Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Preperation time: 20 mins
Cooking time: 1hr 10 mins

185 g (6 oz) butter, chopped
1 cup (350g/11 oz) golden syrup
3/4 cup...(140g/4 1/2oz) lightly packed soft brown sugar
1 egg, lightly beaten
1 1/2 cups (185g, 6 oz) plain flour
3/4 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda
1 Tblsp ground ginger
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1 teaspoon mixed spice
2 Tblspn finely chopped glace ginger

Ginger Icing:
1 1/2 cups icing sugar
1 Tblsp milk
2 Tblsp golden syrup
30 g (1 oz) butter, softened
1 1/2 Tblsp finely chopped glace ginger

Preheat oven to 160C or 315F, Gas 2-3... Line a lightly greased 9 inch square shallow baking tin with non-stick baking paper, over-hanging two opposite sides.
Combine butter, golden syrup, sugar and 3/4 cup of water in a pan and stir over gentle heat until butter melts and sugar dissolves.
Remove from heat and let cool a bit, then add the beaten egg, mix well.
Sift the flour, soda and spices, add to mixture and beat well to remove any lumps. Stir in the glaze ginger, pour into the tin. Bake for about an hour .. or until a skewer inserted into the centre comes out clean.
Cool in the tin for 5 mins then turn out onto a wire rack.

Icing: beat icing sugar, milk, golden syrup and butter together. spread over the cold gingerbread cake and sprinkle with glace ginger.
When cutting a sticky cake like this use a hot, wet knife for best results.

This cake will add 10 pounds OVERNIGHT. But it's delicious!.. and freakin easy to make. If you love ginger.. you will love this cake!

TODAY: I am going to sew... and make a couple of cards.... and just stay at home I think. But then again... I might go out too! There's a few bits and bobs I need to get for the baby quilts....

dum dee dooooo......
Well.. I went out... registered Coco finally... and got a few things...
ABOVE: see these.... I just could not resist them... they go from that...
To this ... QUITE NEAT. I think I will use them for storage of stuff in the wardrobes. Maybe.
I also got the fabric I needed to do the next block... of Noah's Ark itself. Off to do it right now!
Tracy: I got the above boxes at Storage Box, (formerly known as Plastic Box) in Takanini. They have a webpage http://www.storagebox.co.nz/ which funnily enough has a picture of the boxes on the top! They were not expensive either @ $9, which is a good price for such a neat box. Apparently they are getting lots more in soon in differing sizes too.
And so much for sewing! I've been on the phone with me Mum for ages... which was nice. Been cranky with her of late, think we have ironed out a few things. Hopefully.
End of Day: Stew forgot to let me know he was gunna be late home after work... he's in the bad books now. Friggin man. pfffft. Hope his dinner has turned to rubber in the microwave. No really... I do. When he's really late home I worry and worry... and imagine all sorts of dreadful things have happened to him. Grrrrrrr. nite nite.

Monday, August 30, 2010


ABOVE: we had visitors over our back fence yesterday! A Tui, (pronounced "too-ee'). These are native birds to New Zealand, they are like parrots... they can learn to talk! Their bird calls can resemble all sorts of noises: clicks, cackles, whistles, creaks and groans... and all this because they have two voiceboxes! They are amazingly intelligent birds with a gorgeous coat of iridescent feathers and two tufts of white feathers on their neck.

I managed to catch a small snippet of this one calling for his/her mate:

We are so lucky to live in a neighbourhood where there a lots of areas of bush and parks... so we have lots of native birds around. This was the first time I'd seen a Tui here though. It makes me want to plant lots of flax and honey bearing native plants, as that's what they feed on.

Today I'm off to Patchwork Class and really looking forward to it. I am going to be happy and positive... and try to mix and mingle a bit more than I have of late. It is easy to slip back into hermit mode for me sometimes. The only problem with that is that I end up getting depressed.... and I don't want to go down that road again. So... I'm going and I am going to enjoy it. So there!




HI! I'm back... don't know for how long though! My computer was one month out of warranty... but JB HiFi said they will still fix it... but it could be away for 2-3 weeks! I said I would take it home and ring ACER first to see if they could 'talk' me through the problem.

On my way out of the mall with the harddrive in a heavy duty shopping bag the bag ripped open across the bottom and the harddrive fell out and landed on the concrete! So, while it's working... it still keeps freezing on/off, so it shall no doubt have to go back for repairs at some point soon.


Pfffffft... it would appear that dropping the computer on the concrete 'fixed it'!!! WELL... maybe.

I've had a quiet afternoon since all the running around with the computer.... but now I have to pull finger and get dinner on. Yaaaaaaaaaaaa....

