having..... I hate getting a rash! I am using an anti-rash cream... hopefully it clears up soon.
So, Stew is going to bring dinner home tonight.... I can hardly walk! I swear, it's so sore. Anyone know how to avoid this again???? Anti rash powder or what?
End of Day: I have had to delete my Facebook account... not that I used it much.... but my information could have been acessed by an 'undesirable person'... so it had to go. sorry about that. nite nite.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


We had a wonderful holiday away... can't say it was restful... but it was nice as a break from the norm.

ABOVE: Stew and the kids in the Thermal Pool in Taupo on Thursday night.

ABOVE: Chris D, Me and Sandra at morning tea. I love these girls. ... they are like sisters to me.

ABOVE: the calves sucking me cute. Sandra and Neil have a small lifestyle block and raise calves and sheep, and also have 'full time' jobs off the 'farm' too. Busy people.

ABOVE: Brylee and Griffin feeding the sick calf.... it has Polio of all things... can't stand.... but maybe it will get better? Neil is hoping so, he does not want to shoot it. Poor wee calf.

ABOVE: Chirs D and her Mum (on the left) with her three sisters and brother, at her Birthday Lunch on Sunday.

ABOVE: The Birthday Girl.... doesn't she look LOVELY!

ABOVE: Sandra and I yesterday morning just before we left for home.

ABOVE AND BELOW: Freezing cold Lake Taupo yesterday, we had stopped for the dogs to have a run and piddle. It was so cold I was a sook and got back in the car. brrrrrrrr!

ABOVE: Home at last... and what a relief! ROXY fitted in the garage with the new roof box on! Yaaaaaa! I love that box. It is so useful.

ABOVE: Three little videos .... The man and baby boy in the first two are Neil and his Grandson Brock.... Brock has a 4 month old baby sister too. They are exactly one year apart in age... busy Mum and Dad!

Today: kids are back to school, Stew to work... and I have masses of stuff to do!

Now of course I did a wee bit of shopping while away... but as there is a lot on today's post already.. I shall show you what I bought TOMORROW.

Until then... I have this urge to re-arrange the kitchen cupboards, and of course my poor car is now a tip inside, so I shall be cleaning her too.

Maybe LATER on tonight I will get time to check out the blogs I read?
ABOVE: I have spent 3 long hours re-arranging my kitchen cupboards and drawers to fit in something I bought in Palmerston North! It also meant moving some stuff down into the garage.... gawd I am exhausted!
I've done the washing too... now I need to vacum, tidy the shelving unit in the lounge... oh.. lots of things still to do!
I have done 75% of the things on my list today... and I am now bone tired! Must just sit for a while I think... been on the go all day. Kids should be home soon too.... then it will be time to get dinner. *sigh*
End of Day: and I am thrilled to bits with how much I accomplished today! I have only one thing left to do on my 'To Do Today' list, and believe me it was a bloody long list! I don't know why, but when I get home from being away I always go overboard and do a massive clean/tidy up/re-arrange! I'm nuts. But happy. Still got stuff to do tomorrow, but it's not urgent or bothering me too much. nite nite.
(THANK YOU if you commented in the last few days.... I know I am a bad blogger at the moment and haven't been reading/commenting much on your blogs... I hope to catch up a bit tonight and tomorrow.)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I have really enjoyed our visit back to Palmerston North... we lived here for 7 years... it has been neat to drive around and see the changes .... and reminisce.

I feel sad that my dearest friends are still here... and of course two of our sons live here too. I live in hope that Steve and Mike will move to Auckland too one day.

We are so grateful to my dear friend Sandra and her family for having us to stay with them! It has been a lovely home to stay in, with really neat company.

But for now... it's time to head home to the BIG SMOKE ...which we always called Auckland when I was a kid! lol

SO, until I get home and can update again....

We are home. It took us 7.5 hours (with stops) to get here. It rained cats and dogs almost the whole way. THAT was fun when we needed to get the dogs out for a piddle I can tell ya! I have decided to NEVER EVER take the dogs on a long trip away again. It is so much hassle! At least next time Coco will be old enough to be sent to a kennel with Teddy. I don't care if it does cost us $54 a day for the kennels fee... it will be worth it!

At least the kids were good.... not that the dogs were not good... but they were an added worry. Sandra and Neil had recently had their carpets cleaned.... to the tune of $500...OOOPS... Dear wee Coco is not house trained yet. I think they took the piddles and poops rather well! SO SORRY SANDRA and NEIL!!!

