Thursday, February 28, 2013


Yesterday is done, in the past and I for one am happy about that.
Next time I have to go down to the school... which I hope will be soon for an I.E.P. about Griffin, I'm taking Stew with me!

He will stop me getting so bloody mad.  He can ask the questions and see how the Teacher answers.

Now, as it's days since I posted a gorgeous photo of Dante, I will rectify that:

ABOVE: his favourite place.  

ABOVE:  on Granddad... 

ABOVE: I think he looks like a little puddin'.  I call him 'Podge'... but I think I should stop that cos he might get a complex!

We have two little fledgling grape vines, one is still VERY small, the other is a wee bit bigger.  They have been in the ground for about 3 years and we finally have grapes!

I 'harvested' our grapes last night:

ABOVE: our grapes!!!   Yep, all TWO of them.
I offered to 'share' our grapes with Stew, but he was a love and let me have them.  Awwwww... ain't that so sweet of him.  lol

I am now wondering if I need to move our grape vines to a 'better' place, cos clearly they are not doing well where they are.  *smiles*

Anyone know when is the best time to move a grapevine???

Today is 'Keera' day.  We are going over to Henderson until 1pm.  

Then on our way home I'm going to stop in and pay for next month's Smartbox in storage.  We pay, then our Insurance Company reimburses us.  Yaaa.

Weight Management Plan.   I'm changing the 'name'.
From now on when I refer to our efforts in relation to food/exercise etc, it will be called our...

What do ya think?   It kinda ties in with the 'ONWARD' that I put on my blog every day.
Sort of like... let's get on with it!  It takes the focus off Weight... and more on moving forward in a positive way.


Having read the last few comments on yesterday's post, I'd like to clarify something.
Yes, I was angry and antagonistic AFTER the interview.  I did not bite his head off literally, but I did point out that he was going against what all the experts and previous teachers had agreed to do or NOT do.  

If he had read all of the information about Griffin and his learning disabilities, he should have done what was indicated in all the reports.  Griffin CANNOT write.  It's as simple as that.  He needs to TYPE his work on a computer.  Full stop. End of Story.

Now as for how Griffin feels about his Teacher? I would say him coming home crying because he got shouted at, or made to stay in at lunchtime because he had not finished the HANDWRITING sheet given to him is a bit UNFAIR.  

Apparently that has happened three times so far this year.  So... do you wonder why I'm not happy with this man?


When I can stop shaking so much I will fill you in.

So, I'd just got home from dropping Keera back to Lacy.

I sat down and then... BOOM ... big noise and even bigger JOLT of our house.  I thought it was an earthquake, but then Bex said she could hear someone screaming out "Ring 111!!!".
I immediately jumped in my car and took off  up the road.

To see this.  The bus was horizontal to the road, there were two adults and a little boy lying on the ground and a young girl on the bus.  She was on her own, so I jumped in the bus and sat down opposite her and supported her until the ambulances arrived. She has some nasty injuries, but I am sure she will be OK after things mend.

I did all I could to reassure her that everything would be alright.

I have NEVER been in that situation before.  To tell you the truth is was GOD DAM AWFUL.  

After about half an hour (not sure how long to be truthful, it felt like a long time!),  three ambulances and at least 6-7? Police cars arrived and blocked off the road and started tending to the injured.

I think I will leave my account there for now... I'm in shock and can't stop shaking.

Now we have the police helicopter buzzing around, and it landed behind our house, doesn't help my nerves!!!

Found out that one of the men involved sadly passed away.  Made me start shaking again.  

End of Day:  please don't worry about me!  I'm a tough cookie.  I'm going to just relax and watch Coronation Street ... so much for having a 'calm day'.
nite nite.

BEASTIE GIRL:  I am not going to speculate on HOW this accident happened.  It is up to the Police Serious Crash Unit to figure that out.  There is some suggestion that the bus driver had a 'medical event' (heart attack or similar)... but that is just speculation at this point.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013


I think I have a problem... with David's Emporium.