What have I learnt today? NEVER EVER only have one computer in the house! Tomorrow I may just go out and buy another laptop to use in the lounge... as I killed my last one and it's down in Palmerston North with Steve... who can't fix it either!

I rang Steve for help with THIS computer's security ... and he got me sorted again... lol..he's up on the mountain snowboarding!!! You can NEVER get away from your Mum! *smiles*

End of Day: and it's been a frustrating one to say the least. Computers are the bane of my life.... how the hell did I get so dependant on them? nite nite.

Sunday, August 29, 2010


Today: no plans. It's supposed to piss down with rain all day. What's new about that! So over all the rain we have been getting.

Might do some more sewing today. I made up a Turtle for the duvet cover last night, must show it to ya later. I didn't have a pattern for one, so I just copied a picture off the net and made my own pattern. So simple.


ABOVE: well.. there's the Turtle I made last night...

ABOVE: the duvet cover so far... though now I am thinking of putting some Polar Fleece behind it to make it a cuddly blankie for someone? Might be an idea? I'm probably going to add a curling vine or something too...so it's not just random animals and nothing else. Any other ideas appreciated.

We just drove out to the airport, watched planes landing/taking off, then drove home on the newly opened Southern Motorway link. 'Normally' it would take between 20-35 minutes to get home from the airport, depending on the traffic. Today, on the new motorway, it took about 6 minutes!!! It is awesome. So darn handy.

Stew is cooking dinner. I could not possibly eat ANY. I made an incredibly EVIL ginger cake this afternoon... and ate some! OMG... I feel ill. I just dropped a big chunk of it off to my Uncle and Aunt's! Let them get fat... I already am! lol

End of Day: the family had pork chops and veges.. and I sewed! I have packed me bag ready for Patchwork class tomorrow. Going to 'nut' out the sashings, borders etc for all three baby quilts I'm working on! But for now... time to relax and watch a bit of telly... hell I have hardly watched any in the past two months! Well, not in the lounge anyway! nite nite.

Saturday, August 28, 2010


WELL... Hopefully I'm having a sleep in! Stew will be up with the kids... doing diddly squat probably. So, until I get up and figure out what's the haps today, I will leave you with this :

ABOVE: Coco playing with, of all things, a stone! It is so darn cute.

ONWARD... and... Both Stew and I slept in till about 9! Up now, having a nice warm Milo... then I think we are going to Manurewa to pick up me treasures from the Hospice Shop... then ? Dunno!

ABOVE: yesterday's treasures from the shop.... some tupperware containers, more booties, some craft stuff and some really neat buttons! They are metal... and I have NO use for them... YET! *smiles*

After that we ended up going into the city and having a walk along the Viaduct Harbour at the bottom of Queen Street:

It was a hot day ... most unexpected! Was supposed to rain! Anyway... very nice looking at all the boats and apartments down there, then we had lunch in the Downtown mall... followed by a drive along the waterfront.. then home.
We are expecting Lacy this afternoon for a visit....
End of Day: Lacy's visit went well.. she had a couple of girlfriends with her too.... so was nice to see them all. Photo or two tomorrow. nite nite.

Friday, August 27, 2010


ABOVE: What I'm working on now! Two baby cot quilts, and a duvet (doona) cover! The top one has to have another animal yet... waiting for the elephant pattern to arrive.... it wasn't in the kit like it was supposed to be! Oh well.. I've got plenty to keep me going!

I still really don't like the zebra... and might replace it with something else yet. I'm like that.. it has to be 'just so' or it will bug the shit outta me!

Today: Hospice Shop... till mid afternoon. Then when I get home... blog reading/commenting until I'm all caught up again. This is becoming a 'weekly event'! I ignore all of you for 5-6 days, then go nuts and read for hours! LOL... I suppose it just means I am finally doing stuff instead of just sitting at my computer all day... and this is good... don't ya think!

AND I must remember to ring Harvey Norman's sometime today and see how much longer it will be for our new lounge suite to arrive! It's been 13 weeks now... and they did say it would be BETWEEN 12 and 14 weeks for it to arrive. So... here's hoping they can tell me WHEN. I want it NOW. I am not a patient person... so it's quite amazing I've managed to go this long without ringing them. ha ha ha.

HI! back from 'work'.. which was neat today. I got lots of treasures.... but left them there! Will pick them up next week. Derrrr.
It's a crappy day, wet again. We seem to have had rain for weeks on end now... can't wait for it to stop!
Off to read blogs now...
*phew*... just read over 100 blogs... can't do anymore. Feels good to catch up a bit on what's going on with you all.
MAGPIE: sorry, your emails went to my junk folder! I can't add you sorry, my private blog is full... I can only have 100 readers!!! You lucked out there, should have re-newed your invite sooner!
End of Day: and it's been a long day...and I had planned to do NOTHING this evening, but instead I sewed a hippo onto the duvet cover! Oh well... it's fun. nite nite.