It is lovely to be home again... now the unpacking must begin.
Our Roxy (car) with the new roof box fitted in the garage, which was a bloody relief I can tell you... cos it was pissing down with rain when we got home. Sure made it easier to unload in the dry garage.

MY PHONE: was in Stew's car all that time... totally dead flat battery... a dozen missed text's and phone calls. So glad it wasn't lost.

Off to unpack now. Photos tomorrow I reckon.
End of a LONG Day: once the unpacking is done I am going to relax for a while. nite nite.

Monday, May 24, 2010


Yesterday Sandra's husband Neil decided to go with his two nephews for a road trip on their motorbikes. So off they went. 3/4er's of the way into their trip they came up over a rise to find some camouflaged army vehicles pulling out onto the road, they had virtually no time to see them before they were upon them...they were going faster then the army vehicles of course.... Nick slammed on the brakes and went into a ditch... no damage to him. Jamie slammed on the brakes, Neil slammed on his brakes but clipped Jamie's bike.... Neil went in a ditch... Jamie flew over his handlebars and flipped onto the road.... the next thing they knew they were surrounded by about 20 Army men coming to their aide...

Nick and Neil were fine, Jamie had some damage to both his knees, but not too bad luckily! An army medic man got rather carried away and proceeded to cut off almost ALL of Jamie's clothes and even his riding boots!

An ambulance arrived and took Jamie to hospital to be checked out .... meanwhile Nick and Neil got back on their bikes to follow the ambulance. 2 kms down the road Nick got pulled over by another policeman for overtaking in a 'dangerous manner' and got a big fine for that, then when the officer checked his license found Nick SHOULD have been wearing his glasses when riding... BUT HE WASN'T... and promptly impounded his motorbike! So Nick had to jump on the back of Neil's bike to get home.

So.... three motorbikes left the house yesterday morning and only one came back! One was smashed, one was impounded and one came home with a dent. What a day!

ABOVE: The three 'men'.... PHOTO taken at the Wanganui Hospital... they look rather happy with themselves ... the twits!

So.... here's hoping today is less eventful! I think we are going into town again .... not sure yet!

ONWARD..... we spent the morning in town... I checked out a fabric shop, a gift shop, the mall again... did a little shopping... will show you what I bought when I get home... we had lunch with Chris D and her sister Lyn which was lovely.

Then we went and said 'Bye' to Mike as we won't see him again before we leave as he's working till late tonight and we are leaving right after breakfast in the morning. Steve is coming out to Sandra's house to visit this afternoon ... he hasn't met Coco yet.... *smiles*... he is going to love her!

I am cooking a mince/bacon pie for dinner tonight.... so should bugger off and make a start on it!

End of Day: two beautiful pies made, cooked and served up to 8. My job is done... lol . Going to pack up tonight in readiness for leaving in the morning. nite nite.

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Today one of my dearest friends turns 60... that is the MAIN reason for our visit to Palmerston North this weekend. I hope she has an awesome day.

Sandra, Stew, the kids and I are joining her and her family for a birthday lunch today.

ABOVE: the girls and I at morning tea yesterday...we had a lovely catch up. I felt so happy to be there again... with me girlfriend's.

ABOVE: the original THREE Tarts... Chris D (The Birthday Girl), Chris H (me) and Sandra (our Esteemed Ex-Weight Watcher Leader). I miss these two girls soooo much.

So, we are out and about today for the morning, probably check out the shops (as I DO).. then off to the lunch.

I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend, and not missing me visiting their blog too much! I will be back to 'normal' blogging on Wednesday when we got home. Hopefully with LOTS of photos.

ABOVE: Mike and his girlfriend Joyce came to lunch with everyone too... he has finally had his hair cut! NOW he looks like a boy again... lol!
Chris D's Birthday Lunch was lovely... it was held in a lovely old Pub... the meals were all lovely.
I will try and get some more photos on here tomorrow. Right now we are having a bit of 'quiet' time before Sandra has to go to work and we go out again to watch Steve play Indoor netball.
We have been and watched the boys play netball... and are now back at Sandra's....
Sandra's husband and two of her nephews went out for a long motorbike ride this morning.... from Palmerston North over to Napier, then Taupo and back to Palmy... but unfortunately they had a crash 3/4 of the way home and are now on the way to Hospital. One of the nephews has come off his bike and injured his legs/knees... no idea how bad it is yet. Fingers crossed he's not too bad. What an awful thing to happen.
End of Day: it's been eventful.... hoping for a quiet evening! nite nite.

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Morning! I am so looking forward to this morning....

after being in Auckland for 20 months I am finally going to saturday morning tea with my girlfriends again. It will be like old times... the one thing I really, really miss about Palmerston North... well that and my boys!