That place is lethal for my wallet!

A N Y W A Y.... here's what I got there yesterday:

 ABOVE:  lots of buttons and embellishments!
I don't know what I will use them for YET... but even if I just drool over them... that's OK eh?  *smiles*

ABOVE:  can you imagine these gorgeous little teddies hanging off a bag?  Too cute.

Now, Today:  I've got an eye appointment courtesy of the Health System.  It's standard for anyone with Diabetes to have their eyes tested for free every two years,  to make sure the diabetes is not impacting on the health of their eyes. 

That's fine with me.

After that, home because Brylee and Griffin will be home at lunchtime as it's Parent / Teacher Interviews in the afternoon.
This year I am going... so will be out at school mid-afternoon for about an hour.  Provided they are not running  late.  Usually... they are.

Bex is cooking dinner tonight, so that's taken care of at least.

Steve has ONE tooth in his mouth with a filling.  All the rest are perfect.
The one with the filling was repaired two years ago... and they damaged the nerves.  So, it was killing him for the past few days, and he finally got time off work to get it pulled out.

Now this wouldn't be my blog without photos ... so be warned... the last one of the following three is rather iKKKK.

 ABOVE:  Mr Puff Face.

 ABOVE: Yes Steve, you look like a right twit.
I would say DORK, but I know Mark in the Cayman Islands would be offended for Steve if I called him that!  You see Mark, I remembered. lol

ABOVE: this one is just to gross you out!  One dead molar!

Apart from everything else going on... I'm in a bit of a 'down' mood.  Some things happening in the background of me life ... which I have no control of.  Yesterday I just wanted to go to bed and pull the blankets over me head.  Down... but trying not to let it affect me too much, even though it does.


Right, here's a video account of me morning:

ABOVE:  me having a yak with YOU.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


IT'S DAY 19 of my/our Weight Management Plan, and I'm happy to report that one's resolve is holding firm.
It is getting easier and easier to keep it up... I want 'it' to become NORMAL asap.

Everyone in the house (well... OK, not Brylee and Griffin) are being ever so helpful.
When Steve cooked on Sunday night, he dished up my dinner and then enquired on whether the portion size was good?
See.... looking out for his Mum.  Awwww.

It must be a bit difficult for him and Bex, they love chocolates and lollies and the like... but I have warned them that if they MUST have some... they need to smuggle it into the house!
I don't want to see it... cos I might be tempted to nick it!

lol....even saying that makes me laugh inwardly, cos I am feeling so good right now I don't think I would nick it.  But... let's not take that chance eh?

It's weird that, cos I can see sweets/chocolates etc every time I go out, but I can resist.  Is that weird or what?

Eleven more days until I will get on the scales.  It is rather FUN and FANTASTIC to know that the scales are no longer dictating how I feel EVERY SINGLE DAY!  I am positive I will have a loss on Day 30.  And if it's only a little loss, well hell... it will still be a loss, and that is totally awesome.

I am only going to think POSITIVE thoughts about this 'Weight Management Plan'... no negativity is going to creep in.  NONE... ya hear me?

I would LOVE to think my positivity is going to rub off on some of you 'out there'!  Anyone with a weight problem KNOWS that at the end of the day it will only work if your head is in the right PLACE.  AND if you really, really want to lose weight for YOURSELF.... not cos someone thinks you SHOULD.

NOW:  onto something else.

CUTE BAGS... Yes I can and have made to order.  These bags cost around $50 ($N.Z.) to make.
I have in the past made them,  and sold them at cost.
Now if anyone wants one I will charge $60 Plus Postage cost.

I am going to be making a few more soon... cos I have really enjoyed having a reason to make them!

These are a few of the possible fabric combinations I'm playing with:

ABOVE:  I just LOVE all the combo's!
I have a fair amount of the Shells and Fruit Lady fabric... I got it from an Online Fabric Shop in New York of all places! 