Thursday, August 26, 2010


So, today is Griffin's Speld lesson day.... and I am going to sit in me car outside the house, in the country... and read a book!

Yes I am. I am not going shopping. I am not going to do anything but relax and read a book. How amazing.

When I get home I am going to sew... and I have decided to make smaller cot quilts out of my blocks, and a few wall pictures too... and maybe some cushions to match.. oooo... quite excited now. This way I will have at least 2-3 baby quilts to give to new babies in me family. Whenever that happens!
STEVE and MIKE: your turn to 'contribute' at some stage too! I want more grandbabies... I just love babies!

OH and the other thing I must do this afternoon is dye me hair. I bought two boxes of hair dye... cos I have a lot of hair.... that is exciting too! It's a Light Brown Permanent Dye.... hopefully it looks nice.

ONWARD... the day awaits. ABOVE: managed to dye the hair before I have to go out this morning. Light Brown. No red in it. Looks OK.. not too dark.

Thanks for saying the hair looks nice, it's not really 'me'... but as it keeps getting darker all by itself.. I suppose it is now! lol

I am not going to lighten it again... it just costs so much money to maintain... and I'd rather be spending money on fabric and card stuff... and the kids .... grandkids etc.

Got home from Griffin's lesson... had lunch... and have been working on the quilt (s) .... got to blanket stitch around every piece... such a long process, thank god my Husqvarna is sewing nicely again.

End of Day: I cooked some really nice meatballs tonight, with a chinese honey marinade on top... yum! Then I made a couple more animals and put them on a larger piece of fabric... it's going to be a duvet cover I think. I am loving sewing again... ummm... I've no doubt said that already eh? nite nite.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Picture this: Every day... ALL day long... Coco comes and goes through the laundry door to go pee/poo outside. NOT A PROBLEM.
But as soon as it's dark.. she piddles on the carpet in the hallway!
She knows as soon as she sees me she's in trouble, and runs outside!
It's driving me nuts.
Stew and I think she's scared of the dark... but there is a security light out there for her.... in fact there's two! They come on the instant she goes out there.... but she won't.

I don't know what to do. Should I barr her from coming into the house 'proper' at night until she stops doing it? If I lock her in the laundry at night... when will I know she is 'safe' to come back in again? If ever!

I am over puppy piddle on my carpet. OVER IT. I get so mad with her when she piddles right outside my sewing room EVERY BLOODY NIGHT.

*sigh* Rant over. Today I am back making cards. This afternoon I have a meeting with the owner of a string of shops here in Auckland with a view to her buying my cards. I am apprehensive... what if she doesn't like my cards? What if she does love them and wants heaps of them? I can't make up my mind which scenario would be the best! I'm a twit.

ABOVE: the lion block, all ready for me to do the blanket stitch around every colour... and yep... it doesn't have a mouth yet... that is hand stitched on later. In the pattern the bird was just the same as the one on the zebra, so I made a Pukeko instead, cos that's one of our native birds. Neat eh? lol (gotta pat me own back sometimes) Oh yeah, made a start on the Kangaroo block too... this is one of two Kangaroo blocks I'm making.

ABOVE: the 2nd Kangaroo block.... totally different type of colourways... but still neat! These three blocks (and any others I get cut out) will be sewn at Patchwork Class next monday.

Cos now I really do have to get back to card making! And vacuming. GREAT. Sooooo... I did some vacuming, I cleaned a bathroom... then:

ABOVE: hee hee.. I got another block ready for sewing! This one I changed the little fat bird for our National KIWI Bird! Ain't he cute!

FROGGY: don't worry mate.. I already spend time getting things 'lined up' ready to go! Like a production line! I pace myself.. but do get tired... so I will just have to wait and see how I go... AND if I get another order from this new lady.

KATE: thanks for the kind offer! LOL... can't imagine getting so busy that I need an 'assistant'... but I will keep you in mind!

I have nice clean floors now.. how much fun is that? The freakin mop head fell off the handle so I had to tie it back on with string... the HIGHLIGHT of my day so far!

Starting to get nervous about this meeting! ... just over an hour to go. Probably all for nothing anyway... just think she won't want them... they are not dead cheap for a shop to buy, then add their % on top of, makes them very expensive cards!. Wait and see I suppose.