What else? Well I hope we will get to see the boys of course... and check out the shops... and take a drive around and see what has changed here...

Not only did I forget my phone, I forgot my camera download cable too... so today Sandra is going to take some photos for me to put on the blog... until then... you have to wait! Shame.

Morning tea.. was lovely... we took photos and hopefully I can get them on the blog tonight? Also met up with our boys... had lunch at the mall.. I was evil (BUGGER)... and had chinese. *sigh*... I really must stop being naughty or I am going to have a gain when I sooooo dont' want to. Grrrrrrr.

Heading back to where we are staying now, have to check on the dogs... who kept Stew and I awake half the night by whining! I am so tired I could scream!

At least it has stopped raining... it's the pits standing in the freezing cold rain waiting for bloody dogs to have a piddle! Coco played outside for 20 mintues this morning.. then came inside and went toilets in Sandra's bedroom! Eekkkkk... they just spent hundred of dollars getting their carpets cleaned. I feel so bad.


End of Day: it's been a wonderful day catching up with friends and family. Hippygal: we brought the dogs with us as Coco is too young to be left at kennels yet, she in not fully vaccinated and it would have been to dangerous to leave her at kennels. So, a quiet evening planned with Sandra and her hubby, then bed. nite nite.

Friday, May 21, 2010


ABOVE: to give overseas people an idea where we are, we are right slap-bang in the middle of the North Island! Lake Taupo.

ABOVE: It is beautiful here, but freaking FREEZING!

ABOVE: but... having your very own Thermal Pool to use is a bonus! So nice.

It's been nice here... but now it's time to get in the car and head to Palmerston North.

It's quite a drive even from here... but all going well we should get there by lunchtime.

WEIGH IN: well I weighed myself yesterday before we left... I was UP .100 grams.... so I have to be VERY good while we are away to make sure I have a loss next Friday! AND. I. WILL.
Just got to Palmerston's been a long day!
I feel dreadful! I have misplaced my mobile phone... do believe I have left it at home! I feel like my best freind has died! I don't know any of my friend's phone numbers ... they are all in me bloody phone.
Oh well.. we still have Stew's phone.
The trip went well.. dogs woke us up at 5.30am wanting to go out for a piddle... far out it was cold in Taupo at 5.30 in the morning! I was NOT impressed. Pfffffft.
All is good though.
End of Day... early again... as I have things to do, people to see... nite nite.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Coco is learning by example, she is such a clever wee girl!

ABOVE: see? She is learning to lick my toes, just like Teddy does. I am going to enjoy having both feet licked at the same time... lol. GOOD DOG.

ABOVE: SEE? Something she DIDN'T learn from Teddy! BAD DOG! That was the cord to our lovely lamp in the lounge! WAS. THE. CORD.

Stew and I have a hectic day today... shopping, packing, picking up the Roof Box, taking Griffin to his Occupational Therapy session, picking up Brylee, packing the car and leaving for Taupo... where we are staying the night before carrying on to Palmerston North on Friday.

By breaking the trip into two we will be less stressed, and so will the dogs and kids. I am looking forward to spending the night in Taupo, our unit has a thermal pool.... (BLISS) and we are hoping to meet up with Blondie1 too! (It's her Birthday today, pop over and wish her a happy day won't ya!)


WOMBAT: Yes ya dork , I eat oranges! Just don't like the colour!

ROOF BOX: seems they have found us ANOTHER brand new roof box... and we can pick it up at lunchtime! Yaaaa. Headache over.

End of Day... very early I know.. but we are running around like mad things and I doubt I will get back on here today. So... laters! nite nite.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Today I take my little gift cards to the shop... hopefully they will like them!
I mentioned the other day that I was working on something you wouldn't believe... well this is what it was:

ORANGE Cards! .... now while I detest orange... I thought I would try doing some with orange and blue, and it works really well! Quie like them... they are pretty and vibrant! I haven't finished these two yet... but I will sometime today hopefully.

The roof box didn't arrive yesterday either, so hopefully it will today. We need it tomorrow! Our plans now are to travel down to Taupo on thursday night, stay in a motel and carry on to Palmerston North on Friday morning. Luckily we have found a Motel that allows dogs to stay too! So that's great.

ABOVE: A Sweet Blog Award from Coffee Slut... awww thanks chick! I am supposed to nominate 10 blogs I love and pass it on to them.... so in no particular order:

FREEDOM, Bobbies Babbles, Fat & Sassy and Mr Wonderful, Mom Taxi Julie, My Grimm Reality, Random Ramblings, The Fifty Factor, Bluebirdswing, Homeschool and Etc, Happy Days.