IF anyone is interested, just leave me a comment,  or email me at :

I plan on making one of each fabric combo over the next week or two.

TODAY:  I'm off to the mall to post a couple of little parcels to girls down the line.  (Jo & Tracy)

NEXT thing I MUST DO is take a few photos of Dante, apparently his little cherubic face has not been on here for a whole day! OMG... how remiss of me! (*tongue in cheek*)  Bex tried to tell me he hadn't been on for over two days, she lied.  tut tut.

Yo Bex!  Karma.  And I.O.U.  Don't forget that eh?   dumm dee dooo... payback is such a bitch. Worse, you don't know WHEN 'it' will happen!


Anyone wanting to make a bag like mine themselves, the pattern is on my blog.
Just do a Google search, type in "Diet Coke Rocks, CUTE BAG" and it will come up.  It is on my post dated:  Saturday, October 23rd, 2010.

So.. Bex, Dante and I went out, posted the parcels and I took her to David's Emporium.  She LOVED the place!  We would have stayed much longer than we did... but our Dante had other ideas and decided to scream the place down!

So... came home.  Just as well... I was busting for a piddle! lol

Steve has had another raging toothache for the past few days, so this afternoon he went to the dentist.
I have photos.  I will show you tomorrow!

Tonight's dinner (cooked by me) will be Beef Spare Ribs in a Sticky Rib Marinade, with a pasta/egg/tomato/chive salad.  I don't think I can ruin that!

Griffin got his first pimple today.  Steve sqeezed it for him.  Too much information?   lol
I was like, damn, I didn't get a photo of his first pimple! 

End of Day:  another awesome day, but too hot and muggy.  I hope that next summer is way better than this one... I'm hoping that by then I will have lost a decent amount of weight and will find the heat more tolerable.  Fingers crossed.
nite nite.

Monday, February 25, 2013


Apologies to anyone who has to go to work.... while I get to stay home and do the housework, cluck over babies, sew, go shopping, bla bla bla!
It's such a wonderful life I lead.  lol's more photos from yesterday:

ABOVE: Stew and Keera, she is one of the happiest babies I've ever met.

ABOVE:  Rena modelling her new outfit.  I gave it to her before her birthday because I wanted to see if she liked it.  She did.   So she got it early.

ABOVE:  Stew and his darling granddaughters.

ABOVE: Steve and Keera, she clearly loves her Uncle.

ABOVE:  Sandra... doesn't she look so cute with the hairband you made?  We LOVE them.

ABOVE:  I said to Steve ... "Go and stand by the pillar so I can get a lovely photo of you and Keera".  So that is what he did!  What a dick... he knew exactly what he was doing.  

ABOVE:  now THAT is better.

Today:  once I get the kids off to school I plan on sewing.  Hopefully I will get both bags finished today.
I will need to go out at some point for cord for Kelly's bag, and maybe a few other bits 'n' bobs.

ABOVE:  just cos I can... views on me 'bun'?  I often up it up just to get it off me neck... but I've never gone out with it up like this.


The builders arrive NEXT Monday to start work on the kitchen, then the flooring company arrive  Wednesday 6th to lay the new floor.  If the builders don't finish their job on the Monday, they will come back on the 12th to finish off.

So, all going well our damage will be all fixed by 13th March.

The outfit Rena is wearing is IDENTICAL to the one I just got back from Hamilon.

I popped out this morning to buy more dowel and cord so I can finish Bex and Kelly's bags.
Kinda got distracted by other things...

ABOVE:  I decided I needed a new hacksaw... why are there SO MANY to choose from?  I hummed and ha'aaed for ages before deciding to go with a 'middle of the road' one cost-wise.  

After Bunnings, I went over to David's Emporium again and picked up some lace, braid, ...

...  buttons and pretty embellishments for cards.

NOW... I can get back to me sewing. 