The meeting: Went something like this... "Lets see your cards... Oh very nice... how much? ... far too expensive for us... thanks for coming in to show us." I felt a bit crushed... so said "Thank You", walked out and the kids and I had an ice cream to console one's self. It only took me about 5 minutes to realise that SECRETLY I was RELIEVED! Yaaaa... now I will have time to do EVERYTHING I want and not be a slave to my card making!

Much as I love making the cards... I want time to do other things too. So... all's good. Not upset at all. Won't have to give up patchwork and shopping after all! lol

Better get on with dinner now... something easy tonight... sausages and something.... probably chips! More 'consolation' eating eh! ha ha ha.

End of Day: and it's been a nice evening. I made two more blocks... and will spend the next few days doing the blanket stitch around them all. Now the pressure is off re: the cards.. almost done the big order now. nite nite.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


ABOVE: this is the Zebra block I did last night.... I don't really like it... but maybe it will look alright mixed up with the other blocks on the quilt. The nostrils and eyes are paper.... as I don't have any black fabric... will be getting some today!

I am going out today... want to post some booties to a girl in Aussy (*waves*, Hi Christy!) She is having her second wee son soon! And get said black fabric, maybe some more fat quarters to make more of the Baby Quilt blocks... Not sure what else...

OH and I have decided... NO MORE CARBS. I did really well doing that... so I'm going back to it. It was really easy to follow... very simple plan. NO bread, No pasta, No rice, NO starchy veges, NO cakes or biscuits. I HAVE TO DO THIS... or I will have to buy ANOTHER new wardrobe of clothes.. in XL! My jeans are almost cutting me in half... Not a good look or feeling.

ONWARD...Yaaa... I got the fabric for three more blocks. While at the shop (where I go for the Patchwork Classes) I got talking with one of the tutors about the Baby Quilt... and she has made if before and said it was MURDER to quilt as it was so thick in places... and my idea to turn each block into a wall picture was great... so am almost 100% convinced that's what I will do now.

Also went to Spotlight for some more double sided tape and came out with all sorts of shit... SOoooo should not go in there!

ABOVE: The new fabrics for three more blocks. I actually got enough for 4 blocks, one block I am doing twice in different fabrics... cos I can.

After lunch I went mad (Yes, shoot me now)... and took all my fabric out of the linen cupboard in the hallway and put it on the old TV Cabinet now in my sewing room. I can now see at one glance just what I have in my 'stash'. I don't have much eh? But one day I hope to have masses more!

So.. now I'm going to sit down and sew buttons onto ribbon for cards. Kids just got home too... and I really must remember to get the chook in the oven too!

End of Day: roast chicken for dinner... with veges... and gravy... so yum! Cut out a lion block too... hope to have it ready for sewing by the morning. Stew has gone to do a small grocery shop tonight... I was supposed to but have a bloody horrid headache... had it for three days! Eye strain I reckon. nite nite.

Monday, August 23, 2010


Let's start with CUTE:

I am never alone... where I am... so are they. (these photos were taken last night in my sewing/craft room) I really should get another cushion so Coco has her own, but I know Teddy, he will claim it too. He's a shit like that.

Today is patchwork day, and I just can't make up my mind whether I will go or not. I didn't enjoy it much last week... and I so want to finish the card order!

Yet.... it's the only time I do any sewing right now. *sigh*

AND I could do some much needed housework too if I stayed home.

Decisions, decisions..... ARE MADE. I'm staying home! It's really cold and wet out there, and as the Patchwork Room is BLOODY COLD... I will wimp out and stay home! Phew, that was easy afterall. lol

I will continue working on the last 39 cards I think.... and take 'housework' breaks.... gawd what fun. (NOT)

ABOVE: Coco now has her own blankie to sleep on... let's see how long it takes for Teddy to get on it!

ABOVE: I decided to stay home... and SEW! I have all the bits lined up ready to iron on for the Giraffe Block, then I'm going to blanket stitch it....

MARY H: you are a TWIT... a nice twit... but still a twit! It would take way more than your innocent comment to OFFEND me girl! Pffffft... as if. lol

I am thoroughly enjoying sewing today... I am watching E! on the telly.... so entertaining I'm sure.

I must have gone nuts... cos I've cut out another block for the Baby's Quilt! I'm working on a Zebra now... will have to stop soon and get dinner ready... family is having Pork Chops and veges. Sewing and concentrating on staying on the line is causing me to see double! AND get a headache! Might have to resort to taking a pill soon... I want to get more done before the cards start nagging at me again....

My neighbour called in this afternoon... so I had to drag myself out of my room to have a natter with her... which was rather nice. I only see her about once ever 3 months or so... she's a busy lady... training to be a secondary school teacher and she's in her early 50's...BRAVE woman! Or mad. You choose!