It is very hard to pick only 10, as I read MANY MANY more lovely blogs... so I just picked them randomly! LOVE you all of course! lol


AMANDA: I know, that's why I haven't glued them yet... ya dork.

So, the sun is shining.. but it's a cold morning! I have just caved in and turned on the Heat Pump... after being boiling all night with hot flushes.. I'm now cold! Typical. It's cold here at my computer desk, I'm in a draft I reckon... my hands go like blocks of ice.... can't type with freezing hands eh? *sniff*

Roof box: after being told every day for the past 4 days that our roof box WOULD BE HERE TODAY... I have found another place here in Auckland that has the EXACT box we want... Wooo hooo! R & R Sport have until 10 am tomorrow to deliver our box or I will be getting it from their competition! So relieved we will get our box in time.

Cards... taken to shop... she loved them... bought on spot! Very happy about that. If you are ever in Manukau Mall and want to buy a cute as little gift card... just go to:

An Eye 4 Art.... they have my cards! WOOOO HOOOO! (Foodtown end)

Kids are due home any minute... better get off the computer and look like I've been doing something all day! lol

I got a phone call at 4pm.. the roof box has arrived and I can pick it up! So yep, the kids and I jumped in the car and drove in rush hour traffic into the heart of the city to pick up the box. We got there to find out it was BROKEN! WTF??? So, we came home with this:

The KEY to the box. Nothing else. They are going to have it fixed by lunchtime tomorrow in time for us to use when we leave in the afternoon. Grrrrrrr. Pretty key though. *sniff*

End of Day: a long, frustrating day ... but it's nearly over. nite nite.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


This will be short... and boring.

I am going to get me hair done this morning, just re-coloured. NO cut... they charged me $45 last time to just trim the ends, which took all of 5 minutes! So .... just a colour today. I hope it doesn't take 3 hours like usual. My butt hates me sitting for that long.

After that...I'm hoping the Roof Box for Roxy has arrived, cos I will go and pick it up if it has.

No photos/videos. You must be getting sick of them.


DEBBIE: This is ROXY! My Toyota Highlander. Isn't she beautiful? *smiles* This was her in the caryard the day we bought her, since then she's got a new number plate: DC ROX. (stands for: Diet Coke Rocks of course!)
ABOVE: 7 Years ago.... I'm having a 'I feel fat day'... so it's good to look back and see where I have been... and where I am now. Now is not that bad!
Off to get me hair done now....
Hair is done.... nice surprise at the cost too! If you only get it coloured it's about $65 cheaper than 'normal'... I like that!
Went shopping after that.... got some black leggings for winter...came home and had me tomatoe soup for lunch. Yum.
Not much else a-happening right now... kids are due home shortly, then it will be time to sort out dinner.
Dinner tonight nearly killed me! I kid you not!!! I put the first mouthful in me gob and inhaled a pea! It got stuck in my throat.. I couldn't breath! I started to panic... thinking.. NO WAY can Griffin or Brylee do the Heimlich manoeuvre... I started rushing towards the phone to ring 111 and I vomitted... coughed and the blasted pea came up! WHAT A RELIEF... I was so scared! I never want to go through that again...
Stew got home not long after... Usually we eat dinner when he gets home, but Griffin was STARVING, so we had our's a bit earlier.... but never again. I am only going to eat my dinner with my man right beside me. I love peas too.. but that has right put me off!
End of Day: over me fright now... got a sore throat though! A quiet evening has been had.... time to go to bed... nite nite.

Monday, May 17, 2010


The following are two short videos I took of a guy feeding the stingrays at Kelly Tarlton's Underwater world...

I've got a bit to do today... patchwork class, grocery shopping, housework.... bla bla bla... all the usual Monday stuff. As it's been a blasted wet weekend, there is also a shit-load of washing to try and get dry.


So, I've got some shopping done....some housework... no groceries yet.. might do that tonight so Stew can help me unload it all.... did not go to patchwork class either... just too many other things to get done today.

Took the scissors to Coco again... trimmed up her 'nether regions'... my god did she ever get cross with me! She even tried to bite me... and growled too... but I won! Lots of gentle, soothing talking settled her down... but I don't think she likes me right now! ha ha ha.

Shopping is done! So is my exercise for the day... what a job! Had to do a HUGE shop this time, ran out of so much stuff.... at least it's done now and not hanging over my freakin head.

Not cooking tonight either.. bought a cooked chook... such a cheat!