*Hi*.... been sewing for the last few hours... and here are the results:

ABOVE:  Kelly's Zumba Bag.  She can have it next time she comes up... as an early Birthday Present.
Ha!  So much for me NOT giving Birthday presents to me grown up kids.  *sigh*

ABOVE:  Bex's Baby Bag... THIS is also her early Birthday present.  I think her Birthday is sometime soon?  (yep, just checked the Birthday Book), her birthday is in March.  OH and she ♥ LOVES ♥ orange.  Just sayin'.

I have really enjoyed sewing again.  I love being productive ... and it's even nicer if you enjoy what you are doing.

My 'turn' to cook dinner tonight.  Chicken nibbles baked in a Lemon & Herb marinade, accompanied by rice and stir fry veges.
I need a WOK.  Might just go looking for one tomorrow.

WHOOPS!  I forgot the rice.  Dinner was a flop too... the chicken was too rich, and I kinda burnt the bottom.  Not often I have a failure... dammit.

End of Day:  a lovely day, thrilled to get two bags done and dusted in such a short time.
nite nite.

Sunday, February 24, 2013


Today, all going well.. I intend to make a start on two more bags.  One will be Bex's Baby Bag, and the other will be Kelly's 'Zumba Bag'.

I sent Kelly out yesterday to choose her fabrics for her bag, this is what she came home with:

ABOVE:  Very pretty,  I will enjoy transforming it into a pretty bag for her.
Bex's, not so sure.  It is a rather bright orange... (whoops! there's that word again!)... but anyway, hopefully it looks nice once teamed with the blue she chose too.

ABOVE:  Right, Jo... get back to me with your address so I can send you the pretty wee girl's outfit that has no home!  

AND.... anyone got a wee boy around 1 year old who can use the wee jumper?  It is brand new, never worn... and apparently quite hideous!  A bit like the wee girl's outfit... unwanted, and lucky it didn't end up in the bin.

Moving on... Bex did a bit of shopping for Dante yesterday at Farmers... they were having a sale again.

ABOVE:  Dante is growing so fast he needed bigger summer suits, so Bex got this lot for under $40!

ABOVE:  Talking of Master Dante... how darling is our wee man?  Such a spoilt little bugger, he loves nothing more than being held up on your shoulder while you pace the floor with him.  *sigh*  Can anyone else see a definite ginger-ish tinge in his hair?

ABOVE:  And yes, the men are trying to teach him bad habits already!  He looks so content!  Bet in a few months when they WON'T let him drink it he won't be quite so happy.

Ok... enough for now, I want to get the washing on before I venture downstairs to the sewing ...

Does anyone else have trouble with vacum cleaners?  I swear to god ... every single vacum cleaner we have ever owned has been utter shit.
This one has constantly given us problems.  Stew has literally taken it apart fully, and he still can't find a reason/blockage why it's not working.

The only vacum I have owed and loved was a Kirby.  Stew didn't like it much cos it didn't get into the corners well... but I thought it was a fantastic machine.

I might even investigate getting one.
ABOVE:  now there's two of them trying to make it go.  Fingers crossed...

Stew's sister has arrived for a visit... we are having a lovely time showing off the grandkids, Rena, Keera and Dante.

I had had a very productive few hours... I stayed and visited with Khady for an hour or so, then took off downstairs to get started on the bags for Kelly and Bex.

ABOVE:  Great-Aunty Khady and our Keera.  

ABOVE:  Rena's turn for a cuddle.
ABOVE: it was lovey to see Khady, although we live in the same city, we don't get to see her nearly enough.

ABOVE:  Lacy walking Dante around.... the expression on his face is so funny.... I'd love to know what was going on in his head!

ABOVE:  I think I'm making good progress on the bags... hopefully I shall finish both of them  tomorrow.

Steve and Bex cooked dinner tonight.  Steve made an amazing marinade for the pork chops he was going to cook... accompanied by a lettuce salad and mashed potatoe with little cubes of apple in it!  The pork chops were delicious, he had grated apple on the top of the chops too.  I am so impressed with his and Bex's dinners!  