So.. now I'm twiddling my fingers until it's time to put the veges and chops on...

HEY.. how the hell do you women sit on your butts every day at an office job without getting a rash between ya thighs? Just asking.... obvious reasons. AND don't go telling me it's cos I got fat thighs either... I KNOW THAT ALREADY! *sniff*

End of Day: Pork chops were delicious! Going to chill out tonight, may not even make any cards today after all that! Feeling tired. nite nite.

Sunday, August 22, 2010


I read a blog yesterday where the person commented about the blog post the other day, with all my Stats info on it... and this is what she said:

More statistics.... Recently, my blogger friend, Chris H posted some amazing stats about her blog. This woman writes about nothing yet she gets a lot of traffic. I don't know the appeal of Chris H to other readers but I love to read about her day and she does not sanitise anything and that's refreshing.

Now.. to tell the truth, I was kinda of shocked by her words. Do I really write about NOTHING? Do I not have anything to write about really? God I hope not! I know my STATS show lots of people do stop by and read every day... and yes, I often wonder why.... but NOTHING? That just gets me wondering??? She did say she enjoys reading my blog... so that was nice I suppose. Maybe she didn't mean it (her remark) how I read it?
BUT... I am left wondering still... should I be putting MORE into my blog posts? What would people like me to add to my posts? I am NEVER going to give anyone blow by blow accounts of what I eat, how many calories/points are in it... bla bla bla! Nor am I going to spill me guts about really personal shit (PEPSI is for that).... so..

WHAT DO YOU THINK I SHOULD TO BLOG ABOUT that I don't already, so I'm not blogging about 'NOTHING'!

TODAY: He was supposed to sleep in, but he's up watching rugby (funny that!) .. I'm working on getting all the washing done.. it all has to go through the dryer as it's so wet here. Sooo sick of the rain. Might even get to make some more cards today too... spent all of yesterday afternoon reading and commenting on blogs.


*****OK... I 'get' it now.... saying I blog about NOTHING was a compliment! When I read it I took it in an entirely different way obviously! Shows how we can read something and mis-interpret it eh? I have to try and be more liberal in my brain obviously!
So, if nothing else, I feel good knowing that I can write a whole lot of crap about everyday things and people will still read! lol

Would you belive I slept in until 10.30! Yes I did! And Stew is a happy man cos the All Blacks won their rugby game... YAAAA.... like I care a shit! Well OK. maybe I do just a little bit. ha ha ha.

ABOVE: Stew went out to get a fresh loaf of bread for lunch... and came home with these gorgeous flowers! Awwww... what a nice hubby I have.

I am freaking out a bit..... what if the lady from the Auckland shop who I am seeing on Wednesday actually wants my cards! I have not even finished the big order for the Whitianga shop yet! Freaking out I tell ya!

I have 39 cards to go and I will have finished the Whitianga Order... so... counting on me fingers... I have 8 days until it's finished. Then maybe I can relax a bit... unless I get more orders that is!

Luckily I still love making them eh?

It is actually a sunny day out there (I should take a photo!)... so Stew is out there mowing the lawn and doing some weeding. I might go and watch him! lol

ABOVE: Me dogs, doing what they do best: Coco... chewing, chewing. And Teddy... sleeping, sleeping!

ABOVE: the 'winter' garden... slowly growing... hopefully this year we will actually get more than LEAVES!

ABOVE: See how long the grass is! This is my favourite area ... the 'morning' patio. That nikau palm is what I can see from the sewing/craft room... I love it.

ABOVE: The next 'batch' of cards waiting to be made. I NEED MORE ROOM! Sadly, that is not possible.

End of Day: and I'm crabby. Why? Cos every time I turn around somebody has made a mess... kids or dogs... it doesn't matter. It just pisses me off ... and now I have a headache to make me even crabbier. Nice one. Going to cook dinner now.. making mince and cheese pies. nite nite.

Saturday, August 21, 2010


ABOVE: my efforts from last night... still KIWI Cards... but just a bit different. I quite like them.

With any luck, I'm asleep! It's my day to sleep in afterall!
AND hopefully when I get up his nibs will have done a bit of housework... well a girl can dream can't she? Sometimes he does! And sometimes he just gets up and watches sport on TV. Men!

My plans for today are quite simple. Read and comment on my favourite blogs.... then maybe go out for lunch!