End of Day: dinner was yum.... I put the chicken with rice and a sweet and sour sauce, it was delicious. Bloody tired now... I put all the groceries away on me own too. *sigh*... time to chill out for a while. nite nite.

Sunday, May 16, 2010


I have no idea what our plans are today....

As we have family visiting, it could just be an 'around home' day....

The weather is totally crappy, so going to a beach or similar is not on the cards. SAD.... for a sunday. edit: it has now cleared up and is a lovley sunny day! Stupid weather.

Talking of cards... I started two last night.. and you are NEVER going to guess what they look like! LOL. Once I have stuck the various bits together I will show you!

Brylee was not well last night, she went to bed without dinner... it is so annoying that the minute she gets a cold she gets ill and goes off her food. She has been eating so well lately, and I am sure she had put some much needed weight on. Now... she is bound to lose it again.

I'm hoping she wakes up much better. edit: she has woken up feeling much better... and even ate a good breakfast... yaaaaa.


*****Anonymous: re: your comment yesterday.... Brylee WAS punished for hurting the puppy. Griffin had NOT been naughty. Our children were given a new Playstation Game because we had told them we would some time ago.... and what we buy our children is our business! Giving a kid a 'HIDING' in this country is ILLEGAL, and you can and will be prosecuted if you hit a child. We know this from PERSONAL experience. Thank you for your comment, but perhaps you should THINK before you hit the 'send' button?

ABOVE: Amanda's reaction to our plans for this afternoon....

We have decided to go to Kelly Tarlton's Underwater world after lunch... it's somewhere Amanda has wanted to go to for ages.... we have been before and it's quite nice there.

Back from 3 hours at Kelly Tarlton's Underwater World... it was a very nice visit.... the highlight was seeing the HUGE Stingrays for me! They are just amazing. Amanda and Co are staying for dinner... which will be Fish 'n' Chips as I can't be bothered cooking!

ABOVE: Amanda trying to hold her hand in the FREEZING water for 30 seconds... she did it too! At my first try I could only stand it for 18 seconds... but 2nd try I lasted 35 seconds... it was sooooo freezing! I don't know how fish/penguins survive in such cold water... brrrrrrr... .it HURT!

ABOVE: self explanatory really! lol

Looking forward to dinner... I'm hungry! *sigh*... and shall no doubt have a few chips. Life is for living.. RIGHT?

End of Day: and more than a few chips later... satisfied. Visitors have just left... time to get our two ready for bed and chill out for the evening. nite nite.

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Brylee's behaviour of late has been pretty naughty... she has been pushing all my buttons... knowing full well there was nothing I could do to stop her... all the usual 'punishments' just don't work with her.

- she loves going to her room

- she does not mind sitting in a corner

- she does not mind not being allowed to play Playstation and Wii

In fact she was quite blatant about it, and would give me an 'I don't give a shit' look .... which really made me mad!

Our latest problem is that she simply would NOT leave the dogs alone... every time I turned around she was holding one of them... and while this does not seem so bad... she would not let them go, even when they were struggling to get down ... and if she was 'caught' holding them she would simply throw them down on the floor! Coco yelped yesterday when she threw her on the floor! I was so mad.

So... I have been racking my brains (yes, I have some!)... for a suitable deterrent 'punishment' so she would listen to me... and I do believe I have found one! Brylee absolutely LOVES watching iCarly on tv... she is fanatical about that programme! So, if she picks up a dog without permission, she does not get to watch her programme for that day.... and I do believe it's a MAJOR WIN for me..... cos she has not even touched the dogs since I told her! WIN.

Parenting... is all about being one step ahead of the little buggers!

ABOVE and BELOW: the two pups in bed... this is exactly what I had hoped would happen... two dogs happily snuggled in together. Awwww, so cute.

And yes, they have three pure wool blankets and a hot water bottle in their bed.... spoilt little dogs.
I have been sitting in bed blogging for hours, my butt is killing me! Time to get up ....
Weighed in yesterday... lost .700 grams. Feel quite cross... I think I have plateaued.... may have to try something else to get it coming down again.
We have had a busy day.. went to the mall for lunch, Stew had to give a speech to a group of people at 1pm... then when he came back we went shopping.... I got the Cuttlebug storage case I wanted, a few more Playstation Games for the kids and then came home to be greeted by two adorable wee dogs... who acted like we had been gone a week.
The weather has been quite wild today ... we had a huge rain/thunder and lightening storm midday, and now the sun is shining again. Nuts.
End of Day: Amanda, Andrew and the boys arrived for dinner and are staying the night. Stew is enjoying having another bloke to watch the rugby with. Men! nite nite.