And even more grateful that they are trying different things... it's fun trying different dishes.

End of Day:  I took lots more photos today, which I will show ya tomorrow.
Time for me to relax for the evening... 
nite nite.

EDIT: No ANON, Amanda did NOT send them back, our daughter Kelly went and got them back.

Saturday, February 23, 2013


It has been a long, hot, dry summer here.
We get cracks in our lawn.  Well to be honest, you can't call them 'lawns' right now... more like weeds and crispy bits!
I will show you:

ABOVE: Lacy sitting beside one big crack... you can't tell... but it runs along the lawn quite a way...

 ABOVE: she decided to see how deep it was seeing as she could get her hand in it...

 ABOVE:  hmmmm, quite deep then!  Up on our back lawn most of the cracks are that deep!!!

ABOVE: these cracks are not as deep, I think!  They are down by our lounge.  As you can see, there is almost NO actual grass growing, all you can see is weeds.  

I hope we get rain soon.... and lots of it.  For a week would be nice!

Now... here's a little video I took last night when Lacy, Keera, Kelly and Rena were visiting...

ABOVE:  Our gorgeous 'Auckland' Babies.   I can see them growing up together and hopefully being great friends all their lives.

TODAY?  I'd like to start on anothe UFO, so I can keep to my 'schedule' of getting at least one  finished a month.  THEN I can start on something new!

IF the girls let me!
Bex wants a baby bag now (she's been using my bag), and when Kelly saw Lacy's last night,  she now wants one too!

I told her she had to go to Spotlight and choose the fabrics herself.  I shall probably go and make sure she gets the right sorta fabric!

Bex bought her fabric on Wednesday... so technically, I could start on her's today... hmmmm.... maybe.


Today is a gorgeous day!  Sunshine, but not too hot.  We are heading out soon to Botany Mall.... I want to look at another sort of doorguard.

ABOVE:  this was my BEST doorguard ever... but in the past couple of months it has sustained a bit of damage.  First Sienna put her foot through it, and last night Lacy did too. 

I am going to try and mend it or maybe put some other fabric in place of the mesh.

 This morning I managed to fall over it, hurting both my knees, and both my arms!  I even managed to jam me fingers in the sliding door of the linen cupboard too!   Not fun.  

We are trying to confine Coco to just the laundry and hallways of the house while she is on heat.  I can't bear the thought of her lying on beds or couches/cushions right now.  Ikkkky.
Hence the doorguards being up.

ABOVE: this is the fabric for the next baby bag I will be making.  Bex LOVES orange.  I don't think I will ever be able to look at anything orange again without getting reminded of 'The Outfit from Hell'.

Botany ... where Kiwiyo is... and I learnt today that my resolve can easily be dented.  After last night's naughty dinner... I had promised myself that I would be EXTREMELY good today.  

I had a small helping of Kiwiyo, and while it wasn't that much, I still feel I shouldn't of had it.

I am going to fast for the rest of the day cos I really don't want what I ate to impact on my loss this month... and I am really hoping for a decent loss on Day 30!

Bearing in mind I am not going to gauge how well I've done on NUMBERS alone, but rather, more on how I feel, and how my clothes fit.

I found a new door guard, a retractable one that I hope lasts the distance.  I'm still trying to decide where to fix it.  I want the kitchen to be safe guarded from crawling babies, and the stairs.  

ALRIGHT ALREADY.... I won't fast.  I will have a TINY dinner, and some fruit.  OK?  *poking me tongue at ya*  lol

End of Day: Stew's turn to cook. He made a Chicken/Bacon/pasta dish ... it was really nice.
We all had a lovely relaxing evening... and then everyone went off to bed.  I stayed up because I've become addicted to Real Life Medical stories on YouTube.  OMG YouTube is addictive!
Must work on curbing that.
nite nite.