ONWARD..... I will be back when I wake up! lol

I am up... it's 10 am! We are heading out to get a few essential groceries, and a DVD we ordered for Brylee's birthday in October... she is MAD KEEN on iCarly... a TV programme!!! So I found a DVD of the show... she is going to love it... and OMG she is going to be 10 soon! I can't believe how fast the years are going. THANK GOD! Before I know it those two will be all grown up and leaving home... BRING. IT. ON! *smiles*

I dragged a more comfy chair up to the computer and read blogs... for hours ! I got through heaps... and now I have done enough.
I need to get up and stretch me legs.
I hate this photo.. it shows how fat I am getting again. I hate myself...yet I just can't seem to keep the diet going.
My hair needs to be coloured again.... and I am thinking of going dark AGAIN.. I just get so sick of having to keep on dyeing it light... when it is obviously wanting to be dark now. If I dye it darker I can wear it down more often. I only wear it up all the time cos of the regrowth showing so badly if it's down.

So, maybe next time I show a photo of ME, it will be with dark hair?
What do you think?

I read a blog today that got me thinking... will talk about THAT tomorrow.

Had a really lovely chat with Russell, our eldest son this afternoon. He is doing well over the ditch in Australia. We are so proud of him.. he's been employed ever since he left school.. never got into trouble.. so yep, he makes us proud. We have had our up's and down's, like most families, but all that seems to be behind us now. It's great to be able to keep in touch with all our kids, no matter where they are in the world.

WOMBAT: nope I didn't get around to it. Thanks anyway.
ANNE: getting foils takes about 3 hours in my hair... I hate doing it!
MARY H: who are you? I appreciate your suggestions!
CHRISTY ANN: I deleted your comment as it had your address on it.

End of Day: been card making... am off to sew buttons onto ribbon now and spend some time in the lounge with Stew... who is watching rugby... bless his heart! He doesn't miss me when I'm in the sewing room at all... the shit. nite nite.

Friday, August 20, 2010


ABOVE: I have a new boat! Isn't it lovely? Chris D brought it back from England for me.... even Stew thinks it's neat. THANK YOU Chris D! She also bought some cute wee salt and pepper shakers in the shape of little policemen... very cute.

Today: well I'm not going to the Hospice Shop today... I need to stay home and catch up on some jobs... and go out and post a few things, pay a bill or two.... things I just havn't gotten around to this week that NEED to be done.

Good grief! I have been slack today on here! I've been busy....went out and paid a bill... posted some stuff... talked to a lady about her stocking my cards in her shop here in Auckland... am going to hold off talking to the lady in Hamilton for now... cos IF I get the shop here I think I will be busy enough just stocking it and the other two I already have!

It's a crap day here, has hardly stopped raining all day... totally dismal. Thank god it's friday.. I can indulge in a tipple tonight and wind down a bit.

End of Day: getting tired.... drunk two glasses of Totara Cafe tonight and I'm now feeling so, so tired! might call it an early night again. Will spend several hours dedicated to reading blogs tomorrow, catch up on what you have all been doing. nite nite.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

OUT.... ABOUT... BUSY...

- up at 5.30 and off to the airport to pick up Chris D who is on her way home from England.

- Home... kids to school... 'relax' for 1.5 hours then...

- Pick up Griffin, drive him to his SPELD teacher... drive 40 mins back to airport so Chris D can catch her final flight back to Palmerston North... then...

- Hurry back to Karaka to pick up Griffin and deliver him back to school....

THEN take a deep breath and come home!

After the kids are home I have to go to the post office to post some cards... and the duck I forgot to post on Monday (derrr)... and come home again, to prepare dinner!



ABOVE: The bitch is back! Hogging me dogs! Pffffffft! Apparently she had a wonderful time... I am so happy for her. Now she can go home and fuss over her own bloody dog! lol
Seriously, she has had a lovely trip, but is glad to be home again. It is always neat to see her too. She just said (over my shoulder) 'awww sucky sucky! Nice woman that.
Hello! I have had my nap... it's 4.34 in the afternoon and I just woke up! The kids are home... I didn't hear them come home... they must have crept in! They are in the lounge watching Sponge Bob Square Pants... lol!
I am going to go and thank them for being so quiet.... lovely kids they are ... (well, most of the time anyway). *smiles*
End of Day: and I can hardly keep my eyes open... am going to bed super early tonight... like 9pm!
nite nite

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I have an uncertain day ahead of me.
I might just be staying home.
Or I might be going to Hamilton... it all depends on if Stew can take half the day off work to be home with the kids.
I won't know until he's gone to work and checked his appointments. Fingers crossed... cos if I can go to Hamilton I will be thrilled to bits.
I can't say WHY I might be going to Hamilton... except it's to see someone. LOL

Now for my latest 'treasures' from the Hospice Shop:

ABOVE: I am gathering a lot of Booties! There better be lots more Grand babies in my future me thinks! I got three more pairs yesterday.

ABOVE: This freaking cute wee glass bowl... I have NO USE FOR IT... but I just had to buy it! 5o cents.. it was hardly going to bankrupt me!

ABOVE: A Hangman Game... I thought the kids would love playing this, and what an excuse to practise their spelling!

ABOVE: this gorgeous hand crocheted shawl ( $2 !), which looks so lovely over the back of this couch in the lounge. ... shaking my head, such a bargain.

ABOVE: OK.... so I didn't get him at the Hospice Shop (I picked him up at the Whitianga Rugby Club... ha ha ha!).. but he's my BIGGEST Treasure... I adore him.

ONWARD... let's see what the day brings....

Yaaa.. I am going to Hamilton. Stew is coming home at lunchtime so I can go!

I'm taking some of my cards with me too... to try and find a shop in Hamilton to stock them.. fingers crossed!

I'm home again! Saw the 'someone'... which was lovely. Then I stopped in at a shop I would love to have my cards in... but the owner wasn't in so I have to make an appointment to see her. Will do that tomorrow.

It has rained almost non-stop today... talk about depressing! But... I'm quite happy again... some days I just have a really 'BLAH' day... I'm sure lots of people do eh?

My niece in Australia rang me too.. and she managed to make me cry a few times ... the TART! But her call cheered me up actually!

Wonder what Stew has on for dinner? Must go see....

End of Day: and I'm tired. Not sleeping well at night... getting a few hot flushes again... might have to visit me Dr again soon I think. Not enough hours in the day... am not reading blogs at the moment... just too busy! sorry. nite nite.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


ABOVE: a card I made last night that I particularly like... I 'blinged' it heaps!

Griffin's bum went through his last pair of school shorts yesterday... after I had patched them twice! So first thing this morning I am going down to the school to buy him another pair... size 16 this time! Bloody kid is only 8 years old and he's wearing shorts bigger than our 20 and 23 year old sons! No idea where he got his bum from! LOL

I am relieving at the Hospice Shop today.... so that is the rest of my morning taken care of.

After that I am going to Manukau to do some jobs... posting a duck to a lady in Australia who is gathering soft toys to give to kids in hospital, get more envelopes for my cards, not sure what else!

Maybe I will 'shout' myself some lunch out on my own. Though it really is no fun on one's own.... maybe I will just come home and have a peanut butter sandwich. Cheaper idea... and I can watch something I've taped on the TV...
Home again.... and the shop was on/off busy today... I got a few treasures too.... and a 'Hangman' game for the kids which has a real skeleton to 'hang'... the kids will love it!
I bought myself a KFC burger for lunch.. it was quite nice. Now I'm home I have to wrap cards in cellophane... then think about what we will have for dinner.... *sigh*... 'tis never ending....
End of Day: well I've been busy! Left overs for dinner... made cards till bedtime. All good. Might post some photos of my hospice shop 'treasures' tomorrow. If I remember! nite nite.

Monday, August 16, 2010


Blogger changed a few thing over the weekend, making it easier to read/publish comments... and I found out a few interesting things about MY BLOG :

- I published my first ever blog post on Saturday, October 14, 2006. I was, to be quite truthful.... scared shitless when I did it! I had no idea if anyone would ever read it... let alone leave a comment.

At this stage I was only reading about 3 blogs myself... and I felt really nervous whenever I left a comment in case I offended someone! LOL ...

How times have changed! Now I leave comments left, right and centre and if I offend someone... I know I didn't intend to!

- I 'follow' about 290 blogs, and the number grows daily... which is quite a worry as there is no way I can keep up-to-date with everyone... and that makes me feel like a bad blogger!

- I have done (as of today) 1, 419 posts on my blog!

- There have been 23,673 comments left on my blog (why Thank YOU!)

- My blog has been VIEWED 483, 150 times (as of last night)

- I am almost at 500,000 Page Views!!!

So... I am thinking of doing 'something' for my HALF A MILLION VIEWS! Or my 4th Bloganniversary, whichever comes first! Any ideas??? A giveaway?

I will leave you all with that question for now... as I have to get the lunches made, kids out the door, and me off to Patchwork Class!


Patchwork was so-so today.. I felt 'out of it' a bit.... just didn't feel like part of the group at all today, not sure why. I'm tired. I didn't sleep well last night at all... a few hot flushes are creeping back into my day, and that is depressing.

Not sure if I even feel like making the baby quilt anymore either... there is a baby on the way, but I'm not allowed to even mention it to anyone... so how can I get excited about it? .... crabby about that.

Over my little pity party... had a nap instead of making cards... off to prepare dinner now.... Beef Stew.


Dinner was ... delicious! One of the best beef stews I have made. Had it with lots of green veges and corn kernels. YUM YUM.

End of Day: still feeling a bit down ... can't seem to snap out of it. Shit happens, just have to try and not let it bring me down eh? nite nite.

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Sssshhhh... Stew is sleeping in this morning.

The kids, dogs and I are confined to the Family Room so he can't hear us, and wake up. He needs the sleep, poor bugger is knackered from work stress.

I would rather be making some cards... but that would mean leaving the kids and dogs alone... and they have NO IDEA how to be quiet.

There is a high probability that we will be staying home today... there is nowhere better than home on a shitty day like today!

So... I might just fluff around the house, get some housework done, read some blogs.... then make more cards! I can almost see the finish line with the Big Whitianga Order! Yaaaa.

ABOVE: first card of the day... and it's a funky one. I wanted to do something different... so what do ya think?

ABOVE: let me bore you shitless... here's the 2nd one of the day. *sigh*

Dull, overcast, windy afternoon... and Stew has taken the kids to a park in Botany. I thought about going, then said "Nah"... I'd rather stay home and make cards. Boring Tart I am.

While they were out... did I enjoy the peace and quiet? Nope, I vacumed then washed all the floors. *pfffffft*... one less thing for me to do tomorrow I suppose?

At least HE is making dinner tonight!

End of Day: and I spent the entire evening on me butt watching telly with Stew! No card making. First time in weeks I've done that. Off to bed now.. nite nite.

Saturday, August 14, 2010


Last night I tripped over the dog barrier and took a fall onto the wooded floor... and cried cos it bloody well hurt! My left knee is killing me this morning, as are the toes on my right foot!

Those toes were fused straight years ago due to me having hammer-locked toes... (google it!).. so when I fell over my toes bent backwards... I tell ya.. it was EXCRUCIATING! Grrrrrr... now I am hobbling around like a friggin cripple!

NICE ONE. (I must have looked a right twit too)

If it continues being a crappy day we will just be staying home I think... I mean... it really is awful out there!

We went out for a drive to Maraetai Beach... then had lunch at Sylvia Park... not much fun hobbling around there I can tell ya.
Home now and I'm going to put me feet up for a while and probably have a 'nana nap'....
So much for a nap! I lay on the couch in the Family Room... so did the dogs.... licked me face... wriggled around... waste of time!
So... I got up and started on cards again... and only stopped when Stew called me for dinner!
Dinner: Wedges, Eggs and bacon... YUM!
End of Day: miserable weather, hope it's nicer tomorrow! Coco does not like going outside in this weather, so has been doing piddles on the carpet again... Grrrrr! Not nice. nite nite.

Friday, August 13, 2010


While I'm around and able to watch them, they are allowed in the lounge/family room/kitchen ....

But... when I'm busy and not able to keep an eye on our little Coco...

ABOVE: the little Tart is not allowed past the hallway! She chews EVERYTHING! Even the furniture... and as we are expecting a new lounge suite in the near future ( possibly another 4 weeks yet)... I am NOT having her gnaw on it when it does get here! NO WAY....

ABOVE: POOR GIRL... she has a sore ear and won't stop scratching it..... so I spent ages yesterday chasing her around and trying to keep her still long enough to get the cone on her! Man did she hate that! Now she's pissed off at me. Too bad.

ABOVE: Isn't Teddy looking good now! So bright and happy again.... though I can't wait for his ear hair to grow longer... let's not tell him he looks like a Dork eh?

ABOVE: the 'Guard Dog'... it would be cute... really... if only he didn't bark and bark like a mad thing when he sees someone on the street! It can drive me nuts! Oh well... he's still gorgeous!

Today: of to the Hospice Shop for my 'regular' stint... hoping I don't see anything I JUST HAVE TO BUY.... *sigh*.... cos I'm broke AGAIN....

ONWARD..... OH... do we like the new header?????? .... and it's Friday the 13th... lucky I'm not superstitious eh? lol

I'm back from work.. which was quite slow for a Friday... but still good to be doing something out of the house.. and for a good cause.

Friday the 13th.. has been nice to me so far.. but not to two of our sons (Steve and Mike).. who live in Palmerston North... they got pulled over by the Police for having no Rego or WOF... $400 ...thank. you. very. much... then they got a flat battery and had to push start the car... Mike hit his teeth while doing that and had broken one of his front teeth...so I've told him to get to a dentist and claim on ACC.... hopefully that is all that goes bad for THEM today! Poor guys... but really have no sympathy re: the Rego and Warrant... they knew it should have been done.

I'm off to have my lunch now...

End of Day: quite a normal afternoon/evening... the weather is getting quite wild out there.. we are in for a very wet and stormy weekend! nite nite.